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Control and Indication 2.5 Ambient Conditions 2.2 Supplier Design Responsibilities .1 Project Description 1.0 Technical Requirements 2.4 Approved Manufacturers / Vendors 1.2 Scope of Supply 1.1 Protection. standards and regulations 1.3 Applicable codes.doc Rev O Sheet 2 of 7 .SPECIFICATION FOR RMU TABLE OF CONTENTS Definitions General 1.Special tools and Equipment 363345874.

which is the same meaning as VENDOR. as being the selected contractor of materials and services. or CONTRACT. APPROVAL: Authorization in writing given by COMPANY to SUPPLIER to proceed with the performance of a specified part of the work without releasing SUPPLIER from any obligations or liabilities under the contract or at law. 363345874.SPECIFICATION FOR RMU Definitions For the purpose of this specification: COMPANY: Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) owners of the project shall be referred to as COMPANY. General Supplier shall advise all deviations from relevant DEP’s and drawings (See section 1. with supply. APPROVED and APPROVAL shall be construed accordingly.doc Rev O Sheet 3 of 7 . Should: Indicates preferred course of action. Shall: Indicates mandatory requirement. which has the same meaning as PURCHASER in general terms and conditions of purchase.3 and appendix 2). SUPPLIER: The companies designated on the purchase order form. APPROVE. MANUFACTURER or SUPPLIER in general terms and conditions of purchase.

if utilities related to the Data Center are left in their present condition. as well as the EPG regional headquarters of Shell in Nigeria. The Omagwa international airport is about 45 minutes drive from Port-Harcourt city center. Description Quantity Rev 1 RMU-06 11kV Ring Main Unit 1 O This specification is for a Ring Main Unit.doc Rev O Sheet 4 of 7 . and reliable power supply to it.2 Scope of Supply The scope of supply for this material requisition is limited to the following equipment at the Industrial Area (IA).SPECIFICATION FOR RMU 1.1 Project description Port-Harcourt city is located in the Niger delta region of Nigeria and is the capital of Rivers State. Alongside this server consolidation project. and two seaports (Port-Harcourt & Onne) are within the city limits. The Server Consolidation & Upgrade as well as the Enterprise Storage Systems (ESS) projects are intended to introduce new high-end servers and storage devices to be hosted within the Port-Harcourt Data Centre to enable it function as the EPG regional data center. The scope of the utilities upgrade has been driven by the growth in load of the Port- Harcourt Data Centre and the requirement to provide clean. air conditioning and fire detection) of related utilities and therefore jeopardize the realization of the EPG regional hub. The power rating of both connected Transformers is 500kVA. 1. the Port-Harcourt Data Centre utilities upgrade project was initiated to address the problem of unreliable and inadequately sized utilities (electrical mains and standby power. 363345874. RMU-06 will replace the obsolete existing one in ring C between sub-station 5 and sub-station 8A. The RMU shall have two outgoing transformers feeders. Port Harcourt . This means that the computing infrastructure for new high-end servers running SAP for Shell Companies in Nigeria (SCiN) as well as Shell EP companies in Africa. Tag No. would reside in the PH Data Centre and hence make the Centre the EPG/African regional hub. Item No.

CAP 57 Wiring Regulations in Nigeria (Part 2) British Standards BS 7671 IEE Wiring Regulations International Electro-technical commission IEC 431-9 LV Switchgear Doc. Nigerian National Laws and Regulations Federal Ministry Of Power And Steel Regulations Chapter 62 of the Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria . including those from local or international authorities. the deviation described and a reason for the deviation given. section. specifications and drawings Applicable international codes. Alternatively the page number. the latest edition at the time of Order placement will apply. No. standards and regulations (b) Project documents.31-Gen Assemblies”(amendment/supplements To IEC 298)” 363345874. guidelines”. Standards and Regulations Equipment and materials supplied for this project shall comply with (a) All applicable national International codes. standards and regulations are those specified in this Requisition and its referenced attachments.67. space savings. weight savings.SPECIFICATION FOR RMU 1. life cycle cost savings. High-voltage Switchgear and control gear DEP 33.10. Title Shell Technical Manual-“Electrical Engineering DEP 33. For each Requisition or Attachment a statement of compliance shall be given.3 Applicable Codes.64. operability improvements or availability improvements. The Supplier shall obtain all approvals. sub-section and paragraph number shall be identified.10-Gen. standards and regulations shall be used in conjunction with this specification.1996.51. Supplier is encouraged to quote alternatives that will offer the Purchaser cost savings. Only deviations approved by SPDC and incorporated into the Purchase Order are acceptable. Only the latest issues of the following codes. Unless otherwise stated.doc Rev O Sheet 5 of 7 . Specific reference should be made to the following codes and standards.

SPECIFICATION FOR RMU Shell Technical Manual-“Field Commissioning and DEP 63. Technical Requirements The operating voltage of the Ring Main Unit is 11kV.4 Approved Manufacturers / Vendors Only RMU manufactured by SPDC approved vendors shall be accepted.11-Gen Maintenance of Electrical Installations and Equipment” SPDC Standard Construction Specification “Electrical” CONST. 2. Transformer protection shall be established with protection relay.doc Rev O Sheet 6 of 7 . Such approved vendors include manufacturers contained in the SPDC Vendors list and the model of equipment described therein.5 Ambient Conditions The RMU will be situated outdoors with the following conditions: Rainfall Average annual rainfall up to 2500mm Mean maximum hourly rainfall up to 100mm Heavy rainfall occurs between the months of April and October. The rated current of the transformer feeders shall be at least 200A. 363345874.S. 1. The Short-time withstand current shall not be less than 20kA and the current peak withstand must be at least 50kA. Contractor shall contact SPDC to agree their selection before placing any Order with a Supplier. the network and the feeder cables. which may cause damage to other system connected equipment. Their intensity can be severe and exposed equipment is subject to lightning strike.10.08. The Ring Main Unit shall consist of two “Network Switch Disconnectors” with a rated current of 630A and two transformer feeders. SPEC. The RMU must have facilities to pressure test RMU phases.17 1. The Supplier shall propose methods of limiting travelling wave phenomena caused by lightening strikes. Temperature Maximum ambient air temperature up 40ºc Minimum ambient air temperature down to 18ºc Humidity Average relative humidity of 90% Lightning Thunderstorms are normal features accompanying periods of rain throughout the seasons. For maintenance purpose Earthing switches must be available for earthing the network and feeder cables.

doc Rev O Sheet 7 of 7 . Network and feeder switches shall have padlock facilities in the off position while the earthing swithes have them in the on position. 2. Protection.2.SPECIFICATION FOR RMU 2.1. Potential indicators must indicate if the connected cables are live or dead. but shall not be limited to. installation. Mechanical position indicators shall clearly show the position of all swithes.1 Special Tools & Equipment The equipment and materials covered by this Requisition shall be supplied complete with all special tools and equipment required for their assembly. Control and Indication Earthing switches must be interlocked with their network or feeder switches.2 Supplier Design Responsibilities The Supplier shall take into account all relevant site and installation conditions in order to optimise a ‘fit for purpose’ design. The Supplier’s responsibilities shall include. The Ring Main Unit must be suitable for outdoor installation. maintenance and operation. (a) The correct selection of RMU and options in accordance with the requirements of this Requisition and its associated documentation (b) The selection and supply of compatible cable lugs for IEC/BS PVC/SWA or AWA cables for network and transformer cables (c) The supply of documentation in accordance with DEP requirements (d) The recommendation of spare parts (e) The recommendation of site acceptance tests (f) The RMU shall be painted in Suppliers standard colour 2. 363345874.