• The best movie ever made on darius was sholay.

After that there
were others but not that great. Without the blessings of Jupitar we
cant even take a single step in the study of Jyotish. The blessings of
Jupiter are seen from Dhee Shakti. I can talk to Shani and Surya but
very difficult to talk to Rahu. Ketu can be unpredictable. Can a
foreigner learn sanskrit better than an India, i am not going home. I
was playing the movie accountant. But the gun went off. The man was
still crying and talking. The painting was not there. He was not moving
fast enough. The ball came and hit him in the groin. Hi can we move
fast please. Can we please stop pretending. Cant be done.

• I am not going home. Can i be excused? While i am away
teaching. narad is one deity or symbol which is not very clear. Can we
dance again and again in the rain. Who is it.