Organization Study At L&T IES, Bangalore

Chapter 1


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Organization Study At L&T IES, Bangalore

1.1 Introduction to study

Organization is the structural framework of duties and responsibilities required of
personnel in performing various functions with a view to achieve business goals. An
organization is a social group which distributes tasks for a collective goal. It is a planned,
coordinated and purposeful action of human beings to achieve certain specific goals through
division of labor and hierarchy of authority.

According to Louis A. Allen, "Organization is the process of identifying and grouping the work
to be performed, defining and delegating responsibility and authority, and establishing
relationship for the purpose of enabling people to work most effectively together in
accomplishing objectives."

An organizational study is the systematic study about how people - as individuals and as groups -
act within organizations. It involves the study of the structure and functions of different
departments. Almost all the organizations are different but they have certain common features.
All are collection of people, linked together by formal and informal relationships. They have
hierarchical orders that are engaged in co-operative activities and they all have identical
boundaries. So the study of people in organization is important for future managers. Structure of
an organization is very important for its functioning and growth. It provides the basic frame
work for its progress and expansion. The scope of the study is restricted to a subsidiary of L&T.
The reason for selecting this company is that it is one of the reputed companies known globally
and doing an OS here will increase our knowledge about every aspect of an organization.

1.2 Objectives of the study

1. To study the organization as a system and its various functional areas.
2. To have a practical knowledge of the application of the Management theories.
3. To have the real life knowledge of an organization through various departments.
4. To understand the strategies adopted to confront the challenges faced by the company.
5. To identify areas where there can be scope for improvement.

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Organization Study At L&T IES, Bangalore

Activities carried out during the project period:

 Attending the organization regularly.
 Learning about the working environment.
 Assess the organizational performances.
 Interaction with the employees who have got more experience with their respective jobs.
 Studying the activities of the employees and how they work.
Sources of Data Collection


Primary data refers to the data that was collected first hand, directly from the source. This
consisted primarily of interviews and discussion with the managers, employees and other staffs
and also includes direct observation.


Secondary data refers to the data that was previously collected by others for another purpose. It

1. Company websites
2. Annual reports
3. Internet

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Organization Study At L&T IES. Kottayam Page 4 . Bangalore Chapter 2 Profiles Saintgits Institute of Management.

The engineer is in contact with the client at all steps. This is an interactive process. I.Identification of a problem or an idea (new building. A related engineering service function would be designing the engine. Test Phase . III. product…) II. Modifications made during this process. Designs solution under guiding factors listed below.Organization Study At L&T IES.The engineer analyzes the idea or problem. Saintgits Institute of Management. This leads to modifications. Upon completion. This would occur more frequently with products as opposed to construction. An engineering function could be auto engine manufacturing. Bangalore 2. operating system. Idea Phase . It is similar to the distinction between manufacturing and manufacturing support services Engineering work is unique in the sense that it is generally not considered a commodity.The engineer applies the design to a model to test.1 Industry Profile Engineering services are those service functions that deal with or related to core engineering processes. The user may also be brought in the process. Kottayam Page 5 . Design Phase . construction (mainly for civil engineers). Manufacturing or Construction Phase . Constant revaluation of the process and the progress is required. the sales. or improvements made to a plant. IV. rather it is considered a value-added service. or may teach the use of the product. It is not something that can be automated as there are always different factors and emerging technologies. the engineer may be involved in the operation. Examples are:  CAD / CAM (computer aided manufacturing / design)  Auto design  Failure analysis of structural steel The distinction that needs to be drawn here is between engineering functions and engineering service functions.The engineer supervises the manufacturing processes (for electrical and mechanical engineers).

. Aerospace. or may teach the operation to the user (i. It provides end-to-end engineering services including Product Design. scientific instrument). Maharashtra. may sell the product (i. usually involving a parent company and several subsidiaries. etc. Often. A conglomerate is a combination of two or more corporations engaged in entirely different businesses that fall under one corporate structure (a corporate group). In some industries. but in practically all engineering domains.e. information technology and financial services. construction. a conglomerate is a multi-industry company. The company has business interests in engineering.e. Plant Engineering and Engineering Process Support using cutting-edge CAD/CAM/CAE (Computer Aided Design/ Computer Aided Manufacturing/ Computer Aided Engineering) technology.e. the support element exists. Asset Information Management. the support activity might be much less in scope than in some others. electrical device). Consumer Electronics. office building). Medical Electronics. L&T Integrated Engineering Services (L&T IES) is a Strategic Business Unit of Larsen & Toubro Limited. Some estimates put the engineering services industry to be close to a trillion $ in size. Bangalore V. That is over 2% of the total world economy Role and relevance Larsen & Toubro Limited (L&T) is an Indian multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Mumbai. India. Saintgits Institute of Management. Industrial Products. may actually operate the product (power plant). Application Development. Engineering Service Industry Practically all core engineering functions will have an accompanying service / support aspect. Product Completion or Production—Engineer or manufacturer may simply hand product over to the client (i. Engineering Analysis. It has nurtured a vibrant multi-disciplinary workforce of 4500+ engineers who possess relevant domain expertise in industry verticals like Automotive. Kottayam Page 6 . manufacturing.Organization Study At L&T IES.

It provides outsourced research and development. 3. As of 2012. Tech Mahindra on April 13. WIPRO Wipro Limited (formerly Western India Products Limited) is an Indian global IT services and consulting company headquartered in Bangalore. The company operates in three segments: IT Services. 4. INFOSYS Infosys Limited formerly Infosys Technologies Limited is an Indian provider of business consulting. 2. 2009. TCS has 142 offices across over 42 countries and generates around 30 per cent of India's IT exports. the company unveiled its new brand identity “Mahindra Satyam” subsequent to its takeover by the Mahindra Group’s IT arm. infrastructure outsourcing. China. It is the largest IT service company in India by revenue and market capitalization. India. MAHINDRA SATYAM Mahindra Satyam formerly Satyam Computer Services. engineering and outsourcing services. the National Stock Exchange (India) and Bombay Stock Exchange (India). business process outsourcing (BPO) and business consulting services. Wipro is the second largest IT services company by turnover in India. India. US. Bangalore Major Competitors of L&T-IES Some of major competitors are listed below: 1. It’s headquartered in Bangalore. Mahindra Satyam is a part of the Mahindra Group which is one of the top 10 industrial firms based in India. technology. and is listed on the Pink Sheets. IT Products. It was founded in 1987 by B Ramalinga Raju. Consumer Care and Saintgits Institute of Management.Organization Study At L&T IES. Canada. Kottayam Page 7 . It is the largest Asia based provider of business process outsourcing services. business solutions and outsourcing company headquartered in Mumbai. The company offers consulting and Information Technology (IT) services spanning various sectors. UK. Japan and many other countries. It has offices in 30 countries and development centers in India. India and a subsidiary of the Tata Group conglomerate. TCS Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS) is an Indian multinational IT services. Australia. is an Indian IT services company based in Hyderabad. India. In June 2009.

INFOTECH ENTERPRISES Infotech Enterprises Limited is a global engineering services and solutions company headquartered in Madhapur. network and content engineering to major organizations worldwide. Fashion. Manufacturing IT and Software Product Engineering. Telecom and Utilities. 6. Geometric Engineering. Its portfolio includes Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). CSM CSM is a top notch engineering services solutions provider with a strong pedigree of working with global customers. Inc. The company has two main business subsidiaries. Consumer. It offers services in the following domains. It is 9th most valuable brand in India according to an annual survey conducted by Brand Finance and The Economic Times in 2010. GEOMETRIC SOFTWARE Geometric Ltd is a software services and consulting company headquartered in Mumbai. Inc. Hi-tech. Heavy Equipment.. Key business verticals of this company are Aerospace. Heavy Engineering and High-Tech. DFMPro and 3DPaintBrush.Organization Study At L&T IES. NestLib (nesting software). Its key technologies include Feature Recognition.. Automotive. headquartered in Phoenix AZ.. The key products include GeomCaliper. Inc. Geometric was set up as a Division of Godrej and Boyce in 1984-85. Medical. formerly Teksoft. provides product engineering and manufacturing engineering solutions to the automotive and industrial sectors. Geometric Technologies. It has 9. 7. Global Engineering Services and Offshore Product Development (OPD) solutions and technologies. India. develops and supplies productivity solutions for manufacturing operations. and GeomDiff. Engineering Solutions and Technology Solutions. eDrawings Publishers. CAMWorks.Infotech Enterprises provides leading-edge engineering solutions. 5. The company was incorporated in 1994. formerly Modern Engineering.Software Solutions (Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). Transportation. Bangalore Lighting.. including product development and life-cycle support. offering end-to-end engineering services outsourcing solutions Saintgits Institute of Management. Wipro has other business interest particularly consumer goods. Energy. headquartered in Rochester Hills MI. India. Hyderabad. process. Kottayam Page 8 . Their key focus areas are Aerospace. health care and engineering.200+ workers across 30 global locations as of October 2011. Inc.

