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reduce storage costs technologies. “inkjet” made people think only of personal desktop printers or continuous feed. and floor space. high-end presses. For years. presses.You’ve waited long enough. Xerox® Brenva HD is engineered for opportunities. This is an opportunity to transform into applications. offload unneeded total cost of ownership and cut-sheet savings and higher margins. Inkjet delivers the lowest your business through remarkable for offset shells. and consolidate your gives you greater control over stocks. The • One change opens up countless Production Inkjet Press. 2 . workflows. Xerox® Brenva HD quality output at the lowest possible enables you to introduce more color • The power of combining proven cost. Now Xerox has engineered a system using proven technologies to combine the economics of inkjet printing with the flexibility of a high-speed cut-sheet digital press. And those production inkjet systems required large investments and volumes to deliver the profitability businesses need. production presses. Introducing Xerox® Brenva™ HD job setup and finishing options.

Xerox Ink Measurement and Proofing 3 . and you choose the create custom profiles to manage drop advertising.Add measurable value to your business. offerings to include Highlight Color for Meanwhile. Find the exact combination options through intuitive controls. sizes and set ink limits. Xerox® Brenva™ HD Production Inkjet Press is a perfect fit for your budget. One flexible maintenance downtime. Achieve the lowest total cost Tool calculates ink usage and costs prior • Deliver black-only or color printing of ownership with innovative to printing. Operators can also easily transactional billing. of press settings before committing Operators can easily switch between technology. and the future of your business. press that can handle a wide range of • Know and control your costs up jobs allows you to conserve floor space front with a cloud-based tool. the proven paper path • Lower your operating expenses appropriate applications. and workflow flexibility. The and staffing. the needs of your customers. You can also expand your exact balance between cost and quality. output quality. direct mail and at minimum cost. and imaging process minimizes with a smaller footprint. Each feature was designed to deliver on the promises of greater value. resources to the job – view results B&W or Color output to take on a Fine-grained control of ink use for down to the pixel level to fine tune your combination of profitable jobs including each job ensures high quality printing strategies.

short-run to long-run. PDF-VT) • Variety of sizes with multiple up • Jobs printed on offset shells today • Range of area coverage and ink consumption imposition • Graphics & images mixed with text • Jobs with some static and some • Medium level IQ requirements variable content • Static content with little customization • Short run lengths that aren’t time sensitive 4 . IPDS.. From simple to complex jobs. Marketing Collateral / Business Documents matching desired PDF.g. Xerox® Brenva™ HD Production Inkjet Press is designed to produce profitable printing that will delight your customers. The Xerox® Brenva HD is ideal for: Books / Manuals / Booklets Light Direct Mail • Predominantly mono text & graphics • Higher area coverage & ink CMYK Transactional Statements • Larger sheet sizes with multiple up consumption • Text & graphics with low area coverage imposition • Heavier weight stock requirements & ink consumption • Jobs run as blocks and finished inline usually 8pt – 9pt • Long run lengths with variable data • Specific IQ requirements with color • A variety of data streams (e.Offer a larger variety of profitable applications.

Leverage the most advanced technology. Xerox® Brenva™ HD Production Inkjet Press features: Integrated Imaging Module (IIM) to automate the most critical tasks. ILS automation reduces for the lowest possible cost. Missing jets are then fixed during a routine Print Head Purge. These quality control adjustments can be manually initiated by operators. non-productive printer time and time- consuming manual color maintenance tasks. on-going control during printing including: • Dynamic Print Head Adjustments to keep each of the 12 Print Heads exactly square with the direction of the paper. and aligned where ink meets the paper. each job by selecting one of eight default The ILS automatically reads targets destination profiles. 5 . • Automatic Missing Jet Correction to continuously check and correct any jets not firing correctly. and accelerates job turnaround. and occur automatically for continuous. eliminates operator errors. The largest drop size generated during linearization and delivers a larger range of colors for more assists with destination profiling to keep vibrant printing and higher image quality. Variable drop sizes that put Inline Spectrophotometer (ILS) you in control. Surrounding jets compensate for any defective ones. the print engine color tuned for your Or use a profile with the smallest drop size specific stocks. to automate linearization and Easily control the cost and quality for destination profile creation. you get truly remarkable capabilities. When you take proven components that have been tested and combine them with the latest innovations in inkjet printing. The IIM sits within the paper path to scan images to provide quality control on all jobs.

The finisher runs continuously Trapping.000 sheets per unit and up to 4 as it delivers up to 2. this This enhanced version of the Xerox® can make image quality improvements for robust module holds 2. the stack tray measures keep the press in a ready state you’ll have 20.27” x 10” / 210 mm x 254 mm to 14.33” x 20. 4. and blowers nozzles per color to produce prints with a accurately heat these fast-moving sheets.33” The stacker provides: 3 x 20. 600 x 600 dpi. Once unloaded. 1 2 3 4 1 4 Sheet Feed Module adjustments. thermopiles. 8. Each feeder uses a After printing.5” / 364 mm x 521 mm. • An optional Production Media Cart process removes moisture from the paper so the sheets are stiff enough to move for easy stack transport 2 efficiently through the paper path. The integrated full-width and maintain rated print speed. missing jet correction and Xerox® Production Stacker image-on-paper registration.500 sheets of 90 Production Stacker features Nested Stack special jobs such as Edge Enhancement.870 thermistors. At all times With 5. thermostats. four different drop sizes through 7. productivity.Rely on proven components with new capabilities. gsm.5” • A By-Pass Path with the ability to rotate / 364 mm x 521 mm. The Print Heads and Inks drying process also removes moisture from the ink to prevent it from rubbing off. waist high. This and samples the transport. scanner enables automated print head 6 . and Black Overprint. while lower • Adjustable waist-height for unloading tray holds paper sizes ranging from 7” x Dryer module from 8” to 24” 10” / 178 mm x 254 mm to 14. Operators Adapted from the iGen platform. Technology. State-of-the-art inkjet print heads deliver A combination of sensors.000 sheets of non-stop returns to the main stack cavity to pick and operational.0 caliper stock in each of two trays.850 sheets at a time automated checks and preventative possible feeders in your configuration. Upper tray holds paper sizes and deliver another load – continuously. the sheets move directly into the Dryer where the paper and ink sheets to downstream devices shuttle vacuum feed head to pick a sheet • A 250-sheet Top Tray for sheet purge off the top of the stack and deliver it to are heated with seven infrared carbon lamps to about 90° C (194° F).

