Choose the best answer to complete each sentence.

1. Each morning, I brush my teeth and stare at ______________ in the mirror.
A. Himself
B. Herself
C. Myself
D. Itself

2. Dad and I painted the trailer _______________.
A. Myself
B. Himself
C. Itself
D. Ourselves

3. The children made holiday decorations by ________________.
A. Itself
B. Ourselves
C. Themselves
D. Their selves

4. Paul copies his friend’s homework instead of doing it _______________.
A. Itself
B. Himself
C. Myself
D. Yourself

5. Please make ________________ at home while you wait.
A. Themselves
B. Himself
C. Yourselves
D. Herself

The dog ran ______________________ into the fence. 2. It will all work out in the end. He is talking to ___________________! c) We don’t need any help. Underline the correct reflexive pronoun. a) Do you like this cake? I made it ___________________! b) Look at that man. 3. you have to do the work ___________________. He took ____________________ out of the ball game. e) The cat hurt ___________________ when it jumped over the wall. I told _____________________ to always give all my effort. g) Tim. h) The children organized the party ___________________. We’ll do it ___________________. Can you please calm __________________ down? 4. 5. b) Sandra. . f) The old lady lives all by himself / herself. She has no family. 7. She whispered to ________________________ when she was alone. I don’t have time to help you.Write the reflexive pronoun that best completes each sentence below. a) The President himself/ myself made the announcement. and then we went to the beach. f) The children can’t look after ___________________. Tom. 1. you yourself / ourselves said that I could use the computer. Fill in the gaps with a suitable reflexive pronoun. They gave ___________________ a twenty minute break. i) Maria told ___________________ to calm down because she was felling very nervous. 6. c) I bought herself / myself a new computer. We gave ______________________ a pat on the back for the good work. They are too small. d) She looked at ___________________ in the mirror. h) She sings to herself / himself in the shower. d) We made ourself/ ourselves something to eat. e) I speak to myself / yourself when I am alone. g) Don’t worry himself / yourself about it.