L&T rapidly took on engineering and construction assignments of increasing sophistication. embedded systems development. Today. Beginning with the import of machinery from Europe. They help their clients to cut product development costs. Kottayam Page 9 . Their first office was set up at Bombay. prototyping.2 Company Profile History and growth of L&T Larsen & Toubro was established in the year 1938 by two Danish engineers. Henning Holck- Larsen and Soren Kristian Toubro. Bangalore that enables you to focus on your core business. manufacturing support and vendor management. 2. the company sets global engineering benchmarks in terms of scale and complexity Saintgits Institute of Management. QUEST GLOBAL QUEST Global Engineering is a diversified global engineering services company. automation. provides Product design. CSM has developed proven methodologies based on experience gained. CADES is the ideal technology partner for a wide range of engineering solutions. India. Both of them were strongly committed to develop India's engineering capabilities to meet the demands of industry. CADES DIGITECH PVT LTD CADES. automotive & transportation sectors. automotive and other engineering industries. As a global engineering partner. instrumentation and controls.Organization Study At L&T IES. CSM’s primary objective is to provide advanced engineering software and services to global aerospace. a leading product design and Engineering Services Company with emphasis on domain and innovation. Engineering and R&D services to aerospace. upgrading team skill-sets and creating resources of well- trained engineers to meet the scalability required for the growing demands of the industry. data documentation. while executing several projects for international organizations 8. extend capacity and maximize engineering resources availability by providing support across the complete product life cycle from design and modeling through analysis. CADES works in collaboration with its clients across the product development lifecycle by constantly innovating its processes. 9. With its core competency and domain expertise. shorten lead times.

to handle these operations. They started manufacturing dairy equipment indigenously. Germany's invasion of Denmark in 1940 stopped supplies of Danish products.02.. the sudden internment of German engineers (because of the War) who were to put up a soda ash plant for the Tata’s.7. These products proved to be a success. Again. In 1944.2003) (27. but the finances required were beyond the capacity of the partners. This prompted them to raise additional equity capital. Bangalore Henning Holck-Larsen Soren Kristian Toubro (4. At the end of the war. But in 1939 with the start of II World War imports were restricted. Chennai (Madras) and New Saintgits Institute of Management. In 1945. Kottayam Page 10 . Offices were set up in Kolkata (Calcutta). and L&T came to be recognized as a reliable fabricator with high standards. By 1945. Larsen & Toubro Private Limited was born. Independence and the subsequent demand for technology and expertise offered L&T the opportunity to consolidate and expand.Organization Study At L&T IES. soaps and glass. the Company represented British manufacturers of equipment used to manufacture products such as hydrogenated oils.1907 . for marketing earthmoving equipment. and on 7th February 1946.27.the Company had begun to expand. gave L&T a chance to enter the field of installation . L&T signed an agreement with Caterpillar Tractor Company. As a result they were forced to start a small workshop to undertake jobs and provide service facilities.1982) In the early years the company represented Danish manufacturers of dairy equipment.3. biscuits. The war-time need to repair and refit ships offered L&T an opportunity. This crisis forced the partners to stand on their own feet and innovate.1906 . USA. and led to the formation of a new company.4. L&T also started two repair and fabrication shops .an area where their capability became well respected.7. Hilda Ltd. large numbers of war-surplus Caterpillar equipment were available at attractive prices. ECC (presently the construction division of L&T) was incorporated.

In the decades that followed.R. and renamed as L&T House –its Corporate Office. K. L&T is one of India's biggest and best known industrial organizations with a reputation for technological excellence. A decade later this imposing grey-stone building was purchased by L&T. D. S. and strong customer orientation. S. and by 1973 had become one of the Top- 25 Indian companies. L&T emerged as the largest erection contractor in the country. a major part of the company's Bombay office moved to ICI House in Ballard Estate. By 1964. In the decade that followed. Kottayam Page 11 . Holck Larsen was awarded the Magsaysay Award for International Understanding in recognition of his contribution to India's industrial development. Rao. L&T became a Public Company with a paid-up capital of Rs. In 1948. The sixties saw a significant change at L&T . In December 1950. In 1956. Eutectic Welding Alloys (1962) and TENGL (1963). He retired as Chairman in 1978. Powai stands as a tribute to the vision of the men who transformed this uninhabitable swamp into a manufacturing landmark. The sixties were also a decade of rapid growth for the company.Organization Study At L&T IES. U. The sales turnover in that year was Rs. L&T had widened its capabilities to include some of the best technologies in the world. Naik. Today. With the successful completion of these jobs. Prestigious orders executed by the Company during this period included the Amul Dairy at Anand and Blast Furnaces at Rourkela Steel Plant. Saintgits Institute of Management. the company grew rapidly. and witnessed the formation of many new ventures: UTMAL (set up in 1960). It is also taking steps to grow its international presence. Today. the company grew into an engineering major under the guidance of leaders like N. Bangalore Delhi. Subramaniam.10. Kulkarni and A. Toubro retired from active management in 1962. Desai. high quality of products and services. M. fifty-five acres of undeveloped marsh and jungle was acquired in Powai. M. V.2 million. In 1976. Audco India Limited (1961).9 million.S.

Organization Study At L&T IES. Kottayam Page 12 . It was drafted through a large scale interactive process which engaged employees at every level. The vision statement of the company is as follows: . worldwide. Bangalore Corporate Vision The L&T vision reflects the collective goal of the company. Saintgits Institute of Management.

Bindra A.M.Venkataraman (CEO & MD)  V. Chitale (independent director of L&T Infotech and L&T insurance)  Thomas Mathew T (MD of LIC.S.K.Subramanyam (Whole Time Director & Senior EVP – Construction)  R. 2008) Saintgits Institute of Management. Kottayam Page 13 . Chairman of Wartsila India Ltd)  Mrs.Shankar Raman (Whole Time Director & CFO)  Shailendra Roy (Whole Time Director & Senior Executive Vice President) NON-EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS  S.Organization Study At L&T IES.Magapu (Whole Time Director & President – IT.Kotwal (Whole Time Director & President –Heavy engineering)  Ravi Uppal (Whole Time Director & President –Power)  S. engineering services.M.N.K. L&T since May 29. Jain (Director and Chairman of Shareholders/Investors Grievances Committee. corporate initiatives)  M. Talwar (non-executive independent director of Sonata software)  M.N. India)  N.V. Rajgopal (director and chairman of nomination and remuneration committee. Bangalore BOARD OF DIRECTORS  A. Mohan Raj (LIC)  Subodh Bhargava (Chairman of Tata Communications Ltd(VSNL). L&T)  S. Naik (Chairman)  K. Bhagyam Ramani  J.

Saintgits Institute of Management. ii.e. They offer turnkey solutions for large i. It also provides power plant engineering services. Construction L&T covers varied disciplines of construction. It provides consultancy.000 MW coal-based power plant projects based on supercritical standards. up to 1. Kottayam Page 14 . It carries out basic and detailed design for both residential and commercial projects also. design and total engineering solutions to its customers. Heavy equipment They manufacture and supply custom designed and engineered critical equipment and systems to the needs of core-sector industries and the defense sector. mechanical. iii. They provide turnkey solutions for setting up utility power plants as well as co- generation and captive power plants on an EPC (Engineering. Power L&T-Power focuses on opportunities in coal-based. Procurement and Construction) basis. It also offers the same capability in gas-based power plants. civil. Bangalore Shareholding Products and services offered by L&T i. gas-based and nuclear power projects. electrical and instrumentation.Organization Study At L&T IES.

