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DNA Health’s Flagship Clinic is UAE’s first Luxury Heath Center focused on personalized lifestyle medicine
providing the highest quality and revolutionary bespoke medical services in the fields of Preventative Care,
Functional Medicine and Bio-Aesthetics.
Located on the tranquil grounds of the iconic Jumeirah Al Qasr 5 star hotel, in the award winning Talise Spa,
DNA Health’s team of internationally renowned US and European trained and certified specialists are
committed to provide bespoke and state of the art treatments.

DNA’s Personalised Lifestyle Medicine
DNA’s personalised lifestyle medicine programs are based on a holistic approach uniting leading-edge
Western medicine advanced diagnostics and clinical therapies complemented by centuries-old Eastern
healing traditions and philosophies. The integrative and functional medicine approach focuses on treating
the person as a whole – combining mind, body, and spirit – rather than solely treating separate symptoms.

The DNA medical team works with you to create an individualised wellness plan to address your personal
health goals. This plan is aimed at guiding you towards making long-term and far-reaching adjustments in
your diet, exercise habits and lifestyle behaviour to both prevent and manage chronic disease that will
transform your life.

Specific Plans We Offer Include:

Food Allergies, Diabetes &
Intolerances & Metabolic
Gut Inflammation Syndrome

Anti-aging &
Women’s Health Bioidentical Advanced Detox

Health & Wellness Screening:
Turn back the clock and move forward into the best years of your life. We offer state of the art checkups
based upon your genetic blueprint with DNA testing. It includes a personalized lifestyle plan to reduce future
risks as well as achieve optimal mental and physical well-being.

Weight Loss Package:
Have you tried everything and can't lose weight? The answer may be your genes combined with your lifestyle.
Hidden inflammation and poor sleep are two very important factors that hinder weight loss. This personalized
weight loss plan based upon your DNA genetic blueprint, advanced hormonal and metabolic tests, food allergies
and intolerances is designed to create a new beginning with hands on support by our multi-disciplinary team
comprising of physicians, nutritionists, stress management practitioners, behavioral support coaches and fitness
experts to help you shed those unwanted kilos. The success of this program is due to the continued support to
you even once the program is over.
Food Allergies, Intolerances & Gut Inflammation:
You are what you eat. Hidden food intolerances and sensitivities may not cause any symptoms but can play
havoc in your body. Internal inflammation which is the root cause of many diseases and illnesses can result
from food intolerances and allergies. A simple blood test checks for your intolerances and allergies as well
as a metabolic panel is done to advise you of a food plan to eliminate the offending foods and heal your
gut and body.

Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome:
Do not become a victim of the global epidemic of diabesity! Diabetes mellitus, obesity, high blood pressure,
and high cholesterol commonly known as “Metabolic Syndrome” are the major factors leading to heart
attacks, strokes, blindness, amputations, and early death. With early testing and checkups, you can prevent
these bad outcomes. Unexplained symptoms such as fatigue, fat around your waist, decreased focus, and
mood changes may be due to the metabolic syndrome. After full testing of your metabolism, hormonal
levels, insulin resistance, genetic predisposition, food intolerances and allergies as well as heavy metal
toxicity, a holistic lifestyle plan is created including diet, exercise, adequate sleep, spiritual balance, etc to
help you start your new journey of renewed health and vitality and slow down the aging process.

Women’s Health: Men’s Health:
This plan is specifically designed for women This plan is specifically designed for men with
with hormonal issues, fatigue, and generalized hormonal issues, decreased vitality, low mood,
apathy. As your hormonal levels go down as a and cognitive decline. Low testosterone has now
natural part of aging, you may experience been linked to many diseases and symptoms.
numerous symptoms including weight gain. The ”Low T” syndrome, as it is commonly known
Even at a younger age, women may have can be totally corrected in a safe manner to
hormone deficiencies from conditions such as restore your mental and physical performance.
polycystic ovarian syndrome (PSOS). From the Correction of the hormonal deficiencies is also
pituitary gland to the ovaries, thyroid and important for weight loss.
adrenals, there is an axis which has to be
balanced to restore your hormones. Identifying
problems with your internal detoxification is
also very important. Bioidentical hormones
(natural plant based) can correct deficiencies
and resolve not only your symptoms but also
reverse the aging process. 4
Anti-Aging & Bioidentical Hormones:
Reverse aging with hormonal restoration. Our hormone levels start decreasing from the age of 2l years in
both men and women. Imbalance of your thyroid function, adrenal fatigue, low testosterone or estrogen can
lead to fatigue, mood changes, sleep disorders, weight gain, aches and pains, digestive disorders, and even
heart attacks. By analyzing the hormonal levels, our team focuses on restoration of your hormonal balance
using bioidentical hormones (natural plant based).

