Environmental problems

Environmental problems are one of the biggest issues the world tackles. As population
of many cities increases more and more land is being removed from is natural state to
set up houses and factories. The direct result of this is the destruction of different
ecosystems which has in turn lead to seas becoming polluted with poison, river
becoming contaminated with pesticides and air becoming polluted with fumes from
vehicles and industries. Here are some detailed examples of how these problems
affect us followed by some recommendation to help protect the environment and thus
making the world a better place to live.

To start with, pollution from vehicles, industries and power station is causing harmful
greenhouse gases in the earth atmosphere. These gases prevent heat from escaping
and consequently our planet is getting warmer. This process known as global warming
is causing the ice at the north and south to melt and seas temperatures to rice leading
to serious flooding and violent storms. Besides, it is a known fact that fumes from
vehicles are damaging our planet, making people feel ill and have difficulty in

Regarding the destruction of different ecosystems, rainforest are being cut buy
Multinational Corporation to set up houses, factories and grow crops. Due to this many
species of animals are not only losing their habitat but they are also being pushed to
extinction. Besides one vital function of the forest is to absorb the amount of water
when there are heavy rains and when they are cut down, this regulation of the flow of
water is disrupt leading to flooding and draught in the affected areas.

There are some measures to help protect the environment from these problems. First
of all, citizens should begin to recycle and packaging whenever possible as well as
buying only friendly environmental products. By doing this we can reduce the amount
of waste dumped on the ground. Another possible solution is to combat pollution
through the imposition of strict fines on weeky greedy corporations. In order to be
effective the fines should be heavy enough deter potential polluters. Finally, our
authorities should invest much more money to provide solar, geothermal and wind

To sum up, environmental problems need to be addressed as soon as possible not only
for the good of the environment but also for the people that live in it and thus making
our planet a better place to live.

I believe that the reason why some people turn to crime is because their parents din not worried for education and future. Besides we must admit that our society is highly influenced by television programs and radio station and parents do not monitor what their children watch and listen to. It seems that they are not interested in their children future anymore. in the light of this we have to pinpoint parents as the ones solely responsible for their children behavior when they become adult. strict guideline and teach them how to be honest human beings . making them go on wrong tracks such a as robbing and killing people to get easy monitor buy drugs and alcoholic drinks without taking into account the suffering they cause t our society. give them plenty of attention. Nowadays. To sum up children are not born criminal but it is parents fault who take those young people to be on wrong tracks such as committing crimes. Parents directly contribute to their genetic composition and in most cases the y are the ones who teach them basic life skills and values. BORN CRIMINAL OR IS TI PARENTS FAULT? It is quite difficult to live in society where there are serious crimes such as burglaries and mugging which do not only affect the victims but also offenders and their families. we can notice that many youngsters and even children stay out of their homes at all hours and parents allow the to do whatever they want. Due to this children seem to be growing in a rapid way and consequently they are not prepared to face life. Parent’s duty do not only finish by giving birth but they also have to look after them.

In Oran. One day later.+ Recommendation I would suggest that problems of burglaries and muggings can be addressed though video surveillance. Finally it would be a good idea if police patrols were increase in high crime areas. Youth problems A lot of youngsters seem to feel bored with their living standards. think that they can break the law without being punish and consequently people are fearful and do not trust anybody. Some people think. May be they were dropped when they run away. This would improve the safety in our city. On 19 march. for example. I have to say that the measures suggested will require some financial outlay by our authorities but if they are implemented the city will become a better place to live . especially at night. Another possible solution would be to set up founding programs such as prevention for youth at risk and rehabilitation or prisoners who had been released. especially the youngest ones. The following paragraphs will show why people turn to crime and I will give same recommendation to improve this situation Crime Crime is a serious issue that affects people in many ways. my family and me were victims of a burglary when some youngsters broke into my house and stole all the money my family and me had saved for years. Cameras should be set up I affected areas so that offenders are identified. if this situation continue they are going to take the law into their hands. for example. We immediately called the police but the young offenders were not arrested. It has been rising in recent times. Conclusion All in all. So in some cases they take drugs and turn to crime. I found some marijuana cigarettes on the ground. This programs would help the to understand the destructiveness of crime and the future which will await them if they continue breaking the law. Safety in our city This report is intended to show how difficult it is to live in a city where there are serious crimes such as burglaries and muggings which do not only affect the victims but also offenders and their families. there has been a big increase in the number of burglaries and muggings which need to be addressed as soon as possible. This would make them think twice before attacking a property.

