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Saudi council examination ( bacteriology pugs*

questions ) sand fly*

:Choose the correct answer
to investigate one sample containing floro- (11)
?the best anti coagulant in blood culture is (1) ?carbon we use which microscope
sodium oxalate* light microscope*
sodium citrates* brilliant microscope*
sodium sulphate* florescent microscope*

all the following samples are stained using (2) ?virus is similar to live organisms in (12)
?gram stain except growth*
water culture* movement*
sputum* reproduction*
?the largest resolution of the microscope is (13)
the percentage of sodium chloride in agar (3) 0.02microns*
?culture is 2.0microns*
0.058%* 0.2microns*
0.58%* which of the following causing enlargement (14)
?of RBCs
agar is characterized by all the following (4) reticulocytes*
?except leishmania*
freezing point is 42c & melting point is 100c* plasmodium*
un-nutritive* the best sample for the culture of children (15)
?paralysis virus is
?gram stain starts with (5) anal swab*
iodine* blood culture*
crystal green* stool culture*
/ methyl violet*
?dry air oven is used to sterilize (16)
?the causative of toxoplasma is (6) water*
flees* culture media*
dogs* sand*
to differentiate between the two streptococci (17)
?gram negative samples are stained with (7) ?group which enzyme is used
yellow color* coagulase*
blue color* kinase*
red color* catalase*

?the color of cholera when cultured on TCBS (8) the microscope which used in investigate (18)
blue* ?syphilis is
green* light microscope*
yellow* ultra-violet microscope*
dark field microscope*
the diameter of micro pore filter used in (9)
?bacteria filtration is the antibiotic disc which differentiate (19)
0.033microns* ?between group A streptococci and other groups is
2.2microns* neomycin*
0.22microns* tetracycline*
?leishmania is transported by (10)
mosquitoes* all of the following is true for salmonella (20)
?except schistosoma haematobium*
produces H2S* the significant count of bacteria to be (31)
oxidase positive* ?inflammation is
less than 10^5*
?the nutritive substance in culture media is (21) more than 10^3*
sugar* more than 10^5*
agar* to investigate gram stained samples we use (32)
?the following microscope
?the best media for urin culture is (22) double phase microscope*
blood agar* florescent microscope*
chocolate agar* light microscope*
cled agar*
all the following bacteria are interobacter (33)
?the sterilization of autoclave is (23) ?except
85c for 30min* E.coli*
150c for 30min* proteus*
121c for 15min* non of the previous*

?shigella soni colored in maconkey & EMB (24) in the microscope when using objective lens (34)
colorless* 10 & eye lens 10 the magnification power of the
red* ?microscope is
pink* 10*
the oil emertion lens is (25) 100*
40* all the following parameters affecting gram (35)
100* ?staning except
use H2SO4*
?the dwarf worm is (26) add absolute alcohol after washing*
schistosoma* delaying the dryness of the slide*
tenia saginata*
H.nana* ?malaria chizonts are present in (36)
all of the following are present in gram stain (27) leukocyte*
?except RBCs*
iodine* ?solidifying agent in culture media is (37)
malachite green* wax*
?the diagnostic stage of amoeba is (28) agar*
trophozoite* agar which used as a solidifying agent in (38)
all previous* ?culture media concentration is
to check the intestinal efficacy the following (29) 4-9%*
?test is done 1-2%*
lipase* ?to sterilize culture media we use (39)
stool fats* boiling*
hot oven*
?the worm that causes blood in urin (30) autoclave*
fasciola* when focusing a stained smear under oil (40)
?immersion field the magnification is ?the label in ELISA tests is (50)
10* radio active substance*
40* antibody*
100* enzyme *
?polio myeletis is transmitted through (51)
generally diagnosed by recovery & (41) skin*
?identification of typical larva in stool respiration*
hook worms* feco-oral*
s.stercoralis* ?malaria does not grow in (52)
EDTA blood*
?enlarged RBCs are common in (42) heparin zed blood*
p.malaria* plasma*
p.vivax* ?serious that causes food poisoning (53)
staph albus*
which of the following is not laying eggs in (43) salmonella typhi*
?small intestine salmonella enteritidis*
hook worm*
t.saginata* which of the following causes UTI & INDOL (54)
pin worm* ?positive
?blood sample is used to diagnose (44) staphylococci*
C.tetani* E.coli*
non from them* ?blood transfusion can transmit (55)
how much water should we add to 500ml of a (45) CMV*
?solution of 10% of NAOH to bring it to 7.5% all of the previous*
250* ?amoeba moves by (56)
166* cilia*
?a standard micro plates in ELISA test has (46) pseudopodia*
wells 98*
wells 94* ?one of the following is capsulated bacteria (57)
wells 96* streptococci*
the enzyme in ELISA testing is present in (47) klebsiella*
micro plate*

?antigen antibody complex are (48)

weakly bound*
no bounds*
strongly bound*

washing must be done in all heterogeneous (49)

?ELISA technique because
increase the specificity*
increase the sensitivity*
it removes the excess binding*