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MARCH 2011

You can request product and The latest evolution of the well-known HVDC Light technology is an
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March 2011

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Gas turbine manufacturers are aiming for both operational As the power industry looks to go beyond ultra-
flexibility and high efficiency. An update on the latest supercritical technology what does this mean for the
advances in gas turbine technology is presented here. industry workhorse, the steam turbine?

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Or you decide to operate your gen- set at the ideal electrical availability and so increase the reliability of your application. This is managed by the integrated load manage- ment system.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Your gen-set can do better … With the new easYgen-2000TM gen-set control THE NEW ENERGY EFFICIENCY The new easYgen-2000TM gen-set control knows how to improve the energy effi- ciency of your gen-set application.com P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F .com ASEAN & Oceania: SalesPGD_ASEAN@woodward.com Europe & Africa: SalesPGD_EMEA@woodward. control and monitoring features for parallel and loadshare applications all covered by one compact.com www.woodward. cost-effective control unit. It takes care that your gen-set runs at the ideal operating point – and therefore makes sure to save you fuel and costs. -VYTVYLPUMVYTH[PVULU[LYH[WLPOV[PTZJVT ________ America: SalesPGD_Americas@woodward. The easYgen-2000TM offers essential protection. Through the flexible programming of the easYgen-2000TM you have the choice.

com Chief Editor Heather Johnstone peinews@pennwell.%. PO BOX 3264. Powdermill Lane.peimagazine. Northbrook.com Studio Manager Karl Weber peiadverts@pennwell. Turbine Retrofit 20 Gas Products and Services Listings 42 Alstom’s overhaul of low-pressure. Gunpowder Mill. $170.(1&< 5$. E. As the power industry looks to go beyond ultra- supercritical technology what does this mean for the industry workhorse. Gas & Steam Turbine Directory Ultra-supercritical Steam Turbines 24 The search for 50 per cent efficiency through higher pressures and temperatures is driving the investigation of new materials that can enable steam turbines to operate under such exacting conditions.7<96()). 60065-3264. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Power Engineering International./.. Biolchini Circulation and subscriber enquiries P.peimagazine. PO BOX 3264. ©Copyright 2011 by PennWell Corporation.&. 1421 S.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F www. Northbrook.HZ :[LHT. C/O Mercury Airfreight International Ltd. Box 3264. IL. UK. Waltham Abbey.S.6. intermediate-pressure and An extensive list of providers to the gas and steam turbine industries. the steam turbine? starts on p. ISSN 1069-4994. U. Powdermill Lane. Photo credits: GE. Sheridan Rd. Subscription price is $210 Periodicals Postage Paid at Rahway NJ. Postmaster send address corrections to: Power Engineering International. Company Addresses 52 An alphabetical listing of companies in the gas and steam turbine sectors with full contact details. VP Audience Development and Book Publishing Gloria Adams Audience Development Manager Janet Orton Chairman Frank T. without necessitating additional costs that outweigh gains in efficiency. read. IL. Regulars Upfront 2 Advances in Gas Turbines 30 News Analysis 4 While a new breed of gas turbines such as the Siemens Energy’s SGT5-8000H turbine. Tulsa . Tel: +44 1992 656 600. is published eleven times a year by PennWell Global Energy Group.com Advertisement Sales Manager Asif Yusuf asify@pennwell. 12681315 P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F .S. Alstom Features HVDC Technology 16 Gas & Steam Turbine Technical Specifications 36 ABB claims the fourth generation of its HVDC Light technology marks PEi presents key performance data of both gas and steam turbines an important advance in high voltage direct current technology. IL 60065-3264 USA Tel: +1 847 559 7501 Fax: +1 847 291 4816 E-mail: pei@omeda. Waltham Abbey.24). 1421 S. comprehensive format. Phone: +44 1992 656 600 Fax: +44 1992 656 700 www.com Design Michael Wickers Production Daniel Greene Group Publisher Ralph Boon Corporate Headquarters PennWell Corporation.U.1*7+(%$5 Directory special issue (directory Gas turbine manufacturers are aiming for both operational flexibility and high efficiency. Diary Dates 64 aeroderivative industrial gas turbines are offering the sector the benefits Genset Roundup 66 of enhanced flexibility. The Water Tower.O. An update on the latest advances in gas turbine technology is presented here. Essex EN9 1BN.com March 2011 CONTENTS www. United Kingdom. Essex EN9 1BN. Tulsa. Avenel. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ J-class machine World News 6 and GE Energy’s H System are making strides in terms of efficiency.com Deputy Editor Tim Probert peinews@pennwell.A. Lauinger President/CEO Robert F. All rights reserved. Equipment Roundup 68 20 16 30 PennWell Global Energy Group. USA circulation only: Power Engineering International.A. Paid annual subscription rates: Worldwide $59 Digital Version.com Power Engineering International. high-pressure turbines at the 30-year-old Jänschwalde lignite plant in Germany has enabled a significant cut in specific fuel requirements and therefore carbon dioxide emissions. Fax: +44 1992 656 700.com Associate Editor Nigel Blackaby peinews@pennwell.\YIPUL+PYLJ[VY` The inaugural Power Engineering International Gas & Steam Turbine )/(. Subscriptions/circulation and reader enquiry office: Power Engineering International. Sheridan Road. 60065-3264. OK 74112 USA Telephone: +1 918 835 3161 Fax: +1 918 831 9834 Sr. U. 365 Blair Road.. All other countries $210. Single or back copies: $26 for all regions. and in (larger than 1 MW) from manufacturers across the globe in an easy to enabling it to contribute to the development of DC grids. OK 74112. United Kingdom $140.peimagazine. NJ 07001. Northbrook. “Periodicals POSTAGE PAID at Rahway NJ”.com Production Editor Piers Evans Advertisement Sales Manager Anthony Orfeo anthonyo@pennwell. ® “Power Engineering International” is a registered trademark of PennWell Corporation. The Water Tower. USA. Gunpowder Mill.com Volume 19 • Issue 3 • March 2011 :WLJPHS0ZZ\L! . Member American Business Press • Business Publications Audit3 Printed in the United Kingsom GST No.

coal than conventional plants to create the same amount of electricity. there is an increasing trend towards flexibility. and turn it up quickly when development in coal fired power generation. providing reliable baseload and peaking power for electrical of both gas and steam turbines from manufacturers across the globe. carbon emissions – because it allows utilities to turn down power Meanwhile. head of Siemens’ gas turbine division. alphabetical listing of companies. Therefore. sometimes several times per day. comprises an important. generator designs for power generation have not proven to be suitable Chief Editor 2 www. As the proliferation while the Products and Services section (p. and flexibility.42) features an extensive of intermittent renewable energy increases. said steam informative tool.32 provides an stable of The Gas & Steam Turbine Directory could not be more timely. technology is set to play a crucial role in securing the world’s long. The key will be in regards to flexibility. As Paul notes. President new breed of big. high-efficiency gas turbines that edge towards 60 of GE Energy Western Europe & North Africa.com March 2011. efficient. bigger is not always best. Flexible The ever-increasing percentage of renewable energy on the grid brings power generation allows utilities to match electricity supply to demand inherent instability and creates a need for fast-starting generation to and flexible technology can reduce total fuel consumption – and compensation for these fluctuations. turbines have also been impacted by the push for more efficiency Kind regards. Unfortunately. however. 52. grids and for distributed energy the world over. Higher efficiency demands that the steam cycle have higher temperatures and pressures. startup and shutdown on a daily basis. Cordoba’s comments. Alstom Power’s chief technology officer. says Cordoba. industry. We hope you find our Gas & Steam Turbine Directory a useful and Guy Chardon.36 present key performance data industry.PEi P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . Echoing Ricardo term energy future. with their full contact details.24 looks at the challenges this “two-shift operation”.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F UP FRONT Welcome to the Gas & Steam Turbine Directory I t gives me great pleasure to introduce the inaugural Power for cycling applications and this presents a challenge for the power Engineering International Gas & Steam Turbine Directory issue.peimagazine. Such plants consume less more is needed. the introduction into the Power Engineering International Paul Breeze’s highly informative article starting on p. i. update on the latest advances in gas turbine technology including the Ahead of the launch of this directory. Dr Heather Johnstone. list of providers to the gas turbine industry. and not only in combined-cycle applications. for the steam turbine to accommodate increased steam parameters. which begins on p. the role of fast-starting. It is vital. many steam turbine. Gas and steam turbines are the workhorses of the power The directory pages starting on p. Lothar Balling. said gas turbine per cent efficiency in combined-cycle operation. the increased use of specially designed combined-cycle gas plants in Chris Webb’s article starting on p. ultra-supercritical coal fired plants mark an important generation when less electricity is needed. cost-effective gas and steam turbines has never been so The Company A to Z. Ricardo Cordoba. says Chardon. said that in and by using less coal they emit less carbon dioxide per kilowatt the absence of adequate energy storage systems the only solution is generated.e. and creates for developments in steam turbine technology.


Nuclear power remains a mystery to most appear bleak. After Fukushima. like Japan. valuable assets will have to be reconsidered. however. nuclear projects until new safety rules are ready. due to a lack of political will to support it. that would be a in June. Tokyo Electric Power Company’s Southeast Asia. Almost instantly. there is another nuclear referendum scheduled in Japan. Generation III designs. people. high safety standards to which nuclear plants Switzerland placed a moratorium on plans to however. but talk of the end of days for nuclear power is wide of the mark. India was more The knives are now being sharpened for the These measures may be mere politicking: many hazardous to human health and killed several nuclear power industry. which tends to radiation into the air than nuclear reactors. may now stand deep.com March 2011 . Despite its many advantages. not seen since 1986 and short-term prospects ‘moral panic’ subsides. yet it is the latter which no one forgets. Too late now. buildings exploding and mushroom clouds of Italy voted to close down its nuclear plants in and the industry will watch with interest for any smoke billowing into a clear blue Japanese sky. no doubt. Just as the talk of a global Chancellor Angela Merkel firstly delayed plans For utilities seeking to invest in nuclear there nuclear renaissance was rapidly becoming to extend the lifetimes of Germany’s reactors and will. like Malaysia. 1987 following the Chernobyl incident. Costs for nuclear now seem certain to no worse PR for nuclear power than live television ever commence a programme of new build rise. radio the Fukushima Daiichi plant following on the West Coast. For most countries. may now grind to a halt they are. almost irrational fears about nuclear plants boiling water reactors shut down as expected to gain greatly by opposing nuclear power in going south. particularly it is easy to see why television news. public governments see the value of nuclear power and thousands more than the Chernobyl accident two approval for nuclear power has reached a low are playing for time while the understandable years later. US utilities reality. power to avoid the potential for core failure. which even before Fukushima had Fukushima incident. and the Nuclear power stakeholders I spoke to mistake. Radiation of a magnitude of 9 on the Richter scale and took strong. home to several crisis and not the far greater death and of low-carbon generation offering baseload boiling water reactors of similar design to the devastation caused by the tsunami. for nuclear plants to be shut down. the industry has taken a huge blow that then closed seven reactors built prior to 1980. which has plans to build two ‘meltdowns’ and ‘fallout’ play to the layman’s When the earthquake struck. N o amount of public relations spin can ill-fated Fukushima Daiichi plant. Most nations do not suffer earthquakes accident seems certain to boost voter turnout for immediately after the event were pretty angry and tsunamis on the scale of Japan and modern a national poll on Enel’s plans to build four of that media coverage of Japan’s largest on-record reactor technology promises greater safety. and set in train a chain of events which. Politicians in ecologically sensitive nations is invisible. caused the worst nuclear power accident announced that it would suspend approving new year. Reactor vendors will be under pressure to re. chemical works in Bhopal.peimagazine. earthquake initially focused on the Fukushima Nuclear power remains the most credible source The US nuclear industry. Fukushima Daiichi plant was hit by an earthquake geological instability where environmentalism is Nuclear physics is complex. is a region prone to malfunctioning nuclear reactors. Ironically potential liability claims from irradiated persons It would be easy to abandon nuclear power. throw far more supply essential to maintain reactor cooling. often talk about “betting the firm” to build nuclear could set it back by several years. coal mining kills and injures thousands every press. will be under This point of view is understandable. but alter the fact: the disaster which struck pressure to fortify its aging fleet. poor PR Environmentalists were out in force to call evaluate their latest. replace its fleet of reactors. all six of the 1000 MW reactors by 2021.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F ANALYSIS ••• BY TIM PROBERT ••• Fukushima: Why the nuclear industry must win the PR war The knives are out for the nuclear power industry following the catastrophic events at the Fukushima Daiichi plant in Japan. thus killing off new build plans. planned well before Fukushima. As horrific and deadly as absolute catastrophe for Japan and the nuclear been rather half-hearted. 4 www. the industry were quick to see the votes to be gained from in the event of a reactor shutdown to keep the has done too little to put across the meticulously being tough on nuclear power. as PEi went to mould public opinion rather than follow it. Politicians of these reactors promise passive safety systems Perhaps it always will. The industry will always attract brickbats. The stuttering new build bulletins and newspapers chose to lead with the an earthquake and subsequent tsunami was an programme. This Even authoritarian China. these reactors will still require back-up adhere and the strong record of recent years. cooling system pumps operating. Nevertheless. Areva’s EPR reactors. Coal plants. power and energy security. be second thoughts. The explosion of the 1984 Union Carbide since Chernobyl in 1986. but three reactor nuclear have surely now been extinguished. for example. humans find it easier to comprehend power industry. Some has always blighted the nuclear power industry. but the tsunami knocked out the back-up power general elections. the destructive waves of a tsunami than On March 11. not two. There can be Any dim flickers of hope that Germany would plants.PEi P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . The risks of a catastrophe which writes off images of not one. In reality. Sensational headlines about a battering from a subsequent tsunami.

P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F ________ -VYTVYLPUMVYTH[PVULU[LYH[WLPOV[PTZJVT _________ P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F .

P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F INTERNATIONAL ••• WORLD NEWS ••• GCC: The GCC Grid Authority plans to complete the GCC power grid by the end of 2011. and Sithe Global a city 260 km west of Abu Dhabi. by 2014 near the Abu Dhabi border The government has extended Iran’s Mapna International will The project will help DEWA and use natural gas as feedstock. with commissioning due in 2019. JAEC’s Project (Phase II). then the construction increasing its capacity from raise £1m ($1. The UK-based company’s power Cogeneration (NewCogen).com for more news March 2011 . It was first announced in 50 MW unit will be commissioned 100 MW concentrating solar plant 2009. Independent power producer which will form 11. The plant is an a prolonged drought led to a expansion of the Jandar plant Masdar secures $615m financing for 230 MW deficit on the national near Homs.43bn capacity of 1600 MW is scheduled a deal to sell electricity to be a 600 MW power station in the deal to build a combined-cycle gas to begin next month for completion produced at the plant to Abu Jenin area. Saudi Oger/Korea East. Acwa Power/ Under the deal with the The construction of the power owned unit of Adwea. of Germany. & Construction and Siemens picked as the preferred bidder West Power. USA. at Urfa. An additional grid. Khaled Toukan. which will have a company Sumitomo. a $436m contract to build the 400 MW Marib Gas Power Plant African state utility Eskom supply from Spring Lights Gas. turbine power plant in the UAE in March 2014. 50 MW to 125 MW. has been forced to stand idle. had been unable to consume. KwaZulu was hit first by Eskom’s refusal The signing of the project’s Yemen: Russia’s Inter RAO UES plans to modernize the oil Natal. Turkey: Wärtsilä is to build a has secured $615m of bank financing plan to build a $600m plant. Jordan to seek Uganda: The 18 MW Mpanga partner for $5bn hydropower plant in Kamwenge IPSA agrees PPA to restart nuclear project district has been commissioned. Noor 1. based in California. Company (ADWEC). 300 MW implemented on an independent desalination complex will be built Africa’s second largest economy.PEi P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . autumn. President Jakaya Kikwete 135 MW power plant for Odas for what could become the world’s named Shams 1. which will have said Tanzania was in talks with Elektrik Uretim. South Dhabi Water and Electricity and sell its output for 25 years. 18V50SG gas engines. The scope includes 12 SGT6-5000F gas turbines. The $26m plant is owned by CHP plant in South Africa South Asia Energy Management Jordan Atomic Energy Systems. and request for a strategic partner for Yemen: India’s BHEL has secured purchase agreement with South announced it had secured a gas its planned $5bn nuclear plant. Korea’s state power company. nationwide power rationing after be commissioned in the second half of 2011.5m new shares at £0. through the involvement Power to supply equipment for scale Hassyan power and seawater of the private sector. The consortium. Masdar is expected 300 MW gas fired power plant The plant. Spain’s Abengoa solar project. IPSA’s subsidiary Newcastle partner’s stake in the project will within 33 months. by early May.6 per cent of Commission (JAEC) is to issue a IPSA has agreed a power the enlarged share capital. gas fired power plant in UAE Israel: The Palestine Power Generating Company (PPGC) has A consortium headed by Korea Kepco said in a statement. the South Korea power International/Jordan Dubai Authority (Adwea). has signed Authority to build and operate (Kepco) has signed a $1. for the plant in October 2010. an independent largest concentrated solar power a 100 MW capacity by 2013. reduce its Tanzania is close to concluding the 2400 MW Ras Az Zawr power desalination complex. Power Ventures have prequalified to build a 500-600 MW heavy fuel oil IPP in Amman East. to invite bids to build its next in the southern town of Mtwara.peimagazine. Kepco to build 1600 MW according to chairman Isa bin Hilal Al Kuwari. for 25 Man Diesel & Turbo. UAE renewable energy firm Masdar and Abu Dhabi-based Masdar in talks with China for the loan. featuring seven its Spanish and French partners.08 each. a wholly- Jordan: Kepco. said the strategic scheduled to be implemented combined heat and power plant. DEWA invites bids for its first IWPP Tanzania to Saudi Arabia: Siemens has Dubai Electricity and Water meet rising electricity and secure 200 MW received a $1bn order from Authority (DEWA) has floated water requirements in Dubai coal plant loan Al Arrab and Sepco III Electric a tender for its planned large. (CSP) plant and $153m equity from Meanwhile. and.6m) by placing from Sasol for the gas that it phase would begin in 2014/2015. The project is from its Newcastle gas fired The funds will be used to restart chairman. be developed by the private sector. 6 Visit www. gas fired power plant built by water and power project basis. station will be built in Shuweihat. is scheduled for completion this France’s Total. to buy its electricity and then contract is expected to take place fired Al Hiswa power plant by IPSA said it had managed to by a £4m “take or pay” penalty in 2012. which will capital expenditure requirements. The power station will initially generate 200 MW. a $400m loan to finance a 200 plant. the power Korea’s Daewoo Engineering firm said. private investors for a separate power producer (IPP). Malakoff Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity plant will be farmed out to South years. plant in Newcastle. when officials said they were next year. which range between 50 and 75 per cent. Work which includes Japanese trading a licence from the Palestinian Electric Power Corporation on the plant. said. The consortium was Capital/Consolidated Contractors Group. The 1500 MW power station MW coal fired power project amid The Hassyan complex will be and 120m imperial gallons a day chronic energy shortages in East Syria: A €280m ($390m). AES. Kepco. £12.

com/uptime -VYTVYLPUMVYTH[PVULU[LYH[WLPOV[PTZJVT ________ P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F .P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGSF Through predictive algorithms. diagnostics and information sharing. Experience In Motion flowserve. Flowserve can increase critical asset uptime and reliability.

Seven German nuclear plants up to 89 wind turbines for Danish utility DONG Energy for will close at least until June. France’s EDF and partner utility The report. Germany: Siemens is to supply a complete turnaround from may also have played a role. offshore wind farm in the North Chancellor Merkel’s decision Sea about 80 km northwest gas fired power plant in UK reverses a recent decision to extend of Emden and 55 km off the The UK Department of Energy The plant. come from renewable sources. thermal power-based Danish system. Olkiluoto 3 is March. but the of new photovoltaic plants has proposed culling surplus plants by issuing a fixed quota of climate department view prevailed. which is twice as the mainly hydropower-based construct a 230 MW wind farm estimated that the EU’s legally carbon intensive as gas.2bn) emissions by 80 per cent against a full-scale semi-submersible and still hit its 2050 carbon 1990 levels by 2050 would ABB has won a $180m order from floating structure.peimagazine. of carbon dioxide emissions. process for three new plants. Portugal: Danish wind turbine McKinsey report calls for ABB wins $180m maker Vestas has signed an more gas. brings safety checks at its five nuclear in 2011. phasing out the nuclear plants. less wind order for Norway– agreement with WindPlus for the first offshore project integrating Denmark link a V80-2. reduction targets if it built fewer require 60 per cent of energy to Statnett of Norway and Energinet. South Derbyshire.” said 2013–2020 under a long-term The fate of a plan to remove an unnamed source. The EU ETS caps carbon departments of the Commission. and four out. beyond their scheduled phase Italy: The country will install 5 GW approved RWE npower proposals each of about 500 MW. plentiful energy mix. with up to four the life of German nuclear plants German coast. The underwater link will UK: E. carbon emissions permits Czech Republic: Installed output The European Commission emissions from factories and power according to EU sources. and Climate Change (DECC) has combined-cycle gas turbine units. on developing the mid-sized 18 per cent of total output. according to industry body 2400 MW gas fired power plant new capacity consented by DECC plants and suspended the approval GIFI. with grid connection in 2013.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGSF EUROPE ••• WORLD NEWS ••• Belarus: Minsk has asked Russia for a government loan of $9bn for a period of 25 years for the EU seeks to curb glut in construction of a 2400 MW nuclear plant in the Hrodna region near the Lithuanian border.62bn). and the levels being considered behind only Italy and Germany. European Union’s Emissions after financial crisis cut pollution.com for more news March 2011 . with the installation of all four of the plant’s steam Roadmap to 2050 published on 8 between the energy and climate EUAs. which are now in surplus “The set aside has been re-inserted EU and topped 1 GW in 2010. suggests the same carbon emissions Norwegian and Danish power grids. expected to start up towards the end of 2012. since May 2010 to 5456 MW. could be cut by using less coal boost transmission capacity between Energy and Climate Change to An authoritative study has fired generation. legislation that extends reactors’ decision. Switzerland has ordered extra of solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity to construct a £1bn ($1. are the same as previously. and Spain’s power grid is almost In response to a series of explosions 1100 MW Atmea nuclear reactor has renewed operating licences for completely isolated from the rest at Japan’s Fukushima plant. dk of Denmark for an HVDC Light UK: Rolls-Royce is to supply a coalition of gas producers has But the McKinsey analysis converter solution for connecting the key components to the first EPR reactors to be built in Britain by told the European Commission. to expand export offerings.0MW wind turbine with Europe could save €900bn ($1.PEi P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGSF . significantly less than half the total technology. says the Swiss-Swedish describes gas as a clean. referring to Finland: Another milestone has plan for curbing greenhouse gases. binding target of reducing carbon times as much gas generation. European Gas Advocacy Forum. which makes energy Germany has temporarily shut reactor with its Japanese partner Spain’s Congress has ratified security a leading factor in the nuclear plants that predate 1980 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Spain scraps phase-out of nuclear power Switzerland and France: Paris has called upon Germany get state-owned nuclear firms Spain has reversed a policy of phasing a prior government policy of nuclear jitters Areva and EDF to concentrate out its 7. the 320 MW Borkum Riffgrund 1 RWE given go-ahead to build giant leaving only ten in operation. 8 Visit www.ON has been granted permission by the Department of and relatively cheap form of energy. The financial collapse of while Switzerland has put approvals operation beyond 40 years in its solar energy subsidy programme for three new plants on hold. It argues that emissions firm. under an agreement consultancy McKinsey for the far less renewable generation – in transmission voltage using this signed with Areva. of Europe. open cycle gas turbine units. Trading Scheme (EU ETS) in causing carbon prices to fall. each equivalent to 1 tonne generators.5 GW of nuclear generation. wind farms and more gas plants. Total installed PV capacity is at Willington. seen rising to 15 GW by 2015 from about 3 GW at the end of 2010. several hundred million tonnes plans to remove 500m–800m been passed in the construction The proposal appeared in the of permits from 2013–2020 had ETS allowances. Areva is developing the Atmea three of its eight nuclear reactors. was the third highest in the emissions permits from the permits. and three Norwegian system and the wind and off the coast of Humberside. Annual allocation of the first EPR nuclear reactor at European Commission’s Climate appeared uncertain after squabbling to industry totals about 2bn Olkiluoto 3. according to state media. carried out by reductions could be achieved with The 500kV link is a new record Centrica.

P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F ___________________________________ -VYTVYLPUMVYTH[PVULU[LYH[WLPOV[PTZJVT ________ P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F .

India’s installed capacity potential in Orissa or the biomass plant has a total investment of current 600 MW to a 1200 MW currently stands at about 170 potential in Madhya Pradesh more than $1. Co. Much of the district. tool for regional economic Construction Joint Stock with Parsons Brinkerhoff and The study. close to Dhaka. operational by mid-2013. Construction will be in two recovery steam generator and ALSPA of Pakistan to help meet projected phases. The World Bank said 68 GW The report also suggested that costing less than 6 rupees ($0. demand of 54 GW by the year 2020. is still largely undeveloped. The states of Himachal $1. Thai Binh northern Corporation plans to expand and convert its Limay diesel power have to increase five fold to keep economically attractive wind Province.PEi P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . near Baroda in steam turbines from Siemens. Kazakhstan: A $46m contract has 375 MW gas fired power plant.peimagazine. on an EPC basis. electricity demand is expected to and Uttarakhand have 65 per Covering an area of 43 ha in average 7. by 2030. Laos: Vietnam’s Viet Lao Power Alstom has been picked by €500m ($689m) EPC contract installation services and performance has started building a 332 MW hydropower plant in Laos. GE will supply two Frame 9FA gas invest 600–800bn yen ($7. a turnkey basis. turbo generator. Japanese nuclear power plant in preparation for a trading programme that could begin as early as 2015. 2010. The Sembcorp to build a gas fired includes all associated equipment. 10 Visit www. Generation capacity will resources. each of 400 MW.7bn) in its overseas power infrastructure business by 2030. to build a 300 MW dual fuel an earthquake and tsunami. leading Development Bank (ADB) to build the Fukushima Daiichi plant press. The reactor buildings Cooperation and China National in Northeast Japan was crippled When the earthquake struck of units 1. but the tsunami knocked out Tepco technicians battled peaking power station at On March 11. The Series 6 integrated control system. from Gujarat State Electricity installation and commissioning for a 750 MW combined- Corporation (GSECL) to build a of the complete power plant on cycle power plant in Pakistan. the two-unit.3bn– over 11bn rupees ($243m) detailed engineering. in 1986. heat understanding with the government between the two countries. The company plans to has received an order worth L&T`s scope includes design.4 per cent in the next cent of India’s small hydropower My Loc commune. 2 and 3 exploded. but radiation levels an earthquake of a magnitude cooling. turbines and associated generators $9.com for more news March 2011 .6bn. will build a 166 MW geothermal power Renewable Energy in India. in a joint venture from renewable energy sources. The turbines are expected to cables. Corporation (PVC) have won a McConnell Dowell. Potential of development within the country. GW from all sources of energy. commenced on 1 March. 220 kV lines to connect a hydro Alstom wins order to build 800 MW The plant should be fully plant by October 2012. supply. Water in spent Indonesia: Indonesia will receive a $500m loan from the Asian of 9 on the Richter scale and of events which. State utility Tenaga has 68 GW from renewables build 1200 MW been asked to come up with an alternative solution to replace the coal plant proposed plant in Lahad Datu. Jammu and Kashmir Binh 2 coal plant in Vietnam. Larsen and Toubro to build 375 MW GE to supply Japan: Chubu Electric Power gas fired plant in Gujurat combined-cycle Company said it plans to build plant in Pakistan a 3-4 GW nuclear power plant India’s Larsen & Toubro (L&T) Gujarat.2bn EPC contract for the Thai project at Te Mihi. Construction will begin in 2012. Malaysia: The federal and Sabah state governments have scrapped a plan to build a 300 MW coal fired power plant on environmental World Bank: India can generate PetroVietnam to grounds. Kepco will work with Hyundai to construct 327 km of be installed by September 2012. three geothermal power plants with a total capacity of 165 MW. coast of Japan was struck by essential to maintain reactor seawater. catastrophe after tsunami hits Bangladesh: China National Tokyo Electric Power’s (Tepco) took an intense battering power accident since Chernobyl Technical Import and Export Fukushima 1 nuclear power plant from the subsequent tsunami. as PEi went to fuel pools evaporated. In February $441m Xekaman power plant is combined-cycle cogeneration plant including a GT26 gas turbine.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F ASIA-PACIFIC ••• WORLD NEWS ••• Australia: Australia will introduce a tax on carbon emissions on 1 July 2012. The plant will The project will be developed been awarded to a consortium of The plant will be built incorporate gas turbines and by the Pakistan Electric Power South Korean firms to lay power Dhuvaran. Construction gas fired plant this year. GE CCGT plant in Singapore will also include control systems. the east the back-up power supply to cool the reactor core with Ghorashal. be completed by 2013. testing of the turbines.13) renewable energy development PetroVietnam Power Corporation New Zealand: Canada’s per kWh can be generated in India could become an important (PV Power) and PetroVietnam SNC-Lavalin. steam turbine. 1200 MW plant in the Philippines from the pace. caused the worst nuclear to fears of a deadly re-criticality. Thai Thuy Philippines: San Miguel 25 years. This set in train a chain continued to rise. GE signed a memorandum of being built 80 km from the border on Singapore’s Jurong Island. Machinery Import and Export after the catastrophic loss of its all six of the boiling water caused by a build-up of hydrogen Corporation have made a successful offer of $189m reactor cooling systems following reactors shut down as expected in the reactor pressure vessel. The work is to said annual growth in India’s Pradesh.

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the Power
of Dow Inside

Accessible, dependable power is the lifeblood of a vibrant economy. Making sure
it gets there? That’s your job.
With the power of DOW INSIDE you can count on reliability and long cable
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®™Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company Dow Wire & Cable is a global business unit of The Dow Chemical Company and its subsidiaries.


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••• WORLD NEWS •••
Brazil: The 720 MW Pecém I
coal fired plant is 85 per cent
complete. A 369 MW turbine is
Alstom signs €500m deal to kit
scheduled to operate from July
2011 and a second is set to start
before January 2012.
out Brazil’s Belo Monte dam
Canada: Ontario’s government Alstom has signed a contract In conjunction with Germany’s The Belo Monte hydropower
has put proposed offshore wind worth about €500m ($684m) Voith and Austria’s Andritz, plant is expected to take eight
projects on hold. No applications with Norte Energia of Brazil Alstom will deliver fourteen years to be built and to meet the
for Renewable Energy Approvals
to provide power equipment 611 MW Francis turbine- electricity needs of 35m people
and feed-in tariff support will
not accepted until environmental for the Belo Monte dam, generator sets and six smaller when operating at full capacity.
research has been completed. the world’s third largest Bulb units. Alstom will also Renewable energy company
hydroelectric power plant with supply seven Francis units, IMPSA of Argentina landed a
Canada: The California Public a planned capacity of 11.23 GW. hydro-mechanical equipment, $450m contract in February
Utilities Commission has
The Belo Monte project as well as associated gas to supply the hydro plant with
approved Pacific Gas and
Electric Company’s purchase of will dam the Xingu river in insulated substations for four generating units with a
renewable energy credits through Brazil’s northern Pará state. the 14 large-scale units. combined capacity of 2500 MW.
three 20-year contracts with
Greengate Power for two Alberta
wind projects totalling 450 MW Congress blocks EPA’s enforcement IMPSA to build
and due on-line in 2012.
of greenhouse gas regulations large-scale wind
Chile: Atacama Solar, a 250 MW farm in Brazil
project led by the communities The US House of Representatives has Meanwhile, the EPA has said
of Pica and Pozo Almonte, is voted to block the Environmental it will reconsider some aspects IMPSA, an Argentine-based EPC
undergoing environmental impact
Protection Agency (EPA) from of the boiler and commercial/ firm, has signed an agreement
assessment, said El Mercurio.
regulating greenhouse gas emissions industrial solid waste incinerator with Compania Hidroelectrica
Costa Rica: US company GTherm from power plants, refineries and (CISWI) rules it issued on 23 de San Francisco to build the
and the Costa Rican Institute of other stationary sources until February, 2011. The EPA estimates biggest wind farm in Brazil,
Electricity are in discussions over a the end of the government’s its two sets of rules would affect according to Noticias Financieras.
12 MW geothermal pilot project.
fiscal year in September. 200 000 boilers and process heaters. The wind farm will in the
Mexico: State power company township of Casanova in the
CFE’s 900 MW La Parota hydro California Senate backs renewable energy state of Bahia. IMPSA will
project in Guerrero state should provide 120, 1.5 MW wind
be “doable”, despite legal A bill that gives utilities ten years been responsible for implementing turbines manufactured by IMPSA
opposition from local residents,
to get 33 per cent of their electricity an order setting the 33 per cent Wind in the Brazilian state of
said the executive director of the
Global Energy Group of German from renewable energy sources has goal. Administrative rules are Pernambuco under an agreement
bank WestLB, which has financed been passed by California’s senate, considered more easily undone reported to be valued at $360m.
other hydro plants in the country. but still requires approval from the than laws approved by the This is Compania Hidroelectrica
state’s governor and its assembly. legislature. Some clean-air advocates de San Francisco’s first entry
Nicaragua: State energy company
Until now, the appointed reportedly worried the body’s rules into the wind power market.
Albanisa is aiming to add 288 MW
to its 244 MW capacity through California Air Resources Board has offered loopholes for utilities.
projects including the 47.6 NW Chile signs a
Ernesto Che Guevara VI thermal
plant, the 80 MW Alba Rivas wind ODEC quits project to build nuclear training
farm and 90 MW biomass fired
plants in Chinandega and León.
third reactor at North Anna deal with France
Paraguay: Itaipu Binacional, US utility Old Dominion Electric will not participate in the project. Chile has set up a training
operator of the Itaipu dam, Cooperative (ODEC) has pulled Dominion Virginia Power agreement with France as one
has received seven offers for out of the project to build a third owns the remaining 88.4 per of its first steps to prepare for
providing engineering services
nuclear reactor at the North Anna cent stake in the two existing making decisions on introducing
for the 500 kV Itaipu-Villa Hayes
transmission project, due to nuclear power plant in Virginia. units and is responsible for their nuclear power through the 2020s.
complete by 2013. ODEC has an 11.6 per cent operation. Dominion Virginia’s Under the deal, 17 Chilean
interest in the two existing parent group said that it is “future energy experts” will be
US: The Nuclear Regulatory reactors at North Anna and takes not changing its position on a trained in France from 2012.
Commission is to review GE
a corresponding share of the potential new unit at North Four reactors, about 1100 MWe
Hitachi Nuclear Energy’s
application to renew the design electricity they generate. The Anna, noting that new capacity each, would operate by 2030 under
certificate for its advanced boiling company had been expected to is needed to meet “a substantial an outline formulated by the Nuclear
water technology for 15 years take a similar stake in the proposed shortfall in electric power Power Committee of Professional
beyond its June 2012 expiry. third reactor but has now said it generation in the next ten years”. Association of Engineers of Chile.

12 Visit www.peimagazine.com for more news March 2011 - PEi

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BNS Nuclear Services, UKAEA and VT –
three key industry players united to
provide effective solutions which span
the nuclear life-cycle.

We are committed to understanding our
customers’ business drivers, building
strong partnerships and delivering
complex and critical nuclear projects
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Contact Liz Pulford,
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said country’s privatization based Turcas Petrol 30 per cent Mott MacDonald: The global have generated great interest. who is based together to design and build digital generation models to be fully has bought a 100 per cent stake in Shanghai.ON: An assessment by The Great Place to Work Institute has picked E. GE: The firm has completed RWE expects nuclear tax and stalled RWE to invest its purchase from Wind Tower Systems of technology aimed at prices to shrink profit by 30 per cent €900m in East enabling taller towers and cutting Europe. US. network for £3. RWE also consultancy is to open an office said the Nigerian government. and replacement equipment. while 11 told a press conference in Istanbul. 14 Visit www. retires. turbines with a 2.ON’s UK grid company to work for in Germany. by Jaypee Karcham Hydro Corp – to Chancellor Angela Merkel wants assets to raise as much as €8bn by 2013. Tremain Tanner – vice president. certified for US construction in TMK Hydroenergy Power. which is expected system in the Caraü-Severin Mining Technique. countries with existing operations. including Turkey.7bn) in E. Japan Steel Works: The company The figure included a €500m plans to start building larger. regulated owned by EUAS.ON’s business. Turkey installation and transport costs.ON’s introduce the operating names Mon Power. The design was recently four hydro plants. Rosengren. a subsidiary of 1 September when Ole Johansson and Lockheed Martin are to work to become one of the first next. reported Bloomberg. will design and manufacture the to complete its final rule country in western Romania. as well as services on Reactor Safeguards of focusing on its core businesses in in China. which Lockheed Martin will also provide recommended for approval capacity is about 18 MW. The first turbine is due to be built by the summer of 2012. which is PPL’s existing pool of 2. electricity generation firms expressions of interest. Kentucky-based power unit West Penn Power to Allegheny’s electricity delivery companies in The acquisition furthers PPL’s last year for $6. Turkey’s state acquire E. at a combined $7. profits to fall about 30 per cent this RWE also faces slowing earnings as RWE. four reservoirs with dams as well as entered small modular reactors Boiling Water Reactors (ESBWR). works as senior control systems and nuclear reactors. work with Lockheed Martin hydropower firm Wärtsilä: Bjoern Rosengren is to take over as president and CEO on GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH) The ESBWR is a frontrunner ÿEZ Romania. Czech-based energy group ÿEZ. FirstEnergy: The firm has closed would also assume £500m customers. It would add to but are already forecast to make its merger with Allegheny of debt in the deal. main reactor control room systems making of the design by the TMK Hydroenergy Power has Westinghouse: The firm has for GEH’s Economic Simplified autumn of 2011. is the UK’s second. customers.7bn in cash. distribution firms had garnered RWE has 70 per cent and Instanbul- billion dollar privatization plan 157. plans to invest Indian company has merged itself with two of its subsidiaries – Bina tax and stagnating power prices. Central the competitive business of are to be privatized in the cash to create one of the largest Networks.2bn) each year 2013 and will cut investments chief executive of the company’s generation “under one umbrella”. the German power generator Jaiprakash Power Ventures: The year because of a nuclear power plant fuel costs outpace wholesale power and distributor. said the company.6m up half of this year’s earnings Energy Inc. to expand its Four thermal and two hydro decade to meet its energy needs. agency. power provision and away from electricity generation company.ON’s UK power value. renewable energy presence in North America. within the category of firms with more than 5000 employees. Radmacher a bid to attract overseas demand. electricity distributors in Britain. power generation. largest electricity distributor regulated returns made up just Reuters reports that PPL and delivers power to over 5m 27 per cent of earnings in 2010.5bn ($5. prices in the region.peimagazine.7 MW output in Six power stations and eleven power stations had attracted 174 due on line in 2012. said GEH. over six years through 2016 with a through 2013 by €3bn to €18bn. Renewable Energy – has been appointed to oversee GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy to ÿEZ buys Romanian the iniative. German utility RWE expects its tax on her country’s nuclear stations. executive vice president of Atlas Lockheed Martin’s nuclear by the US Nuclear Regulatory which operates the hydroelectric Copco and business area president for Atlas Copco Construction and systems and solutions division Commission.8bn. Nigeria expects to need in the joint venture. said Andreas Radmacher. Potomac Edison and to create the largest network of and South and West Wales. he added. which is intended to expected to close in early April customers in Southwest England after PPL’s purchase of E. Units with first phase of process aimed at transferring 16 GW in capacity. being offered as part of a multi. Nigeria privatization sparks interest investment in a 775 MW gas fired 102-metre-diameter wind power plant in Denizil in Turkey.PEi P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . Turkey unit. (ACRS) with no open items. ÿEZ’s applies lessons learned from its GEH with related simulation and by the Advisory Committee acquisition is in line with a policy AP1000 plant under construction training support. business in Turkey soon.3bn ($3.5bn EUAS: Four thermal plants US utility power PPL is to Britain in terms of regulated asset move into steadier. $10bn investment over the next aims to start an electricity sales in Boston. RWE said €900m in central and eastern Power Supply Company and Bloomberg reports that German it plans to reduce debt by selling Europe.com for more news February 2011 . networks for £3.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F COMPANIES ••• WORLD NEWS ••• E.ON as the fifth best PPL to buy E. consolidate the group's power to raise €2. Its total installed with a 200 MWe integrated pressurized water reactor.

