550 NC 50 (4 ¹⁄₂ IF) 6 ¹⁄₈ . • 40 feet (12. tight tolerances and a high-quality lb are guaranteed one inch below the drive section.6 ³⁄₈ 4 ¹⁄₄ 40. (in.875 3 4 ¹⁄₂ REG. Each on the kelly itself in addition to G F G A Machine Shop Services 20-23 kelly meets the mechanical properties prolong the service life of the kelly F E listed in API Spec 7 and when appli. 5 ³⁄₄ 980 6 ⁵⁄₈ REG.2m) overall length with a 16" 16" Drill Pipe 3-5 The kelly’s ability to perform this func.6 ³⁄₈ stated. Specifications .) (in. 46.300 connection 3 ¹⁄₂ 40.5m) overall length with a handed Hevi-Wate™ Drill Pipe . 3 ft. 7 ³⁄₄ 1. 46 NC 31 (2 ⁷⁄₈ IF) 4 ¹⁄₈ 2* 3.Square Kelly Kelly Kelly Top Upset Bottom Upset Drive Section Available Wt.3m) working space TSDS High Torque Connection 6 tion over a prolonged period of time is • 46 feet (14. drive bushing rollers Inspection Services 24 cable.820 Notes: All dimensions are in inches unless otherwise NC 50 (4 ¹⁄₂ IF) 6 ¹⁄₈ . 5 ³⁄₄ 1. and is avail- Mud Saver Valve 2 the rotary table to the drillstring and able in three standard lengths: ultimately to the bottom of the hole.) (ft. Rotary Kelly TABLE OF CONTENTS Most of the world’s drilling rigs rely The Rotary Kelly is manufactured C C on this important piece of equipment with one of two basic configurations Rotary Kelly 1 to transmit the torsional energy from – square or hexagonal.0m) overall length with a Top upset a result of the mechanical properties 43 foot (13.500 4 ¹⁄₄ 1. 5 ³⁄₄ *Not an API standard NC 46 (4 IF) 6 . 7 ³⁄₄ 2 ¹³⁄₁₆ 5. 54 6 ⁵⁄₈ REG.) (in.1m) working space with left- Engineered for Strength: TSDS Tool Joint Connection Data 7-11 of the steel and the specifications to • 54 feet (16.) (in.) (lb.) (in. 7 ³⁄₄ NC 38 (3 ¹⁄₂ IF) 4 ³⁄₄ 2 ¹⁄₄ 4.) (in.740 20" NC 46 (4 IF) 6 . Features and Benefits Top Drive Sub and Thread Protectors 17 ness range of 285 to 341 BHN. 46 NC 31 (2 ⁷⁄₈ IF) 4 ¹⁄₈ 2* 3. A hard.) (in.437 3 ¹⁄₂ 1. (in.080 3 40.) (in. Bore Across Across Lengths OD OD 40 ft. 46 NC 38 (3 ¹⁄₂ IF) 4 ³⁄₄ 2 ¹⁄₄ 4.) (ft. Bit Sub and Lift Sub 16 treated along its entire length for uni. 7 ³⁄₄ 5. 46 6 ⁵⁄₈ REG. form toughness and durability.900 5 ¹⁄₄ 2. 7 ³⁄₄ 3 ¹⁄₂ 40.) (in.) (in. Bottom Size API Box (E) Corners Flats (A) (C) Right-hand (D) Length upset Left-hand (F) (G) Conn.6 ³⁄₈ 3 D D Square Hexagonal Specifications . 51 foot (15.) (in.937 3 ¹⁄₂ 4 ¹⁄₂ REG. of Nom.Standard and Spiral 14-15 Each Smith Services kelly is heat Other sizes are available through special order.) 6 ⁵⁄₈ REG. 37 foot (11. can be stamped with the API E A Portable Hardbanding Service 25 monogram. Conn. less 3 ft. Size API Box (E) Corners Flats (A) (C) Right-hand (D) Length Left-hand (F) (G) Conn.5m) working space connection A Drill Collars . 1 .Hexagonal Kelly A Top Upset Bottom Upset Drive Section Available Wt. Bore Across Across Lengths OD OD 40 ft.320 4 ¹⁄₂ REG.Standard and Spiral 12-13 which it is manufactured.) (lb. 54 6 ⁵⁄₈ REG. and a • Machined flats and upsets ensure Ezy-Torque™ Hydraulic Cathead 18 Charpy V-notch impact value of 40 ft. 46. This will retard wear Tru-Torque Automatic Torque Control System ® 19 surface at room temperature. with right- Conn. less Rotary. 7 ³⁄₄ 1. of Nom.) handed 6 ⁵⁄₈ REG.200 20" 4 ¹⁄₄ 40.6 ³⁄₈ 2 ¹³⁄₁₆ 5 ¹⁄₄ 40.781 4 ¹⁄₄ 1.

5mm specimen circulation is stopped. SRT making a connection.025 . series drill pipe is engineered to the kelly.075 Maximum operating limits • 18 ppg mud density • 30% solids content 21. Hard. allowing normal drill use of a Mud Saver Valve 95% Minimum wall means longer drill pipe life vides as much as 100 percent pipe readings at the standpipe.343 .4 ¹⁄₂ XH connection • The 6 inch valve is used in a NC-50 4 1⁄2” IF & NC-46 4” IF Valve All dimensions in inches unless otherwise noted.400 .70 .344 .050 Clear opening with knock out cap ruptured by sinker bar 2” 6 5⁄8 27. more wall wear for API premium TSC API API Minimum wall wear tively contained. reducing environmental Drill Nominal API minimum minimum minimum premium class class drill pipe nominal impact and subsequent clean up costs pipe weight wall wall wall wall • All tool joints exceed API require- size Lb/Ft new new premium API TSC new Specifications 95% 87 1⁄2% class drill pipe drill pipe ments Minimum flow area in open position 3. Factory break-in • The geometry is optimized using fluid • No manual intervention required requirements.400 .322 . The valve closes when • Valve cracks open at 150 psi to allow and performance.60 . Placed on the end of nections to pick up a backup mud saver initial material selection to final in.000 psi for X95.264 .025 .70 .317 .294 .295 . • Top drive rotary rigs can benefit from the • 95 percent minimum wall pro- ization in the kelly. Superior Quality Drill Pipe the complexities of shearing pins and re. strict quality control regimen from enhanced impact toughness.344 . 25.408 .075 Valve crack pressure 150 psi Maximum pressure drop (after valve opens) 100 psi 19. Connection break-in prior to placing can result in substantial cost savings flow analysis to reduce erosion in critical new drill pipe in service is a recom. • Hazardous drilling fluids can be effec.037 . ments.350 . faster and safer. it opens from pressure when the valve during a job. Our restrict- Wireline operation eliminates risk Compact easy to use design in accordance with API Spec 7. dered connections. New connection and improves reliability.290 . in performed on the rig. Grade yield strength to 110.427 .437 .290 .068 plied to API RP7G specification Tool Sub OD 6 ½” 14.054 Sinker bar for wireline 1 ¾” OD sinker bar 5 1⁄2 24.30 .054 Mudsaver Notes: • The 3 inch valve is used in a 3 ¹⁄₂ IF connection • The 4 inch valve is used in a 4 ¹⁄₂ IF .289 .314 .062 (144 ft-lbs) equivalent to 3 foot sinker bar dropped 8 feet in 18 ppg Impact strength of knock out cap drilling mud/ 6 foot sinker bar dropped 4 feet in 18 ppg drilling mud.000 psi for G-105CY.70 . mended practice for all rotary shoul.362 .332 .290 .475 .393 . -4°F on a 10mm x 7.363 .031 .337 .362 . products offered by Smith Services\ • 30% solids content back tubulars.317 .50 .500 .430 . Features and Benefits • Backow feature permits pressure equal. Applications Smith Services\Texas Steel Conver. Mud Saver Valve Drill Pipe The Mud Saver Valve is designed to reduce or • Rugged design extends tool life to elimi.304 . mean.376 .027 . efit from the use of a Mud Saver Valve tional product designed for applica. available in strengths up to and in- Designed to withstand extreme • Eliminates rig time lost waiting for the ing as much as 100 percent more cluding API grade S-135.362 . Drill pipe is man.98 in2 2 7⁄8 10.50 .054 • 850 gpm mud flow rate 5 • 4500 psi drill string pressure 25.90 .394 .289 .264 .027 .056 • Grade identification grooves ap- 3 1⁄2 Connections (API) NC-50/ 4 ½” IF & NC-46/ 4” IF 15.00 .332 . spection to ensure each joint meets meet a minimum average Charpy V- rig pumps are engaged.320 .20 . performed at the factory under con- cap for wireline operations are shut down identification grooves are applied to CY and 120. ufactured from a proprietary alloy size.064 (No Body or Sub) 22.270 . SRT drill pipe is Features and Benefits • Eliminates mud loss during connections.025 .380 . no protector 36” Spec 7 Closed Length (shoulder to shoulder).050 (With Rubber Protect Groove) Valve weight 36 lbs 4 ⁄2 1 20.314 .034 . Restricted yield strength X-95CY • 4. enabling circulation Low crack pressure and pressure drop the customer’s needs for durability notch impact energy of 59 ft-lbs at down the drillstring.289 .449 . trolled conditions by Texas Steel Con- Designed for superior durability & reliability • Opens when mud ow is resumed API RP7G specification. 