Sleeping with your dog

Biology team of the Biological Institute of Massachusetts has published a new
survey where are described some adventages of sleeping with dogs. To allow
coming your dog under your blankets lets you to have more pleasant dreams,
helps women with menstruation pains and gives a feeling of protection to
people who sleep alone.

Lying on the bed with your dog, feeling its heart beats and hearing its breath,
you´ll get faster to fall into a deep sleep. An experiment with people suffering
insomnia has proved that sleeping with pets is the best way to have sweet
dream. It´s better than counting sheeps or listening to music.

Furthermore, if you´re a woman and sleep with your dog close to you during
menstruation, abdominal pain will decrease considerably. This is because
your dog will warm your abdomen, having the same effect that using a hot-
water bottle. It´s a good natural medicine to prevent a bad and painfully night.

In addition, other adventage of having your dog as sleep partner is that you
won´t have to spend the night alone. If you are afraid of loneliness, your dog
will give you the best possible company, protecting you of nightmares and
nocturnal ghosts.

In conclusion, if you sleep with your pet, you´ll get sleep like a baby and at
the same time it´ll be happier. Therefore, if you want to solve your nightly
problems, what are you waiting for addopting a dog?