Covidien. Barclays. IT Services L&T Infotech focuses on information technology and software services. Rescale. Qualcomm. construction equipment’s etc. Wartsila.offers services and solutions for the following industries: banking and financial services. Chemical tankers. Rockwell Automation.Organization Study At L&T IES. Kottayam Page 15 . Citi Group. Cooper. The shipyard is geared up to take up construction of niche vessels such as specialized Heavy lift Cargo Vessels. They also provide Mutual Fund schemes for investors in India. Johnson and Johnson. P&G. eCORPUS. Danaher. Hitachi. Their clients include Unilever. Ship building L&T has a shipyard capable of constructing vessels of up to 150 meters long and displacement of 20. P&G. etc. Financial services L&T has a spectrum of financial products and services for corporate. BFSI and Communications and Embedded Systems. vii. Saintgits Institute of Management. insurance. There are 150+ customers globally with more than 27 Fortune 500 Companies. Travelers. They also undertake construction of specialized mid-size vessels and the capacity is being augmented by additional infrastructure such as ship lift system and additional outfitting workshops to extend the activities to ship repairs. warships for the navy and the coast guard. manufacturing. United Technologies. v. Ingram Micro. a 100 per cent subsidiary of the L&T. The focus will be on construction of commercial vessels. Their clients include industry leaders like Marsh & McLennan. LG and Samsung among others. Lafarge. Chevron. Bangalore iv. defense and para military vessels and other role specific vessels. Sanyo. Engineering services It also provides services in the embedded intelligence and Engineering space.000 tons. vi. Marathon. Infineon. Larsen & Toubro Infotech Limited. CNG carriers. offers software and services with a focus on Manufacturing. Standard Life. energy and petrochemicals. This is to cater the needs of growing global demand for construction of specialized oceangoing vessels. Texas Instruments. HD Supply.

Limited  Asia Alloys Precicasters Pvt. Limited  L&T-Crossroads Private Limited  Gujarat Leather Industries Limited  The Dhamra Port Company Limited  Vizag IT Park Limited  NAC Infrastructure Equipment Limited  International Seaports (Haldia) Private Limited  Ennore Tank Terminals (Private ) Limited  TNJ Moduletech Private Limited  Salzer Electronics Limited  Feedback Ventures Private Limited  L&T Camp Facilities LLC  Larsen & Toubro Qatar & HBK Contracting LLC  L&T Arun Excello Realty Private Limited  JSK Electrical Pvt. Chennai  L&T-Case Equipment Pvt.  ISO 27001 Associates  Audco India Limited. Bangalore Certifications  CMMi Level 5 v1. Chennai  L&T-Chiyoda Limited.Organization Study At L&T IES.2  ISO-9001:2008  ISO 20000  ISO 14001. Limited  Rishi Consfab Private Limited  International Seaport Dredging Limited Saintgits Institute of Management. Bangalore  L&T-Ramboll Consulting Engineers Limited. Baroda  L&T-Komatsu Limited. Kottayam Page 16 .

Industrial Products etc. turning joints. It provides end-to- end engineering services including Product Design. motors. Asset Information Management. and is ISO 9001:2000 certified for design. manufacturing and servicing of hydraulic pumps. L&T–Komatsu Limited’s manufacturing facility—The Bangalore Works—comprises Machinery Works and Hydraulics Works. L&T IES has nurtured a vibrant multi-disciplinary workforce of 4. Medical Electronics. Japan. cylinders. hydraulic systems and power drives as well as allied gear boxes. Plant Engineering and Engineering Process Support using cutting-edge CAD/CAM/CAE technology. Kottayam Page 17 . Singapore. Application Development. L&T-IES operates from dedicated off-shore engineering centers at Vadodara. hose assemblies. construction and technology major and Komatsu Asia Pacific Pte Limited. Hydraulics Works. L&T IES. Bangalore. is situated inside the campus of L&T Komatsu Limited. Chennai and Bangalore in tandem with onsite teams to cater to engineering requirements of Saintgits Institute of Management. a wholly owned subsidiary of Komatsu Limited. an 12. Bangalore. development. Backed by seven decades of rich engineering pedigree. L&T – INTEGRATED ENGINEERING SERVICES (IES) About L&T IES: L&T Integrated Engineering Services (L&T IES) is a Strategic Business Unit of Larsen & Toubro Limited. Consumer Electronics.Organization Study At L&T IES. manufacture and servicing of earthmoving equipment.500+ engineers who possess relevant domain expertise in industry verticals like Automotive. manufactures the complete range of high pressure hydraulic components and systems. Bangalore L&T . Komatsu is the world’s second largest manufacturer of hydraulic excavators and has manufacturing and marketing facilities worldwide. Engineering Analysis. with a precision machine shop. Mysore. It is a joint venture of Larsen and Toubro. In 1998 it became a joint venture.KOMATSU LIMITED L&T Komatsu has its registered office at Mumbai and is focusing on construction equipment and mining equipment. Machinery Works has a modern manufacturing facility with ISO 9001:2008 accreditation for design. valve blocks. Aerospace. India’s leading engineering.8 Billion USD engineering conglomerate from India. Mumbai.

Bangalore global clients. Their various centers are certified for CMMI Level 5 and ISO 9001.Organization Study At L&T IES. “ Certifications of L&T IES  ISO 9001:2008  CMMI Level 5 certified offshore delivery centers  ISO IEC 27001:2005 certification for IT security and Intellectual Protection Highlights  Over 4500 engineers dedicated to Mechanical & Electronics engineering services  Strong Project Management Processes to ensure quality and on-time delivery  27 clients are fortune 500  150+ global customers Design and delivery locations of L&T IES in India: Baroda Mumbai Bengaluru Chennai Mysore Saintgits Institute of Management. many of them Fortune 500 Companies. Mission “To provide engineering solutions using cutting edge PLM technologies to help their customers achieve their objectives of innovation. Kottayam Page 18 . cost reduction and faster time-to-market. L&T IES quality and IT security management systems comply with various international standards.

Telematics means any integrated use of telecommunications and informatics. power train. Chassis is the under part of a motor vehicle. water. interiors and seating. Other focus areas are hybrid technologies. BIW and body electronics. Power train refers to the group of components that generate power and deliver it to the road surface. etc. telematics and infotainment. Bangalore 2. undercarriage.3 Product Profile of L&T IES Industry verticals:  Automotive  Aerospace  Trucks and off highway vehicles  Industrial products  Medical devices and consumer electronics  Telecom and high tech  Plant engineering Integrated service delivery:  Product engineering services  Plant engineering services  Other services Now let’s see each of the services offered by them in detail INDUSTRY VERTICALS AUTOMOTIVE The key focus area in this sector is the designing of engines and accessories. engineering analysis. consisting of the frame (on which the body is mounted) with the wheels and machinery.Organization Study At L&T IES. Kottayam Page 19 . or air. technical publications.the integrated use of telecommunications and Saintgits Institute of Management. chassis systems. certification support and sourcing support.

Bangalore informatics. hybrid and eco-friendly products  Development of Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulators  Reference platform solutions for BMS. The key focus areas of Saintgits Institute of Management. L&T IES offers its aerospace customers Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) that is backed by decades of actual engineering practice in precision light engineering and design. A regenerative brake is an energy recovery mechanism which slows a vehicle down by converting its kinetic energy into another form. which can be either used immediately or stored until needed.Organization Study At L&T IES. AEROSPACE As part of one of India’s largest and most respected engineering companies. for application in vehicles and with control of vehicles on the move or Global Positioning System (GPS) technology integrated with computers and mobile communications technology in automotive navigation systems etc. In addition. where the excess kinetic energy is converted to heat by friction in the brake linings and therefore wasted. this consumer-focused industry faces the challenge of constant reductions in the time it takes to bring a new vehicle to market and the need to standardize while still maintaining a varied portfolio to meet the customer expectations. This contrasts with conventional braking systems. Kottayam Page 20 . Regenerative Braking  Developed telematics and infotainment platform Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation is a technique that is used in the development and test of complex real-time embedded systems. Their main highlights are:  Localization and program management support  Design support for green. The automotive industry is facing several challenges today –  Intense competition  Rising labor costs  Pressures on profitability  Declining customer loyalty.