Siemens offers highly innovative. anywhere.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F How can my power plant become an oasis of profitability? The Siemens worldwide service network can help you maximize your plant performance – anytime. The bottom line: ultimate plant performance. Talk to the Siemens experts and find out how you can gear up for tomorrow’s energy challenges while making the most of your assets today. With continuous investments in research and development. Wherever your power plant is located.com/energy E50001-E520-F298-X-4A00 Answers for energy. Siemens is close by with 48 regional offices worldwide and more than 4 000 highly skilled field engineers. outstanding reliability and optimized outcomes. www. customized service solutions to meet your unique needs for plant maintenance and modernization. -VYTVYLPUMVYTH[PVULU[LYH[WLPOV[PTZJVT ________ P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F .siemens.

It has now reached its fourth evolutionary stage. (multi-terminal DC connections) thyristor valves were introduced in place of the mercury arc valves. this technology is likely to play an important part in the There was a significant improvement in HVDC technology in 1970 when development of DC grids. The power rating was 20 of offshore wind farms. HVDC Light has also opened up new applications for HVDC transmission. Heather Johnstone. technology also increases the reliability of power grids. 16 www. ABB announced a new concept for HVDC converter stations. oil-free cables and compact converter stations. which further grid conditions. based on mercury arc valves was such as providing shore power supplies to islands and offshore oil & gas commissioned in 1954. This was a link between the Swedish mainland platforms. Reliability requirements have been driven by dynamic performance. converted to DC in a converter station. This innovation into the receiving AC network. the power flow can be controlled rapidly and HVDC Light is easy to install and offers a number of environmental accurately in terms of both power level and direction. MW and the transmission voltage 100 kV. which stands for high voltage direct current. With an HVDC system. contributed to HVDC’s current success as a powerful alternative to AC while in the latest generation it is now down to about 1 per cent. This capability is benefits. THE NEXT GENERATION OF HVDC LIGHT The use of microcomputer control equipment in today’s projects has also Initially HVDC Light had around 3 per cent losses per converter station. power transmission. including the use of underground or subsea power links. In future. its HVDC Light technology has evolved through three generations. around 140 GW of HVDC transmission capacity is installed in some range from tens of megawatts to 1200 MW at ±320 kV with cables.PEi P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . is a well-proven improved the performance of HVDC transmission systems. in 1997. The continuous ABB pioneered HVDC technology and is a world leader in the field. In 1995. In an HVDC system. electric power is taken from one point in a three. with minimal losses. based on CTL (Cascaded Two Level) topology. The first commercial HVDC scheme. technology used for transmitting electricity over long distances by a completely new converter and DC cable technology called HVDC Light overhead transmission lines or underground/submarine cables. And. neutral often used to improve the performance and efficiency of the connected electromagnetic fields. complements the traditional bipolar semiconductor-based converter Typically. Chief Editor Source: ABB Latest development in in HVDC transmission ABB has implemented several commercial HVDC power transmission schemes based on VSC (Voltage Source Converter) technology and is a pioneer in this field.com March 2011 . 145 projects worldwide. THE INTRODUCTION OF HVDC LIGHT phase AC network.peimagazine. The AC networks.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F HVDC T&D Dr. an HVDC transmission system has a rated power of several technology and has proved to be a state-of-the-art power system with hundred megawattsand many are in the 1000–3000 MW range increased controllability. In development of HVDC Light has in the meantime increased the power total. This reduced the size and complexity of HVDC converter stations substantially. enabling city centre in-feeds and more recently the integration and the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea. harmonic generation and the flexibility to accommodate changing HVDC with Capacitor Commutated Converters (CCC). H VDC. transmitted The HVDC Light transmission technology deploys a new IGBT (Insulated to the receiving point by an overhead line or underground cable and Gate Bipolar Transistor) semiconductor-based converter in combination then converted back to AC in another converter station and injected with XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene) DC cable systems. Since the first project commissioned in 1997. was introduced.

which incorporates a fail-safe short-circuit mode. -VYTVYLPUMVYTH[PVULU[LY H[WLPOV[PTZJVT ________ PEi . including losses. even after failure of an IGBT module. The power balance in a grid is maintained if the power input is equal to the power output.peimagazine. DC grids fall into two categories: regional DC grids and interregional DC grids. the DC voltage will fluctuate until the power balance is reached and then remain at the new steady-state value.March 2011 www. Multi-terminal HVDC Light systems are particularly attractive for integration of large-scale renewable energy sources such as offshore wind farms and for reinforcement of interconnected regional AC grids. latest generation it is now down to A special feature incorporated in HVDC Light is the IGBT module (StakPak). There are some technology gaps that need to be closed including: DC breakers. There are. power flow control. without auxiliary equipment. Such a grid can be realized today with proven technology and DC breakers (to isolate the faulty part of the grid) are not needed. automatic network restoration and DC/DC converters for connecting different regional systems It is interesting to see how ABB’s MACH-2 control system can maintain the power balance in a multi- terminal system. meshed or a combination of both. comprising two 1000 MW and ±320 kV converters. however.com 17 P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . eliminating the need for AC filters and enabling “Initially HVDC Light had around 3 per cent a more compact converter design with a low level of harmonics and losses per converter station. and not by changing the polarity of the DC voltage. ___________________ Following a power change. while in the audible noise. The resulting DC grids can be radial. A DC regional grid is defined as a system that comprises a single protection zone. has a footprint of 220 metres by 150 metres. An interregional DC grid is defined as a system that needs several protection zones. The terminals can be connected to different points in the same AC network or to different AC networks. which is substantially smaller than previous generations. MULTI-TERMINAL HVDC LIGHT An important advantage of HVDC Light technology is that the power direction is changed by switching the direction of the current. This facilitates the construction of multi-terminal HVDC Light systems. allowing about 1 per cent” operations to continue. The power-balance indicator in a DC system is the DC voltage – if there is surplus power the DC voltage increases and if there is a deficit it decreases. some regulatory issues that need to be addressed.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F HVDC T&D HVDC Light converters today are based on CTL (cascaded two-level) converter topology. The latest generation of converter stations.

Examples of those in year these turbines are expected to produce 11.6 billion ($3.4 GW. Germany.9 million average European Union households with ABB has a strong track record in deploying its HVDC Light technology electricity from a total of 1136 offshore wind turbines. Norway: a 70-km subsea cable to feed power to an offshore currently consented and could generate 66. which will more than double the installed capacity of • Cross Sound. bringing total in coming years and ABB expects its HVDC Light to be a key enabler 18 www. Approximately 883 MW of new capacity. a 22. including Paris. The installed offshore wind power capacity now supplies the PROVEN TRACK RECORD equivalent of 2. was installed in 2010 in nine increase the power input to restore the voltage in the system. 308 new offshore wind turbines were installed. The rectifier is used to control the DC growth in Europe last year. at the two terminals respectively.PEi P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . Australia: a 180-km underground cable link between grids a total of 3 GW. In an average with 16 projects either in operation or in progress. USA: an interconnection between US and Mexican regional largest capital cities in Europe with electricity. the UK and several other countries around the North Sea have several large offshore wind energy capacity OFFSHORE WIND GROWTH PRESENTS OPPORTUNITIES expansions planned.6 TWh of electricity in gas production platform a normal wind year once operational – enough to supply 14 of the • Eagle Pass. control.5 TWh. Offshore wind is clearly an area that will see significant expansion according to the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC).5 per cent increase the MACH-2 system implements voltage control together with power on 2009.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F HVDC T&D The powering of Norwegian oil company Statoil’s Troll A gas production platform via a DC link from the is the first time an offshore platform has been powered by such a link originating on land Source: ABB To keep the voltage at a pre-set value. London grids (two 138 kV transmission lines) and Berlin.8 GW in 2010. Sweden: a 70-km underground cable connection to a wind in Europe during 2011.6 billion). wind farms in five countries.com March 2011 . and power capacity. where one terminal controls the DC voltage and the other Offshore wind power in particular experienced a new record terminal(s) is controlling the power. Island EWEA research shows that 19 GW of offshore wind capacity is • Troll A. worth in the DC voltage controller will act depending on the change and reduce or the region of €2.e. installed wind capacity up to 194. making a total of 2964 MW. i. commercial operation include: EWEA forecasts continued strong growth with 1000-1500 MW of new offshore wind power capacity expected to be fully grid-connected • Gotland. According to the European Wind Energy voltage and the inverters are used to control the power to the pre-set values Association (EWEA). to keep the energy balance. Global wind power installations increased by 35.peimagazine. US: a 40-km subsea cable link from Connecticut to Long the 45 existing grid-connected offshore wind farms. park Ten European wind farms are currently under construction representing • Murraylink. representing an increase of 51 per cent on 2009’s installed wind When a new power level is requested the DC voltage will change.

this network of offshore wind farms is expected to avoid three Once complete. It’s easy.peimagazine. This is particularly important farms located in the DolWin1 wind farm cluster – the 400 MW for wind farms. plus future wind farms – in the North Sea voltage fluctuations.vaisala. real-time moisture level information from transformers. boost performance. or desirable option. where the variation in wind speed can cause severe Borkum West II wind farm. 2013.March 2011 www.com/moistureknowledge Providing solutions and services to customers in more than 120 countries. The latest HVDC Light technology also has the potential to become Here the AC power is converted to ±150 kV DC and fed into two the preferred system for power in-feeds to cities – for strengthening 125-km subsea cables. switchgear. turbines. which then continue into two 75-km land power networks in areas where new overhead lines are not a practical cables to the land-based converter station at Diele in Germany. Protect Your High-Voltage Assets. and underground DC cables. this 200 km link connects the Bard The Dörpen/West converter station will in turn feed AC power to Offshore 1 wind farm located off Germany’s northern coast to the the mainland grid. Japan and USA. For more information and a chance to win a handheld Vaisala meter. station. to the German grid. When Moisture is a Problem.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F HVDC T&D in integrating power from remote locations into mainland grids to feed DOLWIN1 consumer needs. Thousands of installations in the power industry. Over 70 years of measurement expertise. Knowledge is Power. The wind farms will be connected to an offshore HVDC converter BORWIN1 OFFSHORE WIND PROJECT station which will transmit electricity to the onshore HVDC station at The first HVDC link to connect an offshore wind farm with an AC grid Dörpen. www. The link has a extruded cable ever used for HVDC. Literally.com -VYTVYLPUMVYTH[PVULU[LYH[WLPOV[PTZJVT ________ PEi . China. each with a capacity of 5 MW. Using HVDC Light technology. which is located on a dedicated platform. TenneT Offshore GmbH awarded ABB an contract to supply a One of the key characteristics of HVDC Light is its superior ability to 800 MW (±320 kV) transmission link that will connect offshore wind stabilize the AC voltage at the terminals. At 320 kV this will be the highest voltage level of 380 kV high-voltage AC grid on the German mainland.com sales@vaisala. Plug in our on-line transmitters and in just minutes you are able to prevent rapid deterioration caused by moisture. generators and diesel engines. the BARD Offshore 1 wind farm will comprise million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year by replacing fossil 80 wind turbines. These will feed fuel based generation.com 19 P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . This voltage will then be Germany currently meets in the region of 8 per cent of its electricity stepped up to 155 kV AC before reaching the HVDC Light converter requirements with wind power and expects to double that by 2020. please visit: www. How to revive an ageing fleet of high-voltage assets? Can you extend network lifetime and ensure performance? Just add knowledge – accurate.vaisala. Service centers in Finland. their power into a 36 kV AC cable system. Scheduled to be operational in capacity of 400 MW and a DC voltage of ±150 kV. optimize maintenance and get extra years of safe peak performance. on the northwest coast of Germany via 165 km of underwater is the BorWin1 project in the North Sea. affordable and fast.

P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Coal Power Plant Efficiency Roman Baumgaertner.peimagazine. have been reduced significantly.com March 2011 . intermediate-pressure and high-pressure turbines.PEi P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . the specific fuel requirements – and therefore the CO2 emissions – of the 30-years old Jänschwalde lignite plant in Germany. By overhauling low-pressure. Germany Turbine retrofit in the Jänschwalde lignite fired power plant in Germany Increasing coal plants’ efficiency has been a focus for many years now and turbine retrofits currently being executed by Alstom will make an important contribution to raising performance. Alstom Power. 20 www.

March 2011 www. the boilers in Block A were converted for gains. their lifespan. intermediate (IP) and their geometry and the medium makes LP final stages particularly low-pressure (LP) turbines. as the first of the plants with new control technology and LP turbine Retrofit projects replace or add equipment to existing power plants sections. the German-Polish border. NEW COMPONENTS in March 1981. one modernization ensued which achieved consumption. __________________________ -VYTVYLPUMVYTH[PVULU[LYH[WLPOV[PTZJVT ________ PEi . turbines in the six blocks. A look at the timeline confirms this: Block A of the plant went onstream MORE POWER FROM FEWER. produce 535 MW with less steam. Blocks A and D now emissions were now below the legal thresholds. fundamental step towards a power increase was taken years later. Alstom Power replaces older As a result. the Their key focus was environmental protection. decommissioning of the three old six 500 MW units. Block E began operation in 1994 3000 MW – an increase equivalent to almost half a power block. Its Originally built to generate 500 MW each. whilst lowering emissions. modernized since the plant entered commercial operation. susceptible to wear – but also a further important contribution has The key components at Jänschwalde have gradually been been made to increasing efficiency. the lignite fired Jänschwalde power The same measures were subsequently performed on the other plant has an installed capacity of 3000 MW and consists of blocks. which proved to be particularly attractive.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Coal Power Plant Efficiency L ocated near the village of the same name in Brandenburg on low nitrous oxide combustion and the electrofilters were modernized. major conversion between 2003 and 2006 when Alstom replaced the high-pressure measures were implemented. all blocks marked a milestone in the history of the power plant.peimagazine.com 21 P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . Just three years after that. In future. Wear was not the main reason for this. The low-pressure sections in the other blocks also underwent to improve their energy efficiency. despite lower fuel In the same decade. not only have LP turbine failures been avoided – turbine components including complete high. Half a decade later. the six units will supply a total of 3210 MW instead of increased reliability and power. Within the scope of actual deciding factor was the relationship of investment to efficiency the comprehensive revision. It is the second-largest brown coal power plant chimney stacks and commissioning of flue gas desulphurization for in operation in Germany and is owned by Swedish utility Vattenfall. with the final block being completed some seven The second. increase their output and extend systematic modernization. in 1991.

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Coal Power Plant Efficiency

Measuring and precision tasks: mechanical wear, strength and form retention are checked by the service technicians on the LP turbines in intervals of around two years Source: Vattenfall

The power plant is currently midway through a phase in which plant components, all steam parameters – including temperature and
all intermediate pressure turbines are being replaced, which will mass flow at the three extraction points – were to remain the same.
complete the modernization of the turbine sets. The original impulse Alstom Power brought together impulse and reaction steam turbine
machines were produced by the Leningrad Metal Works (LMZ), technologies. This capability allows retrofit solutions to be supplied
St. Petersburg. Within the scope of the forthcoming revisions, these utilizing reaction technology, impulse technology or a combination
turbines are being upgraded using the latest technology. The results of both, irrespective of the original blading technology, to provide an
of the implementation in the first two blocks have been encouraging. optimum result.
Applying reaction blading design to the existing Jänschwalde units,
NEW DESIGN BOOSTS POWER BY MORE THAN 6 MW which originally had an impulse design, proved to be the optimum
Block D was the starting point of the project. It was subjected to a replacement. To ensure that the new design, which is equipped
major overhaul that involved the inspection of all turbines. There was with more stages, fits into the existing outer casing, the inner casing
little to do on the comparatively new high-pressure turbine, and work including the blades were renovated as well as the rotor.
was limited to testing and, where necessary, overhauling valves and Thanks to the two flows with a total of 19 blade rows (or pressure
other auxiliary equipment. stages) many options were available for steam extraction to preheat
However, on the low-pressure turbines, defects became apparent the feedwater and supply the district heating network in the city of
and investigations resulted in the rotors being transferred to the Alstom Cottbus. Complementing this, the outer casing was reworked, as it
plant for reworking. Because the damage was discovered at the start had been slightly deformed by decades of thermal stress.
of overhaul work, extension of the outage was kept to a minimum. The new IP steam path was designed to achieve maximum performance
The intermediate pressure turbine, which had completed around within the constraints of a given outer shell of an existing turbine. Advanced
70 000 operating hours since its last overhaul, was to be replaced 3D reaction type blading was applied to improve the aerodynamic
anyway. As the rotors and blade path exhibited advanced wear efficiency while maintaining enhanced mechanical properties. The rotor
in the first stage area, the retrofit made sense for this reason alone. and inner casing were designed to allow for optimum stage loading while
Furthermore, it was to lead to an increase in power. at the same time matching the steam conditions at the various extraction
The complete renovation of the inner workings, while retaining points to the overall steam cycle requirements.
the outer casing, proved to be the optimum economic and technical Besides blade twist to control span wise reaction, the advanced
solution. To ensure the increase in power had no impact on other power 3D reaction type blading also benefits from small fillet radii at the

22 www.peimagazine.com March 2011 - PEi

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Coal Power Plant Efficiency

Braden Systems for
Gas Turbines
root and the top area of the blade profile, as well as from thin trailing
edges, all of which contributes to high efficiency figures. Castellated
ribs machined into the fixed and moving blades’ integral shrouding –
in conjunction with sealing strips caulked into the outer surface of the
rotor and inside surface of the cylinder respectively – form effective
labyrinth type sealing.
Thanks to the new design, improved blade geometry with modern Inlet
Filter House
3D reaction blades, as well as an optimized sealing arrangement for
both the stationary as well as the moving blade rows, the IP turbine is
now 3.3 per cent, or 6.3 MW, more efficient than before. Whilst this SCR & CO Catalyst Systems
may not seem much, it means that, for the same yield, 47 000 tonnes
less fuel is required each year.
That equates to the amount of coal carried by 50 coal trains, each
of 16 wagons, from the neighbouring open cast mine to the plant.
The reduced coal consumption also means a drop in emissions;
the IP retrofit spares the environment around 46 000 tonnes of
CO2 annually, illustrating the environmental benefits associated
with retrofit.
Diverter Damper
The modernizations performed over the last two decades have Exhaust Bypass
increased the block output of 500 MW by approximately 35 MW
and the net efficiency to around 36 per cent. Whilst this value may
not sound particularly high in comparison with today’s new plants,
it actually represents very significant progress, given that the 1970s
design boilers limit the steam parameters and thus the efficiency.
Exhaust Stacks
As a result of the significant amount and quality of work performed For over 40 years, Braden has designed,
on Block D in 2009, as well as adherence to the schedule, Vattenfall engineered and manufactured hundreds of GT
nominated Alstom Power Service, Berlin, for the VGB PowerTech auxiliary systems as the preferred supplier for
Quality Award 2010 and, from the many submissions, the project turbine OEMs.
emerged victorious.
The prize honours the work of the 40-strong Alstom team in the
Comprehensive Retrofit Solutions
major overhaul of the 500 MW turbine set in Block D and the minor Braden’s full array of engineers (structural,
overhaul of the set in Block C. mechanical, electrical and acoustical) scrutinize
Retrofit work on Block A carried out in 2010 significantly exceeded every aspect of your retrofit design. Braden also
the contractually agreed efficiency values. The work performed on installs complete intake and exhaust systems.
Block A was essentially the same as that done on Block D the previous
year. The team pooled their experience and paid particular attention • Air Filtration • Bypass Stacks
to the low pressure turbine. The LP rotors were subjected to even more • Inlet Cooling/Heating • Diffusers and Plenums
rigorous examination in light of the results of the investigations of Block • Silencing • Installation
D in 2009 and were overhauled accordingly. • Exhaust & Inlet • Inspection and
However, things are still far from returning to normal for the Alstom Ductwork Reporting Services
team in Jänschwalde now that the overhaul and modernization • Diverter Dampers • SCR & CO Catalyst
of Blocks D and A is complete. It is planned to retrofit unit C • Expansion Joints Systems
in summer 2011. Over the next few years, the remaining three
blocks will also be subjected to major overhauls, over the course
of which they will be equipped with new IP turbines. Then,
there should then be little to stand in the way of economic and
5199 N. Mingo Rd. • Tulsa, OK 74117 USA
failure-free operation.
Tel: 918-272-5371 • Fax: 918-272-7414
Email: Sales@braden.com
www.braden.com • www.bradenfilters.com
The co-author of the article is Marco Rediess, Vattenfall, Germany.

PEi - March 2011 www.peimagazine.com 23

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Beyond Ultra-Supercritical Chris Webb, UK

Developing USC: A Leap of Faith?
Ultra-supercritical (USC) technology is one answer to prolonging the reign of King Coal, the most
abundant and widely distributed fossil fuel on Earth. As we look beyond USC, PEi considers what
challenges lie ahead for the power plant workhorse, the steam turbine.

t a European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) GE Energy’s manager of steam turbine design engineering. “Additionally,
meeting in 1994, a group of 40 power generators and improved plant efficiency can help offset the costs of environmental
manufacturers agreed to investigate the potential of nickel-based programmes such as CCS, making such technologies more viable.”
alloys as likely candidates for a new, advanced technology, named
‘AD700’. It would become a landmark in the ‘clean coal’ agenda and WHAT IS USC?
set the scene for further development of ultra-supercritical (USC) technology, Yet even the term USC, though it has been around for many years,
where power plant designers were struggling to punch a way through remains vague. “GE typically considers USC to mean a combination
steam parameters in the range of 300 bar and 600 °C – a barrier that of temperature over 565 °C and pressure over 241 bar,” Stagnitti
had seemed impenetrable for some time. continues. “Other definitions include 565 °C/275 bar. In any case,
Now, though technically feasible, the world has yet to see a commercial USC conditions push the boundaries of pressure and temperature for
demonstration coal fired plant capable of operating at 700 °C and 350 the steam turbine.”
bar. And there is little apparent market appetite for the higher capital costs If consensus exists in the industry, however, it is that transition to higher
– though manufacturers are reluctant to put a true figure on them – that such levels of USC – in terms of greater temperatures and pressures – represents
a move is expected to bring. not a quantum leap, but a natural progression. “It is a natural continuation
There is no doubt the European Union’s target of a reduction in of our, and possibly other companies’ development path. GE has a long
greenhouse gas emissions of 20 per cent by 2020 will require an eclectic history of advancement in steam turbine USC technology, including,
mix of technologies, including the replacement of older, inefficient power in 1957 the first 1100 °F (593 °C) steam turbine in the USA and the
plants with new highly efficient units. While the selection of fuel for a new most efficient for its time, 40 per cent. In 2000, came the most efficient
power plant is increasingly driven by CO2 emissions, this is spurring all the USC turbine at 48.7 per cent, with steam parameters of 250 bar/
major turbine manufacturers to take USC to the next stage. 600 °C/610 °C, in Japan.
Until carbon capture and storage (CCS) becomes commercially GE continues to invest in fossil steam turbine platforms ranging from
available, increasing plant efficiency remains the only route to reducing small 100 MW designs to large 1000 MW configurations. Ongoing
CO2 emissions of coal fired power plants. Two of the main methods of work includes advancing state-of-the-art designs for turbine systems and
improving steam power plant efficiency are steam cycle optimization and components such as rotating and stationary airfoils, rotors, casings, valves
enhancing the behaviour of the steam turbine itself. and seals. Also, one of the key enablers for USC conditions is development
Today, coal fired power plants with USC steam cycle parameters and of speciality materials that have enhanced capabilities to sustain elevated
wet cooling tower can achieve net efficiencies of 45 per cent for hard coal temperature and pressures without sacrificing life and reliability.
and 43 per cent for brown coal at typical central European inland sites, “Traditionally, cooling critical areas of the turbine has been an important
with direct cooling providing an additional one per cent being possible. part of high-temperature design. However, cooling is undesirable
But what of the move to that magic 50 per cent efficiency? Does it because of complexity and a negative impact on cycle efficiency,” says
represent a quantum leap – a leap of faith, some would say – in USC Stagnitti. This is where new materials come in. “Better materials will permit
technology and particularly in steam turbine design? thinner sections, lower weight and improved ability to handle thermal
“Key USC advantages include higher efficiency, which lowers operating transients. This in turn will lead to more efficient and flexible turbines for
costs, reduces fuel consumption and cuts emissions,” says James M .Stagnitti, our customers.”

24 www.peimagazine.com March 2011- PEi

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the Rolls-Royce Trent 60 a steam turbine. Impressive size to power ratio. With an engine weighing less than 15 tons. 64MW with onshore and offshore. High in power. big on power. Trent 60 arrives For mechanical drive and power generation applications. strengths of unmatched reliability and customer service.rolls-royce. Trent 60 provides the muscle for Wet Low Emissions and up to 107MW when operating with enduring profitability.com P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . yet low in mass. Trusted to deliver excellence -VYTVYLPUMVYTH[PVULU[LYH[WLPOV[PTZJVT ________ www. Trent 60 also sports the twin Rolls-Royce keeps the same dimensions whatever its power output.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Small on size. ready to produce 58MW with Dry Low Emissions.

all of which are looking for fuel diversity in their electricity production regime. not just in Europe or possible to achieve 50 per cent efficiency. “A key impetus will be emissions legislation.” GE is part of and leakage losses as the steam expands through the turbine have been a consortium working on a US Department of Energy initiative developing achieve. I think there is a greater sense of urgency and need in Europe because of the geopolitical structure. we understanding the operating conditions and environment in which the have to use new materials anyway. “Temperature is the key factor.” they will remain within the limits we require for a 30–35 year operating life. both from an economic use as little fuel as possible in order to keep atmospheric emissions to a and environmental standpoint. So I think there is more of a sense of urgency in Europe to find A steam turbine for the Neurath power plant in Germany Source: Alstom solutions for cleaner coal than maybe in the US. thus also reducing CO2 emissions. “Above 600 °C. We need the steam turbine and all its associated pipework and systems that make up the overall boiler/turbine cycle or system to function together at those elevated temperatures. and satisfy a whole array of issues if we are to be able much use as possible of these materials. Advances in machining and joining technologies are required. There temperatures and pressures that USC progression represents.peimagazine. are good practical reasons why designers are determined to leap from “The thing about materials development is that it is really about 600 °C to 700 °C and 285 to 350 bar pressure.” added to the power cycle.” says Pfitzinger. That’s what the manufacturers are doing to make their products commercially attractive and competitive. in the sense that you have a number of countries. which are a sophisticated to commercial availability. castings and fabrications required for steam per exhaust flow. away and it becomes a question of being able to pull that technology Such alloys are expensive. with a pinch of iron. Improvements in efficiency have been brought about turbines. supply bucket alloys capable of sustaining higher stresses and enabling the chain and cost-effectiveness. And you are to raise efficiency by four percentage points over that at 600 °C. The objective is “So it’s about playing with different material combinations. so we’re going to go straight to to control a piece of machinery like a steam turbine and satisfy ourselves that 700 °C. Pfitzinger means nickel alloys.” “In the case of USC. improvements in mechanical efficiency by reducing aerodynamic and other components in tune and technologically in sync. Trevor Bailey is general manager of GE’s steam turbine product line. a percentage – of other metals that will change the characteristics of the [base] material to achieve the properties we are looking for.com March 2011. improvements in the power density of steam turbines Like all the other manufacturers. is important to create a balanced plant design that keeps the turbine. This is where USC comes in. the materials issue goes mix of high-strength metals like nickel and chromium. But we’re really some years away from achieving commercial level operations.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Beyond Ultra-Supercritical together. the US.” in Siemens’ Mülheim laboratory. Only then will it become Higher plant efficiencies are a goal the world over. He Siemens is focusing a great deal of effort on higher plant efficiencies sees the higher efficiencies offered by USC and the viability of CCS as two in preparing for the coal fired power station of the future. and to really using base materials and small percentages – sometimes fractions of cut coal consumption by 6–7 per cent. “And we want to make as characteristic tests. for instance. It largely in two ways. The higher pressure is necessary to optimize efficiency. of around 600 °C up produce electricity at a comparable rate in terms of US cents/kWh as other to 700 °C — the temperature to which the metals are being subjected sources of generation. Secondly. creep to withstand the temperatures. “That’s really what drives this need for higher minimum. Crucially. “A strong material supplier base is critical to construction of longer final stage buckets for increased exhaust area provide the large forgings. After a painstaking process they cost five to ten 26 www.” he says. boiler Firstly.” says Ernst-Wilhelm Pfitzinger.” IMPROVEMENTS IN POWER DENSITY ADVANCES IN MATERIALS To this end. we need to have the boiler and steam turbine technology that can work at those higher temperatures. Other programmes are targeting different efficiency by increasing the temperature and pressure at which heat is temperature levels. “Once that’s done. “To be able to make the overall scheme competitive to the level currently found in the best power plants.PEi P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . there have been improvements in thermodynamic 1400 °F (760 °C) materials. Coal and lignite are plentiful in a number of countries in Europe and there are issues around gas supply. Materials have to undergo strength tests. Collaborative programmes elsewhere. the steam temperature needs to be increased from efficiency. including in the Far East. which should parts of a package that will underwrite coal’s future. GE faces the challenges of coming up have been driven largely by the development of improved rotor and with materials that offer the right combination of performance.” NICKEL ALLOYS REQUIRED – BUT AT A PRICE The purpose of these programmes is to bring the materials progressively By new materials. traditional metals just wouldn’t be able material has to live. the project are looking into developing materials that can operate at the much higher manager in charge of developing the 700 °C turbine in Mülheim.

9844 -VYTVYLPUMVYTH[PVULU[LYH[WLPOV[PTZJVT ________ P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . P&W.com 1. apm4parts.800. Make one phone call.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Your idea of a successful hunt doesn’t involve replacement parts.000 high-quality GE. We stock over 15.998. pay one invoice and spend more time doing what you love. You can now source all your aeroderivative and heavy IGT parts from one reliable provider. Rolls-Royce and Westinghouse parts.

Walker says. the 1 metre-thick shaft can be forged construction which meant that we could have a different material on the in several pieces. living with enormous pressures and thick walled SIEMENS: 50 PER CENT IN SIGHT components is that plant components do not like fast transients. “It is a technical and CO2. For example. you need to step slightly away from the cycle question a site at Lünen in northern Germany. so we can’t be sure that power plants. consume 480 g of coal to produce 1 kWh. or some 8 billion tonnes necessary]. Being round but can be composed of different alloys. marketing purposes we define USC as having a live steam temperature “The steam turbine won’t be the limiting part of the cycle. A more economical solution might shutdown times. for Alstom it would be an evolution Does the industry have a specific meaning for it? I think the answer today of the turbine design and not a revolution. The key issues for the steam turbine at these very high pressures To reduce material costs. But even then. Alstom already has its design is no. at least says Walker. so that normal “With our HP construction. says Siemens’ aim is to achieve 50 per cent efficiency by 2015. It depends on how capital cost balances Nevertheless for Alstom. because we have the shrink ring design. steel will be adequate for the outside. since the higher steam conditions tend to lead be a 620 °C plant with carbon capture with the same amount of CO2 as to worse load cycle fatigue. with the nickel alloy only employed in the hottest area. If the main steam pipe has to be made of a nickel alloy then you [conceptual] plants up to 700 °C. Similarly there is a lot of uncertainty on the future and that is relatively easily scalable to develop to these higher conditions. the renewables coming onto the grid. However. Again. The industry is responding. but it was believe 700 ºC power plants will only be built once there is a very clear not a quantum leap. for example. depending on the temperatures is very important for clearance control and ensuring the machine doesn’t different areas are subjected to. in fact. if applied to all coal burning do represent a moderate step in technology. “One of Alstom’s strategic areas is CO2 capture challenge to give you the same level of flexibility in terms of start-up and and we’ve done a lot of work on this. One of the most efficient coal fired power plants in the world.” are to be thermally separated by a layer of cooler steam. However. for which THE FLEXIBILITY FACTOR Siemens delivered two 1000 MW turbines. times and low load idling. Such a power Walker.” a 700 °C plant without CCS. machines and materials. which will have to withstand a that wasn’t a big issue. they release We use more creep resistant and more oxidation resistant materials [where between 1000 g and 1200 g of CO2 into the air. with the cost of international fuels currently being very high has a design that we have used in the supercritical range that is very robust and extremely volatile. The market conditions are changing up to higher steam values represents merely a natural progression. the inner and outer housings distort through high levels of stresses during transients and so-forth. I personally “That’s not to say that developing it has not been hard work. To understand the real a comparable power plant for a consortium of 27 municipal utilities on challenges. Walker says these come with both the benefits of higher efficiency will depend on the market price of fuel a higher capital cost and some technical consequences. we emissions mitigated each year. he says. In addition. are very confident that the designs are robust so we don’t expect any Peter Walker is another who struggles with the ambiguities of the term significant problems. In doing so. the Block Waigaoqiao III in China. The plant is scheduled to go into and focus on flexibility. “It is just somehow beyond supercritical. are to do with start-up and shutdown even these power plants fall short of the Holy Grail of 50 per cent.5 per ‘USC’. and thus produce only of technology development. and that’s purely arbitrary.” The main problem. “The key issues facing the market right now. the turbine need not be entirely of nickel alloy. very hot part of the HP and then to have a material more suitable for The need for action is urgent. but it doesn’t have an agreed definition. and just as for GE. These are the machines that we’ve supplied to many of regulatory framework that would justify the capital expenditure. coal fired power plants the lower conditions lower down. So when we develop steam turbines or other components we refer boiler – it’s the cost of the main steam pipe from the top of the boiler down to a steam class by its pressure and temperature because that gives us to the turbine.” 28 www. People use it. On average. The director of Steam Turbine R&D Execution at Alstom. “This is where we and other companies are focused on in terms plant would consume only 288 g of coal per kWh. with all operation by next year. What seems above 600 °C at boiler outlet. In Alstom for ready for a 700 ºC at 500 MW size. That is not exactly peanuts our projects in Germany like the RDK8 plant in Karlsruhe and Neurath near in a turbine requiring some 200 tonnes of such alloys. demonstration 700 °C plant are not to do with the steam turbines In a project led by Trianel Power-Projektgesellschaft. would translate into an estimated 260 million tonnes of CO2 there will be absolutely no issues when they first operate. Siemens is building themselves but are. with an efficiency of around 46 per cent. Such a step would have significant consequences because concerned – which are just coming online at the moment – these machines each percentage point in improved efficiency. It has to be flexible while carrying full steam temperature and an exact meaning.” a year.PEi P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . market for CO2 or the possibility of CO2 penalties and taxes. particularly.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Beyond Ultra-Supercritical times as much as the chromium steel used today. The step to 700 ºC in order to get that 2. he says the cent or so increase in efficiency will call for more innovation in the design of term has no real physical meaning. for a long time we’ve had welded rotor temperature of 550 °C.” pay more for your main steam pipe than you do for your turbine. moving out against the cost of CO2 and fuel.com March 2011.peimagazine. I’ve also heard USC used by other organizations for pressure. Cologne. and temperatures include how to keep your cylinder round. and thus emits only 761 g of CO2.” While the progression to higher temperature and pressure will bring “Whether or not the high cost of nickel alloy main steam pipe negates efficiency gains with less fuel and CO2. burns only 320 g of coal per Walker says the biggest challenges concerning building the first commercial kWh. to be found elsewhere. “Alstom rapidly today. We’ve continued to use that concept. So far as the 600–620 ºC turbines are 669 g of CO2. but this is not very meaningful in technical to control the economics of a 700 °C machine is neither the turbine nor the terms.