Advanced Detox:
How your body handles toxins is very important to your health. Detoxification is an essential first step to
cleansing your system and restoring vitality. Healthy weight loss, hormonal balancing, and even pain
reduction follow metabolic detoxification. Your customized six week detox plan will cleanse your gut, reduce
inflammation, balance blood sugar, and help your system repair itself. Shorter detox plans are also

Auto Immune Disorders & Fatigue Syndrome:
Tired of being tired? Discover the triggers that are damaging your immune system and causing unexplained
symptoms such as fatigue, aches and pains, hair thinning and hair loss, headaches, skin rashes, and poor
sleep. Genetic predisposition is also a very important factor we will address. A unique therapeutic plan is
then created to strengthen your body's self-healing response.

Heart & Cardiovascular Disease:
Heart disease is the number one killer in the world. While heart disease is the most common cause of death
in the adult population, it can be totally prevented. Research shows that early screening and detection is the
most effective tool to reduce heart attacks and sudden death. DNA’s Heart & Cardiovascular package offers
a complete comprehensive evaluation including genetic testing and a personalised lifestyle plan to keep
your heart young and you young at heart.

DNA Bio-Aesthetics
Body image and self-esteem affect a person’s emotional health. So whilst there may not be a ‘medical’
reason for indulging in aesthetic treatments, the positive frame of mind they yield can contribute to a sense
of wellness and resilience to disease. If you feel good on the inside, why not feel good on the outside too?
In keeping with our clinical approach, we believe in customizing treatments for each person that visits us, in
accordance with any medical history and particular desired outcomes. We use US treatment protocols,
including combination therapies not available elsewhere.
We have in the clinic state-of-the-art lasers, acknowledged as the industry global gold standard, not just for
the results that they get, but also compliance with the highest safety standards.

Fat Reduction & Body Contouring Skin Care Hair Removal

Fat & Cellulite Reduction and Body Contouring
Fat-dissolving and skin-tightening procedures are less invasive methods of reducing cellulite and body
contouring than liposuction. No pain, no needles and no down-time with immediate results. The result is
slimmer, tighter and smoother looking skin, targeting even the most stubborn pockets of fat.

● i-Lipo treatments are clinically proven to show up to 30% reduction in the fat layer depth after ¡ust one treatment.
● Treatments are safe and comfortable.
● i-Lipo Xcell & i-Lipo Ultra incorporate four technologies for measuring fat, reducing fat, vacuum massage & shin
● Radiofrequency helps to tighten the shin.
Skin Care
For the most dramatic results in treating fine lines and wrinkles and restoring an even tone to skin, laser
treatments are the new paradigm in skincare. Lasers can restore collagen production and rid the skin of
blemishes through quick and pain free treatments. These lasers can also be used for removal of stretch marks.

ClearLiftTM (by Iarmony XL)
ClearLift is the latest collagen plumping laser approach to prevent and treat the signs of ageing. This
ground-breaking non-ablative Q-Switched laser technology delivers firmer, plumper and more rejuvenated
skin but with less discomfort or downtime than an ablative laser like Pixel. It is also effective for reducing
pigmentation due to age or sun damage.

Photo/AFT (by Iarmony XL)
Hair Removal
AFT treats superficial vascular irregularities and redness Permanent hair removal brings an end to
in the skin such as broken capillaries, blood spots or the inconvenience of shaving, waxing
rosacea. and depilatory creams. No more
ingrown hairs or rashes, just silky-smooth
UIR (by Soprano XL) skin. With minimal maintenance and
long-lasting results, laser hair removal is
NIR is a safe infrared light that heats the tissue under the less time consuming and expensive than
skin’s surface, stimulating the growth of new collagen other methods in the longer term.
and tightening laxity.

