Mold & die Industry

In the 21st Century, it is not overly exaggerated to say that most of the
major industrial markets and the corresponding products, such as
the automotive sector, consumer electronics and electronic gadgets
are mass produced through mold and die manufacturing processes.
Furthermore, the machining equipment and machine tool technology
has become one of the most critical elements, as the demands for the
products are pursuing more sophisticated and advanced accomplishments.
For extended mold life, producing parts from the highest quality materials
is a pre-requisite for mass production environments that demand a cost
effective solution. Therefore, a company’s competitive edge often relies
upon choosing a partner that can supply the right tooling and peripheral
equipment to process the most difficult-to-machine materials.

Mold & Die industry

According to a recent survey, the ratio of the mold type tooling produced currently stands at:
41% for plastic injection molds, 40% press dies, 5% die casting molds, 4% forging dies,
3% rubber molds, 3% metal molds and powder metallurgy molds and glass molds account for 2% each.

Most mold companies require cutting tools that can cater for high speed machining to deliver
a competitive advantage for the end users new products. Furthermore, where the industry trend
never ceases to introduce process-intensive, high speed and precision equipment to accommodate
the ever demanding customers, TaeguTec supplies a variety of tools for roughing, semi-finishing and
finish machining that will satisfy any mold material and the operating conditions of the machine tools.

››› Press Die ››› Injection Mold
Press dies are a metal forming process that installs Injection molds are another form of die that can produce
special mold tools into a press machine that works in plastic molds. Initially, hot melt (or half melt) macro
a linear reciprocating movement. The main materials molecule (high polymer plastic resin) materials are
used in press dies are grey cast iron, tool steel and injected with high pressure to an empty space between
carbon steel. the core and cavity, and then cooled to gain the desired
plastic mold.
The injection mold materials should be heat resistant with
a low coefficient of thermal expansion. The molds should
be uncomplicated for machining and thermal processing
aspects. The composition of the molds include mold bases,
a core and additional parts. Until recently, the process only
used plastics but now mold steels are being applied more

2 Total Machining Solutions for the Mold & Die Industry

toughness and hardness to bear the severe Die Steel. are the main components of forging applied. forging die materials must have a strong The materials for molds may depend upon the rubber molding. hence. the materials are injected into a precision shaped die. materials are machined into a desired shape after being its durability is improved by the forging process. 3 . cast or forged and then worked through to the final process. are hot a process similar to plastic compression molding. such as Al.››› Rubber Mold ››› Die Casting Mold ››› Forging Die Rubber molding is the process of putting rubber and Die casting molds are made from low melting point Forging dies are a mold process to shape a workpiece synthetic rubber materials into a mold and developing metal alloys. Zn and Mg. If the production strength. in order to make thin and light-weight precision metal forged. hot work tool steels are used among the usual materials. hardened steel will be utilized as compositions. the structural carbon steel can be conditions of high temperature and high pressure. surface finishing. Die casting mold materials require exceptional thermal and mechanical resistance. In the case of producing uniform products for a Hence. by hammering or pressing when the workpiece is cold the shape of the rubber workpiece by heating and pressing. especially sizable dies. Most forging. With high pressure. the forging longer period of time. which contain chromium. or heated. Tool Steel and materials. nickel. quality and quantity produced. and vanadium. In order to make forging dies. molybdenum run is a small quantity.

Mold & Die Machining Program ››› copy Milling ››› Peripheral Milling ››› copy Milling Lower ›››Deep Drilling ››› Face Milling ›››Tooling System ›››Modular System High precision chucking system Modular heads and shanks 4 Total Machining Solutions for the Mold & Die Industry .

Mold & Die Industry ››› Deep cavity Milling ››› profile Milling Upper ›››Hole making ›››end Milling ›››CAM Program Service ›››Grades Customer support service with CAM software New grades for Mold & Die machining 5 .

a screw type cutter for steel machining and a wedge type cutter for cast iron machining ‣ Efficient and smooth machining due to positive cutting edge geometry that lowers cutting loads during rough machining M MM CE 6 Total Machining Solutions for the Mold & Die Industry .Roughing Face Milling New milling solution for rough machining of cast iron and steel  ‣ 14 corners-45° entry angle with economical double sided inserts ‣ Ideal solution for high performance cast iron and steel machining ‣ Dual usage insert for both cutter types.

Mold & Die Industry Deep Cavity Milling  ‣ New Line improves the existing line with its thick and robust new design. ‣ With 8 insert edges. RYM(H)X -MR RYM (H) X -M RYM (H) X -ML RYHX -AL RYMX -MM RYHX -L 7 . while offering excellent chip evacuation for enhanced milling performance. customers can witness an upgraded solution with reduced tooling costs whilst being able to machine at exceptionally stable conditions.

0mm depth of cut. it is recommended that customers use a shredded type insert to reduce the cutting load RNMU1205-ML RNMU1205S-M 8 Total Machining Solutions for the Mold & Die Industry .Roughing Deep Cavity Milling  RD 360-LINE ‣ Unique shape with double sided round insert delivers an economical insert with up to 16-corners whilst the shredded type has 8-corners with a maximum 2. ‣ The unique structure of the insert and cutter pocket ensures strong clamping ‣ Anti-Rotating system ‣ When machining with a long overhang cutter.

