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Students Name Focus Safety Collaboration Completion Understanding Anecdotal Notes

Rubric Guidelines

4 3 2 1 0

Focus Stays focused while Stays focused most of Distracted often before Lack of attention on the Cannot focus on the
completing the lessons the time. Sometimes he focusing on work again. lessons assignment. lessons assignment
assignment. or she is distracted by May need reminding to Needs assistance to with assistance.
others, but is able to get pay attention. focus on project or
back on track on their needs to sit in a
own. separate location.

Safety Conducts him- or Mostly conducts him- Sometimes conducts Rarely conducts him- Does not conduct him-
herself in a manner that or herself in a manner him- or herself in a or herself in a manner or herself in a manner
is conducive to learning that is conducive to manner that is that is conducive to that is conducive to
and follows classroom learning. May need conducive to learning. learning. Does not learning. Does not
rules. reminding once or Often needs reminding follow any classroom follow the classroom
twice about classroom of classroom rules. rules without constant rules with assistance.
rules, but otherwise assistance.
follows them.

Collaboration Collaborates with other Collaborates with other Collaborates with other Collaborates with other Does not collaborate
students in a positive students and contributes students and contributes students and contributes with other students or
manner with to the discussion most to the discussion some to the discussion very contribute to the
contributions. of the time. of the time. little. discussion.

Completion All of the assigned 75% of the assigned 50% of the assigned 25% of the assigned None of the assigned
work is complete. work is complete. work is complete. work is complete. work is complete.

Understanding Work demonstrates Work demonstrates a Work demonstrates an Work demonstrates a Work does not
mastery of the lesson thorough understanding understanding of the minimal understanding demonstrate an
concepts and can of the lesson concepts lesson concepts and of the lesson concepts understanding of the
continue on to the next and would benefit from would benefit from and would benefit from lesson concepts and
lesson. practice before moving review. review and additional would benefit from the
on to the next lesson. assistance. lesson being repeated.