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Charlotteville’s web
Hate in Virginia.
Love and solidarity
in Bergen County.
A full report.
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Page 3
Dan’s Papers reports:
Cream Cheese Council
of the Hamptons confers
● Citing recent unrest regarding have found themselves confused
cream cheese policies at local ba- by the often hazy regulations sur-
gel shops, the Cream Cheese Coun- rounding the subject.
cil of the Hamptons, out on Long Hamptons Police Department
Island’s eastern tip, was called into spokesman Larry Hirsch explained
special session last weekend. the problem: “Some places, you
At issue was how much cream get more cream cheese than you
cheese constitutes a schmear, and know what to do with, other places
how much bagel shops can charge you wonder where it all went.
for an extra schmear if a customer There’s no consistency out there.”
requests one. The police requested guidance
In recent weeks, police have from the Cream Cheese Coun-
been forced to intervene in numer- cil, and a clarification is expected
ous disputes over the amount of soon.
cream cheese bagel shops are pro- DR. DANIEL W. KOONTZ/DAN’S HAMPTONS MEDIA

Arnold Schwarzenegger donates viding per bagel, and reportedly DANSPAPERS.COM

$100,000 to Wiesenthal Center
● When asked what was together neo-Nazis, white

the best thing in life, supremacists and other far-
Conan the Barbarian, right activists.
played by Arnold Schwar- “I have been horrified by
zenegger, replied: “To the images of Nazis and
crush your enemies, see white supremacists march-
them driven before you, ing in Charlottesville and
and to hear the lamenta- I was heartbroken that a
tion of their women!” domestic terrorist took an
In real life, the actor and innocent life,” Schwarzeneg-
former California governor uses a ger wrote. “My message to them is
gentler touch. simple: you will not win. Our voices
Offended by the far-right rally in are louder and stronger. There is no
Charlottesville, Virginia, last weekend, white America — there is only the
Schwarzenegger used his wallet, not United States of America.”
his wallops, to register his protest. Schwarzenegger said he has
He donated $100,000 to the Simon worked with the Los Angeles-based
Wiesenthal Center, which combats Wiesenthal Center for decades, and
anti-Semitism and bigotry. admires “the Center’s mission of ex- Ushpizot: Now in English, now on Etsy
Schwarzenegger announced the panding tolerance through education
donation Sunday on Facebook. He ● A couple of years ago we wrote kah; they are male, and ushpizot are
and fighting hate all over America —
wrote that he was “horrified” by the about graphic designer Dov their female counterparts.)
in the streets and online.”
previous day’s rally, which brought JTA WIRE SERVICE
Abramson and his series of ushpizot: Abramson has now created ver-
Cartoon portraits of great Jewish sions in English. More importantly for
women, meant to be hung in your our readers, they are available in his
Glen Campbell was a practicing sukkah to complement the traditional
seven male ushpizin. (Ushpizin are
Etsy store at www.etsy.com/shop/
DovAbramsonStudio. Allow 20 busi-

Messianic Jew for more than two decades the honored but imaginary guests,
biblical characters who visit the suk-
ness days for shipping from Israel.

● Glen Campbell, the country music star working on her matzo balls,” Reuters’
who died at 81 from Alzheimer’s earlier Dean Goodman wrote. “And grape juice
this month, grew up in rural Arkansas. subs for Manischewitz in the alcohol-
The man who sang hits such as “Rhine- free household.”
Candlelighting: Friday, August 18, 7:32 p.m.
stone Cowboy” and “By the Time I Get Goodman even reported a menorah Shabbat ends: Saturday, August 20, 8:32 p.m.
To Phoenix” was raised a Baptist in a and a Hebrew book in Campbell’s home.
family of 12 children. Messianic Judaism combines Jew-
But as the Jewish Journal pointed ish traditions with the idea that Jesus is
is published weekly on Fridays with an additional edition
out, Reuters reported in 2008 that the Messiah. “It’s Jews who believe that every October, by the New Jersey Jewish Media Group, 1086
Campbell had been a Messianic Jew Christ is the risen savior,” as Campbell NOSHES ...............................................................4 Teaneck Road, Teaneck, NJ 07666. Periodicals postage paid
at Hackensack, NJ and additional offices. POSTMASTER:
for the last two decades of his life. He explained to Reuters. Some Messianic BRIEFLY LOCAL .............................................. 17
Send address changes to New Jersey Jewish Media Group,
and his wife Kim attended services at a Jews want the movement to be accept- COVER STORY ................................................. 18 1086 Teaneck Road, Teaneck, NJ 07666. Subscription price

synagogue near their home in Malibu, ed as a sect of Judaism, but mainstream JEWISH WORLD ............................................ 24 is $30.00 per year. Out-of-state subscriptions are $45.00,
Foreign countries subscriptions are $75.00.
OPINION ........................................................... 26
and they celebrated major Jewish holi- Jewish movements believe the ideology The appearance of an advertisement in The Jewish Standard
HEALTHY LIVING & does not constitute a kashrut endorsement. The publishing
days, such as Passover, Rosh Hashanah, is a contradiction and as phony as, well, of a paid political advertisement does not constitute an
ADULT LIFESTYLES....................................... 31
and Chanukah. a rhinestone cowboy. endorsement of any candidate political party or political
THE FRAZZLED HOUSEWIFE ...................44 position by the newspaper or any employees.
“Kim cooks a mean brisket but is still GABE FRIEDMAN/JTA WIRE SERVICE
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REAL ESTATE.................................................. 52
Noshes “That’s right. My grandfather fought the
Nazis fueled only by junk food.”
— Mordechai Luchins of Bergenfield, writing on Facebook about his grandfather,
who as a soldier in the U.S. Army kept kosher by trading the main dishes in his
K-rations for “the desserts, which were at least not meat.”


Notes on two
rhinestone cowboys
Songwriter hits since. Still, accord- BOIS as the pickpocket;
Jimmy Webb ing to a 2013 profile French Jew MARCEL
was interviewed and interview in “MAMi” DALIO, who was a big
by NPR right magazine, Weiss lives a star in France, as Emil,
after Glen Campbell’s comfortable and happy the croupier; JOY PAGE
death last week. Webb life in Nashville. In 2010, as Annina, a refugee who
wrote some of Campbell’s he released an album, Inspector Renault almost
biggest hits, including “By “Cuts and Scratches,” blackmails into sleep-
the Time I Get to Phoe- that included the song ing with him, and DAN
nix,” “Wichita Lineman,” “My Forefathers.” “MAMi” SEYMOUR (born Dan
and “Galveston.” Webb says it’s “Larry’s tribute Seymour Katz) as Abdul,
said that Campbell didn’t to his Jewish ances- the doorman.
get enough credit for his tors that proclaims how If you don’t
hits. “Nobody compared proud he is to carry on already
with him when it came to their tradition.” It’s not subscribe to
picking a song and then a great song, but I ap- Amazon Prime,
arranging it,” Webb said. preciate knowing that perhaps next month is
“He left his stamp on the original Rhinestone the time to start enjoying
whatever material he did.” Cowboy is a proud Jew. your free trial month and
This statement certain- August is the stay with the service a
ly applies to Campbell’s slowest month bit longer. Amazon’s
biggest hit, “Rhinestone for new films, biggest hit, “Transpar-
Cowboy,” in 1975. The award shows, ent,” featuring a Jewish
song’s words and music etc. So, this is the time family, returns on Sept.
were written by LARRY to tell you about some- 22; its just-released
WEISS, now 76. Weiss thing I’ve long wanted trailer has the family trav-
recorded it in 1974, but to: How Jewish the eling to Israel. It shows
it sold barely any cop- classic 1942 film “Casa- them landing in Israel
ies. Campbell chanced blanca” is. I was spurred and seeing sights like the
to hear it in Australia and by the new news Western Wall and the
then a music executive (courtesy of a great Baron KARL ALPHONS LISL (1908-1993), also “Casablanca.” The film’s Dead Sea. Binge-watch
pitched it to him when he online family history HERNREID, a Viennese had a Jewish father and screenwriters, HOWARD the previous three
returned to the States. He expert) that actor PAUL banker. Karl and his possibly, again, a Jew- KOCH and the broth- seasons before the new
made the wise decision HENREID (1908-1992) brothers (he only had ish mother. Paul and ers PHILIP and JULIUS season begins.
to record it and crafted had a Jewish father, and brothers) changed their Lisl, who helped Jewish EPSTEIN, won the best Actress Abigail Breslin,
it into a hit with the help just possibly a Jewish family name from Hirsch friends escape Germany, screenplay Oscar. Two now 21, became famous
of top producer DENNIS mother too. Henreid’s to Hernreid around the were virtually penni- other Hungarian Jews playing ALAN ARKIN’s
LAMBERT, now 70. most famous role was as time Karl was raised to less when they arrived had big supporting granddaughter in the sur-
Laurence “Larry” Victor Laszlo, a star the Austro-Hungarian in America in 1940. The roles. One was PETER prise hit “Miss Sunshine”
Weiss, the son of a textile “Casablanca” character Empire’s nobility. (The baron and three of his LORRE as Ugarte, the (2006). Recently, she
manufacturer, was raised — the Czech freedom actor slightly changed brothers died before the petty crook who steals told the NY Post that she
in Queens and Los Ange- fighter married to Elsa the spelling, from Hern- Nazi takeover (one fight- letters of transit and en- was “half Jewish.” Well,
les. He had some success (Ingrid Bergman). At the reid to Henried, in the ing for Austria in WWI). trusts them to Rick. The a friend looked into that
as a songwriter in New end of the film, café States.) It appears that The two other brothers other was S.Z. “Cuddles” claim. If somebody can
York and Los Angeles owner Rick (Humphrey Paul’s mother wasn’t made it to America. SAKALL, as Carl, the be “half Jewish,” Breslin is
— but he had no major Bogart) famously tells Jewish, but conversions MICHAEL CURTIZ, cute round-cheeked “half right.” Her paternal
hits before “Rhinestone Elsa to go back to Victor. to Judaism are very hard a Hungarian Jew, won waiter. Others: German grandmother is Jewish.
Cowboy” and no major Henreid’s father was to research. Paul’s wife, an Oscar for directing Jewish refugee CURT –N.B.

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Aha moments
Rep. Josh Gottheimer talks about joining other House members on a trip to Israel
Joanne Palmer figure out what we will do to stop Iran’s
growing hegemonic drive. I am very con-
There is much that we can learn from Josh cerned about it.
Gottheimer’s first trip to Israel as a mem- “I was against the deal,” he added. That
ber of Congress. was the Iran deal, signed in 2015, that
Mr. Gottheimer of Wyckoff, the Demo- divided opinion in the Jewish world as well
crat who is six months into his first term as outside it. Mr. Gottheimer was against it
representing New Jersey’s Fifth District, — a view that lost him a great deal of sup-
was one of more than 20 Democrats who port, both financial and logistical, he said
toured Israel for about four days; a similar — but now “it is what it is.” The threat that
group of Republicans had a similar, simul- Iran poses is real, whether or not the deal is
taneous tour. The two groups joined for effective in curtailing it for the next decade
another two days at the end. (The tours or so; to ignore it is to court disaster, he said.
are sponsored by the American Israel Edu- The visiting representatives also heard
cation Foundation, a nonprofit organiza- a great deal about missiles, including the
tion affiliated with AIPAC.) ones aimed at Israel and the American-
Mr. Gottheimer was the only Jew on the made ones Israel deploys to shoot them
Democratic side; there was only one Jewish down. Again, the threat Israel’s neighbors
Republican, fellow freshman David Kustoff pose became clear. “If there are 1,000
of Tennessee, he reported. And altogether, missiles coming into Israel, where do they
Mr. Gottheimer added, the Democrats and position their defenses?” he asked. “You
Republicans combined represented about can’t get them all. It’s a big question.”
12 percent of the Congress. One of the Republicans on the trip was
Although some of what Mr. Gottheimer Mr. Gottheimer’s colleague and friend
learned is classified, as he told a meeting Brian Mast, a conservative from Florida.
at Temple Emanu-El of Closter last Friday, Josh Gottheimer represents New Jersey’s Fifth District in the United States Together, the two men co-sponsored the
some of it was not. But perhaps the most House of Representatives. U.S.-Israel Joint Missile Defense Act, a
striking — and probably accidental — and bipartisan piece of legislation
definitely useful — information he released was the obvi- Not everyone who was on that helps fund Arrow 3, the
ous but hard-to-grasp fact that members of Congress are the trip was pro-Israel, he long-range missile defense
people. Not automatons, not stuffed suits, not stiff offi- said; in fact, he considered system that Israel and the
cials, but actual people. six or seven of them “iffy” on United States have devel-
Those people, Mr. Gottheimer said, can and do have the Jewish state, he said. But oped together.
their views of Israel influenced by what they actually see, they went for a variety of rea- The American politicians
hear, smell, taste, and breathe there. sons, not least among them met with their Israeli counter-
The trip included sessions with Israeli officials and spiritual searching in the land parts, including Prime Minis-
representatives of a number of widely divergent groups, where their religion, like his, ter Benjamin Netanyahu. They
including, for example, Arab Israelis and settlers. The first took root. also met David Friedman,
Americans discussed a range of subjects, including Many of the members of the American ambassador to
defense, terrorism, agriculture, water, Iran, Syria, Leba- Congress were moved by what Israel. “You didn’t know what
non, democracy, technology, and such internal-and- they saw. “There were differ- to expect,” Mr. Gottheimer said
external political issues as the debate roiling the liberal ent aha moments for every- about Mr. Friedman, President
diaspora Jewish world over the question of women at the one,” Mr. Gottheimer said. “A Donald Trump’s controver-
Kotel. The schedule was packed so full that “every day felt lot of different ‘I get its.’” The sial pick for the position. But,
like a year,” Mr. Gottheimer said. combination of the country’s reassuringly, “he gave a good,
Although most of the speakers had their own deeply stark beauty and its religious focused address.”
held, passionately presented points of view, the impres- significance evoked deeply Josh Gottheimer, right, stands with Frank The trip was so balanced, so
sion overall was of balance, Mr. Gottheimer said. The personal reactions in many of Pallone, the Democrat who represents New propaganda-free, that of the
Israelis “went out of their way to present a balanced the Congressional travelers. Jersey’s Sixth District. Both were among the six or seven representatives
view” — to the point, he said, where it could feel frustrat- For him, he added, “it all came delegation in Israel. whom he knew to have been
ing, when the subject was an issue on which he already together at Masada.” not particularly comfortable
has a strong opinion — and in the end it helped, “because Even though the politicians knew in the abstract how with Israel, only three had not changed their positions by
nobody felt pushed or arm-twisted.” small Israel is, and how close to its borders its enemies the time it was over, Mr. Gottheimer said. The others “will
The trip began on Friday night, with a Shabbat din- are, they were surprised at how small it felt, and how close become vocal champions.” As for the members of Con-
ner; the group split up and went to homes, where they the borders seem to be. The sense of danger surprised gress who started out pro-Israel, their feelings have inten-
sat around Shabbat tables, listened to the brachot, intro- them. They also were impressed by the risks that Israeli sified. They will do more than they had before to promote
duced themselves, talked, and listened. health care workers take to work with Syrians, who might the health of the Jewish state, not only for its own benefit
The next days were spent touring and talking. There be terrorists but whose need for help supersedes the dan- but also because they see it as the lone bulwark of democ-
was a microphone on the bus, and each member of Con- gers they might present. racy in the Middle East, and therefore important for the
gress was allotted five minutes to talk into it; that micro- They talked a great deal with Israeli officials about Iran. health of the United States.
phone, Mr. Gottheimer said, was a highly coveted object. Although most of what he heard was classified, he said, This Congressional trip to Israel, Mr. Gottheimer con-
These are people who love to talk. he was able to tell us that “as we are getting ISIS, Iran is cluded, “is essential. If I could get everyone to go on it,
But they also were open to what they were seeing. growing in power. From a threat perspective, we have to I would.”

6 Jewish Standard AUGUST 18, 2017

Mahwah mayor offers reward for catching eruv vandal
Both sides gird for legal battle
LARRY YUDELSON The suit accused the township of “succumbing to fear,

xenophobia, and religious animus” in opposing the eruv.
he fight over the eruv in northern Bergen County A similar suit against Upper Saddle River is now on hold,
slowly escalated this week. Opponents in Mahwah after that town agreed not to act against the eruv without giv-
didn’t back down, even as supporters filed suit in ing a week’s notice.
federal court and attracted new allies. In Teaneck, on Sunday night, Mayor Mohammed
Last Thursday night, the Mahwah township council met Hameeduddin promised to get Muslim support for the eruv’s
and voted to begin issuing summonses against the eruv for legal fight. “I will make sure Muslim organizations file amicus
violating the township ordinance against placing signs on util- briefs along with the eruv community,” he said, speaking at a
ity poles. The 200 residents at the meeting greeted the unani- rally against hate. (See cover story, page 18.)
mous vote with applause. Jewish organizations had filed amicus briefs in the Islamic
The council postponed votes on two matters related to the Society of Basking Ridge’s legal battle against Bernards Town-
township’s relations with the Orthodox Jewish communities ship, which had opposed its application to build a mosque.
on the other side of the New Jersey/New York state line. One The township finally approved the mosque earlier this month,
measure, which was tabled indefinitely, would have added after a court victory that awarded it $3.25 million in damages.
a new position, police director, to the town’s payroll. That Mahwah Mayor Bill Laforet and Bergen County Mr. Hameeduddin said that the tone of the opposition to the
was an apparent rebuke to Police Chief James Batelli, who Prosecutor Gurbir Grewal eruv was abhorrent, and reminiscent of the white suprema-
had refused to enforce a new ordinance banning out-of-state cists who rallied in Charlottesville, Virginia. Hate “didn’t just
visitors from using the town’s parks. Mr. Batelli had said that door-to-door solicitations in town. Reports of ultra-Orthodox happen in Virginia,” he said.
the ordinance was illegal and unconstitutional because it was Jews seeking to buy houses have sparked similar no-knock “Read the Bergen Record about what’s going on in Mahwah
a response to chassidic Jews from nearby Rockland County ordinances in Rockland County and in towns surrounding right now,” he said. “Read the comments that are on the page
using the parks. He was backed up in that assessment by Ber- Lakewood, in central New Jersey. and what they are saying” about chassidic Jews.
gen County Prosecutor Gurbir Grewal, who ordered him not On Friday, the day after the town meeting, lawyers for the In Mahwah, as in Charlottesville, the battle hasn’t been
to enforce the ordinance. eruv filed suit in federal court in Newark asking for an injunc- waged just with words. The white plastic pipes that demarcate
The other measure was tabled for only two weeks, with the tion against the town, barring the town from removing the the eruv were broken on several utility poles in the township.
intention that it be redrafted. This ordinance would restrict CVC tubes affixed to the utility poles that demarcate the eruv. SEE ERUV PAGE 51

• Beautiful Sunny Warm Weather • Exciting Historical Optional Touring
• Delectable Haute Italian Glatt Kosher Cuisine
• Beautiful Spacious Sukkah
• Scholar-In-Residence • Professional Day Camp

Forte dei Marmi Lido di Camaiore

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Playing with Squids
Local science students in YU program intern in Israel
Abigail Klein Leichman

Why was a nice Jewish boy from Teaneck
handling SQUIDs for seven weeks
this summer?
Don’t worry. He wasn’t working with the
decidedly non-kosher shellfish. Rather,
Ari Krischer was working in Dr. Beena
Kalisky’s nanotechnology and advanced
materials lab at Bar-Ilan University in
Israel, testing a bunch of different SQUIDs
— the superconducting quantum interfer-
ence devices that measure extremely sub-
tle magnetic fields — as a way to investigate
all sorts of physical phenomena.
“I measured their characteristics to
find the optimal construction parameters
to build the most sensitive SQUIDs,” Mr.
Krischer, a 21-year-old Cornell engineer-
ing physics major, said. “I’m particularly
interested in nanotechnology and SQUIDs
are one of many techniques I can use to
image things on the nanoscale, so it may The whole group of 2017 Summer Science Research Interns at Bar-Ilan University, with the program director, Dr. Ari
be of practical use to me at a similar lab at Zivotofsky, on the far left.
Cornell or in my future career.”
Mr. Krischer was one of two dozen
undergraduate science majors participat-
ing in the seventh annual Summer Science
Research Internship Program, a joint ini-
tiative of Bar-Ilan and Yeshiva universities.
The program offers Orthodox college stu-
dents a summer in Israel and the chance to
combine high-level research with opportu-
nities for Torah study.
The students in the program are
matched with research laboratories based
on their academic background and inter-
ests, said program director Ari Zivotofsky,
a professor in Bar-Ilan’s Interdisciplin-
ary Brain Sciences Program. These areas
include nanotechnology, brain research,
engineering, life sciences, mathematics,
chemistry, computer science, physics,
and linguistics. Dr. Beena Kalisky and Ari Krischer are dressed up as Prof. Yaron Shav-Tal and biology student Chavi Cohen are at work
“This program provides talented U.S. squids in Dr. Kalisky’s lab. in Bar-Ilan University.
university science students the opportu-
nity to become embedded in a high-caliber projects. Spending their summer with a around Israel, including Israel Aerospace the seven weeks.
Israeli university lab, thereby experiencing like-minded group of peers fosters a com- Industries, Teva Pharmaceuticals, and Mr. Krischer said that he and some fel-
rather than just hearing about what it’s like mitment to research, Israeli science, and the Volcani Agricultural Research Orga- low interns voluntarily set up a daily self-
to live, learn, and research in Israel,” Dr. religious Zionism.” nization. They dorm at Yeshiva Universi- taught Talmud study session in the back
Zivotofsky said. “In the labs, they become The summer interns also make field ty’s Jerusalem campus and participate in of the bus that took them on the hour-long
part of a team and contribute to ongoing trips to scientific and industrial sites nightly Judaic studies sessions throughout ride from Jerusalem to Bar-Ilan’s campus

Is Back-to-School stressing your child out?
Anxiety, academic pressure, bullying… school isn’t easy for everyone.

If your child is worried about the start of the year,
our professional clinicians are here to help.

Call (201) 837-9090 to make an appointment today.

8 Jewish Standard AUGUST 18, 2017

outside Tel Aviv. Ms. Eisenberg said. “Although we only excavated for
“We came here as part of a Torah program with a sci- a few hours, another student from my program and
ence bent, so I felt it was a complete circle,” Mr. Krischer I managed to excavate an entire olive press from the
said. “We started and ended our day with Torah and did first Temple period.”
hands-on science in between. This is his second year on Chavi Cohen of Teaneck worked with a Ph.D. stu-
the program — he was part of it last summer too — and he dent in the lab of Prof. Yaron Shav-Tal, focusing on the
hopes to move to Israel after finishing his degree. protein beta-catenin. This protein, required for the
Twenty-one-year-old Yael Eisenberg of Passaic proper development of tissues in the human body, is
worked in the lab of Professor Mina Teicher, who is a associated with many cancers in its mutated form.
former chief scientist at Israel’s Ministry of Science, the Ms. Cohen, a Rutgers biology major, hopes to attend
director of the Emmy Noether Institute for Mathemat- medical school. She has been working at the Cancer
ics, and a researcher in the department of mathemat- Institute of New Jersey for the past year and a half.
ics and Gonda (Goldschmied) Multidisciplinary Brain The project she’s involved with is a collaborative one,
Research Center. working with other cancer institutes, studying chemo-
Ms. Eisenberg and two Ph.D. students from the math resistance mechanisms in certain mutant cancers.
and neuroscience departments designed and coded “This experience in Israel has given me the opportu-
experiments using a Magneto encephalograph (MEG) nity to bring the research techniques I learned at Bar-
machine to discover which area of the brain is used for Yael Eisenberg is inside the MEG machine in Ilan back to the Cancer Institute of New Jersey where
counting. There are only a few dozen MEG units in the Dr. Teicher’s lab. I can further improve my lab skills,” Ms. Cohen said.
world, and Dr. Teicher’s lab has the first one in Israel. Abby Epstein, 20, a rising junior at Stern from Ber-
“It was a real gift to be able to participate in this program It’s fascinating to see how I can apply my math skills to genfield, interned in Yarden Opatowsky’s microbiology
and see firsthand how individuals can have a major impact brain research.” lab, which researches the proteins involved in cell sig-
in the field of neuroscience,” Ms. Eisenberg said. “Once we Ms. Eisenberg is working on combined BA-MA degrees naling pathways. These researchers seek insights that
receive data, I will continue working with the team from in math and hopes to go on for a Ph.D. Three years ago, someday may help engineer cures for neurodegenera-
the States to mathematically analyze the results.” she was in Israel with a Stern College professor, Dr. Jill tive diseases.
Ms. Eisenberg explained that her thesis mentor at YU’s Katz, working on an archeological dig at Tel es-Safi, the “It was my first time working in a lab, so I came in know-
Stern College for Women, Professor Marian Gidea, has biblical town of Gath. A hands-on visit to this site was ing nothing,” Ms. Epstein said. “Everyone was very patient
done research with Professor Teicher and suggested work- on the itinerary for the 2017 summer interns, much to with me and I learned so many different lab techniques.”
ing with her. her delight. The other local participants in the program were Chani
“I never imagined myself doing neuroscience research,” “It was a wonderful opportunity to see how the dig had Dubin and Eliana Krim of Teaneck, Benjamin Koslowe of
Ms. Eisenberg said. “However, I enjoyed it very much. progressed, and what new artifacts have been discovered,” Bergenfield, and Nathaniel Piskun of Tenafly.

Great CD Rates!

