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2 . INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS SMS Concast belongs to the SMS group and is part of the SMS Meer business area.SMS CONCAST A technology powerhouse Expertise and experience. This leading supplier of electric steelmaking and casting technology helps customers worldwide achieve a competitive edge in their markets. That’s why SMS Concast solutions deliver such excellent benefits for their customers. our employees offer a combination of both outstanding expertise and flexibility. commissioning and service. To perform well in areas such as consulting. engineering. SMS Concast and SMS Meer are able to better serve the growing demand for state-of-the-art minimills. SMS Concast has supplied more continuous casting installations than anyone else in the industry. secondary metallurgy and continuous casting. SMS Concast offers high-performance plant and machinery for steelmaking. reliability and flexibility – these are the hallmarks of SMS Concast. Over the years. The two companies turned the idea of an integrated plant with an electric arc furnace (EAF) and rolling mill into reality. it has designed a great range of innovative products that improve the steelmaking process. SETTING BENCHMARKS WITH EXPERIENCE Since 1954. Together.

heavy structural profiles. SMS Meer is a leading supplier of plant and ence in reduction processes. it is a machinery for steelmaking. tubes for ogy. aluminum and non-ferrous Within the SMS Meer business area. leader in steelmaking and secondary metallurgy forging and heating technology. long products. Additionally. hot and cold rolling mills.MEMBER of the SMS GROUP Strong. tubes. SMS Concast metal industry worldwide. wheels for plants. medium and thick slabs. strip processing pipelines. SMS Siemag’s products are used in the steel. aluminum and non-ferrous metal processing. is the specialist in long product steelmaking. It comprises two business areas: SMS Siemag and SMS Meer. SMS Siemag SMS Meer SMS Siemag has more than 100 years’ experi. Its solutions technology. and aluminum plants. CSP® technol. successful. SMS Siemag’s extensive portfolio provide customers with tangible benefits in also includes continuous casting. skyscrapers and offshore wind turbines. The high-quality high-speed trains. together The SMS group is among the leading plant and machinery construction companies for steel. 3 . and aluminum for use in steel products of SMS Siemag start with thin. challenging markets: steel for tire cord.

For example. SMS Concast sets extremely high stan- dards when it comes to minimills. Ever since the first EAF was commissioned in 1997. as the steelmaking specialists uct steelmaking systems. an EAF’s performance is vital center for long product steelmaking and continuous to ensuring product quality and cost efficiency casting. power input control. including the world’s most productive minimill in Columbia City. an inductive heating system is used. but simply evens out their temperature profile. achieve top results. USA. OUTSTANDING EAF PERFORMANCE: emission control and automation are all technologi- THE KEY TO SUCCESS cally advanced and tried and tested. SMS Concast’s EAFs this field and caters for the full range of long prod. 4 . LEADER IN MINIMILL TECHNOLOGY Working in close collaboration with SMS Meer and SMS Elotherm. minimills can operate without CO2-intensive heating furnaces between the caster and rolling mill. As the first step SMS Concast employees focus on the entire production process. There are excellent examples of this across the globe. process and safety tools. CMTTM (Continuous Mill Technology) takes the basic minimill concept one step further: the SMS Minimill Team has developed a process that coordinates continuous casting and rolling. It does not reheat the billets. by linking the rolling mill directly with the steelworks. The company has extensive experience in across the entire process. from raw materials to end products such as semi-finished goods or made-to- measure rolled or forged products. SMS Concast has been setting new benchmarks WELL-CONNECTED PROCESS CHAIN with EAF installations worldwide. achieving new levels of efficiency. Whatever the business partner has in mind. pay attention to every last detail: mechanical de- sign.Setting benchmarks worldwide The competency center for long product steelmaking SMS Concast is the SMS group’s competency in the process chain. The elimination of the heating process leads to a significant reduction in energy costs and environmental pollution. SMS Concast’s long product specialists tailor all components exactly to their individual requirements. Instead of oil or gas-fired furnaces.