2 3 . sion SRT series drill pipe is an op. valve is 100 psi.028 . in addi.812” 4 Tool Sub weight 212 lbs 15. w protector 40” 13.054 • Threading performed to API Length (shoulder to shoulder). trapping the drilling holding at least 100 ft of 18 ppg mud.037 . Proprietary material and heat fluid inside the kelly.437 .316 .028 .344 .359 .415 .027 . tungsten carbide and tion to our internal requirement that break-in is an optional service avail- trieving a spear assembly Completely automatic operation casing-friendly hardbanding types restricts maximum allowable tensile able for all drill pipe orders that is • Easy to use sinker bar breaks a plastic • Closes immediately when the mud pumps are available upon request. Smith Services drill pipe follows a tions that require low temperature eliminate the undesirable loss of fluid when nate the need to make and break con. thus making drillstring • Maximum pressure drop through the that allows for exceptionally tight treat processes are used to insure Open trips drier.344 . and G-105CY drill pipe are optional • 18 ppg mud density • Improves crew efficiency when racking All tool joints exceed API require. ed yield strength drill pipe meets all • No need to use an overshot and deal with • 36 inches shoulder-to-shoulder banding is applied to the customer’s applicable API specifications.057 (No Rubber Protect Groove) Tool Sub weight 233 lbs 16.368 . wall wear for API premium class drill • 850 gpm mud flow rate • Dry rig oor reduces the risk of a serious pipe. or to specific version personnel. drilling conditions kelly to drain.361 .475 . • Doubles as a kelly saver sub specification.00 .330 .500 .032 .500 psi drillstring pressure accident.82 .40 . • Solid tungsten carbide seat reduces wear • Rotary rigs utilizing a kelly drive can ben. dimensional tolerances. and threading is performed Texas Steel Conversion.027 .317 .60 . The result is each joint of SRT drill pipe meets the Increased safety for higher productivity a product that provides a 95 percent specified toughness.330 .050 Tool Sub ID 2. compared to new connection break- areas.361 . minimum wall in every tube.

alloyed chemistry and tightens the parameters. joint of drill pipe goes through before wear for API premium class drill pipe. Threading wall. Inc. it is ready for shipment. Tightly controlled manufacturing The tool joints are joined to the heat- processes ensure quality in each treated tubes using an inertia weld- joint. required mechanical properties. Drill pipe is available in standard sizes from 2 7/8" to 6 5⁄8" and Once the tube has been upset it goes grades E. the Our high product standards are to make the best drill pipe. fication 7.” Quality begins with the selection of able upon request. excellent processes. we guarantee it. that produce an extra long internal runout. tubes to assure the correct mechani. tive. has devel. and compared against proprietary oped proprietary upsetting practices parameters. and on time delivery are just result is a product that provides a Inertia Welder Ultrasonic and wet magnetic particle some of the ways Smith Services 95% minimum wall in every tube. This is one of seven QA/QC processes that each drill pipe requirements please con- results in drill pipe with superior fa. The ture is the upsetting process. (See chart). Both the internal and external weld to heat treat. The tions. Superior quality tube specification requires a richly and compared against the specified components. on for internal plastic coating. Grade identifica. tact your Smith Services representa- tigue resistance. Inc. From here the drill pipe goes requirements. within the austenitizing range. inspections are used to verify the in. cycle is electronically controlled. The complete welding The first step in drill pipe manufac. Increasing the runout length Premium Tool Joint Premium Tool Joint exploded view 4 5 . Tubes are pro. are proud to offer this track record for manufacturing the specific requirements. Drill Pipe Drill Pipe Only the best tubes are selected Both tungsten carbide and casing After removal of the weld flash. thread Tool joints are heat-treated and man- tions. G and S. The new standard of excellence in drill highest quality pipe. Our proprietary actual heat-treat cycles are recorded pipe manufacture. friendly types of hardband are avail. customer. X. drill pipe built to customer specifica- pipe’s dimensional tolerances. quenched. The the best materials. This is a strictly con. Careful attention is given to the protectors are installed and the drill ufactured from materials selected to When we say up to 100% minimum laboratory testing of the heat-treated pipe surfaces are painted or other- exceed API requirements. areas are polished to assure the re- trolled process where each tube is moval of all steps and machining Tool joints are made to your quenched and tempered to bring it marks. is “raising the bar”. weld zone is heated to a temperature “raising the bar. ing process. into compliance with API specifica. wise protected for shipment to the is done in accordance with API Speci- cal properties are achieved. To discuss your This can mean up to 100% more wall tegrity of each weld zone. Texas actual weld conditions are recorded Steel Conversion. tion grooves are applied to API RP7G weld area is austenitized. Application of hardband is done to the customer’s specification. Smith Services and Texas Steel Con- cured from mills with a recognized specification or to the customer’s and then tempered to achieve the version.

Connection Size & Box Pin Make-Up Torque Torsional Yield Pin tomer additional operational flexibility OD ID Tensile Yield Style (ft-lbs) (ft-lbs) (in) (in) (lbs) for use with existing conventional drill- strings.570 25.666 838. while the secondary shoulder serves as the mechanical stop for the connection.963 649.389 708.000 draulics and maintain tool joint torsional strength without decreasing connection 2 9⁄16 15.100 life makes the TSDS connection an ex- cellent choice for tough downhole appli- cations.160 40. These repair facilities are located in a number TSDS 40 5¼ 2 9⁄16 22.720 32.400 6 7 .720 32.048 838.100 the sealing surface.400 ute the make-up forces between the two shoulders.420 34. giving the cus. The TSDS running procedure is similar to API connections .910 39.100 handling tools are required and no ad- ditional trip time to make and break the 5 1⁄8 2 9⁄16 20.525 708.400 connection.020 25.400 sional strengths than the standard API connection.280 37.413 776.666 838.570 25.269 897.866 776.910 26.200 2 11⁄16 19. The TSDS is interchangeable with stan- dard API connections. no special 2 7⁄16 21.000 strength for high-torque applications.870 29. This su- perior torsional strength makes the TSDS ideal for use in aggressive drilling 2 1⁄8 17. The ability to improve hy.136 842.389 708.041 649.862 897.400 2 7⁄16 24.630 29. 2 9⁄16 15. 2 1⁄8 20. 2 1⁄8 22.340 35.000 36.200 connection.000 The double shoulder design allows the primary external shoulder to serve as 2 9⁄16 15.400 programs.000 36.100 5½ 2 9⁄16 22. 5 2 7⁄16 17. TSDS connection rework material loss is similar to a standard API 2 11⁄16 19.120 33.440 32.200 of oilfield service centers around the world.798 842.963 649. 4¾ 2 7⁄16 15.100 Improved flow rates can be obtained by using a larger than standard bore in the tool joint while maintaining higher tor. Repairs to the TSDS connection must be performed by licensed machine shops 2 7⁄16 23.578 897. The TSDS pin and box sections are engineered to distrib.538 842.100 with NC machine capabilities. providing additional torsional TSDS 38 4⅞ 2 7⁄16 17.866 776.630 29. 2 11⁄16 19. TSDS High Torque Connection Engineered for Strength: TSDS Tool Joint Connection Data The Texas Steel Conversion Double Shouldered High Torque Connection TSDS High Torque Connection TSDS Tool Joint Connection Data (TSDS) substantially increases drill- ing safety and performance by provid- ing torque capacity that is 30% to 40% Connection Size & Box Pin Make-Up Torque Torsional Yield Pin greater than standard API connections OD ID Tensile Yield Style (ft-lbs) (ft-lbs) (in) (in) (lbs) for comparable size drill pipe.