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Visit us today!
U N DAY 75 Route 59, Monsey Town Square
OPE ROM (Evergreen Kosher Market Center)
M - 1PM Anita Levine, VP, Branch Manager • 845-425-0189

Established 1863 · Member FDIC

*CDs require a $1,000 minimum balance to open and earn interest. Early withdrawal penalty may apply. Annual Percentage Yield (APY) stated is effective as of
August 1, 2017 and may be changed by the Bank at any time. CDs must be opened in person at an Apple Bank branch.

apple bk - JEWISH STANDARD - CDS - EFF DATE 8-1-17.indd 1 Jewish Standard AUGUST
7/24/201718, 2017PM9

Buying for Israel
Local group encourages small steady
commitments to help boost economy, togetherness

Everyone has to eat.
That’s a truth sadly well known to diet-
ers, but it’s also a truth that pro-Israel
advocates can use to their advantage.
Given that you have to eat, Suzanne Wei-
lgus of Monsey, N.Y., and Rochelle Zupnik
of Teaneck say, why not make sure that
some of your food comes from Israel?
Not that everything you buy has to be
Israeli, they hasten to add, but because
there are so very many Israeli products
available, why not choose at least some
of them for your kitchen and table? If you
do, you’ll help the Israeli economy, show-
case some of what Israel exports, and eat
extremely well as you do so. Virtue will not
have to be its own reward. Your taste buds
will benefit too.
Ms. Weilgus is the founder of Achi, and
both she and Ms. Zupnik are on its five-
member guiding team. Klee is the project
that now is at the heart of their work for
the Jewish State.
First, the names. Achi means “my
brother” in Hebrew. It’s an acronym,
most often American Communities Help-
ing Israel, but one of the three nouns, the
one represented by the letter C, changes as
necessary. “It can be Congregations, Chil-
dren, Campuses, Caterers, Corporations,
Campers — you name it, Ms. Weilgus said.
“It’s miraculous!”
Achi was founded during the second From left, the Klee committee is Dr. Lynda Zentman, Suzanne Weilgus, Tova Taragin, Gloria Gordon, and Rochelle Zupnik.
intifada, the Palestinian violence against
Israel that began in 2000 and spluttered to an end in 2005. Ms. Zupnik said. “But really it can be anything. Say you
It grew out of the fear of violence that kept tourists away are sending your child off to Israel for the year. Don’t
from Israel, and threatened the country’s at least partially send linens with him. Buy them in Israel!
tourist-dependent economy. “We had huge fairs, the Ben “It’s very simple,” she added. Both women have back-
Yehuda fairs,” Ms. Weilgus said. Named after the shop- grounds in marketing — Ms. Zupnik now is retired, and
filled tourist-magnet street in Jerusalem, the Ben Yehuda Ms. Weilgus runs her own business — so they think nat-
fairs hosted Israeli merchants in American venues. urally in marketing terms. Simple, marketers tell us,
From there, the women’s desire to help Israel by boost- is good.
ing its economy gathered steam. “Our tagline is ‘Think Israel. Buy Israeli,’” Ms. Zupnik
“The last thing that the Jewish world needs is another said. “You don’t have to remember our name. Just those
organization that asks for money,” Ms. Weilgus said. “We four words.”
do not ask for money. We are a think tank. We come up Klee wants people to buy some Israeli products all the
with ideas. We are not re-inventing the wheel. We are mak- time, although certainly it doesn’t expect anyone to buy
ing wheels run faster.” only Israeli goods. Foods are easy because they’re rela-
Achi’s most recent idea is Klee. The word means “ves- tively inexpensive, and easily available in supermarkets
sel,” and its use is both practical and symbolic. Klee-the- and gourmet shops all over. “Just look in your pantry,
group asks people either to buy a new vessel — a dish, a and see how many products already are from Israel,”
plate, a bowl — or to designate one they already own — and Ms. Zupnik said.
use it to hold and focus their efforts. (More about both the Just buy what you like. “One family loves Israeli pick-
organization and the klees it has commissioned is at its les, and there is a wide variety of Israeli pickles avail-
website, www.theklee.org.) able,” she added. “Some are in vinegar, some are in
Then Klee-the-group asks people to commit to buying brine, some are sour, some are half-sour. Some families Although people are encouraged to find their own
Israeli goods, and to use the klee-the-object symbolically, want pretzels from Israel, and then the next one wants klees, the organization also has commissioned a few.
as a reminder of that commitment, and perhaps also prac- crackers, and another one buys Israeli wine.” Information is at www.theklee.org. ACHI/KLEE

tically, as a container that can hold Israeli goods. Ms. Weilgus and Ms. Zupnik talk to organizations
The goods themselves can be food, jewelry, art, soaps, across the country. “We talk to schools, synagogues, com- in Central and South America.
dental products, skin creams, electronics — anything. “We munity centers, caterers,” Ms. Weilgus said, just getting “If everyone buys something they enjoy, just spending
emphasize food because we have to buy it every week,” warmed up. They’ve also reached people in Canada, and a few dollars a week, filling their klee, say, with soaps, it


More than
411,000 likes. Sandi M. Malkin, LL C
Like us on
Interior Designer
(former interior designer of model
rooms for NY’s #1 Dept. Store)

For a totally new look using
Buying Israeli product your furniture or starting anew.
transcends differences Staging also available
of theology and facebook.com/
jewishstandard 973-535-9192
observance; everyone
can do it, and every
single cash-register
jingle or online click
helps Israel.

makes a difference,” Ms. Weilgus said.
They now are focusing on Klee Shabbats, times HAS ARRIVED!
when rabbis will tell their congregations about Klee
and encourage people to commit to it. “We ask a The finest selection of Italian
rabbi to pick a Shabbat in your synagogue — when-
ever it works best for you, many rabbis say between
designer men’s and boy’s suits,
Labor Day and Rosh Hashanah — and then the rabbi sport jackets, coats, car coats,
would explain what the Klee is,” Ms. Weilgus said. “It
would be in the sermon — it’s minimal effort for maxi- pants, sweaters, shirts, ties,
mum impact.
“And then after the service, maybe at the Kiddush
shoes and accessories.
— we are not dictating how to do it, just giving ideas
about what works — there can be a table with food
from Israel, and there will be Klee cards asking for
people to make a commitment. They can take the
cards home with them. And then the synagogue can
dedicate a klee, and the newsletter will always have a
reminder to people to fill their klee this week.” FIRST PLACE
“We are having results, from Seattle down to Boca MEN’S SHOP
Raton,” Ms. Zupnik said.
The two women both are Orthodox, but their effort
is nondenominational, reaching across the Jewish Visit the
world, and even includes some outreach to Chris-
tians, the two women said. In fact, they said, their
Boy’s Store SHOES
project has a secondary but still very important goal at Emporio
— to create unity among the Jewish people. Buying
Israeli product transcends differences of theolo�y and
observance; everyone can do it, and every single cash-
register jingle or online click helps Israel.
Recently, Ms. Zupnik presented the program to the
Rabbinical Council of Bergen County, which is Ortho-
dox, followed up with phone calls, “and now at least one Scarpa
rabbi said, ‘I’m an advocate! Count me in!’” Ms. Weilgus
went to Skokie, in suburban Chicago, and has spoken
to rabbis in Vancouver and Dallas. Ms. Zupnik took the
program to Baltimore, where a local rabbi asked her,
midweek, to present Klee at his shul that Shabbat. She
did, and “It was a dream come true,” she said.
There are some concepts that Ms. Zupnik, her inter-
nal retired-but-never-out-of-service marketer surfac-
ing, wants to be sure to get across, despite the risk of
repeating herself.
“This is a unique, no-cost, feel-good project that is
contagious, exciting, multi-age, normative, fulfilling, BORO PARK: FLATBUSH: LONG ISLAND: LAKEWOOD: TEANECK:
and unifying,” she said. “It takes minimal effort for a 5020 13th Avenue 1505 Coney Island Ave. 467 Central Avenue 1700 Madison Ave. 215 W. Englewood Ave.
maximum effect. Remember that you can change it to
718.972.4665 718.676.7706 516.295.5006 732.987.9480 201.530.7300
suit your own situation, so adopt and adapt it. Sunday & Legal Holidays 10 - 6, Sunday & Legal Holidays 10-6, Sunday & Legal Holidays 10-6, Sunday & Legal Holidays 10-6, Mon. -Thurs. 10-9, Friday 10-2:45
“So don’t let it be a secret!” Mon. - Wed. 10 - 7, Thurs. 10 - 8, Friday 10-2:45 Mon. - Wed. 10-7, Thurs. 10-9, Fri. 10-2:45 Mon., Tues. & Thurs. 10-6, Wed. 10-9, Fri.10-1:30 Mon. - Thurs. 10-7, Friday 10-2:30 Closed Saturday & Sunday


Sharing the fruits of their labor
Volunteers from Shomrei Torah in Wayne
offer produce from their garden to Jewish Family Service
Banji Ganchrow

ine years ago, a gentleman walked through
the doors of what then was called the Jew-
ish Family Service of Bergen and North Hud-
son and said that he was hungry. He couldn’t
afford food. Meals on Wheels came through for him.
It was this initial request that led to the establishment
of the food pantry at the Jewish Family and Children’s
Services of Northern New Jersey, at 1485 Teaneck Road
in Teaneck.
The pantry feeds more than 3,000 people a year. In
order to protect the privacy of those who benefit from
this invaluable service, which is open five days a week,
clients must schedule an appointment. To help those
people in need, monetary donations and donations of
non-perishable food items as well as household items are
always appreciated.
Shomrei Torah, a Conservative synagogue in Wayne,
took the food pantry concept one step further. In 2016,
the synagogue received a grant from DigIn! City Green, a
non-governmental organization that works with the Pas-
saic County Freeholders. It was the only synagogue to
receive such a grant.
Synagogue leaders used the grant to build its commu-
nity garden. According to Rabbi Randall Mark, Shom-
rei Torah’s spiritual leader for the past 22 years, “Linda
Dumoff was the congregant who first brought this to our
attention — that the grants were being offered to institu-
tions that were interested in establishing community gar-
dens.” But what is a garden without a gardener? So, “I Student volunteers work in Shomrei
spoke to one of our members, Henry Ramer, because I Torah’s garden.
knew that he liked to garden and had been doing more
around the synagogue since they moved from a single supported the effort consistently
family home to a townhouse. He took the lead and I lent And it hasn’t been just the adult congre-
my support where needed. gants that have taken on this project with
“Lo and behold, we have a garden!!” a full heart. “On May 7, our religious school
Mr. Ramer was more than happy to help with the gar- kids came out, about 50 of them, to help us
den project. A retired lawyer, Mr. Ramer’s love of garden- get our growing season off to a good start,”
ing has been with him for over 35 years. He used to watch Mr. Ramer said. “I hope the kids learned
his father garden when he was a little boy, who helped something about gardening. And as school
by squirting the tomato plants with a garden hose. “I reconvenes in September, I hope they can
think anybody can grow a string bean,” Mr. Ramer said. come out again and see what their efforts
“But our specific challenges have been, one, to involve as last spring have yielded”; and that they
many synagogue members as possible in the garden, not know what a difference they are making in
only to spread the labor across a broad base of workers, the lives of those that rely on the food pan-
but also to bring the idea and benefits of locally grown try for nutritious meal options.
vegetables to as many as possible. We’ve used no pesti- “Having items from our garden to supple-
cides or chemical fertilizers. The idea has been to dem- ment the non-perishables is brand new to
onstrate by our actions a respect for the earth and our Garden volunteer Karen Weiss and Henry Ramer join synagogue us, but we can’t think of a better use for the
obligations as responsible stewards president Roberta Ort. A huge elk sculpture looms behind them; items grown in a synagogue garden than
“And two, to distribute our produce wisely and mind- the Elks Lodge is next door. feeding the hungry, it’s straight out of the
fully. Some of the veggies have been used at our Saturday words of the prophet Isaiah,” Rabbi Mark
kiddush lunches. As August wears on, more and more Shomrei Torah member Lauryn Tuchman helped make said. He’s quoting Chapter 58, where Isaiah tells us the God
tomatoes, squash, peppers, zucchini, etc., will begin to the connection to the JFCS food bank. Mr. Ramer said that demands not just that we fast, but to feed the hungry, and
ripen. We want to give some of it away, but sensibly, to the synagogue also hopes to “contribute food to the Wayne to house the poor, and to cover the naked. That we actually
places such as food banks. Interfaith Network food pantry, which is run out of the do things.
“Rather than just writing a check, we think giving away Wayne JFCS office in the Y.” So what happens when the summer ends and the veg-
the fruits of our labors is more meaningful.” As for the garden itself, “The garden employs a square etables have gone the way of the rest of the season? Have no
“People think that if they can’t donate money, they foot, raised bed technique that was quarterbacked by fear, Mr. Ramer said. “We’ll continue to cultivate our sum-
can’t do anything to help, but this was a perfect example synagogue member Dr. Anita Skolnick. Member Eric Weis mer crop, and in the next few days we will plant additional
of an extremely creative way to help support the food contributed funds to enable us to get an automatic under- frost-hardy vegetables, which we should be able to harvest
pantry,” Ellen Finkelstein, JFCS’s marketing director, ground irrigation system.” Mr. Ramer is proud of the syna- into the fall, maybe as late as November.
said. “The fresh vegetables are a welcomed addition to gogue’s involvement in this project. “Several members reg- “This may make the garden a seven-month activity.”
the selections available.” ularly work in the garden, he added, and Rabbi Mark has And that is music to the JFCS food pantry’s ears.

12 Jewish Standard AUGUST 18, 2017
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Jewish Standard AUGUST 18, 2017 13

A top 10
to celebrate
10 years
Abigail Klein Leichman

When we landed at Ben-Gurion Interna-
tional Airport from Teaneck very early
on August 7, 2007, in the company of
210 other new immigrants to Israel, I felt
exhausted and exhilarated, excited and
terrified, optimistic and overwhelmed.
I was aware that I had an awful lot to
learn — culturally, linguistically, logisti-
cally, and in many other ways — about my
new surroundings. The sun rises gloriously over Ma’aleh Adumim.
There were new nine-digit ID and
phone numbers to memorize, new driv-
er’s license and credit cards in my wallet,
unfamiliar roads and supermarkets to nav-
igate, new healthcare and service provid-
ers to choose, new neighbors to meet, and
a workweek where Friday is a day off and
Sunday is not.
I usually succeeded in remaining posi-
tive and keeping my eyes on the prize — we
felt immensely privileged to be able to live
in our ancestral homeland — but inevita-
bly there were moments of bewilderment
and frustration while we were learning
the ropes.
We look back now and marvel at how far
we’ve come in 10 years, how comfortable
we feel here, and how satisfying it is to
impart our hard-earned wisdom to unsure
newcomers as others generously imparted Once you can order groceries in
their wisdom to us. Steve and Abby Leichman join their friends Barbara and Fred Casden, fellow Hebrew, they can be delivered to
In honor of our 10th year as Israeli citi- Teaneck expats, at dinner. your door.
zens, here is a list of 10 important things I
have learned. daily basis, sans preservatives. The taste response to “Shabbat shalom” is “Shab- 9. I learned that the work pace slows
1. I learned to appreciate stumbling is incomparable. bat shalom u’mevorach (“a peaceful and to a crawl during August, September,
blocks as learning opportunities; to cel- 4. I learned that outward appearances blessed Sabbath”). and a bit of October. August is “chofesh
ebrate small achievements (like getting aren’t necessarily indicative of religious 7. I learned that teeny-tiny Israel encom- hagadol” (“the big vacation”) for most
money out of an ATM or ordering grocer- sensibilities. Seeing a gym instructor with passes myriad climate zones and topogra- Israelis, while in September the com-
ies online in Hebrew for the first time); and a big tattoo on her bare shoulder davening phies. A one-hour drive from our home mon refrain is “after the holidays,” as in
to turn today’s maddening incident into in the staff room, or tank-topped, short- in Ma’aleh Adumim to Tel Aviv takes us “We won’t be able to process your insur-
tomorrow’s hilarious dinner-table story to shorted teenagers kissing the mezuzah from brown desert hills through flat green ance claim until after the holidays” or
share with family and friends. on their way into mall stores, or a former farmlands and finally to wavy blue waters. “Let’s schedule our business meeting for
2. I learned how to tremp (hitchhike). chief rabbi going to jail for fraud, really Each landscape is stunningly beautiful in after the holidays.” The proliferation of
It’s a legal and acceptable alternative to drives home the point that you cannot its own way. fall holidays provides a perfect excuse to
public transportation here, particularly in judge a book by its cover. 8. I learned that when friends from the procrastinate, and because they are legal
your own hometown. Once I got over my 5. I learned that I will never be a bar- “old country” make aliyah they attain a holidays, they don’t eat up any vacation
ingrained horror of accepting rides with gainer, even though stated prices for certain soulmate status by virtue of the days. (Anyway, you’ve already used them
strangers, let alone talking to them, I dis- goods and services in the Middle East fact that they, too, took the 6,000-mile all for chofesh hagadol.)
covered a neat way to get around and get often are negotiable. Instead of feeling leap from the diaspora to the Promised 10. I learned to look out my window
acquainted with my neighbors. cheated, I view my probable overpayment Land. On our 10th aliyah anniversary we every morning and watch the sun rise
3. I learned how to make hummus and as an act of tzedaka and a stimulant for the dined out with Fred and Barbara Casden, over the hills beyond Jericho — the very
tahini from scratch. Sure, you can buy Israeli economy. who arrived from Teaneck a week before ones that the ancient Israelites climbed
them in any store, but most self-respect- 6. I learned that the proper response to us in 2007. We barely were acquainted on their way home from Egypt — and to
ing Israelis whip up these ubiquitous “boker tov” (“good morning”) is “boker in our Teaneck days and now we get take a moment to ponder the miracle of
nourishing spreads at home on a near or” (“morning of light”), and the proper together regularly. our return.

14 Jewish Standard AUGUST 18, 2017
Extend an Invitation
to Jewish Standard families
looking for a synagogue to call home…
with your ad

in a special section showcasing the many warm, friendly
and welcoming congregations in this area.
201-837-8818 x118
Deadline August 25
Send us a 200 word write-up about your synagogue.
We’ll publish it FREE with your ad!

Jewish Standard AUGUST 18, 2017 15

JCC golf/games fundraiser is a hole-in-one

his year’s annual “Play Fore! online and live auctions.
the Kids Golf and Games,” a day “There were hundreds of happy JCC sup-
sponsored by the Kaplen JCC on porters in attendance and thanks to them
the Palisades in Tenafly, brought and our generous sponsors, auction contribu-
participants, family, and friends to the Mon- tors, chairs and staff, we raised the funds we
tammy Country Club in Alpine on August 7. were hoping for to continually develop new
For the last 17 summers, JCC family and services for people in our community with
friends have played in the golf classic, raising special needs.”
funds to bring a better quality of life to chil- A highlight of the evening featured Shelley
dren with special needs. This year, players Levy, the director of the Guttenberg Center
and friends raised essential funds to support for Special Services, who told the story of Gil
more than 800 children who come to the JCC Tov, a 20-year-old with autism and apraxia.
to gain important life skills, have fun in sum- Gil has participated in the center for 15 years.
mer camps, and take part in a range of educa- The program has helped him gain critical
tional and recreational programs. skills and the confidence he needed to write
In addition to golf, the day featured a third for his school newspaper, Celebrate the Chil-
year of Play Games fore! The Kids, where dren, and to embrace his unique visual tal-
game lovers had the chance to play mah ents by reading mammograms.
jongg, bridge, or canasta, as well as men’s The JCC extends special thanks to its
and women’s tennis. presenting sponsors: the Hechler fam-
“Providing basic life experiences for chil- ily and the Kurtz and Spadaccini family; JCC CEO Jordan Shenker, presenting sponsors Sharon and Jeff Kurtz and
dren with different abilities is a core JCC event chairs Daniel Cohn, Cory Hechler, Richard Kurtz, and JCC chair JoJo Rubach.
mission,” the JCC’s CEO, Jordan Shenker, and Tracy Reichel; the auction committee
said. “This year, the ground may have been chaired by Melissa Garden and Jenna Gut-
a little soggy from the rain, keeping our mann; the games committee chaired by
golfers from completing their course, but Allison Hechler; and special events chair
it didn’t interfere with their spirits or pre- Marci Ginzburg. For more information, go
vent them from enjoying quality time with to www.jccotp.org/playforethekids, call
friends or a spectacular dinner reception, Michal Kleiman at (201) 408-1412, or email
where they enthusiastically bid on exciting her at mkleiman@jccotp.org.

Michael Kollender, event co-chair Tracy Reichel, JoJo Rubach, special
events chair Marci Ginzburg, event co-chair Dan Cohn, and Allison and event
Erica Polavieja, Alana Hershkin, Lauren Gordon, and Lindsey Epstein play mah jongg. co-chair Cory Hechler.

Marci Ginzburg, Beth Rubach, Jamie Molluzzo, auction co-chairs Jenna Gutmann and Melissa Garden, Briana Holden, Candice Flax, Gabrielle Marcus, Ariella Basloe,
and Jillian Somberg. Photos courtesy JCCOTP

16 Jewish Standard AUGUST 18, 2017
Briefly Local

JHF president to lead national
elder care organization
Carol Silver Elliott, presi- yet realistic personal and pro-
dent and CEO of the Jew- fessional standards that has
ish Home Family, was marked her as an outstanding
selected unanimously by leader and innovator in our
the board of directors of profession.”
National LeadingAge as its Since 2014, Ms. Silver
incoming chair-elect and Elliott has been president
next board chair. and CEO of the Jewish Home

LeadingAge is a national Family, the parent organiza-
organization that brings tion of the Jewish Home at
together more than 6,000 Carol Silver Elliott Rockleigh, the Jewish Home
NCJWBCS gives kids a boost for school nonprofit elder care mem-
ber organizations and
 Courtesy JHF Assisted Living, the Jewish
Home Foundation, and Jew-
National Council of Jewish Women Bergen County Section board members packed and partners representing the entire field ish Home at Home. Before that, she
delivered donated school supplies to three of the agencies that NCJW BCS supports: Ber- of aging services. The organization has was president and CEO of Cedar Village
gen Family Center, Center for Hope and Safety, and the Women’s Rights Information 39 state associations, hundreds of busi- Retirement Community in Cincinnati.
Center. Each group received a carton with notebooks, pencils, pens, calculators and nesses, consumer groups, foundations, Ms. Silver Elliott was chair of the Asso-
more, and gift certificates to help with purchasing additional supplies. www.ncjwbcs.org. and research centers. LeadingAge also ciation of Jewish Aging Services from
is a part of the Global Ageing Network, 2013 to 2015. She also is a member of the
whose membership spans 30 countries. boards of Leading Age New Jersey and
“This is a tremendous and well- the Visiting Nurse Association.
deserved honor for Carol that she has “I am honored to be asked to serve in
earned through dedication to Jewish val- this role,” Ms. Silver Elliott said. “I am
ues and her deep commitment to serve committed to ensuring quality of life
elders,” said Dan Reingold, chair of the for older adults and believe that strong,
Association of Jewish Aging Services. nonprofit organizations are key to that
“Carol is a true leader and visionary with effort. I look forward to working with my
a career of success and achievement. colleagues and with the staff of Leading
She perfectly embodies the best of non- Age to help keep the issues and needs of
profit faith-based care. Carol truly repre- our aging population in the forefront of
sents the winning combination of high, public attention and political action.”
Courtesy JHF

YU professor receives two NIH grants
With the help of two major grants, Dr. childbearing age, starting as a low-grade
Enrichment for Marina Holz, the Doris and Ira Kukin
Professor of Biology at
tumor; the abnormal tumor cells grow
out of control and spread to
JHAL residents Yeshiva University’s Stern
College for Women, will
areas including the lungs,
kidneys, lymph nodes, blood
Residents of Jewish Home Assisted explore new treatment vessels, and lymphatics.
Living in River Vale traveled to options for patients with In addition, Dr. Holz
bergenPAC in Englewood to see a rare and little-understood r e c e i v e d a t h r e e - y e a r,
production of “West Side Story.” Later forms of cancer. $501,000 NIH grant to exam-
that week, a group met to discuss In the fall, Dr. Holz will ine the role played by estro-
Daniel Silva’s novel “Kill Artist.” partner with colleagues gen-related receptor alpha in
at the University of Cin- triple-negative breast cancer,
cinnati in a new clini- Dr. Marina Holz an aggressive metastatic form
cal trial that examines Courtesy YU of the disease more likely to
the potential role of a affect younger people, Afri-
drug combination therapy to eliminate can Americans, Hispanics, and those
lymphangioleiomyomatosis cells. The with a BRCA1 gene mutation. Patients
Send us your trial is funded by a three-year, $712,442 with TNBC lack the receptors that have
vacation photos! grant from the National Institute of
Health’s Heart, Lung, and Blood Insti-
been most successfully targeted by cur-
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Jewish Standard AUGUST 18, 2017 17
Cover Story Here, candles burn brightly at the vigil at the
Municipal Green in Teaneck on Sunday; on the
cover, Anna Wong holds up a sign as the sun sets
and the vigil begins. TEANECK WOMEN TOGETHER

These little lights of ours
Teaneck Women Together rally brings comfort in wake of last weekend’s horrors
JOANNE PALMER the first presidential ban on immigration engagement at the Jewish Theological theology, but the simple need for compas-

from seven majority Muslim countries. Seminary. Like all the other speakers, she sion and goodness.
t was after dark on Sunday night. Sunday’s rally, which attracted people had a very short time to pull her thoughts Because she knew that people would
Rabbi Julia Andelman looked out at from Teaneck and surrounding towns, together. be encouraged to hold lit candles at the
the flickering candles and felt some chose not to concentrate on the hatred, rac- “It was beautiful, standing outside, and rally, and because she didn’t know if there
small stirrings of hope. ism, anti-Semitism, and violence to which when I was speaking it was very power- would be candles available for rally-goers
Hope was hard-won and perhaps illu- they were responding, but instead to focus ful, looking out at the sea of candles in the — there were, as it turned out — Rabbi
sory just then. Rabbi Andelman was on the shared values that drew Jews, Mus- dark,” she said. “It was really symbolic of Andelman grabbed the biggest candle she
standing in front of a group of more than lims, and Christians, believers, and nonbe- what we were trying to do. It is a dark time had on hand. It was a havdallah candle.
200 people, brought together just late lievers, to the same municipal square. in the world, and we are trying to bring out “It was dripping wax all over me,” she
the evening before to respond to the situ- In what sounds like a walking-into-a-bar lights together.” said. “I talked about how we use a havdal-
ation in Charlottesville, Virginia — to the joke but wasn’t at all funny, Christian cler- Her talk was about Tisha B’Av, just a few lah candle to draw a distinction between
tiki-torchlit march by neo-Nazis, KKKers, gymen, an imam, and Rabbi Andelman weeks ago. “The abiding lesson of that day the sacred and the ordinary, but how it is
and other white supremacists that ended all spoke — as did the mayor of Teaneck, is sinat chinam” — baseless hatred, the made of multiple wicks.
in death — 32-year-old Heather Heyer was Mohammed Hameeduddin — and each hatred that pitted Jew against Jew and led “I was looking at the candle in my
killed and 19 other people were injured, clergy member led the group in a song. to the destruction of the Temple in Jerusa- hand, looking out at all the candles, form-
some critically — by a terrorist-driven car. Participants were encouraged to hold lem. “I talked about how, when my 5-year- ing this one light. And the wax was drip-
The rally was organized by Teaneck candles; each light was small but there old asks me why I am fasting, I don’t talk ping on my hand, and it was burning, and
Women Together, a group that began to were very many of them. about praying for a third Temple. I talk people offered me another candle, but I
form right after the presidential inaugu- Rabbi Andelman, who lives in Teaneck, about how we all need to get along, and said no, I didn’t mind holding this one,
ration and coalesced a few weeks later, in is a member of Congregation Beth Sho- to be good to each other.” That was the because it is reminding me that we can’t
late January, rallying crowds in response to lom there and the director of community lesson at the rally too. No complicated get too comfortable.

