Do you speak Portuguese? How much is it?
Where’s the bathroom, please? Sorry, I don’t understand.
Straight ahead, second door to your left. Just a second, please.
Good morning, good afternoon, good I’m from Brazil.
evening, good night. Do you have a pen?
Hi, how are you? To look for.
Bye. To see.
Do you take credit cards? Accent.
Excuse me. Sorry. Have a nice day.
Thank you. You’re welcome. You too.


Emergency – Call 911 I feel awful.
I need a doctor. I heard you weren’t feeling very well.
I think I’m catching a cold. What’s the matter?
Are you OK? Is there anything I can do?
You don’t look very well. How are you feeling?
You look a little pale. I know how you feel.
Maybe you should go home. I hate that.
Go home and have some rest. I can imagine how you feel.
I’m sick. Just take it easy.
I’m not feeling very well. I hope you feel better.
I have the flu. Get well soon, OK?
I heard you have a high fever. Call if you need anything, OK?
You’re burning. Are you feeling any better?
He has a sore throat. You look better.
She has a cold. I’m glad you’re feeling better.
I’ve got a backache. To go out.
He’s got a headache. Let me see.
She’s got a cough. Good luck.


It’s cold/freezing today! It’s raining.
It’s hot today! It’s snowing.
Are you cold/hot? Umbrella - Coat


What’s your date of departure? I’m not showing that you are booked in
And your return date? this flight.
Would you be traveling by yourself? Was it booked under a different name?
Sorry Sir. I’m not showing anything on I can put you on stand-by.
those dates. What’s your final destination?
I might be able to get you on a flight Are you checking any bags? How many?
leaving on the 29th. Could you place your bag on the scale,
Let me check the system here. please?
Ticket and passport, please. You are over the limit.

How much will the airline give me to buy Can I have some water. This is really a big inconvenience. Your gate number is 22. It’s near the Central Park. Ok. through? How long does this usually take? Which way is gate 22? I’m going to need clothes and supplies in I would like to sit together with my sister. please? some supplies? These headphones aren’t working. MP3 player Compact/mid-size/full-size Parking lot/Garage What happens if the car breaks down? Ticket (bill go to your credit card) What happens if I get into an accident? (Public parking with coins) Can I return at the airport? Street cleaning sign My credit card covers insurance. Avenue/Boulevard/Circle/Court/Drive/Free It’s $25 per day including mileage. the meantime. What’s the address? Are there any meals on this flight? (Guardar bem o cartão de embarque com Do I have to change planes in Miami? os compravantes de bagagem). The address is 92 Main Street. 15 to 20% tip How much would it be? How much is it? Just drop me off at the corner. please. Miami? Means of transportation Taxi/cab What’s the cross street? Shuttle Are you free? Limo Main Street. Excuse me.You’re going to have to put this in excess What’s the time difference between São baggage. I’m staying at Disney Music Resort. Where will you be staying? The plane starts boarding at 8:30. Keep the change please. /Street/Way I need your drivers license and credit What does the insurance cover? card. Is it far from here? Renting a car Unlimited mileage LDW (Limited Damage Waiver) Pick up and drop off Ped xing Convertible/truck/van/SUV/Exotic I’d like to rent a car. Are my bags checked all the way I believe the airline has lost my luggage. How much longer until we arrive in please. Brooklin. I’d like full coverage. I’m staying for 2 weeks. Enjoy your flight. way/Highway/Lane/Parkway/Road/Square It’s $25 per day plus 5 cents per mile. . I believe that’s my seat. CD. Paulo and Orlando? Has anyone unknown to you asked you to What’s the local time in Orlando? carry an item on this flight? What’s the purpose of your stay? Do you prefer window or aisle? I’m here on vacation. please. How far is it from downtown? Here is fine. Just give me 5 back. you’re all set. How long will you be staying? Here’s your boarding card. Four-door/leather seats/air What are your daily/weekly rates? conditioning/automatic/stick/four by What do you have available? four/GPS/DVD. How long is this flight? I would like to speak to your supervisor.

before you return it. medium. Do you know if we’re going the right way? Here are the keys. pharmacy/drug store Check in/check out (CVS. possible. shop. and your Do you have information on local signature here.It’s due back on the 3rd and please fill it up We’re trying to get to Orlando. rice . Luggage Borders). if isn’t working. attractions? Enjoy your stay. How do I get an outside line? I’m sorry. bar/pub. Could you tell me how to get to Orlando? It’s parked over there. I have a reservation under the name Ross*. medium-rare. Marshalls*). Is it far? Do you need any city maps? How do I get back on the freeway? Have a safe trip. parmesan Bread: white. swiss. newsstand. hard mozzarella. post Pound key office. toast Spice: mild. I’d like to keep the room an extra day. Safeway). ranch (milk and mayo). vinegar) Benedict. bagel. I’d like some fresh towels in room 22. police station. spicy/hot. The sink/shower is clogged. department store (Target. bookstore (Barnes & Noble. Did you have anything from the minibar? supermarket (Walmart. Assis. bank. ATM Message machine. grocery store. grain. dentist. blue Sides: mashed potatoes. poached. The TV is broken. Does the room have cable TV? The toilet isn’t flushing. medium. French fries. Here’s the confirmation number. Cheese: American. shoe store. whole Meat: rare. rye medium-well. Can I leave my bags at the front desk? I just need you to fill this out. wheat/whole wheat. Walgreens). vinaigrette (oil and Eggs: scrambled. hospital. Macy’s. electronics store (Best Buy. vegetables. mayo spicy/extra hot and pickles). potato it yourself) cashier) (Get a transfer) Windshield/flat tire/oil Does this bus go to downtown? Regular/super gas Could you let me know when it’s my stop? How much further to Orlando? Accommodation Hotel/motel/inn restaurant. or give the pump number to the (Buses give no change . we’re fully booked. Italian. Dining Point out in the menu or on the wall cheese. French roll. Is breakfast included? There’s no hot water. well-done (centeio). Swimming pool hairdressers. over-medium. stationery Non-smoking store (Staples). cheddar. sourdough. please. Can I buy tickets here for the museum? Would you like some help with your bags? Is there a…near here? Shopping mall. fried. over-easy. Are there any signs? Gas station (insert your credit card at the Subway/bus/train pump. Safe Frys). over. bakery. I need a wake up call at 7am. extra Dressing: thousand island (ketchup. Where is breakfast? My key/air conditioning/heating/hot water We’d like a view facing the ocean.

