Session 25: Launch into

We started this program asking, “Who am I?” In this final session, we revisit “Who
am I? and “Who am I not?” in light of what weʼve learned. We put what weʼve
learned in context, so we can use what we know about our personality to create
freedom and choice.

Key Points:
1. Complete these sentences 10 times:
• 1’s - If I allowed everything to be ok just the way it is 5% more…
• 2’s - If I could do things for myself 5% more…
• 3’s - If I could accept myself just the way I am 5% more…
• 4’s - If I believed I and the world were okay the way we are 5% more…
• 5’s - If I could trust people and ask for what I need 5% more…
• 6’s - If I could trust my judgments, and myself knowing everything would work out fine
5% more…
• 7’s - If I could be satisfied with what I have 5% more…
• 8’s - If I could let down my guard and allow myself to be touched emotionally 5% more…
• 9’s - If I could get engaged and involved 5% more…
2. This is a wake-up call to wake-up and move forward, or to fall back in to your trance.
3. You are born with a body (relax it), with a heart (open it), with a mind and a personality. See
your personality as a vehicle that you have developed, but you need to work with the heart,
mind and body to open it up and to unblock.
4. We want to be able to experience any and all emotions, but not be locked to them by our
fixations or personality.
5. We can use the typologies we’ve learned to play all of the the games in our lives.
6. When you use what you’ve learned to see things from many perspectives, then you can
begin to break the mechanical nature of your action. And you’ll have freedom.
7. Stop identifying with personality, observe it and see how it is a source of pain. You have the
tools to transcend it.

Handouts: “Transformations” and “Who Am I”

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