Cover Story

“We need to feel this.” respond to it, how to grasp it. To me, it is
Songs united the gathering. One of the best to come together with like-minded
Christian ministers led the group in “Amaz- people, to try to make sense of it.
ing Grace,” Rabbi Andelman said; when it “We thought that a vigil was appropri-
was her turn, she sang “Yehi Shalom.” The ate because several lives were lost, and we
song doesn’t have many words — Yehi sha- want to pay homage to that, and to allow
lom becheilech shalvah be’armenotaich — for something very peaceful and quiet.
but they can be tongue-twisters for people There is a lot of anger on the other side.
who don’t know them. Rabbi Andelman A lot of hate. Countering that with more
said she was moved by how many people anger and hate didn’t make a lot of sense
picked up the words, and how many sang to us.”
along with the music, written by Rabbi Teaneck’s mayor, Mr. Hamee­duddin,
Shlomo Carlebach. also spoke at the rally. “Whenever there
The words, she added, are from Tehillim are Nazi flags and the Ku Klux Klan is ral-
— specifically, its Psalm 122. “Let there be lying, especially when the rally becomes
peace in your walls, prosperity in your pal- violent and results in the loss of human
aces.” “I repeated the words, and I said, life, it is incumbent on us to stand up
‘May there be palaces of justices and love and say that it is not acceptable,” he said.
and unity.’ And I said ‘Amen.’” “To say that this is not what our country
Lucria Ortiz of Teaneck is a member of stands for.
Teaneck Women Together’s leadership “There are a lot more of us than there
team and one of the rally’s organizers. of them,” he said. “So the question comes White supremacists carry shields at Charlottesville.
The first march in Charlottes-
ville was on Friday night, and the FIRST PERSON
protests that culminated in mur-
der happened on Saturday. That
night, women in Teaneck began Whenever there are Hate in Charlottesville
to organize. “We connected
pretty much via text and email,
Nazi flags and the
Ms. Ortiz said. “We just started Ku Klux Klan is The day the Nazi called me Shlomo
formulating what our response
should be. Thankfully, there
rallying, especially RON KAMPEAS with a handful of journalists and people
are a lot of other organizations when the rally who were there not so much to coun-
around the country and in New
Jersey organizing at the same
becomes violent and CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. — The white
supremacists, for all their vaunted pur-
ter-protest as to deliver an alternative
message. Zelic Jones from Richmond
time, and we were able to assess results in the loss of pose, appeared to be disoriented. carried a poster with a saying by Martin
what they were doing.
“We thought it best to have a
human life, it is About 500 of them had gathered at a
park here last Saturday to protest this
Luther King Jr., “We must accept finite
disappointment, but never lose infinite
vigil instead of a protest, she con- incumbent on us to southern Virginia city’s plans to remove hope.”
tinued. “We thought that in lieu
of the onslaught of images of vio-
stand up and say a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E.
Lee from the park. Pressured by the
I climbed the hillock to see if anyone
would be willing to talk. On the way,
lence, we need to be able to bring that it is not American Civil Liberties Union, Charlot- the marchers had studiously ignored
people together and feel a sense
of healing and togetherness with
acceptable. tesville had allowed the march at Eman-
cipation Park — or Lee Park, as it used to
reporters, but I thought that at rest,
they might be more amenable.
other people in the community. TEANECK MAYOR MOHAMMED HAMEEDUDDIN be called, and as the protesters prefer to It was not to be. One man, wearing
“So we started connecting call it still. black slacks, a white shirt, sunglasses,
with members of the community. One of down to how we take these fringe groups That worked for an hour or so, and and a black baseball cap, shadowed me.
our folks is very connected to the lead- and marginalize them. How do we make then the protesters and counter-pro- He moved to stand between me and
ership of our town, so we were able to sure that we don’t allow their message to testers started to pelt one another anyone I had hoped to interview.
secure a permit and inform the police. We spread? with plastic bottles. It was unclear who I looked him directly in the eye.
thought that the best route was to assem- “There is a need for dialogue,” he contin- started it. Gas bombs — mildly irritating “How’s it going, Shlomo?” he asked.
ble a diverse roster of faith leaders. We ued. “So many groups are being attacked. — seemed to come more from the white “My name is Ron,” I said. I hadn’t
thought that they’d be the best at bringing Illegal immigrants, Black Lives Matter, the supremacists. Finally the sides rushed identified myself as Jewish.
solace, inspiration, healing, and helping us LGBT community, the eruv in Mahwah — each other headlong, and there were “You look like a Shlomo.”
try to make sense of things.” everyone has rights. Everybody’s success scuffles. “You want to talk?” I offered.
Because Teaneck is so community- is intertwined. The American experience So Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe “I don’t talk to the press,” he said.
oriented, finding a roster of speakers is intertwined. Infringing anyone’s rights declared a state of emergency, and “They just lie.” He scampered away.
wasn’t hard, even on such short notice, is infringing everyone’s rights. heeding the police, the white suprem- The exchange was jarring in how per-
Ms. Ortiz said. “Given the wonderful his- “Everyone has to realize what the stakes acists filed out of the park and started sonal it was. I’ve been hated directly
tory of diversity and progressiveness in are. This is getting very dangerous.” walking north, but no one seemed sure for many things (try being a journalist,
Teaneck, and the culture that allows us to The night of the rally, Mr. Hameeduddin where they were going. There was talk anywhere), but it had been a while — I’d
live together and coexist on a daily basis, said, was “such an emotional night. of meeting at a parking lot, but which have to look back to early childhood —
we just started to use our networks. And “We — a lot of people, a lot of us — are parking lot, no one was sure. As they since I’d faced visceral hatred for, well,
we were able to get in touch with a rabbi searching for the right answers, for where approached the Dogwood Vietnam just looking Jewish.
and an imam and two black Christian lead- to go, for what to do. We want to make sure Memorial, a bucolic hill overlooking an A year ago, at a hotel in Washing-
ers and someone from the Latino Alliance that hate doesn’t find a home anywhere. overpass, they sputtered to a stop for ton, D.C., I had attended the unveiling
in Bergen County.” “That is what I most want people to consultations and did what marchers of the so-called alt-right. The meeting
But the need for it is terrible, she added. understand. Hate should not have a home on a seasonably warm day do: They sat was convened by one of its lead theo-
“I think that people have thought that this anywhere in America.” on the grass, sought shade, and chatted. rists, Richard Spencer, who also was in
kind of violence and hate was a thing of Marc Meltzer of Teaneck, a Beth Sholom I had been following at a distance
yesteryear. People are at a loss for how to SEE LIGHTS PAGE 22

Cover Story

A guide to the far-right groups
that protested in Charlottesville
BEN SALES to fulfill the promises of
Donald Trump. That’s what
They believe the “white race” we believed in. That’s why
is in danger. They believe the we voted for Donald Trump,
United States was built by and because he said he’s going to
for white people and must take our country back, and
now embrace fascism. They that’s what we got to do.”
believe minorities are taking
over the country. And they Identity Evropa
believe an international Jew- A new group that affiliates
ish conspiracy is behind the with the alt-right, Identity
threat. Evropa seeks to promote
These are the peo- “white American culture.” It
ple who were rallying in has posted fliers on college
Charlottesville. campuses. The group, which
The “Unite the Right” rally works with white suprem-
last Saturday saw hundreds acist pseudo-intellectual
of people on America’s racist Richard Spencer, claims
fringe converge in defense of a there are inherent differ-
statue of Confederate General ences among races, and that
Robert E. Lee and brawl with white people are more intel-
counter-protesters. The rally ligent than others. Identity
ended after a white suprema- Evropa sees itself as “identi-
cist, James Fields, rammed his tarian,” a far-right European
car into a crowd of counter- ideology seeking to reassert
protesters, killing one woman white identity.
and injuring at least 19. Two White supremacists spar with counter-protesters as they attempt to guard the entrance to Emancipation The group supports a
police officers also died when Park in Charlottesville on August 12. CHIP SOMODEVILLA/GETTY IMAGES policy of “remigration” of
their helicopter crashed while migrants out of the United
monitoring the rally. floods this nation.” States. Some of its posters bear the slogan “You will not
The rally was the largest white supremacist gathering The group trumpets the concept of “blood and soil,” an replace us,” a chant that Charlottesville protesters paired
in a decade, according to the Anti-Defamation League, idea championed by the Nazis claiming that the inherent with “Jews will not replace us.” Identity Evropa does not
but it wasn’t the work of one extremist group or coalition. features of a people are the land it lives on and its “blood,” allow Jews as members.
Spearheaded by a local far-right activist named Jason Kes- or race. In addition to opposing multiculturalism and fem-
sler, the rally saw several racist, anti-Semitic, and fascist inism, Vanguard America’s manifesto calls for a country League of the South
groups, new and old, come together. “free from the influence of international corporations, The rally’s stated goal was to preserve the statue of Lee
According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which led by a rootless group of international Jews, which place in Charlottesville, so the most obvious participants were
tracks hate groups, the rally included “a broad spectrum profit beyond the interests of our people, or any people.” the League of the South, a neo-Confederate group. The
of far-right extremist groups — from immigration foes to According to the ADL, the group has posted dozens of organization supports southern secession from the
anti-Semitic bigots, neo-Confederates, Proud Boys, Patriot fliers on campuses in at least 10 states. Its posters bear United States and “believes that Southern culture is dis-
and militia types, outlaw bikers, swastika-wearing neo- slogans like “Beware the International Jew” and “Fascism: tinct from, and in opposition to, the corrupt mainstream
Nazis, white nationalists and Ku Klux Klan members.” The next step for America.” This year, the group defaced American culture.”
Many of the attendees, says the ADL’s Oren Segal, were a New Jersey Holocaust memorial with a banner reading The group envisions a Christian theocratic government
young men who became radicalized on the internet and “(((Heebs will not divide us))).” Its signs at Saturday’s rally that enforces strict gender norms. It opposes immigra-
were not affiliated with any particular group. While some bore the fasces, a traditional fascist symbol depicting a tion as well as Islam. The League of the South defines the
protesters belonged to the so-called alt-right, a loose bundle of sticks with a protruding axe blade. “Southern people” as being of “European descent,” calls
movement of racists, anti-Semites, and nativists, others itself “pro-white,” and says that it “has neither been the
were part of older white supremacist groups like the Ku Ku Klux Klan will of God Almighty nor within the power of human leg-
Klux Klan. One of the country’s oldest and most infamous hate groups, islation to make any two men mechanically equal.” Duke
At the rally, protesters were seen carrying Nazi and Con- the Klan primarily has targeted black people, along with gave the keynote address at one of the organization’s gath-
federate flags, as well as signs with racist and anti-Semitic Jews, Catholics, and other minorities. The KKK throughout erings this year.
slogans. They chanted “Sieg heil,” gave Nazi salutes, and its history has been responsible for lynchings, bombings, According to the SPLC, the group founded a paramili-
shouted the N-word at passers-by. beatings, and other racist acts of murder and abuse. tary unit in 2014.
“They really believe they have to save the white race, Group members historically have worn white hoods
and to do that, they have to achieve some sort of white which both hides their identities and allows them to National Socialist Movement
ethno-state,” Segal said. “They tend to be young, more mimic ghosts. Its leaders, including white supremacist This one is pretty self-explanatory — America’s version of
frenetic in terms of their use of social media, while older, activist David Duke, take on bizarre titles, such as grand the Nazi Party. It is a white supremacist organization that
more traditional groups like the Klan are in decline. wizard and exalted cyclops. would either deport “non-whites” — including Jews — or
But “regardless of differences, it’s all the same hate.” After the Civil War, the KKK was founded by Confeder- strip them of citizenship and subject them to a discrimina-
Here’s a guide to a few of the most prominent hate ate veterans to harass black people. At its height in the tory regime. (The group’s manifesto proposes both.) The
groups that showed up in Charlottesville. 1920s it had some 4 million members, according to the group also is anti-feminist and homophobic.
SPLC. An ADL report this year said the Klan has shrunk The National Socialist Movement idolizes Adolf Hitler,
Vanguard America to about 3,000 members spread across 40 groups in 33 whom it says “loved and cared deeply for the average per-
James Fields joined this relatively new fascist white states, mostly in the South and East. son.” Until about a decade ago, the group would protest
supremacist group at the rally. On the homepage of its “This represents a turning point for the people of this in full Nazi regalia, which it has swapped out for black uni-
website, Vanguard America declares: “Our people are sub- country,” Duke said in a video at the rally on Saturday. forms. Its crest features a swastika superimposed on an
jugated while an endless tide of incompatible foreigners “We are determined to take our country back. We’re going altered version of the Stars and Stripes. JTA WIRE SERVICE

Cover Story

Alex Jones: Jewish actors posed as KKK members
JTA STAFF Hitler. You can tell they are totally uncomfortable, they are
totally scared, and it’s all just meant to create the clash.”
Radio host, conspiracy theorist, and Donald Trump sup- A video of his remarks was posted last Saturday. It is
porter Alex Jones — who ranted about a “Jewish mafia” called “Virginia Riots Staged To Bring In Martial Law, Ban
run by billionaire George Soros earlier this year — was at Conservative Gatherings.”
it again on Sunday. Media Matters first reported Jones’ comments about the

His theory? “Leftist Jews” may have impersonated Nazis rally goers.
to discredit white supremacist protesters in Charlottes- In the past, Jones has denied that he is anti-Semitic,
ville, Virginia. saying that he reserves his attacks for Jewish liberals. In
Speaking on “The Alex Jones Show,” Jones said he was March, Jones said that “the Jewish mafia” was support-
recalling his own experience protesting the Ku Klux Klan: ing efforts by moderate Republicans to “derail the Trump
“I mean, quite frankly, I’ve been to these events, a lot presidency.”
of the KKK guys with their hats off look like they’re from “Well there is undoubtedly a Jewish mafia and the [Anti-
the cast of ‘Seinfeld,’” he said. “Literally they’re just Defamation League] will say you’re anti-Semitic,” Jones Alex Jones in Watford, England, in 2013.
Jewish actors. Nothing against Jews in general, but they said on his program. “No, there’s an Italian mafia, Irish
are leftist Jews that want to create this clash and they go mafia, Jewish mafia, Jamaican mafia, and there’s mafias, amazing” and promised he would “not let you down.”
dress up as Nazis. I have footage in Austin — we’re going there’s Dixie mafia. And absolutely, the Jewish mafia, Jones has been called out for spreading other conspir-
to find it somewhere here at the office — where it liter- then, if you criticize it says you’re anti-Semitic, but the acy theories, including one claiming that FEMA wanted to
ally looks like cast of ‘Seinfeld’ or like Howard Stern in Jewish mafia is a very powerful mafia.” put Americans in concentration camps, Vox noted. South-
a Nazi outfit. In December 2015, Trump appeared on “The Alex Jones ern Poverty Law Center fellow Mark Potok told Vox that
“They all look like Howard Stern. They almost got like Show.” Then, the candidate for the Republican presiden- Jones is the “primary producer of conspiracy theories in
little curly hair down, and they’re just up there heiling tial nomination told the host that “your reputation is America today.” JTA WIRE SERVICE

Shlomo racists believe to be hurtful
FROM PAGE 19 jibes come across more as non
Charlottesville. That news con- sequiturs, as mouthings of the
ference — an expression of white deluded or the possessed. Why
supremacy argued in plummy Shlomo of all names? What was
tones that disguised its hateful that about DNA? A wall in Israel?
content — was at a remove from And then the car rammed the
the hatred stalking the streets crowd, and there was a fatality,
of Charlottesville on Saturday. and some 35 injured, includ-
Spencer was polite and helpful ing five critically, and it was
after the fact. His ideas are toxic, harder to pick out the absurd
but in the airless corridors of a and use that as a way of keep-
Washington hotel, they seemed ing an emotional distance from
denuded of malice; they seem the hate speech. I counted the
to be the imaginings of an intem- wounded, rushed by stretchers
perate toddler. into the back of ambulances, the
Here in Charlottesville, the less seriously injured patched
hatred was present and real and up with torn cloths, leaning on
before the day ended appar- friends’ shoulders and wincing.
ently would kill someone, when I retreated to a cafe that was
a car driven by a 20-year-old White supremacists carry Nazi flags. open only to clergy and the
Ohio man plowed through media dispensing free water and
counter-protesters. identified with hostility toward Jews. In Richmond, beer. I filed a story, and on the large wall TV, CNN said
Among the 500 white supremacists were men and about an hour’s drive away, the Hollywood Cemetery, President Donald Trump was ready to speak.
women bearing signs like “Goyim know!” (Know what?) a Confederate monument, has a carefully tended Jew- The cafe fell silent. There was, it seems, even among
and “Jews are satans children.” There were Nazi flags. ish section. this crowd of liberal clergy, a thirst for a message of
There were men all in black, T-shirts and slacks and And yet here it was, the chants of “Jews will not unity from a president who has pledged, and more often
army boots and helmets, jogging along with plastic replace us” (as?). I had two more personal encounters. than not failed, to lead us all.
shields. There were the men who sang of “blood and At the Dogwood Vietnam Memorial, a man wearing a Trump engaged in some throat clearing about the Vet-
soil” as they marched to the Emancipation Park event. floppy beige sunhat started following me and explain- erans Administration, and then began, “We condemn
And when the white supremacists got their act together ing the lie of the Holocaust, the evil of the Jews, the in the strongest possible terms this egregious display
and gathered in McIntire Park, they shouted “Jew” value of DNA in determining purity. I retreated as he of hatred bigotry and violence, on many sides.” At “on
every time the name of Charlotteville’s Jewish mayor, ran after me, screaming, “My mother says I’m a Jew! My many sides” the room erupted into shouts of anger. As
Michael Signer, was mentioned. MOTHER! Does that mean I’m entitled to something?” if on cue, Trump repeated, “On many sides.”
Of course, the hostility was not confined to Jews: As (I resisted replying, “Your mother’s love.”) There was only one side visibly and overwhelmingly
targets, Jews were not even preeminent. Blacks were. And earlier, filing out of Emancipation Park, a group gripped by hate on Saturday in Charlottesville.
There were the “White lives matter” T-shirts. Marching of youths surrounded and shouted at me, “Take that As the day wore on, the White House refused to
along McIntire Road, the white supremacists shouted wall in Israel down! An open border for everyone!” This retreat from Trump’s many sides comment, and the
the N-word at drivers passing by. Confederate flags and was a reference to a theory, popular on the far right, president’s tweets didn’t add clarity.
their variants were more prominent than Nazi flags. that Jews are engineering open borders to bring the “Condolences to the family of the young woman
The focus on Jews was anomalous. This was supposed United States to ruination while keeping Israel pure. killed today, and best regards to all of those injured, in
to be about the Confederacy and Southern heritage, Eventually the group moved on. Charlottesville, Virginia. So sad!” was his last tweet of
and defenders of the Southern cause are not always Anomalies like these tend to bemuse me. What the the day. JTA WIRE SERVICE

Jon Mufson
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• College Students and Graduates Charlottesville’s
• Career Transitions Jewish mayor is expert
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on demagogues —
• LinkedIn Site enhancements now on anti-Semitism too
• Resume Writing RON KAMPEAS
Call for a free consultation: 201-370-2134 address at an African-American church,
CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. — Michael where he urged constituents not to give
jon@mufson.com · www.linkedin.com/in/jonmufson/ Signer, the Jewish mayor of Charlottes- in to the impulse to counter hatred with
ville, has one thing in common with the hatred. But “I can see it through a Jew-
white supremacists who descended on ish person’s eyes. The KKK hates Jews
his southern Virginia city over the week- just as much as they hate black people.
end: He also opposed the removal of a The stuff with this group online about
statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee. Jews is unbelievable, bloodcurdling.
Of course, Signer’s reasons for pre- The stuff I’ve gotten on my phone at my
serving the statue would have appalled house, you’d think it was done a hun-
the supremacists. He agreed with local dred years ago.”
African-American activists who had Signer, 44, a practicing lawyer in Char-
argued that preserving the statue was a lottesville, also lectures on politics and
means of teaching Virginians about the leadership at the University of Virginia,
horrors of a “dishonorable” cause, the his law school alma mater. His wife,
Confederacy. Emily Blout, is an Iran scholar at the uni-
Signer was on the losing side of a 3-2 versity, which is in Charlottesville.
City Council decision, and the statue An Arlington native, Signer is the child
now is slated for removal. But his of journalists, but in his author’s autobi-
thoughtful approach, more typical of ography sounds like many other younger
an academic than a politician, has also liberal Jews who note with pride their
been evident in his counsel during the grandparents’ working class and intel-
rash of protests that have plagued this lectual roots:
city. “Don’t take the bait,” he has said. “My grandfather was a Jeep mechanic
In giving that advice, Signer has for the Army on the European front in
B E R G E N C O M M U N I T Y C O L L E G E noted that for the first time in his life, World War II and lifetime member of
he has been the target of intense baiting the proofreaders’ union at the New

Enroll at New Jersey’s #1 this Fall
because he is a Jew. York Times; he lost part of a finger in
“I can’t see the world through a black an industrial accident as a young man,”
person’s eyes,” he said at a June 13 he wrote. “My grandmother organized

Classes begin Sept. 1
Register Now at Bergen.edu Lights her family spent a long time talking to
FROM PAGE 19 a Muslim family. This time, because it
member, was there. “I appreciated the was late and dark, and because fewer
profoundly diverse make-up of the people brought children, there was less
crowd, even though it was somewhat opportunity to make new friends. But “I
hard to make out in the darkness,” he happened to be standing next to a pastor
said. “It’s not an easy thing for many who had brought her 8-year-old daugh-
people to disrupt their Sunday night get- ter, and we chatted for a bit.”
ready-for-the-week routine, but people After the rally was over, a man in the
Express Registration showed up, many brought kids, and crowd who had brought a musical instru-
All services in one spot! they came to be counted as a response ment — “it was dark, and I couldn’t really
to the hatred that was manifest on Satur- see what it was, and he wasn’t an official
• Register for classes
• Meet with advisors day in Charlottesville. part of the program,” Rabbi Andelman
• Speak with financial aid specialists “It’s important to have outlets to come said — began to play “America the Beau-
together across and apart from our reg- tiful,” and then another, similarly patri-
Weekdays - Aug. 24, 25, 28, 29
ular communities and groupings, and otic song. It was precisely at the inter-
8:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Teaneck Women Together and Teaneck section of cheesy and moving, she said,
Saturdays - Aug. 19 and 26 have been excellent in providing for and there, in the dark, with many people
10 a.m. - 1 p.m. that,” he added. lingering and singing along with him, the
The rally against the immigration ban cheesy part diminished and the moving
— the committee’s first big public action part took over. “It was sweet,” she said.
— was during the day, so once the for- It fit with the general tone.
mal part of the program was over peo- “There was comfort and hope and heal-
ple were encouraged to stay and talk ing, and channeling anger,” Rabbi Andel-
to each other, to reach out to people man said. “There was a lot to talk about,
they’d never talked to before, people and a lot to focus on. There was some
H A C K E N S A C K | M E A D O W L A N D S | P A R A M U S from other ethnic or religious groups. It exhortation to action, but mostly it was
worked, Rabbi Andelman said; she and about comfort, and it was about unity.”

Cover Story 147 N. Dean St.

Charlottesville’s DINE-IN ONLY
Mayor Michael
Signer speaks on

“Meet the Press”
on August 14.



Dinner Choices
Include: 99 3PM-10PM
Pot Roast Liver and Onions
Grilled Tilapia Garlic Butter
Classic Turkey Chicken &
seamstresses on her factory floor in New nationalist fervor that culminated in the Chicken Verde Potato Pancakes
York City and later worked as a secretary violence that took the life of one counter- & Corn Tamale Fried Chicken
Cakes Strips
to Hannah Arendt at the New School.” protester, injured dozens of others, and
In a January speech declaring Char- led to the death of two state troopers in a
lottesville “a capital of the resistance,”
All $9.99 dinners are served with
helicopter crash. The rally included Nazi
soup or salad, vegetables, potatoes
Signer described his grandfather as a flags, chants of “Jews will not replace us,”
& dessert of the day. No discount
“Jewish kid raised in the Bronx” who and shouts of “Jew” every time a speaker
available on orders to go.
was “part of the forces that liberated the mentioned Signer’s name.
world from Nazism and fascism, that laid “Look at the campaign he ran,” the NR-0004158021-04
For delivery call 201-355-2090
the groundwork for NATO and the Mar- mayor said of the president on CNN.
shall Plan, and for a country that lived up Signer elaborated on NBC’s “Meet the
to the promises of the Statue of Liberty.... Press,” saying of Trump, “I think they
“If he were alive right now, I don’t made a choice in that campaign, a very College Essay Coaching Services
think I could look him in the face and regrettable one, to really go to people’s
say Grandpa, I didn’t fight for the values prejudices, to go to the gutter.”
you fought for.” Signer’s tactic has been to organize
Before becoming mayor, Signer was countering events that celebrate Char-
known both for his activism in the senior lottesville’s diversity, prompting Mark
reaches of the Democratic Party — he Pitcavage, the senior research fellow at
was national security adviser for John the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on
Edwards’ 2008 primary campaign — as Extremism, to say on Twitter that Signer
well as his expertise on a subject that has “gets it.”
received much attention recently, dema- Speaking in May on “State of Belief,”
goguery. His 2009 book, “Demagogue: a radio show produced by the Interfaith
the Fight to Save Democracy from its Alliance, Signer said it was more produc- WRITE THE UNCOMMON COMMON APPLICATION
Worst Enemies,” was well received. tive to focus on the victim than the per-
The book examines successful dema- petrator. “You’re trying to ease the pain
Rising Seniors: It’s Time to Start Writing!
gogues left and right: Sen. Joe McCarthy, of someone who’s been afflicted rather The college application process has begun. Campus visits, SAT/ACT review courses,
the 1950s anti-communist who plagued than focus on the harasser,” he said. internships, and vacations all contribute to a busy summer. Get a jump on crafting a
American discourse, and Hugo Chavez, He also described the unfamiliar sen- compelling Common Application personal statement. More than 600 colleges accept
the late Venezuelan strongman and sation of being in the position of the the Common Application. Which of the (7) prompts will you choose?
leftist, both come under scrutiny. In afflicted, barraged as he was with online My clients attend an impressive list of colleges:
December 2015, before the presidential assaults from anti-Semites as the Lee
Auburn University, Boston University, Brandeis University, Champlain College, Cornell
primaries, Signer predicted that Donald statue issue was put before the council.
University, Fordham University, Franklin&Marshall, Indiana University, Ithaca College-
Trump could become a “singular men- One tweet, from the account of someone Park School of Communications, James Madison University, Lehigh University, Marist
ace to our Republic.” calling themselves Great Patriot Trump, College, New York University, Ohio State University, Penn State University, Pomona
Paraphrasing James Fenimore Coo- read “I smell Jew. If so, you are going College, Rutgers University, Temple University, The College of New Jersey, The George
per, Signer wrote then that Trump met back to Israel. But you will not stay in Washington University, University of Delaware, University of Maryland, University of
all four criteria of an American dema- power here. Not for long.” Miami, University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania, University of Pittsburgh,
gogue: “they posture as men of the “The wave of anti-Semitic attacks I’ve University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of the Sciences/Philadelphia
common people; they trigger waves of seen in the last week, it’s been a new College of Pharmacy, University of Rochester, University of Virginia, Villanova
powerful emotion; they manipulate this experience for me, I’ve never seen that University, Virginia Tech, Washington University in St. Louis, Newhouse School of
emotion for political benefit; and they before,” Signer said. “Some of the night- Communications and Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University, and more.
threaten or break established principles mare historical tropes I thought had Coaching sessions include: initial discussion, outlining/ editing the Common
of governance.” been retired after World War II” had Application essay, and drafting all college-specific supplements. I am currently
Without saying “I told you so” outright, returned as “more disturbing mash-ups accepting clients for Fall, 2017.
last weekend Signer squarely blamed of politics today and anti-Semitism.”
Trump for stoking the populist white JTA WIRE SERVICE Contact Deb Breslow to schedule your appointment now!
djbreslow@aol.com · 201-410-3598 · web: www.djbreslow.com

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Jewish World

World Economic Forum via Wikimedia Commons

Israeli Government Press Office

Israeli Government Press Office

Israeli Government Press Office

Yonatan Sindel/Flash90
Tzipi Livni Naftali Bennett Yair Lapid Prime Minister Benjamin Oren Hazan