mai tai. bloody mary. Leave tips ($1 or 2 each drink) To stand somebody up. mocha. Hangover He is hot/sexy/cute/attractive/good- Alcohol looking/handsome/hunk. chicken. ice cream. looking/beautiful/pretty/gorgeous/stunning To approach someone. Date/to date. In-N-Out. full. irish Turn me on. quiet. cocktail (sex on the beach. long island ice tea) Condom. chocolate cake. Applebee’s. dry martini. packed.G. daiquiri. regular. brownie. To break up. Ketchup/mayo/mustard decaf For here or to go? Milk: regular. Turn down. latte. just look There’s a 30 minute wait. money). Clubs close at 2am. or more) What’s the soup of the day? Don’t whistle or raise hands. Bill/check cookies. Plate Friday’s Fork. To have a fling with someone. To be horny. Dunkin’ Donuts Nightlife Pay as you go (bartender takes the Play hard to get. chai latte. get laid. Drinks: beer (bottle/on tap). She is hot/sexy/cute/attractive/good- To be interested in someone. carrot Toothpicks cake. crème Sweetener/sugar brulee Salt/pepper Coffee: americano (weak). Panda Express Table Restaurants: Olive Garden. To have an affair with someone. IHOP. Red Lobster.I. strawberry French kiss. Appetizer Taco Bell. Bread is complimentary Fast-food: Jack In The Box. coffee. half-and-half. . soy Can I see some ID? Water: tap. wine Make out. Napkin/serviette Outback. T. empty/crowded. bottled (sparkling or still/flat) Is there a wait? Host/hostess Can we have a table near the window? Waiter/waitress/server We’re ready to order. fish Setting Dessert: cheesecake. Oil/vinegar cappuccino. margarita.Meat: steak (beef). Ditch someone. PF Chang’s. fudge. Each server has a section I would like/I’ll have 15 to 20% tip (gratuity included party of 6 It comes with a salad or soup. cupcake. Glass Cheesecake Factory. Tipsy/drunk/wasted. espresso. To be in love. He/she is ugly/boring/annoying. spoon. (white/red). Shopping Save $600 As low as $2 $299 and up Clearance Up to 70% off Sale . Hook up. chopsticks Breakfast: Denny’s. apple pie. Are you all set? skim. cosmopolitan. cream. knife. Buca di Beppo. Dead. lowfat. Last call Have sex.

gloves. shirt. umbrella. underwear. nickel ($0. sleeveless. ankle bracelet. lipstick. stretch. Taxes added up to the check (about 8%) moisturizer. necklace.05). pants. rubber. shoe. bracelet or wrist band. baseball cap. ($0. purse. backpack. . Where are your fitting rooms? Footwear: dress shoe. v-neck. dime chain. fur. leather. label or pricetag. swimwear. print. Starting from anti-aging cream. gym Cell-phones (activation required) clothes. Watch out for the line perfume.01). g-string or thong. Save Accessories: aftershave. soft. Try on gold. jersey. dress. wrinkle-free. sandals. Returns always accepted sunglasses. Marked down panties. comfortable. pin. sweatshirt. t- Receipt shirt. hoodies. nail polish. scarf.25) earrings. watch. coat. vest. socks. speedo. Free gift Clothes: boxers. briefcase. Can I have this gift-wrapped? stripes. short or Out of stock long-sleeve. pajamas. polo shirt. makeup. Exchange Details: brand. coin purse. Mail-in rebate (8 weeks) dress pants. Plus tax shorts. cologne. Penny ($0. XLarge) through. plain. heels. cowboy hat. briefs. While supplies last belt. tie. Large. pearl. see- Size (Small. robe. running shoe/sneakers/tennis small/big/tight/loose/formal/casual. ring.Closeout Are you open on weekends? From $800 What are your hours? 50% off We don’t carry umbrellas. sleepwear. silver. tank top. bra. raincoat. Limit one per costumer Your card didn’t go through. It’s a little too platforms.10) and quarter ($0. What’s the price on this with tax? waterproof. washable. wallet. Medium. tights. Prices as marked suit. ski cap. jacket. velvet. cotton. skirt. flip-flops.