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Gas Turbine Technology Advances Paul Breeze, UK

Efficiency versus flexibility:
Advances in gas turbine technology
An update on the latest advances in gas turbine technology including the new breed of high-efficiency
gas turbines, such as the Siemens Energy’s SGT5-8000H turbine, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ J-series
machine and GE Energy’s H System, as well as the more modest but equally important aeroderivative
industrial gas turbines.

ver the past 20 years gas turbines configured as combined- turbine manufacturers are expecting these technologies to contribute
cycle power generation units have become one of the 20 per cent to 30 per cent of grid capacity in Europe by 2020, so the
mainstays of the power generation industry, particularly in combined-cycle plant, along with energy storage and hydropower, will
the liberalized electricity markets. This popularity has been driven by a be required to provide the main back-up for this intermittent capacity.
number of factors including the relatively low cost of natural gas during Efficiency and flexibility are not complementary. In order to obtain the
at least part of this period, the low cost of gas turbines and the speed flexibility that is required for this type of service, some efficiency must be
with which gas turbine-based power plants can be installed. sacrificed. The main manufacturers are responding to this by offering
Another key attraction of the combined-cycle power plant is energy complementary heavy gas turbine lines, one for ultimate efficiency and
conversion efficiency. A good modern plant can approach 60 per one that offers greater flexibility. Even so, high efficiency remains the
cent fuel to electricity conversion efficiency while the best coal fired equivalent of the space race within the gas turbine world, though one
plants will only achieve around 47 per cent efficiency. where gains are becoming increasingly difficult to find.
During the last decade carbon dioxide emissions have also
become a factor in the equation; gas turbines burning natural gas THE QUEST FOR HIGH EFFICIENCY
emit less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere per unit of electricity For the past decade an important target for all the large gas turbine
than coal fired plants, and so this can assist governments and utilities manufacturers has been to achieve 60 per cent efficiency in a
to meet more stringent emission requirements. combined-cycle plant under standard (ISO) conditions. Although
During this same period the power generation market has seen several have now come close, that goal has yet to be achieved.
significant consolidation and this has affected the manufacturers of Efficiency is important because it affects both operating costs and
gas turbines. Major names such as Westinghouse and ABB have carbon emissions, both of which are important concerns for plant
disappeared from the large gas turbine marketplace and today the operators today. Achieving high efficiency requires optimization across
only companies manufacturing gas turbines in the 200–400 MW the whole plant, including gas turbine, heat recovery steam generator
range are GE, Alstom, Siemens, Ansaldo Energia and Mitsubishi (HRSG) and steam turbine. Among these three, however, gas turbine
Heavy Industries (MHI). performance appears to be the key to pushing efficiency to 60 per
Meanwhile, aeroderivative manufacturers such as Rolls-Royce, cent and beyond.
Pratt & Whitney, as well as GE, concentrate on small and medium- A gas turbine comprises three main components, a compressor,
sized turbines (2-60 MW) alongside companies such as Kawasaki a combustion chamber and an expansion turbine integrated into a
Heavy Industries and Solar Turbines. single unit. Thermodynamic efficiency of this unit depends on both the
pressure and temperature drop of the working gas, air, from the turbine
EFFICIENCY VERSUS FLEXIBILITY stage inlet to outlet. Increasing one or both can be used to increase
Gas turbine design has advanced enormously in the last 20 years and efficiency. For this, all three components play their part.
progress continues. In the past higher efficiency was the primary aim The optimization of compressor design can be used to provide a
of gas turbine development. Around 1990, typical combined-cycle higher pressure at the turbine inlet and this is being exploited in high
efficiency was 50 per cent. By 2010 the best installations were above efficiency designs. Thus GE has increased the gas turbine pressure
59 per cent. ratio in its H system turbine to 23:1, aiming for 60 per cent efficiency.
Efficiency remains important to all manufacturers, but there has been The same pressure ratio is used by MHI in its J-series, but the higher
a significant shift towards products that can operate more flexibility turbine inlet temperature results in efficiency in excess of 61 per cent.
in load following and grid support roles. Whereas before combined- Siemens SGT5-8000H has a pressure ratio of 18.2, slightly higher
cycle plants were seen as baseload plants, now their role is equally than its SGT5-4000F. Meanwhile, Alstom’s turbines have operated
likely to be for intermediate service and to provide ancillary services. since the mid 1990s with a pressure ratio of about 30:1.
A significant part of this shift is due to the increasing importance The combustion chamber controls the temperature of the gas entering
of variable output renewable capacity such as wind and solar the turbine so changes here can affect overall efficiency. While raising
power to grids across the world. As the proportion grows, and flame temperature is relatively straightforward compared to other

30 www.peimagazine.com March 2011 - PEi

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Gas Turbine Technology Advances

Source: Siemens changes, combustor designs have tended to stabilize and all the main
companies now have proven designs which they utilize across their
turbine ranges.
This leaves the turbine as the component where the greatest gains in
efficiency are likely to be made, though gains here are becoming hard
to win. Modern computer design has led to the optimization of blade
profiles to gain maximum efficiency so there is little that can be done
there. Thus designers are forced to exploit the one area left to them,
turbine gas inlet temperature. Since thermodynamic efficiency depends
on the overall temperature drop across the turbine, raising the inlet
temperature should equate to an increase in efficiency.
The combustion gas temperature for GE’s H-class gas turbine, one
of the 60 per cent contenders, puts it in the 1500 °C class, roughly
100 °C higher than the company’s F-class machines, which constitute
the main large frame GE turbines in use today. Inlet temperature of the
Siemens’ new H-class machine, which is also hoping to achieve above
60 per cent efficiency, has not been released.
However, both are likely to be topped by MHI. The latter’s J-series
turbine boasts an inlet temperature of 1600 °C, 100 °C above that
of the same company’s H-series machines and higher than any other
Siemens expects its H-class gas turbine to achieve 60 per cent efficiency in combined-cycle mode
product to date. This machine, which is being tested in Japan today, is
being marketed as capable of 61 per cent efficiency.


PEi - March 2011 www.peimagazine.com 31

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Current TBCs are based on ceramics that are typically made from zirconia doped with various other elements to create a heat resistant layer with very low thermal conductivity that can maintain a 300 °C temperature drop to the metal beneath. and by GE for their high-efficiency G-class and be balanced against any fall in gas turbine efficiency. Although not by MHI for their large machines. exploited some of the developments from this programme but there are expected to be others yet to be used. The best available today appears to be GE’s LMS100 full load will be important. efficiency in both components but as seen above techno-logical limits Temperatures may be able to go higher still. while the type of HRSG may also affect another turbine inlet temperature to 1700 °C. Air cooling is the most common type in use. These alloys will start to melt at anywhere between 1200 °C and 1400 °C. vanes and other hot gas path components are commonly made from nickel-based alloys cast in single crystal form to increase strength and resistance to fracture and deformation. This avoids be made within the steam bottoming cycle of a combined-cycle plant. STEAM CYCLE IMPROVEMENTS In addition. One of the the two cycles effectively. flexibility. companies are looking at ways of ‘parking’ a combined- In addition to improvements in gas turbine efficiency there are gains to cycle plant overnight so that it ticks over at low load. so time from start-up to be achieved. 50 per cent or lower. This requires moderately hot air which is extracted from the gas turbine and cycled to cool the hot path components. do not justify their use in large frames. 32 www. since this air is ‘stolen’ from the gas turbine it has the effect Mitsubishi’s J-series is designed for combined-cycle efficiency of about 61 per cent LHV Source: MHI of lowering overall efficiency. Steam cooling. which has both speed and The highest efficiency combined-cycle plants involve close integration of maintenance penalties. MHI is taking part in appear to be approaching here. says MHI. FLEXIBLE PLANT AND DIVERGENT PRODUCT LINES Overall efficiency of these large industrial gas turbines in simple cycle Power plant flexibility involves a number of important parameters. Emissions must also be kept low when operating at part load. the materials used to manufacture gas turbine components are being pushed to their limits. in which steam from the steam cycle of the combined-cycle plant is used to cool the components internally does not have the same efficiency cost. which will often not be the most economical option. This requires a higher gas turbine outlet temperature and so must adopted by MHI. this is at the to meet different load demand levels with ease and speed. The TBC slows the rate at which heat is transferred to the metal beneath. The HRSG design will also play a part a Japanese government project which has the aim of increasing the in overall efficiency. Single crystal blades do exhibit improved properties and MHI has used them successfully in their small units. these components must be coated with thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) and then cooled internally so that the actual metal does not approach its melting point. or continuous operation at say 50 per cent gas and steam cycles and optimum efficiency is achieved by balancing load. either with air or steam.PEi P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . In order to prevent the consequent damage at the temperatures experienced within the gas turbine inlet.peimagazine. but the single crystal form is expensive and has associated repair challenges so. steam turbine efficiency depends on pressure is steam cooling of the inlet stage gas turbine components. The J-series turbine has already critical operational criteria for modern combined-cycle plants.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Gas Turbine Technology Advances At these temperatures. the necessity of shutting the plant down. However Siemens are using air cooling for their latest A higher overall gas turbine operating temperature will help raise H-class turbine and Alstom’s turbines are also air cooled. H-class machines. in this case steam. technological advances which may need to be sacrificed for flexibility As with the gas turbine. This is the solution both. not only at full load but at part load down to combined-cycle applications. A mode is between 38 per cent and 42 per cent. However. Higher efficiency can flexible plant must be able to start-up quickly. Maintaining and temperature of the working fluid.com March 2011 . Efficiency expense of a low gas outlet temperature which makes it less suitable for must be maintained. Blades. Raising the the cooling steam is vital during ramps but requires slower ramp speeds overall flue gas input temperature to the HRSG can be used to increase due to the complexity and overall integration of gas and steam cycles. the component must also be cooled internally. It must be able to ramp both up and down with a simple cycle efficiency of 46 per cent. However. However in order to prevent the temperature rising too high.

market is marketed today with an efficiency capability of over 59 per One of the keys that GE has identified for fast combined-cycle start.com 33 P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . launched several years ago to take advantage cooling for greatest operational flexibility. GE also line. of some H-class technologies in an F-class machine. all-round capable of reaching this efficiency. while using air-cooling of its turbine blades. combined-cycle mode but fast start-up and ramp rates and a better The company’s KA26 combined-cycle power plant for the 50 Hz turn-down capability. This is minutes during hot start from an overnight shutdown and a ramp rate of part of the reason why some companies offer more than one product 30 MW per minute. According to GE.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Gas Turbine Technology Advances However.5 per cent efficiency in rather than the simple cycle gas turbine is its primary product. three in Japan at a Tokyo rebranded as the 7F-Syngas. Two of these are to be installed at a Electric Power plant and two in California. GE believes it has shown the machine to be Although efficiency is a primary development driver.peimagazine. targeted emissions-compliant ramping as an important attribute and According to product manager Mark Stevens the KA26 technology expects the gas turbine NOx emissions to be below 9 ppm over a utilizing the GT26 gas turbine can still maintain an efficiency of about wide load range.March 2011 www. 53 per cent per cent at around 50 per cent plant load. Overall gas turbine output is 211 MW. abandoning steam cooling is likely to result in a lower GE claims the new 7FA will be capable of 75 per cent output in ten gas turbine inlet temperature and hence lower overall efficiency. ______________________________ -VYTVYLPUMVYTH[PVULU[LYH[WLPOV[PTZJVT ________ PEi . Several KA26 units up is to decouple the gas turbine from the steam turbine bottoming in Europe. GE has six of its high-efficiency H-class combined-cycle machines This is now being positioned as an IGCC turbine and has been operational. these are 618 MW IGCC facility at the Edwardsport power plant in Indiana all operating at baseload and though none has achieved the magic owned by Duke Energy. including the KA26 plant at Emsland in Germany. This enables the gas turbine to start quickly without the need achieved above 59 per cent efficiency and the company believes to hold output while the steam cycle components heat up. have cycle. one at Baglan Bay in Wales. cent. one using steam cooling for high efficiency and another with air has a 7FB gas turbine. It markets At the same time the company has recently launched a new version its gas turbines as part of integrated combined-cycle packages and this of is 60Hz 7FA turbine which features 57. 60 per cent efficiency. It has also 60 per cent is potentially possible. operational flexibility is a key feature of Alstom’s product line.

34 www.PEi P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . An important player here is Rolls-Royce. However. So while efficiency will remain a key parameter. and over 59 per cent respectively. there remains a market for smaller Siemens has developed the SGT5-8000H (50 Hz). The 44 MW. increase power output or than they have been over the previous 20 years. Nevertheless. with efficiencies of over 58 per cent to 65 per cent in combined-cycle operation. Single shaft combined-cycle output is 570 MW. the KA26 is able to ramp back up to full load within 15-20 minutes. the coming years. Both targets still remain out of reach in commercial machines. allowing faster hot start. typically in the range of 20 per cent plant load with close to baseload emissions. though only in stationary parts such as combustion liners and blade rings. In addition. development is aiming to develop the technology to achieve a turbine Germany have demonstrated the capability of reaching full load after with an inlet temperature of 1700 °C and an efficiency of 62 per cent overnight shutdown in 30 minutes. although MHI appears to be approaching both in its latest product. Siemens has been looking carefully at grid support requirements too. Ansaldo Energia. Stated NOx level is 25 vppm.series turbine. Meanwhile. and six of these have been ordered by Florida Light and Power with the company believes that uprating to 50 MW will be possible in the the first start-up in 2013. the gas turbine will typically maintain NOx emissions at below 15 ppm when operating at this load point and even below due to sequential combustion. future. WLE version of this turbine will have an open Meanwhile. the country has to import all its fossil fuel so efficiency is increasing maintenance intervals and dual-fuel switchover operation recognized as extremely important from both a cost and an emissions has been improved. In this case it claims the capability of reaching full power a stack damper helps reduce the rate of heat loss during shutdown.1:1 own fast-cycling concept. the KA26 is capable of being parked at a very low load. and has developed methods to maintain power output in the event of Going beyond these targets is likely to require new ceramic materials a drop in frequency as well as remaining in stable operation during to replace the metal components in the inlet stages of gas turbines. From this very low load point. an air-cooled units. This and will be available in 2012 with the 38 MW version available for has led to the introduction of features such as a once-through HRSG to delivery in 2013. According to Siemens. Rolls-Royce is aiming for takes a considerable time to reach the desired temperature.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Gas Turbine Technology Advances In addition. These techniques are being applied to combined-cycle plants based HOW HIGH CAN EFFICIENCY GO? on the company’s current F-class turbines. RB211-H63. Its high efficiency J-series turbine builds on experience with the company’s G-class machines which use steam cooling.com March 2011 . this is Rolls-Royce’s RB211-H63 will be ready to ship from the first quarter of 2012 Source: Rolls-Royce promised to lead to 61 per cent efficiency.5 per cent with a compression ratio of 25. As with GE. In the J-series. the company has no current plans to perspective. whose turbines are based on Siemens – The emphasis for many companies is shifting towards flexibility the company was a licensee until 2004 – is pursuing a similar path to and it is here that much development work is likely to concentrate in other companies in regard to flexible operation. eliminate the high-pressure drum. islanding. from start-up in ten minutes. with the first starting up in 2013. two The ambitious Japanese National Project for high efficiency gas turbine plants. often attract the greatest attention. a 60 Hz version rated at 274 MW tion system and 38 MW with a dry low emissions version.peimagazine. six units have already been While the largest heavy duty gas turbines and combined-cycle plants sold. which in a more conventional HRSG As with large turbine manufacturers. France and the other at Irsching. Adding flexibility. life-cycle advances in this area over the next 20 years look likely to be slower analysis is used to improve efficiency. flexibility is also important and has developed a fully air-cooled version AERODERIVATIVE DEVELOPMENTS of the G. Siemens is also paying attention to flexibility with its cycle efficiency of 41. New low NOx burners have recently been introduced. Stevens said. MHI has pinned its colours squarely on high efficiency. MHI has recently acknowledged that develop its own 60 per cent plus efficiency combined-cycle system yet. Toshishige Ai of MHI says the quest for high efficiency has particular value in Japan. as an alternative to shutting down completely and with lower fuel consumption than running at higher ‘minimum loads’. development of which began in 2002. This unit is rated at 44 MW with a wet low emissions (WLE) combus- There is also an SGT6-8000H. one at Pont sur Sambre. which is expected introduced a new version of its RB211 industrial gas turbine called the to exceed 60 per cent efficiency in combined-cycle configuration. which has recently gas turbine with a generating capacity of 375 MW. As for the J-series. However. the company hopes the KA26 and KA24 products will appeal to utilities and power plant operators who expect to operate in both the power delivery and ancillary services markets.

P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F __________________________ -VYTVYLPUMVYTH[PVULU[LYH[WLPOV[PTZJVT ________ P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F .

5 .3 . 9644 36.4 .2 .4 .466 . 7100/11 520 TM1304-10 9. - FT8 25. 51. . 3000 M701G2 334 .2 60 3600 107FA 183. 9104 38. 36.1 390.9 .1 . . .peimagazine. 9110 39. 6200 DR-61G4 33. .8 . 10 835 35. 2600 OGT 2500 2. 6820 50 50/60 5163 106C 44.5 . . 5948 57. 9440 38. 10 619 33. . 9449 38. .P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Gas & Steam Turbine Directory Gas Turbine Technical Data GROSS OUTPUT NET OUTPUT NET OUTPUT HEAT RATE GROSS EFFICIENCY FREQUENCY SHAFT SPEED MANUFACTURER MODEL (MW) (CCGT) (MW) (OCGT) (MW) (KJ/KWH) (%) (HZ) (RPM) GT26 296.09 .3 .8 . . 9589 36. 9160 39. 8600 M501DA 113.7 .95 .6 50 3000 GT24 193. 3600 INDUSTRIES M701DA 144. 13 382 26.9 60 3600 KG2-3E 1.PEi P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . 5829 58.5 .4 .4 . 10 320 34. 6200 DRESSER-RAND DR-61GP 31. 8566 41. 10 835 31. 8936 39. 16. 13 382 26. . . 3600 M501F3 185.83 .395 .895 . 74. 3000 CORPORATION OGT 15000 17. 12 330 29. 5998 56. 10 350 34.4 60 3600 H-15 (natural gas) 16.9 50 3000 109FB 284 437. 10 500 34. 3000 OP16-3A 1.5 130.9 .7 . 10 710 33. 9480 36 .2 274 . 8980 39 . 11 610 31 .4 .8 .3 193. .1 . 10 811 33.322 . . .1 . 8600 TM1304-14 13. . . 9211 39. .8 50 3000 GT11N2 113.4 . 50. - HITACHI POWER H-25 (distillate oil) 30 .91 . 8549 41. 3600 VECTRA 40G 31. 3600 DR-63G PC 44.3 . 2600 OPRA TURBINES OP16-3B (DLE) 1. 9114 39. 3000 /3600 PRATT & WHITNEY FT8-3 SwiftPac30* .1 .9 . 3600 M501G1 267. .185 54 . .2 .852 . 3000 /3600 OGT 25000 27. . . . .8 .7 .2 .9 . 3600 VECTRA 40G4 34.5 .6 .57 26. 9740 37 .369 . .5 . .1 118. 3743 106B 43 64.871 . 11 975 28. . 11 150 32.5 .2 . 9091 39.4 .5 .7 .6 . .2 .8 67.5 .229 . 6800 50. - GROUP H-25 (natural gas) 31 . 9524 37.1 60 3600 ALSTOM POWER GT13E2 184.com March 2011 . 8600 SE TM1304-12 12. . .3 .85 .8 . .6 50 3000 107EA 83.2 . 18800 VECTRA 30G 23. 3000 M701F4 312.3% (net) 50/60 - *1 x FT8-3. 8600 MAN DIESEL & TURBO TM1304-11 11.3 .91 . 3600 DR-63G PG 49.2 . .9 50 3000 GE ENERGY 109FA 254. 10 340 34. 3600 MITSUBISHI HEAVY M501GAC 272 . 11 320 31.6 .3 50/60 7100 106FA 77. .1 . . 6281 54. **2 x FT8-3 36 www.5 . .57 . 9074 39. 6200 DR-61G 23. . 6119 55 50/60 5231 109E 124.6% (net) 50/60 - POWER SYSTEMS FT8-3 SwiftPac60** . 6570 51. . 3000 /1800 /1500 ORENDA AEROSPACE OGT 6000 6. .5 .3 50 3610 GT11N2 115.

- . . - .2 6. . 15 Case by case 317. 755 587 15 30 480 18 x 6 x 6 6.5 25 x 8 x 12 15. 418 . 15 Case by case 1088 34 x 7 x 14 12. - 17.7 . - . 1006 . - 23 . 52. . .9 . . . 354 543 25 30 145 12 x 6 x 4 16 . - 29.6 . - 21. . 720 597 15 30 420 17 x 6 x 6 21 . - 22. . 400 525 <25 . 1013 .6 . 400 526 <25 .85 1015 31 420 . . . . 8. 1020 . . - 27. . 987 . . . 94. - 13.3 433 .6 .1 515 .2 .6 . 980 . .7 . 959 .9 .6 . . 8.1 545 . 9 Case by case 485 40 x 21 x 9 16. . 900 .1 458 . 212 .1 . 15 Case by case 362 28 x 20 x 10 12. - 22.7 . 15 Case by case 861 35 x 23 x 12 16. . 370 12 x 5 x 6 33. .P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Gas & Steam Turbine Directory TURBINE INLET EXHAUST EXHAUST MASS FLOW NOX EMISSIONS START-UP TIME WEIGHT DIMENSIONS LxWxH PRESSURE RATIO TEMPERATURE TEMPERATURE (KG/S) (PPMV) (MINUTES) (TONNES) (METRES) (ºC) (ºC) 33. . .6 . . . - 12.7 . - . . .0:1 . - .9:1 .4 x 1. . 643 . . - . 190 9 x 6 x 10 4. .5 37 x 7 x 10 19. - .March 2011 www. - 23. .6 475 . 565 505 <25 . 468 613 15 30 195 14 x 5 x 5 20 . - 19. 453 542 25 30 200 13 x 5 x 5 18 . . 15 Case by case 351. 612 601 15 30 333 15 x 6 x 6 20 . .2 12 951 14. . 339 11 x 6 x 6 16. . 992 . .7 . . . . .com 37 P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . . . . .peimagazine.6 x 1. . 644 621 <<25 .7 2. .5 .6 x 1. .7 555 15 1 1. 436 .2:1 . .3:1 . - 18. 49. 49. .3 564 .3 500 .8 1227 87.9 564 . . 655 . . 85. 94 564 . . 141 . . .9 435 . 230 11 x 4 x 5 16. . . . .4 x 1.1 505 . 45. . .57 1075 71. 190 9 x 6 x 10 15. . . .7 555 15 1 1. - PEi . . 122 . 447 616 <<25 . - . 848 . . - 14 .4 . . 612 614 15 30 270 15 x 6 x 6 14 . . . 15 Case by case 1088 34 x 7 x 14 18 . 9 Case by case 744 54 x 22 x 9 .6 2. - . . . . 49. .9:1 . 299 .

4 . 68.260 24. . .6% (net) 50 - Trent 60 WLE ISI* . 14.4 . . 10.21 . 10.1 .03 .9 . 12.5 . 12. 1800 Titan 130 15 . .5% (net) 60 - Trent 60 WLE* . 1800 Centaur 40 3. 17.5 .9 58 . . 10606 .52 . 9597 . 50. . 76.2% (net) 50 - Trent 60 DLE ISI* . 48.6 62. 6608 SGT-750 35.1 . . .P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Gas & Steam Turbine Directory GROSS OUTPUT NET OUTPUT NET OUTPUT HEAT RATE GROSS EFFICIENCY FREQUENCY SHAFT SPEED MANUFACTURER MODEL (MW) (CCGT) (MW) (OCGT) (MW) (KJ/KWH) (%) (HZ) (RPM) RB211-G62 DLE . 10.2 59.4 . 42. 64. 8811 .7 26. 15400 SYSTEMS VPS4 3. . 10355 . 11874 . . . 51.7% (net) 50 - Trent 60 WLE ISI* .4 50 . . 37. 49. 64.3 . .3 40. 9882 . 107.4% (net) 60 - SGT6-8000H 274 . .1 58 . .9 62.515 . . 12078 . 54 40. .1 .4 .7 .8% (net) 50/60 - RB211-H63 WLE . 100. 1800 SOLAR GAS Taurus 65 6.8 59.6 . .3 . 13.peimagazine. 10664 .945 32. .25 .6 31.7 28. 50.7% (net) 60 - Trent 60 WLE* . . . . 9446 . 11492 . .75 . 1800 Taurus 60 (mobile) 5. 51% (net) 60 - Trent 60 WLE ISI* . . 11053 SGT-100 4.230 34. 1800 Titan 130 (mobile) 15 . 11773 . . .885 33 .6 . 3600 SIEMENS SGT-400 12. 3600 SGT5-8000H 375 . 1800 Mercury 50 4. . .45 . 10533 . 52.795 24. . 40. . 6100 SGT-700 35. .2 .2 .425 31. 107.280 20. 73. 89.8% (net) 50/60 - RB211-H63 WLE . .1% (net) 60 - Trent 60 DLE ISI* .4 .4 . 9. .910 27.9 .4 . 15400 *Water injected 38 www. 1800 Titan 250 21. 10. 72. .7 59. 50% (net) 50 - Trent 60 WLE* . 50. 1800 Mars 90 9. . 77.43 . 48.9 . 52. 12.6 .300 31. 14010 SGT-200 6.9 . 50. 10. 1800 Taurus 60 5. .650 32.1 . 75. .745 . 101. 17384 SGT6-2000E 113 . 53.6 58 . . . 1800 TURBINES Taurus 70 7.9 .9 . 49. 39. 48. 9.7% (net) 50 - Trent 60 DLE ISI* . . 9500 SGT-300 7. 1500/1800 VERICOR POWER VPS3 3.7 .562 28.3 . 16500 SGT-100 5.5% (net) 60 - ROLLS-ROYCE LTD Trent 60 DLE ISI* . 7700 SGT-500 19.4 . 11. 3000 Saturn 20 1.8 . . .9% (net) 50/60 - Trent 60 DLE .425 31.270 29. 3600 SGT5-4000F 292 .67 .9 .4% (net) 50/60 - RB211-GT61 DLE . 9038 .3 50.9 58 .3 .1% (net) 60 - Trent 60 DLE . 11613 . 50. 102.8 .1 .com March 2011 . 50. . . 1800 Centaur 50 4. 11.230 34. 11.2 50 . .1 . 1800 VPS1 0.4 .252 27.2% (net) 50/60 - RB211-GT62 DLE . .2 . 3000 SGT5-2000E 167.PEi P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . 6500 SGT-600 24. 3000 SGT-800 47. 3600 SGT6-5000F 208 .4 62.8 . 17384 SGT-100 5. . . . 1800 Mars 100 11.2 62.77 .1% (net) 50 - Trent 60 WLE* .5 .5 . 52. .1 59. 75.93 . .7% (net) 50 - Trent 60 DLE . 10366 . 53% (net) 50 - Trent 60 DLE .4 . .67 . 90.93 .6 50. 101. 49% (net) 60 - Trent 60 WLE ISI* . . .351 38.

31. .2 542 .6 10.5 x 3.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Gas & Steam Turbine Directory TURBINE INLET EXHAUST MASS FLOW EXHAUST NOX EMISSIONS START-UP TIME WEIGHT DIMENSIONS LxWxH PRESSURE RATIO TEMPERATURE (KG/S) TEMPERATURE (ºC) (PPMV) (MINUTES) (TONNES) (METRES) (ºC) . . 19 445 . . 20. . . 600 600 . 40. . .8 534 . 6. . . . . .5 544 .831 11. . .6 531 . 365 545 .9 x 3. . 39. . .9 15 .6 .57 14.7 x 3.5 x 2.com 39 P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . 17. .98 5. . - . . .57 14. . - 23.1 x 2. - 18.9 . 140.9 8. . - 11.7 . . 17. . . . 29. - 20 .5 505 . .8 . . . - .8 9. . . .7 . 97. . 49. . .6 . . - . . . .3 17. .668 14 x 3.2 . 131. - . . - 14 .5 . . . - .8 510 . - . . . . .87 9. . . . .8 x 3. . .1 x 3.1 . . . - . 67.8 598 . 20. . - 13. 94 528 . . 21. . - . - 19. . 9. 27.1 . . . . - .8 x 2. . . .8 .6 527 . - 11. . 692 577 . . . - 6. 80. - . . . .8 x 1. . - 16.3 462 .3 . . . - .7 8.2 .1 x 2. .175 10. . . . - . . . . .6 16.7 x 3. . . . .3 .7 x 2. 531 536 .4 2. .7 x 2 9. - .0 12. 67. . . . .9 10. .7 580 . . . 113. . . - 17. 31. . . .peimagazine. . . . . . 26.6 . .1 465 . . . - . . .8 x 2.5 487 . .3 x 3. .2 466 . - .62 18. .2 465 . .6 16 . .1 510 . - . .1 x 2. . .4 x 1.8 x 2. 33. - . - 14.4 x 6.7 8. 30. . . . . . . 21.1 .045 9. . . . . .4 x 6.5 10.4 x 3. .08 9. . - . 26. .4 543 . .8 495 . 42. .8 . - . .1 550 .1 x 3.9 369 . . - 12.1 4. 820 625 .5 . . . . - 13 . .5 x 2.7 377 . . 73. . .7 . . 58. - 19.7 . . .8 .6 17. . . . 21. . 510 567 . . . . . .2 485 . . . .8 510 . 12. . . . . - PEi .7 . . . . 68.7 12. 3. . . . 33. - 15. . 13.4 555 . .015 9.7 x 4.2 24. - . . . - 18.March 2011 www.2 .9 485 . 52.9 . . . .4 x 2. 9. - 13 . . .2 . 19. . . . . - .5 x 2.5 . .

65 3000–8000 18 x 8. - GE ENERGY G Series Fossil plants – Three casing 400–750 50/60 .5 x 6 540 140 - SECTOR SST-300 . - STF40 Coal 250–700 50 and 60Hz applicable .5 540 140 - SST-500 .5 7500 8 x 3. . - SST-060 . - . 90–250 . - 125+ models available Multi-stage 100 kW–75 MW 750–18 000 . . 8. . 600 300 - SST-5000 . 50 12 000 12 x 4 x 5 520 120 - SST-400 . 300– 1200 . - STF60 Coal 500–900 50 and 60Hz applicable . . 1. - MT Biomass/Industrial/Waste-to-Energy/SCP 50–130 50 and 60Hz applicable . 6 . .5 x 2.5 520 110 - SST-6000 . . . . - TM2 Concentrated Solar Power 45–60 50 and 60Hz applicable . - STF25 Coal 100–350 50 and 60Hz applicable . 1 x 1 x 1. - N Series Nuclear 1500 50/60 . - ALSTOM POWER STF30C CCGT 150–400 50 and 60Hz applicable . . . - ARABELLE Nuclear 1800 50 and 60Hz applicable .8 x 3.9 . .2 .peimagazine. . 10 .4 480 65 - SST-150 . . . - SST-010 . - G Series Fossil plants – Four casing 650 – 900 50/60 . 100 3000–15 000 19 x 6 x 5 540 140 - SST-700 . . . . 9 x 2. 131 - SST-900 .3 .11 . . 15 000 SST-050 . . 7 .8 x 0. .com March 2011 . . 100 15 000 19 x 6 x 5 400 30 SST-100 . 10 . 175 3000–13 200 22 x 15 x 6 585 165 - SIEMENS ENERGY SST-800 .7 x 3. . . . 250 3000–3600 20 x 11 x 10 585 165 SST-600 .5 x 5. - STF100 Coal 700–1200 50 and 60Hz applicable . 1. . 600 190 - SST-3000 . - A Series Fossil Plants 250 50/60 . . 131 - SST-110 .2 x 0. 131 - SST-120 . .P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Gas & Steam Turbine Directory Steam Turbine Technical Data DIMENSIONS INLET GAS FLOW POWER RATING SHAFT SPEED INLET TEMP OEM MODEL TYPE/APPLICATION LxWxH PRESSURE RATE (MW) (RPM) (0C) (METRES) (BAR) (M3/H) GRT Biomass/Industrial/Waste-to-energy/SCP 5–60 50 and 60Hz applicable . .2 . . . . .PEi P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . - D Series Fossil Plants 200–500 50/60 . 20 13 300 12 x 4 x 5 505 103 - SST-200 . . 150 3000–3600 20 x 8. - . . .5 x 2. . - GST Geothermal 20–60 50 and 60Hz applicable . .8 x 3. . . - COMAX Cogeneration 100–400 50 and 60Hz applicable . . 0.750 . - DRESSER-RAND 25 models available Single-stage 1 kW–3 MW 500–15 000 . 6 x 2. 565 177 - 40 www. 4 x 2 x 2. . . 120–750 .5 . 0. . . - STF15C CCGT 100–250 50 and 60Hz applicable .

any- where. MTU Maintenance Berlin-Brandenburg is committed to the highest quality and reliability standards. located near Berlin.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F -VYTVYLPUMVYTH[PVULU[LY H[WLPOV[PTZJVT ________ Anytime.mtu. quality work and smoothly organized logistics. www. advanced repair techniques. we take pride in our customized maintenance concepts. out- standing reliability. LM5000 and LM6000 series gas turbines for decades. Our highly mobile service team is available 24/7 wherever you need it. we care! MTU’s industrial gas turbine experts deliver excellent service. LM2500+. As MTU’s center of excellence for industrial gas turbines. We have been repairing and overhauling GE LM2500.de P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGSF .

PEi P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F .Jenbacher Gas Engines AMETEK Detection systems Meggitt Control Systems/Whittaker DEIF A/S explosion Controls Magellan Aerospace Corp (Orenda) MAN Diesel & Turbo SE Endress+Hauser BV Chemetron Fire Systems Power Jacks Ltd Espartec SA de CV SDMO Industries Thermo Scientific SIPOS Aktorik GmbH Huadian Measurement and Control SES Tlmace STI Srl Sherborne Sensors flame Tefulong Group Co Ltd SITAL srl Vaisala Oyj BFI Automation GmbH Voith Turbo GmbH & Co KG SKODA POWER Zat as Chemetron Fire Systems Young & Franklin Inc Solar Turbines Inc Iris Systems Inc TPS Termiska Processer AB temperature monitoring PIA Inc Air cleaners.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Gas & Steam Turbine Directory Products and Services Classified Listing Cogeneration systems EMKO Elektronik AS Leslie Controls Inc PRODUCTS BEIRENS SAS TechniData AG Niagara Blower Heat Transfer Combustion Energy & Steam Woodward GmbH Solutions Actuators Welland & Tuxhorn AG Specialists Ltd AUMA Riester GmbH & Co KG meters and instruments Dresser-Rand Co Ltd HEINZMANN GmbH & Co KG GE Energy . dryers and ACR Systems Inc filters Combined cycles gas Combustion Energy & Steam AEG Power Solutions Advanced Filtration Concepts Inc AMETEK Chemetron Fire Systems Specialists Ltd Balcke-Dürr GmbH BFI Automation GmbH Rongxin Power Electric Co Ltd GE Energy Camfil Farr Power Systems AB CIB Solar Ltd Thermo Scientific Magellan Aerospace Corp (Orenda) DEFITEC Sprl EMKO Elektronik AS Donaldson Co Inc MAN Diesel & Turbo SE intrusion METKA Espartec SA de CV GEAFILTRI Gasparini Associates United Process Controls Argon Security Technologies Inc NEM Power-Systems Air compressors SKODA POWER leak Control systems Doosan Infracore Portable Power Solar Turbines Inc ABB Pte Ltd Thermo Scientific DATAKOM Ltd Zolo Technologies Inc Air heaters and Combustion Diamond Power International Inc Diagnostic systems preheaters control and optimization Doosan HF Controls Aerofin Corp systems Burgmann Industries GmbH & Co Emerson Process Management KG Balcke-Dürr GmbH CBP Engineering Corp EMKO Elektronik AS Gaumer Process Diamond Power International Inc Gas Turbine Efficiency Espartec SA de CV GEA Renzmann & Grünewald epro GmbH SAS Global Corp Gas Turbine Controls Corp GmbH Rovsing Dynamics A/S systems and burners HEINZMANN GmbH & Co KG Kingsbury Repair & Service Drives HEINZMANN UK Ltd SES Tlmace Bromford Industries Ltd Detroit Stoker Co Honeywell Process Solutions dampers Bearings L-3 Communications Mapps Inc NEM Power-Systems OUESTime Calnetix Inc Mega-Fabs Motion Systems Ltd SIPOS Aktorik GmbH Kingsbury Repair & Service Compressors Meggitt Control Systems/Whittaker Controls electronic Mecos Traxler AG air PAN Metallgesellschaft Baumgärtner MONICON Instruments Co Ltd Calnetix Inc BORSIG GmbH GmbH & CoKG NAT-COM LEROY-SOMER Doosan Infracore Portable Power Promec SRL Thomson Technology LLP Mega-Fabs Motion Systems Ltd Kobelco EDTI Compressors Inc Turbo Parts LLC Trihedral Engineering Ltd MAN Diesel & Turbo SE Woodward GmbH fluid Borescopes.Barron Industries Specialised Overhaul Service P/L Condensers Welland & Tuxhorn AG ABB Inc Holtec International ABB Pte Ltd ZOK International Group Ltd WES GmbH Smithco Engineering Inc Converteam GmbH Coatings/lining materials SPX Heat Transfer Inc Desuperheaters ELIN Motoren GmbH CBP Engineering Corp Balcke-Dürr GmbH SIPOS Aktorik GmbH Henkel Corp/Loctite Controllers Copes-Vulcan Voith Turbo GmbH & Co KG International Paint LLC energy management Holter Regelarmaturen GmbH & DEIF A/S Co KG 42 www. Fibrescopes gas Couplings mechanical Karl Storz Industrial-America Inc Lufkin Industries Inc BORSIG GmbH ATCO Structures & Logistics - Lenox Instrument Co Ringfeder Corp Dresser-Rand Co Ltd Environmental Systems Ritepro Inc GE Energy LEROY-SOMER Castings Voith Turbo BHS Getriebe GmbH Kobelco EDTI Compressors Inc MAN Diesel & Turbo SE Doosan Heavy Industries & Voith Turbo GmbH & Co KG MAN Diesel & Turbo SE Power Jacks Ltd Construction Co Ltd Fulmer Co Minco UK Ltd Dampers Ringfeder Corp SAMPI SpA Camfil Farr Power Systems AB Voith Turbo BHS Getriebe GmbH Cleaning equipment ZOK International Group Ltd Lisega AG variable speed Rochem Technical Services Process Equipment . Turbocam Europe Ltd Voith Turbo GmbH & Co KG Videoscopes.peimagazine.com March 2011.

dresser-rand. hydrocarbon and process industries.com Compressors—Turbo & Reciprocating / Steam Turbines / Gas Turbines / Control Systems / Expanders » www. Clients are looking for green energy solutions with high reliability. YOU JUST NEED TO KNOW WHERE TO LOOK. cogeneration and waste-to-energy. as well as universities and municipalities. turn to Dresser-Rand and see what we have to offer. sugar. If your vision is to develop clean.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F -VYTVYLPUMVYTH[PVULU[LYH[WLPOV[PTZJVT ________ Bringing energy and the environment into harmony. among other applications. The Americas: (Int’l +1) 713-354-6100 / EMEA: (Int’l +33) 2-35-25-5225 Asia-Pacific: (Int’l +60) 3-2093-6633 / info@dresser-rand. renewable energy.com P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . Dresser-Rand has considerable experience in steam turbine systems for combined cycle. Our turbine generator sets feature rugged designs and produce power for pulp and paper.® GREEN ENERGY IS ALL AROUND YOU. low maintenance and maximum efficiency.