Israeli politicians reject Trump claim
of two sides to Virginia hate march
Times of Israel Staff
rally was built on racial and conspiratorial in the Knesset: Likud’s MK Oren Hazan. Amid intense pressure, he followed up
Israeli politicians and others took aim at anti-Semitism. Marchers threw Nazi salutes Hazan insisted on Tuesday that “Trump on Monday with a direct condemnation of
President Donald Trump for comments as they waved swastika flags, proudly wore is right. Violence and extremism on any white supremacy and white nationalism,
appearing to equate neo-Nazi marchers swastika pins and shirts, and shouted ‘sieg side is forbidden and demands condem- naming the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazis.
in Charlottesville, Virginia, with left-wing heil!’ A sign carried by rally-goers warned nation. That doesn’t matter to the bleed- But a day later, on Tuesday, he again
anti-fascist activists, rejecting his assertion that the ‘Jewish media is going down’; ing hearts on the left and in the media. reiterated that “both sides” were to
that there were two sides to the story. another declared that ‘Jews are Satan’s After all, they believe that only the right is blame, saying that “there are two sides to
“There aren’t two sides,” Yair Lapid, children.’” “There is no rationalizing white extremist and violent.” every story.
head of the centrist Yesh Atid party, said supremacy and no room for this vile big- Before Netanyahu, Education Minister “What about the alt-left that came charg-
in a statement on Wednesday. “When otry. It is un-American and it needs to be Naftali Bennett had been the only major ing at the, as you say, the alt-right?” he
neo-Nazis march in Charlottesville and condemned without hesitation. President Israeli politician to speak out against the asked. “Do they have any semblance of
scream slogans against Jews and in sup- Trump has had a pattern of equivocating neo-Nazis, and on Wednesday he was guilt? What about the fact that they came
port of white supremacy, the condemna- on prejudice. joined by Jewish Home colleague and Jus- charging with clubs in their hands, swing-
tion has to be unambiguous. They repre- Israeli leaders had been criticized tice Minister Ayelet Shaked. ing clubs, do they have any problem? I
sent hate and evil. Anyone who believes in before Tuesday for failing to speak out “The neo-Nazis in the United States think they do.
the human spirit must stand against them on the violence and hateful rallies in Vir- should be prosecuted,” Shaked said on “You had a group on one side and you
without fear.” ginia over the weekend, as a group of neo- Tuesday. Allowing them to march violently had a group on the other side that was also
Despite condemning white suprema- Nazis, KKK members, and other white through American streets “was not the very violent,” he said.
cists and neo-Nazis on Monday, on Tues- nationalist groups clashed with anti- intention of the American Constitution. A Trump’s depiction of the counter-pro-
day Trump doubled down on his original fascist activists who were protesting the democratic state does not have to tolerate testers is similar to the narrative that has
statement from Saturday that equated the removal of a statue of Confederate leader such phenomena.” come from white nationalists since the
two groups of protesters, telling reporters Robert E. Lee. On Sunday, Bennett, who heads the bloody demonstration.
that “both sides were to blame” for the During the protest, marchers waved Jewish Home party, condemned the Republicans and Democrats
deadly violence that unfolded at the neo- swastikas and chanted “Jews will not white supremacist rally and called on alike expressed unhappiness with
Nazi rally on Friday. replace us” and “Blood and soil,” a popu- U.S. leaders to denounce its “displays of Trump’s statements.
“You had a group on one side and you lar Nazi chant. anti-Semitism. “We must be clear. White supremacy
had a group on the other side that was also On Tuesday evening, Prime Minister “The unhindered waving of Nazi flags is repulsive,” Republican House Speaker
very violent,” he said. Benjamin Netanyahu broke his silence and symbols in the U.S. is not only offen- Paul Ryan wrote on Twitter. “This bigotry
Tzipi Livni, a former justice minister and on the issue, tweeting that he was “out- sive towards the Jewish community and is counter to all this country stands for.
No. 2 in the opposition Zionist Union fac- raged by expressions of anti-Semitism, other minorities, it also disrespects the There can be no moral ambiguity.”
tion, also rejected Trump’s assertion. neo-Nazism and racism. Everyone should millions of American soldiers who sacri- On Monday, one of the leading figures
“When it comes to racism, anti-Sem- oppose this hatred.” ficed their lives in order to protect the U.S. of the alt-right, Richard Spencer, told The
itism and Nazism, there are never two Yet on Wednesday morning, his son and entire world from the Nazis,” he said Times of Israel that he found comfort in
equal sides. There’s good and there’s Yair dismissed the threat from “neo nazis in a statement. Trump’s original blaming of “many sides”
evil. Period,” she said in a statement scums” in a Facebook post, and slammed “The leaders of the U.S. must con- for the melee. “I think in his gut he knows
on Wednesday. the left-wing protesters at Charlottes- demn and denounce the displays of anti- that we are not the ones aggressing,”
In the United States, Jonathan Green- ville instead. Semitism seen over the past few days,” he said.
blatt, head of the anti-hate watchdog Anti- “To put things in perspective. I’m a he added. And, indeed, Trump said on Tuesday,
Defamation League, also slammed Trump Jew, I’m an Israeli, the neo nazis scums Trump came under harsh criticism, “They came at each other with clubs and it
as going “beyond the pale today in equat- in Virginia hate me and my country. even from members of his own party, for was vicious and it was horrible, and it was
ing racist white supremacists in Charlot- But they belong to the past. Their breed blaming the violence on hatred and big- a horrible thing to watch. I think there’s
tesville with counter protesters who were is dying out,” the younger Netanyahu otry “on many sides,” and not explicitly blame on both sides.”
there to stand up against hate. We have wrote. “However the thugs of Antifa and condemning the white extremist groups These remarks were met with praise by
a history in this country of presidents BLM who hate my country (and America at the rally. former KKK leader and Trump supporter
standing up to bigotry and hate. Today, too in my view) just as much are getting On Sunday, the White House released David Duke, who tweeted: “Thank you
for the second time in four days, President stronger and stronger and becoming a statement clarifying that his condemna- President Trump for your honesty & cour-
Trump did the opposite,” Greenblatt said super dominant in American universities tion of hate and bigotry at the “Unite the age to tell the truth about #Charlottesville
in a statement. and public life.” Right” Virginia rally had been in reference & condemn the leftist terrorists in BLM/
He added: “The entire Unite the Right Trump also found one explicit supporter to the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazis. Antifa.” Times of Israel

24 Jewish Standard AUGUST 18, 2017
Jewish World

This Holocaust monument in Belarus
is haunting — and subversive Reserve early
Cnaan Liphshiz
for our
KHATYN, Belarus — Even by Soviet standards,
the massive memorial complex to the victims of Nazi
atrocities that was erected near Minsk stands out for its
immense scale and ambition.
Spread across half a million square feet — roughly the
size of 10 football fields — the haunting Khatyn Memorial Sunday, September 10
is essentially a graveyard not for people, but for entire
villages that the Nazis wiped out in Belarus. Byelorus- 8:50 AM to 1 PM
sia, as it then was known, was one of the few places 56 kids, 7 hygienists, 4 doctors,
in Europe where German brutality toward non-Jews
matched their anti-Semitic savagery.
1 magician, tons of giveaways
The memorial features soil from each of the 186 vil- Checkup Parties always fill up early so call
today to make sure your family is included!
lages razed by the Nazis in Belarus — 3 million civilians
here were killed by Nazis, including 800,000 Jews — and See our video on YouTube
includes a symbolic tombstone for each village. Bell tow- 201-837-3000
ers toll here every hour for each of the houses that the Teaneck Dentist
German and Ukrainian troops burned in the former vil- Drs. Gertler, Frohlich and Solaimanzadeh
lage of Khatyn in the massacre of March 22, 1943. And General Dentistry
1008 Teaneck Road, Teaneck, NJ
there’s a bleak, black marble monument called the Wall “The Unbowed Man” statue at the Khatyn www.teaneckdentist.com
of Sorrow. Memorial in Belarus commemorates Yuzif
The monument “was revolutionary,” said Chaim Kaminsky, a survivor of Nazi atrocities, and his
Chesler, founder of Limmud FSU, a Jewish learning slain son, Adam.  John Oldale/Wikimedia Commons

group. “There is nothing quite like it anywhere in the
former Soviet Union, not in terms of scale, design, selected for the job because the government trusted him
and concept.” Limmud FSU regularly brings visitors to to deliver a monumental, patriotic message.
the monument. It didn’t hurt that Levin had nationalist credentials to
But the Khatyn monument is unusual not only for its offset his Jewish ethnicity, Lewis noted. “He was a very
size and the scale of the tragedy it commemorates. prominent architect before he made Khatyn,” Lewis
The complex’s chief architect was Leonid Levin. The said. “His work shows a commitment to Belarusian
commission was an uncommon honor for a Jew at a time nationality in a certain understanding of the term.”
of virulent state anti-Semitism in the Soviet Union. It also Levin headed projects in Minsk commemorating Made to Order Custom
features a rare Soviet depiction of individual unglorified Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas, two of Belarus’ great- Wooden Name Plaques
grief and suffering by ordinary people: a statue called est poets.
“The Unbowed Man.” To Lewis, Levin’s case is indicative of how individual
Designed by sculptor Sergei Selikhanov, the work Jews who did not engage in Zionism or other activities
shows Yuzif Kaminsky, the only villager who survived frowned upon by Moscow could be promoted within the
the Nazi massacre in Khatyn, cradling the corpse of his Soviet system, despite its anti-Semitism.
dead son, Adam. The Kaminsky family wasn’t Jewish, After the fall of communism, Leonid Levin became
but the father’s grief stands for all the suffering inflicted the head of the Jewish community of Belarus, and he
on the region — and it also stands in stark contrast to devoted much of his professional efforts to projects
typical Soviet-era statues of defiant soldiers or a glorious commemorating the Jewish genocide.
Mother Russia. The Pietà-like Kaminsky statue, Lewis said, may have
“The inclusion of such work was revolutionary when been a concession by Moscow to the population of Perfect for Birth, Brit, Baby Naming,
my father decided on it,” said Levin’s daughter, Galina Belarus, in recognition of the scale of atrocities commit- and Bar Mitzvah gifts
Levina. “Architecturally and conceptually, he was ted against their nation. A third of its population died.
Available in either Hebrew or English
decades ahead of his time.” Leonid Levin died in 2014. To Galina Levina, the architect’s daughter, this loss
The Soviet rulers selected Levin, along with two part- forever binds Jews and Belarusians. “It is even appro- Pricing starts at $125
ners, to head the project in 1967. State anti-Semitism priate that the man who designed the main monument Final costs depends on size and design
reached new heights that year, with Israel’s victory in for the tragedy of the Belarusian people be Jewish,”
the Six-Day War against Moscow’s Arab allies. “I think she said.
it was a recognition of Leonid Levin’s excellence, and a Today, hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren visit
realization that he was the best man for the job,” Galina the Khatyn monument each year. There, the country’s
Levina said. leader, Alexander Lukashenko, delivers speeches on
In 1970, Levin won the prestigious Lenin Award, the memorial days.
highest civil distinction of excellence conferred by the “It is a great honor that my father created the site that
Soviet Union, for his work on Khatyn. He became one is responsible for the main effort of genocide education
of only a handful of Jews who received it. in the country he loved so much,” Levina said.
Chesler of Limmud FSU said he found this honor “the When Leonid Levin died, he was working on a memo-
most astonishing element of the whole story” of the rial for the victims of Maly Trostenets, an extermination Simon Creative Woodworking
Khatyn monument. “Clearly, it shows Levin had a great camp where the Nazis killed the Jews of Minsk. He was not CUSTOM AND STOCK CREATIONS
deal of trust from Belarus’ communist rulers, and he able to finish the memorial. When he died, his daughter CRAFTED IN WOOD
used that trust to make something truly great,” he said. took it over. The project was completed in 2015.
Simon Lewis, a historian and research fellow at Levina said the monument was not only her father’s www.SimonCreativeWoodworking.com
the Freie Universität Berlin who has written about last project, but also “the most important” one to him. to see these and other custom creations
the Khatyn monument, said that Levin probably was  JTA Wire Service 917-742-6462
Jewish Standard AUGUST 18, 2017 25
Hate has no home here
Truth Regardless of Consequences

The speech President
L Trump should give on
et’s be clear about what hap- There is very little logical about what hap-
pened in Charlottesville. pened in Charlottesville. If the reason really
“Jews will not replace us.” was to keep up a statue of General Robert E.
That’s one of the chants that
the neo-Nazis, newly emboldened by the
Lee, a very bad man, a slave-owning traitor
to his country whose reputation as a very

new political climate, spat as they clanked good man is entirely unearned, in a park in
through the streets, weighed down by town, then why would the Nazis care? What he abomination of white hate-filled assailant rammed his car
their guns. (Virginia is an open-carry state. is General Lee to do with Nazis, or Nazis to supremacy is growing in the into a crowd of counterdemonstrators.
The results of that legislation are visually do with General Lee? United States. “I am the first American president
startling.) It seems that Jew-hating, like the hatred of President Trump has a to have Jewish children. My daughter
We should not dismiss these Nazi creeps black people, or in fact hatred of anyone not unique opportunity to establish strong Ivanka was not born Jewish. Rather,
or their KKK counterparts. They are the exactly like themselves, is endemic in some moral leadership through an eloquent she chose to become a Jew. This was
physical embodiment of hatred, and they sad corners of the United States. The Civil condemnation of racism, neo-Nazism, a decision that I supported fully, and
mean us harm. War, it seems, never ended in the minds of and bigotry. After missing the opportu- although I am not Jewish myself I
At first, they were almost figures of bum- some white people. The marchers’ hatred nity to do so in his first comments on put on a kosher Jewish wedding for
bling fun, in their silly costumes and totally of black people and of Jews is pathological. Charlottesville on Saturday, he began her and her husband, who is now
ridiculous backyard barbecue-style torches (In 1995, Tony Horwitz described the the process with sharply my senior adviser in the
and inability to march their way out of a park- conditions that led to last weekend’s hor- worded comments on White House. Since then,
ing lot. They seemed nothing like the real ror in a brilliantly written, funny, sensitive, Monday. They were not I have watched my Jewish
life Nazis, those creatures of absolute hair- and ultimately depressing book, “Confed- enough. He must devote grandchildren celebrat-
pomaded evil. But then there was violence, erates in the Attic.” It’s well worth finding an entire address to a com- ing Jewish festivals and I
culminating in the terrible death of Heather and reading.) plete and utter condemna- have personally witnessed
Heyer, murdered by car, at the hands of a It is terrifying to know that our president tion of racism and bigotry. the richness of Jewish life.
pathetic loser neo-Nazi who took his ideology sees a moral equivalence between the neo- It is in this spirit that I sug- Millions of parents were
from Hitler and his tactics from ISIS. Nazis and KKKers who marched and the gest this: robbed of the opportunity
Here is part of a report by Allan Zimmer- people who stood up to them in protest and “My fellow Americans. to watch children grow up
man, the president of Congregation Beth to bear witness. He is wrong. There is no “This past weekend we Rabbi and millions of children
Israel in Charlottesville. (You can read his such equivalence. This is not a question of witnessed one of the truly Shmuley were denied the oppor-
whole piece in ReformJudaism.org.) political correctness but of basic morality. shameful episodes in mod- Boteach tunity to be hugged and
Mr. Zimmerman starts by saying that his But somehow there must be hope. ern American history. A loved by parents because
shul hired an armed guard to stand by dur- There were many demonstrations group of white national- of the white suprema-
ing Shabbat services that morning. Then he against what happened in Charlottesville. ists and racists tried to emulate Hitler’s cist cancer known as Nazism that was
describes what he saw: The big ones were angry, as well they torchlight parade of January 1933, when allowed to grow unchecked in Europe.
“For half an hour, three men dressed in should have been. But the smaller ones, he became chancellor of Germany, “Let me be clear: I will never allow
fatigues and armed with semi-automatic like the one in Teaneck, purposely avoided right here in America. The torchlight bigotry of any kind to flourish in the
rifles stood across the street from the tem- anger in favor of trying to heal through parade of Hitler’s followers and the SS United States. While the Holocaust is a
ple. Had they tried to enter, I don’t know community, acknowledgment of shared marked the beginning of the darkest unique crime to which nothing can be
what I could have done to stop them, but values, and an understanding of the value period in the history of humankind. compared, rest assured that I as presi-
I couldn’t take my eyes off them, either. of light glowing through darkness. They “That any American group would dent will never allow the disease of
Perhaps the presence of our armed guard were local, happened all over the country, seek to copy that procession to make white nationalism to spread within our
deterred them. Perhaps their presence involved some talking, much singing, and a political statement demonstrates that borders. I will fight it with everything at
was just a coincidence, and I’m paranoid. even more hugging; admiring other peo- hatred and bigotry continue to flour- my disposal. I will condemn it through
I don’t know. ple’s shirts and signs and adorable little ish not just far away in Europe but every modern medium.
“Several times, parades of Nazis passed kids; acknowledging that differences are here in the United States. But events “America is the greatest country on
our building, shouting, ‘There’s the syna- fine, even necessary, but we need trust if only cascaded from there, with the earth, but it is not a perfect country,
gogue!’ followed by chants of ‘Seig Heil’ and we are to have a future together. demonstrations turning violent and an and it is especially guilty of the abomi-
other anti-Semitic language. Some carried And we will have a future. We will tell innocent and courageous woman, who nation of slavery which was practiced
flags with swastikas and other Nazi symbols.” the truth. There is such a thing as right had a reputation for fighting injustice, for hundreds of years before it took a
It “broke his heart,” he continued, but and wrong. In Charlottesville, one side was Heather Heyer, losing her life when a terribly violent war to end it. More than
when services were over he had to tell con- wrong, and the other side was right.
gregants to leave through the back door. And we will be able to look at our neigh- Shmuley Boteach of Englewood is the founder of the World Values Network and the
“This is 2017 in the United States of Amer- bors, smile at them, and say “Hate has no author of 30 books, including “The Fed-up Man of Faith: Challenging God in the Face of
ica,” he wrote. home here.” —JP Tragedy and Suffering.” Follow him on Twitter @RabbiShmuley.

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26 Jewish Standard AUGUST 18, 2017

700,000 Americans lost their lives in the Civil War.
We learned from that experience that if we do not ‘Give me your tired, your poor’
strongly condemn and oppose the spread of bigotry
and racism, the price that we will pay later on is Another look at immigration

greater than anything we can imagine.
“I am the president of the United States, and I he memory of my father’s trips to torture, or starvation economies.
will show leadership. When white racists march in the American consulate, which he For the past few years, the number of Mex-
against blacks and Jews in Virginia, they are offend- made monthly for five years, and icans exiting the United States was greater
ing God with their bigotry. They are offending Amer- the dejected look on his face upon than the number immigrating here, legally
ican values by their denial of the equality of all peo- his return, is forever etched on my brain. and otherwise.
ple, enshrined in the Declaration of Independence, And it is compounded by the extermination Immigrants fuel the economy, by filling
written by a man from Charlottesville. And they are of my father-in-law on a cattle train on the job vacancies — as of May 2017, there were
r offending me personally because they are attacking way to Poland, because the U.S. immigration 5.7 million job openings. The total number
my own flesh and blood. quotas supposedly were filled. of those who had lost their jobs according
t “If you know one thing about me, it’s that I’m a It is why I feel so passionately about the Sophie to the July figures, was 3,378,000. That is
r fighter. And fight them I will. needs of refugees and other immigrants to Heymann far less than the number of job vacancies.
, “I will do so, not because I’m bullied or pressured find a safe haven in this blessed U.S.A. That number does not include people who
by any outside group into condemning bigotry. I will Last week, the Trump administration have not been in the labor force recently, for
do so because it has always been a part of my per- announced support for a congressional revision of our example, homemakers, students, and recent graduates.
I sonal values system to see the infinite specialness of present, already restrictive laws to a fifty percent cut in Including all those potential workers brings the number
r every one of God’s children. It was for that reason the admission rate. Supposedly, limiting immigration will to 6,981,000.
w that I took action in Syria to stop the slaughter of provide jobs and/or higher wages for America’s workers. These potential workers might not wish to move where
Arabic Muslim children who were being gassed by Unfortunately, blaming immigrants for America’s sup- the jobs are located, or work at physically stressful jobs
, their own president, Bashar Assad. It is for this rea- posed economic woes is a long-standing inaccuracy that under difficult conditions. They may be homemakers who
son that I am also standing up to North Korea as Kim now is motivating our Congress as well as our president. cannot afford to pay for daycare. Immigrants can provide
- Jong Un brutalizes and starves his own people. And On August 3, the New York Times referred to a 55-year- inexpensive household and day care help, so that native-
I it is also for this reason that I am taking a hard line old claim that when we closed our doors to Mexican farm born women can afford to enter the labor force and earn
in Iran, which sows terror throughout the world and workers, then California farmers would once again be able higher wages. Immigrants add to our total economy —
. threatens Israel with annihilation. to earn living wages by picking tomatoes. Unfortunately, our gross domestic product — both as consumers and as
“Many people criticize me for these positions. But the tomatoes not being picked by Mexicans started being entrepreneurs.
y only a strong America, standing up for human rights, picked by machines — and they have been ever since. Since most immigrants are not allowed to participate in
is worthy of leadership. What makes the call to limit immigration so inviting to social programs, they do not burden us with health, wel-
“At my inauguration, I made it clear that I would so many? In trying to figure that out, I read every source fare, or social security costs. But they do pay taxes, thus
- put America first. Putting the needs of this country I could find on the web, from sites as conservative as the adding to our resources, not depleting them.
first is my responsibility, because I am America’s George W. Bush Institute to those as liberal as the Wash- By sharing these thoughts and fighting false facts, let
president. But America’s first need is to have strong ington Post. Although some of the articles found some Emma Lazarus’ words on our Statue of Liberty remain true.
- values that it always lives up to. And highest among subsets of our population who do not benefit from immi-
them is the belief that all people are created equal. gration, I learned every single report, overwhelmingly, of Sophie Heymann of Closter and her family escaped from
“I want any and all alt-right white supremacists to no matter what political stripe, weighed in heavily in favor Nazi Europe in 1938. She earned a B.A. at Hunter College and
w know that no matter how much support you may of immigration. an MBA at NYU, partnered with her husband at Abeles and
have given my presidency, regardless of how much Finally, I tested my long-underused MBA skills by study- Heymann, Inc., and has been an active volunteer in Closter
you may think that some of my views align with ing the just-released 40 pages of the July 2017 U.S. Bureau for more than 60 years, including eight years as mayor.
yours, I have nothing in common with you. I care of Labor Statistics, which did provide me with an inter-
- not a bit if I lose your support, because you repre- esting wrinkle: The most likely population group to be
f sent the contravention of all the values that this great harmed by immigrant labor are naturalized, under-edu-
r country I lead stands for. cated American men. Though clearly some Americans are
t “It’s time for all of you to take a good, hard look at underemployed and not earning a living wage, it is not
the irrational hatred in your heart and ask how you because they are being displaced by immigrants. Blam-
could have come to this. How is it that being blessed ing immigration is the old scapegoat that politicians use
to live in America, the greatest and freest country on when they have not been able to improve our economy
, earth, you have still turned to hate? sufficiently, nor control the increasing gap between the
- “But regardless of the conclusions you arrive at, wealth of the lower and the upper classes.
I want you to know that American law enforce- As Jews, we are mandated by God to provide for the
a ment will use any and all legal means to check and stranger. We recently read in Deuteronomy 10:18-19 “You
curb your provocations that lead to violence and shall love the stranger, for you were strangers in the land
that what happened in Charlottesville will not be of Egypt.” We are asked to provide the corners of our fields
repeated again. so that strangers, orphans, and widows may glean there.
“Thank you all. May God bless the family of Isaiah 16:4 asks us to be a refuge for the outcasts of Moab.
Heather Heyer and grant them comfort, and may As first and second generation Americans, as many of us
God bless America. are, we were welcomed into this land of plenty. Now we
must not let the doors be closed behind us by lawmakers
quoting “false facts.” That is not easy, particularly when
those false facts have been ingrained for decades. Not easy
— but not impossible.
The opinions expressed in this section are those of Think of the pebble cast into a pond. The circle grows
the authors, not necessarily those ever larger. Some basic true facts shared in our personal
contacts and social media may break the Congressional
of the newspaper’s editors, publishers, or other
log jam and bring back reason to our nation of immigrants.
staffers. We welcome letters to the editor.
First and foremost: The tighter our immigration laws,
Send them to jstandardletters@gmail.com. the greater the odds of illegal, unvetted immigrants. No
one chooses to be illegal. It is a measure of desperation
to find refuge from unbearable hardships, be it physical

Jewish Standard AUGUST 18, 2017 27

The RAISE Act Falls Short

n August 2, 2017, with the whose work is in the national interest of Moreover, the Act would system and create one that
support of President Trump, the United States); EB-3 (skilled workers or reduce the number of family- is based on points or merit.
Senators Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) professionals without advanced degrees, based immigrants to 88,000 The Act would allocate
and David Perdue (R-Ga.) as well as unskilled workers); EB-4 (“spe- per year. 140,000 immigrant visas
introduced the Reforming American cial” immigrants, such as ministers, reli- The Act also would create based on a person’s age,
Immigration for a Strong Economy Act gious workers, and employees of the U.S. a temporary nonimmigrant education, English profi-
(RAISE Act), which seeks to reform the Government abroad); and EB-5 (employ- visa (“W” visa) for parents ciency, and offered salary
current U.S. immigration system substan- ment creation immigrants or “investors”). of U.S. citizens, enabling in the United States, and
tially and replace it with a merits-based In addition to eliminating the diversity them to enter the United would require an offer of
system that ignores the benefits of family lottery and limiting the number of refu- States for an initial period Michael
J. employment from a U.S.
unity and the needs of U.S. employers. gees admitted to the United States to no of five years (with exten- Wildes employer, and proof that
more than 50,000 per year, the RAISE Act sions available), but pro- the prospective immigrant
Background seeks to reduce lawful permanent residency hibiting them from working has secured health insur-
According to the U.S. Department of based on family relationships by reducing or receiving any public benefits during ance, either through the U.S. employer
Homeland Security, in 2015, approxi- the number of visas available and restrict- or by posting a bond to purchase the
their stay. To qualify for the W visa, cer-
mately 1,051,031 people became lawful ing the types of familial relationships that tain requirements must be met: the U.S. health insurance.
permanent residents of the United States, would qualify for sponsorship. In addition, citizen must be at least 21 years old, living
Younger applicants would be allo-
with 65 percent securing their status based the RAISE Act seeks to limit employment- cated more points under the RAISE
in the United States, and responsible for
on a family relationship (parent, child, based immigration, not by number, but by the parent’s support while the parent isAct than older applicants would. For
spouse or sibling) to a U.S. citizen or a requiring experience and education that is example, the Act allocates more points
in the United States; and the U.S. citizen
lawful permanent resident; only 140,000 extremely restrictive. must provide evidence that he or she hasfor people who are between 22 and 30
people secured lawful permanent resi- arranged for the parent’s health insur- years old. Once applicants reach 31,
dent status through employment spon- Family-based immigration ance coverage, at no cost to the parent,they are allocated fewer points.
sorship. Employment-based preferences The RAISE Act would eliminate all family- for the duration of the parent’s stay in the
In addition, people with advanced
consist of five categories of workers (and based immigration except for spouses and United States. degrees in specific fields of study would
their spouses and children): EB-1 (e.g., minor children (under the age of 18 years) receive more points. Under the RAISE
people of extraordinary ability, as well as of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent resi- Employment-based Act, points are allocated based on the
outstanding professors and researchers); dents. U.S. citizens and lawful permanent Immigration highest educational degree, favoring
EB-2 (professionals with advanced degrees residents no longer could sponsor their The RAISE Act would eliminate the cur- a doctoral degree over a professional
or aliens of exceptional ability and people parents or siblings for immigrant petitions. rent employment-based immigration degree, over a master’s degree, over

Jewish summer camps — a growth industry

ach summer, as CEO of Foun- philanthropists. For PJ Library families, over several years. These new Camp Ramah in New England,
dation for Jewish Camp, I get we have partnered with the Harold Grin- investments are already pay- in Palmer, Massachusetts, and
to make my yearly pilgrimage spoon Foundation to provide the “PJ Goes- ing dividends and over time Camp Kaylie in Wurtsboro,
across North America to visit to-Camp” incentive grants. will produce a profound ROI New York, as this summer
Jewish camps. Growth also has been generated by the on the next generation. they opened brand new or
I feel fortunate to soak in incredible 11 new Jewish specialty camps introduced New and high-qualit y expanded dining and kitchen
moments — a camper conquering a fear since 2010, including camps I visited: JCC program space allows for facilities allowing them to
of heights on the zip line for the first time, Maccabi Sports in Atherton, California, the expansion of thought- continue to grow enrollment.
our Cornerstone fellows running a program Ramah Galim (of the Waves) on the shores ful, meaningful Jewish edu- Camp Morasha in Lakewood,
exploring Jewish values with campers, and in Monterrey, California, and Camp Zeke in cational experiences for all Jeremy J. Pennsylvania, starts construc-
of course, meals ending with song sessions Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains. Devel- types of weather. Camp Sabra Fingerman tion immediately after its final
filled with unbridled ruach (spirit) and joy. oped and nurtured under FJC’s Specialty on Lake of the Ozarks in Mis- session concludes.
One highlight of my visits to camps this Camps Incubator and Accelerator programs souri has opened its beautiful Over the ye ars, more
summer has been to witness firsthand the (made possible by the Jim Joseph and AVI Robert M. Beren Sports Pavilion and an air- and more camps have seen an increased
robust growth industry Jewish camp has CHAI Foundations), these new camp ven- conditioned center for arts and crafts. B’nai demand for their oldest camper divisions
become. This season boasts record-break- tures are led by outstanding young social B’rith Camp in Otis, Oregon, built a commu- — the counselor-in-training or leaders-in-
ing enrollment and innovation at Jewish entrepreneurs. Collectively, these 11 camps nity center — the Mercaz — providing much- training programs for rising high school
overnight camps across North America. already have served more than 6,000 camp- needed indoor program space in the center juniors. In many cases, these units are
Demand is driven in part by the suc- ers, more than half of whom otherwise of camp. Camp Young Judaea in Wimberley, housed in older, smaller facilities, and
cess of Foundation for Jewish Camp’s One would not have gone to a Jewish camp that Texas, opened its experiential learning cen- camps are forced to turn away qualified
Happy Camper incentive program. In the summer. We are working diligently to open ter, which has transformed the Judaic pro- and eager young Jewish leaders due to lack
last decade, more than 77,000 first-time six more specialty camps next summer. gram development and delivery. of space. This summer, a number of camps
campers have received an incentive grant Even long-established camps across We have also seen a growing trend of have opened new housing and program-
to encourage first-time camp attendance. North America are upgrading and expand- investing in space for culinary arts, raising ming space for these teen leadership pro-
In our most recent survey, campers return ing camp facilities to serve their growing the bar for teaching and enjoying kosher grams, including Herzl Camp in Webster,
for the second year at an astonishing 87 populations. Through the FJC Building Loan and Israeli cooking to a whole new level. Wisconsin, URJ’s Eisner Camp in Great
percent rate! These first-time grants are Program made possible by the generous For many camps, space constraints in Barrington, Massachusetts, and Camp
provided in partnership with local com- support of the Maimonides Fund, camps the dining halls and kitchens have inhib- Ramah in Conover, Wisconsin. Other
munities through Jewish federations, have been able to accelerate their construc- ited enrollment growth. No more, for Camp camps have similar plans for 2018.
generous foundations, and individual tion projects while donor pledges are paid Judaea in Hendersonville, North Carolina, By investing in facilities we create

