To whom it may concern,

I am pleased to be able to write a letter of recommendation for Blakeney Coriaty for the position of
Registered Nurse. I would highly recommend her for a position at your hospital.

I have known Blakeney for almost 2 years now and in that time, I have learned how hard of a worker she
is, how receptive to learning she is, and the quality of character she displays. I have met few people that
have put the time and effort into learning her chosen profession as a Registered Nurse. She is honest,
caring, and would make a great fit into any hospital system. Not only has she displayed her willingness
to learn, but she has also showed leadership qualities in organizing study groups and participating in
student government organizations at her school. I have no doubt she will make an excellent nurse and
be a great asset to the hospital.


Matt McCowan