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1959640 - How to reconfigure SubVersion or reset
SubVersion repository in BI 4.0/4.1
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Error "com.businessobjects.vms.VMSException: java.io.IOException:Cannot run
/opt/sap/sap_bobj/enterprise_xi40/subversion/svn - exec failed(ENOENT - No such file or directory)" when we
open Version Management in BI 4.0.


SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence (BI) 4.0/4.1

Reproducing the Issue

1. Logon to CMC
2. Open Version Management.
3. We receive following error:"com.b usinessobjects.vms.VMSException: java.io.IOException: Cannot run
/opt/sap/sap_bobj/enterprise_xi40/subversion/svn - exec failed(ENOENT - No such file or directory)" (or)
com.businessobjects.vms.VMSException: com.businessobjects.vms.VMSException:
com.businessobjects.vms.VMSException: com.businessobjects.vms.VMSException: svn: Can't connect
to host 'localhost': Connection refused


Subversion daemon 'svnserve' is not running
Possible corruption of SubVersion repository
Environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH not set to subversion library.


1. Login to the server using the user who installed BO.
2. Kill the current svnserve process.
3. Delete the .subversion from user home directory.
4. Navigate to <Install_Dir>/BI4/sap_bobj/enterprise_xi40/subversion/bin/.
5. Run the command ./svnadmin create <path of repository> e.g ./svnadmin create <Install_dir>

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linux. 8./svn mkdir svn://localhost:3690/<repository_name> 16. 7. 14.How-to restart svn (svnserve) after is has been shutdown in SAP BusinessObjects BusinessIntelligence BI 4.conf" file. 4. 17.1.We need to set envoirement variable SVN_EDITOR as vi to run the command (Ex : export SVN_EDITOR=vi ) See Also 1753270 . svn.0 on Unix/Linux Keywords BI 4. 11. reset. Open the file "svnserve. 19. aps. Navigate inside Repository/conf directory and configure "passwd" file. Select VMS Settings. 20. Right click on Version Management 21. . Then you could try command . Again run the command . Save the File and enter repository password .log 12. 9. If it return error "non existent in that revision". Products SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform 4. version management.0 SP04 deployment ? 1755733 . Navigate to subversion directory and Start your Subversion service using below command . 24. 15.conf" file in notepad.How to install Subversion over existing SAP BI 4. there is repository directory located at <Install_dir>/LCM_repository/svn_repository. Confirm by command . Add Subversion user\password (Ex.0. svnserve. Modify the Following: Server Name localhost Server Port 3690 User LCM Password<lcm_password> Install Path<Install_dir>/sap_bobj/enterprise_xi40//subversion/bin Repository Name svn_repository Workspace Directory<Path of Check-out directory> 23. svn_editor. subversion. Open the file "passwd" file in notepad./svn ls svn://localhost:3690/<repository_name> (Ex. LCM = Password) and save the file./svnserve --listen-port "3690" -d -r <Directory of the repository> --log-file svnserve. In the CMC select ->Servers>Service Categories>Lifecycle Management Services 25./svn ls svn://localhost:3690/<repository_name> 13. All rights reserved .0 © 2017 SAP SE or an SAP affiliate company. Click Applications.2017-08-01 Page 2/3 6. Click Save and Close./svn ls svn://localhost:3690/svn_repository) 18. It should not return any error. aix. Launch the CMC. Navigate to repository. Uncomment the line "password-db = passwd" and save the file. Restart the Adaptive Processing Server *Note :. 22. 10. Navigate inside Repository/conf folder and configure "svnserve. By default.

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