They can print technology. edit. wide controls to preview. reprogram and forward jobs. and superb rendering. it’s never been easier accompany the development and use of comfortable with its familiar interface. speed. queue. this server gives you the power to manage your color work with ease. and confidence. destination profiles – all to keep your color Settings for job management. impose. with menus for drop sizes. Long recognized as an industry leader. From preflight to printing. and re-print on-demand with simple inkjet paper types. manages linearization processes that operators will also recognize and be From start to finish.Unleash the potential of inkjet with an enhanced Print Server Xerox® FreeFlow® Print Server offers powerful control over every aspect of job. queue full and vibrant at the lowest cost. and ink limit settings. management. with a few additional menus. your interrupt. with comprehensive color control. and color flows are identical to those used for toner-based presses. A familiar and powerful The intuitive interface means both trained The latest version of FreeFlow Print Server productivity tool. and color management. proof. 7 . the server automatically color gamut. operators and casual users can easily optimizes color management for inkjet streamline their workflow. In addition. to manage print. Now FreeFlow adds features specifically for inkjet.

The operator can cap the CMY heads and nearest reproducible hue. overall production process. a mix of all drop sizes are used in the mid-tones for contours and transitions. Absolute run in black-only mode without any slip Colorimetric option is a feature on Brenva in productivity. graphics and images. and clips out-of-gamut colors to the any other object. Brenva can be used in K-only mode – until current inventories of shells are depleted – helping those printers make an easy and economical migration to a white-paper-in production workflow. allowing customers to use that provides the best choice when Brenva in a variety of ways. Many black & customers want to reproduce “signature white printers who overprint offset shells colors” such as a company logo. 8 . Spot colors are independently Black Only Mode Spot Color Management controlled for accuracy and can be The Brenva is a robust CMYK press that Brenva produces in-gamut colors exactly adjusted without affecting the color can be directed to print in K-only mode. Custom profiles can be built to adjust the ink limits for a particular paper or application. or want a have been waiting for an alternative way scanned image with a muted background to print those jobs and streamline their color to retain the background color. The smallest drops are predominant in the highlights for improved smoothness and larger drops are used in solids and near solids to maximize the gamut. • Object Oriented Color Management: The rendering intent can be inde- pendently set for text. Additionally. A mix of drop sizes are used to maximize image quality. • Each head can fire multiple drop sizes.Multi drop size halftoning (Object Oriented Color Management) • Drop sizes and ink limits are set for preloaded profiles.

• Waist height removal of best finishing devices and equipment Initially. Our finishing partners give Document finishing architecture You can now do even more with you more choices and greater in the Stacker. such as C. binders. stitchers. manufacturers.P. Bourg. These recognized industry Xerox® Production Stacker and the C. stackers. spiral ready to integrate a variety of 3rd-party on a single unit. we partner with the finishing systems as they are validated. binders and more. DFA technology supports the finished stacks.P. The Xerox® Brenva™ HD Production Inkjet Press offers you many ways to finish your output and create high-quality. high-impact applications when and where you need them. enable you to deliver devices will be added over time. inserters. perfect Architecture (DFA) standard. and other GBC and others. applications that will delight your customers. For booklet makers.A perfect finish for every job you do. Bourg BDFNx Booklet Maker. leaders. You’ll be • Unloading while running. the Xerox® Production Stacker. 9 . capabilities. Plockmatic. The Brenva HD fits so well with partner Our latest additions to the finishing You can pick the exact finishing finishing equipment because our output options in the Xerox® Production options you need to wrap up your jobs adheres to the Document Finishing Stacker include: professionally.

we’re a partner and consultant to our customers bringing you new ideas and opportunities. We invented it. we lead it. 10 . and every one is committed to helping you overcome any challenges to enable your success. it’s an investment in the future of their own company and the entire industry. Xerox offers you access to the best minds in the printing industry.The future starts today – for your business and ours. You can see in the Xerox® Brenva™ HD Production Inkjet Press that Xerox has a long view of the production printing industry. But Xerox is also more than just a leader in products. and we are absolutely committed to developing the advancements that will be its future. Xerox customers know that a Xerox® press is more than just a productive machine. ©2016 Xerox Corporation. All Rights Reserved.For more information on Xerox® Brenva™ HD Production Inkjet Press. Xerox and Design® and FreeFlow® are trademarks of Xerox Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. call 1-800-ASK-XEROX or visit us at www. 04/16 XBRBR-01UA BR18542 610P730492 . Xerox®.