28 Jewish Standard AUGUST 18, 2017

a bachelor’s degree, and over a high allocated if, in the eight years before an demonstrates our compassion for strug- been criticized for forcing highly skilled
school degree. While foreign degrees application is submitted, the applicant gling American families who deserve immigrants to take low-skilled jobs in
are acceptable, more points are allo- earned an individual Olympic medal or an immigration system that puts their new fields because possessing advanced
cated for degrees earned from U.S. col- placed first in an international sporting needs first and that puts America first.” degrees and experience did not guaran-
leges and universities. The Act strictly event where the majority of the best In making such a statement, however, tee finding jobs in their fields.
defines “professional degree” as includ- athletes in an Olympic sport were rep- President Trump seems to be ignoring While we agree that the immigration
ing only a master’s of business admin- resented. There are no points allocated the fact that many Americans are in fact system needs to be reformed, the presi-
istration, doctor of jurisprudence, or a for people who distinguish themselves immigrants who have made enormous dent should continue to value the ideals
doctor of medicine. Moreover, a bach- in the arts, entertainment, modeling, contributions to our society. Moreover, that are fundamental to American life
elor’s degree in any field will receive business, or education. our current immigration system has — family, economic opportunities, and
minimal points; master’s and doctorate Finally, the RAISE Act allocates more resulted in business development, com- the abundance of positive benefits that
degrees only receive points if they are in points for applicants who are offered a munity improvement, and innovation. foreign nationals bring to the country,
a STEM (science, technology, engineer- salary that at least 150 percent (up to and The RAISE Act’s points-based system especially in terms of the arts, entertain-
ing and mathematics) field. There are no exceeding 300 percent) of the median ignores the demands of U.S. employers ment, research, science, innovation,
points allocated for multiple degrees, or household income in the state where the for seasonal and lower-skilled workers and entrepreneurship.
for master’s and doctoral degrees that applicant will be employed and to appli- upon whom the U.S. economy relies, as Immigration reform that can make
are not in a STEM field, business admin- cants who invest between $1.35 and $1.80 well as for artists and entertainers. This America greater must balance the pri-
istration, law, or medicine. million in business in the United States will result in labor shortages that will orities of securing employment for U.S.
The RAISE Act also allocates points and maintain the investment for a period force U.S. employers to turn to other workers along with business success
based on a prospective immigrant’s longer than one year. options, such as moving their opera- and family unity. These are not compet-
mastery of the English language as tions abroad, so that they have the labor ing interests, and they are not mutually
determined by an accredited exam, Conclusion force their businesses require. exclusive.
such as the TOEFL or IELTS. The type of immigration reform pro- The supporters of the RAISE Act also
The Act also allocates points for posed by the RAISE Act is based on ignore the failure of other points or Michael J. Wildes of Englewood is the
extraordinary achievement, but only the false assumption that the num- merit-based immigration systems. For managing partner of Wildes and Weinberg,
in the sciences and athletics. Points ber of legal immigrants now entering example, the points based system in P.C., a former federal prosecutor with the
are allocated if the applicant is a Nobel the United States harms the economy. Australia and Canada, which President United States Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn,
laureate or received comparable rec- According media reports, in showing Trump has often lauded as models for an adjunct professor at the Benjamin N.
ognition in scientific or social scien- support for the Act on August 2, Pres- U.S. immigration reform have not been Cardozo School of Law, and a former
tific research. In addition, points are ident Trump said, “This legislation successful. The system in Canada has mayor of Englewood.

I feel fortunate to soak in incredible
moments — a camper conquering a
fear of heights on the zip line for the
first time, our Cornerstone fellows
running a program exploring Jewish
values with campers, and of course,
meals ending with song sessions filled
with unbridled ruach (spirit) and joy.
opportunities for programming, experi- record of growth comes from the talented,
ential learning, and community building. dedicated, and thoughtful camp directors,
When camps invest in new dining halls, the working tirelessly and under the weight of
entire community can gather together three enormous responsibility each summer. My
times a day for meals, singing, and expres- visits this summer affirmed my admiration
sions of appreciation before and after the and appreciation for the roles these lead- The B’nai B’rith camp in Otis, Oregon, built the Mercaz, a center for indoor programs.
meal. Camp nurses report healthier and ers play in enabling joyous Jewish expres-
happier campers, citing air-conditioned, sions to take hold. the myriad of issues confronting today’s truly helping to build a more vibrant Jew-
comfortable dining facilities as well as fewer I learn much from my conversations young people. In their camps, they employ ish future.
instances of dehydration and better eating with field veterans and graduates of FJC’s vision and purpose in creating a labora-
habits. Whether growing participation, leadership development programs, includ- tory for 21st century Jewish living — inten- Jeremy J. Fingerman is the CEO of the
capacity, or creating space for Jewish con- ing the Executive Leadership Institute, tional, joyous, spirited, and meaningful. Foundation for Jewish Camp. He lives in
nections, camps that upgrade their facilities made possible by the Marcus Foundation. I feel fortunate to have had the oppor- Englewood with his family; he is vice president
increase their impact. These camp professionals are on the front tunity this summer to see such growth in of Congregation Ahavath Torah there. Write to
The final secret to the field’s track lines of our Jewish future, grappling with action in the Jewish camp industry. We are him at Jeremy@jewishcamp.org.

Jewish Standard AUGUST 18, 2017 29

On running while Jewish (and Republican)

’m running for office. new federation endeavor The Jewish organizations
More specifically, I am running that gets warped due to the blames lack of innovation.
for city council in the great city of perceived and potential They both are sure of two
Hoboken. (This is not a campaign In many election dissent of key donors, true things — first, that if they
plug, and I’m not suggesting you go to leadership that focuses on had more funds they could
my campaign website, Einstein4Hobo- cycles, I have efficiency, effectiveness, achieve the goal, and sec-
ken.com, and make a donation.) I am witnessed people and achievable goals is as ond, that they are better
the only candidate running both as a rare as it is important. How than the alternative.
loud and proud member of the Jewish playing to special many times have we seen As an involved member
community and as a Republican. interest groups, the office seekers warn of Joshua of the Jewish community
It’s a legally nonpartisan race, which the end of the world if the Sotomayor- and a candidate for local
means there are no primaries and no engaging in the other person wins? How Einstein office, I want better options
party hoops and loops a potential can- theatrical politics many times have we heard on both levels. It’s up to
didate must jump through in order to Jewish organizations stress every one of us in both
appear on the ballot. So, while some of virtue signaling, that some new endeavor is the key to sty- spheres to raise the bar and demand
people have suggested playing silent on and engaging in mieing assimilation or anti-Israel bias? more substantive analysis and discus-
my Jewish identity and Republican affili- Whether the political class or in the sion, both from our would-be political
ation, I haven’t and will do no such thing. least-common- Jewish organizational world there is leaders and from those at the helm of
I have been involved in politics for denominator always another crisis around the corner. Jewish community organizations.
roughly half a dozen years, and recently It is used in both arena’s not to engage
was elected to the New Jersey Republi- appeals. the analytical area of the public’s brain Joshua Sotomayor-Einstein is a member
can State Committee. In many election but is designed to scare one into action. of the Hudson County Regional
cycles, I have witnessed people playing more palatable to their perceived vot- Whether voting or donating, the public Jewish Council, a Republican State
to special interest groups, engaging in ing masses. This is a problem in politics is almost never given an honest assess- committeeman, and an independent
the theatrical politics of virtue signaling, that unfortunately is common in organi- ment of their investment. Both the candidate for Hoboken City Council. He
and engaging in least-common-denom- zational Jewish life as well. politician and the organizational Jew- founded the Moishe House in Hoboken
inator appeals. All of this has required Whether a municipal master plan that ish world always have excuses for their in 2007 and has been published in more
those politicians to mute their own is never voted on because its current failure to deliver on their past promises. than 13 papers and websites.
identities in order to make themselves incarnation might offend someone or a The politician blames the opposition.


First they came for the excluding its benevolence and tolerance about negligence and living in a world War. At the top of the list was racism and
chasidim… from groups that are not in fashion. screaming about equality and who did slavery. The traitorous Confederacy and all
A Jewish newspaper, devoting enor- Perhaps we need to update Mar- what to whom, who was where first. It that was involved remains the glaring sym-
mous space to the argument that the tin Niemoller’s famous WWII poem is certainly not about education. bol of an ugly and destructive heritage.
Mahwah eruv dispute is not anti-Semi- to now read, “First they came for the The hatred for Israel, of Jews, the Jew- I believe that all artifacts alluding
tism (“Wired,” August 11) it’s anti-chasi- chassidim….” ish Nation, Israel. to those leaders and the Confederacy
dism; it’s about, to quote your article, Harry J. Reidler The hatred for people of color, the (including Stone Mountain in Georgia)
not wanting neighborhoods to change, Englewood hatred for those with certain illnesses be removed from public domain and
opposing a group that moves en masse, and disabilities. The hatred of religious relocated to private collections and
ignores building code, is not in sync It’s about ignorance beliefs and the belief in religion itself as museums.
with the common feel of an American It is so simple to hate; in the name of final and finite. I applaud President Trump for force-
neighborhood, etc. religion, in the name of color, in the All of it is the ignorance we live with fully and specifically clarifying his con-
Did you read what you wrote? This name of beliefs, heritage and culture. and are near and are surrounded by and demnation of white supremacists (KKK,
screed is the same, racist, ugly, hateful It is simple to hate what is not under- lead by, in our country…. Neo Nazis, etc.) and all other extremists
argument that was used for decades to stood; so much more simple than read- The false news, the fake news, the who promote hatred, xenophobia and
exclude African-Americans — that they ing and listening and communicating fake lives…. All of it ignorance.. violence. Organizers of demonstrations
bring crime and slums and force neigh- and trying to find out why and how. Sandra Steuer Cohen that seek hatred and division of Ameri-
borhoods to change. It is the same argu- Most people, even the most educated Teaneck cans are criminals. They should not be
ment that is now used to exclude honor- among us, hate because it is easiest, given permits to congregate. If they suc-
able, devout Muslims. Not long ago, this because then they can shove some other Tear down the statues ceed in causing (potential or actual) lethal
same argument was used to reject even kind of people in the closet rather than I believe that all leaders (political and violence they must be prosecuted to the
secular and Reform Jews from exclusive talking with them or learning truly who military) of the Confederacy are guilty fullest extent of applicable law.
schools, clubs, and other venues. they are. Because that would make life of treason against our beloved republic. Jerrold Terdiman MD
This kind of thinking is a direct a bit more complicated. So why bother? I hold that they should be stripped of Woodcliff Lake
byproduct of today’s regressive-progres- When I see continuous repetitions of all honors that have been accorded to
sive identity politics; the failure to view the same train of thought on hatred, I them up until the present time with the CORRECTION
people as individuals, but only as mem- wonder if those who walk around with permission of the United States. This In last week’s piece, “The Items,” by Lyndra
bers of a group, with society doling out signs and join radical killing machines includes burial in the sacred Arlington Kraar, we said that Piotrkowska Street was
its favors to those groups that can best actually understand the meaning of National Cemetery. “inside the Lodz Ghetto.” In fact, it was outside
advocate for their own victimhood and those groups. It’s about ignorance, it’s There were many causes for the Civil the ghetto.

30 Jewish Standard AUGUST 18, 2017
Healthy Living & Adult Lifestyles

What is an embryologist?

f you or a loved
one is having dif-
ficult y conceiv-
ing, you may have
re searched in vitro
fertilization options.
Melissa Nanidzhanyan,
an embryologist at The
Valley Hospital Fertility
Center, defines in vitro
fertilization, which is
commonly referred to
as IVF, as “a process that
begins with ovulation
induction to stimulate a
woman’s ovaries. Next,
the eggs are harvested
through an ultrasound-
guided technique. Once
the eg gs have been
retrieved, they are fertil-
ized and grown in a lab-
oratory for three to five
days before the embryos
are transferred into the
woman’s uterus or fro-
zen for implantation at a
later date.”
A key member of an
IVF patient’s clinical
team is her embryologist. “An embry- to have the embryo implanted into her
ologist is a scientist who has a bachelor’s uterus.
degree in the clinical sciences and who If the embryos require genetic testing, Discover

participates in continuing education to five cells are gathered from the embryo
ensure that she is aware of any clinical on day five or six after insemination. The more ways
developments in the field of embryology. cells are then sent to a specialized lab for
She specializes in the care of embryos genetic testing, which can take approxi- to live well

from the time of egg retrieval to the time mately a week. While the cells are under-
when the embryo is implanted into the going genetic testing, the embryologists
woman’s uterus,” explains Nicole Burns, will closely examine the embryos to
Embryologist, The Valley Hospital Fertil- identify those that are morphologically
ity Center. The embryologist is respon- strongest. This includes testing all 23
sible for: chromosomes for any visible abnor-
malities. Because of the length of time
Call for a free consultation
• Maintaining the lab environment for
the duration of the embryo’s stay in
involved in these additional steps, the
patients are generally completing a
the lab frozen cycle rather than a fresh cycle.
• Ensuring that the lab environment However, for certain patients, this extra
mimics that of a woman’s uterus testing can increase the chance of a suc-
Do you want to live independently and stay in your
• Inseminating the eggs to create cessful pregnancy by reducing instances own home? We can help. Whether it’s stimulating
embryos of miscarriages.
• Freezing sperm, eggs and embryos The Valley Hospital’s Fertility Center is
social activities at our Gallen Center, an aide to help
• Grading and observing the embryos led by Ali Nasseri, M.D., Ph.D., medical with housework, a care manager to help plan for
• Performing laser biopsies on certain director and Dehan Chen, M.D., associ-
the future, or guidance to keep your home safe —
embryos to screen for genetic diseases ate clinical director. Also practicing at
the center is Keri L. Greenseid, M.D. The we’re here. Talk to one of our experts today.
As an IVF patient, there are two differ- center’s staff understands the emotional
ent embryo cycles that may be involved and psychological concerns of couples
in your care. The first, a fresh cycle, and individuals seeking infertility treat-
involves the embryologist inseminat- ment and possesses not only the medi-
ing the egg so that an embryo can be cal expertise responsible for superior
implanted into the patient’s uterus five success rates, but the caring and com-
days after the egg’s retrieval. The second passionate approach that leads many
A Member of The Jewish Home Family
cycle is called the frozen cycle. In the fro- patients to recommend the program to
zen cycle, the embryologist creates the family members and friends.
embryos and freezes them rather than To learn more about the center or jewishhomeathome.org
implanting them. The patient will return to schedule a consultation, please call
to the office approximately a month later (201) 634-5400. Jewish Home at Home is a not for profit, non-sectarian program
open to all seniors regardless of race, religion or ethnic origin.

JH@H Ad 2k16 CL v2.indd 1 8/26/16
Jewish Standard AUGUST 31
2:14 PM
18, 2017
Healthy Living & Adult Lifestyles

Attitude is everything inconvenience and obligation instead of
a milestone.
For Baby Boomers who spent a life-
time in the spotlight building a soci-
A senior’s contributions may seem ety after World War II and the Cold
Richard Portugal hummingbird’s wings, holding its head limited, but are actually just beginning. War, it comes as a communal shock to

steady as it dips for a flower’s honey, reveal- Our time on this green planet may seem be expected to be spectators and not
ttitude is everything. It is who we ing the mastery of form and function. It is truncated, the years winding down participants on history’s grand path
are, who we want to be, who we what gives meaning to an entity’s existence. rather than seemingly limitless, but their forward. As seniors well know, youth
can be! Attitude is not just perti- And attitude is everything to a human impact is magnified due to this short- is a wonderful commodity, bring-
nent to humans — we observe it being: our body position and language, the ened duration. It all depends on attitude. ing energy, innovation and novelty to
in all species. It is like the air we breathe; it gleam in our eyes, the bounce in our step A participant in one of my senior timeless issues. Youth deserves and
is all around us. and how we express our path, our balance exercise classes demonstrates an atti- will earn its responsibilities. But seniors
Observe a hawk floating in a lazy arc high and coordination. It is attitude that defines tude that is wonderfully motivational. have much to contribute. Sitting on the
in the air. Folding its wings, it drops like a who we are. It is a basic charisma that ema- She does not intend to inspire, but her sidelines is a choice. Attitude makes
missile on unsuspecting prey and then nates from our inner soul to radiate out- positive energy is infectious. She has fun that choice obvious!
gracefully floats upward on a warm updraft. wards; it is an announcement of our pres- with the exercises, grows with them,
A lion’s roar alone defines the jungle king, its ence in this world. Stephen Hawkins does and expresses a joy that inflates each Richard Portugal is the founder and
mane dancing in the warm African breeze, not require physical speed and agility to day as she lives it. Seniors can bemoan owner of Fitness Senior Style, which
its teeth a carnivore’s allure. To its rear, a substantiate his worth; his attitude flows the shortening of their remaining time or exercises seniors for balance, strength,
cheetah sprints at sixty miles per hour, its from the beauty of his mind. Nelson Man- embrace the relevancy of each day left. and cognitive fitness in their own
mere speed a dazzling display of charisma dela’s twenty-seven years in prison did not We can lament being placed on society’s homes. He has been certified as a senior
and charm. In the far off distance, a moun- define him; it was his attitude upon release. injured reserve list or instead make rel- trainer by the American Senior Fitness
tain gorilla thumps its chest in a pantomime Eleanor Roosevelt’s sense of self was dimin- evant our time, energies and endeavors. Association. For further information, call
that has always asserted bold intent. Notice ished through her difficult formative years, It is all in the attitude! (201) 937-4722.
two tame leashed dogs on a city street. Size yet it was her attitude that gave impact and
does not dictate dominance; it is stance remembrance to her life.
and a long forgotten but still present wolf- Many people show remarkable dexterity in
ish arrogance. confronting their life’s demons, and dig deep
It is these various attitudes that define
those animals we behold. Stature is the
to turn misfortune into courageous action.
Most seniors fall into this category, for when
Blue light from our phones
essence of attitude; it is in the eyes, the turning a certain older age, society regards damages our sleep
body language, the walk. The speed of a you as a liability rather than an advantage; an
Brian Blum melatonin production.
Melatonin regulates the body’s bio-
It’s been known for a while now that logical clock so that “when the body

CURRENTLY AVAILABLE AT exposure to short-wavelength “blue light”
from our phone and tablet screens can
moves into sleep it begins to reduce its
temperature, reaching the lowest point

CRANE’S MILL harm our sleep. Apple introduced a fea-
ture called “Night Shift” in the latest oper-
at around 4:00 am,” Haim explained.
“When the body returns to its normal
ating system for the iPhone and iPad that temperature, we wake up.”
CALL 973-276-6700 & MENTION THIS AD cuts down the blue light in the evenings The blue light led the body to main-
TO LEARN HOW WE CAN PAY FOR YOUR MOVE! before bed. A popular add-on called F.lux tain its normal temperature throughout
does the same for desktop computers. the night, rather than cooling down and
Essex Apartment But researchers were not clear just warming up.
881 sq. ft. INDEPENDENT LIVING AT how bad blue light can be for our sleep The most significant finding was that
CRANE’S MILL IS ALL-INCLUSIVE: until a new study conducted by the Uni- exposure to blue light drastically disrupts
Transportation, Meal Plan, Housekeep- versity of Haifa and Assuta Sleep and the continuity of sleep. Whereas after
Fatigue Institute was published in the exposure to red light — at both intensi-
ing, Activities, Entertainment, Utilities,
journal Chronobiology International. ties — people woke up an average of 4.5
24-Hour Emergency Response System,
Led by Dr. Abraham Haim from the times (including unnoticed awakenings),
and so much more!
University of Haifa, the researchers sat following exposure to weak blue light,
19 healthy subjects aged 20 to 29 in front 6.7 awakenings were recorded. And with
of computer screens between 9 and 11 exposure to strong blue light, that rose to
Livingston Apartment unique floor plan with space for
p.m. in the Assuta sleep lab. The par- as many as 7.6 awakenings.
960 sq. ft. entertaining.
ticipants were exposed to four types As a result, participants reported in
TWO BEDROOM “LIVINGSTON” of light: high-intensity blue light, low- their questionnaires that they felt more
two large bedrooms including an intensity blue light, high-intensity red tired and in a worse mood after blue
oversized master bedroom suite, split- light, and low-intensity red light. light exposure.
style layout perfect for guests, tons of Following the exposure, they were The study didn’t look at the effect of
closet space. connected to instruments that measure exposure to blue light during the day,
brain waves and to a wearable device but Haim notes that exposure to screens
Morris Apartment
TWO BEDROOM W/ DEN “MORRIS” called “an actigraph” that monitors “is an integral part of our technologi-
1,111 sq. ft. open and airy, huge master bedroom when a person is awake and when the cally advanced world and will only
suite, oversized screened-in porch. person is sleeping based on movement. become more intense in the future. For-
Participants also filled in a sleep diary. tunately, various applications are avail-
LUXURY COTTAGE HOMES The researchers’ conclusion: expo- able that filter the problematic blue
SOLD OUT please call for wait list info. sure to blue light reduced the duration light,” reducing the damage our devices
of sleep by approximately 16 minutes are wreaking on our sleep.
on average. This occurred in large part And the good news is that it’s “not the
973-276-6700 because exposure to blue light sup- screens themselves that damage our bio-
459 Passaic Avenue presses the production of melatonin, logical clock, and therefore our sleep,
View all 21 floor plans at a hormone critical for sleep health. but the short-wave blue light they emit.”
West Caldwell
cranesmill.org Exposure to red light does not affect Israel21c.org

32 Jewish Standard AUGUST 18, 2017
The CareOne Respite program is a cost effective way to provide the comprehensive care your loved one needs. It is an option
- that provides caregivers with peace of mind so they can enjoy time away and a much deserved rest during the holidays.
Regain your strength to continue to be a great care provider.

t CareOne Respite Program includes: Personal care assistance, daily activities and programs, delicious chef prepared cuisine,
rehabilitation services, beauty salon and spa, 24 hour monitoring and assistance, complimentary laundry, and beautiful grounds
, CareOne at Cresskill CareOne at Wellington CareOne at Teaneck CareOne at Ridgewood Avenue
221 County Rd. 301 Union St. 544 Teaneck Rd. 90 W. Ridgewood Ave.
h Cresskill, NJ 07626 Hackensack, NJ 07601 Teaneck, NJ 07666 Paramus, NJ 07652
www.careonecresskill.com www.careonewellington.com www.careoneteaneck.com www.careoneridgewoodavenue.com
201.567.9310 201.487.4900 201.862.3300 201.652.1950
CareOne at Valley CareOne at Oradell CareOne at Woodcrest CareOne at Wayne
300 Old Hook Rd. 600 Kinderkamack Rd. 800 River Rd. 493 Black Oak Ridge Rd,
Westwood, NJ 07675 Oradell, NJ 07649 New Milford, NJ 07646 Wayne, NJ 07470
www.careonevalley.com www.oradellhcc.com www.woodcresthcc.com www.careonewayne.com
201.664.8888 201.967.0002 201.967.1700 973.692.9500
Take a virtual tour at www.care-one.com
e Toll Free 877.99.CARE1


Jewish Standard AUGUST 18, 2017 33
Healthy Living & Adult Lifestyles
 a pt
Ben-Gurion University’s
of  Fily... Medical School
for International Health

nder the best of circum- that dissonance. With Dr. Shimon Glick,
stances, attending medical a founding member of BGU’s Faculty of
school is a daunting under- Medicine and a leader in the practice
(Resident, Lillian Grunfeld with her daughter, taking. Add to the equation of medical humanism and medical eth-
Dir. of Community Relations, Debbie Corwin)
studying in a country thousands of miles ics, we learned that this oath and this
from home with different customs and ceremony is in place to bear on us the
language. To some, such a situation responsibilities and duties, and not just
would be out of the question. However, rights, of medicine…...the Physician’s
to those who are up to challenge, the Oath is a guiding hand, a statement of
THE PROMENADE rewards will far exceed those of your typ- our duty to serve, and a reminder to be
• SPACIOUS, FULLY FURNISHED APARTMENTS AT CHESTNUT RIDGE ical medical school experience. Entering agents of change for the benefit of our
• DAILY LIFESTYLE ACTIVITIES TO ENRICH MIND, BODY & SPIRIT its 20th year, Ben-Gurion University’s patients and our communities.”
• RN DIRECTOR OF WELLNESS PROGRAM Medical School for International Health Students come from all across the
(MSIH) is producing the medical lead- globe, where they blend together, sup-
• RESPITE PROGRAM AVAILABLE 845-620-0606 ers of the next generation. With global port each other and learn to embrace
• LICENSED BY NYSDOH PROMENADESENIOR.COM health modules during all four years of their differences. Wentiirim Annankra, a
• CONVENIENTLY LOCATED ON THE ROCKLAND/BERGEN BORDER study, students are prepared for a chang- second year student from Ghana, writes
ing world. Located in Beer Sheva, Israel, that upon arrival in Israel she found

Come Fe O Wm
third year clinical work is done at Soroka many new customs she was unfamiliar
University Medical Center and other with. For instance, at first to see an entire
facilities in Israel. country shut down on Friday afternoon
VISIT US ON THE WEB AT PROMENADESENIOR.COM Many of these unique experiences are for the Sabbath seemed a bit odd. Wen-
documented by the students in monthly tiirim states, “With time this culture of
blogs which are posted by first year stu- observing the Sabbath began to slowly
dents. Chelsea Powell, a MSIH third year seep into my personal life as well.” As the
student once wrote: “On a clinical rota- demands of medical school increased,
Brightview. tion in the pediatric ward of Soroka, the Wentiirim was finding herself isolated

Bright Life! class met with a Bedouin father whose
young daughter was hospitalized after
pouring a pot of boiling water on her-
from family and friends. She states, “I
was getting drained and exhausted. I did
not want to be tired every time I sat down
self. He had never been to the hospital to study. I wanted to enjoy studying and
before and was initially concerned that learning new things. I don’t know when I
his identity as a Bedouin might compro- made my mind to try to observe the Sab-
mise the quality of care his daughter bath like some people did here in Israel,
would receive. Instead, he was amazed and really enjoy the various holidays we
at how little that mattered. He noted that have during the year. But that was one of
his daughter’s health care team had one the best decisions I have made so far……
goal, and that was to help her. Israel is a During this time, I catch up with fam-
place of profound passions, vastly differ- ily, friends, personal hobbies, and other
ent cultures, and political conflict; con- things that really matter to me apart
fronting all of it prompts daily consider- from studying….Mind you, if you had
Independent Living: It’s the carefree ations. Soroka is a sanctuary from all of suggested this idea to me before I came
retirement you’ve dreamed of! At Brightview, that, a place where coexistence thrives. to medical school, I might have told you,

Let Your all you have to do is what you want to do. Hearing this Bedouin father speak about
Soroka in such a positive way reinforced
“no way …” but… well ….”
Students at MSIH complete medical

Bright Life Assisted Living: Highly trained
associates provide the care you need.
my belief in the power of medicine to
transcend conflict.”
Graduates of MSIH have a keener
understanding of what it means to be
rotations and clerkships in Israeli medi-
cal centers, such as Soroka University
Hospital. Dr. Asher Moser, MSIH Asso-
ciate Director for Student Affairs, often
Shine Wellspring Village®: a successful physician with a better
understanding of the patients they will
shares with his students many of his
experiences including a mission to Nepal
at Bergen County’s Premier Compassionate professionals
be treating. This excellence in educa- to administer medical care after a dev-
deliver our highly specialized
Senior Living Community tion and training is recognized by insti- astating earthquake. This strong founda-
dementia care program tutions across the United States and tion serves the students well when they
in a state-of-the-art Canada as demonstrated by a residency return to North America for their fourth
neighborhood. match rate on par with top US medical year electives and the years beyond.
schools. Jay Berkes, another third year MSIH students have the opportunity to
MSIH student, explains, “At MSIH and not only learn in a traditional classroom
Call Cindy or Mary to Ben-Gurion University, like hundreds of setting, but the ability to integrate their
schedule your personal visit. institutions around the world, we take a lessons into practice. In 2015, Mark Hyla-
201.479.9437 Physician’s Oath at the start of our medi- rides, a third year student, joined a small
cal studies to guide us on a path through international team organizing long-term
396 Forest Avenue • Paramus, NJ 07652

34 Jewish Standard AUGUST 18, 2017
Healthy Living & Adult Lifestyles

Do You Suffer From
Chronic Pain and or Illness...
We are here to help in the comfort of your home.
projects with community leaders in Amman and out-
lying towns with the goal to alleviate conditions for ® WE OFFER:
Syrian refugees throughout the region.
In 2012, MSIH students Jonah Mink (‘12) and Tobin
Greensweig (‘13) discovered, while completing their MS GROUP FITNESS CLASSES
global health elective at the Israeli Ministry of Health’s
Refugee Clinic in Tel Aviv, that despite the best of
intentions, patient files were often missing or inac- DEMENTIA BALANCE
cessible to the volunteer staff who were treating the TO IMPROVE:
patients. Together they drafted and later helped cre-
ate a proposal for a project to implement electronic
medical records, using software that is easily custom-
ized for the clinic’s needs. The system has streamlined
the record system allowing the attending physician to
have access to a patient’s previous records. COGNITIVE
To learn more about Ben-Gurion University’s FIBROMYALGIA FITNESS
Medical School for International Health, visit msih.
bgu.ac.il, and join an Open House and Information
Session at the Ben-Gurion University’s New York
Call to Schedule your Personal Evaluation
admissions office on Wednesday evening, Septem-
ber 13th at 6:30 pm. To register for the open house,
visit: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/medical-school- www.FitnessSeniorStyle.com
open-house- -36836680503.


