Hickman Elementary School

Ms. Womble’s 4th grade syllabus
English Language Arts and Social Studies
Contact: victoria.womble@mnps.org 615-884-4020

Hickman Elementary Vision Statement:
Hickman Hawk Cambridge Learners are Reflective, Innovative, Self-confident, Engaged
and Responsible...We Fly High!

Ms. Womble 4th Grade Supply List Hickman
I am from Nashville, Tennessee. I earned Elementary 2017-2018
my Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood • 5 packs of cap erasers
Education from The University of • 5 packs of pencils
• 8 spiral notebooks - (paper count –70 /
Tennessee at Chattanooga in 2015. I am a
Two of each color-red, blue, yellow, and
former Hickman Hawk, Donelson Jet, and
McGavock Raider! I am so excited to
• 2 packs of notebook paper (no college
continue my journey at Hickman as a
fourth grade teacher this year! This will
• 1 pack of graph paper
be my second year teaching 4th grade. • 4 dry erase markers (blue or black)
Go Hawks! • 2 glue sticks
• 1 box of colored pencils
• 1 pair of intermediate scissors (sharp
Absences point)
Regular attendance is extremely important! • 5 pocket folders – colors: red, blue,
• Please send a note within 3 days of an green, yellow, and purple
absence to ensure it is marked as • 1 package of index cards
“excused.” • 1 pencil pouch (no pencil boxes please)
• After 5 unexcused absences, parents *Wish List–2 boxes of Latex-free band aids,
will be sent a truancy notice. 3 boxes of tissues, Clorox wipes, 1 bottle of
• Tardy minutes can accumulate as an hand sanitizer, and 1 roll of paper towels

MNPS Grading Scale
100 – 90 A Excellent 89 – 80 B Above Average
79 – 70 C Average 69 – 60 D Low, but passing
Below 60 Not passing
Standards;(3) Meets grade level standards (2) Progressing towards grade level standards (1) Does not
meet (below) grade level standards
Effort: E = Exceptional Effort S = Satisfactory Effort N = Needs Improvement
School Rules: Classroom Rules: Goals/Expectations:
• We will listen and follow • Follow all school rules. • Do your best!
directions. • Be respectful. • Encourage each other.
• We will keep our hands, • Be safe. • Be a team.
feet, and objects to • Be responsible. • Set a good example for younger grades.
ourselves. • Be kind. • Take care of our classroom and our school.
• We will use kind words. Classroom Consequences: • Develop a love for learning!
• We will be the best we • Logical consequences
can be! • Verbal Reminders Homework Policy
School Consequences: • One on One Meetings Homework is an extension of classroom
• Verbal reprimand and • Parent Contact learning. All classes will have regular
feedback to explain why • Individual Behavior homework at least three nights each week:
the behavior is Plans Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. It is
inappropriate and its • Rewards suggested that the amount of homework not
negative impact on exceed 30 minutes for grades K-2 and 45
others minutes for grades 3 - 4. If your child
• Parental involvement- needs more time than suggested, please
most often a phone call contact the teacher.
and/or a note sent home *Homework assignments can be found
• Alternative seating written in your child’s Agenda or on the
• Loss of privileges class website.
• Restitution, when
• Student Support Team Technology/Get Involved!
Meeting with parents Classroom Website:
• Contract or behavior • Homework, important announcements, and useful websites can be found on
plan outlining behavioral the website.
or performance mswomblesclass.weebly.com
expectations Remind: (app for parents)
• Involvement of support • Download the App to receive updates on important events going on in our
personnel (psychologist, class and school. Remind is also an easy way to contact me!
social worker, guidance Text this message: @mswom to 81010
counselor, youth Or visit https://remind.com/join/mswom
• Suspension from riding
along the line and return only this portion of the syllabus to me.
or attending
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