Verification and Validation are independent procedures that are used together for checking that a product.Organization Study At L&T IES. Avionic systems include communications. Cockpit Display  Presence of domain experts and DERs (Designated Engineering Representatives) on board  Expertise in standards like DO 178B. A Line-Replaceable Unit (LRU) or Lowest Replaceable Unit is a modular component of an airplane. aerostructure. Its flight is either controlled autonomously by computers in the vehicle. artificial satellites and spacecraft. An LRU is usually a sealed unit such as a radio or other auxiliary equipment. or system meets requirements and specifications and that it fulfills its intended purpose. or flight control surfaces. Electronic Control Unit (ECU) is a generic term for any embedded system that controls one or more of the electrical systems or subsystems. safety/mission critical software development. LRUs are sometimes described as "black boxes". ship or spacecraft that is designed to be replaced quickly at an operating location. Saintgits Institute of Management. certification support and manufacturing engineering. wings. Their highlights are:  Expertise in End to End Design and manufacturing support for Primary and secondary structures  Critical project execution – UAV. FTI. the display and management of multiple systems and the hundreds of systems that are fitted to aircraft to meet individual roles. technical publications. IEEE 12207 and DoD-std-2167A UAV or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is an aircraft without a human pilot onboard. navigation. Kottayam Page 21 . engineering analysis. An aero structure is a component of an aircraft's airframe. The Cockpit display systems (or CDS) provides the visible (and audible) portion of the Human Machine Interface by which aircrew manage the modern Glass cockpit and thus interface with the aircraft avionics. V&V (Validation and Verification) and LRU/ECU (Line Replaceable Unit/Electronic Control Unit) testing. This may include all or part of the fuselage (an aircraft's main body section that holds crew and passengers or cargo). service. or under the remote control of a navigator. interior design support activities. or pilot on the ground or in another vehicle. Flight Test Instrumentation (FTI) is monitoring and recording equipment fitted to aircraft during flight test. Bangalore L&T IES are designing avionics. Avionics are the electronic systems used on aircraft.

was a United States defense standard. which updated the less well known DOD-STD-2167 published 4 June 1985. Bangalore DO-178B. Kottayam Page 22 . OEM refers to the company that originally manufactured the product. IEEE 12207. is a standard that establishes a common framework for software life cycle process.Organization Study At L&T IES. mining equipment. This includes designing construction equipment. This document established "uniform requirements for the software development that are applicable throughout the system life cycle. titled "Defense Systems Software Development". "Standard for Information Technology – Software Life Cycle Processes".  Partnering for design of “Next generation truck” platform  Redesign of manufacturing facilities focusing on communization and production of multiple variants An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) manufactures products or components that are purchased by a company and retailed under that purchasing company's brand name. agriculture equipment. Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification is a document dealing with the safety of software used in airborne systems. 1988. material handling equipment and trucks." TRUCKS AND OFF HIGHWAY VEHICLES The Trucks and Off-Highway group at L&T IES represents a major strength area. Saintgits Institute of Management. The group since its inception has been working with prestigious global customers on critical design and engineering programs. published on February 29. When referring to automotive parts. DOD-STD-2167A (Department of Defense Standard 2167A). Their highlights are:  Product localization and Value Engineering for OEMs for new geographic locations  Experience on Outcome based pricing  Co-authored patents with OEMs  Design Solutions to OEMs to meet stringent emission standards for US and Europe.

Their focus areas are designing process control equipment’s. security and surveillance and hi-tech equipment’s. Building Automation. Physiological data monitoring system is an electronic medical device used in medical monitoring that displays the monitored data.  ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) Certified Facility  Developing energy efficient and Green Products  Expertise in designing Explosion Proof Enclosures for Hazardous Environments  Achieved up to 30% cost reduction through Value Engineering  Strong capabilities in executing Localization Projects for Emerging Markets MEDICAL DEVICES AND CONSUMER ELECTRONICS Medical devices and consumer electronics include designing Physiological data monitoring systems. Elevators& Escalators. Kottayam Page 23 . Ultrasound scanners. INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS The Industrial Products group of L&T Integrated Engineering Services supports manufacturers across the globe from diverse industries such as Process Control Equipment’s. It is adept at handling wide- ranging design and engineering requirements right from concept development stage to prototype development. elevators and escalators. Bangalore OEM designates a replacement part made by the manufacturer of the original part. power and electrical products. Security & Surveillance and Hi-Tech Equipment’s. machinery and equipment’s. Electrosurgical Units. and may or may not have the ability to transmit the data on a Saintgits Institute of Management. Central Nursing Stations and White goods/brown goods. Power & Electrical Products. Their highlights are:  One step solution for OEMs from Conceptualization to Product Launch.Organization Study At L&T IES. OEM means "original equipment from manufacturer". Machinery &Equipment. building automation. In this usage.

Electrosurgical Units are medical devices used to cauterize incisions. and live heart and lung sounds from the Patient Station via attached medical peripherals. close-up pictures. Central Nursing Station is usually located in the hospitals. whether in a household.Organization Study At L&T IES. LED or LCD screen as data channels along the time axis. clinics or call center and allows the doctor or other healthcare providers which has direct access to the patient through the interactive video and audio of the Patient Station. The provider can make visual assessments of the patient and discuss his or her condition. Their highlights are:  Experience in Regulatory requirements  FDA (Food and Drug Administration)  CE marking (European Conformity)  IEC 601-1(Functional profile for providing the connection-oriented transport service in an end system connected via permanent access to a packet switched data network)  Experience in projects which spans from concept development to launch – reusable stapler  Remote control for ultrasound scanner  Carried out cost out programs in which clients were able to bring down the cost of the products by up to 56%  Experience in Green technology – Low power devices Saintgits Institute of Management. the Central Station receives clear. which includes purposes such as cooking. medications. treatment or other concerns through a live. counter-tops. Kottayam Page 24 . generally used on table-tops. Communicating over ordinary phone lines. to accomplish a household task. or other platforms. two-way transmission. Bangalore monitoring network. institutional. commercial or industrial setting. or food preservation. White goods are large machines which accomplishes some routine housekeeping task. Physiological data are displayed continuously on a CRT. Brown goods are portable or semi-portable machines.

entertainment products and providing infrastructural facilities. Services offered for entertainment products:  Digital TV  Set Top Box  Portable Media Devices  Home Networking Devices The technologies include Multimedia. Services offered for Mobile devices:  BSP. Networking . Carbon Footprint Saintgits Institute of Management. Bangalore  Expertise in digital imaging and signal processing TELECOM AND HIGH TECH Their focus areas are designing of mobile devices. Handheld & Consumer Electronics industry  Niche player supporting the Product development activities with comprehensive Maintenance portfolio and wide Testing Services  Long-term commitment with very high contract fidelity  Credentials and experience of creating Offshore Development Centres . Their highlights are:  Rich experience in Telecom. Symbian. Laser scanning and 3D modeling. DVB and IPTV. Windows mobile and iPhone.Organization Study At L&T IES. OS Porting & Device Drivers  Middleware Integration  Application Development The OS platforms are Android. As-builds and Layout Engineering. simulation studies. Kottayam Page 25 . many of them spanning over 3 years of maturity PLANT ENGINEERING Their key focus areas are Detail Project Report Preparation.

finding out customer requirements. Mechanical Engineering Services. benchmarking. design and development.Organization Study At L&T IES. The design and development stage comes next which includes Embedded Hardware and Software.Engineering Re-Application & fine-tuning for global roll out  Multidisciplinary Integration  Cost Optimization in CAPEX (capital expenditure) and OPEX (operating expenditure)  Harmonizing Data Across Systems. inspection support. MMI framework and applications The main procedures in product engineering are product conceptualization. Business Units and Geographies  Corporate EHS Carbon Footprint Management Successfully Executed  Carbon Footprint Reduction by Green Engineering INTEGRATED SEVICE DELIVERY PRODUCT ENGINEERING SERVICES  Mechanical Engineering  Electrical/Electronic Engineering  Engineering Analysis (FEA/CFD)  CAD Automation & Customization  Application Software Development  Software Testing & Test Automation  Mobile OS. Middleware. application software and Saintgits Institute of Management.All locations” . competitive analysis and new Concept Design & Industrial Design. Bangalore Management. asset data and document management and information management. utility gap analysis. Their highlights are:  Value added benefits of “ONE Design . Protocol stacks. product maintenance and after-market support. commissioning supervision. process safety study. product specifications. best value option analysis. vendor management and procurement support. manufacturing support. Device drivers. In product conceptualization stage includes customer survey. Kottayam Page 26 . Wireless systems Design.

