Doan Thi Diem Secondary School Name: …………………………… Class: 8...

1. Choose the word with the different pronunciation of the underlined part.
1. A. envious B. guess C. expect D. ridden
2. A. buffalo B. cute C. hurry D. running
3. A. herd B. help C. hard D. honor
4. A. transport B. harvest C. cart D. calm
5. A. nomadic B. blow C. folk D. popular
2. Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others:
1. A. colourful B. interesting C. blackberry D. disturb
2. A. experience B. open C. collect D. vacation
3. A. remote B. entertainment C. tomato D. traditional
4. A. optimistic B. obtain C. provide D. nomadic
5. A. countryside B. dairy C. surround D. pasture
Exercise 1: Circle the best option.
1. His job is to ___________ the cattle on the fields.
A. get B. take C. herd D. grow
2. He grows flowers as well as vegetables.
A. and vegetables too B. as long as vegetables
C. as good as vegetables D. not only vegetables
3. Last weekend, my family went for a picnic in Ba Vi mountain. We prepared everything to put_________ a
tent there.
A. for B. at C. up D. with
4. Many people move to Mexico City from _________ areas.
A. rural B. urban C. suburb D. all are correct
5. None of us really like living here because of all the traffic and _____.
A. pollution B. crowded C. noisy D. quietly
6. We started the trip early. We ____________ the village before noon
A. reached B. got C. came D. went
7. We enjoyed both the ____________ air and the food in the countryside.
A. clear B. dirty C. fresh D. refresh
8. The field is full of ripe rice which is now ready for ___________.
A. collect B. harvest C. gather D. produce
9. I love the people in my village. They are so friendly and___________.
A. hospitable B. vast C. slow D. inconvenient
10. Freddy liked to go to the countryside to ____________pictures of animals and plants.
A. do B. draw C. took D. taking
11. A ____________ life is free and pleasant.
A. nomad B. nomadic C. nomadical D. nomadically
12. He is a____________ person because he is willing to fight against crime.
A. brave B. bravery C. bravely D. braveness
13. The city ____________people more opportunities for higher education.
A. offers B. creates C. suggests D. encourages
14. Rice is ____________ a truck and transported home.

valley 5. In some rural areas. more and more people tend to migrate to big cities.. island 9. ● relaxing ● busy 3. mountain 10. paddy field convenient fly kites collecting harder particularly relatives buffalo-drawn carts nomadic most interesting 1. A small river 1-……… A. ___________ water is one of the most important in the process of growing rice. 10-……… J. This is why living in the country can be ● exciting ● helpful ______________________________. campsite 7. 7. In the afternoon. The farmers in the past lived in a____________life than the farmers nowadays. 5-……… E. People in the city may feel _______________________ because they don’t have ● lonely ● clean time for each other. 4-……… D. The Atlantic is an . accustomed D. 1. ● big ● stressful 2. This is where you'll find lots of tents. Minh has a lot of ____________ living in the countryside. farmers still use____________to transport rice home. When I was a child. 6-……… F. ● safe ● polluted 1. village 3. use B. ● fast ● expensive 4. He was a ________Lapp.. Fill in the blank with one suitable word in the box. and usually in the countryside. accustoming Exercise 2. who had married a Sea Lapp. loaded onto B. forest 2. loaded into C. loaded with 15. 2. 2-……… B. A place near the sea where people enjoy their holiday. The air in the country is ____________________ but in the city it is ● peaceful ● crowded ____________________________. my brother and I often go to the park to_______________. 8. A town or city by the sea where ships arrive and depart. 9-……… I. _____________ in the evening. ● dangerous ● boring . 7-……… G. Cities are _____________________ than villages and ____________________ ● healthy ● noisy because more people live there. loaded at D. 8-……… H. It is difficult to find entertainment in the country. 4. 10. stream Exercise 4: Use the adjectives in the box and complete the sentences using the comparative of superiority. What is the__________thing about the life in the city centre? 5. They are ____________ to swimming in the lake every afternoon. accustom C. ocean 8. port 6. Living in big cities is much more____________than in the mountainous areas. my grandfather used to take me to the ___________ to see how the farmers harvest the rice. Therefore. Smaller than a town.. Land with water all around it. A low area of land between mountains or hills. Exercise 3: Match each word with the definition. 9. A. but he had come to visit his sister. 3. 6. Much taller than a hill.A. Larger than a 'wood' with lots of trees. City life is ___________________________ because there are plenty of things you can do. seaside 4.. 3-……… C.

The cost of living is ____________________ in the city. 8. 10. 7. so people feel ____________. It’s quieter and ___________________ in the country. There is less pollution in the country and so people have a ______________________ life. It is ________________ in the city because of the traffic. In the city life is ____________________. 9. In the city there is more confusion and so living there can be _______________________. . Life in the country is much ________________________ than in the city.5. 12. People seem to be ____________________ in the city because they are always working and running around. In the country there is less crime. 11. 6. There is a strong sense of community in the country and neighbours are usually ________________________. Life in the city is ______________ .in the country life moves a bit slower. Exercise 5: The negative and positive sides of living in the countryside and in the city.