Barron Industries Caterpillar Inc Allen Gears Orion Instruments Unison Centrax Ltd Lufkin Industries Inc Piezo Technologies Combustion Energy & Steam Philadelphia Gear Fans Specialists Ltd Power Jacks Ltd pressure BEIRENS SAS Copower LLC Voith Turbo BHS Getriebe GmbH Endress+Hauser Instruments Boldrocchi Srl Dongfang Electric Corp International AG Canadian Buffalo Heat exchangers Racine Flow Meter Group Dresser-Rand Co Ltd Aerofin Corp M-CTI GmbH Gas Turbine Controls Corp The New York Blower Co Agni Inc temperature GE Energy Alfa Laval AB Process Equipment . an ALSTOM Co TE Tecnologie per l’Energia srl Orival Water Filters Zolo Technologies Inc Rolls-Royce Vahterus Oy Plenty Process Filtration Shanghai Electric West Pomerenian University of Lube-oil systems SAMPI SpA Siemens AG Energy Sector Technology Ansaldo Thomassen BV Gas compressors Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery GEA Renzmann & Grünewald Belyea Co Inc Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery Heat recovery/HRSGs GmbH D&J Resources Ltd Aalborg Industries Oy Roper Pump Co Gas and Air Systems Inc .com March 2011.PEi P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F .Barron Industries Endress+Hauser Instruments Hitachi Power Europe AMETEK Fluoropolyer Products Ring Power Corp International AG IHI Corp Anguil Environmental Systems Smithco Engineering Inc Racine Flow Meter Group International Energy Systems (1983) Aprovis Energy Systems GmbH Zolo Technologies Inc Filters and filtration Ltd Balcke-Dürr GmbH systems International Power Machinery Co EJ Bowman Ltd vibration Kawasaki Heavy Industries Metrix Instrument Co AAF International (American Air Filter) GEA Renzmann & Grünewald LPP Combustion LLC GmbH Perpetuum Ltd Advanced Filtration Concepts Inc Magellan Aerospace Corp (Orenda) Haden Drysys International Ltd Aquatech International Corp Inspection equipment Maximum Turbine Support Inc Holtec International Beaudrey FSI Technologies Inc McLellan and Partners Ltd LHE Co Ltd Blackthorn Environmental Ltd Mee Industries Inc Camfil Farr Power Systems AB Mid America Engine Inc Loterios SpA Instruments.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Gas & Steam Turbine Directory other ALSTOM Power Process Plugins Inc level Power Jacks Ltd Ansaldo Energia PSM.GAS Solar Turbines Inc Anguil Environmental Systems Westfalia Separator AG ITH GmbH Sulzer Turbo Services Aprovis Energy Systems GmbH Minco UK Ltd TurboCare Bachmann Industries Inc Lubricants PCA Engineers Ltd Turbomach Belyea Co Inc ExxonMobil Lubricants & Petroleum TurboCare Turbotect Ltd D&J Resources Specialties Vooner FloGard Corp Volvo Aero Corp GEA Barr-Rosin Inc Henkel Corp/Loctite ZOK International Group Ltd Wabash Power Equipment Co Hurst Boiler & Welding Co Inc Shell Lubricants Wood Group GTS The Install TEAM Gas turbine inlet cooling Woodward Kempen GmbH Microturbines Korridor Capital Investments LLC AAF International (American Air Filter) Bowman Power Group Ltd ZOK International Group Ltd Macchi Advanced Filtration Concepts Inc Capstone Turbine Corp Nebraska Boiler Aerofin Corp Gas turbine parts. Rentech Boiler Systems Inc FP Turbomachinery BV AxEnergy Ltd components and Mecos Traxler AG Southport Equipment Camfil Farr Power Systems AB accessories PCA Engineers Ltd Sutton Stromart Ltd CAT PUMPS-High Pressure Pumps & Allied Power Group LLC Turbocam Europe Ltd TesTex NDT Ltd Systems Ansaldo Thomassen BV Volvo Aero Corp Thermal Ceramics Dectron Internationale Inc Braden Manufacturing LLC Monitoring equipment Donaldson Co Inc Bromford Industries Ltd Heaters FP Turbomachinery BV Doncasters Group Ltd Balcke-Dürr GmbH combustion control Gas Turbine Efficiency FIAV L MAZZACCHERA SPA CIB Solar Ltd AMETEK GE Energy Gaumer Process Gaumer Process BFI Automation GmbH Hitachi Power Europe GEAFILTRI Gasparini Associates Loesche GmbH Emerson Process Management Mee Industries Inc GEA Renzmann & Grünewald Iris Systems Inc SPIG SpA GmbH Indicators M&W Asketeknik SPX Cooling Technologies GmbH GE Energy flow PIA Inc Turbine Air Systems Ltd KE-Burgmann A/S AMETEK QinetiQ Turbomach Kingsbury Repair & Service Endress+Hauser Instruments SAS Global Corp NORD-LOCK Inc International AG Zolo Technologies Inc Gas turbines Power Developments International Magnetrol International Inc Aerofin Corp FZCO Piezo Technologies Allen Gears Racine Flow Meter Group 44 www.und Anlagenbau Industrieausruestungen EMKO Elektronik AS NPO Saturn GmbH DEFITEC Sprl Endress+Hauser BV OPRA Turbines BV Seawater Greenhouse Ltd Dollinger Power Systems MTS Sensors Orenda Aerospace Corp SKODA POWER Donaldson Co Inc Orion Instruments PCA Engineers Ltd Smithco Engineering Inc Eimco Water Technologies Racine Flow Meter Group PCC Structurals Inc Solarnetix Inc Gaumer Process RST Instruments Ltd Power Developments International Southport Equipment GEAFILTRI Gasparini Associates Sherborne Sensors FZCO SPX Cooling Technologies GmbH Hilliard Corp Testo AG Power Machines SRF Europe Ltd Indufil BV Vaisala Oyj Pratt & Whitney Sutton Stromart Ltd Notox Ceramic Filters A/S Weston Aerospace PSM. measuring CCI Thermal Technologies Inc Ormat Nevada Inc Albercorp Minco UK Ltd Rely (UK) Precision Castings Contec GmbH DEIF A/S Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Rosink Apparate.peimagazine. an ALSTOM Co AMETEK Aviation Power & Marine (AP&M) Thermamax Inc Clark-Reliance Corp Expansion joints/ Bachmann Industries Inc THERMO ELECTRIC Co Endress+Hauser Instruments breechings Belyea Co Inc Turbocam Europe Ltd International AG Braden Manufacturing LLC Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd Unison Fozmula Ltd Burgmann Industries GmbH & Co Burns & McDonnell Zambetti E Lumina SPA Huadian Measurement and Control KG BWD Turbines Ltd Magnetrol International Inc KE-Burgmann A/S Capstone Turbine Corp Gears MTS Sensors Process Equipment .

com.nuclearpower-europe. Make sure you don’t miss out by registering today.com P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . or contact Owned and produced by: Flagship Media Sponsors: Asim Niazi T: +44 1992 656 679 E: asimn@pennwell. whose innovation and expertise will shape the future of nuclear power production and usage. MILAN ITALY REGISTER TODAY! Register before the 20th May 2011 and SAVE 10% Supporting Organisations Join us in Milan for Europe’s largest power industry networking event. Both conference and exhibition floor attract the industry’s leading professionals and key decision makers.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Co-located with: Conference & Exhibition 7-9 JUNE 2011 FIERA MILANO CITY. -VYTVYLPUMVYTH[PVULU[LY H[WLPOV[PTZJVT ________ For further information on exhibiting NUCLEAR POWER EUROPE and sponsorship at Nuclear Power ADDRESSING THE HOT BUTTON ISSUES Europe. please visit www.com for more information.nuclearpower-europe. Visit www.

P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Gas & Steam Turbine Directory continuous emission monitoring Pumps McLellan and Partners Ltd Valtorc International equipment Boerger Pumps Asia Pte Ltd Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Velan AMETEK Power Instruments Bran & Luebbe Power Machines Voith Turbo GmbH & Co KG DURAG GmbH CAT PUMPS-High Pressure Pumps & Shanghai Electric Weir Power & Industrial ETR-Unidata Ltd Systems Siemens AG Energy Sector Welland & Tuxhorn AG Industrial Accessories Co-IAC CIS (Holmatro UK) Ltd Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery Woodward GmbH MIDAC Corp D&J Resources SKODA POWER Young & Franklin Inc TechniData AG Flowserve Corp TGM Kanis Turbinen GmbH Friatec-AG Division Rheinhutte Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd Vibration Thermo Scientific Pumpen TurboCare analysis emissions Gorman-Rupp Co Wabash Power Equipment Co CEMB SpA Thermo Scientific Hayward Tyler Ltd Wood Group GTS Data Physics Corp ITT Goulds Pumps Woodward Kempen GmbH Flowserve Corp general Johnson Pump ACR Systems Inc Steam turbine parts. GE Energy Kolfor Plant Ltd HTRI Asia-Pacific AP Sensing GmbH KRAL AG components and ETR-Unidata Ltd HTRI EMEA KSB Aktiengesellschaft accessories Metrix Instrument Co Littelfuse Startco Process Plugins Inc FIAV L MAZZACCHERA SPA Tyco Thermal Controls PCH Engineering A/S Roper Pump Co Franco Tosi Meccanica SpA Rovsing Dynamics A/S temperature SAMPI SpA GEA Renzmann & Grünewald ACR Systems Inc SDS Power Co Ltd GmbH control Solarnetix Inc GE Energy CEMB SpA AMETEK SPX Flow Technology Process Plugins Inc PCH Engineering A/S AP Sensing GmbH Thompson Pump Promec SRL Ringfeder Corp Diamond Power International Inc Voith Turbo GmbH & Co KG Rathbone Precision Metals Inc Technicon Acoustics Littelfuse Startco Vooner FloGard Corp Turbocam Europe Ltd Roctest Ltd monitoring Weir Power & Industrial Turbo Parts LLC THERMO ELECTRIC Co ABB Inc Weston Aerospace Reheaters Superheaters CEMB SpA Balcke-Dürr GmbH Babcock & Wilcox Co epro GmbH Multipollutant emissions Balcke-Dürr GmbH Competitive Energy Insight Inc Flowserve Corp control Metso Power Gaumer Process GE Energy Babcock & Wilcox Co Industrial Control Solutions Ltd Callidus Technologies by Honeywell Seals Temperature monitoring Metrix Instrument Co DCL International Inc Burgmann Industries GmbH & Co and measuring PCH Engineering A/S MIDAC Corp KG equipment Perpetuum Ltd Solvay Chemicals Inc Flowserve Corp ACR Systems Inc Rovsing Dynamics A/S Zolo Technologies Inc Turbo Parts LLC AMETEK Tyco Thermal Controls Nitrogen oxide control Fozmula Ltd Sensors JNT Technical Services Inc systems AMETEK Airgas Specialty Products Fozmula Ltd Littelfuse Startco SERVICES THERMO ELECTRIC Co ATCO Structures & Logistics . FSI Technologies Inc Alignment/balancing Environmental Systems HEINZMANN GmbH & Co KG Valves Fixturlaser AB Babcock & Wilcox Co Sherborne Sensors Apollo Valves Sulzer Turbo Services Callidus Technologies by Honeywell THERMO ELECTRIC Co Aviation Power & Marine (AP&M) PT Sulzer Turbo Services Indonesia Cormetech Inc Unison Bachmann Industries Inc Voith Turbo BHS Getriebe GmbH DCL International Inc United Process Controls Bonetti SpA .NACB LLC EmeraChem CIS (Holmatro UK) Ltd Bearings Haldor Topsoe A/S Steam generators Copes-Vulcan Kingsbury Repair & Service Nationwide Boiler Inc Babcock & Wilcox Co CU Services LLC NEM Power-Systems Hurst Boiler & Welding Co Inc Flowserve Corp Cogeneration Rentech Boiler Systems Inc Indeck Power Equipment Co GE Energy .peimagazine. Franco Tosi Meccanica SpA Ritepro Inc Plastocor-international SA measuring Gas Turbine Controls Corp Rotork Controls Ltd RetubeCo Inc AMETEK Power Instruments GE Energy SIPOS Aktorik GmbH Fozmula Ltd Hitachi Power Europe SK Valve retubing Nasatka Security Inc International Energy Systems (1983) SPX Flow Technology Balcke-Dürr GmbH Roctest Ltd Ltd Swagelok Co Niagara Blower Heat Transfer RST Instruments Ltd International Power Machinery Co Tefulong Group Co Ltd Solutions Kawasaki Heavy Industries Turbo Parts LLC RetubeCo Inc MAN Diesel & Turbo SE United Conveyor Corp SPX Heat Transfer Inc 46 www. an ALSTOM Co ALSTOM Power Kirloskar Brothers LLC SRF Europe Ltd Atomenergomash OJSC KSB Aktiengesellschaft Condensers Thompson Pump Belyea Co Inc Leslie Controls Inc Tioga Pipe Supply Co Inc cleaning Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd Major Inc Unison Balcke-Dürr GmbH Combustion Energy & Steam Maxon International BVBA United Conveyor Corp Beaudrey Specialists Ltd Meggitt Control Systems/Whittaker VALLOUREC & MANNESMANN Eimco Water Technologies Copower LLC Controls TUBES Specialised Overhaul Service P/L D&J Resources MK Consulting ZCL Composites Inc Dongfang Electric Corp Regeltechnik Kornwesthelm GmbH Zeleziarne Podbrezova as repair Dresser-Rand Co Ltd Rely (UK) Precision Castings Balcke-Dürr GmbH Pressure monitoring.com March 2011.PEi P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F .Jenbacher Gas Engines HEINZMANN GmbH & Co KG Solvay Chemicals Inc Nebraska Boiler Harris Group Inc Hilliard Corp Steuler Anlagenbau GmbH & Co Wabash Power Equipment Co METKA Holter Regelarmaturen GmbH & KG Co KG NEWPOLYGEN Steam separators and traps Imbibitive Technologies Combustion diagnostics Piping ITT Goulds Pumps Ashland Inc CU Services LLC and testing JASC: Jansens Aircraft Systems Fabricated Plastics Ltd OUESTime Federal Steel Supply Steam turbines Controls Inc PSM.

we’re much more than a tube fitting company. including orbital welders. we’re In addition to tube fittings. our broad range of products. and happier customers. complete line of hose. See for yourself at swagelok. we’ve been at it for over 60 years. Yes.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F -VYTVYLPUMVYTH[PVULU[LYH[WLPOV[PTZJVT ________ © 2009 Swagelok Company Contrary to what you may think. But when companies are looking harder than ever for greater value. And we have our obsession with Customer Focus to thank for that. known throughout the world for our tube fittings. it’s we also make valves. modular systems. that helps us offer more than you expect.com/moreproducts. filters. and a regulators. P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . And yes.

Pumps and compressors Instrumentation and Brandenburg testing Rochem Technical Services control systems overhauling Sulzer Turbo Services Sulzer Turbo Services calibration Flowserve Corp PT Sulzer Turbo Services Indonesia PT Sulzer Turbo Services Indonesia Gas Turbine Efficiency Sulzer Turbo Services TurboCare Kingsine Electric Automation Co Ltd PT Sulzer Turbo Services Indonesia Vibration control Turbomach Sensor Developments Inc Thompson Pump balancing ZOK International Group Ltd TorcUP Industrial Bolting Tools CEMB SpA maintenance Weir Minerals Netherlands bv overhauling Gas Turbine Controls Corp monitoring Everest Sciences Inc Honeywell Process Solutions rebuilding CEMB SpA MTU Maintenance Berlin.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Gas & Steam Turbine Directory Corrosion control and rebuilding Lube oil repair monitoring Sulzer Turbo Services ExxonMobil Lubricants & Petroleum Flowserve Corp Aquilex Welding Services BV PT Sulzer Turbo Services Indonesia Specialties Roper Pump Co Nalco Shell Lubricants Sulzer Turbo Services Plastocor-international SA servicing PT Sulzer Turbo Services Indonesia Allied Power Group LLC Maintenance services Structural Preservation Systems Thompson Pump Ansaldo Thomassen BV Ansaldo Energia Weir Minerals Netherlands bv Gas turbine inlet cooling Aviation Power & Marine (AP&M) Endress+Hauser BV design/engineering ExxonMobil Lubricants & Petroleum Energy Capital Repair services. GE Energy ITT Goulds Pumps AxEnergy Ltd Brandenburg Industrial Accessories Co-IAC Stork Turbo-Service GmbH Camfil Farr Power Systems AB Stork Turbo-Service GmbH Kingsine Electric Automation Co Ltd Structural Preservation Systems Everest Sciences Inc Sulzer Turbo Services Metso Power Sulzer Turbo Services FP Turbomachinery BV PT Sulzer Turbo Services Indonesia MWM GmbH PT Sulzer Turbo Services Indonesia Kiewit PIA Inc WES GmbH Mee Industries Inc Heat exchangers TIC-The Industrial Co feasibility studies coil upgrading URS Steam generators. an ALSTOM Co Stork Turbo-Service GmbH Power Developments International GEA Barr-Rosin Inc Tyco Thermal Controls Sulzer Turbo Services FZCO Innovative Steam Technologies Weston Aerospace PT Sulzer Turbo Services Indonesia Sulzer Turbo Services Kuttner LLC (also Kuttner North TorcUP Industrial Bolting Tools America) Outage services TurboCare PT Sulzer Turbo Services Indonesia METKA AREVA Turbomach overhauling Nalamwar Energy Systems Pvt Ltd BHI Energy maintenance NEWPOLYGEN Climax Portable Machine Tools Promec SRL Allied Power Group LLC Nooter/Eriksen Inc GmbH Sulzer Turbo Services Ansaldo Thomassen BV Flowserve Corp PT Sulzer Turbo Services Indonesia Aviation Power & Marine (AP&M) Inspection services GE Energy TorcUP Industrial Bolting Tools DATAKOM Ltd Balcke-Dürr GmbH Metso Power SIPOS Aktorik GmbH rebuilding Dectron Internationale Inc Buckley Industrial GE Energy URS Sulzer Turbo Services Fixturlaser AB PT Sulzer Turbo Services Indonesia FP Turbomachinery BV TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH Westinghouse Electric Co TorcUP Industrial Bolting Tools MTU Maintenance Berlin.com March 2011.peimagazine. SWAN Systeme AG Flowserve Corp Flowserve Corp Brandenburg Sulzer Turbo Services GE Energy PAS Technologies Inc repair PT Sulzer Turbo Services Indonesia Industrial Control Solutions Ltd Sulzer Turbo Services Gas Turbine Controls Corp Thompson Pump PCH Engineering A/S PT Sulzer Turbo Services Indonesia Weir Minerals Netherlands bv Tyco Thermal Controls Turbomach 48 www.North America Corona installation Balcke-Dürr GmbH Inspection Training Institute Power Machines Graycor Beaudrey Elcon International AB PSM. Mee Industries Inc Aerofin Corp WES GmbH maintenance and repair Balcke-Dürr GmbH Babcock & Wilcox Co maintenance/repair Mechanical failure Powertech Labs Inc AAF International (American Air inspection analysis URS Filter) Balcke-Dürr GmbH ExxonMobil Lubricants & Petroleum AxEnergy Ltd Specialties Steam turbines rebuilding Camfil Farr Power Systems AB aligning GE Optimization & Control Aerofin Corp Metal fabricating and Fixturlaser AB Power Developments International Balcke-Dürr GmbH machining Sulzer Turbo Services FZCO RetubeCo Inc Daetwyler Custom Fabrication & PT Sulzer Turbo Services Indonesia Machining Gas turbines retubing METKA blade repair Balcke-Dürr GmbH blade repair Metso Power Power Machines ESCO Tool TIC-The Industrial Co Allied Power Group LLC Sulzer Turbo Services RetubeCo Inc BWD Turbines Ltd PT Sulzer Turbo Services Indonesia Smithco Engineering Inc Monitoring MTU Maintenance Berlin. general Specialties ExxonMobil Lubricants & Petroleum Ansaldo Thomassen BV AAF International (American Air GE Energy Specialties Flowserve Corp Filter) MTU Maintenance Berlin. Wiromet SA Zaklady Mechaniczne Ansaldo Energia Brandenburg tube cleaning PAS Technologies Inc CITI . an ALSTOM Co Sulzer Turbo Services Eimco Water Technologies Encore Networks Sulzer Turbo Services PT Sulzer Turbo Services Indonesia Specialised Overhaul Service P/L epro GmbH PT Sulzer Turbo Services Indonesia EUtech Scientific Engineering GmbH maintenance TurboCare tube plugging Iris Systems Inc Dresser-Rand Co Ltd Turbotect Ltd Balcke-Dürr GmbH MIDAC Corp GE Energy JNT Technical Services Inc installation PIA Inc GE Optimization & Control Aviation Power & Marine (AP&M) Heat recovery/HRSGs Proton Energy System SKODA POWER Graycor Clyde Bergemann Power Group PSM.PEi P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F .

As leading manufacturers of exhaust silencers. rely on us.co. we can provide solutions for a wide range of industrial Charnwood Edge. And if you want to do the same. So when you want maximum performance with the minimum of fuss. Leicestershire customised solutions to minimise LE7 4UZ specific or unusual noises. Just like the alligator. IMS: when you don’t want to attract attention to yourself P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F .uk With our help you can keep the workload www. intake attenuators. Alligators. Telephone +44 (0)116 2604985 Fax +44 (0)116 2605151 Don’t let noise spoil your reputation.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F -VYTVYLPUMVYTH[PVULU[LYH[WLPOV[PTZJVT ________ Hard at work … keeping quiet Power doesn’t have to be noisy or showy. for example.uk up and the noise level down. we can help. are experts at masking their presence by maintaining the lowest possible profile. Syston Road and marine applications. We make exhaust systems that lower noise and reduce disturbance to an acceptable level.silencers. turbine silencers and heat Industrial & Marine Silencers Ltd recovery systems. including Cossington.co. E-mail sales @ silencers. steam vent silencers.

rohm@ametek. Contact: Nat’l Sls Mgr. aeroflo@aeroflo.com. Contact: Mktg Mgr.acrsystems. Bev Raisner enquiry@acrsystems. USA.com.alstom. Contact: Mktg Mgr. Contact: Ind’l Prods Mgr. Contact: Inside Sls/Bus Support Svcs.com Contact: Proj Admin. chatillon. PO Box 9.com 29801 Euclid Ave. PA 15238. USA. Bassington Ln. power.com Frank Vito Aalborg Industries Oy (sub of AMPCO Pittsburgh Corp).aafintl. Contact: VP Engr/Ch Eng. 24502. 19702. sales@alber. Newark.abb. USA. Houston. PA 19044. USA. +60-3-3361-8788. (div of Airgas AMETEK 95. Andy Gavrilos Gas Operations Div. (div of Process Land Instruments Div.com. sales@aerofin. +31-20-4077-800. Pekka www. ABB Inc 40000 Malaysia. 6340 Sugarloaf Pkwy. TX 255 N Union St. www. Teri Moyer www. Singapore 139935 info@airgasspecialtyproducts. www.com.com. Inc). ON L4Z 3E3.com. Genova 16152 Shah Alam. Lorong Keluli 1B. Suite 600.com Contact: US Distribution Mgr. BC V3W 1K7.com. www. 10300 Henri Canada. Worcestershire WR10 2BZ.com. Lars Jeraeus AAF International AEG Power Solutions AMETEK Fluoropolyer (American Air Filter) PO Box 82. Allen Gears Products 10300 Ormsby Park Pl.com/ Ansaldo Thomassen BV pspmarketing@us. www. +1-302-456-4431.com. +1-602-997-1007. Steve Bleier 12-205 Matheson Blvd E. Contact: Sls Mgr. 00 Sweden. www.ametekfpp. USA. Duluth. Lund SE-221 USA. +1-770-717-2200. PO Box Contact: Mktg Mgr.sales@ametek. 455 Corporate Blvd. Rudeboksvägen Rd. power ____ (div of Ansaldo Energia). Contact: Sls Mgr.aalborg-industries. Pershore. conbraco@conbraco. Scott Crone Apollo Valves www.jeraeus@alfalaval. 4621 Murray Pl.drexelbrook.com.com. NY sales@aalborg-industries. ALSTOM Power communication@aen.aegps. Contact: Mktg. Rochester. www.com lars. UK.alfalaval.com Airgas Specialty Products Havelandeseweg 8D. Contact: Dir. Alpha Energy Anguil Environmental Power Electronics Div. Atlas Works. tmoyer@advfiltration.aeroflo. 7111 Telegraph Rd. +1-323-832-8316. Section 7. Bldg 210.com/solar Contact: Dir Sls/Svc NAM.com March 2011. +31-26-497-5800. Los Angeles. Kelli Williams Contact: Prod Mgr.com Läiskä Aeroflo Inc Contact: Sls Mgr. (div of Alpha Technologies Services Systems Bourassa Blvd W.com. Zwanenburg 1160 AB The (div of Rolls-Royce Plc). Bruce Gover USA. 2 Ayer Rajah USA.landinst.abb.fl-lar@ametek. Dave Carroll Contact: Gen Mgr. Nigel Clare 50 www. +1-414-365-6400.chatillon.com www. +1-412-828-9040. Mark Scachetti www.PEi P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . Cramlington. OH www.abb. Selangor Darul Ehsan Italy.com www. contact@aegps. Matthews. info@agni-inc. GA 30097. 8600 Somerset Dr. Pompano Drexelbrook Div. Contact: Dir Sls/Mktg.com. +1-215-674-1234. ABB Inc Mississauga.apollovalves.fpp@ametek. Pittsburgh. Phoenix. Gary 77070. Weerenweg 29. Surrey. 1628 W Williams 8855 N 55th St. +44-1670-713-477.com.aafintl.com Contact: Mktg Spec.allengears.abb. Kevin Summ powerelectronics _________ Agni Inc www.com/powergeneration PO Box 247.ametekpower. USA. Kawasan Contact: Strategic Bus Dev. sales@anguil. FL info@ansaldothommassen.ansaldo. www. Larry Ansaldo Energia Monk Perindustrian Bukit Raja. Mike Green 12960 84th Ave.com. www. www. Wickliffe. +46-46-366500. +1-281-444-3535. VA AMETEK Power Rauma FI-26101 Finland.info@ametek. AZ 85027. DE Louisville.it. Northumberland NE23 90640. mfas@aafintl. Beach. PO Box 74. 8AF.fi.com gloria.com Dr.gasturbineinletairfilters. Station Rd.com Carroll dbartlett@alliedpg. +1-727-536-7831.aerofin. +44-1386-552211. +39-10-6551.com pes@ca. Luis Vieira +41-562057733. Dan Bartlett Contact: Prod Mgr.com.airgasspecialtyproducts. Rheden 6991 GS The Inc). 33773. Mark Kooister Singapore. WI QC H4S 1N6.com CH-5401 Switzerland. Allied Power Group LLC Instruments +358-10-838-3800. 44092.com Contact: Sls Dir.com Crescent.com UK. Largo.com. +1-440-585-8484. USA. Power Systems Div.com. USA. FL 33064. NC Contact: Mktg Comms Mgr. Netherlands. USA. Samantha Paul Kaivopuistontie 33. +1-704-841-6000.com +1-604-591-1128. St Laurent. www.com/ aerequests@alpha.com ACR Systems Inc +1-954-623-6660.alber. Brown Boveri Strasse 7.eng@sg. www.com drexelbrook.thomassenturbinesystems. USA. USA. info.com.com.com www.com 10131 Mills Rd. Milwaukee. +1-585-263-7700. 1. KY 40232-5690. Power Systems Power Generation Div. www. Canada. Baden www. Test & Calibration Instruments Div. +1-502-637-0011. www. +1-905-890-6192. Aerofin Corp www.alpha. michelle. +1-514-332-5350.com. Netherlands. ABB Pte Ltd Suite 300. Madsen Via N Lorenzi 8. Michelle Rohm Contact: Power Tech Mgr. +65-6776-5711.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Gas & Steam Turbine Directory Company Classified Listing AAF International Advanced Filtration Alfa Laval AB AMETEK (American Air Filter) Concepts Inc Market Unit Power Div. USA. +1-434-845-7081.peimagazine. www.anguil. Lynchburg. Canada.ansaldoenergia. www.com. Horsham.com. 53223. 205 Keith Valley Rd. Contact: Gen Mgr Bus Dev. Eng 3103 N Andres Ave Ext. Derek No 16. www. Gloria Albercorp AMETEK 28106. 150 Freeport Power & Industrial Div.com www. CA Technology).com.alliedpg.agni-inc.abb.abb. Lee Coleman sales@allengears. 14605.

Project Management .Full Turnkey Contracts .Commissioning .Coal Mine Methane Gas Engine Modules from 100kW .Anaerobic Digestion .Innovative Finance Options .com Web: www.Feasibility Consultancy .P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F -VYTVYLPUMVYTH[PVULU[LYH[WLPOV[PTZJVT ________ The Total Energy Solution Provider: .com P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGSF .Operation & Maintenance Proven Technical Solutions for: . Bletchley Road.Syn Gas .Gasification .edinauk.4000kW Sole Distributor in the UK & Ireland for Edina UK Unit 13 Rugby Park.Landfill Gas .Bio Gas .Sewage Gas .Design & Construction .Combined Heat and Power -Trigeneration . Stockport SK4 3EF T: +44 (0) 161 432 8833 F: +44 (0) 161 975 1499 E: sales@edinauk.

UK.co.USA. Bonetti SpA .com.com. +49-2102-9682-0.ferguson@honeywell.com www. ME 04210-2150. +91-11-66337000.de.co. USA. +65-6562-9540. +1-207-784-1903.boldrocchi. +39-39-2202-1.com www. Canada. 609965 Burgmann Industries Argon Security bachmann@bachmannusa. lauren. Philippe Schuermann Blackthorn Environmental www.com. Suite 1100.com. Milan. emarketing@wsi.atcoet.com bjgallagher@msn.us. Contact: VP. 5200 Blazer Pkwy. www. Systems s. USA. sales@belyeapower.com info@bromfordindustries. (sub of Freudenberg & Co). OH 343 W Drake Rd.com info@bfi-automation. Singapore. www.auma. +7-495-668-20-93.com. Tulsa.spx. USA.com.beaudrey.it Energy Div. Southampton SO14 5QY. Contact: Dir Eng.com Egellsstr 21.de www.beirens. Belvidere Rd. Marconiweg 16. www.bont. Netherlands.com Contact: SCR Mgr. PA Ocean Quay. +1-561-732-6000. PO Box Ltd Contact: Gen Mgr. CO.bfi-automation. Contact: Sls Dir Ind’l Solutions Contact: Gen Oper Mgr. Beaudrey Contact: NA Rep. 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Steffen Hauff Edwards Contact: Sls Mgr. donna.aquatech. Contact: Dir. Logistics . OH West Sussex PO19 7DN. Chris Messier UK. www.com Germany. sales@buckley-industrial. Stirling Rd.com.uk. 260 Holiday Contact: Export Coord. Port Moody. Thom Johnson sales@nacbvalves. Easton.com www.burnsmcd.callidus. Aquatech International Aviation Power & Marine Contact: Dir Sls/Svc. +1-519-220-0600. MO 64114. Bruce Gallagher Kansas City.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Gas & Steam Turbine Directory Aprovis Energy Systems Atomenergomash OJSC Belyea Co Inc Bowman Power Group Ltd GmbH Bldg 3. 60 Industrial Park Rd. Allen Aquilex Welding Services AxEnergy Ltd BHI Energy Daniszewski BV (member of Walter Meier Group). Wes Contact: Dir Sls Europe.+49-7031-435-5910. 28 Ozerkovskaya 2200 Northwood Ave. UK. 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USA. Canada. www. +1-704-948-1250. +1-858-566-0221.com/local +1-740-687-6500.uk Contact: Dir Sls/Mktg.com. +44-1604-642020. PO Box Turkey. www. San 465 Laird Rd.tr www.com COVENT Fans Inc Contact: PR Coord. 16633 Foltz Pkwy. www.uk. USA.North America Copower LLC 1R2.wang@126. Yorba Linda. Monroe. Northampton.dcl-inc.com B-1410 Belgium. +49-30-7622-0.daetwyler-usa. Devon TQ12 4SQ. Canada. www. Minneapolis. Lancaster. PA Tools GmbH dmckinnon@coventfans. Muraste.uk Contact: Gen Mgr.com www.cormetech. +49-22-24-98-93-0. +1-847-439-2303.com Contact: Mktg Comms. Bad Honnef 53604 datakom@datakom. QC H4R AC. USA.dectron. Jie Wang Contact: Bus Dev Power Generation.cibsolar. NC 28078. Harku.ee. +86-10-6159-2294. Herman Artinian Contact: Sls/Mktg/Gen Mgr.com. +1-905-660-6450.com. Nes Ziona 74000 +37-2517-1111. Dale Caterpillar Inc Contact: Sls Dir. Zelati enquiries@cess. 15301. Bldg 3999 Cote-Vertu. Stromness. Borås SE-503 Southwick Dr.converteam. Washington. info@ccithermal. 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IL 61552. jessie.com 16 Einsteing St. Madeline diamondpower.cat-electricpower.com. Mandello del Combustion Energy & CU Services LLC Peoples Lario 23862 Italy.com. USA. www. USA.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Gas & Steam Turbine Directory Calnetix Inc Centrax Ltd Competitive Energy Insight Daetwyler Custom 23695 Via Del Rio.com sales@centrax. David Contact: Sls Dir.com.defitec. +44-1626-358000. +1-919-620-3000. www. Detroit Stoker Co Plumpton Ave. Ramsey Cronfel Contact: Man Dir. sales@calnetix.cess. Wesel 46485 1400 73rd Ave NE.com Contact: Dir Sls. Viaredsvagen (sub of UTC Fire & Security). rcronfel@cuservices.com Pumps & Systems Barzilay 5000 International Dr. Steve Provol Camfil Farr Power DATAKOM Ltd Systems AB Chemetron Fire Systems Contec GmbH Yukari Dudullu Mah Kutup Sokak. +9-216-466-84-60. 3rd Fl.centrax.com. 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Management 1624 W Crosby Rd. Contact: Group Sls/Mktg Dir. info@emerachem.cn Markus Schabler mms@epro. GA Via Archimede 45. ON L6A email@dongfang.com Contact: Global Bus Dev Dir. Nyhammar SE-770 14 Sweden. Rothienorman. sales@nl.fedsteel. 75 Federal Steel Supply Seoul 135-982 Korea. 608586 Gallows Rd. Suite Power & Water Solutions Div.com info@durag. Jay Garrett Contact: Sls Dept. +44-1332-864-900.de Minneapolis. contact@elinmotoren.doosanportablepower. MO 63005. Moers (div of SPX). Contact: Sls Mgr. Moelndal 1293 Glenway Dr. info@everestsciences. Contact: Bus Dev. Contact: VP/Gen Mgr.it www.epro.peimagazine. 4647 SW 40th Ave. Victor Herrera Cruz Todd Howe 54 www. USA. 666 Burrard St. www.info@ejbowman. www.etr-unidata.com. UK.com www. info@ii. Contact: Power Ind’l Mgr. ETW Energietechnik GmbH Dollinger Power Systems Tony Murphy Endress+Hauser BV Ferdinand-Zeppelin-Strasse 19. OK Contact: Aftermarket Sls Mgr. Vancouver. +1-703-846-1998.com www. Ross Dickinson Staffordshire DE14 2WR. 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FL 34474. Birmingham B6 4AP. Contact: Mktg/Sls. Cambridgeshire USA. info@etr-unidata.com.com info@dresser-rand. NC Dosab. October Hill Rd.nl. Germany.com. www. +49-40-554218-0. sales@dandjresources.com Contact: Sls Dir. Styria A-8160 Austria. christina. www. USA. Nikkelstraat 6-12. G.com.de info@fabricatedplastics.it.com. San (sub of Elos AB).de dollinger. Sichuan +43-3172-90-606-0.com.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Gas & Steam Turbine Directory D&J Resources Dresser-Rand Co Ltd Encore Networks ETR-Unidata Ltd Coshelly.com www.uk Eneco Systems Inc 74145. PE4 5HG. EJ Bowman Ltd www.doosan.dresser-rand.fabricatedplastics. www.fixturlaser. Gary Persichini com Carabellese Contact: Dir Comms.elinmotoren.dandjresources.se. +82-2-513-6229.tr.com. Karanfil Sokak.de www.com.de. +1-508-429-4441.doncasters. Contact: Prod Mgr. www. 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Hamburg 20146 +31-35-695-87-70. +1-704-883-3586. +1-412-963-4000. Peterborough. 1250 Roberts Blvd. Matt Brennan Contact: VP Sls.27.com.de. sales@fedsteel.com Switzerland. Centrum High Voltage Circuit Breaker Testing eneco@eneco. Abu Dhabi United AG 52068 Germany. Gas Turbine Systems Div. Agrate Brianza. Preding/ www.encorenetworks. Tulsa. 37921.com. Vern Smith (sub of Doosan Heavy Industries). harald@elcon. Singapore.com. Sheffield S2 4BB. Contact: Mktg Mgr. 7737 E 42nd Pl.etw-energie. +49-2562-709-0. 1400 W Arab Emirates. USA. +1-865-246-3000. +65-6865-3951. Aberdeenshire AB51 8XB. Duygu Ispalar Contact: Dir Sls.elcon. Suite H. Susan Comiskey Espartec SA de CV Doosan Infracore Portable (sub of FW Murphy). Bin Arar Instruments International Dennewartstraße 25 . Landry & Construction Co Ltd 1729 Louisville Dr. Francesco Turoni USA. Reinach CH-4153 power@eutech. USA. Chesterfield. ingenieria@espartec.emerachem. Marco Weiss www. Mike Zinngrabe 333 Shuhan Ave. 200 ESI Inc of Tennessee FIAV L MAZZACCHERA SPA 124.com March 2011. +1-952-887-3131. Energy Capital Petroleum Specialties info@doncasters.com. MA 01746. www.com Contact: Man Dir.com Dongfang Electric Corp Weiz. ExxonMobil Lubricants & UK. Cameron Stathers Contact: CEO.eutech-scientific.com. Suite A. Contact: Dir Sls/Mktg. 3225 www.PEi P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F .esitenn. Rd. +1-905-832-8161. Contact: Bus Unit Mgmt Power Plants.

www. USA. Nuclear. Zoetermeer 2718 FSI Technologies Inc Datavagen 9A. The new nozzle is designed to replace the existing nozzle. more powerful and environmentally friendly. Oliver Platz Contact: VP. info@gtefficiency. . Pump Div. Glenn Lunger Gas Turbine Controls Corp 466 Saw Mill River Rd. www. Houston. Raleigh. Fred Turek Contact: Man Dir. Werner Schuster Floyd Bensinger FP Turbomachinery BV Gas Turbine Efficiency Heliumstraat 148. PA 18017.com www.  .com www.com.it info@gasair. 1900 S Saunders Berrington Rd.com Contact: Head Mktg. MN 55347. 668 Western Ave. www. +1-630-932-9380. Samuel Leyton EXPERTS IN PROBLEM SOLVING On-line compressor washing for large gas turbines Regular on-line washing reduces performance degradation of gas turbines operating in polluted environments. UK.com USA. FL 32809. Flowserve Corp RS The Netherlands.fpturbo. PA 77040. Robert O’Brien Crankshaw Contact: Mktg Mgr Ash Handling. USA. 175 27.francotosi.com www. 65203 Germany. info@fpturbo.fpturbo. jroberts@fulmercompany. Anshul Pathania Contact: VP Sls. Lewis Kling FP Turbomachinery Fulmer Co Gaumer Process Consultants GmbH 3004 Venture Ct. Ardsley. Rheingaustraße 96-98. +1-919-832-0525.rheinhuette. +49-611-6040. Export. sales@gasturbinecontrols.com. Mark Crosby www. Rheinhutte Pumpen 300 Sunport Ln. www. Extensive tests show that TURBOTECTTM2020 is the most effective cleaner on the market today. Marcus Turner Contact: Prod Portfolio Mgr. power@gaumer. USA. 2300. info@rheinhuette. Colin info-us@flsmidth.barr-rosin. sales@fozmula. www. NY 10502. Turbotect Ltd.com.com. PA sales. Contact: Mgr. USA. Prarie.com. 60148. QC J7G FLSmidth Inc Piazza Monumento.com. TURBOTECTTM2020 has been formulated to dissolve the more aggressive pollutants which are now found at many sites.com info@fsinet. 5215 N O’Connor Blvd. Pneumatic Transport Dept. +49-7641-55346. +1-914-693-0830. Bethlehem. For the new system. Hellertown.com USA. +1-610-264-6800. Wiesbaden USA. 18055. Contact: Mktg Mgr. Par Krossling www.com.com. +1-972-443-6500. +1-952-975-2844. water-based detergent is being introduced. IL Jarfalla Sweden. +1-630-659-3980.flowserve. TX Flowserve Corp Wiesenstrasse 57. Westmoreland 13616 Hempstead Rd.gaumer. +1-713-460-5200. TM In addition to the TURBOTECTTM 950 water-based and TURBOTECT 927 solvent based detergents a new. St. powervalves@flowserve. NC 27603.gtefficiency. +39-0331-522111. Jim Cook GEA Barr-Rosin Inc Franco Tosi Meccanica SpA Gas and Air Systems Inc 92 Prevost.com USA.fls-pt.ca@geagroup. +1-407-304-5200.com. USA. Box 633.de Contact: CMO. www.gasair. Michail Tsomos Contact: COO.com Contact: Pres/CEO. Canada. Eden 79312 Germany. Orlando.fulmercompany. C. Lombard. only the same total volume of washing solution is needed to achieve improved wetting of the surfaces to be cleaned. Michael Makrevski Contact: Power Ind Sls Dir. 15632. Turbotect has introduced an air assisted nozzle which uses air jets to bracket the wash fluid and project it into compressor intakes with larger dimensions and faster air flows.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Gas & Steam Turbine Directory Flowserve Corp Fozmula Ltd Friatec-AG Division Gas Turbine Efficiency Flow Control Div. www. Irving. 1304 Whitaker St. TX 75039.com Contact: Sls Rep.it. Legnano. www. info@gtefficiency.gasturbinecontrols.flowserve.com Contact: Mgr.com. www. +1-724-325-7140.net.gtefficiency.GAS 2S2. Suite +31-79-3434455. but fewer are required. On our website see a 45 second video of the new compressor washing system in action on a 120 MW base loaded gas turbine.com. Emmendingen Industrial Park #3. Leamington Spa. USA. Warwickshire CV31 1NB.com Contact: VP Sls. 18305 Frontier Pl. +46-8-546-10-500. marketing@francotosimeccanica. www.fsinet. 12. +44-1926-466-700.com.barr-rosin.fozmula.net Contact: VP Sls/Mktg. For the largest gas turbines operating today. contact@fpturbo.de.com www.com www.flowserve. Boisbriand. +1-610-838-9625. 2040 Ave Milano Italy.