Sustenance Engineering. Feasibility study includes the land survey. 3D modeling. installation and commissioning support and sustenance engineering. The next stage is installation and commissioning support where the project management and vendor management is done. Value Analysis & Value Engineering. Certification and Regulatory Compliance. Material Management. The last and the final stage is providing after-market support services like test lab support. Customization of Product Line. The last and the final stage is sustenance engineering services which includes Laser scanning based Modeling. contract or tender specification. Energy Saving Analysis. Should Cost Analysis. The preliminary design is also made at this stage. The manufacturing support stage includes Manufacturing Engineering. product field trial. market research. PLANT ENGINEERING SERVICES  Analytical Engineering. warranty analysis. detailed layout drawings and data sheet and specifications are done.3D Modeling. Next is the product maintenance stage which includes Obsolescence Management. Then comes the basic engineering stage where the conceptual layout is developed. Bangalore technical publications. EPO offerings.Organization Study At L&T IES. Modularization  Carbon Footprint & Energy Management  Asset Information Management The plant engineering services include the following procedures like feasibility study. detail engineering. etc. The next stage is the detail engineering stage where the equipment sizing. etc. Kottayam Page 27 . etc. basic engineering. Simulation Studies & Special Studies  Pre-project/ Conceptual Engineering  Basic Engineering and FEED  Detail Engineering . Saintgits Institute of Management. general drawings and budget estimation.

Organization Study At L&T IES. Bangalore OTHER SERVICES  Sourcing & Costing Engineering  Technical Publication  Engineering Process Outsourcing  PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)  Testing Saintgits Institute of Management. Kottayam Page 28 .

Organization Study At L&T IES. Kottayam Page 29 . Bangalore Chapter 3 Analysis of Organization Structure & its Functions Saintgits Institute of Management.

It is decided according to the project size. From the team the most experienced and skilled person is selected as a leader. The next step is discussion between the project manager.Organization Study At L&T IES.. meeting customer requirements within the specified time. There are also many other services provided by L&T IES. Bangalore 3. The project leader guides the team in attaining the objective.e. If the project is a complicated one then the team mostly comprises of expert members.. The companies then give an estimate and the project duration to the customer companies.1 Planning in the company L&T IES mainly provides designs and 3D Models of products to its customers. Kottayam Page 30 . The team then gets an idea on how to work with the project and they start with the work. He also reports the work done by the team periodically (weekly or monthly) to the project manager. project leader(s) and team members. The customer company selects the best deal from among the different offers. If the team is large then there may be 2 project leaders. After receiving the project the company then plans the resources to be utilized. i.e. etc which will be fixed. time duration. Saintgits Institute of Management. The delivery head and the project manager discuss about the project and decide the project team. After that the customer company make a deal with the company regarding the resources used. i. the people to be included in the project. At first their customers give tenders to the companies specifying their product requirements. At the time of discussion their agenda will be meeting the customer requirements and learnings through case studies and previous records.

2 Organization Structure with Organization Chart Executive Chairman Board of Directors K. Kottayam Page 31 . Organization Study At L&T IES. Bangalore 3.Venkataraman MD and CEO of L&T Ltd Director (IT&ES) Chief Executive Chief Operating Officer Sales Head Platinum Accounts P&G Sales Managers Vertical Heads Danaher and UTC Sales Engineers Sub Vertical Heads Project Manager Project Leader Team Members Saintgits Institute of Management.

Instead of departments they have Verticals and for supporting the functioning of verticals there are horizontals. Keshab Panda. V. The Project Managers are responsible to their Vertical or Sub Vertical Heads. Under him is the Board of Directors. K. C Ramakantha Murthy. They report to the Executive Chairman. If the working and communication between the departments is good then the company will make profit. Bangalore On the top is the Executive Chairman. Under Project Managers there are Project Leaders for each project who leads each team. There are Sub Vertical Heads under each vertical but in certain cases verticals may not have sub verticals. Girish Wardadkar.Magapu. the Chief Operating Officer of L&T IES reports to the Chief Executive. Under the MD and CEO is Mr. A.3 Functional Area Analysis The success or failure of an organization depends upon the effective and efficient functioning of its different department. The vertical heads of various verticals are: Table 1: Different verticals and their heads VERTICALS VERTICAL HEADS Industrial Products Bhupendra Bhate Auto and aero R Suresh Babu Trucks and Off highway vehicles Shailendra Shrivastava Process Engineering Divya Bhatt Medical devices G R Mohan 3. Mr.K. Naik who is the head of L&T. the Chief Executive of L&T IES. A different system is followed by L&T IES as compared with other industries.M. Director of IT and Engineering Services. Then comes the MD and CEO of L&T Mr. Dr. Kottayam Page 32 . The next in command is Mr. Saintgits Institute of Management. Venkataraman. Most of the decision making process is done by him. And under each Project Leads comes their Team Members. so there need not be Sub Vertical Heads. in case of any problem or for taking major decisions. The center head of Bangalore L&T IES is Mr. Under him comes the vertical heads of various verticals.Organization Study At L&T IES. Mr.

Horizontals are the specific capabilities or skills(technical or non technical) that span across two or more industry verticals. The verticals in L&T IES are:  Medical devices vertical  Industrial products and consumer electronics vertical  Trucks and off highway vehicles vertical  Auto and aero vertical  Telecom and high tech vertical  Plant engineering vertical The horizontals in L&T IES are:  Mechanical Design and Validation  Electronics and Software Engineering  Product Life cycle Management  Engineering Process Services Table 2: Horizontals and their heads HORIZONTALS HORIZONTAL HEADS Mechanical Design and Validation C Ramakantha Murthy Electronics and Software Engineering Mahesh Sanzgiri Product Life cycle Management RamachandraWalvekar Engineering Process Services BhupendraBhate Saintgits Institute of Management. Kottayam Page 33 .Organization Study At L&T IES. Bangalore Verticals and Horizontals Verticals are industry specific focus groups that will be useful to align the industry domain specifics and to align with the clients belonging to this industry.

There are about 60 people working under Mr. Bangalore Out of the different verticals L&T IES. Sateesh Kumar who are from the embedded systems background. There are 102 people working under him including two Deputy Delivery Heads . G R Mohan. Bangalore deals with only:  Medical devices vertical  Industrial products and consumer electronics vertical MEDICAL DEVICES VERTICAL Delivery Head G R Mohan Deputy Delivery Head Deputy Delivery Head Sateesh Kumar T K Baiju Thomas (embedded electronics) (Mechanical) Project Managers (4) Project Managers (4) Project Leads (1 or 2) Project Leads (1 or 2) Team Members (5 or 10) Team Members (5 or 10) The Delivery Head of medical devices vertical is Mr.Organization Study At L&T IES. specialized in mechanical. Baiju Thomas who are mechanical engineers and about 40 people working under Mr. There are 4 Saintgits Institute of Management. Kottayam Page 34 . Sateesh Kumar T K. Baiju. who is specialized in embedded electronics and Mr.Mr.

