Testing IBM Drives to Write to Native Capacity with ITDT

The IBM Tape Diagnostic Tool (ITDT) is available in two versions:

• Standard Edition (ITDT-SE) - This is a command line version. Invoke it by
entering the executable from the directory where the tool is located. The Help
feature gives a brief explanation of each function and shows the required syntax.
• Graphical Edition (ITDT-GE) - This is a GUI version for the following:
o Microsoft Windows operating systems: Microsoft Windows Server 2003
and 2008 (32-bit x86); Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and 2008 (64-bit
x64 ) [with a 32-bit JVM].
o Linux operating systems (Linux Distributions with Kernel 2.6, glibc 2.2.5
and later (X86))

You can use the IBM ITDT tool (ITDT-GE) to troubleshoot an IBM LTO drive’s ability to
fill a tape to its native capacity. The following steps can be taken to test this.

1. Download the IBM tool from the IBM website.


2. Install the ITDT GE program.

3. Verify that the IBM tool can see the drive under the Diagnostic button. If no drive is
seen run the scan option to populate the drive.

then select the Full Write option. . 5. After the IBM tool is installed select the Test drop-down menu.4. Select a transfer size.

6. . Select either compressible or incompressible data to write. 7. The progress of the test will appear for the duration.

.8. Final test results will appear after the test finishes.