The Midwest Development Soccer League (MDSL) is the birth live of the American Premier League (APL) to
which was formed in 2012. The league started in the Minnesota with teams from Minneapolis and St Paul
area. In 2012, the league expanded to a Regional format with the introduction of a Midwest region. The
(APL) expanded further in 2014 by adding teams North Dakota Fargo FC, from the North Duluth FC from
Wisconsin La Cross Aries FC. In 2017 the APL merge with (NPSL) National Premier Soccer League to
form the North Conference in the Midwest and has truly become a nationwide league. In 2017, MDSL
was formed to serve and develop the next generation of America soccer players.
The MDSL is sanctioned by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF), the governing body of soccer in
the United States. The MDSL operates and is managed as professional league. The structure of the
league allows . Each team is individually owned and operated, and is responsible for maintaining league
minimum standards. New teams seeking membership into the MDSL are subject to approval by existing
team owners and League main office.
MDSL Philosophy: We play the beautiful game that we love and we all work together to grow the game,
build the MDSL, to become a respectful league..
MDSL Mission: To grow the sport of soccer in the United States of America -- by providing our members
with a sustainable business model and professionally managed soccer platform, and by serving as an
inspiration to players and soccer fans in our members' communities.
MDSL Vision: To be the foundation of the developing arm for the US pro league and give our young
players home to grow and become the soccer players they want to be.