How to measure… spine ROM?

How to measure… spine ROM?
● Goniometry?
● Estimation?
● General loss of range terms?
Lauren Wu, SPT
What is it?
● Alternative to goniometer
● Compass function
● Gravity function
How do you use them?
● Position patient
● Determine plane of motion
● Landmarks - reference segment and indicator segment
● Zero position
● Correct reading
● Proper instrument handling
● Subtraction (dual inclinometer method)
What can I measure with an inclinometer?
● Cervical, thoracic, lumbar spine all directions
● Internal/External Rotation
● Pronation/supination
Pros & Cons?

● More objective ● More expensive
● More specific in ● Longer time to
terms of spine ROM calibrate/measure
● Quantitative data for ● Errors
progress ● Motor interference with
Demo & Questions?