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Creating your advantage in the oilfield

Hypermer polymeric surfactants

High molecular weight chemistry for ultimate performance
Uniqemas Hypermer polymeric surfactants are molecules Hypermer type A - typical conformation
featuring repeating hydrophilic and hydrophobic units,
designed to produce emulsions of high stability and
controllable droplet size. The range of Hypermer products
contained in this literature has been specifically selected for
oilfield applications, where highest emulsification perfor-
mance is required. Responding to the diverse technologies
used in drilling, completion, stimulation, production and Oil
cleaning applications, Uniqemas Hypermer range of oilfield
surfactants combine a number of innovative base chemistries
and emulsification mechanisms to readily produce water-in-oil
Figure 1
or oil-in-water emulsions. All use steric stabilization to form
thermodynamically stable emulsions controlling flocculation, A - PEG Alkyds
Hydrophobe: Long-chain alkylene
coagulation and coalescence effects.
Hydrophile: Polyethylene glycol

These base chemistries Hypermer type B - typical conformation Hypermer type E - typical conformation
of Hypermer surfactants
are highly efficient
interfacially active
agents, yet they Oil
only marginally affect
surface tension.
Hypermer polymeric Oil
surfactants are non-
ionic, however, the
E type variant can Figure 2 Figure 3
behave as an anionic in
suitably basic conditions. B-Block copolymer E-Oligomerics
Hydrophobe: Polyhydroxy fatty acid Hydrophobe: Long-chain alkylene
Hypermer surfactants Hydrophile: Polyethylene glycol Hydrophile: Anionic/nonionic (various)
are resistant to high
ion concentrations,
dispersed phase volumes and temperatures, meaning that highly stable emulsions can be
produced with minimal foaming, even in paraffinic oils.

Following is a list of Uniqemas polymeric surfactants from the Hypermer range currently available
for use in the oil and related industries. The generic chemistry, physical state and regulatory
status are indicated. Please consult your local Uniqema representative for product lead times and
for additional information.
Table 1 General information
Emulsifying CEPA
Tradename Chemical type TSCA EINECS AICS
mode DSL
Polyoxyalkylene modified
Hypermer A70 O/W W/O Y Y N N
random polyester
Polyoxyalkylene modified
Hypermer A394 O/W Y Y N N
random polyester
Polyoxyalkylene modified
Hypermer B246 W/O Y Y Y Y
block copolymer
Polyoxyalkylene modified
Hypermer B261 W/O Y Y Y Y
block copolymer

Table 2 Physical properties*

Melting point Specific gravity Viscosity
Product Appearance
C @ 25 C mPa.s
Hypermer A70 Liquid N/A 0.97 2000-2400 @ 50 C
Hypermer A394 Liquid 15 20 0.98 800-1800 @ 25 C
Hypermer B246 Solid 40 42 0.94 500-1000 @ 50 C
Hypermer B261 Solid 45 50 0.96 1300-1900 @ 50 C
* Typical values, not a specification

Table 3 Solubility
Hypermer polymeric surfactants are readily soluble in a number of solvents commonly
encountered in the oil industry.

Hypermer polymeric surfactants

A70 A394 B246 B261
Water I I I I
Lower alcohols I I P P
Glycols I I I P
Aromatic S S S S
Aliphatic S S S P
Esters S S S S
Ketones P S P P
Ethers P S S S
Ether alcohols P S S P
S = Soluble
I = Insoluble
P = Partially soluble

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