268.611 1.900 2¾ 48.820 43.200 TSDS 50 6½ 3¼ 43.186 1.048.045 901.622 1.910 93. TSDS Tool Joint Connection Data (continued) TSDS Tool Joint Connection Data (continued) Box Pin Pin Box Pin Pin Make-Up Torque Torsional Yield Make-Up Torque Torsional Yield Connection Size & Style OD ID Tensile Yield Connection Size & Style OD ID Tensile Yield (ft-lbs) (ft-lbs) (ft-lbs) (ft-lbs) (in) (in) (lbs) (in) (in) (lbs) 2¾ 37.570 82.960 53.186 1.670 76.183.267 1.130 60.100 2¾ 55.416.100 3 49.109.900 2¾ 37.960 53.109.045 901.400 3¼ 25.048.229 1.560 62.130 60.820 43.310 72.900 3½ 36.130 60.870 71.560 62.200 6⅝ 3¼ 43.900 2¾ 37.183.160 80.560 62.900 8 9 .551.172 1.060 86.611 1.416.268.900 TSDS 46 6 1⁄8 3 31.310 72.400 2¾ 52.109.611 1.183.900 3½ 36.275 1.268.100 3¼ 42.700 3 49.774 1.275 1.200 6 3⁄8 3¼ 25.700 3¼ 25.551.048.045 901.900 3½ 36.229 1.452 1.900 6¼ 3 31.400 3 45.416.275 1.820 43.700 6 3 31.551.188 1.115 1.900 83.960 53.229 1.

800 5 57.360 117.265.400 3¼ 63.050 95.100 4 43.455 1.319 1.200 98.896.448.700 114.678.360 117.920 93.990 73. TSDS Tool Joint Connection Data (continued) TSDS Tool Joint Connection Data (continued) Box Pin Pin Box Pin Pin Make-Up Torque Torsional Yield Make-Up Torque Torsional Yield Connection Size & Style OD ID Tensile Yield Connection Size & Style OD ID Tensile Yield (ft-lbs) (ft-lbs) (ft-lbs) (ft-lbs) (in) (in) (lbs) (in) (in) (lbs) 3¼ 59.678.330 128.200 3½ 61.100 4 43. Torsional values are based on using a thread compound with a 1.930 138.100 4 43.896.610 101.778.088 1.400 TSDS connection data for common tool joint sizes is shown in these tables.200 4½ 82.207 1.100 TSDS 55 7 1⁄8 TSDS 65 8 1⁄8 3¾ 53.510 102.448.272 1.088 1.654 2.200 3½ 60.070 88.200 4¼ 94.400 4¾ 70.678.200 3½ 55.272 1.222 1.485 1.990 73.619.450 137.200 4¼ 88.200 4½ 82. 10 11 .102.168 1.400 4¾ 70.222 1.935 2.102.400 3¼ 68. Torsional yield values shown in yellow type indicate the connection is box weak in torsion.050 95.590 147.500 1.990 73.319 1.619.930 138.360 117. Contact Smith Services for data on sizes not listed.102.200 4½ 77.800 5 57.400 4¾ 70.319 1.778.673 1.448.619.0 API friction factor.448.448.019 1.265.300 87.455 1.778.890 106.088 1. Pin tensile yield values are based on tensile loading conditions only.525 1.272 1.448.200 4¼ 82.423 2.896.800 5 57.070 88.050 95.889 1.100 7¼ 8¼ 3¾ 53. and do not take into consideration the effect of combined torsional and tensile loading.265.760 157.100 7 8 3¾ 52.

Contact a Smith Services designs.365 53.) (ft-lb) (ft-lb) (in. the jar in areas where differen. Hevi-Wate Drill Pipe Dimensions .1:1 up with the drill pipe elevators for Pipe run above the drill collars will 3 1⁄2 27.5 71.389 18. the jar to ensure that the jar is representative for more informa- of applications. • Hevi-Wate Drill Pipe can be used extend the service life ducing torque and drag ing Assembly Handbook” for ad. Overall Size Dimensions Center Elevator Tensile Torsional Tensile Torsional Make-up Overall Length Upset Upset Conn. in.715 NC 46 (4 IF) 6 ¹⁄₄ 2 ⁷⁄₈ 1.) (in. duce the wear rate on the OD and • Improves directional control by re.) increases the connection’s ability table below.2:1 lb/ft lb/Jt 31 ft Length (ft.1 1.5 1.500 38.566 5 ¹⁄₂ 5 ¹⁄₈ 691. making it useful in a number tend service life strength ratio (ratio of I/C or sec.800 30 / 27 31 Drill Pipe Drill Pipe 5 3 1.) (in.460 NC 38 (3 ¹⁄₂ IF) 4 ³⁄₄ 2 ³⁄₈ 675.635 NC 40 (4 FH) 5 ¹⁄₄ 2 ¹¹⁄₁₆ 711. • Box – 4 inches of hardmetal ap- reducing hole drag and differential Applications ness between the drill collars tial sticking is a problem.800 30 / 27 31 12 13 . Maximum Hole Size 5 1⁄2 63.800 30 / 27 31 6 ⁄8 5 4 ¹⁄₂ 1.490. Refer to additional information and place.410 4 ¹⁄₂ 4 ¹⁄₈ 407.Standard and Spiral Max. reducing fatigue Smith Services representative for on the taper • An effective weight-on-bit member damage to the drill pipe. and is available in joints and center wear pad will in.5 / 7. • The API Stress-relief Groove fea.7:1 fast. • Center upset – two 3-inch bands Features and Benefits in extended reach. while at Vertical Drilling: Remedial Operations be effective in the 6 inch to 8 ¾ the same time reducing the risk of • Use as an active weight-on-bit • Hevi-Wate Drill Pipe is used to inch hole size range where drill differential sticking member in place of a portion of provide the weight required in collar bore size is relatively small • The API Bore Back Box feature is the drill collar string to reduce milling.3 / 10. horizontal and table “Bending Strength Ratios” ment recommendations applied to the OD • Long tool joints provide ample conventional directional well de.645 4 3 ⁵⁄₈ 310.) (ft.8 / 14 = 5.057 18.525 13. materials are available for appli- standard. It has drill pipe dimen. Drill Pipe.) (in. (Approx.) (lb.5 / 5.063 14.3 1.) (lb.000 51.1:1 5 55.7 = 4. hole size (in.550 27.021.) & Joints (lbs.375 29.) (ft-lb) (in.) (sq. for maximum drill collar size to See Machine Shop section for Hevi-Wate Drill Pipe hard- space to recut the connections.812 6 5 ⁵⁄₈ 814.) Incl. If drill collars larger than the maximum size shown are to be used.Standard and Spiral Hevi-Wate Drill Pipe is the industry Optional Features Tapered Drillstrings Jar Placement Standard Hardband standard for an intermediate-weight • Hardbanding placed on the tool • Hevi-Wate Drill Pipe should be • Hevi-Wate Drill Pipe is well suited • A variety of abrasion resistant drill stem member. underreaming or hole standard for the box connection torque and shorten trip time opening operations Center on 4 inch Hevi-Wate Drill Pipe and • Hevi-Wate Drill Pipe can be used to Bending Strength Ratios upset larger.) & Joints (lbs.5 50. Also refer to the “Drill. Size OD ID Wall Yield Yield Yield Yield Torque Length ID Area OD OD and Type Thickness Pin/Box (in.2 = 5.706 18.575 10. Tube Approx. signs be run directly below Hevi-Wate Hydraulic Improvements band details. See a plied flush with the OD and 1 inch sticking problems.) lb/ft lb/Jt 31 ft Length (in. Approx.045 17.2 / 3.719 7.770 24 (when used as bit weight in vertical hole) *Indicates the largest size drill collar to be run directly 6 5⁄8 77. (Approx. run at least Hevi-Wate size (in.) Incl.140 5 ¹⁄₂ FH 7 3 ¹⁄₂ 1.543 24 6 5⁄8 10 1⁄2 x 3 113 / 22.660 74.4 1.475 23.5 23.) (in.495 NC 50 (4 ¹⁄₂ IF) 6 ⁵⁄₈ 3 1⁄16 1.265 24 5 1⁄2 9 x 2 13⁄16 70.625 5.080 32.000 12.3 2.200 30 / 27 31 5 ⁄2 1 3 ³⁄₈ 1.) to resist fatigue cracking Transition Zone: Upset Upset 3 1⁄2 5 3⁄4 x 2 1⁄4 18.5 849 18.475 18. used in the crossover area of for jar placement.) (in. provide a portion of the anticipated vice life of the connection drilling weight when using soft for. Tube Wt. and 20 tion sions for easier handling.5 29. Center Center (in. efficient handling on the rig reduce the risk of drill pipe fatigue 4 34. Directional Drilling: and drill pipe.567 7 ¹⁄₈ 6 ³⁄₄ 1.185 56.0:1 Hevi-Wate Drill Pipe vs. tion modulus) between the drill not in the transition zone. This can away from the hole wall.266.431 18.300 30 / 27 31 Spiraled Hevi-Wate Hevi-Wate 4 ⁄2 1 2 ³⁄₄ 0.) 