 Class III devices are those devices which do not have a direct contact with the patient’s body. etc. The main clients of the medical devices vertical are:  Covidien  Bard  BK Medicals  Biomet  Steris and  Others Covidien is one of the major client for which they provide Surgical Solutions (which includes designing surgical staplers. And under the project Managers there are project leaders for carrying out a particular project. Respiratory and Monitoring Systems (which are hand held support devices which are used for patient monitoring) and vascular therapy. Their greatest achievement is that they are able to add 1 new customer every year. These devices are mainly used for monitoring the patients. There are three classes of medical devices:  Class I devices are usually implant devices that are implanted into the human body for days or months. The devices under Surgical Solutions come under class II and the Respiratory and Monitoring System comes under class III.  Class II devices are devices which have a direct contact with the patient’s body for hours or till the surgery or the operation finishes.Organization Study At L&T IES. The revenue earned by the vertical for the last year was 4 million USD and the company receives about 100 to 150 projects in a year from Covidien alone. sealers. steds. If the team consists of 10 team members then there will be 2 project leaders and if there are only 5 team members then there will be only 1 project lead. Saintgits Institute of Management. Bangalore project managers under both of them.). Kottayam Page 35 . There may be 1 or 2 project leaders for each project team depending upon the strength of the team.

labor cost. (ii) material change and (iii) supplier change. The design activity for Covidien products undergoes 5 stages or toll gates. From these different concepts submitted. In certain situations the company does not design an entirely new product but it modifies an already existing product.e. redesign a product. 3. Value engineering This means if a client wants to enter into another market there may be other manufacturers already existing in that market.  The First Stage is the concept stage where the company gives different concepts or designs to its client.  Second Stage is the feasibility stage where the feasibility study is done. So the client’s price for the product must Saintgits Institute of Management. 4.Organization Study At L&T IES. tool cost and the qualification cost (the cost incurred for getting the approval for a particular product). 2. Engineering change management In certain cases the clients ask the company to redesign the drawing mainly due to three reasons: (i) due to dimension deviation. So the company has to redesign or redraw the drawing done on the product. Should cost analysis The client may sometimes ask to make an estimate of the cost that will be incurred for the manufacture or to do a market study. the fifth stage is launch where the company gives support to its client.  Third Stage is the development stage where certain prototypes are provided to the client for developing the product. Design activity L&T IES medical vertical designs medical equipment’s for its various clients. Bangalore Services provided by medical vertical: 1.e. The cost of manufacturing includes material cost. These stages may vary according to the client company.  Fourth stage the production stage  The Final Stage i. Kottayam Page 36 . the client will select the appropriate design according to their requirement. But most of the companies follow the same procedure. i..

The company then fixes date for each stages or toll gates.e. The time limits for each project may vary. 6. the already dominant player in the market. then the next stage is squeezed to compensate the additional time taken in the previous stage. There are front end people to market the services offered by the company. Saintgits Institute of Management. If any stage exceeds the allotted time. Usually the launch time is the time limit for each project. If the price thus obtained is more than the competitors’ price then the client asks to reduce the cost by redesigning the drawing. Measurement projects In certain projects the materials measurement is taken and then the drawing in done based on the measurements taken. case studies. etc. The client asks the company to fix a target cost based on the drawing. are provided to the front end people and they take these materials to the customers. Each stage has to be completed within these fixed time lines.Organization Study At L&T IES. Voice of customers (VoC) Certain clients ask them to take a survey of the doctors and make a study based on the survey collected about a particular product 7. This process will be done until the price is equal or less than the competitor’s price. 5. The back end materials like best practices. They usually fix a date for the launch of the product and the company has to finish it within the time allotted. Test fixtures manufacturing They also undertake designing of testing equipment. Bangalore be less than its competitors i. learning’s. Kottayam Page 37 . It may vary from 18 months to 24 months. There are time limits for completing a project. The client then adds a certain percentage of margins to the cost estimated.

building automation. Each sub vertical has a sub vertical head. Organization Study At L&T IES. Bangalore INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS VERTICAL Vertical Head Bhupendra Bhate Building Electrical Power Machinery Consumer automation products electronics Sub vertical Sub vertical Sub vertical Sub vertical Sub vertical Head Head Head Head Head Project Project Project Project Project Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager Project Project Project Project Project Leader Leader Leader Leader Leader Team Team Team Team Team Members Members Members Members Members The Vertical Head of IP (Industrial Products) is Mr. power. Bhupendra Bhate. machinery and consumer electronics. electrical products. Under them comes the Project Leaders who are Saintgits Institute of Management. Kottayam Page 38 . There are Project Managers under each sub vertical head. namely. There are mainly 5 sub verticals for IP vertical.

Organization Study At L&T IES, Bangalore

responsible for completing the project on time. The project leaders lead their team in attaining
the objective. The team members are selected depending upon the project. If the project is a high
end project then they require experienced team members.

The IP vertical is the vertical that contributes most to L&T IES. There about 1000+ employees
working under the IP vertical all over India. About 120 employees work in the IP vertical of
Bangalore L&T IES. The revenue earned by IP vertical in 2011 was 44 million USD. This years’
target is 60 million USD. It contributes 30% of the total revenue earned by L&T IES. Their
greatest achievement is that they getting at least one new client in every year.

There are many clients for the IP vertical and the major ones are:

 Wartsila
 Cooper
 E10 and
 Others

The services offered by IP vertical are the same as that of other verticals. These include design,
redesign, value engineering, testing, software development, etc.

There are front end people to market the services offered by the company. The back end
materials like best practices, learning’s, case studies, etc. are provided to the front end people
and they take these materials to the customers. Thus the marketing of services are done. This
process is same for all the verticals.

Saintgits Institute of Management, Kottayam Page 39

Organization Study At L&T IES, Bangalore

Danaher and UTC

Sales and Delivery head
Mahendra Joshi

Delivery head
Rabi Rout

Delivery Managers Delivery Managers Delivery Managers Delivery Managers Delivery Managers
Susan W Gopal S Vajendra Desai Zenthil Kumar Sachin

Project Project Project Project Project
Managers Managers Managers Managers Managers

Project Project Project Project Project
Leads Leads Leads Leads Leads

Team Team Team Team Team
Members Members Members Members Members

Saintgits Institute of Management, Kottayam Page 40

Organization Study At L&T IES, Bangalore

Sales and Delivery head
Mahendra Joshi

Sales Managers Sales Managers Sales Managers Sales Managers
Pankaj Shah Umesh S Yogesh Desai Ashwin

Sales Sales Sales Sales
Engineers Engineers Engineers Engineers

The Sales and Delivery Head of Danaher and UTC vertical is Mr. Mahendra Joshi. The
delivery and the sales divisions reports to him. Delivery division has a delivery head, Mr. Rabi
Rout. Under him there are 5 delivery managers Ms. Susan W, Mr. Gopal S, Mr. Vajendra Desai,
Mr. Zenthil Kumar and Mr. Sachin. Under each Project Managers, there are Project Managers.
There are about 5 to 6 Project Managers under Ms. Susan and Mr. Vajendra Desai, about 8
people under Mr. Zenthil Kumar and about 3 to 4 people under Mr. Goplan S. There may be
different teams under the Project Manager. Each team will be led by a Project Lead. The
planning about the project will be done between the Project Leads and the Team Members.

UTC and Danaher has a separate sales division for themselves who does the marketing of
services for them. The head of sales division is Mr. Mahendra Joshi. Under him come the 4 sales
managers- Pankaj Shah, Umesh S, Yogesh Desai and Ashwin. They have sales engineers to
assist them.

Saintgits Institute of Management, Kottayam Page 41

They are medical equipment manufacturers and Danaher team does new product development services for them. Another account of Danaher team is Kollmorgen. There only about 10 people working for this client. fire sensors or detector. There are about 20 people working for this client.Organization Study At L&T IES. Dover is another one for whom they provide design and support services. there are about 60-70 people working for this client. etc. etc. Goodrich is another recent customer for whom they haven’t started providing any services yet. Only 2-3 people work for this client. They provide designing of aerospace. Their products mainly include air conditions of lorries and buses. Thomson is another client of the Danaher team who is the manufacturers of linear guides. test fixture development. Fire and Security group is another one for whom they provide new product development. Bangalore Danaher: Platinum Account One of their major clients is Leica Labs. Saintgits Institute of Management. About 15 people work for this client of Danaher. There are about 45 people working for Leica Labs. Danaher team provides sustenance engineering services to this company. Another client of UTC is Carrier for whom they provide product designing services. LRU. electronic controls. The products of this client are firefighting equipment’s. Fluke is another client for which Danaher team works. who is a manufacturer of motors and drives. UTC: Platinum Account Hamilton Sunstrand is one of their major clients. Kottayam Page 42 . fire alarms. It is a German based lab which works on life sciences and diagnostics.

