Friendship House MSU FALL Class Schedule 2017


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Friendship House MSU Class Schedule for Fall 2017

Day Time
1St Floor Gospel of John Who is Jesus?
English for

2nd Floor Ask the Experts Beginners
Knitting &
Casual English
1St Floor Book of Ephesians

2nd Floor TBD
FSH BF Let’s Sew
1 Floor
The Life of

Jesus/English Skills

2nd Floor Intermediate
English/Life Skills
ULC Painting Class
Amazing and
Enjoying English
1St Floor Bible Study 101 Wonderful English Tutorial
Experiences Favorite Bible Stories!

2nd Floor English:
English Speaking Pronunciation &
U.S. New &
BF/MLC Gospel of John English Conversation
1St Floor International Cooking Class
Spouse Connection

2nd Floor Scandalous Claims, Culture and
Questions from the Book of
ULC American History
English Conv, English Conv,
1St Floor

Pronoun & Vocab 1 Pronoun & Vocab 2

2nd Floor Bible Study
Sunday MLC English for International
Adults and Children

FHS BF = Basement Floor ULC= University Lutheran Church MLC= Martin Luther Chapel
Gospel of John This class will focus on the Book of John from the New Testament of the Christian Bible. Sometimes called the
Gospel of John – Gospel means “the teaching or revelation of Christ” – this book is one of four Gospels in the
Starts Sept. 11 New Testament. John begins with the witness and affirmation of John the Baptist and concludes with the
Ends Dec. 11 death, burial, resurrection, and post-resurrection appearances of Jesus. Teacher Dick has been a Friendship
10:00 am – 11:30 am House instructor more than 15 years.
FSH 1st Floor Teacher Dick
Ask The Experts A great way to improve your English conversation and understanding is to practice listening to and speaking
with a variety of people from American society and culture. To accomplish this, this class will bring in a new
Starts Sept. 11 English speaker each week. Each class starts with a presentation by that week’s expert and then
Ends Dec. 11 Internationals engage them in questions, discussion and comparisons with their own culture.
10:00 am – 11:30 am
FSH 2st Floor
Director Rich
Who is Jesus? In this class, students study the subject of “Who is Jesus?” For many Internationals, Jesus is a mystery. By
studying who He is, they learn how that changes everything about how we live our lives, from personal
Starts Sept. 11
relationships, to dealing with stress and worry, to knowing where we came from and where we will eventually
Ends Dec. 11
end up. Specific areas of everyday life are used, applying the teachings of Jesus as found in the Bible, to better
11:30 am – 1:00 pm understand the help He provides so that we can live peaceful, joyful lives. Teacher Clyde is a retired graphic
FSH 1st Floor artist and is a professional watercolor artist who has taught at Friendship House for more than a decade.
Teacher Clyde
English for Beginners This brand new class for Internationals ESL beginner-level will focus on communication to help newcomers
use the English language and get acclimated with the American culture. Students will build vocabulary while
Starts Sept. 11 discussing interesting topics every week. This course is taught by Teacher Balques who recently finished her
Ends Dec. 11 Masters in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and is perfectly fluent in English. If you want to
learn to talk like an American English speaker, this is a great class to start with.
1:00 pm – 2:30 pm Teacher Balques
FSH 2nd Floor
Knitting & Crocheting Tight Knit is a group that knits and crochets items for people in need (for example - hats and scarves for the
homeless and needy school children; baby blankets; breast prosthesis for cancer survivors; blankets for
Starts Sept. 11 hospice patients). Yarn, knitting needles, crochet hooks and patterns are provided free of charge. All
Ends Dec. 11 International students are welcome, from those who don't know the difference between knitting and
crocheting to those who have many years of experience. There is lots of conversation and laughter and we
4:30 pm – 6:00 pm typically serve a light meal. We especially enjoy making friends with people from around the world! Teachers
University Lutheran Terrie & Vicki
Casual English Many Internationals come to Friendship House MSU seeking help with informal English conversation. This
Conversation class focuses on informal, or casual, English to help students build their confidence using everyday English in
ordinary settings. There is a heavy emphasis on everyone speaking, improving listening skills and practicing
Starts Sept. 5 using American idioms. The class is fun, lively and informative. Weather permitting, the class will sometimes
Ends Dec. 12 will practice golf, take walks in the woods, go biking or visit a local museum. Teachers Tom and Kathy are
9:30 am – 11: 00 am retired public school teachers who have been with Friendship House MSU for more than twelve years.
Kathy & Tom
FSH 1st Floor
Book Of Ephesians Christian life occurs as a response to Jesus Christ’s life, death and resurrection as foretold, fulfilled and
described in the Bible. Students in this class will read portions of the Bible aloud and discuss its content. In so
doing, they will both see how the Bible applies to their own personal lives as well as improve their English
Starts Sept. 19
speaking, pronunciation, vocabulary and comprehension. Teacher Becky is a retired public school teacher
Ends Dec. 12
and has taught at Friendship House MSU for many years. She loves working with International students!
11:00 am – 12:30 pm
FSH 1st Floor Teacher Becky