3 1⁄2 4 4 1⁄2 5 5 1⁄2 6 5⁄8 three collars of the maximum size shown between the large drill collar and the Hevi-Wate Drill Pipe.7 = 5.) 7 8 1⁄8 9 1⁄16 10 1⁄16 11 13 1⁄2 Mechanical Properties Tube Tool Joint Tube Section Nom. Drill Collar Drill Pipe Bending Strength • Cold rolling the thread roots on all mation PDC rock bits Size Size* Note: Hevi-Wate Drill Pipe should not be used as bit Spiral Hevi-Wate Drill Pipe Standard Hevi-Wate Drill Pipe Ratio Hevi-Wate Drill Pipe connections weight in vertical holes larger than those listed in the Nom. Hevi-Wate ture on the pin connection for sizes collars and the drill pipe exceeds percent of the recommended jar • Pin – 5 inches of hardmetal ap- Drill Pipe utilizes a unique center upset 4 inches and larger 5.875 9.5.) • Hevi-Wate Drill Pipe can be picked • 18 to 21 joints of Hevi-Wate Drill 4 6 ⁄2 x 2 ⁄4 1 1 26.024. to reduce drillstring pressure • The center upset protects the tube • The center upset helps reduce the ditional information losses when used to replace part from OD wear by keeping the tube risk of differential sticking of the drill collar string.) 3 ⁄2 1 2 ¹⁄₄ 0.1:1 floor failure 4 1⁄2 46.845 6 ⁵⁄₈ FH 8 4 ⁵⁄₈ 1.075 40.5 = 5. Size Wt.4 = 5.215 45. Hevi-Wate™ Drill Pipe . re.965 5 4 ⁵⁄₈ 548.800 21.5 57.000 30 / 27 31 Standard 4 2 ⁹⁄₁₆ 0.Standard and Spiral Hevi-Wate™ Drill Pipe . Hevi-Wate Drill Pipe will pro. Tube (in.8 1. helping to extend the ser.962 18. spiraled and non-magnetic crease abrasion resistance and ex.1 1. Utilize a suf.4 721 24 4 1⁄2 7 1⁄2 x 2 13⁄16 36.495 73.349.193 24 below the Hevi-Wate Drill Pipe.7 2.) (in. overpull as hammer weight above plied flush with the OD or wear pad to increase tube life while vide a gradual transition in stiff.6 1. Hevi-Wate Hevi-Wate Drill Pipe Weight and Center Upset Dimensions Max. the drill stem when the bending ficient number of joints below cation.185 118. Nom.9 920 24 5 8 1⁄4 x 2 13⁄16 54.5 41.063 18.

) (lb. This feature should • Hole  size integrity results from cold worked NC 38 (3 ¹⁄₂ IF) 5 2 ¹⁄₄ 31 2.364 NC 50 (4 ¹⁄₂ IF) 7 2 ¹⁄₄ 31 2. 7 ⁄8 inch REG.714 Spiral Standard increases flexibility and permits drill collar drill collar bending without cracking NC 56 8 2 ¹³⁄₁₆ 31 3. A typical drill collar string collar connection. Smith Services H-90 connections.434 Smooth surface free of tool marks NC 50 (4 ¹⁄₂ IF) 7 ¹⁄₄ 2 ¹³⁄₁₆ 31 3.** 11 3 30 2. milled or machined surface fin. The care in the API Spec 7 designed to cut drill collar han. The resulting deposit is flush to 1⁄32 vice for trouble-free BHA performance. OD Bore Length Drill Collar Wt.81:1 6.42:1 801 free of stress concentrations ensure that enough drill collars • Spiral drill collars offer the ben. and Slim-Line H-90. This provides is designed so that its buoyed Standard Sizes. excluding the 2 3⁄8. BHA above the bit has the great- machining and inspection are only a few of coated) to protect them from the ele. please specify: Groove Pin • Drill collar OD 7 ⁵⁄₈ REG. Large radii Example: NC 50 box up x NC 50 pin down ** Low torque face Notes: Last scratch of box reduce stress • Cast or pressed steel thread protectors *** Ratio of box-to-pin section modulus.** 9 ³⁄₄ 3 31 3.016 API Bore Note: The 4 ¾" OD drill collar is the smallest diam- eter that can be hardbanded. NC 46 (4 IF) 6 ¹⁄₄ 2 ¹³⁄₁₆ 31 2.353 casing size to be run to bottom. and is where drill collar stiffness perform the competition.) in areas with smooth surfaces mum bit performance.84:1 2.93:1 5. rolling compresses the fibers in the Slip and elevator recesses may be inch above the OD of the collar. the unengaged threads in the versal application of drill col- ing highly stressed areas of the drill lars. it is also the most factured to the specifications contained • Slip and elevator recesses are effective way to retard the OD wear to drill and maintain a straight critical to its overall performance.76:1 3. Back Box 7 ⁵⁄₈ REG.451 tact between the drill collar and in the drill collar string Radius 18" the hole wall. 9 ¹⁄₂ 3 31 2. Drill Collars . NC 46 (4 IF) 6 ¹⁄₂ 2 ¹³⁄₁₆ 31 3. Cold roll.49:1 2.598 by limiting the lateral movement of the drill bit in the absence of Note: Slip and elevator recesses may be NC 46 (4 IF) 6 ¹⁄₂ 2 ¹⁄₄ 31 2. Bores and Connections a connection that is less likely weight is approximately 15 per. See API • Other sizes and connections are available thread covered by pin concentrations RP7G for explanation.652 be applied in drilling conditions proper drill collar sizing (while NC 44 6 2 ¹⁄₄ 31 2.) (ft.561 where differential sticking is a maintaining conventional fish- problem ability) enabling the desired NC 44 6 2 ¹³⁄₁₆ 31 2. bide that is fed into the molten weld should be optimized.Standard and Spiral The drill collar is not only the most com.970 • Size.675 6 ⁵⁄₈ REG. NC 44 6 ¹⁄₄ 2 ¹⁄₄ 31 2.877 NC 46 (4 IF) 6 ³⁄₄ 2 ¹⁄₄ 31 3. Size & Type Ratio*** bit weight required for opti. type and location of connections. that occurs on a drill collar under wellbore. the pin and an API Bore Back has been equipped with a slip recess Slip and Elevator Recess Option ishes available plied for all drill collars that are equipped Box are available on request and because hardbanding will cover the • The critical threaded section has a with standard connections are recommended for drill collars normal slip area hardness range of 285 to 341 BHN and • All drill collars are subjected to rigorous and all downhole tools where a Charpy impact value of 40 ft-lbs at quality assurance procedures during fatigue can occur as a result of Applications 20" room temperature guaranteed one inch manufacture. the neutral point is maintained NC 38 (3 ¹⁄₂ IF) 4 ³⁄₄ 2 ¹⁄₄ 31 1. is taken to machine smooth ra. Cold the fatigue life of the drill collar. used together or separately Hardbanding should not be applied Standard Features and Benefits nection more resistant to fatigue • An API Stress-relief Groove on to the box end unless the drill collar • Rolled.643 Stress-relief Option NC 50 (4 ¹⁄₂ IF) 7 2 ¹³⁄₁₆ 31 2.60:1 4.78:1 8.) (in. 2 of each recess is done to extend of the tungsten carbide particles.041 efit of reducing the area of con. consists of granular tungsten car. • Connections are kemplated (phosphate dling time by eliminating lift subs normal open hole drilling conditions. vent galling upon initial make-up dii free of tool marks. • New drill collar connections are manu. Radius 16" Min. These features remove • Drilling weight is the most uni- below the surface ing of drill collar bars after heat treat. bending. to crack due to fatigue because cent more than the maximum cold worked Drill Collar Bending Strength bending in the connection occurs Conn. • Pressed steel thread protectors are sup.12:1 3.85:1 1. ments after machining and to help pre.18:1 3.43:1 1.085 larger diameter drilling tools used together or separately. By helping our cus. are run in compression so that NC 31 (2 ⁷⁄₈ IF) 4 ¹⁄₈ 2 30 2. 8 ¹⁄₄ 2 ¹³⁄₁₆ 31 2. Refer to tomers select the optimum connections and • Thread roots are cold rolled on API and ing the radii at the upper shoulder puddle to obtain uniform distribution the “Drilling Assembly Hand- the right optional features.Standard and Spiral Drill Collars . 8 2 ¹³⁄₁₆ 31 2.63:1 2. including ultrasonic test. • Optional features available upon request Refer to page 21 for drill collar hardbanding options. The first 90 feet of taken in materials specification. Optional Features and Benefits Drill collar hardbanding is the most • Drill collar stiffness is important mon member in the BHA. This will NC 26 (2 ³⁄₈ IF) 3 ¹⁄₂ 1 ¹⁄₂ 30 2. and safety clamps. Extreme care Standard hardbanding material est impact on hole straightness the reasons Smith Services drill collars out.02:1 4.05:1 2.54:1 3.38:1 1.727 API Stress-relief Ordering instructions.73:1 3.806 Note: The weight of a round drill collar will be reduced The drill collar accomplishes this by approximately four percent by spiral conversion. book” for more information combines the right product with the best ad.130 • Drill collar bore ID • Length of drill collar 8 ⁵⁄₈ REG. heat treat. 14 15 .675 6 ⁵⁄₈ REG.91:1 2. 3" (in. thread root making this area of the con.09:1 7.