MIRIAM APARTMENTS at 2014 2015 2016


Apartment Features:
• 24 Hour Security
• Beauty/Barber Shop
• Healthcare Counseling
• Housekeeping
• Kosher Dinner Meal
• Rabbi & Synagogue on-site
• Recreational Activities
In a beautiful, suburban setting, experience privacy in your one bedroom apartment with supportive services • Shabbot Elevators
while remaining independent with dignity. Apartments are available to seniors age 62 and over and/or • Social Services
persons with mobility impairments. The Miriam Apartments, located on the 13-acre campus of Daughters of • Transportation Assistance
Miriam Center/The Gallen Institute, are just over five miles from Routes 4 and 17 and directly off the Garden
State Parkway. In addition, we are easily accessible from the NJ Turnpike, Routes 80, 46 and 3 and less than For a tour and/
15 miles from New York City. Independent living at the apartments is just one facet of the continuum of care or application call
offered at Daughters of Miriam Center. Whatever your needs might be — independent living, rehabilitation, (973) 253-5311
or skilled nursing care — the Center offers it all, in a Jewish environment, in one location. All apartments are unfurnished.

135 Hazel Street, Clifton, NJ 07011 · (973) 253-5311 · www.daughtersofmiriamcenter.org
Daughters of Miriam Center/The Gallen Institute is a beneficiary agency of the Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey.

Jewish Standard AUGUST 18, 2017 35
Healthy Living & Adult Lifestyles

It could be a scam
Serving the Jewish community The ways in which one can be scammed 4. You are asked to provide sensitive
of Bergen County for 12 years seem to multiply each year. There are personal information such as a social
phone scams, computer scams, mail security number, credit card data, bank
All certified home health aides scams, and lottery scams to name a few. account number, email, PIN number, or
licensed, bonded and criminal More recently, the “grandparents scam,” personal passwords.
where an older adult receives a call from 5. The caller avoids answering ques-
background checks a “grandchild” who needs money imme- tions about who they are or how they
diately to get out of a dire situation, has got your number.
RN supervision & coordination become popular. This scam, and others, 6. The caller threatens with arrest or
target senior citizens as they are viewed legal action, becomes hostile, or uses
as a population with financial assets profanity if you don’t “pay up!”
Hourly, live-in and respite care
who tend to be more vulnerable. AARP 7. Someone tells you to pay money up
reports that that older adults are duped front before you can receive your pur-
24/7 live on-call service out of an estimated $3 billion every year. ported winnings.
The proliferation of scams has led to 8. The “official” documents you
Complimentary social work increased efforts to educate older adults receive have misspellings, poor gram-
and the community about fraud and mar, and/or fake looking logos.
services how to prevent becoming a victim. For 9. You are directed to send money in
example, August has been designated as non-traditional ways; by wire transfer,
Linkages to other elder care AARP’s Fraud Fighting Month and the money orders, or pre-paid debit cards.
options New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs 10. The call or solicitor persists even
is providing educational materials to after you say you are not interested.
help citizens protect themselves against If you suspect you have been targeted
fraud. Regardless of the specific scam, by a scammer, or have actually been a
there are common techniques used by victim of fraud, you can file a complaint
1.866.7FREEDOM scammers to intimidate their targets.
The Division of Consumer Affairs’ “Top
by contacting the New Jersey Division
of Consumer Affairs at 800-242-5846.
Ten Red Flags That It Might Be a Scam” Share this list with friends and family.
provides warning signs that indicate you If you are an older adult and have an
may be the victim of fraud. Being aware aide who provides care, you may want
of these common tricks, can help older to share this list with your aide as well.
adults identify scams and foil the crimi- The aide may be helpful in alerting you
nal’s plan. Below is a slightly abbreviated to possible scams and helping you make
version of this list. The complete list can a call to file a complaint if needed.
be found at http://www.njconsumeraf- Freedom Home Healthcare, located in
fairs.gov/fightingfraud/ Hackensack, was founded in 2003 by a
1. You are told not to tell any- group of dedicated and compassionate
body about your alleged “prize” or experts in geriatrics. We are proud to
“winnings.” represent more than 200 years of pro-
2. You are pressured to “act quickly” fessional experience in aging, a 3 year
without thinking to “take advantage of a winner of the national recognition of
great opportunity,” or to “avoid criminal the Best of Home Care Award (only 1%
or legal proceedings.” of company’s achieve this honor) and a
3. You get an offer of “guaranteed” most proud CHAP accredited Health Ser-
investment returns, lottery winnings, or vice Firm. www.freedom-homehealth-
promises of free money. care.com (201) 883-1200

Andiamo Restaurant to host
18th annual benefit motorcycle ride
Andiamo Restaurant will host its 18th Profits will support the Englewood
annual Benefit Motorcycle Run on Sun- Hospital and Medical Center Founda-
day, September 10 at 10:20 a.m., bring- tion, Haworth Volunteer Ambulance,
ing together nearly 1,000 riders and Special Olympics, Haworth Police Auxil-
thousands of participants in one of New iary, Andiamo Scholarship to St. Therese
Jersey’s largest fundraisers on wheels. School, and other local charities.
Both these women are Why Weight success stories Led by a motorcycle police brigade, Don Dickstein, owner of Andiamo
with representatives from police depart- Restaurant, initially launched the run
The New Year is coming. ments from all over New Jersey and New in 2000 to raise funds for the Cresskill
How about a new you? Start now! York, the ride departs from Andiamo Police Department, and has since
Restaurant in Haworth and follows a expanded the event in support of addi-
• Real Food • No Drugs • Daily Coaching 70-mile course through Bergen and tional charity beneficiaries.
Rockland Counties - as the course is fully To register, visit: andiamorun.com or
Call Today! 844-949-9344 escorted, your feet will never touch the call (201) 384-1551
ground. When the ride wraps up, Andi- Rider Fee: $30 / Passenger Fee: $15
www.whyweightonline.com amo Restaurant hosts a block party cel- Block Party: Free for ride participants,
Convenient locations near you. ebration with food and entertainment. all others pay $10 for unlimited food.

36 Jewish Standard AUGUST 18, 2017
Professional Hearing Aid Center
Photo left to right: Bill and Tani Austin, owners of Starkey Hearing Technologies with
Peggy Stanlick and Mark Salvesen, owner of Professional Hearing Aid Center.

Mr. Salvesen has been owner/operator of Professional Hearing Aid Center for over 30 years. Mark has been helping people
a member of
the International Hearing Aid Society since 1989. He is also a member of the American Auditory Society. Mark enjoys all
facets of his profession and over the years has been honored for his achievements. Mr. Salvesen has been presented
multiple awards over the past three decades. Most recently he was presented with the directors award from Starkey Hearing
Technologies for going above and beyond to help the hearing impaired in his community. Mark is an active member of the
Starkey Hearing Foundation and has donated his time to mission work in several different countries. Professional Hearing Aid
Center has received the Hearing Angel Award from the Foundation and remains committed to our mission work both
home and abroad.

a decade. Prior to that, Peggy was Director of Social Services in a nursing care facility. Peggy enjoys working with product
development, keeping Professional Hearing Aid Center at the cutting edge of technology in the hearing healthcare industry.
Ms. Stanlick has trained Dispensers throughout New Jersey and received many awards for her dedication to serving the
hearing impaired. Ms. Stanlick is actively involved in raising awareness about hearing loss and conducts educational seminars
throughout the year in the community. Ms. Stanlick has been honored by the International Hearing Aid Society for excellence
and continues to bring new, innovative and award winning products and techniques to the practice.

New Jersey Hearing Aid Dispenser License# 535*/1086**

call for an appointment at (201) 343-1980

Jewish Standard AUGUST 18, 2017 37
Healthy Living & Adult Lifestyles

Medication-free, FDA-approved depression treatment now available
TMS Centers of America has opened centers in Englewood areas of the brain that are associated with mood. Since its treatment centers, Klein, along with his wife, Batya,
and Paramus as well as Columbus Circle and the Upper FDA approval in 2008, more than 25,000 patients have are diligently working to educate physicians and
East Side of Manhattan. The centers are dedicated solely to been treated with impressive, measurable results, many of patients about the success achieved through TMS
treating patients with Major Depressive Disorder and other whom experience full remission from depression. therapy.
behavioral health challenges such as anxiety and OCD. TMS Ben Klein, founder of TMS Centers of America, is “I was astounded by the lack of awareness in the
(Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) treatments are an effec- excited to offer this treatment to patients in the Bergen medical community about the availability and effec-
tive, non-invasive medication-free protocol with little to no County and New York City areas. A lifetime entrepreneur tiveness of TMS treatment. I also have a personal con-
side effects associated with medications. with a wide-ranging healthcare business-development nection with a close family member who suffers from
TMS treatment uses targeted magnetic energy to stimulate background that includes pharmaceuticals, clinics and depression and has successfully undergone TMS treat-
ment. She said ‘two things saved my life; my dog and
TMS’. Amazing! This has led me to further explore
how to best provide access to this life-changing treat-
ment method to patients across the country,” stated
Mr. Klein.
While TMS has been FDA-approved for almost
a decade, many patients and physicians alike are
unaware of its overwhelming success. Drug compa-
nies control a very large part of the healthcare indus-
try. Therefore, more often than not, patients who suf-
fer from major depression are offered a prescription or
even a “cocktail” of different prescriptions. Typically
these prescriptions don’t always work and are accom-
panied by significant side effects. “Of the 16.1 million
U.S. adults who suffer from major depressive disorder,
4 million of them are poorly served, either from inad-
equate response to medication or intolerance to side
effects,” explained Klein.
The treatment protocol is 18 minutes, sitting up com-
fortably in a chair while the pulses are being delivered.
Patients can read, chat, watch TV or listen to music
while being treated. The best part is they can go about
the rest of their day without any adverse side effects.
If you or a loved one is suffering from depression you
can call TMS Centers of America for a consultation at
(800) 688-3609. Specialists will answer any questions
you might have and help with the insurance verifica-
tion process, since TMS treatment is covered by most
insurance providers.

Brightview Tenafly
awarded 2017 Readers’
Choice honors
for second year
For the second consecutive year, Brightview Tenafly
has been awarded the Jewish Standard’s 2017 Readers’
Choice Award.
The community finished second place in the
Assisted Living Multiple Locations category.
“We are thrilled with this honor,” says Toni Musto,
executive director of Brightview Tenafly. “And send
a big thanks to all the readers and fans for this dis-
tinction. We are humbled that the larger community
thinks so much of us.”
Brightview Paramus took third place in the Retire-
ment Community category.
“We’ve only been open for eight months or so,”
says Stephen Nichols, executive director at Brightview
Paramus. “This honor is important to us, and says a lot
about this incredible community.”

38 Jewish Standard AUGUST 18, 2017
More than
Healthy Living 411,000 likes. Doctors should
Like us on be managing
North Jersey Surgical Facebook. their patients’ care,
joins Holy Name
Medical Partners not their I.T. care.
North Jersey Surgical located in Hackensack is now a Medical Practice Networks • Digital Imaging • WIFI • Firewalls
member of Holy Name Medical Partners, the medi- Managements Software • HIPAA Compliant • Servers • GApps/0365 Email
cal center’s physician network comprising more than
100 multi-specialty providers with convenient practice
facebook.com/ SErvING Garb I.T. Group
locations throughout Northern New Jersey. BErGEN AND
North Jersey Surgical specialists now accept most jewishstandard HuDSoN 1415 Queen Anne Road, Ste. 210 · Teaneck, NJ
major insurance for services and procedures including 201-379-9234 · info@garbcg.com
general surgery, critical care surgery, vascular surgery,
and treatment of heart and vascular diseases, among
other common and complex diseases or disorders.
“Our affiliation with Holy Name Medical Center
aligns with our care philosophy,” said Dr. John Poole,
general surgeon at North Jersey Surgical. “We share
in the mission to deliver high-quality, compassion- Eleonora Teplinsky, M.D.
ate, cost-effective care to our patients, with the added Director, Breast Medical
benefits of being connected to the comprehensive Oncology
resources at one of the region’s preeminent medical
centers.” Passion for medical
“Growing our physician network allows us to bet- research and clinical trials
ter serve our communities by partnering with experts for women’s cancers
that help keep people close to home,” said Dr. Adam
Believes strong patient-
Jarrett, chief medical officer at Holy Name. “North doctor relationships are
Jersey Surgical surgeons are highly regarded for their crucial for healing
expertise, but it’s not just about what happens in the
operating room. It’s about the time they spend before
and after surgery, connecting with their patients and
their families to foster a level of trust and comfort.”
North Jersey Surgical is located at 83 Summit Ave-
nue, Hackensack, and now accepts most major medi-
cal insurance. To make an appointment call (201) 257-
5041 or book online at HolyNameMedicalPartners.org.

Proven. Innovative. Here.

y Brightview Tenafly features Assisted Living apart-
Valley Health System’s advanced level of breast care is drawing
’ ment homes and Wellspring Village, Brightview’s leading doctors like Eleonora Teplinsky, M.D., to practice here. Her
innovative program and specialized environment for focus on breast and gynecologic cancer, and her dedication to
e people living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of clinical research, advances our goal to provide nationally recognized
dementia. The community opened in the summer of cancer care to women in Bergen County.
, 2015 at 55 Hudson Avenue.
Here’s Dr. Teplinsky’s story.
d Brightview Paramus features Independent Living,
- Assisted Living, and Wellspring Village, and opened
y in November of 2016. The community is located at 396 From the beginning, Dr. Teplinsky knew she wanted to dedicate her life to helping
Forest Avenue. women with breast and gynecologic cancers. Along with her commitment to giving
- For more information about Brightview Tenafly, call women access to the world’s latest research, she believes each woman should
Gina or Richard at (201) 510-2060. have a voice in her own care. By taking on cancer with Valley and Mount Sinai,
” For more information about Brightview Paramus, Dr. Teplinsky knows she can give her patients this kind of exceptionally advanced
w call Cindy or Mary at (201) 957-1955. care — both medically and emotionally.
Learn more about
our Breast Center at
or call 201-447-8040.

Jewish standard aUGUst 18, 2017 39

17-VHS-0450 Sub-specialty_Dr. Teplinsky_Jewish Standard_6.5x9.75_v1.indd 1 8/11/17 1:05 PM
Healthy Living & Adult Lifestyles

Know the risks of concussions in youth sports

o assist parents and coaches in concussion. Follow-up tests can be admin- limited. The fee is $25. Call (201) 447-8133 Although less common, bleeding in the
protecting young athletes from istered over days or weeks so clinicians for more information and to register. brain can occur with some head injuries.
the serious head injuries that can continue to track the athlete’s recov- A concussion is a brain injury. Concus- Loss of consciousness, mental status dete-
can result from returning to play ery from the injury. sions are most commonly caused by a rioration and worsening symptoms raise
too soon after suffering a concussion, The The Sports Institute Concussion Manage- bump or blow to the head, but, can also be the concern for a bleeding injury. An ath-
Valley Hospital Sports Institute offers the ment Program also uses the Biodex Biosway caused by a sudden deceleration or accel- lete does not need to lose consciousness
ImPACT Concussion Management Test. Balance testing unit. The test takes about eration of the head. In either scenario, the (black out) to suffer a concussion. In fact,
ImPACT (Immediate Post Concussion 5 minutes and provides a psycho-motor brain, suspended inside the skull and sur- less than 10 percent of concussed athletes
Assessment and Cognitive Testing) is an assessment of concussion injuries. Athletes rounded by fluid, continues to travel with lose consciousness.
innovative computerized evaluation sys- should be tested in the preseason to gather momentum until it “bangs” up against the An athlete who suffers a concussion can
tem that assesses the effects and severity baseline information that can be used for skull – causing a brain-bruising injury – or be at risk for a condition known as Second
of a concussion and helps determine when comparison in the event of a concussion to concussion. What may seem to be a mild Impact Syndrome if he or she returns to
it is safe for an athlete to return to contact assess the extent of the injury and the ath- bump or blow to the head can be serious. sports before full recovery. Second impact
sports following a concussion. lete’s readiness to return to activity. You can’t see a concussion. Signs and syndrome is a life-threatening condition in
ImPACT testing is suitable for athletes Since most high schools in the area have symptoms of a concussion can show up which a second concussion occurs before
ages 10 and older. Testing is appropriate the testing in place already, the Sports Insti- right after the injury, or may not appear a first concussion has properly healed,
in a “group setting” for athletes ages 11 and tute is providing this service primarily for or be noticed until days or weeks after causing rapid and severe brain swelling.
older. It is a 20-30 minute neurocognitive the recreation and town-sponsored youth the injury. If your child reports any symp- Second impact syndrome can result from
test battery that includes measures of ver- sports teams for athletes ages 11 and older. toms of concussion, or if you notice the even a very mild concussion that occurs
bal and visual memory, attention span, The next scheduled baseline testing ses- symptoms yourself, seek medical attention days or weeks after the initial concussion.
brain processing speed, and reaction time sions will take place on Monday, August 28 right away. Common symptoms include: “Second Impact Syndrome can be pre-
and balance. If an athlete experiences a and Wednesdays August 30, September 13, headache, dizziness, feeling foggy, nau- vented,” Donald Tomaszewski, director of
concussion, he or she is re-tested and the and 27 at Valley’s Kraft Center, located at sea, fatigue and confusion. Common signs The Valley Hospital Sports Institute said.
baseline data is compared to the post- 15 Essex Road in Paramus. Two sessions include memory loss, a loss of balance and “Don’t allow an athlete to return to sports
concussion data to monitor recovery and will be held on that date: at 4:30 p.m. and coordination, Aand
T Pchanges
ALISAD inEpersonality.
S after a concussion until their symptoms
to help determine when it is safe for the at 6:00 p.m. at The tests will be conducted Concussion severity varies widely, and the have completely resolved and they have
player to return to active sports. This com- in the 3rd Floor Computer Lab. number of signs and symptoms vary also — been cleared by a medical professional
parison helps to diagnose and manage the Pre-registration is required, as space is serious injuries may show few symptoms. experienced in treating concussions.”




Brian LeBlanc
Neil Diamond
MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 18TH, 2017 at 3pm
$10 per person
all proceeds to benefit:
NAM KNIGHTS of Tappan, NY.
(Vietnam Veterans)
Light Refreshments Served
Please RSVP by Sept. 11th to: events@esplanadeatpalisades.com

OPEN HOUSE • Spacious studio, one and two bedroom suites
SUNDAY, AUGUST 20 • Daily recreation & cultural programs: lectures, day-trips,
11AM - 1PM n
Model apartments wil
l be ope movies, crafts & entertainment
for your viewing. • Three meals served daily in our elegant dining room
640 Oak Tree Rd. Palisades, NY 10964
(845) 359-7870
A Scharf Family Residence...the most trusted name in Senior Care for over 50 years.

40 Jewish Standard AUGUST 18, 2017
Healthy Living & Adult Lifestyles

Solar eclipse safety
Doctors warn anyone who is planning to view the
upcoming solar eclipse to make sure they are not
using phony protective eyeglasses that could cause
permanent eye damage.
Millions of people are expected to view the stellar
solar sight on August 21. But medical experts caution
looking directly at a partial solar eclipse could harm
your vision – burning cells off your retina.
What happens if you look directly at the sun during
a partial eclipse without proper eye protection?
You will not experience pain, but the whole time
you are looking at the sun, you are burning your eyes.
You can experience a variety of stages of blindness,
each affecting certain parts of the eye.
Photokeratitis: Cornea cells blister causing sandpa-
per sensation on eyes. Temporary blindness should
Enjoy Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot or even a Vacation
heal within a few days.
Solar Retinopathy: A burn to the retina can have away from home knowing your loved one is cared for at CareOne at Teaneck
more lasting effects. Some people will heal in three
to six months, while others might always deal with Many families who are taking care of a loved one cannot go on vacation or spend Yom Tov away from home.
Now you can knowing that your loved one is receiving the highest quality of care at Care One at Teaneck’s
blurred vision or even partial blindness due to macu-
Yom Tov and Vacation respite program.
lar degeneration.
Unfortunately, once your eyes are burned
there is no quick fix. Here are four steps for solar
We provide a full range of programs and services:
eclipse protection. · We are a Glatt Kosher Facility under the supervision of the VA'AD
1. Only use special purpose filters, like certified HARABANIM - RABBINICAL COUNCIL OF BERGEN COUNTY
eclipse glasses or handheld solar viewers. Never (RCBC).
remove while looking at the sun. You can buy the ISO · Cholov Yisroel available upon request
certified glasses either online or at big box stores.
· Traditional Yom Tov meals
2. Avoid eclipse glasses that are more than three
years old · On site shul with minyanim led by an Orthodox Rabbi
3. Avoid eclipse glasses that are scratched · One complimentary beauty appointment (Based upon availability, reservation required)
or damaged
4. When you look through the eclipse glasses, you · Lunch or Dinner in our private dining room (Based upon
should only be able to see the sun — not headlights or availability, reservations required)
street lights. · Large on site Sukkah
Dr. Jacob Chung, chief of ophthalmology at Engle-
· Our respite care program is
wood Hospital and Medical Center, understands the
available year round
excitement, but emphasizes the importance of being
safe. “Having the opportunity to see a total solar
eclipse is quite an incredible opportunity, however, if
your eyes are not properly protected, you leave your-
self exposed to very harmful solar rays which can lead Other Services Include:
to permanent damage. It is very important that indi- Room and board, Housekeeping, Medication consultation, Dietician consult and nutrition management,
viduals utilize the proper protection, and more impor- Disease education, Planning and resources given for community support,
tantly, stop viewing the eclipse if they feel any discom- Home Care or companion coordination, Long-term care
fort or irritation.”

For more information please call
(201) 287-8505
Care One at Teaneck. 544 Teaneck Rd. Teaneck, NJ 07666

Jewish Standard AUGUST 18, 2017 41
Healthy Living & Adult Lifestyles

Englewood Hospital implants Simple drug cocktail
world’s smallest wireless pacemaker reduces post-surgery
The Heart and Vascular Institute at Englewood Hospital “Pacemakers have long been a life-changing way of
cancer relapse
and Medical Center is now offering a wireless pacemaker restoring the heart’s normal rhythm and relieving symp- BRian Blum
for patients with bradycardia, or slow or irregular heart toms like dizziness, fatigue, and fainting,” Dr. Grant
rhythm. The device — Micra Transcatheter Pacing System Simons, section chief of heart rhythm services at Engle- Following surgery to remove cancerous growths and
(Medtronic®) — is an FDA-approved and Medicare-covered wood Hospital and Medical Center said. “This new device tumors, conventional medical practice has been to
pacemaker one-tenth the size of conventional pacemakers. is really something special, and a great advancement for refrain from any additional intervention for a period of
Dr. David Feigenblum, an electrophysiologist at Engle- the treatment of individuals with bradycardia.” several weeks before and after the surgery. That means
wood Hospital and Medical Center, successfully implanted The Micra Transcatheter Pacing System is also the first no chemotherapy, radiation, or immune therapy.
the hospital’s first Micra pacemaker. “Unlike traditional and only transcatheter pacing system to be approved for New research from Israel says that may be a
pacemakers, this device does not require cardiac wires, both 1.5 and 3 Tesla (T) full-body magnetic resonance fatal mistake.
or leads, or a surgical pocket under the skin,” he said. imaging (MRI) scans. Most cancer-related deaths are actually the result
“Thanks to its small size, we can deliver it through a cath- To find an electrophysiologist performing this pro- of “post-surgical metastatic recurrence,” where cells
eter and implant it directly into the heart. That means it’s cedure, patients can call 844-33-MDNOW, the physician of the main cancerous tumor that was presumably
invisible outside of the body and avoids complications referral line for MDPartners of Englewood Hospital and removed travel to other parts of the body where,
associated with leads.” Medical Center. undetected, they can proliferate into inoperable and
ultimately deadly new growths.
The researchers found that, rather than do noth-
ing around cancer surgery, if they applied a specific
drug regimen consisting of a beta blocker and an
anti-inflammatory, they could reduce the risk of can-
cer recurrence. The recommended inexpensive drug
cocktail is considered safe and consists of Deralin
(used to reduce blood pressure and anxiety) and Eto-
pan (which reduces inflammation).
Dr. Shamgar Ben-Eliyahu of Tel Aviv University’s
School of Psychological Sciences and the Sagol School
of Neuroscience says that his colleagues were shocked
by the results.
“Even within the medical establishment, we
encountered some levels of disbelief and antagonism,”
he explains. “But after conducting ample studies in
animal models of cancer, and re viewing the medical
literature, we came to the firm conclusion that maybe
this is the most important period in the prevention of
cancer recurrence.”
For the study, 38 breast-cancer patients at three
Israeli medical centers were given Deralin and Etopan
five days before their surgeries, the day of their sur-
geries, and five days after their surgeries. Blood and
tumor tissue samples were then analyzed.
“We found that the drugs were very efficient in
reducing biomarkers of metastatic processes,” Ben-
Eliyahu says. “For example, we found that the drug
treatment reverses EMT — the process that tumor cells
go through to slip out of the primary tumor and enter
another organ.”
The research team has found similar results with
colorectal cancer patients; that research has not been
published yet. The current study appeared in the jour-
nal Clinical Cancer Research. Ben-Eliyahu collabo-

Engaged living...
rated with Dr. Steven Cole of UCLA; Dr. Oded Zmora of
Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer; Dr. Eran Sharon
of Rabin Medical Center, Petah Tikva; and Dr. Tanir
Allweis of Kaplan Medical Center, Rehovot.
The next step will be a longer-scale clinical trial.
“Positive outcomes should validate this treatment
and lead to its becoming available for most cancer
At Arbor Terrace Teaneck, we’re doing away with all of the traditional patients,” Ben-Eliyahu believes.
stereotypes of senior living. We offer a maintenance-free lifestyle isRael21c.oRg
with numerous amenities and luxury services to fit your every need.
Our community focuses on providing active seniors a comfortable
and inspiring lifestyle. Kosher meals available.

