My Brother’s Daily Routine

My brother always gets up at 6:00 am, and then washes his face, and brushes his
teeth. After breakfast, he goes to college at 7:00 am. He studies history and English
and he always passes his exams with an A+ grade! Then, he hurries back home at
around 4:00 pm and does his homework before he has dinner at 6:30 pm, and then he
watches TV in the evenings. In his free time he plays tennis and reads magazines. He
also has a part-time job on the weekend. He teaches Spanish!

1. He goes to bed very early.
2. Do they live in Canada?
3. I am usually cook dinner for my family
4. Do they have a meeting every week?
5. She doesn’t like tennis.
6. Does John have enough money?
7. He knows the answer.
8. Robert plays baseball on the weekend.
9. They have lots of free time.
10. Do they usually drive to work?
11. Jenny does not work at a restaurant.
12. She worries too much about the exams.
13. My father wants to travel to Spain.
14. Why do you study English?
15. He doesn’t drink tea.
16. They are start class in the morning.

1. Watches
4. Is
5. Listens
7. Buy
8. Clean
9. Think

Drinks DOWN 1. Are 23. Unlock 9. Sing 21. Help 20. Kisses 5.10. Laugh 6. Washes 15. Sneeze 22. Remind . Walk 2. Telephone 11. Goes 18. Do 12. Eats 3. Talk 14. Starts 14. Agrees 17. Remembers 19. Water 16. Return 24. Sleep 13.