) (in. with lifting bail. Additional sizes available upon request. made up to a drill stem compo.Top Drive Sub 48" 48" 12" Lower Pin Conn. jars. to carry the entire weight of the drill. the event the lower pin threads be. time. 8 Fig. These tools equipped with heavy-duty bails • Each protector is load tested and Subs are available with box x pin.000 118. Size Conn. ucts during manufacture. connections available machined Note: Cast Steel Thread Protectors should only be contact damage with the lower used to pick up or lay down one drill collar at a time.000 psi ten. NC-50 1. shock tools. The CCSTP is manufactured from steel castings with heavy-duty bails suitable for picking up and laying down a drill collar with the catline. bit sub. 36" 36" 36" 36" Specifications .30. 1 Fig. please specify: • Identify sub use. Due to the form to API specifications. NC-38 790. replaced. 7 Fig. • Pressed Steel light-duty protec. Lift Sub are manufactured from selected bars suitable for picking up and laying certified box x box or pin x pin connections. 18" traceability Certified Cast Steel Thread Protec- The drill bit. Threads and shoulders are precision machined. add 6" to the overall API specifications for drill pipe • Plastic light-duty protectors are frequent inspection to ensure the bail length. Each CCSTP has been load tested and up. 5 ¹⁄₂ FH 1.000 psi yield) and are results sive drill stem member. rough nature in which drill collars are Services is authorized to apply the easily repaired or inexpensively • Heat treated to meet or exceed ponents only.416. 4 Fig. ity ranges from 3 ⅛ inch . sile .000 24. add: diameter of reduced section • Overall length • Length of reduced section: 8".48 inches in can easily be repaired or replaced in Grade 60-30 (60. equipped with a rubber protec. tool joint mechanical properties suitable for shipping and storing is not cracked and that proper make- • Precision machined API connec.000 Fig. nent. • Saver Sub is used to extend the A Lift Sub enables the safe.000 • Largest diameter • Bore ID • For Kelly Saver Subs with protectors. Top Drive Subs serve as the sacrificial available in three types: • Unique serial number is perma- applications. etc.000 72.619. The Top Drive Sub meet ASTM specification A27 • Traceable for test date. threaded drill stem components up to the connection is possible. or as the dispos. 3 Fig.) (lbs. downhole tools. Features and Benefits storing threaded drill stem com.307. Smith is sacrificed because it can be elevators. They can be used to that have different diameters ternational is authorized to apply element between the drillstring and • Cast Steel. 2 Fig. add: float bore size and type if desired 8 ⁵⁄₈ 2 ¹⁄₄ 7 ⁵⁄₈ REG. tapered drill collar string.296.000 49. • Serialized for complete material tector have a similar outside diameter. 12". Smith Services recommends API monogram. Rotary. on initial make-up.000 pipe to drill collar. connection when drill stem compo. Connec. and casing wear resulting from • Straight OD Sub is used to con. precision machined. indicating properly size the casing protector including box up design Top Drive Sub Pressed Steel Box • For Lift Subs.000 57. Bit Sub and Lift Sub Top Drive Sub and Thread Protectors Rotary and Crossover • Reduced Section Sub is used When Bit Subs are ordered to con. The following Rotary Subs are tor to reduce BOP equipment available: tions standard. Bit Sub Hevi-Wate™ Drill Pipe and drill Smith Services manufactures a tors (CCSTP) with lifting bails offer Thread Protector the ultimate in thread protection. Smith In. used to extend modate different connections. This sub would be used to cross length. OD and 36 inches . The Saver Sub can be Note: For a box-up Lift Sub. materials that are heat treated to used to protect both the pin and box ensure safe handling of tubular prod. with proprietary only.) (ft-lbs) Thread Protector Box x box Box x pin Pin x pin Box x box Pin x box Box x box Box x pin Pin x pin Box x pin Box x pin 8 ⁵⁄₈ 4 7 ⁵⁄₈ REG. 6 Fig. 10 8 ⁵⁄₈ 3 ¹⁄₂ 7 ⁵⁄₈ REG. 9 Fig. are nently affixed to each protector cross over from one connection that warrant the cross-sectional the API monogram.000 8 ⁵⁄₈ 3 7 ⁵⁄₈ REG. S • Size and type of upper and lower connections. Rotary over large OD drilling tools or a come galled or damaged. 5 Fig. • NDT inspected for cracks after The connections are protected by life of the kelly by taking the handling of straight OD tubulars the strength and toughness required line. Size availabil. reducing repair and made from steel castings that for complete traceability size to another. applied able component. handled. heat treated to provide down a drill collar with the cat. crossover drill • Cast or pressed-steel thread protectors 8 ⁵⁄₈ 2 ¹⁄₂ 7 ⁵⁄₈ REG. • For Reduced Section Subs. load vs. shipping or tions are protected by a phosphate nents are being shipped or stored at at the rig site. When subs are ordered to con. 18" or 24" • For Bit Subs. specify tapered or square shoulder and drill pipe OD pin or box • Mechanical properties based on 120. Threads and shoulders are pull testing a phosphate surface coating that connection wear each time it is such as drill collars.11 inch maintenance costs. 6 ⁵⁄₈ FH 2. Each lifting bail is proof tested to 300 Pin Box Lift Sub Rotary and Crossover Subs percent of the maximum anticipated load and is capable of picking up one Straight OD Subs Reduced Section Subs Saver Subs drill collar within the recommended diameter for the type and size of con- nection on the CCSTP. minimizes galling on initial make. change necessary to accom. surface coating to minimize galling the warehouse or on location. S/N S/N drill collar specifications. and inspection the connection life of a more expen.000 psi material yield strength Thread Protector 16 17 . directional equipment and string. add: casing OD and weight to •  tandard sizes shown above.000 Ordering instructions. efficient of alloy steel. drill collar to drill collar. The Saver Sub connection other tools by using the drill pipe tors are suitable for shipping and inspected prior to sale. Top Drive Sub Thread protectors are Features and Benefits Rotary Subs have two primary to connect drill stem members form to API standards. the top drive. OD ID Upper Pin Lower Pin Tensile Torsional Yield Conn. in- pipe can be crossed over using complete line of Bit Subs made from Certified CSTP 36" Thread protectors should always be cluding certified lifting capacities to a Straight OD Sub. Size Yield Cast Steel Box (in. Example: Kelly Sub. by licensed vendors Certified Cast Steel Thread Pro- nect drill stem members that kelly connection. NC-46 1.

