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Caesar’s English Homework Menu
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will always be Flashcards for your Caesar’s English Stems. Choose from these options for Homework on Tuesday-Thursday!
This is yours to keep throughout the year. Please keep it somewhere safe so you don’t lose it! “
Get creative and have fun!

Draw a picture and hide Write a free verse poem Make 6 “Mr. Stick” Create an illustrated
6 of the words in the or song using 7 of your drawings with dialogue dictionary for all 10 of
picture. The chosen vocabulary words, bubbles or captions. The your vocabulary words.
words must be placed in showing you know the bubble or caption must Each entry should have
a picture associated to meanings of the words. correctly use the word. the definition and an
the definition. Be creative! Think with Put details in your accompanying picture.
Example: emotion! Use humor! drawing so it is clear how
The word mysterious your pictures relate to your
written around the brim words.
of a magician’s hat.
Write 5 Haikus (3 lines Write dialogue between Create specific Write 2 declarative (.), 2
that follow 5, 7, 5 two people using the 10 descriptions of 7 different interrogative (?), 2
syllables in each line) for vocabulary words. Make characters whose last imperative (a command),
5 different vocabulary sure you include a names are your and 2 exclamatory (!)
words that show you dialogue tag (try to use vocabulary words. List sentences with different
know the words’ meanings. words other than said) each person’s vocabulary words. Your
and punctuate the personality, job, and sentences should give
Example: sentence correctly. appearance that have enough clues about the
“Dreary” Remember that each something to do with the word so that someone
Dark, sad, a tad blue time a new person word’s meaning. could guess the word’s
A little puppy sat still speaks, it is a new Example: Mr. Stingy meaning using your context
Rain pattered its fur paragraph and must be Personality – He does clues.
indented. not like to spend money.
Example: “Put your coat Job – Accountant
on,” reminded Mom. Appearance – All of his
“I don’t think it is too pants have zippers to keep
frigid out,” Joe replied. his money safe.
Create 6 math word You are on vacation! Relate 7 of your Write an ad for your
problems using 8 of your Write a letter to your vocabulary words to real favorite food, car, toy, or
vocabulary words. friend. Use at least 8 of issues in society today or restaurant using 6 of
Example: your vocabulary words from the past. your vocabulary words.
Brett drove nonstop for as you describe your trip. Example: One reason The ad should have
two hours. The Remember to say where why recycling is critical headline or slogan,
roadways were you are and include the is because our landfills picture, and 5 – 8
congested. He traveled date, greeting (i.e. are teeming with garbage. sentences explaining the
40 miles. How many Dear…), and closing (i.e. benefits of the product.
miles did Brett drive in one Your friend, …). Make it neat and colorful.
hour? Be creative - have fun!
Write a short story (3 – 5 Write definitions in your You came up with a Make a crossword puzzle
paragraphs) with 8 of own words for each of great idea for a movie! out of your 10 vocabulary
your vocabulary words. the 10 vocabulary words. Write a summary of it words. Make sure you
Have fun and be Make sure that your using all 10 of the number the boxes and make
creative! Include an definitions are clear and vocabulary words. Be across and down clues for
opening, easy to understand. sure to mention the each one.
problem/solution, closing, characters, setting, problem,
and illustration. and solution.

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