RAW MATERIALS Solutions for all metallic input materials The modern steelmaking industry processes a wide the DRI/HBI together with lime. Additional equipment using the bucket together with scrap. Continuous ever it is needed. Single-bucket charging minimizes downtime technology system ensures the best possible and allows for higher energy input rates thanks to decarburization rates. system controls the operational sequences. The CONSO oxygen EAFs. Depending on the percentage of DRI in the SMS Concast’s state-of-the-art EAF features a fully charge. the optimized diameter/height ratio of the shell. a two-bucket operation was Hot metal charging reduces electricity consumption usually required to process scrap. BENEFITS AT A GLANCE „„ Flexibility for processing a wide range of metallic charge material „„ Single-bucket charging concept for minimal downtime „„ Energy-efficient CONSO oxygen technology „„ Reduced energy consumption through liquid iron charging concept „„ Reproducible high-quality steel thanks to fully automated handling of alloy additions and slag builders 5 . or continuous is ready to be used at the charging location when- charging through the furnace roof. as well as the correct shell design and provides EAF solutions for all types of metallic optimized power-input. IMPORTANT In the past few years. A special liquid iron charging system guarantees operational safety combined with reliable process DRI AND HBI ARE BECOMING control throughout the entire charging process. SMS Concast carbon. dolomite lime and range of raw materials containing iron. SCRAP REMAINS THE MAIN HOT METAL IS AN ENERGY- METALLIC CHARGE MATERIAL EFFICIENT CHARGE MATERIAL Whereas in the past. A fully integrated automation input materials. with high oxygen utilization. SMS Concast employs either batch charging automated charging system. SMS Concast by using the chemical and thermal energy con- successfully implemented single-bucket operated tained in the raw liquid iron. Feeding and conveying processes charging DRI requires a dedicated set-up for feeding are adapted to the type of aggregate. DRI and HBI have been used HANDLING OF ALLOYS AND as metallic charge material for minimills increasingly SLAG BUILDERS often.

Tianjin and SMS Concast have taken day-to-day operation. they also experienced tions. hot metal ensures the production process is ing all its components from SMS Concast. 6 . – a real win-win situation for both partners.15 million tons of high-grade or high-car- is synonymous with high quality at extremely bon steel per year. Tianjin did not just around one month after commissioning the order a single melt shop – the Chinese second melt shop. By purchas. flexible and easy to manage. commissioning and plants. the two companies signed an company decided to set up two plants with agreement for the supply of spare and wear parts the help of SMS Concast.OPTIMALLY INTEGRATED: TWIN EAFS AT TIANJIN The EAFs at Tianjin Iron & Steel Company in Both EAFs have a tapping weight of 110 tons China are the first ever example of two and are equipped with CONSO burners. optimally designed production 6 x 6 MW per furnace. This well-engineered melt shop layout to 1. Recognizing the their 20-year partnership to the next level: benefits of the concept. Even the results Tianjin did not only enjoy state-of-the-art of the first heat exceeded Tianjin’s expecta- plant and machinery. with identical. With the establishment of the two trouble-free assembly. Charging with up to 40% competitive manufacturing costs. They each produce up chains.

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DRI. energy and raw materials. product quality. or up to 50% liquid iron (some- times even 100%). This ensures maximum flexibility for plant operators. The furnaces can be charged operating costs and the most efficient use of with a variety of source materials: scrap metal. The UHCP EAF „„ Reduced manufacturing costs thanks to supplied by SMS Concast to ICDAS in Turkey is a tailored EAF concepts particularly good example: with a productivity of „„ Complete customization depending on the 320 tons per hour. including greater efficiency. including full-platform tilting. a three-point MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY FOR ALL roof lifting system. BENEFITS AT A GLANCE ULTRA-HIGH CHEMICAL POWER (UHCP) SMS Concast’s UHCP concept offers a wide range of „„ High-quality products guaranteed benefits.2 million tons 8 . HBI. Melt shop operators therefore SMS Concast tailors each EAF exactly to its opera. of high-quality steel products each year – a truly tivity. efficiency. sponge iron. benefit from extremely high power-input rates. Because the EAFs are larger. optimized use „„ Energy-efficient with CONSO technology of chemical energy and reduced maintenance „„ Maximum flexibility for all types of charging requirements. a split shell. it offers outstanding performance. low tor’s individual needs. conductive electrode arms and CHARGING MATERIALS electrode regulation. and also energy and material outstanding result. enabling ICDAS to produce 2. State-of-the-art processes and techniques enable precise steel analysis during the melting SMS Concast’s EAF design comes with features process. the materials concept also increases productivity.ELECTRIC ARC FURNACE Optimum efficiency in both energy and material consumption EAFs by SMS Concast set new standards in produc. water- cooled panels in steel and copper. plant operator’s needs Special design features ensure a high-power input of 230 MW.

