Lesson 1

Speaking: Leave and take a message 1
Listen to the conversation. Drag and drop the sentences to put the conversation in


A: Hello? I'd like to speak to Anne Smith. She's a guest.

I'll ring that room for you …
B: I'm sorry. She's not answering. Would you like to leave a message?

Yes. Please tell her Tim Klein called. I'll meet her at the hotel at three this
A: afternoon.

B: Is that all?

A: Yes, thanks.

(I / not / need) B: will you take the hotel shuttle? (you / take)  4 A: who will return my call? (who / return) B: Our marketing manager will.  2 A: will you go back to the hotel? (you / go) B: Yes. Use contractions when possible. I'll see you there later. Use the words in parentheses and a form of will.  7 A: when will he get back from his trip? (when / he / get back) B: Soon.  3 A: i won't need a ride to the airport. (I / leave)  6 A: where will they go for their vacation? (where / they / go) B: To the beach.I'll leave a message.Lesson 1 Grammar: The future with will 2 Complete each conversation.  8 A: We won't have time for lunch before our flight. (we / not / have) .C. I will.  1 A: what will you do in Washington.  5 A: will you call back later? (you / call back) B: No. please. I think.? (what / you / do) B: I'm going to attend a conference. D. 12/12 100%  Example: A: When will we h the conference call? (when / we / have) B: At noon tomorrow.

8/8 100%  1 Later you I call will I will call you later  2 An expensive won't we hotel at stay we won't stay at an expensive hotel.  3 You take message will a Will you take a message?  4 Reservation make who will the Who will make the reservation?  5 Arrive call who you will you when Who will you call when you arrive?  6 The at we'll front desk hotel's stop We’ll stop at the hotel's front desk.  7 The will meeting end what time What time will the meeting end?  8 Airport meet at the us will someone will someone meet us at the airport .Grammar: The future with will 1 Drag and drop the words into the correct order to form sentences.