Call or visit us online to set up a tour today! More than 411,000 likes.
(201) 836-9260| www.arborteaneck.com
201-836-9260 Like us on Facebook.
42 Jewish standard aUGUst 18, 2017
Healthy Living & Adult Lifestyles

Leading-edge technology for prostate cancer
detection introduced at Englewood Hospital

n advanced technology called percent. Those considered to be at low Center. “Using a 3-Telsa magnet – the taken from random areas of the prostate
MRI ultrasound fusion biopsy risk can be placed on active surveillance, most advanced on the consumer mar- and can miss a prostate tumor entirely.
is now being used to diagnose or watchful waiting, but standard biopsy ket — MRI is proving to be effective in MRI ultrasound fusion biopsy is ideal
prostate cancer at Englewood has shortcomings in determining the risk diagnosing clinically significant prostate for men who have an elevated prostate-
Hospital and Medical Center. The tech- level,” said Dr. Maximiliano Sorbellini, cancers that require treatment. As a radi- specific antigen (PSA) as determined by
nology uses a two-step process that director of urologic oncology and asso- ologist reading the images, I can now a blood test, including those with a pre-
offers greater accuracy over traditional ciate medical director of The Lefcourt localize for the urologist a potentially vious negative biopsy result, men with
prostate cancer biopsies. First, a patient Family Cancer Treatment and Wellness clinically significant lesion that requires an abnormal rectal exam, or men diag-
undergoes magnetic resonance imaging Center at Englewood Hospital and Medi- biopsy. MRI by itself cannot diagnose nosed with prostate cancer who are on
(MRI) of the prostate. A radiologist evalu- cal Center. “This new MRI ultrasound prostate cancer, but it is a powerful tool active surveillance, also known as watch-
ates the images and identifies and marks fusion biopsy technology has been shown to help urologists provide the most accu- ful waiting.
any suspicious areas for further evalu- to more accurately determine whether a rate diagnosis for patients to give them a The procedure is performed on an out-
ation by a urologist. The urologist then patient has higher risk prostate cancer or personalized treatment plan.” patient basis at Englewood Hospital and
fuses or superimposes the images with lower risk prostate cancer. By risk stratify- The traditional approach to prostate Medical Center. A patient must first be
real-time ultrasound images, which pro- ing patients, physicians can better inform biopsy involves ultrasound, but with- evaluated by a urologist to determine if he
duces 3D images of the suspicious areas them about their treatment options, be out the benefit of enhanced visualization is a candidate for MRI ultrasound fusion
and offers improved ability to biopsy it active surveillance or surgery or radia- offered by the fusion technology. Using an biopsy. For more information and a refer-
the prostate. tion therapy.” ultrasound probe with a needle through ral, patients can contact The Lefcourt
“Some 60 percent of newly diagnosed “This is an exciting advancement in the anus, a urologist extracts small sam- Family Cancer Treatment and Wellness
prostate cancer patients are considered imaging and cancer diagnosis,” said ples of prostate tissue to look for cancer. Center at Englewood Hospital and Medical
low-risk on initial biopsy, but if a biopsy Dr. Mark Shapiro, chief of radiology But these ultrasound images are generally Center (201) 608-2266 or cancer.center@
is repeated, that number drops to 30 at Englewood Hospital and Medical of poor quality. As a result, the samples are ehmchealth.org.

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Wishing you a
Happy Passover GET
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New Jersey.
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Hospital After Care WRITTEN BY THE
Sub Acute Rehabilitative Care Center for Hospital After Care
After care is so important to a patient’s recovery … once a patient is released from the
96 Parkway
hospital the real challenges often begin – the challenges they now have to face as they
try and regain their strength and independence.

Rochelle Park, NJCall
Here at The Chateau we combine the very same sophisticated technologies and
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Sub Acute care ensures that patients return home with the highest degree of function

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After care is so important to a patient’s recovery … once a patient is released from the
Jewish Standard AUGUST 18, 2017 43

hospital the real challenges often begin – the challenges they now have to face as they
try and regain their strength and independence.
The Frazzled Housewife Crossword
By Yoni Glatt, koshercrosswords@gmail.com
Difficulty Level- Medium

Quiz me
Banji Ganchrow the problem. There were five questions

and you were supposed to choose only
or the first time in a while I one of four answers for each question. I
started reading a magazine. I was unable to do that. Each answer was
have no idea how or why I get the right one.
a subscription to Health maga- Now some of you have given me a hard
zine, but the cover informed time about being so self
me that it was my last issue, deprecating, but this was
and since I have no intention vindicating my personality
of resubscribing — since I never defect. After all, if a quiz in
ordered it in the first place — I Health magazine was telling
decided to read it. The cover me that I snack out of habit,
is a picture of a 44-year-old my meals aren’t quite cut-
actress who has the body of a ting it, I am an emotional
22-year-old. (Of course not the eater, and I snack because
body I had at 22, but I am hop- it is there, I am really in big
ing you get the point.) Banji trouble! (Pun intended)
Sometimes I wonder if Ganchrow Fortunately, Health really
magazines are on the decline cares about my health, so
because people are tired of it gave me suggestions. I
seeing how good other people look. The should make my late night snacks health-
attention-grabbing headlines of this par- ier, I shouldn’t leave junk food on the
ticular issue are “Why Starve? Detox with counter, I should ask myself how I am feel-
Food,” which I am hoping means
I can eat pints of ice cream and
cleanse my system all at the same Across Down
time. (And for those of you who 1. A tallit might be spun on one 1. Hallström who directed Josh Gad in “A
are lactose intolerant, that is Sometimes I wonder 5. He anointed David, for short
8. Some Adanim tea
Dog’s Purpose”
2. “The Road to Wealth” writer Suze
probably what ice cream does to
you.) Or another article, “Gym
if magazines are on 14. Square root of shesh-esrai 3. He appointed Jack Lew as White

Free Abs.” I have abs, thank the decline because 15. Capote, to friends
16. Like one who really doesn’t want to
House Chief of Staff
4. Pubs for a false god?
you very much — and I did get
them from detoxing with food.
people are tired of go into The Ari’s (freezing) mikvah
17. Albert Einstein and Jonas Salk, e.g.
5. Writer R.L.’s relatives
6. “Two nations ___ in your womb”
I really should publish my own seeing how good 19. Make like most of Israel’s tribes in the
year 3205
(Gen. 25: 23)
7. Spiritual improvement movement
But I really do love flipping
other people look. 20. Biblical figure Superman was origi-
nally based on
started in the 19th century
8. Those in need of tzeddakah
through periodicals, and my 21. Had some (kreplach) 9. Green of “Miss Peregrine’s Home for
mother enjoys leaving me all of her old ing before I eat my emotions (and every- 23. Testify Peculiar Children”
24. Give power to (like G-d to Solomon) 10. Summarizes last week’s parsha
issues of Vogue, InStyle, and whatever one else’s — as I am a really good person, 25. Possible substitutes underneath 11. Andy Cohen’s network
else she wants to get rid of. It brings me wouldn’t want anyone else to binge on chuppahs? 12. Some say taking one in Israel is a
back to the days when I knew all the super whatever is lying around on my coun- 27. Od mitzvah (two words)
models. Kim Alexis and Carol Alt were my ter). Yes, it was becoming very clear to me 29. Goes bad, like a fig or apple 13. Looks from Laban or Lilith
favorites. (Anyone over the age of 70 or why I have stopped answering quizzes in 30. Prophets 18. Route 6 charges
33. Noah and Jonah spent time on them 22. Hitler’s hissy fits
under the age of 35 probably has no idea magazine. 35. Heb___.com (Jewish dating site?) 26. Some sports cars
who those people are, but you can always But it is okay, because the very next 38. Perhaps the worst of humanity 28. Problem for Eglon and President Taft
google them…) article was titled “Social Media Changed today 30. Shem to Ham, for short
This particular issue of Health had a quiz My Body.” Instead of reading it, I am just 39. Roles for Dustin Diamond and Jesse 31. Haifa to Afula dir.
in it. It brought me back to the days when I going to assume that instead of going on Eisenberg 32. Israel’s Gedi
40. Be a father, in the Bible 34. (Challah) scrap
read Seventeen magazine and “borrowed” Facebook while sitting in a chair or lying 41. Half-brother of 59-Down, for short 35. Mossad counterpart
my sister’s issues of Glamour. Those were in bed, perhaps I should only go on when 42. Where a stereotypical Jewish moth- 36. Locale for Shem, Ham, or Japheth
loaded with quizzes. “What Kind of Kisser I am standing or walking. Perhaps if I run er hates food to go to 37. Middle name of Jamie Curtis
Are You?!” “What Kind of Boyfriend Are and look on Instagram, I could change my 43. Third one to speak in the Bible 39. Those who have a knack for reading
You Going to Have?” “What Hair/Skin/ body too! 44. Tziyoni or Leumi Torah or playing piano
45. Writer Agnon 40. Makes like 43-Down when finding
Body-Type/Personality Are You?” Quizzes Or I could just find a magazine from the 47. Boaz’s wife, once? out about getting pregnant
that really made you sit and think about late 1970s, sit on the couch with a healthy 51. Esau was a skilled one 42. Yom Kippur, e.g.
the oily t-zone on your face or how much snack, and reflect upon the time when I 55. Jewish name in Iceland? 43. Lot’s aunt
cellulite is too much. was 8 years old, and a woman thought I 56. Bread for J.D. Salinger? 44. Energetic one
So here I am, 46 years old, reasonably looked like Brooke Shields. 57. Start of a song sung while stretching 46. Baseless ___ (Sinat Chinam)
58. Lofty locale for some Bar Mitzvah’s 47. Shul elevations
intelligent. Over the years I have estab- And if you don’t know who she is, well, in Israel 48. Haim who plays keyboards
lished my body type (pear), my t-zone the only thing I have in common with her 60. Total yutzes 49. Herb or Crown Heights restaurant
never has been oily, and my personality are eyebrows… 62. Wolf or lamb, e.g. 50. Co-star of Jason (Isaacs) in “The
is erratic, but according to the title of this 63. Shalosh, in Italy Patriot”
quiz, “This Quiz Will Save Your Waist!” Banji Ganchrow of Teaneck fondly recalls 64. Actor Ermey best known for 52. Ted who created “The Three
Kubrick’s “Full Metal Jacket” Stooges”
Will it? pulling out posters of Rick Springfield 65. Where to get jewfro’s permed 53. Great 18th century Rabbi Yaakov
I am sitting down, pen in hand, and I get from her issues of Tigerbeat magazine and 66. “It ___ to Be You” (Harry Connick, 54. Watch again
started. After all, the quiz was designed to hanging them up in the basement of her Jr.) 59. Jacob’s fifth
“Discover what prompts you to pig out…” home, because she wasn’t allowed to ruin 67. Word after Auld Lang 61. Glass on the radio
And here I am, falling for it. But here was the wallpaper in her bedroom. The solution to last week’s puzzle is on page 51.

44 Jewish Standard AUGUST 18, 2017
D’var Torah
Re’eh: Tough love

have a most sad count going, and he checks himself out of rehab, crimes, are the three “car- As a counter to an attraction to violence,
it’s not ending anytime soon. I lock the front door? What if dinal sins” which Torah God promises that compassion and mercy
know more young people who have he has no money for food, states may not be trans- will always be a part of the human psyche.
died of substance abuse in the last nowhere safe to live? gressed ever… thus render- The Torah says God will not lift this pre-
few years than I can count on the fingers The mother’s next words ing the killing of idolators cious gift of mercy from the hearts of the
of both my hands. The news about the struck me — “I was afraid of justifiable. Israelites who have the necessary, but
opioid epidemic highlights just one way turning into a cruel person.” Such cruelty, especially abhorrent, job of rooting out idolatry from
that young people get hooked — an opioid This broke my heart. A mother, amongst family, is indeed The Land.
legally prescribed after a sports-related afraid that the “tough love” difficult to accept! Yet the As noted rabbi Shlomo Riskin observes,
injury, or after wisdom teeth extraction, she felt she had no choice but Rabbi Lois Torah follows this com- “Who and what we are as a people — the
both very common situations for our teens to dispense, might harden her Ruderman mandment to kill family seed of Abraham, loving, kind, and com-
and young adults. heart, might change how she Temple Beth who are worshipping alien passionate — accompanies us not only in
A late-20s young man described for me sees and treats her son and, gods with this declaration the best of circumstances, but even during
Wyckoff, Liberal
his addiction, saying that it began with everyone else. A mother, afraid Independent —“The Eternal will show the worst.”
alcohol in his middle school years, mari- that dispensing “tough love” you compassion.” Compassion is our antidote to the mess-
juana in his high school years, and by his over so many years might dis- Compassion following ier parts of life.
college years, “harder drugs” added to the color her view of the world around her horror? One might expect from the Torah’s To all who struggle with unimaginable
mix of substances he abused. and, even render her immune to joy, hap- posture —just slay the idolators and be situations, to parents who struggle to bal-
This young man’s parents battled might- piness, and wonder. Unquestionably sad. done with it, they’ve been forewarned! ance unconditional love and “tough love”
ily to help their son through medical, ther- This week’s Torah portion, Re’eh, pro- Still, it is words of compassion that follow as they parent a child caught in the throes
apeutic and legal issues. Today, this young vides an answer to the mother’s dilemma the Torah’s harsh decree. of addiction… the Torah guides us to see
man is a college graduate, employed, and — how to do the unimaginable and yet still The Ohr HaHayim, (Rabbi Chaim Ibn that we have within us an everlasting well
working every day to be “in recovery,” as maintain a tender heart. Re’eh presents Attar, 1696-1743), examines why God is of compassion. In times of struggle, as we
he put it. a situation of horrific proportion, of Isra- concerned with compassion at a time like do what is hard and sometimes abhorrent,
His parents described being torn by what elites commanded to kill fellow Israelites this. He writes that mercy erodes when we only have to reach inside for the gift of
we casually call “tough love.” For many who are worshipping alien gods. The idola- men get used to spilling blood, and to mercy that lies within.
years, they agonized — as parents, are we tors are to be put to the sword, and all that prove his point, he tells an ages-old story “The Eternal will show you compassion,”
coddling him, being too sympathetic or pro- is in the town is to be burned by fire. about a band of assassins who confess that Re’eh teaches. From God to man, mercy of
tective, being too loving? What will we do if Idolatry, along with murder and sexual killing creates an allure of its own. the heart and soul is our eternal gift.


Fatah leader calls for Swiss government denounces Boston Holocaust Memorial
‘enlightened’ changes in anti-Semitism hotel sign outrage vandalized for the second time
Palestinian society The government of Switzerland denounced anti-Semi- this summer
Fatah Revolutionary Committee member Muwaffaq Matar tism in a message to Israel following outrage over a sign The Boston-based New England Holocaust Memorial
recently called for fundamental changes in Palestinian at a Swiss hotel saying that Jewish guests must shower was vandalized this week. It was the second time this
society in an op-ed published in the Palestinian Author- before entering its pool. summer.
ity’s official daily newspaper, Palestinian Media Watch Swiss foreign ministry spokesman Tilman Renz said that A 17-year-old boy reportedly threw a rock at one of
reported this week. he had been in touch with the Israeli Ambassador to Swit- the memorial’s glass panels, shattering it to pieces,
In an op-ed titled “Murder for [family] honor — terror zerland Jacob Keidar, telling him that Switzerland condemns before being tackled by two bystanders and held at the
and racism,” the Fatah leader called for new “enlight- racism, anti-Semitism and discrimination in any form. scene until police arrived.
ened attitudes” toward women and a “revolution” in The move by the Swiss government comes after Israeli The suspect was charged with willful destruction of
Palestinian education. Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely demanded “a for- property, and police are investigating whether the van-
Matar took issue with Islamic honor killings of women, mal condemnation” from the Swiss city of Bern and that dalism will be classified as a hate crime.
a trend that has plagued Palestinian society for decades. the removal of the sign had not been enough. “Today and every day Boston stands up against hate.
He determined that honor killings could only be stopped Outrage on social media and from Israeli officials grew I’m saddened to see such a despicable action in this great
by ending their root cause, which lies in a Palestinian in recent days after a picture of a sign at the Paradies city,” Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh wrote on Twitter.
culture that glorifies “killing for God.” apartment hotel in the Alpine village of Arosa had been “It’s shocking and it’s particularly shocking for us
“Equality between men and women in all political, posted. in the Jewish community, coming as it does in a week
civil, financial, social, and cultural rights is a set goal,” “To our Jewish Guests, women, men and children, in which so many of us spent our weekend watching
Matar wrote. please take a shower before you go swimming,” the sign Nazis marching in Virginia,” said Jeremy Burton, exec-
“Discrimination against women constitutes a violation said, adding that “If you break the rules I’m forced to utive director of the area’s Jewish Community Rela-
of the principles of human rights... If we wish to liberate (close) the swimming pool for you.” tions Council, the Boston Globe reported. JNS.ORG

our society from the octopus grip of this crime (honor kill- According to Swiss tourism officials, in recent years
ings), we must purify our outlook, our books, and our her- there has been a growing number of Orthodox and other
itage from the sanctification of killing for God and honor Jews traveling to Swiss Alpine villages during the summer
and from the glorification of weapons,” he continued. months. The manager of the Paradies hotel, Ruth Thom-
Matar’s op-ed contrasts with the incitement to violence ann, who had put up the signs, told the Swiss daily 20Min- www.thejewishstandard.com
that is frequently endorsed by senior Palestinian officials. utes that she was not an anti-Semite and acknowledged
that “choice of words was a mistake.” JNS.ORG

Jewish Standard AUGUST 18, 2017 45
Tuesday Wednesday
August 22 august 23

Book talk in Fort Lee: Tuvia Zimber
The sisterhood of JCC of
Fort Lee/Congregation Café Europa in
Gesher Shalom meets to Paramus: Café Europa,
discuss Mitch Albom’s a social program
“The Magic Strings sponsored by Jewish
of Frankie Presto,” Family & Children’s
1 p.m. Refreshments. Services of Northern NJ
1449 Anderson Ave. for Holocaust survivors,
(201) 947-1735. funded in part by the
Claims Conference and
Hot topics in Bayonne: the Jewish Federation
Temple Beth Am of Northern New Jersey,
continues a “Point/ meets at the JCC of
Counterpoint” series, Paramus/Congregation
a Jewish take on Beth Tikvah, 11:30 a.m.
current events, led Kosher lunch and music
by Rabbi Cathy Felix, by Tuvia Zimber. East
1:30 p.m. 111 Avenue B. 304 Midland Ave. Shari
(201) 858-2020. Brodsky, (201) 837-9090,
ext. 237 or sharib@
Penguin Rep Theatre, the award-winning professional Equity
THRU theater in Stony Point, N.Y., under the leadership of founding
SEPT. 3 artistic director Joe Brancato and executive director Andrew Thursday
M. Horn, presents “Syncopation,” a romantic comedy by Allan Knee. The August 24
show, starring Lauren Annunziata and Josh Powell, runs through Sunday,
September 3. Set in 1911, when New York’s Lower East Side teemed with The American medical
system: The CSI Scholar
poverty and possibility, “Syncopation” tells the story of an unlikely couple Fund of the JCC of
— Henry, a middle-aged Jewish butcher, and Anna, a young Italian garment Fort Lee/Congregation
worker — who take dance lessons in a sixth-floor walkup and dream of a Rabbi Dr. Meir
Gesher Shalom
continues a three-part
better life. www.penguinrep.org or (845) 786-2873. PHoto by dorice Arden
Soloveichik series, the “American
Medical System,” with
Blessing our children: Dr. Eli Kirshner, Peter
services will move to Yeshiva University and Correale, and Bob
Friday Temple Beth El, 221
Schraalenburgh Road.
Saturday Monday Young Israel of Fort Lee
Women host a program
Schermer. Dr. Kirshner
August 18 august 19 august 21 gives a presentation on
(201) 768-5112 or www. at the shul using lessons the Medicare system
tbenv.org. from Rembrandt’s as it is now and looks
Shabbat on the Shabbat in Paramus: Shofar blowing: The masterpiece, “How to at recommendations
Palisades: Temple Beth Shabbat in Wayne: David Goodman, former Glen Rock Jewish Center Bless our Children,” for its modification.
El of Northern Valley Temple Beth Tikvah hosts president of the Jewish offers shofar blowing 7:30 p.m. Led by Rabbi Afterward, Mr. Schermer
in Closter and Temple Shabbat Muzikali led by Federation of Northern lessons with Rabbi Dr. Meir Soloveichik, will give an overview of
Emeth in Teaneck join Rabbi Meeka Simerly New Jersey and Jewish Jennifer Schlosberg, director of YU’s Zahava the health care system.
for “Prayers on the and accompanied by Family Service of North 8 p.m. Shofars provided and Moshael Straus Refreshments, 12:30 p.m.;
Palisades,” outdoor pianist Bob Rodriguez Jersey, will give the unless you prefer to bring Center for Torah and speaker at 1. Series
family-friendly services and violinist Roxanne sermon at the JCC of your own. 682 Harristown Western Thought. concludes August 30.
at State Line Lookout. Bergmann, 7:30 p.m. Paramus/Congregation Road. (201) 652-6624 or 1610 Parker Ave. Beth, 1449 Anderson Ave.
Enter off the Palisades Wine, cheese, and fruit. Beth Tikvah, where he rabbi@grjc.org. (201) 592-1518 or beth. (201) 947-1735.
Interstate Parkway North, 950 Preakness Ave. is a long-time member, gorin@yu.edu.
two miles north of Exit (973) 595-6565 or during services that Blood drive in Teaneck:
2, 6:30 p.m. Songs and templebethtikvahnj.org. begin at 9 a.m. Kiddush Congregation Rinat
prayers led by clergy follows. East 304 Midland Yisrael holds a blood
from both congregations. Ave. (201) 262-7691. drive with New Jersey
Bring lawn chairs and Blood Services, a division
bug spray. If it rains,

46 Jewish Standard AUGUST 18, 2017
of New York Blood of the YM-YWHA of Rockland meet for EXTENDS THRU AUGUST 6
Center, 2-9 p.m. 389 North Jersey. 1 Pike dinner at Hogan’s Diner

W. Englewood Ave. Drive. (973) 595-0100 in Orangeburg, N.Y.,
(800) 933-2566 or or www.wayneymca.org. 6 p.m. Individual checks.

www.nybloodcenter.org. 17 Dutch Hill Road.
Monday Gene, (845) 356-5525.

august 28
Jazz in Fort Lee: The august 25 by Pulitzer Prize winner PAULA VOGEL,
Matt Chertkoff Quartet
performs at the JCC of Shabbaton in Passaic: directed by Tony Award® winner REBECCA TAICHMAN.”
Fort Lee/Congregation The Shidduch Project THE NEW YORK TIMES
Gesher Shalom, for hosts a Shabbaton for
Guy Mendilow a CSI Scholar Fund modern Orthodox/
Courtesy YMCA
program, 1 p.m.;
refreshments at 12:30.
machmir young
professionals, 23-39, at
“100 minutes of
Entertainment in
Wayne: Guy Mendilow Mr. Chertkoff offers a Young Israel of Passaic-
and special guest narrated concert with Clifton. Includes three
a new presentation of interactive meals, oneg NY1
Amir Milstein perform
“Tales From the liturgical and secular with speakers including
Forgotten Kingdom” tunes. 1449 Anderson Rabbi Yaakov Glasser
for the conclusion of Ave. (201) 947-1735. of YIPC and Dr. Shani
the summer concert Ratzker, icebreakers,
series at the Wayne speed dating, musical
YMCA, 7 p.m. Stories
set to arrangements
Singles Havdalah and kumsitz
with singer/musician
of Sephardi, Turkish, Rabbi Michael Nadata,
Balkan, flamenco, and Thursday meals, and housing.
Hosted by Rachel
Greek songs performed august 24
A Provocative New Play With Music
by world-class Ruchlamer and
musicians and vocalists. Dr. Shani Ratzker.
Celebrating Jewish Culture
Seniors meet in Shidduchprojects@
The Metro YMCAs of Orangeburg: Singles
the Oranges is a partner gmail.com or
65+ from the JCC (201) 522-4776.




A masterful exploration of the
among Teaneck theatrical past and present!”
film festival sponsors TABLET MAGAZINE
“Activism: Making Change,” is the theme of the 12th
annual Teaneck International Film Festival, set for
November 2 to 5.