 Turbotect (USA) Inc. Roselake Drive     30  . PO Box 1411 18811 N.

bromley@turbotect.peimagazine. Switzerland Tomball. Texas 77377 Phone: +41 56 200 5020 Phone: +1 281 255 6092 Fax: +41 56 200 5022 Fax: +1 281 516 0427 E-mail:turbotect@turbotect. CH-5401 Baden.com E-mail:andrew.com -VYTVYLPUMVYTH[PVULU[LYH[WLPOV[PTZJVT ________ PEi .turbotect.March 2011 www.com 55 P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F .com www.

www. +1-705-734-6258. 1387 Haywood Ave.indufil.net +1-519-740-0757.com www. USA. Broadway. (sub of HEINZMANN GmbH & Co and Control jenbacher.com/energy 1 Kimpton Rd.com. J.loctite. www. 555 Lincoln Dr W. Rob Doud Japan. www. gasparini@geafiltri. Schloss indufil@indufil. Michael Barker www. USA. +1-229-346-3545. FL 33431.com paulybg01@gmail.hurstboiler.com/atinlet Schoenau Germany. +31-26-3190-800.harrisgroup. UK. Minden. PO Box International Energy www.com.theinstallteam.hitachi-power.devlin@holtec. www. Pickavance Contact: Mktg Spec. sales@otsg.com.com AZ 85027. Toyosu IHI Bldg. Contact: Pres. Birmingham B25 8AD. Contact: Pres. infobox@hitachi-power. GE Energy +45-4527-2000. (div of GE Energy). Jenbach 6200 HEINZMANN UK Ltd Huadian Measurement Contact: VP Sls/Mktg. 530.net. Peter Walsh www.com Germany. Brugherio. Dave www.ihi. UK. HTRI Asia-Pacific Worksop. www. OH 44017. 640 N Rocky Gorman-Rupp Co Contact: Mktg Mgr. Vincent Baldasare 56 www. 08053. District. GA Contact: Sr VP. 60430. +44-1909-501188.com Rocky Hill. Helge Contact: Corp Prod Mgr.com. GE Optimization & Control Hilliard Corp www.com. Nottinghamshire S81 Leader. GEA Group AG). sales@theinstallteam. KS Contact: Renewables Prod Leader.haywardtyler.com.com Darlington. www. +44-1483-685100.gejenbacher. Nakase 2-6. 30339. The Netherlands.de.hdsc. 40 (sub of Aecon Industrial Group).com/ +1-607-733-7121. USA.imbiberbeads. Occam Rd. Carlton Rd. Marlton.com. +1-440-234-2900.ge-energy. Michael Brady Austria.energy. ies@iesl.com/oc Energy Business Unit Div. www. Haigang The Install TEAM www.net.com GE Energy www. 6.com/ps Industrial Control mary.com. (sub of environmental@hadenmac. +43-5244-600-0. Suite 1500. Denver.geafiltri. Suite 300. Boca Hilco Div.com Contact: Export Sls Mgr. Michael International Ltd Contact: Head PR/Mktg. Canada. Schulz 1506-1508 Coventry Rd. Lyngby GmbH & Co KG PO Box 442.com.hora. Surrey GU2 Conestoga Blvd.renzmann.htri. Henkel Corp/Loctite Hurst Boiler & Welding Co Thompson USA.com 7YG. IHI Corp energy ____ hilliard@hilliardcorp.com Haldor Topsoe A/S Holter Regelarmaturen Indufil BV Contact: Sls Dir. 1631 www.hilliardcorp. www.ge.info@haywardtyler. 8 Hiscott St.graycor. Duisburg. Chris Polis Rummelin Environmental Div.com. www.otsg. Coolidge.holtecinternational. Beihuan Rd.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Gas & Steam Turbine Directory GEAFILTRI Gasparini Graycor Hitachi Power Europe Imbibitive Technologies Associates One Graycor Dr. USA. Indeck Power Equipment GEA Renzmann & Yardley. Chris Elkridge. +44-1420-541-188.com. 4200 Wildwood Pkwy. No 108. Contact: Bus Dev Mgr.iac-intl. Wheeling. Elsenbruch info@heinzmannuk. CT 06067. mail@hora. Peter Lindenhoff +49-5207-89030.gpworldwide.uk 3 Omega Park. USA.com Holte-Stukenbrock 33758 Germany.asia-pacific@htri. Contact: Dir Mktg. Helleforthstrasse 58-60.com. +44-121-765-4040. www. Alton Hants GU34 KG +81-43-297-0353. 60090. Michelle Navedo +49-7673-8208-0.co. +49-6751-9303-0. Durham Tees Valley Airport.com grsales@gormanrupp.peimagazine.htri.com.honeywell. Edward Portaro +1-800-223-8947. denox@topsoe.com Optimization and Control Div. sales@icsincontrol. +1-775-782-3611.com World Business Garden Marive E 7QF. Erik van Regteren Bently Pkwy S. Durham DL2 1PD. USA. Phoenix. USA.com 3-chome. +49-203-8038-0. +39-39-2876145. ON L4N 8L1. htri. Suite 4100. imtech@imbiberbeads. KG).com USA. Koto-ku. Industriestrasse www.ge-energy. +1-678-844-6000. Contact: Sls Dir. info@indeck-power. Toyosu International Paint LLC www. Holtec International Co Grünewald GmbH UK.ge. USA. Hebei 066000 China.PEi P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F .heinzmann. Germany 55569 Contact: UK Sls Mgr.com. ON N1R 7P4. CO Honeywell Process 66202. GA 31738-0530.info@ge.Jenbacher www. Atlanta. Contact: Mktg/Comms Program +44-1582-7311-44.de Industrial Accessories Co- bentlysales@ge.com. Mission. 44903. www. info@graycor. Jennifer Devlin Contact: Sls Mgr. 549 info@heinzmann. 100 W Fourth St. D-79677 Innovative Steam www. 301 Yamata Rd. Enterprise House. +44-1325-332805. www. energysolutions@harrisgroup. USA. +81-3-6204-7800. www. Nymollevej 55. Tokyo 135-8710 Ceilcote Products Div. Guildford. Engine & Turbine Management Div. IL Schiffer Strasse 80. Thomas UK. Jeff Hurst www. Qinhuangdao. 600 S Airport Rd.com.uk. Equipoint. Via Degli Artigiani 14. 1860 W Rose Garden Ln.com 1-3. 21971 US Hwy 319 N. 89423.iesl.international-pc.com.com 6095 Marshalee Dr. OH www. UK. Am Haselbach 1. Nodrhein-Westfalen 47059 ON L2R 1C6. Vancouver. Power Technology Div. Elmira. +1-303-291-0355. Achenseestrasse www.com March 2011. General Physics Corp Contact: Gen Mgr.dk. NY 14902. Industrial Maintenance & Repair Inc energyservices@gpworldwide. www. David Smith wolfgang. 1999 4800 Lamar Ave.co. Mansfield. Berea.ge. USA. USA. 1-1.jp/en USA.net/english/index. GE Energy . +1-800-727-6677. Wolfgang Siffring Catalyst Div. Steven McDermott 2QE.de. Contact: Sls Mgr. Mihamaku. Monzingen. Zevenaar 6900 AK DK-2800 Denmark.atis@ge. IL GEA Heat Exchangers Div. West jhurst@hurstboiler. Homewood. Contact: Prod Mgr. Solutions iaccorp@iac-intl. K.com. Markus Gromer htriemea@htri. +1-905-641-2323. Suite 1. Douglas Cullen +1-561-999-3103.com +1-604-913-6618. HTRI EMEA Technologies Contact: Comms.com. USA.gibson@ps.co. Products Div. Matthias Dirbach IAC www.siffring@geagroup. Canada. +1-847-541-8300.net info. GE Energy HEINZMANN GmbH & Co Chiba 261-7114 Japan. UK. (MB) 20047 Italy. 14F.com. +86-15033542890. Cambridge. NV Contact: Gen Mgr. Glenn Smith Jr.icsincontrol.com. Raegan MacVaugh 80202. The Surrey Technology Centre. +1-856-797-0900. MD 21075. Hayward Tyler Ltd Contact: Mike Abraham Solutions Ltd www.com.com.com Brysacz Contact: Engr Sys Sls Mgr.com j.asp www. Canada. One Henkel Way.topsoe.com Raton. +1-913-384-5511.com. +1-708-206-0500. 180 Taylor Dr.indeck. Sid Sutherland +1-860-571-5316. Systems (1983) Ltd Contact: Dir Bus Dev. St Catharines. BC V7T 1V4. Gas Engines Contact: Man Dir.com Germany. Contact: Tech Sls Support.heinzmann. Barrie.hadenenvironmental.grpumps. Stephen www.com www. NJ 1111 S Willis Ave. +1-419-755-1011. River Dr.com Haden Drysys www. Canada.com. Luton LU1 3LD. Harris Group Inc Contact: Sls Dir. Project Innovators Div.

com ITT Goulds Pumps Contact: Gen Mgr Sls. Karin Riedmann _______________ -VYTVYLPUMVYTH[PVULU[LYH[WLPOV[PTZJVT ________ PEi . USA. +1-216-621-9514.mapps@l-3com. D-67227 Germany.com BC V3S 3V7. Contact: Gen Mgr.USA. Indutrial Estate. 07643. WI Iris Systems Inc America Inc Kirloskar Brothers LLC 53074. USA. (div of 2303 W Almeda Dr.johnson-pump. Park Pearce Ave. +1-215-956-0565.chikhalikar@kbl. +44-1382-778999. Doug Tuley Contact: Asst Mktg. UK. USA. Guangdong 518048 +49-6233-862735.com www. Sillac. (div of Kobe Steel Ltd). www. +1-713-655-0015. +1-813-978-1000. USA.co. (sub of Kolfor Plant Ltd 265 Andrews Rd. PA 16505. ITH GmbH Kawasaki Heavy Kobelco EDTI Compressors 8565 Cote-de-Liesse. www.com Denmark.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Gas & Steam Turbine Directory International Power Johnson Pump Kingsine Electric KSB Aktiengesellschaft Machinery Co (div of SPX).com.com Contact: Off Mgr. a. Hans Hansen Contact: Gen Mgr. www.com. Automation Co Ltd Johann-Klein-Str 9. Lancashire World Trade Center Bldg 4-1.peimagazine. USA. www. Takao Koga Lenox Instrument Co (formerly known as Goulds Pumps).com. USA.in ________ Mapps Inc Power Systems and Simulation Div.ksb. sales@jnt. NY 13148. Shenzhen.karlstorzindustrial.dk.iris-systems. Burscough Industries Inc Laurent.com 57 P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . Angouleme 16015 85282.intlpwr. +1-201-641-2130. QC H4T 1G5.com. Bill Lang www.com kernx06@sbcglobal. Lousiana St. Lustenau 6890 Austria. Contact: VP. Plantation Rd.lesliecontrols.cn. USA. Canada. engineering@jasc-controls.com Daniszewski www. KE-Burgmann A/S Boiler.com.com. UK.co. Alan Kern Contact: Mgr. Jorgensen repair@kingsbury. CA (div of Kirloskar Brothers Ltd).ith. (sub of ITT Corp).de Minato-ku. Bhavan Tilak Rd.korridorcapital. Lenexa. operations@kolfor. Burscough.com. lschumann@karlstorzindustrial.com.+1-651-765-0300. 411002 India. Robert Fechner +1-604-584-4747. Unit 205. Kevin Deutscher Contact: Sr VP Bus Dev. +1-315-568-2811. Suite Delavan.at Contact: Mktg Coord. Frankenthal 50 Public Sq.com www.khi. +1-913-928-7000.cunningham@ith.net. +44-845-634-6275.com 55448-0747. Contact: Dir Ind’l Sls. 9401 Renner Blvd. sales@lenoxinst. Tokyo 105-6116 Japan.com Leslie Controls Inc JNT Technical Services Inc Kingsbury Repair & (sub of Circor). 85 Industrial Ave.gouldspumps.com.kolfor. Trevose.March 2011 www. St Unit 3. KS Investments LLC France. 77002.com Contact: Mktg Mgr. +91-20-244-401-56. +1-514-787-4999. Udyog www. 66219.com JASC: Jansens Aircraft Contact: Sls Mgr. Pune. gpsales@itt. Cleveland.jp/ takao. flame@iris-systems.com. FL 33637. +1-262-284-4483. www.com manasi.com/mapps Contact: UK Sls Mgr. TX power. +1-215-322-9990. F4.jnt. Suite 4111.lenoxinst. Isabelle Derry english ____ www. ____http:// L-3 Communications www. Allé 34. 19138 26th Ave. G. Char Brown Contact: Sls Eng. 611 Sugar Creed Rd. PO Box 343. Industrie Nord. John Spink LEROY-SOMER Systems Controls Inc Electric Power Generation Div. USA.kingsine. 240 Fall St. John Kruse info@korridorcapital. Bildgasse 40.8-6C TianAn Cyber Park. 90245. Maharashtra Contact: Pres. Vejen DK-6600 Estate. Hamamatsu-cho 2-chome. El Segundo.co. W Pitkerro Industrial 19053.kobelcoedti. www.kbl.com.com. +86-755-83418941. Lauren Schumann web. USA.com www. 1415 Canada. +1-602-438-4400. 834. cbrown@lesliecontrols. +1-800-329-9618.bz USA. L40 8JT. Burgmann Industries). Dundee DD5 3SS. Little Ferry. NJ Service KRAL AG Tampa. +43-5577-8664-40.com www. Serge Plat Contact: Oper Mgr. www. John Manna info@ke-burgmann. +33-545-64-45-64.kingsbury. 2151 Grand Ave. Thimo Schauf +81-3-3435-2111.ke-burgmann.at. Terminal Tower.jasc-controls. www. Port Washington. Minneapolis. Surrey. Erie.kiewit.com. Futian. info@ksb. Contact: Mktg Coord. USA. jp@spx. MN www. info@kral. www.cn Kuttner LLC (also Kuttner Contact: Pres. Roger Xia North America) Karl Storz Industrial. PO Box 48747. Cameras & Borescopes Div. www.kral.leroy-somer. Houston. Expansion Joints Div.koga@kobelcoedti. 1402 Fairway Dr. Allen roger@kingsine. AZ Kiewit Korridor Capital Emerson). PA Seneca Falls. USA. +45-75-36-18-11. www.kuttnerna.com. +1-262-728-1900. Tempe.bz.com.com www. WI 53115.com. OH 44113.l-3com.com China. 12501 Telecom Dr. Contact: Mktg Mgr. www.

manturbo. Mid America Engine Inc Air Water Heater Div.mtu. www. Jangbang-ri.maintenance@lud.USA.+1-630-969-4000. Uwe info@startco. Kenneth 35180. North Hollywood. MIDAC Corp 68167 Germany. www. USA. Maximum Turbine Support Contact: Head Sls.normand@meggitt.kr. +32-2-255-09-09.uk 130 McCormick Ave.co.mecos. +1-410-884-3089. Art Sigler www.nasatka. (Orenda) MK Consulting david. Jeff Glenney 705 S Lugo Ave. CA 91605.mandieselturbo.macchiboiler. Tokyo 108-8215 Japan.mhi.midamericaengine. USA.com M-CTI GmbH www. Magellan Aerospace Corp Contact: CEO. Canada. Germany. 621-814 Korea. +82-55-3400-642. Houston.com 0A6. Yokneam 20692 Israel.ca Inc Kaltwasser Contact: Sls Eng. hq@mclellan.com USA.meefog.com jphillips@multi-wing. 2500 Main St Ext. MD 21045. Max Sakhartov Ltd info@natcomonline. 16-5 Konan 2-chome.PEi P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . Thomas Mee USA. Goring on Nalco www.dk. Bart Geyskens 28277.spa@loterios.com. +39-02-964-8281.com.de. Marco Fusé USA. www.maxon-europe. Mandel info@minco.metso.lisega. CA 91702.metrix1. Winterthur Contact: Dir.com ron. NC 27513.org +1-630-305-1000. +1-205-590-3505.co. Frank Ehlers paul.com. 8515 Contact: Sls/Bus Dev Mgr. Contact: Div Dir. Gimhae-si. IL Macchi Contact: Dir Sls/Mktg. www.lppcombustion.aero. mustkavukcu@hotmail. Gas Turbine Div.com. 75902-0849.com/energy www.loesche. The White House. Bernhard UK. (div of Sofinter Spa). Anup Nalamwar www. www. Sheer House. Minhu Tu www. Gallarate. Hallim-Myeun. Mustafa NAT-COM www.com L4T 1A9. 407 Kiln St. Minato-ku. +91-98220-10149. Lafrenaie Blvd. Düsseldorf 40549 www. 3430 Toringdon M&W Asketeknik Loterios SpA www.net USA. Gene Wang Cacciato 58 www.midac. AL Arcade.tingle@magellan.3916.com. Contact: Commercial Mgr. Commercial Div. 1089. www. info@metka. Mar Antypa Str.peimagazine.com +972-4-989-1050. Contact: Head Comms/PR. CA Metrix Instrument Co 92408. mtu. Fuhrmann www. +49-211-5353-0. Bldg 13 Industrial Pk. +44-20-8133. Brandenburg info@lisega.tw Contact: Mktg/Comms Mgr. West Byfleet. +886-4-22380698.wkr.be. Mannheim 8940 Old Annapolis Rd.com March 2011. Canada. +1-909-383-1626. McLellan and Partners Ltd www.com.de.com. PO Box 425.com Luchthavenlaan 16. Industries www. Littelfuse Startco www. TX Krallmann sales@maegen. Vilvoorde 1800 Contact: Sls Eng. +1-514-326-2571. ON Mega-Fabs Motion Gazi M 1328 St.com gearsales@lufkin. info@midac. CA 92626. www. Contact: Engr Cons. Contact: Pres. 3714 Kinnear Pl. info.mtssensors.metka. Contact: VP.loterios. Nasatka Security Inc Contact: Comm Dept Dir.gr www.jp/en Clinton. (div of MYTILINEOS Holdings SA).nalco.net www. Hansaallee 243.com 5300 Belmont Rd. USA. Charlotte. Systems Ltd 33130 Turkey. Sec 1.airwaterheater. Ludwigsfelde info@de.mwm. +1-440-834-9211. Aurangabad. sensorsinfo@mts.com MONICON Instruments Co 2B3. Lee Aiken Lisega AG www. Greg 21013 Italy.com. Inc 19F-1 No 631.Service. Carsten Schoessow Belgium.it Irwindale.com. Kvistgaard 3490 Denmark. Mill Rd.gr.com Largo Buffoni 3. 7702-B Old Alexandria Ferry Rd.com Thames. Paul Smith Contact: Dir Sls/Mktg.net. Ron Tingle info@mega-fabs.co. UK.it. www. San Bernardino.ca. Kavukcuoglu (div of Cleaver-Brooks Inc).minco. +1-732-727-8165. sales@monicon. Carl-Benz-Strasse 1. Oldenvej 5.de 2500 State Hwy 160.org. Saskatoon. +44-1932-343271.mega-fabs. Zeven 27404 MAN Diesel & Turbo SE Contact: Sls Dir. +49-4281-713-0.magellanroi. Frank info@lppcombustion. Maharashtra PO Box 849. +1-936-637-5224.com.majorincorporated. Fallbrook Dr.mclellan. Power Transmission Div. +1-306-373-5505.com +1-818-765-8160. Mee Industries Inc Mitsubishi Heavy Tranor macchi@macchiboiler. Oberhausen. +49-281-337474-0. Eric Approach. sales@mecos. MD 20735. USA. Cary.com North Rhine-Westphalia 46145 METKA (sub of MTU Aero Engines).com Energy Div.com www. Naperville.com.co. USA. +45-491-39822. USA. (sub of Roper Industries). Lufkin. Cannaught Pl.co. OH 44021. Whittaker Controls 3001 Sheldon Dr. Dr Contact: Dir Int’l Sls. Wesel. Mississauga. Minco UK Ltd Contact: Dir Sls/Mktg.power@metso. 3160 Derry Rd E. NC (div of M&W Group). www. www.com. hellomrb@lhe.de. C-1-2. Mecos Traxler AG Contact: Sls Mgr.com anup@nespl. loterios. 11 Ernst-Zimmermann-Str 2. +1-704-541-1453. George Adda +41-52-235-14-14. Contact: Prod Mktg Mgr.net. www.com. Samyak Lufkin Industries Inc info@m-cti.multi-wing. Suite 111.com. David Natelson +1-905-673-4060. Via Monte Grappa 44. Gyeongnam Sayreville.com.com. Columbia. No 2/8. TX 77064. USA. Harald Lange Germany. Maxon International BVBA Contact: App Engr. Robert St-Denis 60515-4499. Downers Grove.uk. +49-3378-824-213.com www. Suite 201. 60563-1198. Taichung 404 Taiwan. Carole Auth Nalamwar Energy Richard Roby North Rhine-Westphalia 46485 Systems Pvt Ltd Germany. 431003 India. (div of Metso Corp).com Hochkamp 5. 12838 Saticoy St. Surrey Tanguay MWM GmbH LPP Combustion LLC KT14 6NL.tw. NJ 08872. Contact: Pres.com. Mersin www. Warrior. +39-0331-738111. +49-621-384-0.com Contact: CEO/Man Member. USA. Industriestrasse 26. info@metrix1. +1-714-546-4322.com Greece. Chung Der www. SK S7P www. +49-208-692-01. info@magnetrol. www. +1-310-868-0300. Varese 21040 Italy.maximumturbinesupport.kr www.com.mtu-berlin. Cidco. Suite K. 8824 Multi-Wing America Loesche GmbH maxturbsup@aol.lufkin.dk www.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Gas & Steam Turbine Directory LHE Co Ltd Major Inc Meggitt Control Systems/ MTS Sensors Plant Div.monicon.magnetrol. 1601 W Diehl Rd. Attiki GR-14121 14974 Germany. +1-281-940-1802. Paul Normand MTU Maintenance Berlin- Germany. Magnetrol International Contact: CTO.m-cti. www. 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   -VYTVYLPUMVYTH[PVULU[LYH[WLPOV[PTZJVT ________ PEi .March 2011 www.peimagazine.com 59 P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F .

powerjacks.peimagazine.com.ca 2770 Welborn St. www.rochemltd.com Contact: Pres.com Aberdeenshire AB43 9BZ. Contact: Mgr. Switzerland. County Cork Plenty Process Filtration 10 Technology Dr. Rongxin Power Electric Co help24@pw. sales@retubeco.com.utc. USA.rely.ru/eng Rathbone Precision Metals Epsilon House. 11 Sun Valley Business Park. Glenn Eberly Philadelphia Gear www. Contact: Reg Dir. John Speranza Studio 2. Contact: VP.com. Hampshire 12200 Albert Hudon Blvd. Contact: Dir Sls. Jupiter. Christian Pelham. St Lambert. Contact: Deputy Gen Dir/Sls Dir.piezotechnologies. Am Oberen Luisenpark 3.com.promecweb. +1-610-337-5678. 19191 Hempstead Hwy. +1-860-565-4321. USA. Joe Devine Baumgärtner GmbH & Helgland RetubeCo Inc CoKG Promec SRL 6024 Ooltewah-Georgetown Rd.ringfeder. +44-1698-303010. Xavier Dhubert info@piezotechnologies. East Hartford. +1-450-465-1113. www.com. +1-203-949-8697. Ken Nolen Contact: Bus Dev Mgr.com Contact: Sls Mgr/Tech Dev. www.protonenergy.com Rolls-Royce 901 E 8th Ave.co.piacanada. +1-604-590-6641. Power Machines USA. info@pdi.ringpower-systems. Kevin Marzano 7R7. Vatutina Str 3A. Canada.com. 081580. Farnborough. Ave.com info@ringpower.com 12388 88th Ave.com www.com Contact: Gen Mgr. 2P4. +1-206-260-5858. Jack Rentz PAN Metallgesellschaft Contact: Dir Apps Engr. S Harbour Rd. WA 53406.za Contact: Pres. Kornwesthelm GmbH 6AT. TN 37363. +1-888-283-8961. China. +1-970-266-8551.ritepro. www. info@perpetuum. Enterprise Rd. Powertech Labs Inc richard.de. Glasgow G71 6EH. Westwood.plentyfiltration. Pratt & Whitney Max-Planck-Str 3. Proton Energy System Ringfeder Corp Carrigtwohill. Office No LOB 16-504. 79601. ouestime@earthlink. CT (sub of VBG Group). USA. OR QinetiQ Ritepro Inc 97206.dk.com. 665 Pine Ave. Winnall +45-45-76-87-76. TX 77065. www.pcaeng. USA.psm.com www.com.qc.com www. PO Box 17204. Ave de la Gare 3.com.com 400 Main St.co. 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USA. sales@ringfeder.com www. FL 8421 Georgetown Rd. Canada. 06492.rxpe. Abilene.com. USA.dk 195009 Russian Federation.retubeco. +86-28-8505-7399. TX 32035.qinetiq. FL Commerce Pkwy.com. +1-325-672-3400. UK. Hoersholm Hamper 8635 Washington Ave.net USA. USA.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Gas & Steam Turbine Directory OUESTime Piezo Technologies Process Plugins Inc Rentech Boiler Systems Inc PO Box 15249. Palmer. IN 46268. USA. www. Haidian 3P5. Contact: VP Strategy/Bus Dev.pcc-structurals.net Contact: VP Hydrogen Prod Sls/ Contact: Pres. Canada.uk. www. MA 01069. Jebel Ali 33458. www. Edward UK. +1-201-666-3320. power@psm.uk. Hampshire Alexey Barvinok 1241 Park St.com www. 2519 S Shields St. protonenergy.com.co. www. www.powertechlabs.com mail@power-m. CO 80526. www.roctest.com www. Suite 300. Cody Technology Park. Cator sales@powerjacks. +1-904-737-7730. No 1. www. 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BC V3W rathboneprofiles.PEi P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . CT 70806 Germany. Castings District.it. NJ 07675.zhu@powertechlabs. Ively Rd. www. 7958 16th Ave. PA 19406. Francois Contact: Dir Bus Dev. USA.processbarron. Sierre 3960 24036 Italy. www. info@rtk. 165 Carver Ireland. Ponte San Pietro. +1-503-353-1019.com March 2011. Montreal.ca.

ses. Rush Grove BC V3K 6W5. Pierre Choquet Siemens AG Energy Sector ON M1L 4C3. MI 48359.com. www.com 45030 Turkey.com.com.com bflavelle@roperpumps.com Contact: Sls Mgr.com.rotork. Shanghai Electric India. Suite T. Pudong. Haryana. Piacenza 29028 Italy.au.stistrumentazione. George-Steuler Str. +1-262-728-1900.com. Contact: Mktg Mgr. NSW 2097 Hanover.com SRF Europe Ltd 200-2050 Hartley Ave.com SDS Power Co Ltd tbuttke@southportequipment. info@smithco-eng. sales@sherbornesensors. +612-9981-4010. www.com. Laughery (div of Hudson Products).power@doosanskoda.anderson@siemens.de 21601 Mullin Ave. Contact: Head Sls Turbomachinery. SAS Global Corp Sweden. Bill charlie@seawatergreenhouse. +90-236-233-44-56. TX 77002. www.com.com. service@steuler. OK 74116-4802. +49-2102-1669-0. Buffalo. www.shanghai-electric. Contact: Sls/Projects Coord.com 3333 Richmond Ave. Robin Butler Solarnetix Inc info@srfeurope. Gurgaon. David Stork Turbo-Service GmbH CS92848. 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Rene Boone Yi Rd.com.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Gas & Steam Turbine Directory Roper Pump Co Sensor Developments Inc SKODA POWER SPIG SpA (div of Roper Industries). RST Instruments Ltd Basingstoke.spig-int. 2381 Fillmore Ave.southportequipment. 1122 New SIPOS Aktorik GmbH www. USA. Contact: Export Mgr. Houston.rovsing-dynamics. CA 92186.com Contact: Int’l Sls Mgr. +49-9187-9227-0. www.sdspower.com commerciale@sital. www. PO Box 290.solarturbines. www. info@solarnetix. Gorle www.com. Southport Equipment +49-201-8667-1000. Delavan.peimagazine. Ponte dell’Olio sos@bigpond.it Siemens Industrial Hwy.indiapower@ SPX Flow Technology Contact: Sls Dir.com. Patrick Le Guen www. TX 24020 Italy.com. www. Tim Buttke 201206 China. USA. GA 30529. www.it. Contact: Bus Mgr H202. +1-713-525-6500.siemens. +49-2624-13302.com. Tower B. SPX Flow Technology.com 53115. DLF C. 8 Xing info. 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India +49-89-45-66-57-801.sulzerts.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Gas & Steam Turbine Directory Sulzer Turbo Services Sulzer Turbo Services TGM Kanis Turbinen TorcUP Industrial Bolting Zürcherstr 12. Riazzino. USA.com Testo AG Reed Weber Contact: Mktg/Comms Spec.com TesTex NDT Ltd sales@turbocare.srl@ipsnet. srl Contact: Mgr Sls.com PA 19137.thermoscientific.com. The Netherlands. Canada. +1-713-877-8700. North Lincolnshire 2211 Elk River Rd. Bromborough. Claus 32129. Robert Hennessy Scandicci. St. +39-11-2485166. Jeff Shaw USA.testex-ndt. Nadia Via F lli Rosselli. 2140 Westover Rd. TurboCare +62-264-351-920. (sub of www.com Kawasan Industri Kota Bukit Indah.com Suite 2. +86-577-8658-9988. Aurora.USA. Settimo Mazzucchi Sulzer Turbo Services Milanese 20019 Italy.com 01022. Wenzhou Italy.sulzerts. Canada. Turbomach 1516 Engineers Rd. Solon. 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Tyne and Wear NE37 30155.com.com (sub of Esterline Sensors).de. Eric www. uccinfo@unitedconveyor. (div of Tyco Flow www.weirminerals. Egtenrayseweg 9.com. George 60090. UK. Contact: Mgr.com. Contact: Sls Dir. +420-318-652-111. München Boulogne.cz.wabashpower. www. Canada. GA Faculty of Maritime Technology Div. Robert Johnson power@wgint. USA.valtorc. Ernst van GmbH 27 Ave du Général Leclerc.woodward.cz info@group-upc. NJ 08543-5287.pl. Contact: Sls Dir Power Gen/Dist.unisonenginecomponents. www. Pruukintie 7.universalaet. www. Waukegan.zambettielumina. 5287. Aberdeen AB12 3QH. +44-121-706-3333. +1-905-812-7100. PA 16066. +49-711-78954-0. PO Box 411.woodgroupgts.capacisense. +49-7951-32-0.com 63 P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F .tuev-sued. Craigshaw Rd. +41-56-200-50-20.com Voith Turbo GmbH & Co Germany. +33-1-4909-3753.unitedconveyor. Midhurst. Contact: Dir Sls. www. 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com Clean Power Asia 2011 Indo-POWER 2011 28th – 30th June European Biomass to Power 12th – 14th May Bangkok.indo-power.eu. UK Warsaw.hydropowerindia. com ___ com ___ 64 www.marketforce. Italy www. Poland.photovoltaic-conference.ij-renewablesforum.com Amsterdam. Italy www.com www.co. India 7th – 9th June Kuala Lumpur. UK New Delhi.eu. UK New Delhi. UK Low Carbon Earth Summit 13th – 14th April London.eu.com _______ Nuclear Power International Renewable Energy World Asia 6th – 8th December 27th – 29th September Las Vegas.net/aci/conferences/ www.uk Dalian.nuclearpowerinternational.com www.com Milan. UK www.marketforce.com 24th – 26th October Vienna.power-gen.uk Guangzhou International Solar Nuclear New Build Forum European Construction Institute: Photovoltaic Expo 25th November Profit From Experience 11th – 13th August 14th – 15th April June Guangzhou.cleanpower-asia. UK www.eu.conference-biomass.eu.com 19th – 26th October Vancouver.eu. Energy Source www.renewableenergyworldindia.com March 2011 .com 11th – 12th October St. Malaysia www.gzxny. Malaysia www.marketforce. Canada www. NV. China www.acius.renexpo-warsaw.marketforce.com com ___ www.marketforce.renewableenergyworld- ________________ europe. UK Rome. Germany December www.power-gen-middleeast.com www.lcesummit. USA London.renewableenergyworld-asia.hydrovisionbrazil.com 13th – 15th April Sofia.viaexpo.wepower-sa.nuclearpower-europe.org ASME Turbo Expo 6th – 10th June Vancouver.eci-online. India Rio de Janeiro.com POWER-GEN International Renewable Energy World India POWER-GEN Asia 5th – 7th May 6th – 8th December Renewable Energy World Europe 27th – 29th September Las Vegas.com www.acius.powergenasia.com/CCGT London.com 19th European Biomass Conference www.marketforce.com 26th – 28th October Energy Efficiency & Renewable London.peimagazine.asp _______ July WEPower 2011 15th – 17th May Renewables Forum Dammam.marketforce.marketforce.powergeneurope. Andrews. UK www.com eu-ebp1.eu. Italy www. Thailand POWER-GEN Middle East 13th – 14th April Jakarta.coal-gen. Qatar www.com 26th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition Smart Metering Forum HydroVision India 5th – 9th September 6th – 7th December 5th – 7th May Nuclear Power Europe Hamburg.smi-online.com Milan. Brazil 7th – 9th June www.turboexpo.all-energy. Saudi Arabia RENEXPO Poland 2011 South East European Congress on 6th – 7th July www.com Infrastructure Asset Management POWER-GEN India & Central Asia HydroVision Brazil 6th – 7th December 5th – 7th May 20th – 22nd September POWER-GEN Europe London.co.com www. Germany London. India 7th – 9th June www. Indonesia www. UK www. Milan. USA Kuala Lumpur.com European Smart Metering Forum Nuclear Services and Supply Chain 21st – 22nd June Small Hydro 2011 11th – 12th May London. USA New Delhi. Canada Carbon Capture and Storage COAL-GEN www. UK www. UK www.com 18th – 19th May August November Aberdeen.arena-international. NV.net & Exhibition 6th – 10th June September May Berlin. China London.com www.com Doha.com www. Italy www.com www.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F DIARY DATES April O&M and Lifecycle Management Nuclear Industry Forum October Strategies for CCGT Power Plants 15th – 16th June Renewable Energy Forum 10th – 12th May London.com www. UK The Energy Forum 4th – 5th April Birmingham. www.org Forum European Nuclear Renaissance 16th – 18th August 30th November 27th – 28th April Columbus. The Netherlands www. Austria www.com www.power-genindia. Bulgaria All-Energy 2011 www.tacook.PEi P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F .eu.