controller. Other voltages are available upon special order 10 hp . includes wireline for connec. 230V 460V 220V 380V The following are available: 60 Hz – 230V 2 operation Stroke Stroke or 460V and 50 Hz – 220V or 380V. nections when a pre-specified torque • Sunlight-viewable LCD read out application on driller’s command Caution: Do not exceed the torque rating of the Torque Hydraulic Cathead is to be rig tongs. please specify: Amps (Approx. 400 N•m). 32. It ensures that the rec. (power stroke) line the make-up of your drillstring con. Features and Benefits equipment.) Cylinder Time • Ezy-Torque Model E Type I System Controller Motor. a is lost • Utilizes existing rig hydraulic primary cause of swelled boxes. • Direct pneumatic connections creasing make-up loads ranging to develop make-up torques to Po oke is the Model 2000 digital electronic ers and rig crews to be promptly except when electrical pulse s tr from 40. venient location on the rig from a convenient location • Hydraulic operation of the re.4 11. Type I activated cathead clutches. • User friendly menu-driven con.000 to 30.1.68 MPa 17. such as when cylinder operation from a con. This extremely accurate con.1.450 rpm 50 n/a n/a 23.000 to 150.000 ft-lbs of torque.5 in.7 n/a n/a 10 5 Ordering instructions. applications The Ezy-Torque Model E Type I (conversion fittings are not supplied) The optional power time delay unit is Applications • Explosion-proof enclosure and consists of a cylinder assembly and into an existing rig hydraulic supply available for all Division 1 situations. Flow Rate Max.240 .000 psi 2.900 lbs. any rig with manual tongs and air. Ezy-Torque™ Hydraulic Cathead Tru-Torque® Automatic Torque Control System The Ezy-Torque Hydraulic Cathead • The cylinder assembly produc. • Improving rig safety by allowing Ezy-Torque Hydraulic Cathead is control module (and hoses) for the purged control panel to permit op.400 N•m Construction: Manufactured from stainless steel and sealed for rugged use Safety factor: 4 times at 30. limit is achieved.000 N 54. remote sion-proof air controllers and an air. Flow Rate Max. hydraulic pressure regulation powered by a positive displacement pump. (return stroke) intrinsically safe load cell. 150 psi force to the rig tongs ensures prop. explo. proper make-up of drillstring compo. load cell range control module • Provides a simple hydraulic Torque: 0 to 150. Division 1 ule.000 ft-lbs (203. The iliary hydraulic control unit. 2. Accuracy: 1.5 lpm 20. The cylinder assembly nents. Power Data Ordering instructions. preferably on the rig floor. eliminates electrical hazards • A positive displacement tan. • Hydraulic fluid pressure is Cylinder Assembly mote control module eliminates regulated through the remote electrical hazards Line pull: 0 to 30. Test Pressure Stroke Length Line Pull Torque Range Air controllers: 12-19V DC via cable w/ locking plug Pressure Load Cell 4 gpm 35 gpm 3. the Model D and Model E Sys. The auxiliary control unit plumbs 1 and 2 hazardous environments. trained vents clutch line torque.150.000 lbs. pipe handling efficiency hydraulic catheads tion with a calibrated load cell.0% NIST traceable line pull 18.: ± 1% or better of the remote control module mance Settings: Torque is in ft-lbs and line pull in lbs. please specify: 7 ¹⁄₂ hp .4 12.7 11 6 • Ezy-Torque Model D Type II • With or without conversion kit 18 19 . tion to the rig tongs. minimizing unit Note: The hydraulic auxiliary control unit is designed with stretched pins and galled threads • Remote control module en.0 amp maximum Cylinder Assembly Connecting voltage: Load cell: +15V DC through an intrinsic safety barrier Max.203.5 mm 146. Division Three-phase (Hz) Power Return • Voltage the motor should be wired for. It is a key component to both 45 " ommended API torque is applied for • Controls are within easy reach of • Internal pneumatic safety latch- dent power source or a rig source. the driller to focus attention on Optional Power Time Delay Unit: available in two systems: control unit and remote control mod.000 ft-lbs Calibration: 1% or better at 30. eration in Class 1. Features and Benefits power unit by preventing improper torque. consists of a cylinder assembly. es the high line pulls necessary we r matic Torque Control (ATCS) System • Easy to use interface enables drill. • Reduction of pin and box damage door is opened or purge pressure ing rig.000 . the driller operating pressure range of 5 to This smooth application of line pull tems. Working Min. rotary shoul. • Minimize the fishing risk due to only used on connections that require washouts and twistoffs • Fiberglass reinforced plastic case- less than 40. constantly in. • Drilling or service rig operations electrical connections a self-contained hydraulic power such as the accumulator portion of The Tru-Torque ATCS can be used on where drill pipe and tubing are • Interrupts power and delays re- supply that can be temporarily or the blow out preventer system.9 lpm 132. Group D. Frequency (Seconds) • Cycles of power source: 50 Hz or 60 Hz Stainless steel housing. 40. Pressure port Snub trol unit will automatically terminate trols and settings • Automatic reset ensures clutch er make-up of large. Divisions rig floor activities • For Class 1. When the Ezy. The Ezy-Torque Model D Type II Pressure port The Tru-Torque ATCS includes an • Reduce trip time by improving adaptable for use with air over the unit should be used in conjunc. Features and Benefits Cathead Clutch Air Controllers: provides smooth. Group D. The heart of the Tru-Torque Auto.2 MPa 571.000 ft-lbs of 150. Indicator: 6 digits steady hydraulic energy Tong arm settings: 24" to 99" w/ 1" increments Electrical power in: 115 VAC 50 / 60 Hz nominal.000 lbs.000 ft-lbs w/ 60" tong arm • Air and hydraulic operation circuit for trouble-free perfor. air purged for Class 1.750 rpm 60 25. w/ 10 lb.500 psi 22. increments dem pump provides efficient. utilizing either an indepen.000 lbs. being handled activation if system controller Model E permanently installed on the drill. space requirements a closed center valve for connection to a hydraulic system and shoulders utilizing accumulators. • Retrievable make-up history file release and regulated torque dered connections. A conversion kit may be required ables pressure regulation and • Remote control module enables depending on the rig’s hydraulic power source. Group D. aux.000 lbs. with ±1.