The festival will include independent features,
documentaries, and shorts; talkbacks with filmmak-
ers and actors; a film “Fanny’s Journey,” based on a
real Holocaust story about the courage of children,
sponsored by the Jewish Standard; “Birthright: A War
Story,” a documentary about the attack on women’s
reproductive rights sponsored by the Bergen County
section of the National Council of Jewish Women and
Senator Loretta Weinberg; “Kid Flix Mix” with host
Bob McGrath, and “Newton,” a dark comedy from India about voting rights spon-
sored by the Teaneck League of Women Voters. There also will be family fare, selec-
tions to lift the spirits, and other films that will encourage discussion and debate
about vital issues: minority rights, LGBTQ concerns, bullying, bigotry, autism, injus-
tice, the environment, and more. Ticket sales start in October; opening night is Thurs-
day, November 2. Saturday night is the “Centerpiece Event” — food, wine, film, fun.
Find details and updates about films, tickets, and directions at www.teaneckfilmfes-
tival.org or by calling (201) 203-1723.
IndecentBroadway.com Telecharge.com 212-239-6200
CORT THEATRE 138 W 48th St, New York @IndecentBway
Jewish Standard AUGUST 18, 2017 47
Jewish World

Welcoming refugees to America
by teaching them to make avocado toast
Ben Sales at an opposite counter Naseema, from

Kabul, was chopping shiitake mushrooms
wo chefs — one from Afghani- for the shakshuka. On a shelf next to them
stan, the other from Mexico sat slices of pizza with vegetables and feta
— are learning how to make cheese — the lunch they had just made
shakshuka sauce. and eaten.
The tomato base, cooked with onion That day, they would learn everything
rings and spiced with cayenne pepper and from the names of various pans to the dif-
garlic confit, comes out of the oven with ferent stations of a commercial kitchen
eggs and onto a curated brunch menu also to spice combinations to the finer points
including a wild mushroom galette with of plating. Both women are still learning
wilted greens, a cheddar chive scone, and English, so each class includes a lot of
of course avocado toast. repetition of terms — like “hotel pan” or
The aroma wafts through the air in “deglaze.”

photos by Ben Sales
a small floral courtyard at the “Hopefully, it’s as many transferrable
edge of Brooklyn, behind a small skills as possible, not just into the com-
storefront on a street lined with mercial kitchen but into their lives,” said
brunch places. Laura Licona, a doctoral student in anthro-
It sounds like a hipster cliché. pology-turned-chef who used to also run
But what makes this brunch place a refugee food bank and now is the culi-
different is that not long before Above, Naseema, a refugee from Afghanistan who nary director for Emma’s Torch. “We end
they arrived in this kitchen, the did not give her last name, chops mushrooms for up doing a lot of repeating, a lot of writ-
chefs — Sandra Marquez and Nas- shakshuka. Inset left, Kerry Brodie founded Emma’s ing things down, learning a word and then
eema, who did not give her last Torch after running cooking classes for refugees out explaining it in multiple contexts.”
name — were refugees fleeing of her apartment in her spare time. One advantage of teaching refugees to
their home countries and hoping cook is that they draw on recipes they
only to find a safe haven in the began teach- teaching phrases used in the kitchen. made back home. Working with saffron
United States. ing a cooking “Our students will thank me when they a couple weeks ago, Naseema showed
Now they’re in the midst of an class for local get their paychecks, and I’m like, ‘That’s Licona how to create a paste by melting an
eight-week culinary boot camp refugees in nice, but I’m not giving you anything. You ice cube into the spice, which she then pat-
that will prepare them to work her apartment are bringing joy to this community,’” said ted onto crostini.
shifts in kitchens around this city. after work Brodie, who also has served as the commu- But Marquez said she also enjoys depart-
Five weeks ago they barely knew how to (“just, like, for fun”) that would deliver nications director for the Israeli Embassy ing from her traditional cuisine and likes
hold a professional kitchen knife, let alone meals to a women’s shelter. in Washington, D.C., where she grew up. making Italian food. She hopes to open
how to plate a shakshuka. In a few weeks Last year, Brodie quit her job to attend “It’s showing people who for so long were her own restaurant someday. In the mean-
they will each be off to a restaurant job. culinary school. After graduation, she took treated as victims, no, you bring some- time, she wants to find a job as a baker
Two new chefs, also coming in unskilled, an early morning job — start time, 5:30 — at thing immensely valuable to the table.” after the course ends.
will replace them. a bakery. She spent her afternoons setting Brodie selects culinary students who “I like all food, but I like baking,” she
The boot camp is the core mission of up the pilot program for Emma’s Torch. have a love of food but with no formal res- said. “I like working with flour, making
Emma’s Torch, a new nonprofit that aims The nonprofit has been operating for taurant training. The students learn tech- cookies and bread. I like that the kitchen
to train refugees as professional chefs. The six months, the restaurant for two. Brodie niques and skills on Friday, then put them is like a home.”
program — and its eponymous brunch soon will welcome her third two-person to use on Saturday and Sunday, when the Through a series of cold calls and emails,
place — are named for Emma Lazarus, cohort to the culinary crash course, which restaurant is open for brunch. Brodie has connected with chefs who can
the Jewish poet whose verses welcoming comes with a $15 per hour salary. The pro- Because the students need to gain culi- help her graduates find entry-level work
immigrants adorn the Statue of Liberty. gram has received 50 applications from nary proficiency in just eight classes, in New York kitchens. Brodie says that
The obligatory menu chalkboard outside refugees Brodie reaches through large they learn at a frenetic pace. Last Friday, because many young chefs prefer to strike
the restaurant bears a sketch of the green resettlement agencies. She also runs an Marquez, a survivor of human traffick- out on their own these days, as she did,
lady with a cartoon bubble declaring “Give eight-person English-as-a-second-language ing from central Mexico, was flattening it isn’t hard for someone with training to
me your avocado toast, your mimosa class on Thursdays that is geared toward dough, while a couple of feet behind her find good culinary work.
...” The statue itself is visible from a few As for Emma’s Torch, Brodie didn’t
blocks away. expect Emma Lazarus to be a controversial
“I was always intrigued by this idea of news figure when she started the project
how can you merge the culinary industry early last year. Brodie said it was “laugh-
with employment programs for the refu- able” to think, as White House adviser
gee community because there are so few Stephen Miller declared on August 2, that
opportunities for them once they’re in the poet’s verse welcoming immigrants
the U.S.,” said Kerry Brodie, 27, the orga- wasn’t the true message of the statue — or
nization’s founder. “Cooking is one of that welcoming immigrants isn’t an Ameri-
those ways you can communicate with- can value.
out language.” “It’s a joke of history,” she said. “That
Brodie conceived of Emma’s Torch in statue and its presence in our nation’s
the job she had before she began the orga- psyche is all inherently tied to that concept
nization. Then, she worked at the Human that to be American, what defines us and
Rights Campaign, an international LGBT what makes us great, is our ability to wel-
rights group, where she would connect On their training days, the student chefs make their own lunch. This vegetable come in the stranger.”
with refugees from around the world. She pizza with feta cheese is one of those lunches.  JTA Wire Service

48 Jewish Standard AUGUST 18, 2017
Obituaries Irene Ronis Simon, 92
passed away peacefully at home surrounded by
loving family, in Hackensack, NJ on Saturday
August 5th
Beverly Chesler by daughters, Phyllis Meisner Bobby Ramsen Irene was a loving, beautiful woman inside and
Beverly Rose Chesler, 80, of (Michael), and Geri Perkal; Bobby Ramsen, 88, of Fort Lee, out.
Bedminster, died August 15. daughter in-law, Shari Flax died August 5. She had a warm smile for everyone. Irene
Born in Newark, she was an art Gray; brothers, Abraham and Before retiring, he was a brightened and touched the lives of everyone who
professor at New York University Robert Segal; grandchildren, comedian for many years in Las was lucky enough to know her.
and a member of Workmen’s Circle Matthew Gray (Laura), Keith Gray Vegas, New York, and Los Angeles. Irene is survived by her adoring husband of
Branch 59 in Jersey City. (Amanda), Alanna Meisner, Joshua He opened for Tom Jones, 70 happy years, Dr. Eric Simon, loving children;
Predeceased by her husband, Meisner, Mitchell Perkal (Amy), Engelbert Humperdink, Steve Martin, Faye (Len), Larry (Lea), 4 grandchildren
Samuel Adler, she is survived and Marcus Perkal; and two Lawrence, and Eydie Gorme, and and 8 great grandchildren.
by a brother, Aaron Chesler of great-grandchildren. was on radio and television. Irene and Eric were residents of Teaneck for 54
Bedminster. Donations can be sent to His wife, Gloria, née Lipman,
Arrangements were by Eden Temple Emanu-El, Closter, where and a son, John of Brooklyn,
Above all, Irene loved her husband and family.
Memorial Chapels, Fort Lee. services were held. Arrangements survive him.
She also loved: baking, cooking, playing bridge,
were by Gutterman Musicant Arrangements were by Eden
hiking, reading, folk dancing and spending time
Evelyn Gray Funeral Directors, Hackensack. Memorial Chapels, Fort Lee.
with friends. She enjoyed a few careers and excelled
Evelyn Gray, 96, of River Vale,
formerly of Tenafly, Fort Lee, and Albert Ness at them all: bookkeeper, math aide, assistant
Boca Raton, Fla., died August 9. Albert Irving Ness, 91, died school librarian and travel agent.
She was a long-time member August 13. Obituaries are prepared She will be greatly missed by family and friends.
of Temple Emanu-El of Closter Born in Coney Island, he is with Those of you who would like to honor Irene,
and worked with her husband survived by his wife of 70 years, information provided donations in her memory to Irene & Eric Simon
for their businesses, Harold Gray Sylvia; children, Eileen Lavine and by funeral homes. (IES) Brain Research Foundation are appreciated.
Associates and Technical Electronic Dr. Lawrence Ness; grandchildren, Correcting errors is the www.iesbrainresearch.com
Distributors in Englewood. Jeffrey, Adam, Chelsea, Taylor, and Iesbrainresearch@gmail.com
Predeceased by her husband, Morgan; and great-grandchildren,
of the funeral home. — Paid Obituary —
Harold, a son, Larry, and Layla, Scarlet, and Cooper.
siblings, Lillian Sternberg and Arrangements were by Eden
Norman Segal, she is survived Memorial Chapels, Fort Lee.
Robert Schoem’s Menorah Chapel, Inc
Jewish Funeral Directors
Family Owned & managed
Briefs Generations of Lasting Service to the Jewish Community

Abbas sends greetings to North Korea’s Kim Jong-un • Serving NJ, NY, FL &
Throughout USA
• Our Facilities Will Accommodate
Your Family’s Needs
• Prepaid & Preneed Planning • Handicap Accessibility From Large
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas sent a warm Abbas, who also sent a greeting to South Korea as well, • Graveside Services Parking Area
greeting to North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un, congratulating expressed hope the “historical friendly relations between
Gary Schoem – Manager - NJ Lic. 3811
him for “Liberation Day,” a holiday marking the end of Japa- Palestine and North Korea and their two peoples will con-
Conveniently Located
nese colonial rule. tinue to develop and grow” and wished Kim “all health and
W-150 Route 4 East • Paramus, NJ 07652
In his letter to the communist North Korean leader, Abbas happiness.” 201.843.9090 1.800.426.5869
said the Korean people “sacrificed the most precious sacrifices The letter by Abbas comes amid heightening tensions
for its freedom and honor” and expressed his appreciation for between North Korea and the United States over the country’s
the support North Korea has shown the Palestinian people in nuclear weapons and ballistic missile program.
their fight for freedom, Yedioth Ahronoth reported.  JNS.ORG

Iran threatens to quit nuclear deal Established 1902
‘within hours’ if new sanctions enforced Headstones, Duplicate Markers and Cemetery Lettering
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Tuesday the Islamic to the deal, though any breach of promise by other parties will With Personalized and Top Quality Service
Republic could abandon its 2015 nuclear agreement with receive appropriate responses.”
Please call 1-800-675-5624
world powers “within hours” if the U.S. follows through with In June, the U.S. Senate overwhelmingly passed the Coun-
imposing new sanctions on Iran. tering Iran’s Destabilizing Activities Act, which targets Iran’s www.kochmonument.com
“If America wants to go back to the experience [of ballistic missile programs and applies sanctions against the 76 Johnson Ave., Hackensack, NJ 07601
imposing sanctions], Iran would certainly return in a Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps for its terrorist activities.
short time, not a week or a month but within hours, to In early August, President Donald Trump signed the sanctions
conditions more advanced than before the start of nego- bill into law.
tiations,” Rouhani said in an address that was broadcast The new U.S. sanctions came amid Iran’s reported fueling We continue to be Jewish family managed,
from the Iranian parliament. of the recent Temple Mount crisis and its agreement to bolster knowing that caring people provide caring service.
He added, “Iran has remained and will remain committed relations with Hamas. JNS.ORG
GoDaddy domain service drops Neo-Nazi website 800-522-0588
The neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer is losing its of a violent act, we believe this type of article could incite
internet domain host after the website published arti- additional violence, which violates our terms of service,” WIEN & WIEN, INC. MEMORIAL CHAPELS
cles mocking the woman killed during last Saturday’s Race said in an emailed statement, the Associated Press 800-322-0533
counter-protesting at a white nationalist rally in Charlot- reported. 402 Park Street, Hackensack, New Jersey 07601
tesville, Virginia. While GoDaddy isn’t the host of the Daily Stormer,
A spokesman for GoDaddy, Dan Race, said the decision meaning it doesn’t host the website’s content, it does sup- ALAN L. MUSICANT, Mgr., N.J. Lic. No. 2890
to drop the neo-Nazi site came following an article on the ply the site’s domain name. MARTIN D. KASDAN, N.J. Lic. No. 4482
site about Heather Heyer, who was killed when a neo-Nazi The Daily Stormer takes its name from the Nazi-era Advance Planning Conferences Conveniently Arranged
supporter rammed his vehicle into a crowd of counter- newspaper Der Stürmer. The site, which promotes white
at the Funeral Home or in Your Own Home
protesters in Charlottesville. supremacism and nationalism, features sections called the
“Given their latest article comes on the immediate heels “Jewish problem” and “race war.” JNS.ORG GuttermanMusicantWien.com

Jewish Standard AUGUST 18, 2017 49
Cemetery Plots For Sale Crypts For Sale Situations Wanted
(201) 837-8818
Situations Wanted Cleaning Service Painting
A responsible woman looking to

WEST RIDGELAWN LOVELY above ground burial care for elderly. Live-in or out. Re-
CEMETERY crypt available at SANCTUARY liable! Pleasant! Experienced! Ref- A POLISH CLEANING WOMAN
- Homes, Apartments, Offices-
Clifton, N. J. of Abraham & Sarah, New Ce- erences. Waiting for your call 347- INTERIOR/EXTERIOR
Kedron Section: dar Park Cemetery, Paramus, 816-1363 15 years experience, excellent
King Solomon Memorial Park N.J.. Bldg 3, crypt #10762. references. SHEETROCK
6 plots - adjacent Price $9,000: Includes one-time Affordable rates! POWER WASH & SPRAY SIDING
Asking $850 each mandatory fee of $1,500 for re- LICENSED & INSURED CAREGIVER, Companion Aide Izabela 973-572-7031 WATER DAMAGE REPAIR
looking to care for elderly. Live-in
pine.ron@gmail.com quired perpetual care, Deed
Transfer Fees, etc. payable to FOR YOUR 24/7. 18 yrs experience, excellent 201-896-0292
Sanctuary of Abraham & Sarah.
PROTECTION references. Will do light hsekeep-
ing. 201-982-8551
30 yrs. exp. · Free est. · Ins.
No job too small or too big
Events A Team of lic. #13VH06003700
• Handpicked CHHA Certified Nurseʼs Aide/Long Polish Women
Not too early Certified Home time care - 15 years experience Clean
Situations Wanted Health Aides caring for the elderly with Alzhei- Vendors
to make your mers/dementia. Knowledge of
• Apartments •
Reservation... Hourly - Daily - Live In Homes • Offices
.I am a Caregiver kosher food preparation, will shop,
COMEDY NIGHT looking for a position
NURSE SUPERVISED clean, administer medication and Experienced • References VENDORS
featuring to take care of your • Creative drive client to MD appointments. 201-679-5081 JOIN US AT OUR
References upon request. 201-
Jonny Lampert Dad or Mom companionship 310-3149
November 18, 2017 Please call Sophia interactive, Home Improvements GOODS & SERVICE
Call Cindy 347-741-3137 intelligent CHHA with experience available to BOUTIQUE
conversation & care for elderly. Live-out. Referen-

social outings ces. Own car. Speaks English.
sponsored by 973-474-7109 to be held Sunday,
Sisterhood Home Repair Service
VETERAN/COLLEGE graduate • Downsize Nov.12, 2017
Congr. Beth Sholom seeks employment in telephone Coordinator COMPANION: Experienced, kind, Carpentry Painting
Teaneck, N. J. sales. 25 years experience in pur- trustworthy person seeking part Decks Kitchens Congr. Beth Sholom,
chasing and marketing of diverse • Assist w/shopping, time work. Weekends OK. Meal Locks/Doors Electrical Teaneck,N.J
products. Proven success in gen- errands, Drs, etc. preparation, laundry, housekeep- Basements Paving/Masonry
erating new business through ing. Will drive for doctorsʼ appoint- For more particulars
• Organize/process Bathrooms Drains/Pumps
building strong relationships, senior ments; occasional sleepovers. 973-
Plumbing Maintenence call
buyer of toys, hobbies, hard goods paperwork, 519-4911
and bulk toys. Honest, hard work- bal. checkbook,
Tiles/Grout Hardwood Floors Cindy 201-907-0305
er. email:yendisid@optImum.net General Repairs
bookkeeping HHA willing to care for you any-
• Resolve medical
time. Will do light housekeeping NO JOB IS TOO SMALL
Antiques insurance claims
/cooking, and drive you to doctor
appts. Valid lics/own car. 973-640-
24 Hour x 5 1/2 Emergency Services
Shomer Shabbat Free Estimates
Free Consultation 1-201-530-1873
Sterling Associates Auctions MATURE experienced lady looking
for elder care. Live in/out position.
RITA FINE Great references. Call 973-932-
Sculpture • Paintings • Porcelain • Silver
201-214-1777 6748 Help Wanted
www.daughterforaday.com Handyman
Jewelry • Furniture • Etc. YAVNEH ACADEMY, Paramus, N.J.
Established 2001
TOP CASH PRICES PAID Your Neighbor with Tools is seeking a qualified individual
to teach 2 sections of Middle School Science
201-768-1140 • www.antiquenj.com
LOOKING for Weekend (Saturday Home Improvements & Handyman and 1 section of Math
to Monday) live-in position. I am Shomer Shabbat · Free Estimates beginning Tuesday, September 5th
info@antiquenj.com experienced, have references and
Over 15 Years Experience Hours are from 12:40 - 3:15 p.m.
own transportation. Call 914-393-
70 Herbert Avenue, Closter, N.J. 07642 9356 Adam 201-675-0816
Please contact Barbara Rubin
Lic. & Ins. · NJ Lic. #13VH05023300
FREE APPRAISALS TUESDAYS FROM 12-2 www.yourneighborwithtoolshandyman.com

Antiques Wanted We pay cash for (PASSAIC)
Expanding boys Yeshiva in Passaic, NJ
Antique Furniture is currently interviewing teachers
WE BUY Modern Furniture • Elementary and junior high school
• Learning Disabled (mild/moderate) self contained

Modern Art classrooms
• 2nd - 3rd grade teachers - hours are 12:45-4:00
• Oil Paintings • Silver
Paintings • 4th - 5th grade teachers - hours are 1:30-4:45
• Junior High School teachers - hours are 2:00-5:25,
• Bronzes • Porcelain
Bronzes ❖ Silver hours can be flexible
• Language Arts • Social Studies • Math
• Oriental Rugs • Furniture Chinese Porcelain & Art ***Junior High candidates who can only teach from 2:00-
3:30 or begin at 3:30 or 4:00 may be considered as well.
• Marble Sculpture • Jewelry Men’s & Women’s Watches ALL TEACHER POSITIONS ARE
• Tiffany Items • Chandeliers Top Dollar for any kind of MONDAY-THURSDAY AFTERNOONS
• Chinese Art • Bric-A-Brac Jewelry, including costume • Bachelor’s degree preferred in Education or related
field. Alternate route acceptable.
• At least two years of classroom elementary or high

Tyler Antiques ANS A
school teaching experience is a must.
• Established by Bubbe in 1940! • • Sick/Personal days.
Over 25 years courteous service to tri-state area • Salary paid over 12 months.
We come to you ❖ Free Appraisals • Free parking.
tylerantiquesny@aol.com Shommer
• Safe and friendly atmosphere.
Call Us! Shabbas
• Excellent work schedule.

201-894-4770 201-861-7770 ❖ 201-951-6224
***Dress code for students and staff.
Please email resume to bhykop@gmail.com
Shomer Shabbos www.aadsa726@yahoo.com or fax to 973-778-5697.


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Solution to last week’s puzzle. This week’s puzzle is
APL Plumbing & Heating LLC on page 44.
Complete Kitchen &
Bath Remodeling Advertise on
this page.
Boilers · Hot Water Heaters · Leaks
Fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured
201-358-1700 · Lic. #12285 201-837-8818


Estimates CO. Repairs
201-487-5050 83 FIRST STREET
Jewish Music with an Edge
Ari Greene · 201-837-6158
Car serviCe www.BaRockOrchestra.com

Limo & Car Service
The most reliable and efficient service
at all times for your transporation needs.
Our professional and courteous team works together for you. Eruv “I know this is not the values of my community,” he con-
Serving the Tri-State Area, New York and Bergen County FROM PAGE 7 tinued. “This is our second hate crime. I want to make sure
EWR $39 • LGA $42 • JFK $59 The Mahwah police are investigating the vandalism as a hate that people understand the gravity of the situation. There
Tolls, parking, wlt, stops & tps are not included • Extra $7 Airport Pickup crime. A similar incident of vandalism last month has not are consequences to this.”
Prices subject to change without prior notice. Price varies by locations.
Fuel surcharge may add up to 10% · Additional charge may be applied to credit card payment been solved. At last Thursday’s town meeting, Mr. Laforet had spoken
201-641-5500 • 888-990-TAXI (8294) On Monday, Mahwah’s mayor, Bill Laforet, announced a out against issuing summons to the eruv. “There was some
Visit us online at: www.apluslimo1.com E-mail: apluslimo@earthlink.net $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and con- organizational conversations going on that were driving to
viction of whoever vandalized the eruv. “It’s coming out of a solution of some sort,” he said.
my pocket,” he said. The mayor of Mahwah is not part of the township council.

“ Being hungry affects your
appearance, how you act.
When I’m hungry, I’m not in the “
mood for anything.

Inspired by Jewish values and ideals, MAZON is a national advocacy
organization working to end hunger among people of all faiths and
backgrounds in the United States and Israel.

Help us end hunger. Please donate today.
Call us.
We are waiting for
your classified ad!
201-837-8818 10850 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 400, Los Angeles CA 90024 | (800) 813-0557 | mazon.org

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SpaceIL craft on
assembly line as
race to moon nears
Israel, one of only five teams
remaining in the Google Lunar
XPrize contest to land a robot on the
moon, is approaching the final stages

Israel21c staff

Israel’s SpaceIL, one of only five teams remaining in the
multi-million-dollar Google Lunar XPrize race to the
moon, is starting to assemble the craft to be launched in
2018, according to SpaceIL CEO Eran Privman.
“We are thrilled to share with you that the various parts
and components of the spacecraft are in advanced stages of
manufacture in Israel and abroad,” he announced this week.
The competition began 10 years ago with 33 teams vying A prototype of SpaceIL’s robotic spacecraft being unveiled for Israeli President Reuven Rivlin.
to be the first to soft-land a privately funded, unmanned
robot on the moon, move it 500 meters across the moon’s end of 2010, but was the first to secure the required systems that will be installed in the spacecraft … will allow
surface, and transmit high-definition video and photos launch contract. us to realize our national mission and join the exclusive
back to Earth. The top prize is $20 million. “Six years of intensive activity, successful trials, devel- and prestigious group of superpowers that have landed on
The nonprofit SpaceIL was the last to register, at the opment, manufacture, and testing of all the complex the moon to date: The USA, the former Soviet Union and

Sold! Sold! Sold! 201.692.3700

L D! L D! D!

43 Van Buskirk Road, Teaneck 34 E Glenwood Drive, Bergenfield 525 Northumberland Road, Teaneck

! ! R

57 E Glenwood Drive, Bergenfield 105 Copley Avenue, Teaneck 1345 Fayette Street, Teaneck

52 Jewish Standard AUGUST 18, 2017
Real Estate & Business

the People’s Republic of China,” said Privman.
The SpaceIL craft will bring a lunar magnetometer
Teaneck Internation Film Festival
from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot to unveils theme and program
study the magnetic fields on the surface of the moon.
“Additionally, we have acquired a new camera – “Activism: Making Change” is the theme of the 12th annual lift the spirits, and other films that will encourage discus-
one of the five cameras that will be assembled on the Teaneck International Film Festival scheduled from sion and debate about vital issues such as minority rights,
spacecraft,” Privman said. November 2 to 5 at several local venues. LGBTQ concerns, bullying, bigotry, autism, injustice, and
“The camera is a technologically complex optic The festival includes independent features, documen- the environment.
system that was developed specifically for us, and taries, and shorts; talkbacks with filmmakers and actors; Ticket sales start in October. Opening night, Thursday,
meets the requirements of the Google Lunar X Kid Flix Mix with host Bob McGrath; “Birthright: A War November 2, $10; Saturday night centerpiece event with
Prize competition. Story,” a documentary about the attack on women’s repro- food, wine, and film, $25 per person as a tax deductible
“Furthermore, we completed a successful test of ductive rights sponsored by the National Council of Jew- contribution, or $35 per person at the door. All other films
our control sensors. The real data received from the ish Women/Teaneck and state Senate Majority Leader are $8 in advance or$10 at the door.
star tracker and the IMU sensor in motion (as part of Loretta Weinberg; “Newton,” a dark Indian comedy fea- Venues are Teaneck Cinemas, Puffin Cultural Forum,
a nighttime test conducted outdoors), were injected ture about voting rights sponsored by the Teaneck League Black Box Theater, Benjamin Franklin Middle School, and
into the navigation algorithm for the purpose of test- of Women Voters; “Fanny’s Journey,” based on a true Temple Emeth. Details and updates about films,tickets,
ing it. The navigation algorithm performed well, and Holocaust story about the courage of children, sponsored and directions, are available at www.teaneckfilmfestival.
the test in itself led to better understanding of how the by The Jewish Standard; plus family fare, selections to org or call (201) 203-1723.
sensors operate.”
The only others that have made it this far in the com-
petition are teams from India, Japan, and the United
States, as well as an international team of individuals
from about 15 countries.
SpaceIL has a major educational component, with
the aim of encouraging Israeli children to consider
careers in the sciences. “Along with the lectures we

give at schools on a regular basis, we have launched, t TEANECK t
in collaboration with Time to Know, an online digi-
tal platform for learning English, which also tells the
story of the first Israeli spacecraft,” said Privman.

City Place Salsa Night
Meticulously maintained Split-level w/updates throughout, recently re-finished
hardwood flrs, MEIK w/granite countertops, 3BRs, 2.5bth, lower lvl large FR
w/PR, & rec space, 2 car attached gar, convenient to
More than one thou- highways & airports.

sand guests heated TENAFLY
up the promenade Orna RIVER VALE
Jackson, TENAFLY
Sales Associate CRESSKILL
201-768-6868 201-666-0777 201-894-1234 201-871-0800
last week as City
Chris Marksbury

Place in Edgewater
hosted its annual
Salsa Night. Salsa
FORT LEE – THE COLONY 584 Cumberland Ave. $629,000 2 PM - 4 PM
Charm Brick Tudor. Tot Updated. LR/Fplc open to FDR, Lg Grnt Isle
fans came out with A Fabulous Lifestyle Awaits You Kit. 4 BRs (2 w/ Full Bth), 4.5 Bths Total. Game Rm Bsmt. 2 Zone
their dancing shoes C/A/C. 2 Car Gar.
and lawn chairs in 1043 Wilson Ave. $599,999 2 PM – 4 PM
tow. Some even brought their four legged pals along One of a Kind Eng Tudor. Stunning LR/Fplc, FDR, Gorgeous Mod Kit/
for the festivities. Bkfst Rm. 5 BRs, 4.5 Bths. Fin Bsmt. 2 Car Gar.
“City Place is proud to continue to highlight the fin- 152 Copley Ave. $499,900 2 PM – 4 PM
est Salsa talent in the nation right in Edgewater,” said Spacious CH Col. Deep 272' Prop. Move-in Cond. 2 BRs, 2 Bths. LR,
Mindy Gale, event manager for City Place. DR, EIK/Sldrs to New Deck, Den, Lg Fam Rm/W-I Closet (easily con-
Following a set of high-energy dance routines by verted to Master Suite/3rd BR).
Eleanee Jimenez and PEAK Latin Dancing that set
the night and crowd in motion, Cuban sensation Jose
Fajardo Jr. and his orchestra took total command of
Bergenfield. Mint Cond S/L. Surrounded by more expensive
the promenade. With help from the experts, includ- homes. LR open to FDR, EIK. 3 BRs, 2 new Bths. Fin Bsmt. C/A/C.
ing Can Do Fitness and Wilson “El Bailarin” Gutierrez, 140’ Deep Prop. Rm to Expand. $660’s
guests enjoyed Zumba, group Salsa lessons, and music N Milford. Lovely Street. Spacious 3 Brm, 2.5 Bth Col. LR open to
that kept them moving all night. DR, EIK, Game Rm Bsmt. Huge Party Deck. Gar. $445,000
Salsa legends Billy Carrion and Frankie Morales Teaneck. Convenient Loc. Pretty 3 BR, 2 Bth Col. LR, Kit/DR. Deep
Prop. Oak Flrs. Gar. $319,000
joined Fajardo, Jr. on stage for a special surprise per-
formance. The end of the evening featured a Salsa con- ALL CLOSE TO NY BUS / HOUSES OF WORSHIP /
3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths. Spectacular views from east and HIGHWAYS / SHOPS / SCHOOLS
test, with the grand-prize winners taking home a Latin
Moonlight Cruise for 10 courtesy of Spirit of New York. west terraces. Hardwood floors throughout. Laundry. For Our Full Inventory including
With all that dancing, guests were bound to work
$519,000 Details & Pictures, Visit our Website
up an appetite. Many took advantage of the property’s
Allan Dorfman www.RussoRealEstate.com
vast selection of eateries including a very special treat
201-461-6764 Eve (201) 837-8800
from City Place’s newest eatery, Izzy’s, featuring a free 201-970-4118 Cell
coconut flan with every pizza purchase. 201-585-8080 Office

Jewish Standard AUGUST 18, 2017 53
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Jimmy J
the Junk Man
Basements •Baseme
Attics • Garages • Fire Damage
Construction Debris • Hoarding Specialists
201-661-4940 - 4940 2
We do not transport solid or hazardous waste
We d

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