Session 15: What Would Your

“Type” Look Like Walking
Down the Street?
Have you wondered what a specific Enneagram type would look like if you saw
them walking down the street? Youʼll see examples in this session.

We also discuss how to figure out your Enneagram type if youʼre having trouble
identifying it, and how to transform from being controlled by your personality and
emotions, to living with total freedom and choice.

Key Points:
1. If you’re not sure what type you are, try and remember what you were like in your 20’s and
early 30’s. Is it contextual or continual? But remember in specific situations, you may
experience bits of all of these traits at different times in your life.
2. It’s easier to tell these things in an extraverted person.
3. Before you can change a pattern of behavior, you have to see it. The process of changing is
to break the fixation so you have total freedom.
4. The goal of Enneagram is not to label you, but to help create your awareness so you can
5. Man is a machine; once we realize we are machines, we can wake up and cease to be one.
6. Sin is not looking at our weaknesses and doing some work with them.
7. When you get angry, be aware of your original expectations and whether they should have
been adjusted. Also, learn to let the emotion run its course. Change the tone and words of
your internal dialogue (cheerful). Then go for a walk.
8. If you are going to get in a relationship with someone, watch these behaviors over time and
see how they handle multiple situations. See how their personality traits play out.

Handout: “Enneagram” and “Challenges Visions” and “Life Purpose”

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