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Listening vs. Analytics
What’s The Difference?

Many companies rely solely on social media listening to evaluate the effectiveness of their strategy and consider the share of voice as an easy to interpret metric to evaluate success.which needs to be complemented with insights from comprehensive social media analytics to get a more complete picture. hoping to uncover insights to give them a competitive advantage.Data plays an increasingly important role in social media marketing. it only provides a narrow view of their overall performance . In this paper. marketers often struggle to differentiate between these two sets of tools. We also explain how marketers can best utilize the full potential of both tools to gain deeper data-based insight into their social media performance. with the objective of taking more well-informed decisions and getting more value from social media. Unfortunately. it’s critical to assess whether those data insights show a comprehensive view or only a small part of the picture. Although both social media analytics and listening provide approaches to understanding your social media performance. . we provide a detailed overview of the differences between social media listening and analytics. But to get the most from data. Businesses across industries and regions of the world are expanding their data mining budgets.

Understanding the Differences Between Listening and Analytics Social media listening and analytics are not the same. Most importantly. Social media analytics allow you to gain a comprehensive overview of your campaign’s effectiveness (owned and paid media on social). Analytics 03 . Listening vs. and posting frequency that you can be effective in complementing your strategy. such as the engagement rate. The bottom line is that the insights you collect by listening across these platforms are fragmented and should not be used as a reliable indicator of your social media success. while lacking a comprehensive view of your social media activity.but its user base is only a fraction of Facebook’s. Twitter is the only platform where social media listening is fully effective . both organic share of voice is in comparison to your competitors. Analytics . Analytics enable you to measure the effectiveness of your content. audience growth. One should never be used to replace the other.Measures campaign resonance Analytics need to be an inherent part of building your social media strategy. Instagram is primarily a visual platform where companies are rarely being mentioned. a variety of metrics. It allows you to monitor digital conversations can use to benchmark your company against the competitors to understand your performance in to understand what customers are saying about your company. analytics are the core driver in maximizing your social media ROI and provide an appropriate response. you can only monitor the conversations of public profiles and Pages. Due to Facebook closing its API to private profiles. Listening is also a great customer care and and promoted. on the other hand. The most fundamental difference between these tools lies in the scope of data they provide. It shows you how large your a broader context. to understand what works with your audiences and how successful your paid crisis management solution that enables you to discover potential problems and pain points.Measures campaign effectiveness Listening . They allow you to track Listening. Social media listening tools offer a limited insight centered on what is being said about your business on social (earned media on social). activities are. It’s important to keep in mind that the capabilities of social listening are limited. and user growth has been stagnating for years. which means marketers are working with an increasingly smaller proportion of data. by equipping you with insights needed to optimize your performance on social.

Analytics are also at the core of execution. and will allow you to find out if you have met your objectives. Listening vs.Analytics at the Campaign Core Analytics are the foundation to your social media campaign success. Listening can help you discover potential opportunities to be addressed through campaigning. Analytics 04 . Analytics are crucial to identifying the best performing content types that will help you run an engaging campaign . They play an integral role from the moment you plan your campaign to when you execute it and measure its effectiveness.based on what has worked for you in the past and what has worked for your competitors. An analytics-first approach will ensure that the effectiveness of your campaign is accurately measured and reported.

Analytics 05 . is working best with your audience. which gives you general information on your share of voice. and where it needs adjusting. In contrast to listening. For example. if your reach is high. you immediately know that your content strategy or targeting need readjusting .something you wouldn’t be able to learn through listening. Listening vs. maximize its effectiveness. but engagement is low. effectiveness and decreasing future ads costs. CREATE EXECUTE PROMOTE Gain consumer insights. LEARN REPORT MEASURE AND REPEAT Demonstrate that your content Analyze the effectiveness of all paid Do more of what works and less is making an impact to social media and organic content to understand what of what doesn’t. and find channels at the right time to you the maximum ROI by increasing ads inspiration for campaigns. identify Publish your content to your Invest your budget in content that will give best performing content. analytics enable you to measure concrete campaign objectives through a set of very specific metrics. The utility of analytics lies in the accuracy of the metrics they measure. It also allows you to cross-compare those metrics to discover correlations between them that can help optimize your strategy.

and they “How much am I paying to generate are at the center of the success of your campaign on social media. while listening Share of Interactions can be used to leverage additional information on how your and Share of Posts Cost per Click campaigns are resonating on social. your campaigns can be in my social media campaign?” effectively run using only the data from analytics.There are several examples of how analytics give you an accurate measure of the effect your content is having on social media.)” owned and paid channels?” Engagement Reach Engagement Conversion Rate Rate “How much of my social media These insights cannot be discovered through listening . campaign performance is That’s why it is crucial that analytics are always the primary source coming from paid activity?” clicks. etc. downloading an which I reach through my a different format?” ebook. helping you link your efforts to business ROI: “How effective is my social media “Is my social media content campaign with my audience across working with my audience? my owned and paid channels? Is it “Is my content good enough Do I need to change generating the outcome desired? that it is engaging the users my content style or find (Filling out a form. (CPC) Listening vs. purchasing a product. Analytics 06 . In fact. if that is one of my objectives of your social media insights.

predictive analytics can amplify their results to ensure you get the most ROI from your social media activity. such as lower Cost-per-Click. Socialbakers’ predictive intelligence algorithms analyze information about the behavior of your fans and performance of your content to offer precise recommendations on publishing and promoting your posts.D) to each of your posts based that are tailored to each of your profiles. Listening vs.Gaining Next-level Insights with Predictive Analytics While the metrics described on the previous page allow you to understand your campaigns’ effectiveness. This allows you to make more efficient investments you can easily maximize your reach and interactions. PrimeTime Publishing gives you actionable recommendations for when to publish Post Performance Prediction assigns an intuitive grade (A . and work more efficiently by by promoting only your best content. and to reap the benefits of an effective paid strategy. on their predicted future performance. Analytics 07 . By discovering the optimal publishing time. eliminating guesswork.

Get a comprehensive understanding of your results. From listening to analytics.and improve . by whom. Discover what exactly is being said. of your social media activities. strategy. campaigns on parts of social media. and optimize your strategy to maximize your social media ROI. including Facebook. hashtags. Using listening. across all the key platforms. your customers have in relation to your product. and on which platform to to your insights. Analytics allows you to gain a deeper overview of your performance across a variety Analytics of metrics. Listening is a tool that can complement the data you get from analytics with additional and Instagram. Listening vs. and to address potential questions and problems. and equips you with the listening tools you need to add an extra layer of depth and mentions. you can easily access all they are intrinsically different in how they help you measure . this forms just a part of what you need to be able to understand to improve the results of your social media campaigns and strategy. It ensures that you have the control over your social media success and understand how your campaigns are resonating on social. These enable you to see the results of your social media efforts and find out how you stack up against the competition.Analytics and Listening All in One Place Summary With Socialbakers Suite. you have everything you need to maximize the effectiveness Both analytics and listening can be instrumental to your social media success. such as fan growth and engagement. put your performance information. and address them on the spot. you’re able to see how people are responding to your in a competitive context.the effectiveness the key metrics you need to measure your campaigns’ success in one place. Analytics 08 . Identify questions and problems sets the right balance needed to maximize your performance. Twitter. of your strategy. Listening Socialbakers Suite gives you an analytics-first approach to measuring your social media Monitor the conversations around your company in real-time based on keywords. Evaluate and optimize your social media campaigns by monitoring a number of key metrics. You can then take informed action to optimize your strategy accordingly and improve your social media ROI. While important. However.

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