org/Stockholm2011 Gold Sponsor Silver Sponsor Bronze Sponsor DSO Event Sponsor Conference Hosts P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F .eurelectric.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F -VYTVYLPUMVYTH[PVULU[LYH[WLPOV[PTZJVT ________ eurelectric annual conference stockholm 13-14 june 2011 delivering investments to meet europe’s energy & climate needs www.

an In addition to this order.29 MW. Timor-Leste. for a power plant project in Hera in fully operational in the first quarter of B32:40 diesel gensets to the The contract for the 11th Bergen the Democratic Republic of Timor. also burning heavy of 2011. Services included 13 MW Dismantling required an additional two the international media compounds of generator power – enough for weeks after the final whistle blew. the country’s infrastructure and to be completed within 12 months from the labour required to commission Wärtsilä’s scope of supply includes achieve national electrification. Madagascar Wärtsilä has received an order to well as other related equipment. Wärtsilä receives 170 MW Rolls-Royce diesel engine and equipment gensets to supply power orders from Timor-Leste to Tanzania. cylinder engine. The contract awarded to Rolls- Engineering Ltd. was awarded by Broadcrown. a company Leste government’s modernization second largest city in Tanzania. The Royce by Broadcrown includes the contracted by the Timor-Leste programme. to be delivered to the same the development of oil and gas engines for the new station.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F GensetRoundup Aggreko beats big freeze to power US football’s big game The Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh broadcasting the event to a worldwide approximately 3000 medium-sized Steelers American football teams were television. for which the notice to initially the power plants will run on economic and industrial growth from This generating set will use a nine- proceed is expected in the first half heavy fuel oil (HFO). which will be sited seven Wärtsilä 18V46 generating sets This includes the construction of The flexibility of the engines to on the northwest coast of the Indian with a gross output of some 120 MW. 66 www.” said including the half-time show. homes – as well as 4600 kW of not the only power on display at the “This is Aggreko’s 21st year heating and about 80 km of cable Cowboys Stadium in Dallas during last supporting the big game and its many distributed in and around the stadium month’s Super Bowl. internet and radio audience. in Mwanza.March 2011 P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . selected “We are extremely pleased to be related equipment. Madagascar by providing a much contractor. National and around the building and installing temperatures in decades. Following months of planning and one of Aggreko’s largest supply of Aggreko had the support of its preparation. that they will be later converted to Working with its consortium fuel oil. power and temperature control for areas. rated at 6. Semco Maritime. includes eight Wärtsilä production in its offshore waters This repowering project will needed supply of electricity.com PEi . with 50 MW operational by the electrical authorities of Tanzania and B32:40 powered generating set Leste. the Utility. of a national grid. everything area safe and not detracting from the and heating for the entire event. and each event brings “This job required finding creative As the Dallas/Fort Worth area a unique experience. Wärtsilä The Betano Power Plant is Their role will be to help both independent manufacturer of power has also signed a contract for another expected to be fully operational countries meet their increasing generation systems with group power plant project in Betano. While demand for electricity to support headquarters in England. 2012. control systems and various with a population of 1 million. power stations and the development burn heavy fuel oil was one of the Ocean island. Timor-Leste. and the sheer beauty of this amazing facility. the installation. the contract date. Rolls-Royce Mahajanga power station operated in the northern part of the country These power plant projects are will install ten B32:40V16 sets. generating sets that are scheduled president of power generation. as programme to be initiated. it is expected late 2011 onwards. The aim is to improve 60 MW power plant is scheduled to supply of strategic spare parts and government for the project. key reasons the country’s electrical island in the world. is bigger in Texas. also in by the third quarter of 2012. “As they say. auxiliaries. Madagascar. Aggreko North temporary utilities while keeping the provided large-scale power generation America. The Rolls-Royce has been awarded for disposal due to the high cost of supply engines and other equipment Hera Power Plant is expected to be contracts to provide 11 Bergen maintenance. executive vice output of more than 135 MW. vice president. each by Jirama. and will be installed at the The power plant order for Hera natural gas operation. partner. supply company. end of 2011.” service centres and a team of 12 lighting and video during The Black Aggreko also powered both dedicated employees. Aggreko Sales and Marketing. Aggreko also provided several celebration sites and VIP equipment weeks prior to the game.” said Gordy ways to distribute 50 miles of cable in experienced some of the coldest winter Broussard. Tanesco.peimagazine. The Betano site is rich in natural resources and the Rolls-Royce Bergen B32:40 helping the people of Tanzania and project. size of the new stadium makes this Broussard. Aggreko’s major events uninterrupted power and heating for a national network of more than 50 division powered everything from single event. the Madagascar Electric has been placed by Puri Akraya an important part of the Timor. who began Eyed Peas’ half-time performance to teams’ practice facilities and installing the complex array of stadium security. the fourth biggest as well as generators.” said 18V46 generating sets with a gross has enabled the modernization replace a number of older diesel Charlie Athanasia. festivities. formerly known as East Timor.

com discuss and explore topics such as market trends. desalination. T +44 (0) 1992 656 619 If you are involved in the power or water industries. Qatar www. T +44 (0) 1992 656 613 F +44 (0) 1992 656 700 Be a part of the rapid investment across the region by attending these premier events to E rmorris@pennwell. T +44 (0) 1992 656 610 F +44 (0) 1992 656 700 POWER-GEN Middle East and WaterWorld Middle East 2011 will gather world-class experts E exhibitpgme@pennwell.com ahead of the competition and reach the region’s key decision makers.com CHANGING POWER&WATER SOLUTIONS IN CHALLENGING TIMES INVITATION TO ATTEND For exhibition and sponsorship opportunities contact: Be part of one of the Middle East’s most important events for the power and water industries as Kelvin Marlow POWER-GEN Middle East celebrates its 10th anniversary and WaterWorld Middle East launches Exhibit Sales Manager (Power) its first co-located event at Doha Exhbition Center. don’t miss this prime opportunity to stay F +44 (0) 1992 656 700 E paperspgme@pennwell. renewable and nuclear power technologies. market structure and regulation. Qatar.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Conference & Exhibition 24-26 October 2011 Doha Exhibition Center Doha.com to address strategic and technical issues facing the power and water industries and help meet Roy Morris the ever increasing demand for power and water associated with the exponential growth and Exhibit Sales Manager (Water) vitality in Qatar and greater Middle East. Doha.com www. water and wastewater treatments as For information about participating at growth and demand for power and water intensifies the conference as a speaker or delegate. fossil fired.waterworldmiddleeast.power-gen-middleeast. Supporting Regional Owned and Produced by: Co-Host: Supported by: Flagship Media Sponsors: Publication: ® -VYTVYLPUMVYTH[PVULU[LYH[WLPOV[PTZJVT ________ P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . please contact: POWER-GEN Middle East and WaterWorld Middle East 2011 will also provide the perfect Samantha Malcolm opportunity to establish new business contacts with prominent local and international Conference Manager companies and to introduce and demonstrate pioneering technologies.

21$/*5283   %5$1'(1%85**0%+ %5$'(10$18)$&785. which takes ten minutes. USA. required if the final elongation mounted on the central carousel and a long. The central pumping system operator. until the The system is linked by heavy quick-disconnect tensioners./(1&(56/.&   52//652<&((1(5*<6<67(06   )/2:6(59(3803'. Now all we do is water reactor plant near Decatur.21   6. Tensioning these after training and experience of the accurately is a huge undertaking.” The reduction in Disconnect-Helical (QD-H) design readings do not meet the required from there to the control unit. run a 480V cable to each tensioner.9. $0(5.1&   68 www. and every other plant. Alabama. hydraulic lines running from each unit has to be physically screwed keen to try the latest Biach tensioner Further trim passes might be tensioner to a distribution manifold down on to the stud and that takes from Hydratight. “We used to have to fly the an hour per outage.(6(/6(   :22':$5'*29(5125&203$1<  & 0(0%5$1$   <281* )5$1.1(6.1    %$%&2&.5( &$%/(   32:(5'(9(/230(176. Typically.1*   18&/($532:(5(8523(    &5$1). which consists of many tensioning at Browns Ferry large studs and nuts.1'(.1(66&21)(5(1&(6   078)5.6(0(17. he said. long time.” is opening and resealing the vessel Outage performance for stud head flange.&+6+$)(1*0%+   $3 0    0780$.&$1%86.1$/7'   (85(/(&75. The studs are tensioned and nuts to each other. on tensioning time alone saves Browns has four stud tensioners mounted on specification. That would take us an at Browns Ferry.PEi P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . previously fell into the 150–270 These are tensioned to a very minutes range.9   3*0(::0(   '2::.6. critical path cost and lower radiation carousel in.7(' 9(67$6:.21$/  '5(66(55$1'   32:(5%$5*(//&   ('. then run all the hydraulic scheduled outages every two years. each at 90 degrees this system is operated by one or autumn 2010 outage. Completing this the refuel floor./.” flange is properly seated and sealed. Browns Ferry reduced requiring technicians to operate in At each pass four studs can dose to the crew members.1'8675.17$1$1&(%(5/.1'6<67(06  & /89$7$   0$1'. times.1.” said nuclear reactor maintenance work Blenkinsopp. “In plants that don’t have Browns Ferry refuelling floor studs at optimum spacing. be tensioned. new system.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F EquipmentRoundup Self-contained tensioner eases pressure for US nuclear plant One of the more critical aspects of hoses and hook them up..(/'81.com March 2011 . the positioning to reduce stresses.(0(16$*   *((1(5*<  & 6:$*(/2. across three reactor head flange lifting lugs.peimagazine. tensioning to 85 minutes in the high radiation dose areas. $'9(57.17(51$7. offering optimum two men per stud tensioner and a “Industry outages used to take are seated to elongate the stud. the manager John Blenkinsopp was vessel is completely resealed.4 GW boiling hour on its own.$/ 0$5.17(51$7. a 3. even with the high load by applying hydraulic industry-leading QD-H units.('5.6$/$2<-   . each time working on four supervisors. But stud tensioners.    +. 60–90 days and stud tensioning correct tension signifying the reactor units are then re-positioned several plus plant radiation technicians and would take two to three shifts.0.//.$5'*0%+   785%27(&7/7'   +<725&   9$. This Biach Quick. where space is at a Ferry in the region of $50 000 a circular carousel supported by the operation quickly means reduced premium.

P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F -VYTVYLPUMVYTH[PVULU[LYH[WLPOV[PTZJVT ________ P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F .

then disappear. we offer a complete system approach that can help lower your energy and maintenance costs. See what our team can do for you at PeopleBehindThePromise. Instead. you can’t risk a supplier who will just drop off a product. That’s not just a promise. GE Energy’s Filtration Technologies team leverages our 40 years of application expertise to think beyond simple product-based solutions. hope it works.com/Jim -VYTVYLPUMVYTH[PVULU[LYH[WLPOV[PTZJVT ________ P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F .P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F GE Energy – Jim Plummer. It’s the promise of something better. So you can rely on us for long-term dust collection solutions that help make you more profitable. Product Application Manager Filtration Technologies With the demands you’re facing.

Life Extension and Life Management RWE npower Led by: ERA Technology Siemens Energy B: Maximising Maintenance and Lifecycle Management Strategies Service Fossil with Enterprise Asset Management Solutions Led by: SAP Sulzer Turbo Services Venlo BV P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . EU how this can impact best practice Commission E. Birmingham. training and retaining the next generation of O&M professionals in the power generation industry Laborelec. 10 MAY 2011 A: Gas Turbine Life Assessment. UK CONFERENCES O&M AND LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES FOR CCGT POWER PLANTS SOLUTIONS FOR COST EFFECTIVE AND FLEXIBLE GAS-FIRED OPERATIONS BEST-PRACTICE CASE STUDIES FROM A RANGE OF MAJOR OPERATORS. 2011.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE 10 – 12 May. life time limiting processes for gas turbines and the Power Company relationship with operational hours Intergen › Attracting.ON UK PLUS EXPERT INSIGHTS ON: Essent › The prospects and challenges for demonstrating Carbon Capture and Storage at gas-fired power plants in Europe Emirates CMS › Rotor life assessment. and DG Energy. GDF Suez › Insurance and risk implications in the third party market Marsh National Skills Academy for Power PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOPS. ON: FEATURING HIGHLY › The balance between OEM and third party contracting EXPERIENCED › Gas turbine technology and hot gas path component management strategies SPEAKERS FROM: › Plant flexibility and the impact on lifecycle management and balance of plant O&M Centrica Energy › Reducing outage downtime and using outages strategically to extend plant life Cranfield University › Learning the O&M and life extension lessons from a coal-fired power plant › Maintenance approaches and techniques. such as availability centred O&M.

successful operation. BENEFITS AND TAKE-AWAYS DEAR SIR/MADAM PRIOR TO THE CONFERENCE: As Europe stands on the cusp of a major period of transition in its power generation infrastructure. training and retaining the next generation of O&M This event targets operators of CCGT power plants. Bringing together a range of operators. Whether you are an operator of Our team speaks daily with maintenance and asset management a new build CCGT or are maintaining an aging fleet. Cook Conferences for the following: › Technical performance › O&M › Strategy › Sales. benchmark O&M strategy and discover opportunities available in the OEM and third party market. › Corporate engineering Yours sincerely. evening networking event. portfolio and generation director breaks and an evening event for all attendees. implications Alternatively. join our LinkedIn conference group to meet with › Gas turbine life assessment. With 36% of In addition to educational best practice content you will have Europe’s electricity production predicted to come from gas-fired power optimal access to the experts during the sessions and the breaks. › Generation management › Engineering management Gas-fired power generation offers a cost effective and flexible solution › Operations management for operators. including those with responsibility Managing Director T. We are delighted to invite you to this insightful conference on O&M and AT THE CONFERENCE: Lifecycle Management Strategies for CCGT Power Plants.com/CCGT ____________________ P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . to ensure that you have › Station management optimum time to network and share your challenges and approaches. After the event you can contact our team to offer you crucial insights into: keep you connected to the community by introducing you to › OEM and third party contracting. Interactive pre-conference workshops will It is designed for organisational leaders in positions such as allow you time to discuss your issues and challenges with like-minded the following: industry colleagues. CCGT power plants are set to play a key role If you have any particular questions for our expert speakers let us in a future of diverse and flexible low carbon power generation. marketing and business development For more information or to register online. means that cost effective the conference where you can discuss your issues directly with O&M and life-cycle optimisation are central to running a commercially the experts. We look forward to welcoming you in Birmingham for › Production management discussion on our how you can get the most out of your asset. it is essential that operators execute an efficient and cost plus time to talk through your challenges with your peers at the effective long term O&M strategy in order to maximise plant flexibility and life. looking to professionals in the power generation industry optimise life-cycle management.A. hot gas path component management strategies › Mid-life upgrade case studies and the role of outage management during mid-life upgrades WHO SHOULD ATTEND › Maintenance management approaches and techniques. and the associated financial and risk any conference attendee you did not get to meet at the event. plants by 2020. technology and fellow attendees.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F BECOME PART OF THE COMMUNITY: INVITATION EXTRA VALUE. please visit our website www. The know before the event and we will try to arrange a time during challenging commercial environment however. and how this can impact best practice › Attracting. while the main conference will feature networking › Fleet.tacook. The event is designed to allow optimal time for networking and to support discussion on critical issues. we expect the event to attract those within the Thomas Cook OEM and third party market. › Technical gas turbine specialists and metallurgists › Outage strategy › Commercial and trading Furthermore. life limiting processes. benchmark your O&M performance and optimise gas turbine and plant lifecycle management. the agenda is built to professionals. take this opportunity to share AFTER THE CONFERENCE: best practice. such as availability centred O&M.

reduction and monitoring of their maintenance budgets opportunity for gaining insight on lifing of gas turbine components and › A better view of how to manage the effect of plant unavailability and improving the strategies for reducing the costs. Siavash then worked at Rolls-Royce UTP at Cambridge for the EMEA and India region. maintenance and repair.00 am to 5. to target: › Improvement of maintenance strategies by obtaining real-time Compressor Condition Assessments predictive asset health information › Compressor durability › The creation of an analytical platform for engineering activities › Compressor assessments › Performing condition-based maintenance › The reduction of IT costs Workshop led by: Siavash Pahlavanyali. The workshop will be ideal for those with a background in gas turbine The workshop will demonstrate how by modeling the application for operation. As a research associate at Cambridge University (2003. In addition. Develop your knowledge parameters using several practical examples.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOPS TUESDAY 10 MAY. SAP over 15 years. asset management. He joined ERA engineering and roadmap studies. damage mechanisms and approach to lifing for and use preventative maintenance strategies and understand SAP EAM the turbine compressor will be discussed. damage › Reduction of unplanned unavailability caused by damages – How The workshop agenda includes the following themes: much time did we not produce electricity due to unplanned failures Gas Turbine Hot Components vs actual after implementation of SAP EAM? › Introduction to hot section life management issues › Reduction of the shutdown processing time › Materials and components Designed to allow you optimal time to have your questions answered › Degrading and life limitations in an interactive environment. Industry Principal is to support the SAP industry practice for power 2004) he was involved in a Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue Program in an EU generation. partner Technology in May 2008 and has been involved in gas turbine failure alliances management and specific consulting activities assessment. This is an maintenance planning and processing. 2011 These simultaneous workshops will run from 9. Gas Turbine Senior Metallurgist. For more details of the workshops and for detailed agendas. companies can achieve: › Better planning. His role includes responsibilities for value University on oxidation lifing of blade alloys and coatings. build programme. The life This full day workshop will provide you with an extensive review of the assessment approach will be presented by highlighting critical life limiting usage of SAP EAM in power generation plants. Utilities Industry Business Specialist.00 pm with refreshments and lunch provided Workshop A: Workshop B: GAS TURBINE LIFE ASSESSMENT. LIFE EXTENSION AND MAXIMISING MAINTENANCE AND LIFECYCLE LIFE MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES WITH ENTERPRISE This workshop intends to give a comprehensive review on damage ASSET MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS mechanisms concerning key components of a gas turbine. transmission and distribution of electricity. › The standardization and harmonization of maintenance procedures ERA Technology and processes among a fleet of power stations Dr Siavash Pahlavanyali has been working on gas turbine components for Workshop led by: Miquel Carbo.tacook. Miquel’s current role as Senior turbine blades. please visit _______________ www. analytics. gas and water funded project. the workshop will also allow time › Hot section life assessment for discussion on how the goals of implementing Enterprise Asset › Hot section life extension Management are moving beyond the conventional scope. and lifing turbine critical components such as blades and rotors and extending the component life.com/CCGT P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . presales and demo support. Evolution of the alloy on the solution techniques for structuring system and equipment microstructure in line with changes in mechanical properties and the information and learn about how to capture and design operational coatings protection life are covered in connection with any life extending documentation. work with corrective and preventative orders. His PhD research was involved in developing coating for With more than 15 years experience at SAP.

The second half of the presentation. Siemens Energy Service Fossil 10:40 EXPERIENCES IN IMPLEMENTING MID-LIFE UPGRADES AND O&M SUPPORT › Introduction to Siemens O&M . such as thermal fatigue.A. Head of Programme Business. Technical Engineer. PERFORMANCE AND LIFE USAGE VIA ADVANCED DIAGNOSTICS › Managing gas turbine availability › Gas path diagnostics methodology and advances › Performance simulation and coupling to component level degradations › Using gas path analysis to manage turbine life Professor Riti Singh. strategies.AN OPERATORS VIEW › Hot gas path component management strategies › Life extension methodologies › Difficulties and pitfalls › Useful sources of information › Direct and indirect benefits and implementations › Some case studies Sigrid Gjibels. and challenges › Life extension Kevin Nix. high cycle fatigue. will then focus on Siemens‘ experiences as an operator of CCGT and in delivering mid-life upgrades at assets around the world. RWE npower. LIFE LIMITING PROCESSES AND STRATEGIES FOR LIFE TIME EXTENSION › Potentially life time limiting processes in gas turbine rotors: › Examples of some of the key processes. GDF Suez 12:25 NETWORKING LUNCH 13:30 GAS TURBINE LIFE TIME ASSESSMENT: ROTOR LIFE TIME. In this presentation. Cook Conferences 09:10 KEYNOTE ADDRESS CONTRACTING STRATEGIES. Marsh 17:00 CHAIRMAN’S CLOSING REMARKS AND CLOSE OF DAY ONE 18:45 DEPARTURE FOR EVENING NETWORKING EVENT P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . Head of Gas Turbine Engineering and Technology. O&M CHALLENGES AND LIFE EXTENSION BEST PRACTICE . Risk Consulting Practice. etc › Possible “end-of-life” criteria › Addressing their relationship to Operational Hours (OH) › Determine OH-based life-limiting processes › Detection and assessment of degradation / damages › Requirements for life time extension programs › Third party options and risk implications Sjef Matteij. manufactures and operates a range of CCGT power plants around the world. Technical Support Group 16:15 INSURANCE AND RISK ISSUES WHEN MOVING INTO THIRD PARTY CONTRACTING › Perceived risk appetite of the insurance market › Differing approaches to differing situations: › Hot gas path/gas turbine overhauls & Life Time Extension issues › Reversed engineered spares and replacements › Legacy issues and OEM › Comparing risk implications for OEM / third party contracting John Chinnock. Laborelec. Siemens Energy Service Fossil 11:10 MORNING REFRESHMENTS 11:40 GAS TURBINE TECHNOLOGY. RWE npower Siemens designs. Risk Engineer. LIFE EXTENSION OF MATURE ASSETS AND O&M PHILOSOPHY AT RWE NPOWER › Introduction to RWE npower‘s CCGT portfolio › Contracting strategies: Working with OEMs › Operational requirements › O&M approaches. structure and contract types › Experience implementing mid-life upgrades at a global level . Technical Director.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F CONFERENCE WEDNESDAY 11 MAY. Managing Director. Head of O&M UK.Case studies David Buggie. TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS.Experiences. 10:10 SIEMENS MODERNISATION AND UPGRADES AT CCGT POWER PLANTS › The Siemens CCGT fleet overview › Key OEM upgrades available to the maturing fleet › Gas turbine Life Time Extension methodology and details Kirsty Buddle. 2011 08:30 REGISTRATION AND COFFEE 09:00 CHAIRMAN’S OPENING REMARKS Thomas Cook. Technology Manager Conventional Power Plant Materials.IS THIS A CREDIBLE ALTERNATIVE FOR OPERATORS? › A tailored service provision › How can plant flexibility be maintained in the third party market? › Potential cost savings in the third party market › The RWE model and where TSG have been involved Michael Marshall. Sulzer Turbo Services Venlo BV 14:15 MANAGING GAS TURBINE AVAILABILITY. T. Cranfield University 15:00 AFTERNOON REFRESHMENTS 15:30 LONG TERM THIRD PARTY O&M PROVISION . Director of Asset Operations and Technology. Siemens will outline their capabilities and view on the market as an OEM. with a focus on upgrades available and gas turbine life extension methodology.

Centrica Energy 10:40 MORNING REFRESHMENTS 11:10 USING OUTAGES STRATEGICALLY TO EXTEND PLANT LIFE – MOERDIJK POWER PLANT CASE STUDY . Cook Conferences 09:10 KEYNOTE ADDRESS DEMONSTRATING CCS IN EUROPE: WHAT ARE THE PROSPECTS AND CHALLENGES FOR GAS? › CCS policy and demonstration activities in Europe › Funding opportunities in Europe › Expanding CCS demonstrations to gas fired power plants and the wider industrial community .Background to the outage . life extension and need for regular maintenance turnarounds . Rijnmond Energie. Essent 11:55 THE EFFECT OF PLANT FLEXIBILITY ON LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT AND BALANCE OF PLANT – RIJNMOND POWER PLANT CASE STUDY › Study on the impact of cycling to power plants › Future market demand and the impact on operating profile › The impact of cycling on: › Power plant equipment. Carbon Capture and Storage.g.Planning and scheduling best practices . E. Ironbridge Power Station. financial services and petro-chemicals? › What are the different needs and requirements across the industry? › What is the National Skills Academy for Power doing to address these challenges? Sue Guest.Approach to insourcing and outsourcing . DG ENERGY.Reducing risk . Policy Coordinator. while reducing the impact on component life › How has plant flexibility effected operations at Ironbridge? David Bryson. Managing Director. E.Team building of a turnaround team Jac Weggen.C&I Team Leader.Overall scope. Station Manager. Ironbridge Power Station.Delivering the outage project on time and to budget . e. South Humber Power Station. Heat Recovery Steam Generator.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F CONFERENCE THURSDAY 12 MAY. Intergen 12:40 NETWORKING LUNCH 14:00 CONTINUING OPERATIONS BEYOND DESIGN LIFE – LEARNING THE O&M LESSONS FROM A COAL-FIRED PLANT › Operating beyond original design life – What can a maturing CCGT do to optimise life extension: › O&M best practice › Component O&M and lifecycle management › Contactor management › Maintaining flexible operations. National Skills Academy for Power 16:30 CHAIRMAN’S CLOSING REMARKS AND CLOSE OF CONFERENCE P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . T. Long Term Plant Engineer. Head of Strategy and Engagement. E. Turnaround Manager.A. Generation Manager. 2011 08:30 REGISTRATION AND COFFEE 09:00 CHAIRMAN’S OPENING REMARKS Thomas Cook.g. EU Commission 09:55 MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES FOR A LOW RETURN MARKET › Investment justification › Lower costs per equivalent operating hour › Life assessment and extension › Risk reduction techniques › The future? Tony Lyon. e. boilers › Maintenance costs and availability › Measures to influence the impact on cycling › Flexibility and lifecycle management André van der Niet. Operations Manager.ON Generation UK 14:45 AFTERNOON REFRESHMENTS 15:00 AVAILABILITY CENTRED O&M AS APPLIED TO AN INTEGRATED WATER AND POWER PLANT (IWPP) IN THE MIDDLE EAST › O&M strategy as influenced by business drivers at the Taweelah A-2 combined cycle power and desalination plant › Availability Centred Maintenance and Availability Centred Operations › Human resources development strategy to complement O&M › Adapting O&M strategies as per plant lifecycle status Krishnan Balakrishnan. TRAINING AND RETAINING THE NEXT GENERATION OF O&M PROFESSIONALS IN THE POWER GENERATION INDUSTRY › Where are we now and what are the industry doing to address the problem: › Apprenticeships › Engagement with education and universities › How does the power generation industry compete with other industries.ON Generation UK Tony Higgins. Emirates CMS Power Company 15:45 LOOKING TO THE FUTURE: ATTRACTING.Is this a feasible prospect? Kai Tullius.

2011 A B P. No. on +44 (0)121 224 5000 and quoting the following code: TAC. 2011 www. It may be necessary for reasons beyond the control of the organisers © T.A.A.tacook. (if applicable) Full Name Postcode Job Title Country Telephone Main contact for this booking Email Telephone Email Unfortunately I am unable to attend. a short train ride will bring you to Birmingham Credit Card. Please note that accommodation and travel are not included in Birmingham City Centre the registration fee. * + 20% UK VAT **Early bird deadline is 25th March. Holliday Street Birmingham B1 1HH Operators Early Bird Fee** Standard Fee United Kingdom Conference £850* £995* Pre-conference workshop £495* £595* Phone +44 (0)870 4009150 OEM and Third Party Service Providers Early Bird Fee** Standard Fee Fax +44 (0)121 643 9018 Conference £1050* £1195* Pre-conference workshop £495* £595* Discounts are available for Public Sector and Group bookings. A list of alternative hotels Cardholder’s Name: _______________________________________________ can be distributed if requested. in the event of an insufficient number of delegates. B3 3QR Regrettably. 2011 HOW TO GET THERE METHODS OF PAYMENT From Birmingham International Airport. Cancellations two weeks prior Birmingham www. Please send me Signature a copy of the conference documentation for £350 (no VAT).com/CCGT ____________ Company Address 1 Two day conference 11-12 May. Should the registered person not be able to attend the event you may easily assign Please tick the box if you wish to be removed from our mailing list.com ________ Conference Code: OMG1_11 to the beginning of the conference will entitle you to a refund less £175 administration fee. VAT registered in England.tacook. Cook Conferences Phone +44 (0) 845 094 0442 Payment must be received BEFORE the conference Cornwall Buildings Fax +44 (0) 845 094 0443 Data Protection Personal data is gathered in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. The organiser reserves the right to cancel the conference. 781495788 to alter the contents and the timing of the programme or the identity of the speakers.O.com Cancellations All cancellations have to be confirmed in writing. Cook Consultants Ltd . No. P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . Signature: ______________________________________________________ Cheque Bank Transfer Payment upon receipt of the invoice CONFERENCE ORGANISERS T. Organisers’ Changes We reserve the right to make alterations (when doing so please write your name above) to the programme if necessary. refreshments and an evening event on CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL the first conference day. no refunds can be made for cancellations received less than two weeks prior to the conference. Please contact us for further details. From there the hotel is 5-10 minutes’ walk or a short taxi ride away. FEES & PAYMENTS VENUE & ACCOMMODATION Price includes conference documentation. another person as a replacement. 2011 A B Full Name Job Title Postcode Telephone Country Email Invoice Address (if different from above): 2 Two day conference 11-12 May. 45 Newhall Street Email info@tacook. 2011 Pre-conference Workshop 10 May. Please debit my Mastercard Visa AMEX New Street Station. Card No:________________________________________________________ Expiry Date: _____ / _____ Security No: __________________________ Please book your accommodation directly with the venue by calling The Crowne Plaza.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F To register for this conference please fax this registration form to: REGISTRATION +44 (0) 845 094 0443 O&M AND LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES FOR CCGT POWER PLANTS Or register online at: 10-12 May. lunch. 2011 Pre-conference Workshop 10 May.

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sulzertsvenlo@sulzer.com __________________ -VYTVYLPUMVYTH[PVULU[LYH[TLLOV[PTZJVT _________ P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F .sulzerts. Advanced technology is our daily business! Sulzer Turbo Services Venlo BV Spikweien36 Sulzer Turbo Services has the capability to perform field NL-5943 AD Lomm overhauls on the latest. capable of quick turnaround on parts repairs.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Advanced Technology Gas Turbine Field Overhaul. www. Our field services are backed by a full Fax: +31 77 473 2785 service shop.com www.com ___________ Our in-house engineering department supports all phases of shop and field services to give you the most reliable equipment possible.sulzerts. most advanced technology gas The Netherlands Tel: +31 77 473 8666 turbine generators.

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with its coffers depleted. Experienced advisors have been unlikely to be spoilt for choice for projects in the coming years appointed to smooth the process. it is a change of strategy brought about sidelines. only small pipeline-projects left in Oman. this could lead to a delay. based on a real demand for electricity and will benefit from a good Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). sub-contractors as required on an EPC basis. recovered enough to support DEWA’s proposition. DEWA has retained full ownership of all its faculties. will it be enough? There is a fair chance that some lenders will have a problem with this for such a big project and that the spotlight will then fall on the rulers of neighbouring Abu Dhabi to step in – a move unlikely to be well received in either emirate.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F FrontLine The new kid on the block A fter years of sitting on the sidelines watching much of the rest of the GCC privatize their electricity and water industries. Now. which most likely points to one of the Asian-based consortia. The issue of developers securing project finance will undoubtedly impact the price being bid and if there are real concerns. Fitch said the hat in the ring and work with DEWA in an unaccustomed way. After that. demand. watching much of the by necessity rather than choice. which would sufficient financial comfort to potential bidders.” So will Dubai offer such a guarantee and if so. bidders are understood to have concerns that the DEWA mindset It will be interesting to see if the project finance market has will struggle to adapt to the new relationship. plant in three years’ time. with some demonstrating innovative ways to gas fired 1500 MW power station with a view to commissioning the profit from re-financing deals along the way. having underpinned the spectacular growth of Dubai has finally launched its first Dubai in recent decades with reliable supplies to its customers. which could raise the of master and servants. “After years of sitting on the Expressions of Interest (EOI) are sought by 30 March. rather than co-venturers. The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) plans to float a tender for Hassyan 1. Associate Editor 2 MEE March 2011 P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . Other IPPs in the region have shown that it is perfectly possible to make money from such projects after construction risks have been worked through. DEWA is seeking help in the next stage of its planned development. Finding sufficient lenders willing to live with the lack of a sovereign guarantee may be a problem and those willing to participate will want a higher return. Earlier plans to include a desalination aspect were dropped after DEWA reassessed future water demand. Given Dubai’s shaky financial condition. Qatar has a surplus of DEWA lacks experience in launching tenders of this sort and will electricity at present although the World Cup may add to future need people with a new skill-set within its mid-upper management. which will see at least part-private ownership of a major generating facility in the emirate for the first time. which were more one projects arising in Syria. a green-field Having pointed out some of the challenges. And it has done so pretty successfully. coming not long Another big obstacle to getting this deal away will be providing after Abu Dhabi postponed its Taweelah C tender. in the form of bankers HSBC. which just leaves Saudi Arabia in the GCC as a hunting Its relationship with the potential partners in this new venture will ground for projects. law with only Taweelah C yet to be tendered in Abu Dhabi and firm Clifford Chance and engineering consultant Mott MacDonald. it is only fair to make the point that the Hassyan 1 project has quite a lot going for it. developers may be looking at be very different from those in past projects. but will it be a successful one? For the first 50 years of its history of providing electrical and rest of the GCC privatize their water services. resisting the temptation to contract out services and only retaining electricity and water industries. The stage may be set for a developer that can bring to the table some state-backed finance. Dubai has finally launched its first Independent Power Producer (IPP) project. withdrawal is due to the lack of information to assess the emirate of Dubai: “DEWA’s creditworthiness has historically been a reflection of the agency’s view on the creditworthiness of the sovereign. several Nigel Blackaby of which have been active in the Middle East region in recent times. It will also be fascinating to see Fitch about to withdraw its rating from DEWA. With rating agency need to raise $4 billion in debt. Since 2005 it has managed to double installed capacity from 3822 MW to IPP project” 7830 MW today. the spotlight falls which developers and consortium partners are willing to throw their on the need for some sort of sovereign guarantee. But this in unlikely to It is also the case that developers interested in the region are proceed without some difficulties. Some prospective Dubai IPP’s relative appeal. It is a very solid proposition. Jordan and Syria.

issue a request for a strategic The signing of the project’s Marib gas fired power plant The project is scheduled to partner for its planned contract is expected to be in Yemen at a total cost of be implemented within 33 nuclear plant. Isramco and is intended to help the Clean Development Mechanism follow at the end of April or early Alon Natural Gas Exploration. to invite bids for its next solar the Jenin area. which commission it (the plant) in the involvement of the private Under the deal with the includes Japanese trading three years by 2014. Noble Energy. Syria expects to commission 750 MW. Masdar is expected $250m gas fired power plant in plant in the Jenin area. including a has issued a request for a 200–250 MW peak demand International will be 750 MW plant at Deir Ali built proposals (RFP) to build the option using diesel engine commissioned in the second by Metka and Ansaldo Energia. Masdar has a 60 per cent May. with The €280m ($390m) plant at the Tishreen plant in the The selected developer will a 40 per cent annual capacity is an expansion of the same year. procurement The Palestine Power as to bring it into the era of European partners each hold 20 and construction project. the Arab Yemen plans to add another chairman. power station in Gaza. Its construction a tender for its planned large. (IPP) basis. Development. through its electricity for 25 years. There has sector. An will also start building a €670m operate (BOO) basis in Amman heavy fuel oil as main fuel. own electricity needs. Khaled Toukan. told Zawya border and use natural gas as of Abu Dhabi. Both options would have Jandar plant near Homs. said Kepco. RFP issued for Amman East MAPNA’s Syria plant due on line in 2011 The National Electric Power 350 MW plant with a 60 per A 300 MW gas fired power three more plants in the Company (NEPCO) of Jordan cent annual capacity factor. Generating Company (PPGC) natural gas. Phase I of the Marib expected to cost between construction phase would The project is being project was launched in 2009 at $4bn and $5bn. power station will initially Total. Abengoa and Abu project. Palestinian Authority meet its (CDM). turbines in simple cycle. then initiate in 2014 or 2015. and under the United Nation’s request for proposals (RFP) will Delek Group. The project will help gas turbine power plant in the Daewoo Engineering & “We will float a tender DEWA meet rising electricity United Arab Emirates and sell Construction and Siemens. unit of ADWEA. Dow Jones. as well stake in the project. will been good interest shown from expenditure requirements. the 100 MW Noor 1. Masdar secures $615m finance Palestinians propose 600 MW for 100 MW CSP plant gas fired power plant in Jenin UAE renewable energy firm per cent. The consortium. independent power producer deal to build a combined-cycle will be contracted out to scale Hassyan power complex.” The 1500 MW power station power station will be built in to Abu Dhabi Water and DEWA’s managing director and will be built near the Abu Dhabi Shuweihat. BHEL to build 400 MW Phase II of Jordan seeks nuclear partner Yemen’s Marib gas plant Jordan Atomic Energy will range between 50 per India’s BHEL is to implement government and the Yemeni Commission (JAEC) is to cent and 75 per cent. JAEC’s The project is scheduled to be for Development. The $392. feedstock. A Tamar gas field. Dhabi-based Masdar plan to early May. factor. and plant built by Iran’s MAPNA coming years. half of 2011. plus $153m equity from Meanwhile. funded by the Saudi Fund a capacity of 260 MW. is considering allowing Palestinian Authority to build concentrating solar power (CSP) said Masdar. a city 260 km west Electricity Co.. the Omani within the next five years. Metka and Ansaldo build the plant on a build-own. The its Spanish and French partners. The facility will be tendered according to Globes. additional 150 MW unit will plant in Deir Ezzor in the first East. and be commissioned next year. according Fund for Economic and Social 3000 MW of installed capacity partner’s stake in the project to Toukan. MEE March 2011 3 P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . Masdar has issued a Israeli natural gas and are in The project also includes build the $600m Shams 1. Saeed al-Tayer. by The developers want to buy generate 200 MW. Palestinian investors to build a and operate a 600 MW power plant.7m.43bn. for 25 years. said the strategic completed in 2019.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F NEWS/ Middle East Update Kepco consortium to build DEWA to invite bids for its $1. to raise capacity by two bids: a base bid for a 300– light distillate as tertiary fuel. months. Construction began in Masdar has secured $615m of the third quarter of 2010 and is The Israeli government has a licence from the bank financing for a 100 MW expected to take about two years. reduce its capital Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity company Sumitomo. which is concluded in 2012. the sell electricity from the plant local and regional developers. a wholly owned CEO. Authority (ADWEA).6 GW CCGT in UAE first IPP in March A consortium headed by Korea The 1600 MW plant is Dubai Electricity and Water The Hassyan complex Electric Power Corporation scheduled to complete in Authority (DEWA) has floated will be implemented on an (Kepco) has signed a $1. in March and we expect to demand in Dubai and. which request for qualification (RFQ) talks with the partners in the expanding the Palestinian would qualify for carbon credits for the photovoltaic project. Bidders have been asked for natural gas as secondary.43bn March 2014. 1. country’s third independent technology or combustion half of 2011. while the as an engineering. the 400 MW Phase II of the government. BHEL expects to add 400 MW power project (IPP).

