Date of Birth April 6th, 1989
Address Ive Lole Ribara 18a, 23207 Aradac, Serbia
Marital status Married, one child
Phone (+381) 64 293 89 33
(+381) 23 740 050
Personality I am known as a cooperative team member but I also can be
autonomous if needed. In stressful situations I’m always trying to
find rational solution in a calm way. I am self-motivated learner who
besides new technologies likes to learn about and apply best
programming practices. I also have good skills for teaching and
tutoring other people, which is part of my daily job. Generally,
people know me as a friendly guy with a good sense of humor.
2012 - 2014 Master in Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Novi
Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad
2008 - 2012 Bachelor with Honours in Information Engineering, University of
Novi Sad, Technical Faculty “Mihajlo Pupin”, Zrenjanin
2013 - 2014 Scholarship student - Schneider Electric DMS NS
2014 - Present Software Engineer – Schneider Electric DMS NS
Relevant job experience Working as member of UI Infrastructure team. This work consists of
bug fixing, bug triage, tests (auto, manual, unit) writing, designing
and implementing new functionalities, structures and algorithms
(Path Finding, Automatic Label Placement, Triangulation),
implementing and maintaining auto test support for DirectX
(Microsoft Active Accessibility and UI Automation), code
reviewing, technical documentation writing, quality assurance,
software memory and time complexity optimization, memory
profiling and post mortem analysis with WinDbg.
Key skills and Agile development – Scrum (training done by certified coach)
competencies Programming skills used at a current job – C#, .Net Framework,
WPF, WinForms, UI Automation, Microsoft Active Accessibility,
WCF, Python, Windows managed code postmortem analysis.
Knowlege used outside a current job – Java basic knowledge,
Xamarin basic knowledge, SQL basic knowledge.
Version control – SVN, GIT, Mercurial, Team Foundation Server