Let’s Sew! This class will teach students to make their own clothes they can keep or donate to charity. It is both for
people learning to sew as well as those wanting to improve their skills. There are a limited number of sewing
machines at Friendship House but students can also bring their own sewing machines. Teacher Sarah is an
Starts Sept. 12 accomplished seamstress. She started sewing at age 8 and makes much of her own clothing as well as
Ends Dec. 12 clothing for family and friends.
11:00 am – 1:00 pm Teacher Sarah

1:00 pm – 2:30 pm


Starts Sept. 6
Ends Dec. 13
9:30 – 11:00

Watercolor This popular class is back for a new semester of learning about watercolor painting, releasing the inner artist
Painting within and expressing yourself through this beautiful art form. The class deals with a basic understanding of
color, value relationships, design and techniques, using watercolor books by professional artists the teacher
Starts Sept. 6
(a professional water color artist himself) has used to develop his own painting style. Each student receives significant
Ends Dec. 13
individual attention and will eventually design, compose and paint their own art. NOTE: New students will be
11:00 am – 12:30 pm accepted for the first two weeks of class. After that, the class will not be able to accept new students.
University Lutheran Teacher Clyde
Students are expected to purchase their own painting materials but should first meet with Teacher Clyde to
Church find out what is needed and where to get it.
Intermediate This is an Intermediate English course that focuses on increasing students’ English language proficiency. Each
English/Life Skills class includes preparation for life-skills in the family, community, school, work and a more advanced use of
idioms. This course is taught by Teacher Jan who is a certified teacher with International experience in
Starts Sept. 6
teaching English. She recently completed her Master of Arts degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other
Ends Dec. 13
11:00 am – 12:30 pm Teacher Jan
FSH 2nd Floor

The Life of Students will learn about the life of Jesus while practicing all four-communication skills in English – reading,
Jesus/English Skills listening, speaking, and writing. Themes include family, community, food, friendship, health, holidays and
sports. The class is taught by Teacher Jan who is a certified teacher with international experience in teaching
Starts Sept. 6
English who recently completed her Master’s in TESOL.
Ends Dec. 13
1:30 pm – 2:30 pm
FSH 1st Floor Teacher Jan

Bible Study 101 The Bible contains documents written by over 40 different people from several different cultures over the
Starts Sept. 7 course of nearly 2000 years. It includes historical accounts, legal documents, personal letters and prophetic
Ends Dec. 14 visions. This study will take a short look at all different kinds of literature in the Bible and how they
contribute to our understanding of God and His love for us. The class will be conducted in English, but
9:00 am -10:30 pm students will be encouraged to do readings between classes in their first language. No previous Bible
FSH 1st floor knowledge is necessary, and questions during class discussions are always welcome!
Pastor Curt
Enjoying English This long-running class continues with new material with opportunities to practice speaking and writing in
Experiences English. Editing assistance will be offered with suggestions for fluency, conversation practice and even
Starts Sept. 14 building TOEFL success. The class incorporates many forms of teaching media in her classes to maximize the
Ends Dec. 14 learning experience of International students. Internationals find this class especially stimulating and useful.
Teacher Mary Lou is a retired public and private educator and is assisted by Teacher June. They have taught
10:30am –12:00 pm
at Friendship House for several years.
FSH 1st Floor Teacher
Mary Lou

Amazing and Wonderful... You will find hope, peace, and joy as you study key stories of the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.
Favorite Bible Stories! Questions and discussion are always welcome. Each lesson features good news for our life today! The
Starts Sept. 14 Christian Bible contains 66 different “Books”. Each one contains truth, wisdom, knowledge, history and
Ends Dec. 14 advice for daily living, often communicated and shared in true stories.