In 2006. Oman’s Ministry of Housing. It paved the way for the privatization of more of Oman’s power companies. A watchtower in the form of a giant incense burner at Al Riyam Park in Oman’s capital Muscat. own. Electricity and Water was responsible for generation. Oman is facing a need to change its generation mix away from natural gas. a requirement for investment to modernize facilities and the need for structural reform and reduction of subsidies. Privatization of its state-owned electricity and water industry was driven by a rising demand for power and water. The ‘whole system’ approach it has adopted for the reorganization and privatization of its electricity and water sectors makes it one of the most highly developed privatization programmes in the Gulf region. However. operate. Until 2004. Plougmann he Sultanate of Oman has been a pioneer in electricity markets reform in the Middle East. with an obligation to make public offerings of stipulated shareholdings through the Muscat Securities Market.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Country Focus: Oman Penny Hitchin Oman leads Gulf States in reform and privatization of electricity and water sectors Oman is a pioneer of private power in the GCC. In 2002. transmission and distribution of electricity. having seen the first IPP in the Sultanate begin generating electricity in 1996. fuelled by private industrial activity. distribution and transmission assets. establish a regulatory regime and introduce commercialization and privatization. Demand for power has been growing at 6–7 per cent per annum in recent years. 4 MEE March 2011 P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . Privatization of the electricity sector actually started in 1996 when the Manah power project was developed on a build. Oman has used a four-step model to unbundle the country’s generation. the Sector Law came into force providing a new framework for the electricity and seawater desalination infrastructure sectors. transfer (BOOT) basis by the United Power Company. T Source: L. In 2005. The government’s approach to privatization has been to allow 100 per cent private ownership for an initial period. the Al-Rusail Power Company was privatized through a 100 per cent share sale – the first such sale of an operational generation asset in the Middle East. However. a process that is still underway. private sector companies were invited to invest in the Salalah Power System.

an average annual increase the Salalah Power System. of the Gulf Cooperation Council The Oman Electricity (GCC) scheme to interconnect the Transmission Company (OETC) is a electricity systems of six monopoly provider of transmission Gulf States. transmitting and responsibility for the regulation distributing power in the areas of the electricity and related water where the MIS transmission system Filter House sector since May 2005. generation RAECO is also responsible for the auxiliary systems as the preferred supplier for of electricity combined with electrification of rural areas. the Petroleum Development engineered and manufactured hundreds of GT distribution. Mazoon Electricity Dhofar Power Company. In its Seven Year Statement.braden. The Rural Areas Electricity The Authority for Electricity Company (RAECO) is responsible Regulation. the activities of the Oman Power rural systems RAECO purchases and Water Procurement Company. generation. has not operated.5 per cent. and diesel fuelled plant. Island take off.com (MEDC). •Exhaust & Inlet •Inspection and a million customers. • Tulsa. As part of around 8. used in rural areas and to provide Exhaust Plenum reserve (non-contracted) Rural Power Systems Before After generating capacity. The MIS consists of a single 220 kV/132 kV transmission grid Salalah Power System owned and operated by Oman The Salalah Power System serves Electricity Transmission Company 64 000 customers in the city of (OETC) and three generation Salalah and the Governorate of and distribution networks owned Dhofar. Oman Power and Water Procurement Company or Rural own area. Shariqiya and in the Duqum area and Masirah •Expansion Joints Systems Dhahirah regions. further afield. Main Interconnected System The total capacity is 447 MW. It comprises an integrated 5199 N. desalination. import or Oman’s system. the Rural Systems and 2016. For some also offers turnkey solutions.com • www. central dispatching. and is responsible for the central All of Oman’s domestic energy dispatch of generating and consumption is supplied by natural desalination facilities connected gas and oil. Oman has had full for generating. Most of the Braden’s full array of engineers (structural. electricity from Petroleum •Air Filtration •Bypass Stacks Development Oman.com Electricity Distribution Company distribution system owned by the www. water desalination. although the MIS Regulated activities include is now linked to RAECO through For over 40 years. Mingo Rd. electricity supplied to RAECO’s mechanical. •Inlet Cooling/Heating •Diffusers and Plenums The Main Interconnected The forecast for the RAECO area is •Silencing •Installation System (MIS) serves around half approximately 350 GWh in 2012. Electricity operator functions are managed Exhaust Stack generation is mainly gas powered. progress is underway services to the MIS.bradenfilters. It covers Demand for electricity in RAECO Ductwork Reporting Services the Governorate of Muscat. transmission. OK 74117 USA Tel: 918-272-5371 • Fax: 918-272-7414 and operated by Muscat generation. the Oman Power and Water Electricity market structure Procurement Company (OPWPC) The electricity sector is made up predicts the maximum power of three separate and distinct demand for the MIS will grow from markets: the Main Interconnected 3424 MW in 2009 to 6043 MW by System. interconnected transmission which in due course will extend system in the north of the country. covering the period 2010–2016. generation of through a special mechanism electricity co-located with water in the Sector Law. reflecting the country’s to the MIS.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Country Focus: Oman there currently are no plans to privatize the Electricity Holding Each of these three distributors supplies customers in its Braden Comprehensive Company. electrical and acoustical) scrutinize development and/or operation of 60 rural systems is generated by every aspect of your retrofit design. Braden international interconnections. Retrofit Solutions Areas Electricity Company. transmission and Email: Sales@braden. the areas could increase considerably Governorate of Buraimi and most when the development projects •Diverter Dampers •SCR & CO Catalyst of the Batinah. Company (MZEC) and Majan The system was isolated from the Electricity Company (MJEC). The OETC system abundant reserves. OETC owns Expansion Joint to link the three Oman systems and operates the 220 kV/132 kV into a Gulf Peninsula network. rest of the country’s networks until -VYTVYLPUMVYTH[PVULU[LYH[TLLOV[PTZJVT _________ MEE March 2011 5 P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . from a load dispatch centre in although diesel generation is Al Mawalleh. export. supply of electricity. funded turbine OEMs. Braden has designed.

which is such as the EJILST (Egypt. Qatar. In April 2010. dropped the plans to build an IWPP at have delayed the plans. Syria and Turkey) and ENTSO-E will be taking place as the new 445 MW system linking all six members. Significant development of the system working to achieve an interconnection Lebanon. pool and bring in new investment. OPWPC the GCC grid is now announced that it was changing the fuel under technical and source from coal to gas. the electrical power networks in the GCC A Five Year Business Plan submitted to member states will enable a reduction of the Ensuring water supplies in an OPWPC for the years 2011–2015 sets out electrical generation reserve of each of the arid area RO297 million ($770 million) in member states and improve power supply The OPWPC. established in 2002. the privatization. Gulf States market. interconnection of the its ambitions. which is connected by a 132 kV of 132 kV transmission lines. system extends across the whole of northern to connect Oman to the GCC Grid via the A proposed facility at Duqum Port was UAE’s internal grid originally planned to be a 1000 MW coal but a new proposal to fired plant (the first in the GCC region). Demand on the could allow private investors to develop Salalah Power System is expected to grow Interconnection links Oman to other larger projects with access to a bigger from 297 MW in 2009 to 615 MW by 2016. it appointed KPMG to oversee Saudi Arabia. connect it directly to however in February 2010. commercial feasibility however. Linking (Europe). The original plan was a desalination plant only. The second phase. including the GCC and other pools an average annual increase of around 11 per Oman is a member of the GCC. is a investments in the development of the security and economic efficiency in wholly-owned subsidiary of the Electricity Salalah Power System as demand escalates the region. 22. cent. the second quarter of 2010 it was e Oman’s first step delayed indefinitely. involves interconnection of the development of new independent water international bidders to submit expressions independent systems in the United Arab and power projects (IWPPs). Jordan. Holding Company (EHC) and is 100 per over that period. OETC’s existing transmission the middle of 2011. Oil Mist Eliminator t Th M e e pean in the proposed OPWPC is seeking proposals for an ). In August 2010. The third phase. UAE and Oman OPWPC estimates that the demand for privatized? with a back-to-back HVDC interconnection desalinated water will rise from The Omani government has plans to to the 60 Hz Saudi Arabian system. Salalah power and water plant is phased in. This single circuit to the MIS. was capacity of 31 billion gallons per year.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Country Focus: Oman 2010 when it was connected with the power Oman comprising about 600 circuit km of The interconnection could serve as a system of the Petroleum Development 220 kV and in the region of 2700 circuit km gateway to a regional and pan-Arab power Oman. At that time the completed in 2009. First Middle Eastern transco to be Kuwait. financial downturn led to revisions in following year. It has a interconnection of the 50 Hz systems of monopoly on the sale of desalinated water. Iraq. the first phase of the 53. the plan was put on hold and in study. Interconnection Project. OPWPC But the global financial crisis appears to GCC South Grid with the GCC North Grid. Bahrain and Qatar. but the global of interest) was expected to be floated the Emirates (UAE) and Oman.5 billion gallons a year in 2008 to privatize the OETC – a first for a Middle The North Grid. which are currently started in 2010 and is expected to finish in Al Ghubhrah and decided to re-tender it as on hold. The system consists of an AC cent owned by the government. Eastern transmission company. Bahrain. necessitating additional desalination In 2008.5 billion gallons a year in 2015. connecting Kuwait. the OPWPC has been working towards the request for proposals (inviting potential South Grid.

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 +  53 E m ards system was a 220 kV It wants in the region of 400 MW of d 0.

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7+809 Stan interconnection electricity to be available ahead of the between MIS and summer peak demand in 2013. A link companies tendered to build and operate ≥ ≥ ≥ .7% at 0.3 μm by pressure llost off only l Abu Dhabi in the commissioning of 1500 MW in time for 5 mbar and you get oil-free exhaust air. and full separation degree of 99. nine save money through longer maintenance intervals of the turbocharger early 2007. UAE completed in summer 2014. In October 2010.


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& Water Company (SSPWC). the GCC in 2012. constant underpressure in oil tank and bearings & clean air in the machine hall Development At the start of 2011 the contract to build Oman system in the and operate the $1 billion Salalah IWPP Dhofar area became was signed with Sembcorp Salalah Power operational in 2010. interconnection will The electricity and water output from promote a the facility will be sold to OPWPC under Filter on a steam turbine closed-cranccases-ventilation with oil tank package for Siemens high filtration degrees for MWM common GCC a 15-year power and water purchase electricity market agreement. strengthening Commercial operation is projected to begin reliability. SSPWC is 60 per cent owned by  . desalination plant will be owned by a join streamlining venture formed between Sembcorp Utilities operations and and the Oman Investment Corporation. The 445 MW As well as improving gas fired power plant and reverse osmosis economic efficiency. to the Petroleum the plant.


Corporation. #  /01#01 _______ developments.  to pave the way Sembcorp Utilities and 40 per cent " #$%&'(%%)*#$%&'(%% for additional owned by the Oman Investment +. -VYTVYLPUMVYTH[PVULU[LYH[TLLOV[PTZJVT _________ 6 MEE March 2011 P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F .

incorporating battery Phoenix Solar. MEE EXPERTS IN PROBLEM SOLVING On-line compressor washing for large gas turbines Regular on-line washing reduces performance degradation of gas turbines operating in polluted environments. Tefirom. for harnessing renewable resources annually on operating its five reverse and the Gulf in particular. Oman supports around 660 000 gallons per day of water. construction contractor under a fixed price. TURBOTECTTM2020 has been formulated to dissolve the more aggressive pollutants which are now found at many sites. BOO Nvalue GmbH. conjunction with RAEC diesel generation consultancy KEMA to develop a plan for and 30 per cent by the Oman Investment in rural areas. capacity at an investment cost of While Oman is moving forward with turnkey contract. the planned rate of In 2008 Oman published a renewable with renewably sourced electricity. Wilyiat of Thumrait Wind Zubair.1 million financial downturn. more powerful and environmentally friendly. water-based detergent is being introduced. BOO 1500 kW To be confirmed Solar Centrotherm Photovoltaics AG. For the new system. Suzlon BOO 292 kW Al Mazyonah Solar DSME/Conergy/Bahwan Engineering. Turbotect Ltd. but fewer are required. For the largest gas turbines operating today.6 MW of renewable ways to cut operating costs. On our website see a 45 second video of the new compressor washing system in action on a 120 MW base loaded gas turbine. Corporation.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Country Focus: Oman Size Location Technology Developer Development basis 500 kW Masirah Island Wind Gulf Renewable Energy BOO 100 kW Hij Solar PV (50 kW of thin film. Merit International 28 kW Al Mathfa Solar. procurement and projects offering 6. Extensive tests show that TURBOTECTTM2020 is the most effective cleaner on the market today. as well as is the engineering. reducing progress has been impacted by the global energy study that explored the availability diesel fuel consumption by 3.5 million recovery of the global economy in general. It seems likely that the of solar and wind energy resources in the litres per year and avoiding 8298 tonnes of speed at which planned new projects are Sultanate. Tenders were invited and capital spending over the next ten years. Sembcorp Salalah O&M Company. Chinese company SEPCO III in April 2010 the electricity regulator KEMA will evaluate all of RAEC’s plants and Electric Power Construction Corporation announced six renewable energy pilot report on the investment needed. carbon dioxide per year. The new nozzle is designed to replace the existing nozzle. TM In addition to the TURBOTECTTM 950 water-based and TURBOTECT 927 solvent based detergents a new. which the implementation of pilot projects in In December 2010.  . agreed will be determined by the rate of This made a number of recommendations RAECO currently spends $2. only the same total volume of washing solution is needed to achieve improved wetting of the surfaces to be cleaned. Itochu Corporation EPC 50 kW of mono crystalline) 4200 kW Saih Al Khairat. $21 million. Electricity Regulation. which produce maintained by a joint venture company. RAEC appointed Dutch is 70 per cent owned by Sembcorp Utilities. ambitious plans to attract investment in The six projects will allow RAECO to developing and modernizing its power and Development of renewable energy replace 11 GWh of annual diesel generation water infrastructure. Turbotect has introduced an air assisted nozzle which uses air jets to bracket the wash fluid and project it into compressor intakes with larger dimensions and faster air flows. Silver Circle BOO storage capability Oman’s renewable energy pilot projects in the RAECO area The facility will be operated and including that the Authority for osmosis desalination plants.

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Texas 77377 Phone: +41 56 200 5020 Phone: +1 281 255 6092 Fax: +41 56 200 5022 Fax: +1 281 516 0427 E-mail:turbotect@turbotect.com www. CH-5401 Baden. Switzerland Tomball.com E-mail:andrew.bromley@turbotect.com -VYTVYLPUMVYTH[PVULU[LYH[TLLOV[PTZJVT _________ MEE March 2011 7 P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F .turbotect.

Regarding the energy market. There is also great potential for new development in the energy sector investments by foreign companies. The ambitious aim to also spurred a 34 per cent expansion of fossil fuels such as crude oil and natural gas. these are currently not 52 per cent. This is increasingly liberal and attractive for resources. The Saudi Electric Company (SEC) predicts an annual growth rate in their dependence on fossil fuels. generation capacity from 25 790 MW in national demand for electricity of about Despite huge investments in renewable 2000 to 39 242 MW in 2008. Energy Consultant. amounting to 10 per cent over upcoming years. generate 30 per cent of electricity through the distribution network. resources. GCC countries have few possibilities for breaking covers a broad range of challenges and opportunities not only for consultancies. with an increase of 50 per cent from 3 6 million to 5. The Korean company Kepco signs a nuclear deal with authorities in the UAE C onsidering their annual economic growth rate of more than 5 per cent and their limited availability of non-fossil resources. The energy sector and electricity sufficiently available to cover the pending The rise in electricity demand has generation currently depend heavily on energy shortfall. This reflects Extensive reserves on the entire peninsula nuclear power in 2030 is prompting the country’s sharp economic upturn. renewables but these currently contribute 8 MEE March 2011 P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . will secure electricity generation for many governments to start as early as possible The Kingdom’s business environment years.4 million. Germany Nuclear power in the Middle East: Peril or opportunity for consultancies? Energy consultant Felix Wilde examines how consultancy firms should assess the business opportunities presented by nuclear power development in the Middle East. with an increase in power Economic growth is also corroborated by the number of electricity customers. the fastest growing economy on the Arabian Peninsula is Saudi Arabia.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Nuclear Power Felix Wilde. but these are ultimately finite with implementing nuclear power.

chain. be clearly defined. opportunities and threats) analysis. All relevant external factors have to be following attributes: impartial. relationships. The UAE is one of many List of potential countries . either with the intent Hitachi as its main partners.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Nuclear Power only a minor share in the energy mix. innovation deployment and a prioritizing of its competitor’s strength might be a weakness and technology potential.human resources government intends to have several . A market analysis must possess the These results are summarized in Figure 2.environmental condition Arabian Peninsula have been competing . The to gain a bridgehead in a new market or For consultancy companies it has become general goal of a SWOT analysis is to to protect a company’s existing share in a increasingly attractive to engage in nuclear identify internal and external factors. price development. activities to enter a new business sector in another company and vice versa. Others include . jeopardize a project.Taxes and income with each other. this huge market has out a deployment strategy. These strategic Opportunities and threats are external goals. the UAE with high potential . obtaining relevant information for further and underestimating the company’s own GDF Suez and Total. examined in detail. Inadequate preparation or as nuclear and governmental agencies to unpredictable events in a market are Secondly. Egypt. company itself and its business segment: failure in the new market. MEE March 2011 9 P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . with the UAE seeking to be the first to set up a civilian nuclear Step 2 Selection of countries by: power programme.development of market interest in nuclear energy. Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Step 4 A consortium of Korean companies won List of targeted countries the bidding procedure for the first nuclear power plant in the UAE. obstacles than detected in a first evaluation. The UAE government’s ambitious aim is to prepare detailed plans for acquiring Step 3 Final selection of countries by: skills and technology and for overcoming List of potential countries . weaknesses. trends. development in order to benefit from the strengths and weaknesses belonging to Such an analysis must consider the hosting nations’ lack of expertize. Pending threats declining. conditions could throw up a lot more take into account. An assessment of The company’s own appraisals should the internal organization of each individual be highlighted so that they are not • company’s market share. in a foreign market. states on the . A company’s first step has to be the to the company’s own preparation and • market quality: profitability. and opportunities following aspects firstly with direct regard to new market’s interest in the technology and threats depending on external the market: is associated with hurdles that have to be conditions. weaknesses fixes competitive interactions. comprised of Areva. . the analysis must turn its focus to identify their need for external advisers to two determinants for threats that could external conditions: safely operate a nuclear power programme.similarities to existing markets Kuwait. risks and assessment of its own status in strategic to the characteristics of its competitors. By 2020. An increasing global trend towards nuclear Step 1 Evaluation of countries based on: power reflects its perception as a reliable List of all countries . investors. The presence in the market of direct and follow at 18-to-24 month intervals. • technological development and the the reprocessing of used nuclear fuel rods This SWOT analysis enables companies current state-of-the-art. potentials of considerations could also be of relevance conditions due to the actual market customers and competitors. and the final storage of waste. maturity. to identify further investments and to work • business cycle: growing. process is crucial for a potential success or confused with official and reliable data. Barriers to market entry must Japanese consortium featuring GE and example.political restrictions For a couple of years.market potentials and competitive power technology. and the other a US/ management decisions based on. continually changing constraints and are more predictable and easier to avoid or • regional and national specialties.working conditions on market nuclear reactors in operation that should meet almost one-third of the country’s electricity demand. for policymakers. The first reactor is scheduled to come on stream in 2017 with the other three to an expensive failure.necessary financial resources regulatory challenges. potential. and trends in parallel First steps for success so these two attributes are directly related markets. • offered products and activities. a SWOT (strengths. trackable and Finally the analysis must concentrate on the considered to minimize the chance of with reliable sources. • market occupation: structure. comprising four similar reactors of type APR 1400 with an The sequence of steps to follow in determinating a target market electrical capacity of 1400 MW to 1600 MW each. Nevertheless. with market against competitors. A prudent analysis Potential business opportunities are to identify potential threats will enable • restrictions established by law and manifold within the entire nuclear value countermeasures to be taken to reduce their statutes. But this internal company factors. for weaknesses. development. suppliers as well demand. from the mining of new uranium to intensity and frequency. behaviour. A barriers.market volume countries in the Middle East with a serious . The relationship of strengths to • market size: volume. Internal assessment in conjunction indirect competitors must be considered to The Korean consortium competed with with market analysis is essential for avoiding misrepresenting market conditions two others: one French.

1. This means that companies have Threats also arise due to external conditions restrictions on approving such guarantees. These aspects are likewise the components Infrastructure Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Continuous of a SWOT analysis.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGSF Nuclear Power • technological status. so ambitious could abruptly halt their nuclear efforts are needed to ensure recruitment and plans and cancel planning arrangements. costs. German companies possess a high degree of nuclear power. The total volume of work for elections and changes of economic and and significant economies of scale are planned nuclear plant construction will far environmental policy. government policy and since the global economic crisis. IAEA. crucial. and governments are increasingly unwilling to Nuclear energy is a polarizing issue and research and development will grow in lend money for such large projects. 10 MEE March 2011 P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . Vienna (2007) continuous research and development. its vision and mission. not directly attainable.e. technical. experience Duration: 10 to 15 years in power plant construction goes back to industrialization. care is taken before granting credit. Motivation measures and be provided by consultancies. which will consider the development Deliberations Preparatory Activities to maintenance following aspects. energy strategy • financial standing. consider this as serious demand in a market labour costs compared to other countries. programme before a work for realize a first and decision to construction of NPP infrastructure launch a an NPP after a improvement Strengths nuclear power policy decision A strength is a core advantage of a company programme is has been taken and its ranking in this aspect vis-à-vis taken its competitors. Cancellation of separation of responsibilities will increase Opportunities for consultancies will arise long-term contracts puts companies at the degree of interface management within through the external business environment. to compete to recruit qualified staff. The Opportunities materials and so forth. due to not every employee is prepared to work in importance so that contracted services can the following financial. the liability. knowledge will not be properly consequently higher competition arising Universities and extensive practical passed on and retiring staff will take between nuclear newcomers. regulatory agencies as well as the entry of • The current financial situation regarding The rate of retirement in 2010 was new competitors.e. greater demand for nuclear power. and the spirit of trust has diminished some employees will not match the profile suppliers. Internal factors depend on the company philosophy and the management’s code of conduct. A huge gap is because each country wants to be the an adequate supply of staff to meet the has arisen in recent decades between the first to bring its nuclear plant on line. construction companies and A further weakness is the human factor. Investors. This hype education among the workforce ensure critical knowledge with them. Requirements in reorganization. This issue is well known. public. the involved parties. European engineering and consultancy employees for this business segment is Countries that appear to be highly firms are respected and profitable. predominantly. Nuclear power option • status of marketing and sales included within the national department. Such projects exceed the available manpower capacity as Business sectors most affected are mainly are too large to be handled by a single well as that of engineering and consultancy those that involve plant engineering consultancy enterprise. and in the market. workforce. the involvement of a large number of of reputable institutions mean that greater coinciding with renewed interest in stakeholders and different interests. First NPP project Determined and consistent strategic management will provide a guideline and pave the way for higher efficiency and productivity. Weaknesses retention of the existing resources in order Potential governmental risks over a project The nuclear sector offers fewer synergies to prevent an explosion in estimated project lead time of between 10 and 15 years are than other conventional business fields budgets. • The high liability sums and warranties nuclear power sector globally is the shortage that construction companies need for of staff with specialist education and Threats a project. and construction with a high proportion have to be set up to share the work of advance payments for construction and. The global availability of qualified analysis could be very dangerous. Banks have imposed greater training. almost 60 per cent of specialist imminent threats are different due to Failure to pay back loans and insolvencies staff will retire over the coming years. To industrial sector’s demands. greater project development in the region. incentives are needed to gain loyalty and for higher energy consumption will result in attract employees. such as existing competitors. In the nuclear business. NG-G-3. i. Despite high older workforce and new graduates. i. very restricted. this technology. of requirements. In Europe. IAEA of broad-based experience coupled with Nuclear Energy Series No. the credit crunch and market stability. The outlook and political factors. Financial threats One of the main challenges for the heightening the increase in opportunities. so joint ventures enterprises worldwide. Pre-project Pre-project Construction Operation and decision decommissioning Contributory factors are the qualifications and experience of managers as well as Feasibility study Commissioning Bidding process employees’ flexibility and motivation. Because of the ageing There is increasing interest and expertize and knowledge. risk of incurring heavy financial losses. Thanks to many decades Figure 1: Project phases from ‘Milestones in the Development of a National Infrastructure for Nuclear Power’.

60 per cent of this coming from Gulf oil producers. Kelvin Marlow Exhibit Sales Manager Responding to the growth and vitality in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) T +44 (0) 1992 656 610 region.com growth and demand for power intensifies.com CHANGING POWER SOLUTIONS IN CHALLENGING TIMES INVITATION TO EXHIBIT POWER-GEN Middle East 2011. Doha. If you are involved in power in the Middle East. establish new business contacts and demonstrate T +44 (0) 1992 656 619 pioneering technologies to achieve long-term sustainable electricity supply as F +44 (0) 1992 656 700 E paperspgme@pennwell. Doha.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Conference & Exhibition 24-26 October 2011 Doha Exhibition Center. will be held from 24-26 October 2011 at Doha Exhibition opportunities contact: Center. Qatar www. Qatar. don’t miss this prime opportunity to stay ahead of the competition and reach the region’s key decision makers. The event will also provide an opportunity to establish new business contacts with prominent local and international companies and introduce and demonstrate pioneering technologies. Samantha Malcolm Be part of the rapid investment in the MEE region by attending POWER-GEN Middle Conference Manager East to launch new products.com and distribution. Owned and Produced by: Co-Host: Flagship Media Sponsors: Supporting Regional Publication: -VYTVYLPUMVYTH[PVULU[LYH[TLLOV[PTZJVT _________ P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . POWER-GEN Middle East 2011 will gather world-class experts to address F +44 (0) 1992 656 700 technical issues and share lessons learned about power generation.9 per cent year-to-year rise in electricity consumption till 2030. For information about participating With an expected 3. the premier event dedicated to the power industry For exhibition and sponsorship of the Gulf region.power-gen-middleeast. please contact: their power generation capacity. at the conference as a speaker or Arab nations are expected to pump more than $92 billion into projects to expand delegate. transmission E exhibitpgme@pennwell.

respect to technical capability and price. to government pressure. this nuclear cooperation The availability of capital derived from attitude to nuclear energy is the still came under significant pressure from the mineral resources puts them in the position unresolved final storage of the radioactive government. the University of Augsburg in cooperation increasingly hinge on political issues and However. Public threats Figure 2: Classification of countries according to their attractiveness A more public threat is public rejection.com -VYTVYLPUMVYTH[PVULU[LYH[TLLOV[PTZJVT _________ MEE March 2011 12 P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F .com Call +44 (0)845 500 5556 or email sales@boltight.diplom. and withdrawal from to award the contract directly to the The GCC countries have the readiness the nuclear sector by democratic countries Kepco-led team as this was the best with and the intention to realize nuclear projects is conceivable.boltight. USA. Bilateral agreements between in the UAE. and the Strategic Deployment of a prominent role in the tendering and conglomerate finally won the competition to German Consultancies on the Arabian decision-making processes.de (ISBN 978-3-8428-0744-0) to ENEC in July 2009 of the three vying countries throughout the greater Middle syndicates was made by the group led by East have recently announced new plans to NB: This article was written prior to the Kepco. explore civilian nuclear energy programmes. Germany. destruction is also a concern that must be September and December 2009 mainly due urgently resolved. politics played their domestic companies. The entire thesis is available at The most competitive bid submitted Despite all prevailing threats at least 13 www. recent nuclear incident in Japan. Fichtner GmbH & Co. despite the best endeavours of with the University in Pittsburgh. Controls to prevent to improve their initial quotation. KG. Nuclear energy became a highly polarizing GDF Suez and Total ranked second. Participation waste as well as trade in and transport US and the French consortia the chance in this new global and potentially booming of nuclear fuel rods. driven by the increasing demand for energy. undertake the programme. interests. Nuclear units of more than 1 GW could become obsolete with a trend towards small modular reactors for more even voltage distribution throughout the country. Examples include E.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Nuclear Power • Joint ventures between major companies. Areva. region with planned investments of billions incident could immediately jeopardize the Based on the quotations. During a delay of three months the French and US governments to support on ‘Worldwide Development of Nuclear for the contract award. About the author Indeed. Peninsula’. Further issues that stoke the negative Nevertheless. BOLTIGHT H Y D R A U L I C B O LT T E N S I O N I N G www. R Specialist bolt tensioning products to meet the needs of today’s power generation industry. The French consortium of Areva. which urged ENEC to give the to purchase expertize abroad. ENEC intended of dollars. the Korean Energy. for a Korean consortium in 2009 also provides GDF Suez and Total proposed even at that which he has been involved in several an example of the political sensitivity of time construction of two 1600 MW reactors large-scale power projects. A similar hazardous the most costly. the French government and Felix Wilde graduated in civil engineering Political threats and uncertainties consortium had already pitched the UAE for before joining global energy consultants The award of the contract by Abu Dhabi to a nuclear programme in January 2008. This article is such projects. This obvious threat could actually be also considered as an opportunity for consultancies in the development of transmission lines. Technical threats • The low capacity of high voltage transmission lines. and the Korean consortium led by Kepco. like public utilities and construction companies to share risk and the high required investment capital. and the Experts expect a couple of new power plants issue following the accidents in Three Mile US/Japanese team of GE and Hitachi was to be built in the Middle East/North Africa Island and Chernobyl. and the government signed based on his recently completed MBA at several countries on all levels of the project a bilateral co-operation deal with France. entire development. who set up Horizon Nuclear Power in 2009 in the UK. ENEC market is essential to maintaining economic diversion of fissile material for military requested the US and French bidders to success and to maintaining expertise in use to construct of weapons of mass revise their proposals three times between re-emerging nuclear technology.ON and RWE.

PRAGATI MAIDAN.com REGISTER BEFORE THE 7 APRIL 2011 TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE EARLY BIRD RATES.com GEARING UP FOR THE POWER CHALLENGE OF INDIA’S 12TH PLAN Co Located Event Organisers Flagship Media Sponsors Supporting Organisation -VYTVYLPUMVYTH[PVULU[LYH[TLLOV[PTZJVT _________ P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . opportunities for attendees and exhibitors alike. or to explore the many investment opportunities that exist. India. Register now for this unique business opportunity which has Take advantage of the vast growth in India and by exhibiting or already sold 80 per cent exhibition space and expects 7000 attend at POWER-GEN India & Central Asia and network with the high calibre attendees. India & Central Asia 2011 provides the ideal opportunity to discuss the important technical and logistical issues related to the If you want to find out about the latest technologies and modernization of India’s power infrastructure. or renewables. as well as how to product developments in the field of fossil fuels. this year’s exhibition floor offering unrivalled networking and business must attend events.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F 5 . please visit www.power-genindia. hydro meet the country’s exponential growth in energy demand. POWER-GEN India & Central Asia comprises a world-class Renewable Energy World India and HydroVision India. now truly reflects the changing face of one the world’s most Well established as the region’s premier event. important power industry events and the largest ‘POWER-GEN’ POWER-GEN India & Central Asia.7 MAY 2011. major players in the Indian and international power sector. POWER-GEN India & Central Asia is one of the region’s most If your organization is currently working or considering operating. plus the chance to present the latest equipment and pioneering technologies for the Indian and international energy sectors. For further information. NEW DELHI. nuclear. together with its two new co- conference and exhibition outside of Europe and North America located events Renewable Energy World India and HydroVision India. INDIA www. look no further than POWER-GEN India & Central Asia. POWER-GEN exciting electric power markets.power-genindia.

P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Conference & Exhibition 24-26 October 2011 Doha Exhibition Center Doha. opportunities contact: Roy Morris WaterWorld Middle East 2011 will gather world-class experts to address strategic Exhibit Sales Manager and technical issues facing the water and wastewater industry. Owned and Produced by: Supported by: Flagship Media Sponsors: Supporting Regional Publication: ® -VYTVYLPUMVYTH[PVULU[LYH[TLLOV[PTZJVT _________ P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . T +44 (0) 1992 656 613 technology and services are needed to help meet the ever increasing demand for water F +44 (0) 1992 656 700 and exponential growth and vitality the Middle East and North Africa region. at the conference as a speaker or delegate.waterworldmiddleeast. Qatar www. sustainable production and For information about participating distribution efficiency as growth and demand for water intensifies.com of the competition and reach the region’s key decision makers. don’t miss this prime opportunity to stay ahead E paperswwme@pennwell. please contact: WaterWorld Middle East 2011 will also provide the perfect opportunity to establish new Samantha Malcolm business contacts with prominent local and international companies and to introduce Conference Manager and demonstrate pioneering technologies. E rmorris@pennwell. T +44 (0) 1992 656 619 F +44 (0) 1992 656 700 If you are involved in the water industry.com Be a part of the rapid investment across the region by attending this inaugural event to discuss and explore topics such as water recycling. Qatar as a co-located event with POWER-GEN Middle East.com CHANGING WATER SOLUTIONS IN CHALLENGING TIMES INVITATION TO PARTICIPATE The first annual WaterWorld Middle East Conference and Exhibition will take place at For exhibition and sponsorship Doha Exhibition Center. Business enterprise. Doha.

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com/ energy/ _____ cleaner-products Through turbines and generators for cleaner fossil power generation.siemens.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F How can we secure sustainability in tomorrow’s energy age? Visit our Web Feature: www. We provide gas and steam turbines as well as generators for higher efficiency and fewer emissions – for a secure energy supply. E50001-G210-F164-X-4A00 000 -G210-F164-X-4A00 Siemens offers the broadest spectrum of future-ready technologies for cleaner fossil power generation. Rely on quality products for cleaner fossil power generation from Siemens to meet the most important challenge of tomorrow’s energy age. TH P A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . www.siemens.com/energy E50001 214-101302 E5 T 214-101302 Answers for energy.

Eric Baker. Tulsa. President. middle east-africa Powdermill Lane. Biolchini PennWell International Power Group The Water Tower. USA © Copyright 2011 by PennWell Corporation. PennWell Global Power Review 2011 1 P A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . Penny Hitchin. Lauinger 52 Germany 62 Turkey President/CEO 54 Italy 64 UK Robert F. 30 Japan 40 Thailand 1421 S. UK. All rights reserved.com Studio/Production Manager Karl Weber 10 Brazil 16 Mexico Contributors 12 Canada 18 USA Richard Ballie. Elisa Wood asia-pacific 22 Australia 32 Malaysia Design Deanna Taylor Production Katie Noftsger 24 China 34 Pakistan Group Publisher 26 36 Ralph Boon India Phillipines 28 38 Corporate Headquarters Indonesia South Korea PennWell Corporation. Guy Robinson. Gunpowder Mill. Tel: +44 1992 656 600 Fax: +44 1992 656 700 68 Iraq 74 Saudi Arabia Circulation and subscriber enquiries 70 77 Janet Orton Nigeria South Africa PennWell Corporation.com americas 8 Argentina 14 Chile Advertisement Sales Manager Asif Yusuf. Sheridan Road. Katherine Probert. Sheridan Road. OK 74112. ® “Global Power Review” is a registered trademark of PennWell Corporation.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F 2011 A snapshot of the world’s top electricity markets contents Chief Editor Heather Johnstone 2 Introduction Deputy Editor 4 Guest editorial Tim Probert Thomas R. Waltham Abbey. asify@pennwell. Tulsa. anthonyo@pennwell. Essex EN9 1BN. USA Tel: +1 918 835 3161 europe 44 Baltic States 56 Poland Fax: +1 918 831 9834 Circulation Director Gloria Adams Circulation Manager 48 Finland 58 Russia Janet Orton 50 France 60 Spain Chairman Frank T. 72 Qatar 79 United Arab Emirates 1421 S. Kuhn. Andrew Lee. Edison Electric Institute Associate Editor Nigel Blackaby Production editor Piers Evans Country Focus Sub-editor David Devonport Advertisement Sales Manager Anthony Orfeo. OK 74112. Paul Breeze.