blue which catches public attention and make a comfortable environment for customers. . Methods of advertising From my point of view advertising is very important to increase sales. I am submitting the following proposal on how to improve the physical appearance of the bookshop and music store and the methods of advertising used to increase sales. I feel that the proposed suggestion would bring a number of benefits to the store. Finally installing ramps would make access easier for disabled people and thus encouraging them to visit the store. First of all. it would be wise to use a floor covering such as a carpet to change the over roll appearance of the building and have a positive effect on people. Physical improvements Firstly. Thus he could stress the idea that every child is the future of mankind. For example the walls of the shop should be painted with bright colours such as red. Moreover you should advertised through newspapers and radio stations about the forthcoming books so that people are informed and prepared to buy them when they are released Activity to make the event interesting A good activity to make the event interesting is to invite a el known writer to give a talk about how important it is to gain general knowledge. Another idea is to replace the old speakers by new ones which deliver high fidelity sound with and incredible realism. Besides. I will also suggest one activity to encourage people to visit the store. I would suggest using colorful posters of the latest book publications. Not only would the store be redecorated but it would also increase its sales. Proposal As requested by the manager. So my first recommendation is to change the facelift of the building through its redecoration. I strongly feel that you should consider improving the physical appearance of the building through its redecoration. green. It would be an honor that one important person encourages people to visit the store Conclusion All in all.

The power of ads Do ads have diabolical messages which unconsciously attract us to the product shown in them? What is that make them have such a strong effect on people? Behind them is the appeal to our thoughts and feelings. the reason why ads have such a strong influence on people is because they appeal to our thoughts and feelings . on the moon and in the desert. Amusing situations have our mind centered on them and while we are laughing we have already started to thin about what the product published is like. Secondly ads use moving images and phrases to make us remain thoughtful and then be more likely to do what they want such as buying a mobile phone. TV ads can be set up wherever the imagination of the producers wants. Besides full of unpredictability. Taking everything into account. Not only phrases but also songs and lyrics found in them work in the same way. Finally commercials are so powerful because they show us different parts of the world where each of us would feel like going someday. lough and thing that what our imagination says is possible for a minute. These situations give us a moment to forget the reality. under the sea. To start with most commercials are in search of what causes us to lagh to draw record of our attention to product advertised. In less than ten second simple words draw our attention to the product published. creativity and originality astonish us because we are not used to seen a spider talking neither to cars turning into animals. Touching phrases such as impossible nothing are intended to remind of the product every time we hear it.

illustrate how to use new software and show new educational websites There are also drawbacks of modern technology. modern technology has improved the quality of health care through less invasive treatment option. in the field of medicine for example fast progress is very urgent because there are still too many diseases such as cancer and AID which need to be cured properly. Another disadvantage of technology is that the internet allows people to have access an download millions of pornographic videos. Technology It is quite important to mentions that modern technology is significant these days because the world and the inhabitants need to develop continuously. twitter. Having a computer in a classroom is also an asset to any teacher due to the fact that a teacher can present a new lesson. Such unrestricted access to pornography can be detrimental to any children and teenagers To sum up. Over the years there have been many technological advances in the field of medicine. To start with. Another advantage occurs in the field of communication. in a few years it will be possible to cone several parts of the human body such as heart. I think that modern technology is really important for our society as los as it is used and developed reasonably to help mankind. lungs and kidneys to replace the organs which do not work properly. Beside. reduction in hospital stays and rehabilitation times. However. and messenger. photos and other x rated stuff. Perhaps the biggest one is that big companies spend great amount of money buying machines to replace the human body and consequently there are high levels of unemployment. . technology has proved to be helpful in advancing student learning because students can have access to computers with internet service and they can look for information about any subject they want. biology and communications. In addition. Through the internet people can communicate in a fraction of a second with someone who is sitting in the other part of the world. Thus this could accelerate urgent transplant so that people don no have to wait long for a suitable donor. These social networks keep you in touch with the rest of the world. The following paragraph will show the advantages and disadvantages of using modern technology. Moreover for a more personal and interactive communication people can avail the facilities of chat services such as Facebook.

Finally. videos and other X-rated stuff. Such unrestricted access to pornography can be detrimental for any children and teenager. one mayor advantage of the mass media is that in term of newspapers and magazines. the mass media can also play negative roles on the society. Besides. The mass media The mass media play a significant in our lives which have a strong effect on people at large. they are some of the best ways of entertaining which can be also used for educational reasons. twitter and messenger. Political party can manipulate reports into their favours to gain public support. Another disadvantage is the monopoly held by some conglomerates. Let`s take the example of clarin empire which manages newspapers. firstly.magazine television channels and internet service provider. To begin with. They tend to influence people in positive as well as negative ways and they include newspapers television companies. the internet is such a meddiun which can give any options for the information required and people can communicate through social networks such as Facebook. Another advantage is the vast expansion of television programing and radio station which allow people to watch and listen to something different. they can reach a large number of people in a geographic area and they are easily accessible because people can get the latest news every day. government can divert information from some social problems such as burglaries and murders. they can diver information from somebody which damages its public image. have you ever thought about their pros and con? I will take a look at such advantages and disadvantages. They only show one point of view about any particular issue and thus. Finally the internet allows people to have access and download millions of pornographic photos. magazines and internet service provider. However. On the other hand. All in all the mass media have powerful effect on people`s mind and these advantages and disadvantages help us to understand their weakness and strength . . radio stations. Moreover.