This porous finish also helps tering the threaded area cess to add additional life to the tool size and bevel diameter. barrier between the metallic surfaces tool joint: Stubbing monitor and measure the five criti. any Smith Services facility. This pro. heavy wall drill pipe. Tool joints that meet mini. MWD collars and Note: This feature is not recommended for some small connections. ing reapplied and the connection storing the physical dimensions back rial must be removed to ensure that tools can be repaired and placed back Services representative for more in. connection with the same OD. notch effect. the damaged area (near the base of into service using proprietary stub- formation. all threads of the pin ameter criteria can be profession. to the preheating of parts. the unengaged threads near the pin cepted procedure to extend the ser. • The tool joint is machined to its welding new material to the ends of moved depending on the connection Stubbing found in the Smith Services “Drilling moving the notches and subsequent finished diameter. and long tool joints should be rebuilt ensure that each job is done to API around the corners. torsional strength of the box to ensure that a procedure has been In this compressed state. hole drilling tools increases the fa. seal ⅛ inch material must remain at Services representative meets with lief groove to be one inch in length. tion provides increased flexibility for sions the box or pin) is not part of the recut bing processes and materials devel- this high-stress area. Highly shoulder and provides large radii vice life of drill pipe and Hevi-Wate™ life of the tubular. A qualified Smith thread chamfer. the box to provide relief from bending adequate postweld stress relief referred to as stubbing. face area and bevel diameter as a all points on the circumference the customer to discuss the scope of new tool joint. reapplied before total wear gets be- must be engaged with threads from ally restored to their original OD at low these limits: The quality process starts before the box. At least chine shop floor. quality stub welds and conformance adequate make-up torque to achieve carefully monitored to ensure too short. worn tools and cost-effectively re- type and its features. ated. The center upset trained and experienced machinists for smooth distribution of stresses Drill Pipe. • Existing hard metal is removed Stub Welding Ends on Drill Col. or damage is insufficient torque ap. recommended that a recut connec. The unengaged threads in the is accomplished vices is the industry specialist at stub four to six inches of material be re. welding • Maximum build-up limits will not lars and Specialty Tools processes and post-heat cycles. oped by Smith Services. Au- The rotary shouldered connection is Machine connection be exceeded (Stubbing) Tubular Repair Services tomated stubbing units ensure high a structural member and requires • Preheat and postheat cycles are When drill stem members become Connection recuts are the most com. ened. the thread tion be cold rolled. tools are completed and inspected for use extended. A • The center upset section might the component ever sees the ma. the box counterbore and the starting properly rebuilt tool joint will yield a not wear concentrically. the hardband. The length of the cylinder sec. ensur. Strict attention is given plug gauges. while maintaining optimum hardness brated hardened and ground ring or spray-on solution and can be done at and ductility and ductility. phosphate coated • Enlargement of the bore by ero. review inspection reports. 100 percent of its strength. Machine Shop Services Machine Shop Services Smith Services personnel are experts The API Stress-relief Groove removes Tool joint build-up is an industry-ac. Smith Ser- products. API specifies the re. roller ream- Tool joint build-up 20 21 . To mitigate the mum recommended length and di. di. to new dimensions and hardbanding and Smith Services standards. Most rotary shoulder con. Shortened non-magnetic specialty Assembly Handbook”. or call a Smith stress risers that are otherwise cre. using calibrated lead and taper gaug. • Outside wear on the tool has re- tigue life of the connection by placing es and ring and plug gauges. drilling Consider stub welding as a method to common cause of connection failure long cylindrical bore machined into tool joint are maintained and put back into service using a process tools. lead. zone must be prevented from en. Drill collars. Lead and retain the thread compound. the machinist will size. which is accomplished ei. hole openers and rotary kellys. be considered to extend the usable tary shouldered connections. Once phosphate coating that provides a ensure trouble-free life for a rebuilt met in the lathe. ers. The following is a partial list of drilling tools that can be considered for the stub welding repair. box-weak from OD wear or mon type of tubular repair. of the pin and box to prevent galling • The depth of the heat affected A variety of hardband materials can cal elements of the rotary shouldered until connections become work-hard. Note: This feature is not recommended for some small Trepanning • The pin and box tool joint sections connections. taper. wear resistance are repairable and at what cost. be applied following the rebuild pro. • A proprietary blend of wire and joint. Stubbing should be considered connection. (size) will be measured using cali. Considering the length of selected Smith Services facilities. Tools to Consider for Stubbing: Drill collar spiraling by peening. tests have confirmed that the fatigue before leaving the shop. Enough mate. for build-up work. may be built-up if minimum diam- connection to be machined best suits Kemplating is the application of a lowing processes and parameters to eter and length requirements are the OD and ID of the tubular. they can be cess is similar for drill collars. to acceptable requirements. torsional / tensile strength of the life of a thread will increase with cold pin working. Non-magnetic Materials recommended make-up torque tables back of the box are machined out. other high-priced components can to drill collars and downhole drilling tions has left the tool too short cost-effectively have their useful life Cold rolling on drill collars and down. The most The API Bore Back Box feature is a mechanical properties of the pin-weak from ID wear. It is duced the bending strength and Call a Smith Services representative thread root fibers into compression. a Smith Services facility. re-machined to specific dimen. mensional data and confirm that the Smith Services adheres to the fol. Most non- nections can be recut and repaired at when: mag drill collars. Refer to the stress. Repairs • Repeated reworking of connec. to requirements on every stub weld. rotary kellys and other tubular prolong the life of your drilling tools. The procedure requires that plied during make-up. Note: The recut connection should be handled and ther with the cold rolling process or broken-in using the same procedures as any newly manu- factured connection. ed weld material and flux to produce a gauges while gauge point standoff surfaces. re. qualified to stub the non-magnetic roots better resist fatigue. be applied either by vat-dipping or yield strength. stabilizers. A Smith Services representative Smith Services uses a carefully select- taper are measured with calibrated ing proper lubrication of the mating flux provides a build-up material can evaluate your downgraded tubu. Hevi-Wate Drill Pipe build-up should in the machining and repair of ro. A phosphate coating can with an optimum combination of lars to help determine which joints weld deposit with adequate strength. Industry and equipped with a thread protector sion has affected the bending and tools in your fleet. connection: thread form.