1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
FSH 1st Floor Teacher
Mary Lou
Gospel of John This class will focus on the Book of John from the New Testament of the Christian Bible. Sometimes called
the Gospel of John – Gospel means “the teaching or revelation of Christ” – this book is one of four Gospels
Starts Sept. 7 in the New Testament. John begins with the witness and affirmation of John the Baptist and concludes with
Ends Dec. 14 the death, burial, resurrection, and post-resurrection appearances of Jesus. Teacher Dick has been a
1:00 pm – 2:30 pm Friendship House instructor more than 15 years.
FSH BF Teacher Dick

English Speaking Whether you want to improve your English-speaking skills, learn to speak your second language with more
Starts Sept. 7 confidence, or want to further develop your leadership skills, this is the class for you! Public speaking can be
Ends Dec. 14 difficult regardless of any language. It can be especially challenging in a second language. Learning to speak
fluently, confidently and as a leader are hallmarks of success in academic, research, business, government
2:00 pm – 3:30 pm and non-governmental careers. This class will use a proven technique to increase your success with English
FSH 2nd floor and public speaking. Take this class and you will succeed! Teacher Mina is an International who has learned Teacher Mina
to speak English fluently and confidently. She will teach the first 6 weeks and Director Rich will take over the &
remainder of the semester. Director Rich
English Tutorial During this time, Teacher Tim will be available to meet with individuals who would like help with English
speaking, English writing, TOEFL preparation, or any other number of topics related to English. Most
Starts Sept. 7 meetings will be 1/2 hour long, but some might be longer if there is time. These tutorial meetings require an
Ends Dec. 14 appointment. To schedule an appointment, email Teacher Tim at: so the teacher
3:00 pm – 4:30 pm can meet with you individually.
FSH 1st Floor Teacher Tim
English: In this class, we will split our time in two very different areas. For one part of the class (approximately 45
Pronunciation & Grammar minutes) we will practice hearing and speaking vowel and consonant sound in English. For the other part of
Starts Sept. 7 class (also approximately 45 minutes), we will work on specific areas of English grammar, over the semester
Ends Dec. 14 covering such things as article, prepositions, pronouns, verbs, and anything else that might interest and
4:30 pm – 6:00 pm challenge you. As always, my goal is that we learn a lot…and that we have fun.
FSH 2nd Floor Teacher Tim

U.S. News & English Many Internationals discover that paying attention to the news – U.S. and world news alike – is an excellent
Conversation way to improve their English vocabulary, comprehension and practice. Newspapers, cable news, online
Starts Sept. 7 news, websites, blogs, and magazines help Internationals grow their English conversation skills and start
Ends Dec. 14
learning the patterns of speech that are so important to their second language. This class is held at Martin
6:00 pm – 7:30 pm Teachers
Luther Chapel, 444 Abbot Road, East Lansing, MI 48823. Teachers Dave & Kris are long-time Friendship
MLC Kris & Dave
House educators.