operating documentation and analysis tools. SMS Concast „„ Level 2 control systems for documenta- guarantees the highest standards of quality. Plant operators benefit from various tools. REDUCED PRODUCTION COSTS CONSO oxygen technology is a key feature of a cost-efficient melting process. It is also possible to inject carbon and lime through side wall lances. as well „„ Reduced material and energy consumption as greater yield. SMS Concast’s EAFs meet the most stringent environmental regulations and make a significant contribution to improving resource efficiency in steel production. Last but certainly not least. The technology significantly increases productivity while reducing production costs. it also „„ Increased metallic yield ensures maximum operator safety. and the oxygen injection capacity up to 4. THE NEWLY DEVELOPED CONDOOR® SYSTEM The CONDOOR® system for automated cleaning of the sill-breast area enables closed-door operation. BENEFITS AT A GLANCE It provides reliable access for automatic sampling and managing the temperature gauge. With this „„ More efficient production highly dependable and productive tool. The burners are individually controlled. and linked with electrode regulation and foaming slag control. „„ More efficient use of electricity and chemical energy The level 2 control system enables companies „„ Greater environmental protection through to optimize processes by defining individual reduced emissions process steps. including CONSO technology and the fully automatic slag door CONDOOR®. INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY. It combines a gas burner with supersonic oxygen injection in one device.500 Nm3/h per unit. 9 . The burner capacity reaches up to 8 MW. The injectors are installed in the EAF side wall or in the horizontal EBT panel.PROCESS TOOLS Achieving the highest standards of quality Thanks to cutting-edge extraction and recovery technology. tion and analysis reduced material and energy consumption. fully automatic.

„„ Dust treatment systems SMS Concast is focused on continuous improve. elephant house solution can be implemented for ensuring in-house knowledge of and expertise in the a melt shop EAF. Noise Emission Control (NEC) is another key factor ment in steelmaking. latest eco-friendly technology. they help „„ Filter units with pulse-jet bag filters to ensure companies save money and protect the environment minimum dust content in clean gas at the same time. SMS Concast offers comprehensive solutions „„ Economic benefits through less energy for dust emission control in melt shops: and material consumption „„ Reliable solutions even fit for the strictest environmental regulations „„ Improved working conditions 10 . For plant operators. „„ Hot cooling system in the primary off-gas system tion. The company pays great in the set-up of an EAF. this delivers both ecological for heat recovery and economic benefits – in other words.ENVIRONMENTal Protection Because it matters All components supplied by SMS Concast are „„ Primary off-gas systems with high temperature designed to ensure high levels of productivity and quenching or hairpin cooler quality with minimal material and energy consump. REDUCED EMISSIONS BENEFITS AT A GLANCE One key environmentally friendly technology is the Dust Emission Control (DEC) system featured in the „„ Highly efficient emission control EAF. Either a dog house or attention to its research and development activities.

flexible responses to FULLY AUTOMATED OPERATION specific process conditions. customers’ needs makes SMS Concast a reliable automatically and dynamically.AUTOMATION Immediate access to valuable data at any time SMS Concast is a leading provider of innovative. minimized resource consumptions and maximum productive time. The dynamic melting profile. process efficiency with optimized steel quality. It transmits them to business partner for any project. With a proven record of satisfied customers and successful installations all around the world. The EAF control system is based on an integrated architecture: the automation system collects all data which are valuable and important for the estimation of material and energy flows in the furnace. tions for the steelmaking industry. closing the control loop and ensuring prompt. The result: highest integrated automation and process control solu. recalculates the ma- The constant focus on understanding and meeting chine settings based on the current process status. The information gathered is processed by DEDICATED EAF TECHNOLOGICAL PACKAGES INCLUDE: „„ Control packages for advanced electrode regulation for AC and DC furnaces „„ Foamy slag detection and control „„ Carbon injection „„ CONSO supersonic oxygen technology „„ Scrap yard inventory management „„ Automatic real-time tracking of the scrap bucket charging process „„ Scrap charging optimization „„ Wireless operator interface for scrap yard cranes „„ Heat and mass balance models „„ Dynamic melting profile „„ Tapping alloy addition model „„ Process analysis and simulation „„ Metallurgical data management 11 . the level 2 control system. which is featured in SMS Concast has gained considerable expertise. the PLC machine immediately. a set of control packages.

The actual products may not always have these characteristics as described IMPRINT SMS Concast AG. sales@sms-concast. www.sms-concast. these may change as a result of further developments of the products. Toedistrasse 9. . Switzerland Phone: +41 44 204 65-11. in particular.sms-concast. An obligation to deliver products having particular characteristics shall only exist if expressly agreed in the terms of the contract.04/13 en · Printed in Switzerland Switzerland Phone: +41 44 204 65-11 Fax: +41 44 204 69-21 sales@sms-concast.SMS Concast Toedistrasse 9 8027 Zurich The information provided in this brochure contains a general description of the performance characteristics of the products concerned. Fax: +41 44 204 MEETING your EXPECTATIONS www. 8027 The provision of this information is not intended to have and will not have legal effect. Jean-Pierre Papadopoulos (Editor).