Bangalore Mechanical Design Validation: Horizontal Head C Ramakantha Murthy Head-CAE Dr.34 million USD. Under him comes the heads of three divisions. Head-MES Head-DC P K Roy (120) MayankPandya (90) Ramesh Rao(32) Delivery Delivery Delivery Engineers Engineers Engineers Mr. The three divisions are Computer Aided Engineering (Dr. The revenue of this horizontal for last year was 10. Manufacturing Engineering Services (MayankPandya) and Design Consulting (Ramesh Rao). from MES was 5 million USD and that from DC was 1. All the employees under this vertical should be from Mechanical Engineering background. C Ramakantha Murthy is the head of MDV (Mechanical and Design Validation) Horizontal. The revenue from CAE division was 4 million USD.2 million USD. All the employee in CAE must be M. 90 under MES and 32 under DC. This years’ targeted revenue is 13. Organization Study At L&T IES. Kottayam Page 43 .5 million USD.Tech or have done PhD. P K Roy). There 292 people working under this horizontal among them 120 are under CAE. Saintgits Institute of Management.

L&T was the first organization in India to set up an open Performance Management System Mission To create robust HR Practices & Processes so that it adds value to the organization’s business & enables the organization to be an employer of choice. Bangalore Human Resource Department L&T was the first organization in India to set up a Human resource Department in 1960s. Employee Education Profile Engineering (Bachelor) BE/Btech Mtech/ME 3% 2% 1% MBA 16% 1%1% MCA 12% Diploma/Certificate 65% Other Graduates Other Post Graduates Others Saintgits Institute of Management.Organization Study At L&T IES. Kottayam Page 44 . In early seventies.

It is also compulsory that the candidate shall have first class in BE / B. Saintgits Institute of Management.V and Employment Application Format. Background Reference checks shall be done selectively for recruits to sensitive positions based on the references given by the candidate.Tech / Other degree and shall have cleared all examinations in the first attempt itself. the candidate shall have first class or high second class in tenth. Based on Employment Application Format. Lateral Recruitment into Covenanted Cadre: All lateral recruits to Covenanted Cadre shall be from AICTE approved colleges. The candidates shall have first class in tenth. based on C.Tech / Other degree. If all the above said requirement have been fulfilled then. Vocational / In-Plant Trainees: Candidates shall submit introduction cum Project request letter duly signed by the Principal/HOD of the College/ Institute.Tech / Other degree. the candidate shall have first class or high second class in tenth. Background Reference checks shall be done selectively for recruits to sensitive positions based on the references given by the candidate. twelfth and first class in BE / B. College authorities shall certify as to the good conduct of the candidate.Organization Study At L&T IES. twelfth. It is also mandatory that the Candidate shall be certified as medically fit as per pre-employment medical checkup format of L&T. twelfth & BE / B. Candidates shall be certified as medically fit as per pre- employment medical checkup format of L&T. Bangalore RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION POLICY Trainee Recruitment: All trainees (excluding Vocational/ In-Plant Trainees) shall be from AICTE approved colleges. Lateral Recruitment into Supervisory & Executive Cadre: All lateral recruits to Supervisory &Executive Cadre shall be from AICTE approved colleges. Based on Employment Application Format. Project Managers/ Department Heads shall certify that candidate is matching the technical requirements of the position to merit a personal interview. Then the Project Managers/ Department Heads shall certify that candidate is matching the technical requirements of the position to merit a personal interview. Kottayam Page 45 . The Personal interviews shall be conducted by Senior Management personnel to evaluate the candidate on technical caliber and on personal attributes.

include the participants who could not attend the last month’s Prarambh. towards a smooth induction into the organization.  The confidentiality requirements of the customer. IT and administration departments.  Prepare an updated list of new joiners for the month (excluding those who had been included in Prarambh for the previous month). Personal interviews shall be conducted by Senior Management personnel to evaluate the candidate on technical caliber and on personal attributes.  Acceptance of the rules and regulations of the Company. Kottayam Page 46 . This will increase their feeling of belongingness towards the organization. Appointment Letter from L&T shall include:  The confidentiality requirements of the business. atleast a week prior to the date of Prarambh. Bangalore Candidates shall be certified as medically fit as per pre-employment medical checkup format of L&T. Background reference checks is not conducted for employees hired on contractual rolls owing to their nature & scope of job. Saintgits Institute of Management. Cluster Head/ Unit Head shall certify that candidate is matching the technical requirements of the position to merit a personal interview. Also.  Send invitations (Mail/Meeting Request using outlook) to the new joiners and the facilitators/spokesperson.  The abiding by the security policy documents. business structure and policies & procedures of HR. Procedure:  Book the Conference Hall for two days through the booking portal 15-10 days in advance from the date of Prarambh (induction programme). INDUCTION Objective: To familiarize lateral new joiners with company overview. Appointments on Consultant/Contract basis: Based on CV & Employment Application Format.Organization Study At L&T IES.

TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT L&T IES as an organization is a learning organization which believes in continuous learning process.  Analyze the feedback. technical support.  Record the attendance and the feedback for the Orientation session (1st day of Prarambh). A. share it with presenters in separate mails and implement the corrective/preventive actions for improvisation of the program. Saintgits Institute of Management. Bangalore  Send a reminder via email or over telephone for the same 3 days prior. if required. arrange for an alternate speaker for the specific topic/s. Kottayam Page 47 .  Ensure all the necessary arrangements are in place one day before the start of the program.QMS team will take care of attendance and feedback for the QMS session. (eg. At IES they train their greatest asset – the human asset with a blend of technical and behavioral skills. Objective: Technical training is imparted to enhance the Software skills & Engineering Design skills of the employees depending upon the requirements of the organization. Seating arrangement. refreshment.  In case of the unavailability of a speaker.C regulation and the availability of the presentations/ related material)  Arrange for sticking posters about Prarambh for creating awareness amongst the employees.  Analysis of feedback is to be shared with the LM-Head within a week post completion of Prarambh.Organization Study At L&T IES.

Kottayam Page 48 . training needs are identified by the HR Head.Organization Study At L&T IES.Technical training and behavioral training. Bangalore Process involved in Training Training Needs Identification Training Calendar Informing the Stakeholders and getting the Nominations Conduction of the Training programme & maintaining the Training Records Monitoring The Success of the Training Programme Training Need Identification Identification of the training needs begins in the month of January when all the Project Managers are required to send the training needs to the HR Head. Training Need Identification has 2 dimensions. Taking into consideration the inputs from them and business requirements depending upon the projects.  Technical Training Saintgits Institute of Management. Training needs identified in PODP (Performance Oriented Development Plan) form are also taken into consideration. PODP is a development tool for identifying development needs of the employee in his/her current role and forms an integral part of the appraisal system.

However. a Training Calendar is prepared with details of tentative costs and number of man-days to be covered.  Other technical training Project Managers/Project Leaders are asked to suggest training programme based on needs that they felt by HR head through e-mail. Some of the needs include the inculcation of assertiveness. The calendar is then circulated to the concerned in the month of April. it is finalized upon the approval from Cluster Head and in consultation with the Centre Head by the end of March. These trainings are subject to change or modifications as per the requirements of the Projects. Kottayam Page 49 . its benefits and objectives. a training program is drafted.  Behavioral training These are identified by the Head HR in consultation with the Project Lead or Project Manager. Then all the Project Leads or Project Managers are informed in advance about the training program to be held. professional mannerism and improved communication skills. Next the Training Co-coordinator (usually from the HR Department) takes on the responsibility of coordinating the entire training program. Team Work. The focus is on Customer Orientation. Informing the stakeholders Once. awareness. Communication and Self-development.Organization Study At L&T IES. it is finalized with the approval of the HR Head who gives the permission in consultation with the Centre Head. Training Calendar Based on the identified training needs. Bangalore  Engineer Trainee (ET) training ETs are sent for 3 months training at tool rooms (IGTR-Indo German Tool Rooms) and OERC-Ocean Engineering and Research Center (for Ship Design) before they actually report to the respective center to ensure that the employees can effectively use their software skills right from the moment they join the organization. considering the business and the employee profile. They are given a list of employees from which they are required to nominate the ones which require to undergo the training program on Saintgits Institute of Management.