Scandalous Claims, Are you intrigued by this title? Do you want to know more about the interesting findings in the Book of
Culture and Questions Romans? This epistle sent by Paul to the Christians in Rome can be considered the broadest and most
from the Book of profound document regarding the message of the Gospel. Join Teacher Jodi in this amazing class as she
Romans explains how to apply the lessons of the Bible into everyday life. Jodi has been teaching at Friendship House
Starts Sept. 15 for several years and is currently an instructor at Lansing Community College as well as owning her own
Ends Dec. 15 business. Teacher Jodi
9:00 am – 10:30 am
FSH 2nd Floor
American History This class addresses what Internationals want to know about how U.S. history affects American culture and
vice versa. Pastor Rich is an accomplished teacher and long time student himself of American history. He will
Starts Sept. 8 guide students to an “insider’s view” of select portions of American history and how those events, decisions
Ends Dec. 15 and milestones influenced our society. Students will build their English vocabulary, improve their
10:30 am – 12:00 pm pronunciation and become much more aware of how the American people think and function.
University Lutheran Pastor Rich
Church ULC
International Cooking This popular class about the foods and cooking traditions of other nations is being offered to our
International students. Teachers Ruba, Ansam and Livia are accomplished cooks and they will share and
Starts Sept. 15 prepare their own recipes as well as those of their students – with the students very involved in the
Ends Dec. 15 preparation, too. All classes are conducted using English reading, listening and speaking. Naturally, all will
10:30 am – 12:00 pm enjoy the delicious foods prepared in class. There is a $35 fee per semester (less than $3 per class!) to
FSH 1st Floor purchase ingredients for this class. If this fee is a burden to anyone, please come talk to Director Rich (there
Livia, Ansam, Ruba
are scholarships available).
International Spouse ISC (International Spouse Connection) is a group for, and organized by, spouses of MSU International
Connection students and scholars, both men and women, under the sponsorship of MSU’s Office of International
Students & Scholars’ Community Volunteers for International Programs. They share their cultures, life stories
Starts Sept. 15 and interests with lots of outing trips, handmade projects and interesting presentations. Spouses practice
Ends Dec. 15 English while talking about different topics every week. There is usually lots of humor and always lasting Teachers
friendships. All International spouses and English conversation levels are welcome. Livia, Ruba,
1:00 pm – 2:30 pm Sandra, Ansam
FSH 1st Floor
Bible Study with The Book of Hebrews is the 19th book of the New Testament Bible and was probably written about 30 years
Teacher Peter after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is considered by many scholars to be one of the best
Starts Sept. 16 written and most literate of all New Testament books. It was mainly written for people who had doubts about
Ends Dec. 16 the Good News of Jesus Christ. Many people of the time believed that God would send a militant king to
conquer their enemies and had doubts about the nature of Jesus as the Son of God. The author presents a
strong case for Jesus being a different kind of king. Teacher Peter is a retired bank executive and long time
10:00 am–11:30 am
Friendship House teacher. Teacher Peter
FSH 2nd Floor
English Conv, This warm and friendly class emphasizes English pronunciation and listening skills improvement. The
Pronoun & Vocab 1 conversation among students not only flows freely, it serves as the core of this long-running and respected
Starts Sept. 9 class. Teaching tools like analogy (comparisons), idioms (slang) and International cultural similarities and
Ends Dec. 16 differences are frequently used. In addition to increasing English proficiency, the class uses seasonal recipes,
national holidays, Michigan products, and points of historical and scenic interest in our state. This class is
10:00 am–11:30 am repeated at 12:30 pm on Saturdays. Teacher Maxine has been on faculty at Friendship House MSU for over
FSH 1st Floor Teacher Maxine
15 years.
English Conv, Note: This is a repeat of the 10:00 am class. This warm and friendly class emphasizes English pronunciation
Pronoun & Vocab 2 and listening skills improvement. The conversation among students not only flows freely, it serves as the core
of this long- running and respected class. Teaching tools like analogy (comparisons), idioms (slang) and
Starts Sept. 9 International cultural similarities and differences are frequently used. In addition to increasing English
Ends Dec. 16
proficiency, the class uses seasonal recipes, national holidays, Michigan products, and points of historical and
12:30 pm – 2:00 pm scenic interest in our state. Teacher Maxine has been on faculty at Friendship House MSU for over 15 years.
FSH 1st Floor Teacher Maxine

English for This class is held on Sunday mornings at Martin Luther Chapel (444 Abbot Road, East Lansing, Michigan
Interational 48823) at 10.30 am. While adult parents attend religious services – involving English listening, reading and
Adults & Children singing – children will receive ESL instruction in a separate area of the building. The teaching for children will
Starts Sept. 10 emphasize English speaking, listening, reading and writing. Native English speakers will lead both the adults
Ends Dec. 17 and children. Martin Luther Chapel is one of the founders of Friendship House MSU and has long supported Martin Luther
all of our classes throughout the week. Chapel
10:30 am – 12:00 pm