Poetry Speaking and Performance Rubric

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Use this guide to evaluate your speaking and performance skills when reading and performing your

4 3 2 1

Vocal intonation Highly effective and Effective and Moderately effective Not effective;
and expression expressive intonation expressive intonation and expressive more practice
used to reinforce used to reinforce intonation used with with intonation
change in mood, change in mood, room for is strongly
voice, setting, and/or voice, setting, and/or improvement and recommended.
characterization. characterization. practice.
Language used Highly effective use Effective use of Moderately effective Little use of
of strong vocabulary vocabulary as it use of vocabulary as vocabulary as it
as it relates to the relates to the it relates to the relates to the
storyline. Some storyline. Some storyline, with room storyline. No
words were taken words were taken for more word words were
from the vocabulary from the vocabulary incorporation. A few taken from the
journal. journal. words were taken vocabulary
from the vocabulary journal. Room
journal. for more word
Volume Highly appropriate Appropriate volume Volume not used Volume used is
(loudness) audience volume used when speaking effectively. More not appropriate
used when speaking and performing, with practice is for audience.
and performing. a little room for recommended. More practice
improvement. when speaking
and performing
is highly
Audience Appropriate audience Appropriate audience A little more practice A lot more
address address with a high address; audience in voice, intonation, practice in
likelihood to engage may be engaged and language, and voice,
and entertain. entertained. volume is intonation,
recommended to language, and
engage and entertain volume is
the audience. recommended
to engage and
entertain the

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