Dear Riot


I’m bara hani alseid I’m 23 years old and residing in jordan.

I’m also a recent graduate at Alhussien bin talal university where I majored in civil engineering, But
when I was 4 years old I start drawing and I did it with passion and over the years my skills has grown
and I’ve reached a level where art was everything in my life, and reached high level in creativity and
concept skills.

This cover letter is to express my interest in your opening as an art intern where I hope it could be the
gate to reach out my dream. I’m looking for a creative work environment where I can practice the most
passionate aspect in my life (drawing). I’d love to contribute to and participate in a growing industry, get
an opportunity to use my creativity and to develop myself and the company even further.

With my motivation, creativity, skills,2d concept skills, I’m sure to be a useful asset to the concept artist
team, also I want to increase my skills from learning from the experts and I’m positive we can bring this
industry to a higher level, together. I therefore hope sincerely that you will take my application into
consideration and that you will invite me for an interview in which I can further explain my motivation
and qualifications.

Best regards,

Bara’ alseid