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ELA Homework: R-Controlled ir, er, ur

High-Frequency Words: Language Conventions:

Read each sentence. Then rewrite the sentence using the
mother father brother
correct capitalization and punctuation.

1. Read each word. 1. kurts brother has sunburn under his shirt
2. Place a heart over the letter or letters that are
3. Spell each word aloud while looking at the word.
4. Spell the each word forward and backwards aloud
without looking at the word.
5. Spell each word aloud correctly without looking at the
2. is bert the perfect person to work at walmart
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Complete each word with the correct r-controlled vowel team.

v__b sh__t panth__
b__d f__rst th__d
ch__ch dist__b b__p
lant__n squ__m und__stand
First Read Second Read Third Read Fourth Read
Parent Signature Parent Signature Parent Signature Parent Signature

chapter harness sunburn

circus interrupt swerve

clerk lantern swirl

concert lobster third

different monster thirst

dirt perch thunder

disturb perhaps turn

expert permit turnips

first serve verb

harm squirm whisper