•China could add 40 per cent of its current capacity which is six times the USA’s current installed capacity. which is the ninth •Renewable energy: Offshore wind and solar are edition. Bahrain.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Introduction Welcome to the 2011 edition of the PennWell shortfall – encouraged by unconventional gas and Corporation’s Global Power Review. renewables •Traditional suppliers likely to face competition from •Heavy reliance on nascent technologies e. Tunisia. nuclear (14 per growing cent) and hydro (16 per cent) will remain relatively •Nuclear power: Huge expansion in China. energy efficiency. while oil’s share will decline to less that South Korea looking to exports. participation through IPPs will continue to grow Coal’s loss of market share will benefit renewables. Middle East: OECD countries. CCS. Jordan. accounting for 80 per in gas fired power cent of the worldwide growth in demand between •Saudi Arabia expecting 50 per cent more power 2008 and 2035. and Masdar plants will be needed to meet future electricity initiative is a significant global influence 2 PennWell Global Power Review 2011 P A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F .g. most and flexibility other MENA nations have loose plans •Utilities looking outside Europe for opportunities •Renewable energy: Limited as a market to date •Bridging technology: Expectation that gas fired but big solar potential e. and deter Associate Editor are heading in this time-frame. plant availability Turkey. such as China and India. local EPCs smart grid and electric vehicles to deliver EC policy •Volatile oil price may hasten interest in coal.2 per cent between 2008–2035. providing readers with the most up-to-date reverse phase-outs. Below are a few of our •Unrest may hamper short-term project development Nigel Blackaby thoughts on the direction the key electricity markets e. resulting in India for solar PV and CSP an overall growth of 80 per cent. capacity by 2019 – becoming significantly more Although the IEA’s projections are extremely investor-friendly. the Asia-Pacific region. electricity demand is forecast to grow at an annual especially China. The market •China’s influence on power sector across Asia is shares of natural gas (21 per cent). Iran firm plans to build reactors. Qatar will invest $14 billion on power/water players. The trend of non. enjoying the •Five-year view is for continued fast growth mostly biggest growth will continue. Japan and constant. SE Asia potential but Tim Probert 2 per cent by 2035. in Egypt. UAE will add 45 per cent more useful they are long term ones. •China’s growing role in international electricity excluding hydro. For power industry capacity. politically risky Deputy Editor On the other side of the equation. Asia: According to the International Energy Agency •Forecasts suggest fastest growing world region for (IEA). prospects good for new build market intelligence in an easy to read format.g.5 per cent to 38 per cent in 2008. by 2020 Coal will remain as the leading fuel for power • Coal to remain dominant in next five years. •Recession. potential investors Europe: •Increasing investment in sector from Asian •Policy heavily driven by climate change agenda – developers clean coal. Europe and the refurbishment in some regions Middle East and Africa region. both short to medium-term market indicators for World Cup are arguably more important. and life extensions In this year’s publication. compared •SE Asia electricity demand to grow 5. with generation. the power sector’s share of the primary energy electricity in next few years.g. Egypt. both as market and export. Total capacity additions of annually Heather Johnstone Chief Editor 5900 GW will be required between 2008 and 2035. •Emphasis on modernization. but the IEA predicts its share of total power emphasis on large supercritical and USC plants output is expected to peak at 42 per cent within the • State control is the norm although private next couple of years and decline to 32 per cent by 2035. and rate of 2. we focus on 32 electricity sectors across the key growth areas plus pumped storage and hydro Americas. an essential liquefied natural gas information source on the world’s key electricity •Nuclear power: several nations have legislated to markets. CSP hybrids. with their share increasing from sector will shape global market 3 per cent in 2008 to 16 per cent in 2035. policy uncertainty and public renewables and nuclear alternatives opposition has slowed new plant programme •UAE building four nuclear reactors by 2020. mix will increase to 42 per cent in 2035. global • Renewable energy: Asia is a key growth market. Oman.

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renewable energy sources. stakeholders. EEI member companies plan to invest in excess of $35 “Utility spending on energy efficiency [in the billion on transmission over the next three years. And the industry’s to 14 per cent in 2035. and The advanced technologies we are developing for generating electricity represent approximately 70 per cent of the US electric power industry. energy efficiency efforts are proving to be particularly impressive. US nuclear plants have for powering new ideas and solutions. Also promising is the growing owned electric companies. Over the past three Modernizing the grid by adding smart meters will create an array of benefits for our customers. on energy efficiency continues to grow. smart meters will be system wide by the middle of this decade. affordable. Shale gas has driven America’s natural gas proved reserves to of electric cars as well. $2. The industry’s largest source of carbon-free electricity production comes Electricity is a remarkable energy source with an unlimited potential from its nuclear power plants. For are exciting. but another electric technology arena that holds much optimism more information visit www. we also are getting more value from to use the growing supplies of domestic natural gas. In fact.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F Building for Thomas R. and environmentally-sustainable manner. natural gas fired plants. electric utilities doubled their budgets outages. and are actively expanding electric transportation options in Natural gas is a vital fuel for meeting electricity demand in the future. Promising nuclear developments include power plant owners who are seeking 20-year license extensions and many others who are increasing their The Edison Electric Institute is an association of US shareholder- generating capacity through power uprates. Solar power in particular had a strong year in 2010. The new sources of shale gas in the US have transformed the market for this A more modern electrical grid will enable the nation to expand the use important fuel. Looking ahead. utility industry is getting the charging infrastructure ready. Its members serve 95 per cent of the end- number of new reactor license applications by utilities. Nissan Leaf now being introduced to the marketplace. ultra. Energy efficiency remains the most readily available. ensure that electricity can continue to power technological advancement. Over the last 30 years. Today. hydroelectric and other renewables are expected cost-effective and powerful resources to meet new demand. from $2. 20 per cent of the county’s electricity. supercritical and circulating fluidized bed power plants. they generate about America’s electric utilities to produce and deliver it in a reliable.7 billion annually to $5. will A new report by the Institute for Electric Efficiency estimates that continue to be an important fuel source for the future. use customers in the shareholder-owned segment of the industry. America’s electric utility companies are pursuing We are advocating for the necessary incentives to encourage the purchase a variety of strategies to ensure it. Coal. given this are involved in grid modernization activity. electrically-powered appliances. manufacturing and gaining electric options to be excited about. their highest level since 1971. For most electric companies. To more choices for consumers. over the past three years. Developing and deploying a suite of and use of plug-in electric cars. produce to increase their share of total generation in the US from 11 per cent today energy savings and reduce emissions in the near term. our transmission and distribution investments. Kuhn the future President. And we are building it.7 billion to $5. more than 90 per cent of Edison Electric Institute’s (EEI) members These developments are particularly significant for our industry. America really is From medicine to entertainment. Together with the commitment of more than doubled their electricity output. With the new Chevrolet Volt and create the foundation for improving societies and developing economies. utilities working with their customers saved enough electricity in 2009 to The electric power industry is investing in more advanced coal plant power approximately 8 million homes for one year. US] continues to grow. We also are electric utilities doubled their budgets for energy-efficiency – growing exploring methods for capturing and storing carbon.org. a In anticipation of these new electric cars and trucks. And today. the future truly is bright. including faster service restoration following years. 4 PennWell Global Power Review 2011 P A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . to transportation. We are also educating our customers and advanced generating technologies is among the most critical. In the United States. electricity is the essential factor that drives progress. Next year.4 billion. which will give them more control over their ability In making the grid smarter. We are incorporating fuel’s growing share of the generation mix. USA Across the globe. And utility spending technologies. such as integrated gasification combined-cycle. which generates over 45 per cent of the nation’s electricity today. telecommunications and information technology infrastructure into utility Additionally. promises to have even communication. Electric utilities in more than 43 states are now installing digital for energy efficiency – growing from smart meters. electric companies are building very efficient combined-cycle operations to give us and our customers greater control over electricity use. Edison Electric Institute. technologies and gadgets for the future is electric transportation. America’s electric stable and affordable electricity supply is essential.4 billion” Smart meters will give our customers better tools to manage their home Although the low natural gas prices have slowed the development of energy use as well. which continue to grow.eei. our utility fleets.

P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F ______________ P A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F .

P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F ______ ________ P A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F .

P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F AMERICAS P A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F .

has also risen significantly over the past decade administrates the wholesale electricity market. Installed capacity (MW) by land area. Buenos Aires.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F AMERICAS Argentina Opaque regulatory and cost-recovery mechanisms are potential threats to Argentina’s existing power distribution network. in 2007 and give tax breaks and subsidies to major component of the country’s fuel mix. ELECTRICITY MARKET 2003 25 679 representative. However.3 billion stagnation in 2009 and 2010. democratic republic where the Argentina generates electricity using thermal 2004 25 800 president is both head of state and head of power plants based on gas (54 per cent). and 7 per situation is further complicated by uncertainty 2000s. Total generation sector and a relatively diversified industrial base. The Renewable Energy and produced 45. Edesur and Edelap. principally to Chile. unemployment reached 25 per cent The dominance of gas in the energy mix is and the peso depreciated 70 per cent after being likely to be challenged over the next few years devalued and floated. the Andes and at the Iguazu Falls. involving both the government and production. the economy suffered its sharpest decline electricity sector was unbundled into generation.9 per cent. far short of covering the actual cost of energy. By the mid- cent annually between 2003 and 2007. with a population of 40. The National Strategic Argentina had 455. The country is a federal. but the country’s are highly regulated and less competitive than oil producers have not brought enough new generation. Installed 2008 26 765 natural resources. more users this year. There are moves to raise prices for barrels of proven oil reserves. In 2004. The encourage biofuel use. fell sharply. an export-oriented agricultural nominal capacity is 29 840 MW.6 TWh. 9 per framework to the federally controlled part of Energy Efficiency Partnership (2002) is a series of cent higher than 2003 and more than twice the the sector. such as accelerated imports have boomed over the past decade to tariffs and prices. Natural gas policy. up from 2. 2010 29 840 since 1930 when Argentina defaulted on its transmission and distribution by reforms carried Source: INDEC debt. Argentina has very limited companies. while the devalued peso. in 2010 was estimated at 115. two of which are operational with 2006 25 678 currently holds the presidency. Argentina’s natural gas consumption standards for the rest of the utilities. accounting for 59 per cent of primary the Electric Power Federal Council (CFEE) advises provisions for feed-in tariffs and a bonus tariff to energy consumption. and consequently coal is not a the distribution market. with source. Provincial regulators set tariffs and voluntary programmes aimed at education and level seen in 1994. despite great potential in Patagonia. gross domestic product (GDP) out in the early 1990s. Argentina was faced with chronic energy cent in 2008. It is likely other users have seen little. Argentina SENER responsible for applying the regulatory wind infrastructure. Unfortunately. are also available. Cammesa private sector. if any. a further one expected online by early 2012. the recent global recession surrounding gas deals with Bolivia and plans to shortages. (4 per cent). End-user prices for most consumers were tax. Transener operates the national ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY capacity online to replace declining production electricity transmission grid. Tax incentives. they fall Hydropower potential is located mainly in frozen after the financial meltdown of 2001. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.1 per cent from renewables. The Biofuels Promotion Laws entered force coal resources. leading to occasional blackouts in hit the country hard in 2009 with GDP slowing to build new regional pipeline connections. Edenor. Various bodies control the energy sector. Argentina remains a net both national and provincial legislatures on wind generators provided by a Renewable Energy exporter of natural gas. dominate place. such as Trust Fund. barrels per day of oil in 2010. presidential. but issues relating to the power industry. The country produced 796 300 The transmission and distribution sectors of elections could derail this process. Electricity demand in the country has grown allowed a partial price increase for larger since the economic crisis of 2001–02. but the imminent prospect barrels in 2006. As a result. Wind power This contributed to a surge in consumption given the big difference between spot prices and other low-carbon technologies remain as the Argentine economy.3 billion m3 of natural gas. Investment is only likely 8 PennWell Global Power Review 2011 P A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . In line with this increase in supervise compliance with technical and safety outreach. while three private Argentina has several low-carbon incentives in from mature fields. quickly recovered. America and the eighth largest in the world where the winds are constant year-round. While the federal government 0. Gas reserves are around improving and the economy grew around 9 per 40 per cent down on ten years ago. with the newly and marginal costs. price increases Argentina currently has around 2.5 billion to continue growing at a similar pace after since 2003. because of falling output and problems relating The socio-economic situation has been steadily to pipeline capacity. rising by industrial and commercial users in 2004.3 million in 2010.9 billion m3 of proven Energy Secretariat (SENER) is responsible for Plan for Wind Energy came into effect in 2005 natural gas reserves in January 2007. the hydropower (41 per cent) and nuclear plants 2005 25 675 wife of the previous president Nestor Kirchner. The 2009 29 840 In 2001. while the National Electricity Regulator and provides subsidies plus a framework for production in the country has steadily increased (ENRE) is a quasi-independent entity within strategic planning and government investment in over the past decade. depreciation and exemption from value added meet domestic electricity demand. government. Renewable energy is planned to provide and natural gas is now the country’s main fuel including calculation in the spot market. most ENERGY RESOURCES 5–8 per cent each year from 2003–08. and 2007 25 725 Argentina has a market economy with plentiful less than 0. Argentina is the second largest country in South undeveloped. while 8 per cent of total energy demands by 2016.

as well 2007 111 503 constructing nuclear power plants and examine as from Comahue to Cuyo. Cordoba (125 MW). Source: INDEC Recent thermal projects include two FUTURE TRENDS 830 MW combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT) plants. have recently been completed in Ensenada (540 In the absence of such investment it will MW).5% Gas incandescent bulbs with energy efficient lamps in all households by 2011. Total and Petrobras. the state-owned energy needed each year. AES Corporation. which will lead to a Electricity generation (GWh) expansion in capacity to meet its rising electricity 60 per cent increase in its electricity output from demand. Other INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENT 9. Santa Fe (125 MW). to start construction after 2010. In terms of transmission. and could protest the planned price increase. In December 2007. Yacyretá. the thermal plants with a total capacity of 1. fall to the government to commission both Necochea (270 MW) and Campana (540 MW). A nuclear co-operation agreement Río Gallegos.6 GW plans could be abandoned. only Hydro one of these is on a large scale: the 10. known as larger generation units to provide 50–100 MW Foninvemem. Argentina has made it clear that it wants nuclear power to be part of an 1700 MW to 3100 MW. Puerto Madryn to Pico 2008 112 100 the feasibility of using Russian technology in Truncado and from Pico Truncado to Río Turbio to 2009 113 020 Argentina.3% the National Programme for the Rational and Efficient Use of Energy aimed at encouraging energy efficiency via measures including replacing 26. 2010 115 620 was signed with South Korea in September. company Enarsa Energia has launched tenders To meet this requirement.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F PennWell Global Power Review 2011 to increase once price regulations end and Electricity generation by source companies are allowed to operate profitably. The government is planning to increase prices the José de San Martín and Manuel Belgrano for domestic users. the fund has On the hydropower side. and three in the wholesale electricity market. A feasibility study on a fourth reactor has 11 450 GWh to 18 500 GWh. the Federal Plan 2004 95 409 with a price tag of $2 billion. is under 2. while others Corporation to share technical information on will link the northeast to the northwest. Atucha 2.2% construction but the project has been plagued by delays. To date. the government launched 1. The main shareholders in accustomed to paying little for their energy needs these projects are Endesa. including the Línea 2006 106 660 February 2010 with Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Patagónica. This is an association sponsored and be installed on barges. around 1000 MW of new generation capacity is More recently.56 MW 6. However.3% Antonio Morán wind farm in Patagonia. Recent reports give an estimated start-up Source: World Bank date of September 2011. with Nuclear expected total equivalent emissions reductions of 673 650 tonnes of CO2 per year. Cammesa estimates that Planning commissioned all of these plants. EDF. • PennWell Global Power Review 2011 9 P A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . the government for 11 small. generation and transmission projects. but consumers have become thermoelectric plants. With Duke Energy. Five smaller presidential elections set for October 2011. dampening hopes for and an overall investment of $3250 million further private sector involvement.4% A third nuclear reactor.3% Nations Clean Development Mechanism. adding a further by SENER and jointly funded by major power 400–500 MW of new generation capacity generators in Argentina. Línea Minera. the Yacyretá Dam is successfully financed two 830 MW CCGT projects. transportable generation units of used SENER to establish a fund for investing between 15 MW and 30 MW each. being restructured to increase its capacity from with more at the planning stage. More than 4800 km of high-voltage was signed with Russia in April 2010. Coal There are currently three energy-related projects in Argentina registered with the United Oil 54. The Ministry of up with rising demand. for Transport of Electric Energy at 500 kV will 2005 100 920 The government signed an agreement in see new lines being built. 2003 89 211 been undertaken. To keep in the province of Buenos Aires. and another transmission capacity have been built since 2007.

Dependence on external energy resources 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 3 Oil (10 Btoe/d) 486 397 187 71 134 -1 -71 -14 -11 -155 3 Coal (10 t) 14. set greenhouse gas emission reduction targets of to invest $224 billion over the next three years to Brazil has been more successful in liberalizing between 36 per cent and 39 per cent by 2020. Generation. a former energy minister and ELECTRICITY MARKET and large industrial customers. Brazil is one of the new frontiers for oil exploration Hydroelectric power accounts for around 85 per ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY and production with proven reserves currently cent of Brazil’s supply mix. according to the government’s energy research (CEMIG). It expects the figure to increase by another largest private energy company and accounts 5 per cent to 441 TWh in 2011. Brazil’s dependence on imported regulated auctions. consumers will had shrugged off the effects of the 2008 downturn mainly large-scale hydropower and biomass. the challenges confronting newly installed generation capacity.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F AMERICAS Brazil Major investment and expansion in the power system is needed to support Brazil’s fast-emerging status as a global economic power. The power sector in Brazil is dominated by Lula da Silva. the proposed changes go ahead. successor to the hugely popular Luiz Inácio Brazil is still haunted by a power crisis in 2001. potential equivalent to more than 350 GW of off-peak periods. thereby reducing peak loads. ENERGY RESOURCES slower economic growth. served by renewable sources from a total installed global environmental symbol.618 15.848 36. Ministerio de Minas e Energia (MME) 10 PennWell Global Power Review 2011 P A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . utility generators. the wholesale market via a series of government- avoid the economy overheating and fuelling at its disposal. According to the company. including the 14 GW The growing bounty of oil and gas is ironic since estimated at 12. ‘liberalized market’ trades power directly between domestic demand rises. independent power producers Rousseff.164 38. Eletrobras continues to private investment while retaining a dominant ensure there is no repeat of the disaster. the national oil company.385 39.44 14. potentially removing Brazil’s reliance the sector to keep it in step with government per cent of its vehicle fleet. develop the new fields. million tonnes of oil equivalent (mtoe) in 2009. Companhia Energética de Sao Paulo the World Cup and Olympic Games. is preparing capacity of 106 GW as of 2009. Meanwhile.211 39. Brazil’s growing than expected 7. key strategic projects. (CESP) and Tractebel Energía.096 16.832 42. be offered three different tariffs during the day.127 15.145 37. in 2014 and agency. is expected to continue her brought to the brink of collapse by low rainfall and responsible for 39 GW of installed capacity.338 37. which regulates flex-fuel cars on the road. both fossil and renewable. consumers purchase electricity from local distributors While the government’s enthusiastic support a figure now broadly in line with consumption.7 per cent policies and objectives.133 16. Current policy is designed to 37 per cent of the total. distribution are overseen by the National The country now has more than 10 million ethanol The Atlantic discoveries should also unlock new Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL). an export markets for its fuels as an alternative for of Brazil’s total primary energy production of 241 Under a system set up following the 2001 crisis. the government-owned utility that is the 2010 election. Brazil is the new wells could help to almost double Brazil’s rapidly emerging economies. Gas accounted for 8. significant blackouts still occur.898 16. which is Brazil’s 2016 respectively. Brazil’s gross domestic product (GDP) roared ahead Primary production was dominated by 40 per cent the structure of which is currently under review. although play the leading role in most of the country’s state interest in vital strategic projects and assets.042 41.984 Source: BEN 2010. and this might Itaipu facility on its border with Paraguay.5 million km2 borders. who gave her his backing in when its hydro-dominated generation system was Eletrobras. within its 8. transmission and thanks to an abundance of sugarcane feedstock. while it hopes to create on Bolivian imports. Empresa de Pesquisa Energética (EPE). Indeed. such as Russia. Aware of the status provided beneath the Atlantic’s pre-salt fields have convinced a power economy that is more than 90 per cent by the Amazon rainforest. around mentor’s general approach of encouraging delayed investments.21 13. Other significant power market players self confidence is symbolised by preparations to driven by a strong rebound in industrial demand. include Companhia Energética de Minas Gerais host two of the world’s greatest sporting events. per day by 2020. reflecting slightly for around 7 per cent of capacity. which makes Brazil a Brazil that it is on the brink of an oil bonanza.846 14. according to a complex range of tariffs set by ANEEL. such as the Belo Monte With a population of 195 million residing Electricity consumption grew by a stronger hydropower facility and Brazil’s nuclear programme. a parallel inflation as foreign investment floods in and energy is shrinking fast.104 Energy (GWh) 44. confirming that it from oil and 47 per cent from renewable sources. the country has Petrobras. its electricity sector than any of the other Alongside its vast hydropower capacity. If by more than 7 per cent in 2010. With so many The distributors themselves buy power from elected president Dilma Rousseff are how to untapped resources. among the world’s biggest producers of ethanol current domestic oil production to 4 million barrels India. turning it into a net oil exporter.439 17. Brazil boasts pioneer clean energy. accounting for some 40 sources of gas. a historic lack of fossil resources was the driving only represent a fraction of its full potential. When biomass generation and the existing force behind the Brazilian government’s decision to A recent series of spectacular discoveries deep small amount of wind are included.9 billion barrels.573 37. and deserves its place among the world’s dynamic The country has a theoretical wind energy with price incentives to shift their consumption to emerging economies. economies overly reliant on petrol.8 per cent to 419 TWh in 2010. or China. for biofuels has delivered spectacular success.

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PennWell Global Power Review 2011

Brazil’s wider approach to renewables has been Installed capacity
more tentative. It mainly focuses on the Proinfa
scheme, which oversees power auctions designed 5.4% 1.3% 2.9%
to encourage development of wind, biomass and 2.5% 2.6%
small hydro projects. Coal
After patchy early success, wind power in
particular looks to be hitting its stride. In 2010, Oil
Brazil’s second reserve energy auction for wind
Natural gas
power purchase agreements saw 71 projects
with a combined capacity of 1.8 GW selected to Hydro
move forward.
Energy efficiency is a major focus for the Wind
government through its Procel programme, which
in conjunction with Eletrobras provides incentives Nuclear
for energy saving measures to industry and
consumers. The Procel seal of approval has become Biomass
a well-known brand in Brazil on products such as 85.0%
domestic boilers.

Source: Empresa de Pesquisa Energética (EPE)
Brazil’s flagship power project, the Belo Monte
Predicted consumption by sector (GWh)
hydroelectric dam, moved another step forward
in January 2011 when its environment agency
licensed Norte Energia, the consortium developing 83.30
118.42 633.03
it, to begin clearing forest around the Amazon 2019 274.77
tributary of Xingu. Norte Energia said that, even 156.55
though licences to build the 6 km dam have not
yet been granted, the 11.2 GW Belo Monte facility 68.72
is on course for commissioning by 2015. When 87.83
2014 223.46
complete, it will be the world’s third-largest hydro

plant at a cost estimated around $17 billion.
Belo Monte is just one of three major Amazon
hydro projects under way. Combined with the
Santo Antonio and Jirau plants, it will add 2010 182.34 415.87
almost 18 GW of new capacity, reflecting Brazil’s 105.54
continuing emphasis on hydropower despite
the environmental controversy that surrounds 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700
damming the Amazon.
Brazil is well aware that over-reliance on Residential Industrial Commercial
hydropower contributed to the 2001 power Other Total
crisis and is keen to diversify its generation
base, especially where hydro provision is more Source: EPE
Nuclear power is firmly back on the agenda. Grid, China’s biggest power network operator, The latest forecasts from EPE estimate that
Brazil’s third nuclear plant, the 1.3 GW Angra 3 bought seven Brazilian distribution businesses investment totalling $550 billion will be needed
in Rio de Janeiro state, is due to begin operating for almost $1 billion in late 2010. The deal by 2019, including $128 billion on generation and
in 2015, adding to the 2 GW already installed. was the Chinese power giant’s first significant distribution and the addition of an extra 37 000 km
Up to four more nuclear plants are planned by venture beyond Asia and gives it a licence to of transmission lines. In its latest ten-year plan, EPE
Eletrobras subsidiary Eletronuclear by 2025, and operate more than 3000 km of transmission predicts a need for 63.5 GW of new capacity, with
the company will present a list of possible sites to lines for at least 30 years. a heavy emphasis on expanding and maintaining
the government in mid-2011. a hydropower infrastructure that will remain the
Brazil’s transmission and distribution system, FUTURE TRENDS bedrock of Brazil’s power system.
although in better shape now than during Brazil is facing up to the need for a massive Non-hydro renewables will expand their share,
the power crisis of 2001, still needs significant expansion of its energy and power sectors particularly wind power, which would grow to
investment to meet future demand and reduce to keep pace with the demands of economic 5.3 GW by 2019 in EPE’s plan. However, thermal
existing network losses, which are among the growth. Even on relatively conservative generation, particularly from gas, would remain
highest in the world for a major economy. It assumptions, electricity consumption will grow a significant part of the mix and still account for
received a welcome boost when China State to around 633 TWh by 2020. around 7 per cent of the total. •

PennWell Global Power Review 2011 11


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Rich in natural resources, Canada continues to develop its oil sands,
wind power and hydroelectricity, as well as nuclear capacity.

Located between the USA and Russia, Installed generation capacity by source 2010 (GW)
Canada is the world’s second largest country,
encompassing 9.984 million km2. Most of its 0.02 0.816
33.7 million citizens live within 160 km of the USA. 3.5 5.81
It is a democratic federation with a constitutional Oil
monarchy divided into ten provinces and three
territories, where both French and English are
official languages. Coal
Although an affluent nation, Canada
experienced a 2.5 per cent decline in gross Nuclear
domestic product (GDP) in 2009 as a result of the 69.29 Total 15.15
world recession. It began to see signs of recovery 125.06 GW
in 2010, reporting a 0.30 per cent GDP increase in Wind
the third quarter, after even stronger growth in
the first and second quarters. Canada’s economic
fate is closely tied to that of the US, its main
trading partner, which buys about 75 per cent of
its annual exports. Canada’s unemployment rate
was 7.6 per cent as of December 2010.
Source: Canada Centre for Energy Information

About 45 per cent of Canada’s GDP comes from The country’s coal reserves are also extensive, lower and hydro has fallen 4 per cent, while gas-
foreign trade, and 7 per cent from energy. The estimated to be 6578 million tonnes. Coal plays based generation grew by 1.5 per cent.
country is a net energy producer of oil, natural an important role in the energy sector, especially Ontario took a lead in renewable energy
gas, coal and electricity. It is frequently the in electricity generation. Canada exports about by implementing the most generous feed-in
top supplier of crude oil to the US and is one 28 million tonnes of coal annually to 21 countries. tariff in the Western Hemisphere. Approved by
of the world’s largest natural gas producers lawmakers in May 2009, the tariff had attracted
and exporters. Canada also exports coking coal, ELECTRICITY MARKET 4263 MW in applications by October 2010.
mostly to Asia. Total installed generating capacity in Canada was Given the large number of projects lined up
Hydroelectricity domi nates Canadian 129 GW by the end of 2009. It is a net exporter of for development, the tariff rates have been
electricity generation, accounting for two-thirds electricity and supplied 55.73 billion kWh in 2010. criticised as too high. Prices for solar power are
of generation with 475 hydropower plants Hydropower provides 59 per cent of Canadian of particular concern, because they do not reflect
providing more than 71 GW of power. electricity needs and it was once the world’s the recent drop in costs.
Canada has the world’s second-largest oil largest hydropower producer, before China took Solar generation accounted for 27 per cent
reserves of 178.1 billion barrels. However, the lead. Most of Canada’s capacity belongs of total applications in terms of MW, and wind
over 95 per cent of its reserves are within to Hydro-Québec’s extensive network of 59 accounted for 69 per cent. However, Ontario
Alberta oil sands, which requires expensive and hydroelectric dams with a combined capacity is limited in how much extra wind capacity it
controversial extraction. Oil sand production of 34 GW. After Quebec, British Columbia is can build because it will only have 2500 MW of
fell for the first time in several decades during Canada’s largest hydroelectric producer. extra grid capacity available until plans to invest
the recession, but is expected to grow as the Wind energy, which provides about 1.5 per $2 billion in five priority transmission projects
economy recovers. Over 99 per cent of Canada’s cent of Canada’s total supply, is generated in come to fruition over the next seven years.
oil exports flow to the US. every Canadian province, with Quebec and The bulk transmission currently network
The second largest natural gas producer in Ontario as leaders. Total installed wind power consists of more than 160 000 km of high voltage
the Western Hemisphere, Canada has proven capacity is approximately 4 GW and is expected lines. Canada has three power networks: the
natural gas reserves of 1.639 trillion m3. The to expand by another 1 GW in 2011. Western grid, the Eastern grid, and the Quebec
largest sources are in the Western Canada Meanwhile, nuclear power currently provides grid. Canadian grids are also tied into the US
Sedimentary Basin, including the province of another 15 per cent of Canada’s electricity, with grids, the Western Interconnection, the Eastern
Alberta. 18 reactors in three provinces representing over Interconnection and the Texas Interconnection.
The country is a heavy consumer of natural 12.6 GW. To ensure reliability, Canadian provinces
gas, using 93.45 billion m3 and it is also the largest The economic downturn has reduced electricity have been either adopting standards set by the
foreign supplier of the resource to the USA. generation by 6 per cent, creating a surplus of North American Electric Reliability Corporation
Canadian natural gas prices in 2010 averaged capacity. Conventional steam generation has (NERC) or similar. In the USA, the NERC
34 per cent below the five-year average. dropped 14 per cent, nuclear was 5 per cent standards are mandatory.

12 PennWell Global Power Review 2011


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PennWell Global Power Review 2011

ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY Primary electricity usage (TJ)
While Canada is committed to a green energy
Total industrial 667 877
agenda, it has no federal CO2 cap and trade
programme, and appears unlikely to create one Total transportation 13 147
while the USA refrains from doing so. Efforts are Agriculture 34 875
under way in some areas of Canada to close down
Residential 576 942
coal fuelled power plants, with 2200 MW of coal
fired generation retired in 2010. Ontario has closed Public administration 45 526
eight coal fired units, totalling 3 GW, over the past Commercial and other institutional 474 004
eight years. Total 1 812 371
Alberta has committed to providing $2 billion
Source: Statistics Canada
to develop carbon capture and storage (CCS)
technologies. The project aims to lock away up to
5 million tonnes of CO2 by 2015
Energy production by source, 2009
Federal regulations are in place to encourage
investment in high efficiency gas fired generation, 15%
renewable energy and CCS technologies. The
country also plans to reduce emissions by requiring
all coal plants that reach 45 years in age to either
meet new emission standards or be retired. Twenty Hydroelectric
units totalling 5235 MW will reach the 45-year
threshold between 2018 and 2029.
At the federal level, Canada has set up a 22% 63% Nuclear
$1 billion clean energy fund with a focus on
developing and demonstrating new technology. Wind & Tidal
The fund is attempting to leverage $3.5 billion in
further investments by industry and other levels
of government. The federal government also
offered $1.48 billion to encourage 14.3 TWh of
new renewable energy projects to be constructed
*Thermal includes sources such as natural gas, coal and oil
between April 2007 and March 2011.
Source: Canada National Energy Board
Hydro-Québec is developing new hydroelectric and Columbia, and the Lower Churchill project in In British Columbia, BC Hydro is developing
wind power facilities to sell into Canada and the USA. Newfoundland and Labrador. the Northwest Transmission Line, a C$404 million
The company accepted 12 proposals in December The Ontario feed-in tariff has resulted in a ($408 million) publicly owned line that will run for
2010 from wind power developers, totalling plethora of renewable energy projects, including about 335 km and operate at 287 kV.
291 MW, which must begin delivering energy several offshore wind farms proposed in Lake
between December 2013 and December 2015. Ontario. These include a 418 MW installation FUTURE TRENDS
Construction is under way on the 1550 MW planned by Trillium Power Wind and a 300 MW There is a shift away from coal and towards cleaner
Romaine hydroelectric project, scheduled to project by Windstream Energy. power technologies in Canada. A special effort
begin operation in phases between 2014 and TransCanada brought on-line the first phase is under way in Ontario, which has set a goal to
2020. Hydro-Québec has an additional 3000 MW of its $12 billion Keystone pipeline project in phase out its 6.2 GW of coal fired generation by
of new hydroelectricity projects in earlier stages 2010, designed to flow Canadian crude oil into 2014. Nova Scotia’s government has signalled it
of development. the USA. The project is part of a $22 billion may ban new or refurbished coal generation after
Two US utilities, Northeast Utilities and NStar, investment that TransCanada plans to make in 2015, unless it has CCS.
have teamed up with Hydro-Québec to build North America. Canada has so far largely replaced retired coal
a direct current transmission line from Quebec TransAlta became Canada’s top wind power fired plants with gas for generation, but intends
that will deliver 1200 MW of hydropower to New developer in 2010, with 1000 MW in operation. to focus more on renewable energy in the future.
England. The line is expected to be in service The company is developing projects in New Hydroelectricity already dominates the mix, but
by 2015. It has met opposition from private Brunswick, Ontario and Saskatchewan. wind will play an increasingly large role.
generation companies in New England who Substantial development of Alberta’s oil Quebec is expected to add 3 GW of new wind
say the hydroelectricity has an unfair market sands is continuing, which accounts for 40 power capacity and Ontario 1.5 MW in the next five
advantage because it is backed financially by the per cent of Canada’s total capital investment years, and Nova Scotia passed into law a mandate
Quebec government. in energy. In addition, Alberta announced that 25 per cent of its electricity is generated from
Other major hydroelectric projects in four projects in 2010 that will receive renewable sources by 2015. Meanwhile, as many as
development include the Conawapa in funding under the province’s $2 billion CCS nine new nuclear reactors are planned in Canada
Manitoba, Site C developments in British demonstration projects. over the next ten years. •

PennWell Global Power Review 2011 13


Power Engineering
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the land rises to the arid Atacama Desert.8 per cent in 2009. while to the 12 012 south lie Patagonia. Chile’s access to electricity and demand for energy has with around 2500 MW of installed capacity. Pangue on gas. its Chile pioneered privatization of its power Power generation in Chile is organized around topography has enabled a very strong hydropower infrastructure.6 million. System (SIC). Cape Horn and the Strait of Magellan. Chile’s oil imports fell while coal around 4800 MW of installed capacity within Chile Transelec. which was part of the state-owned Chile and its subsidiaries. with the elected president acting as both head of state and head of government. However. The privatization process national generation and largely serves mines and with Argentina in 1995. The company controls the entire market Following a rural electrification programme. was sold. transmission and distribution sectors with its 1982 northern grid. Chile is now a Renewables presidential representative democratic republic. Brazil. With 10 per cent of the vast majority of water rights. the central region’s grid. Mainstream. The country faced an additional energy monopoly CORFO. Endesa’s Chilean generation comes sector. particularly copper. and Argentina. Colbún and AES serves over 90 per cent of Chile’s population. accounting for 40 per cent of its economy. but in March 2004 Argentina three companies: Endesa Chile. Chile returned to democracy in March 1990. which was spun off from Endesa in imports were steady and gas imports rose by and another 8500 MW in Peru. Columbia March 1993. population in the south of the country. Chile was forced to switch to using per cent of the market. 80 per cent of which world’s active volcanoes Chile also has substantial are currently unused. Chile’s gross domestic product (GDP) is one 26 219 of the highest in Latin America. This led to a boom in building combined. Its infrastructure. 220 kV lines and 6 per cent of the 154 kV lines. of whom nearly 40 per cent live in the capital. The Central Interconnected gas (from Bolivia and Argentina) to be supplied by the last state-owned utility. with industrial output down by 8. accounts for about 25 per cent of A natural gas integration agreement was signed Electricity Reform Act. Chile’s total area includes 756 102 km2 21 691 land and 743 812 km2 of water. Chile is a long narrow country stretching more than Generation by source (MW) 4300 km along the Pacific coast of South America. capacity. It has producers and its power is primarily from hydro. including six to the SIC grid. The three large companies also hold the 2007 just before the global financial downturn 14 PennWell Global Power Review 2011 P A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F . Edelaysen. other than some include Pacific Hydro and SN Power. with exports. equally from hydro and thermal sources. New players in Chile’s electricity market With few fossil fuel resources. Sistema sector to be established that supplies more than a electricity market. ENERGY RESOURCES geothermal energy potential. The population is Gas 16.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS F AMERICAS Chile Chile has abundant hydro but scarce hydrocarbon resources so substantial investment is needed to improve energy efficiency and supply independence. as well as liberalization of the four grid systems. Today. accounts pipeline. coming distribution networks are split into concessions with been steadily increasing. The reneged on the agreement and restricted gas Gener. marine and hydro. Santiago. The country’s reliance on international Source: Chile National Institute of Statistics trade made it a casualty of the global financial downturn. which provided for natural began in 1980 and was completed in 1998. by unbundling the generation. from a mix of gas fired and hydro plants. In the north. country. Endesa- imported diesel oil to power stations built to run Endesa Chile. owns 46 per cent of almost 99 per cent of Chile’s population now has Colbún is the second-largest player in the market. Never wider than 240 km. copper industry and other economic activities were also badly affected by an earthquake in February 2010. solar. natural gas and coal deposits in the far south of the ELECTRICITY MARKET and GDF Suez. generation and six distribution companies. while SING has more independent affected its hydroelectric production. is the major player in the transmission more than 25 per cent. AES permanent licences granted to operators. Interconectado del Norte Grande (SING). was privatized in 1989 when it SA. the third of the country’s electricity. when industrial customers. it is bordered by the 237 Andes and Argentina to the east. which between them control around 65 Aysén Grid and the Magallanes Grid serve a sparse exports. Chile relies on imported fuel. Pehuenche SA. In 2009. power generation is dominated by for nearly 70 per cent of national generation and cycle power stations. for 500 kV transmission lines. The country has potential for generating across Gener currently has around 2500 MW of installed The Chilean energy crisis came to a head in the spectrum of renewable energy sources: wind. Other Thermal After 17 years under the government of military Hydro dictator General Augusto Pinochet. are the principal suppliers supply crisis in 2007–08 when drought severely was split into 14 different companies. which are not connected. and San Isidro SA.

INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENT combined cycle plants without investing in The country appears to see hydropower Five hydropower stations are being planned for further infrastructure. It is also developing rising. marked changes in the past 20 years: moving from 2009 – more than any other country. Endesa Eco completed the Canela I could lower the costs of electricity (which rose designed to increase its energy independence.1 per cent guarantee. International Energy Endesa-Chile (20 per cent). The scheme has drawn criticism nationally Pedro at a cost of $202 million. pass through national parks and areas of natural currently working on a 144 MW hydro plant in San Chilean demand for electricity is steadily beauty.5 per cent increments until it reaches 10 per cent. This is bringing smaller. which presents a course Mining 20 629 of action with measurable objectives over a four- year period. and BG Group (40 The generation mix in Chile has undergone emissions increased by 74 per cent from 2008 to per cent). It is the first coal unit Chile’s portfolio. A new coal fired power HidroAysén in the south. a power link connecting Chile’s main north and project due to be completed in 2011 GDF Suez recently inaugurated the 48 MW south power grids (SING and SIC) could be held Chile is currently making substantial investments Monte Redondo wind park to supply the central in 2012. Other hydro projects taking smaller.4 million tonnes -7. These are would also being built on the SING network. will serve SIC. three dams on the Pascua River and two on the fluidized bed technology to enable biomass and The two LNG terminals being built will diversify Baker River.P Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Refer a Friend A Power Engineering I N T E R N A T I O N A L | Search Issue | Next Page BEMaGS