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The Firebird Trust
Inspiring Action through Music

The Firebird Trust is a specialist music organisation based in the East Midlands. Working with freelance
musicians, we provide them with the tools and resources that develop ideas into innovative projects
inspiring positive action from everyone involved .

Firebird Trust for Artists:
Our projects and activities are delivered by people who are passionate about what they are doing and
committed to working in a creative way so that everyone benefits. We work with artists to develop
their ideas and provide exciting environments for high quality projects throughout the UK.

We help artists at all stages of their careers and provide support to make a positive impact on their
work through:

 Funding

 Project management and evaluation

 Training through action learning

 Peer to peer networking

 Advice

 Collaboration

Job roles offered have included music practitioners. improve mood and raise spirits and enhance self-esteem. stories and inspiration drawn from traditional sources. anxiety and depression. “This has the potential to be a self sustaining project which is entirely run by people within the community “  Tailor made activities Leicestershire . Our work leaves a lasting impact. “  Creativity Derbyshire school .”  Legacy Derbyshire village . artefacts. “These opportunities are a great success and are talked about with enthusiasm “  Intergenerational Interaction Derbyshire Dales village .songs written by the school in collaboration with the fire station.using music as a catalyst for rural communities to explore social and cultural identity and to enhance community cohesion.community choir and school collaboration. doctor’s surgery and tea rooms. Musicians work within hospitals bringing participatory workshops and live music to a variety of different wards.space centre project for local secondary schools and special needs participants.music workshops for residents of the village culminating in “The Big Gig” and the creation of an . Health and Wellbeing . communications. Digital Beginnings . waiting areas and patients.a series of assistive music technology workshops designed specifically for people with disabilities. Heritage . Ripples and Waves . Employment Training and Placements . and project management. ”The children gained a respect for their elders and an awareness of what it used to be like in the village.”  Skills Building Lincolnshire village community . administration.introducing music within the hospital environment to reduce stress.Current Projects: KOMPOSIT .providing employment opportunities for young people who were categorised as long term unemployed. “It was a challenge combining two very different sets of participants – this was skilfully facilitated by the musicians involved.a new resource for the East Midlands providing composers with access to musicians dedicated to exploring new music from across a whole range of different musical genres and cultures. Firebird for Communities and Schools: We work with communities and schools to devise projects that meet their needs. providing pathways into music for disabled people of all ages and abilities.working in partnership with museums and heritage sites across the East Midlands we are creating exciting and informative projects that raise awareness of local heritage among children and the wider community using songs. “I most enjoyed being able to come up with our own song because it made it feel more like our own instead of being given something to sing.song-writing sessions focussing on key landmarks of the village that the children live in.guitar club for children and parents run by a local musician. for example:  Community Cohesion Lincolnshire Wolds villages .

We can help your business to develop stronger teams. then please contact us! The Firebird Trust The Stables Wellingore Hall Wellingore Lincoln LN5 0HX Tel: 01522 811229 Email: admin@firebirdtrust. schools and participants. a volunteer. trustee. “Fantastic to see the diversity of musical interest. talent and cross section of village residents taking part. FIRE27 £5 Charity Number: 1120880 Company Ltd by guarantee: 6111626 . Using music as a creative tool helps people to look at things from a different perspective and to listen to each other when every sound is important.com Web: www.firebirdtrust. Firebird for Funders: The Firebird Trust is a not for profit organisation that values every contribution towards its activities.e. arts forum.I hope that links will continue to form. a positive experience that has raised awareness as to who can do what in the village . We deliver high quality projects that leave lasting legacies within communities. a funder or would like to be involved in a project with us. Getting Involved: If you would like to join us on our journey as a musician.com To donate just text FIRE27 and the amount you wish to donate to 70070 i.“ Firebird for Businesses: Firebird musicians bring people together in new environments and promote creativity. In consultation with you we will create a programme of workshops and activities that meet your business needs. If you would like to fund any element of a Firebird project please contact us for further discussion.