Session 22: Dig into Your

Shadow to Find Your Gold
In this session, weʼll use the skills weʼve learned to go on a quest for our own
personal pots of gold – so we can be truly wealthy on the inside, instead of waiting
for something out there to fulfill us.

Key Points:
1. If man doesn’t want it strong enough, and doesn’t make the necessary efforts, he will never
develop past his current level.
2. We go on naively projecting our own psychology into fellow human beings. In this way,
everyone creates a set of imaginary relationships based more or less on perception.
3. Warning: it’s deadly to your growth to see yourself as wildly superior to others, and picking
apart what’s flawed in them. Notice when you are making another person bad or wrong.
Take that as a cue there is something to be seen here, and it’s not what you think it is. Look
inside yourself.
4. De-culturalize and stop blaming someone because they see the world in a different way.
5. Whatever you are calling “bad” or “evil” is almost certainly an aspect of yourself that has
been disowned. Recognize where this thing is controlling your life.
6. Clare Graves’ levels of development (Spiral Dynamics). At each level man is sure he’s found
the essence of existence, but instead when he solves one set of human problems, he reveals
another. The quest is continuous:
• 1’st level – automatic physiological satisfaction
• 2nd level – safe mode for living
• 3rd level –heroic status, power and glory
• 4th level – everlasting peace
• 5th level – material fulfillment here and now
• 6th level – personal fulfillment here and now
• 7th level – integrated living
• 8th level – spiritual peace in a World that can never be known
7. As we go up levels we have two kinds of needs:
• Deficiency needs – a lack is driving us to feel safe and secure.
• Being needs – self-actualization and transformation, not acting out of fear, lack or need.
8. Life is an ongoing process of choosing between safety out of fear, and risk, for the sake of
progress and growth. Make the growth choice a dozen times a day.
9. “Emergent” – when several things are put in place, start working together, and the thing you
want to have happen inevitably emerges.
10.“Peak experiences” – feeling of oneness, being on purpose and moments of transcendence.
11. “Systematically outrageous” – crazy people have the freedom to do anything. Let go and
have a good time.

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