Dopke 1

Joe Dopke

Mrs. Toth

Honors English

16 August 2017

A Simple Question

As human beings, making difficult choices is inevitable. Decisions such as searching for

a college or a house, seeking a major or an occupation, and whether or not one desires to

have nuptials or children, are all life-altering inquisitions and for many people, their

choices are sobering reminders of what they did wrong. With that fact in mind, the

question, “What brought you to that decision?” commences the self-interrogation to find

an answer as to why you would ever be so stupid. However, your search for truth is

hindered by a simple, yet chilling question, “How do you know what you did was bad or

good?” and here is where the real issues come.

Confirming or denying the positivity or negativity of your actions, places you

between a rock and a hard place. With that one damning question, you are forever to be

plagued with “could have’s”, “might have’s”, and “maybe’s”.