Acne (by Iarmony XL)
Using the AFT blue light with its sterilizing properties, acne Soprano XL
can be safely and effectively treated and oil production Soprano XL is the latest generation of
regulated. award-winning laser hair removal systems,
offering the most complete and effective
iPixel (by Iarmony XL) laser hair removal system available today.

iPixel is the latest generation of ablative and fractional skin
resurfacing treatment to improve skin tone, elasticity and
texture, increase moisture content and reduce superficial
pigmentation and pore size.
Our Team Puts YOU At The Center Of Your Transformation

Dr. Nasim Ashraf, MD, FACP, FAAIM
Chief Tedical Officer / Integrative Tedicine Consultant
Dr. Ashraf is a US Board certified Internal and Functional Medicine specialist with over 35 years
of experience in the United States as a practicing physician. Dr. Ashraf is also US Board certified
in Nephrology and Hypertension. He has special expertise in Epigenetics and Predictive
Medicine. Dr. Ashraf is the Global Wellness Ambassador for the UAE.

Dr. Amir Qureshi, MD
Pain Management Specialist
Dr. Qureshi is an experienced specialist in Pain Management and Rehabilitation. Dr. Qureshi is US
Board certified in both Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Pain Medicine. He specialises in
Proplotherapy to treat inflammation and musculosheletal pain, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)
Therapy for advance arthritis, and non-surgical management of acute and chronic pain.

Garry Trainer, D.O.
Named Britain's Top Back Specialist by the UK’s “The Times” newspaper, London based
Osteopath and Acupuncturist, Garry Trainer brings 3l years experience of treating
back and neck pain to DNA Health Center. Garry offers drug-free pain relief through
osteopathy, acupuncture and deep tissue massage, to treat a host of debilitating everyday
conditions, easing pain and restoring mobility.
Dr. Joshua Berka, NMD, L.Ac.
Naturopathic Medicine Physician & Acupuncturist
With more than 10 years' US-based healthcare expertise, Dr. Berha specialises in Non-
Invasive Treatment Interventions for Pain Management, Metabolic-Related Diseases and
Cancer. His approach combines advanced Western medical techniques - including the very
latest in laser and electromagnetic therapies - with naturopathic medicine and traditional
Eastern healing modalities such as acupuncture.

Tina Krombach
Naturopathic & Homeopathic Medicine Practitioner
With a lifelong interest in natural healing, Tina is a German trained and certified Alternative
Medicine Practitioner and Homeopath. Her main specialities are holistic modalities such as
homeopathy, herbal medicine, ear acupuncture, reflexology, relaxation / autogenic training, body
detox with nutrition and fasting, which can support a transformation to good health in acute and
chronic conditions.

Dr. Nadiia Kryzhanovska
Vascular Medicine Specialist
Dr. Kryzhanovska is a Ukraine trained specialist in Non-Invasive Vascular medicine as well
as Preventative Care. She has special interest in vascular medicine using Doppler

Ishi Khosla
Ishi Khosla is a Clinical Nutritionist with expertise in dealing with a wide range of nutrition
related health problems. She lectures extensively and has written two books, “ Is Wheat
Killing you” and “ The Diet Doctor”.

Nicola M Pearson TSc, BSc (Ions)
Dip IOU Uutrition
Nicola is a UK qualified and registered Nutritional Therapist, with over seven years
experience motivating and supporting individuals and families with their health and
wellbeing goals. Nicola is co-author of ‘Nutrition for Gastric Band Wearers: A Practical

Five-star treatment in an environment of luxury
With natural, harmonious interiors inspired by the tranquility and fluidity of nature, the DNA Health Center for
Integrative Medicine, Wellness & Bio-Aesthetics, independently located at the award winning Talise Spa at
Madinat Jumeirah provides a transformative space for guests seeking healing and rejuvenation.

Designed in the style of a Sheikh’s summer residence, Al Qasr Jumeirah is a tribute to the age-old architectural
styles of Arabia coupled with luxurious modernity. An oasis of luxury, the hotel is a palatial destination dedicated
to relaxing, playing and the finer things in life – the perfect home for the newest DNA Health & Wellness facility.

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