IES Libertas. Torrevieja.

Departamento de Inglés

to be and to have got
1. Write the negative and the interrogative:
Ex: My sister has got a problem.
Negative: My sister hasn’t got a problem.
Interrogative: Has my sister got a problem?
a. Mary has got two dogs.
b. The bus has got one door.
c. My parents have got a car.
d. The students have got books.
e. They have got friends.

2. Rewrite these sentences without any mistakes:
Ex: I isn’t stupid…………… I’m not stupid.
a. I have got 15 years old.
b. She have got a big house.
c. We isn’t happy.
d. My father aren’t rich.
e. Have your mother got a job?

3. Write the words in the correct order:
Ex: My she got key has………. She has got my key.
a. house the got windows five has.
b. are they street the in.
c. am doctor I not a.
d. is my where chair?
e. got you have money any?

2º E.S.O. 1

5. i. we are. Their parents a restaurant. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of to be or to have got: Ex: The baby small. h. Somos españoles. g.O. ¿Estás en tu casa? e. f. she a car? g. b. No tenemos examen. they have. d. ¿Tienes dinero? f. The driver my friend. I have. d. ? Yes. IES Libertas. ? We are 16. 2 . ? No. e. she isn’t. 2º E. c. d. ? She is in the bank.S. c. g. 6. h. c. We American. They a shop in Torrevieja. Four men in the street. h. the child in the car? f. they haven’t. you a pen? e. Translate these sentences into English: Ex: Somos estudiantes We are students. a. ? Yes. I haven’t. The school an office. ? Yes. a. Write questions for the following answers: Ex: Have you got my book? No. ? No. Departamento de Inglés 4. No soy profesor. b. La casa está sucia. No tengo calor. I am. El perro tiene tu pelota. j. My jeans blue. i. ? Yes. El vestido no es barato. b. Tengo 14 años. j. a. Torrevieja. The baby is small.

? No. My computer (be) 2º E. Finish these sentences: Ex: My brother (have got)…………………………. Your exam (be) i. The teacher (have got) g. Torrevieja. 3 . j. The shop (not have got) d. IES Libertas. The baby (have got) j. My brother has got an English friend. His book (be) h. The woman (be) f. The cat (be) b. ? They have got two brothers.O. a. Departamento de Inglés i. My bedroom (not be) c. 7. I’m not.S. The policeman (have got) e.