able electrode process is used A certified Smith Services inspector sembled double lengths. The standard application is flush to Standard Spiraled enables the unworn side of the corners to be placed into service. Automated Hardbanding Unit Make-up and Breakout Unit Port The second method is to re-ma. Smith Services is known around Smith Services understands the im. hardfacing. for use with the modified kelly. Drill Pipe and rotary kellys can be over subs. metal. transporting a kelly • Lubricate the drive surfaces of the 1" kelly to permit it to slide freely 1" through the drive bushing 30" 10" • Inspect frequently for indications min. Wate drill pipe will require tool joint special rollers must be purchased cation consists of: 5 inches of hard. 5 inches of hardfacing Drill Collars: There are three stan- duced load capacity. placed flush with the box tool joint OD dard options for applying hardband (4 inches on the tool joint OD and 1 to drill collars. and postheat. Spiral Hevi. page 23. Machine Shop Services Machine Shop Services Rotary Kelly Repair Hardbanding Hevi-Wate Drill Pipe Hardbanding Straightening Services Drill pipe. to the tapered section of the box tool Hardbanding Options reference on 4" ly by implementing the following rec. Breaking- kelly can be straightened using a ing transportation. When hardband is ness during the standard inspection ing connections. vice centers located in most of the paired at most service centers. heavy wall drill pipe and 4" ture wear and subsequent failure Make-up and Breakout Services • Custom repairs facilities. straightened at most Smith Services subs and the drill bit. This process able through Smith Services. This process may The center upset wear pad section is Drill Collar Hardbanding Options require special milling equipment Hevi-Wate™ Drill Pipe: Hardbanding provided with two 3-inch long bands is recommended for the pin and box applied to the OD to prevent wear to Type A Type B Type C not available in most field service tool joints. as well as the center upset the center of the tube. indications of fatigue damage carbide fed automatically into prior to straightening and subse. Hevi-Wate™ • Manufacture and repair of cross- The Rotary Kelly is the drive link be. pin tool joint. • Spiraling of drill collars est method to accomplish this is • Turning drill collar OD to reverse the ends. The most common causes of up and breakout of drill pipe. pup joints and saver tween the surface power of the rig the world for the quality appli. Pin End Box End with Zip Lift (Slip Recess Only) centers. drill collars. non-tungsten services offered by Smith Services condition can be repaired in one that include the following: of two ways. in these connections in a controlled hydraulic straightener. 3" process. Type A. environment ensures reliable on-site should be closely inspected for rial consists of granular tungsten performance. inert gas shielded. In addition to make. of BOP equipment. consum. hardbanding only. non-API size. shouldered connections. drill pipe to be shipped in preas. and Smith Services a number of times to the application of the new and breakout procedures. lower connection 1" • Always use a scabbard when Note: Drill collars smaller than 4 3⁄4" OD cannot be 10" hardbanded due to thin walls. Bent tubular products facilities. cation of hardband for OD wear ponents. time spent on making up or break. BHA members. service and repair. Variations of these options 1" ommendations: are available upon request. it can usually be protection on drill collars. allow the connections to be recut move the existing material prior bent drill pipe are improper make-up Services qualified operators use cali. consistent. joint to prevent fluid undercutting. it is necessary to re. portance of straight drill stem com. 1 ⁄32 inch (unless otherwise speci. It should be noted that (Elevator and Slip Recess) when this procedure is selected. drillstring and Make-up and Breakout Services help plications. high quality drill stem on each end of the kelly are man. wear pad section. Smith perform work to API specifications. 22 23 . dropping brated equipment to break in rotary standards. arc. An automatic. 10" of fatigue damage and stay alert to changing wear patterns on the kelly flats Hardbanding Tool illustration is not to scale. The first and easi. • Downhole tool repair comes appreciable. When kelly wear be. the molten puddle to obtain uni- form distribution of the tungsten Other Machine Shop Services quent return to service 5" There are a number of other valuable • Rounded Drive Corners: This carbide particles. facing placed flush with the OD on the The re-machined kelly has a re. reducing rig major oilfields in the world offering • Connection Damage: The upsets with closely controlled preheat will automatically check for straight. 3" • Crooked: In most cases a bent the drillstring and mishandling dur. The kelly Conventional hardband mate. A selection of casing friendly. when applicable. carbide hardband from industry- approved suppliers is also avail. • Stabilizer redress and repair repaired at selected Smith Services pipe. Type B and inch on the taper) plus fingers applied Type C as indicated in the Drill Collar Kelly life can be extended significant. drill and drilling tools can cause prema. These facilities ufactured with sufficient length to replaced. fied) above the OD of the drill Fourchon Facility chine the drive flats to a smaller collar or tool joint. improve rig economics by allowing Smith Services has offices and ser- 1" 1" The following conditions can be re. other tools used in drilling ap. Please • Always use a saver sub to reduce consult with a Smith Services repre- thread wear and damage on the sentative for more information. The standard appli.

• Visual inspection (VT) able products and accessories nec. subs and drilling tools con. computer. Smith Services portable hardbanding • Fully trained & qualified person- latest nondestructive testing (NDT) pending on customer specifications: units offer our customers the ultimate nel equipment and offer a full range of • Complete thread inspection in cost effective maintenance for their • Drill pipe. Spec 7. any of the follow. • Ultrasonic inspection of high- stress areas and tube upsets Portable Harbanding Unit The inspector uses several NDT Electromagnetic Inspection • Full length ultrasonic inspection* methods to check the high stress This system consists of a laptop • Full length dual function electro- areas such as connections. it is certified ready • Electromagnetic dual function tu. they will ducted at the drilling rig by a certified receive thorough inspection by certi- Smith Services inspector is the first fied personnel. weld areas. the new state-of-the-art drill • Onsite application • API . thread Overall. station tubulars and is available from our 24 for service. slip ar. at a Smith Services facility. downhole tools can be fully repaired Features and Benefits at a Smith Services machine shop.RP7G. customer electronically • Fast and accurate calibration *Only available at the Port Fourchon Super Service Center. drill collar & Hevi- inspection that includes a variety of • Dimensional inspection drillstring. When your drill stem products arrive collars. shouldered connections (UT) shore locations. magnetic inspection (EMI) eas. having the ability to keep • Superior abrasion & wear protec- inspectors are ASNT Level II certified • Magnetic particle (MT) them in top shape without incurring tion in both the principles and techniques • Liquid dye penetrant (PT) the additional cost of shipping back • Standard tungsten carbide & pre- of oilfield inspection. of use allows for increased inspec. • Ultrasonic inspection of rotary and forth to a service center means mium hardbanding materials ing combined with good old fashioned shouldered connections (UT) a more efficient utilization of your tu- experience means that when a tool is • Ultrasonic inspection of high bular inventory and a higher return Smith Services Portable Hardband- inspected and marked with the “OK stress areas and tube upsets Electromagnetic inspection on your drillstring investment. The mobile inspection • Complete thread inspection units are completely self-contained. • Dimensional inspection housing all the equipment. Once the areas to be inspected are • Dual function with 16 channels From simple straightening. consum. With today’s high cost of Wate™ applications third party standards. your drill stem components will computers be returned to drilling-ready condi- • Data can be delivered to the tion. drill repair. radius data acquisition board and propri- changes and tubes to detect cracks etary signal processing software. inspection services are available: hole failures. Extensive train. • Magnetic particle (MT) essary to provide complete service. hardbanding service provides: Inspection capabilities include: Field repair of minor cracks. • Liquid dye penetrant (PT) Equipment can also be packaged for • Ultrasonic inspection of rotary air transportation to remote or off. Once inspected. • Fast inspection and reliable re- sults • Easy to interpret display • Indications can be easily located and investigated • Completely computer controlled • Highly transportable Thread lead measurement 24 25 . bular inspections (ET) The Smith Services portable hour Service Centers worldwide. 5CT and shoulder blemishes can be com. ing extends the useful life of drilling DRILCO” stencil. ing costs. The following in-shop important step in preventing down. These problems. RP 5A5. pipe inspection system and its ease • State-of –the-art portable equip- • Third party standards pleted by the Smith Services inspec. and necessitate the expense of truck- Field Inspection ing equipment to a machine shop for In-shop Inspection Services Periodic inspection of drill pipe. electronics package. of information tion repair or machining new connec- • Data can be viewed on most tions. tion production. ment • DS-1 tor while on location. upset areas. connec- thoroughly cleaned. Smith Services • Visual inspection (VT) tubulars. Harbanding Application • NS-2 if not repaired. Inspection Services Portable Hardbanding Service Service centers are equipped with the ing inspections can be conducted de. will cause damage to • Customer defined standards other connections in the drillstring. greater operator ef- ficiency and reduced overall operat. tubular products and and indications.