The names Theodora

Hopefully the name Byzantine of where she’s from won’t bore

When she walked she was so powerful people ran,

Making people look at her and say what a woman

Power, Love, Awsomeness, and Wisdom are some of her
characteristics that are correctly stated

Because the property of a general, she confiscated

Belisarius is the name of the place where this event happened

It was such a good decision it got many people clappin

You might be wondering why she made the general a minus,

Its because there started to be a political crisis

In 525, Justinian and Theodora Wed,

They were such a lovely couple it’s too bad now that they’re

While Theodora was young she became an actress,

But when she got older she became more awesome and got
laws passed

She died in 548 making everyone so sad,

That Justinian was so depressed he ran home to his dad

even though it bring safety. For any man who has seen the light of day will also die.My opinion is that now is a poor time for flight. you do not find that you would gladly exchange that safety for death . there are the steps to the boats. but one who has been an emperor cannot endure to be a fugitive. There is the sea. If now you wish to go. nothing prevents you. Emperor. But take care that after you are safe.