it is the duty of the PL/PM to ensure the participation of his team-members for the training programme.  Attendance sheets  Feedback forms from the participants  A comprehensive sheet containing all the required details List of nomination is compared with the list of participants to ensure that all the participants have taken part in the programme. The employee can also nominate himself for the training programme by sending his request to HR through his PL/PM. Once the nominations are finalized. Kottayam Page 50 . Following records are maintained at the time of Training Programme. Having confirmed about the participation. Bangalore an urgency basis. analysis is done and it is reviewed with HR head for future reference and further decision making. an employee is advised to attend the full training programme. the participants are asked to fill up the feedback form of the training programme they have undergone. If an employee is not able to attend the training programme for any serious / urgent personal issues. Conduction of the training programme and training records All the resources required for the successful completion of the Training Program are made available well in advance. it is the responsibility of the concerned employee to inform to his PL/PM and to HR. Any insincerity / negligence of any kind towards training activities shall be noted down and shall be considered while assessing employee’s performance for the year.Organization Study At L&T IES. Monitoring the training programme After the training programme. the nominated employees are informed about the training program and their confirmation (written/verbal) on the same is taken. Similarly. Based on the feedback received from participants. These are regularly updated and kept as records for future reference. Saintgits Institute of Management.

Objectives:  Record & Review the Performance  Performance Feedback  Constructive Feedback & Counseling  To set objectives for the coming year  Identification of Training & Development Needs (PODP)  Assessment of Technical Skills  Rewards (Incentive & Increment) Objective setting Performance Oriented Development Plan Mid-year review Process Yearly Review Feedback to Employee Rewards Saintgits Institute of Management.Organization Study At L&T IES. Bangalore PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Managing employee performance facilitates the effective delivery of strategic and operational goals of the organization. Kottayam Page 51 .

The review of the Immediate Superior is then passed to the Next Superior and he then puts his comments. Immediate Superior conveys the final ratings & feedback to the appraisee. then to the Next Superior and finally to the Immediate superior. Kottayam Page 52 . HR Head forward the same to MVG for final rating. The Department Head then normalize the ratings across the department based on the various performance parameters and passes to the HR head.Organization Study At L&T IES. The HR Head receives the final rating made by MVG. Bangalore Performance Evaluation The Performance of the appraisee is first assessed by the Immediate Superior and gives ratings between 1-8. MGVs are Macro View Group which consists of all the senior personnel’s including the Vertical Heads who does the final rating. Then he passes it to the Department Head. Saintgits Institute of Management.

Organization Study At L&T IES. Kottayam Page 53 . Bangalore Performance rating scale: The performances of the employees are rated by the Immediate Superior by using this scale. Ratings Performance Category 8 Outstanding Performer 7 Top Performer 6 Top Performer 5 Vital Contributor 4 Vital Contributor 3 Needs Improvement 2 Below Average 1 Below Average Saintgits Institute of Management.

All transfers will be affected in the first week of every month. All the transfers need to be jointly agreed by concerned Business/Vertical head. Policy:  All transfers will be primarily based on the needs of the Organization. Bangalore TRANSFER Transfer is a permanent movement from one location to another with the same or enhanced responsibilities. organizational interest would predominate. Applicability: The transfer policy is applicable to all permanent employees excluding consultants and contract employees. (unless based on exigencies and organization requirements). However. time bound change of location will not come under the transfer policy. Transfers are encouraged and undertaken. An employee cannot be so transferred to new location from the current location without completing minimum of two years at present location.Organization Study At L&T IES. Saintgits Institute of Management. Objective: In furtherance to employee’s career as well as to meet organization requirements an employee of the Company is liable to be transferred to any location of the Company or its group companies as and when required.  The suggested transfer shall be first discussed with the employee concerned. While transferring employee from one location to another. However. his personal needs are also taken into consideration to the extent possible and it is ensured that he/she is not put to a gross inconvenience. An individual interest would be taken to account to the extent organization allows.  The employee being transferred shall be issued formal letter of transfer. keeping in view the employee’s &organization interest. Kottayam Page 54 .

it is clarified. Bangalore  HR Business Partners will inform Employee Services team of the current and new Locations of the employee. Inter location transfer: Inter location would be further classified as under: a) Transfers at individual’s request b) Transfer based upon business requirement Compensation fitment on transfer: All transfers across Operating Divisions will be based on current CTC (Cost to Company) of the employee. Kottayam Page 55 . Transferring unit will initiate the transfer in SAP & receiving unit will accept after validation of related SAP entries. Administrative support: The receiving location provides all the administrative support to the employee who is getting transferred such as temporary accommodation based on request. However.  All transfer will be through SAP. Saintgits Institute of Management. Transfer of personnel records: The entire file of the employee is transferred to the receiving location along with a transfer check list.Organization Study At L&T IES. that in case of any difference in any policy between the two locations. The ES Team will facilitate the transfer movement based on mutual consensus & approval of concerned Business/vertical Heads. There will be no reduction in compensation on account of transfer. employee will be bound by the policies of the receiving location even if they are unfavorable to him compared to that of the sending location.

Bangalore Chapter 4 SWOT Analysis Saintgits Institute of Management. Kottayam Page 56 .Organization Study At L&T IES.

Organization Study At L&T IES. Kottayam Page 57 . Infosys. Wipro. Bangalore Strengths:  Focused Engineering services provider  Parent company background in manufacturing and process industry  Existence of skilled human resources  Geographically situated at ideal locations  Use of new technologies  Provider of better services to companies in manufacturing and process industry Weakness  Large product development cycle  Employee turnover is high  Inadequate level of training of employees Opportunity  Future for engineering sector is very promising  Industries in India is being looked upon as an outsourcing destination by global companies  Growing channel of exports in the neighbouring countries Threats  Not as well known as its competitors like TCS. etc in global market  Employees quit and join the well known software firms which pay higher Saintgits Institute of Management.

Organization Study At L&T IES. Kottayam Page 58 . Bangalore Chapter 5 Suggestions and conclusions Saintgits Institute of Management.

Bangalore 5.2 Suggestions of the study  More advertisements to promote sale and customer awareness  Salary should be given taking into consideration of their work load  The company should reduce inefficiency.1 Findings  L&T IES offers customers a wide range of prompt engineering services  The company has a sound financial position and a stable management  It has high brand image  L&T IES has parent company background in manufacturing and process industry  Company believes in innovation  Employees quit and join the well known software firms which pay higher  Salary is not matching with the work done by the employees. absenteeism.  The company has good sales network  It maintains good after sales services 5.  Upgrade the training programmers in order to increase the efficiency of workers 5. Kottayam Page 59 .Organization Study At L&T IES. incentive schemes and should liberalize promotion strategies.3 Limitations of the study  Organization was reluctant to disclose some relevant information  Certain information was vague and study based on these may not get a true picture  Time limit is another limitation and it restricted the study in few areas Saintgits Institute of Management. and idle time  Company should concentrate on motivation.

Bangalore 5.4 Conclusion L&T has different subsidiaries located in different parts of the world. During the course of study I was successful in achieving these objectives and could familiarize with an organization and its environment. Its’ Bangalore office is situated in the L&T Komatsu Campus at Bangalore. L&T Integrated Engineering Services (L&T IES) is a Strategic Business Unit of Larsen & Toubro Limited.Organization Study At L&T IES. Kottayam Page 60 . Bangalore. 1 platinum account and HR department in this office. Among those subsidiaries one is L&T KOMATSU. 1 horizontal. Saintgits Institute of Management. The study was conducted at this office. The study was conducted with a view to understand the functions of L&T IES and its various verticals and horizontals. It has 2 verticals.

com/lntcorporate/common/ui_templates/HtmlContainer.aspx?re s=P_CORP_AABT_BSTR_ABRD Books and magazines  Annual report 2012  L&Tites –may 2012  L&Tients –may 2012 Saintgits Institute of Management.larsentoubro. Bangalore BIBLIOGRAPHY Websites   http://en. Kottayam Page 61 .org/wiki/Larsen_%26_Toubro  http://www.Organization Study At L&T IES.wikipedia.larsentoubro.aspx?r es  http://www.