Mold & Die Industry High Feed Milling  4D FEED LINE High feed cutters with BLMP 06 & BLMP 09 inserts ‣ Particularly suitable for High Feed Machining ‣ Low cutting forces ‣ 4 corner inserts for cost effective machining ‣ Excellent chip evacuation ‣ Through-coolant (air) system ‣ Low chipping tendency ‣ Minimum diameter 16mm BLMP 06-M BLMP 06-MM BLMP 06-ML BLMP 09-M BLMP 09-MM BLMP 09-ML 9 .

‣ The insert has a unique clamping structure that delivers stable performance when high feed milling and deep pocket machining.Roughing High Feed Milling  6D FEED LINE ‣ is a double-sided insert with 6 cutting edges 6D FEED LINE that can withstand ultra high feed rates. AXMT 0602R-HF AXMT 06-EM APKT 09T3 PER-EM APKT 09T3R-HF APKT 0204R-HF 10 Total Machining Solutions for the Mold & Die Industry .0mm/tooth at a maximum 2. ‣ The large radius cutting edge permits the machining of deep pockets 2S 90-LINE with a long cutter overhang due to the maximum cutting force being directed towards the spindle. ‣ This cutter can run at a feed rate up to 4.0mm depth of cut. BLMP 1205R-M  2S 90-LINE ‣ The unique high feed insert design combines with the super fine pitch cutter to give users the fastest feed rate cutter available.

double sided helical cutting edge insert for economical machining ‣ Strong clamping force credit to wide contact surface and a high tensile screw (M3. Mold & Die Industry Plunge Milling  ‣ Available in rough and semi-finishing plunge milling applications ‣ 4 corner. end milling and extended flute end milling for the mold and die industry SPMG-EM SPMT-EM XOMT 11 . face milling and 90° milling operations PLNG 09-M PLNG 09-ML  8D 90-LINE ‣ 8 cutting edges per insert for economical machining ‣ Unique angled screw clamping gives secure insert clamping and high density pitch option ‣ High positive insert geometry and dimple chip breaker lower the cutting forces and temperature SNGX 1306  4S 90-LINE ‣ can be used for a variety of applications 4S 90-LINE such as: counter boring. spot facing. ML type for difficult-to-cut materials ‣ Covers plunge milling.0mm) ‣ Applied internal coolant system for longer tool life and excellent chip evacuation ‣ M type insert for general milling. drill milling. plunge milling.

Roughing Copy Milling  (Ø16 .Ø32) ‣ Dovetail mechanism clamping provides increased security and insert clamping ‣ High helix cutting edge for smooth milling ‣ Ground insert for excellent high precision ‣ Economical double sided insert ‣ Inserts are applicable for both internal and 2FB-M external pockets making it easier to control inventory ‣ The direct cooling system and good chip evacuation extends the tool’s life ‣ Standardization from minimum diameter 16mm. 30mm to 32mm in end mill and modular types  (Ø32. Ø50) ‣ Effective 3 flute design enables high feed machining that enhances productivity 3FB-C ‣ Unique double-sided design with 2 cutting edges ‣ A highly stable cutting performance with thick and strong cutting edges 3FB-P ‣ Smooth machining due to positive chip former ‣ Excellent chip evacuation with a coolant hole  3 S BALL LINE ‣ General copy milling cutter for mold and die industry ‣ Triangular insert with helical cutting edges ‣ Strong clamping system with high tensile screw ‣ Large chip gullet provides maximum metal removal rates RBEX 50-M RBEX 50-MM RBEX 50-MR 12 Total Machining Solutions for the Mold & Die Industry . 20mm. 25mm.

Available with a variety of insert and cutter options. It is available in an End Mill type ranging from 16mm to 50mm in diameter with a modular type from 20mm to 40mm and a Face Mill type available with a 40mm to 160mm diameter. Mold & Die Industry The new line provides an economical solution with three 90˚ helical cutting edges that are thick and strong. the gives users the opportunity to conduct most milling applications using two helical cutting edged inserts. 3PKT-M 3PKT-ML 3PHT-M ‣ Pressed size ‣ Pressed size ‣ Periphery ground with medium light cuttind edge Various milling application with 3PKT insert Slotting Shouldering Ramping Helical Ramping 13 .

plunge milling. spot facing. quiet and efficient milling with exceptional accuracy. Available with a full range of corner radii and sharp ground inserts for aluminum milling applications. the range has an extensive selection of cutter bodies with different insert densities. ‣ Various cutting geometries and grades can be applied to a wide range of materials and cutting conditions. end milling and extended flute end milling SPMG-EM SPMT-EM 14 Total Machining Solutions for the Mold & Die Industry .Roughing Peripheral Milling  APKT 1204 PER-SM APKT 1705 PER-SM ‣ The helical positive cutting edge guarantees smooth. drill milling. coolant options and extended lengths to provide the ultimate milling solution. APKT 09T3 APKT 1204 APKT 1705 APKT 1705 PER-EM PER-EM PER-M/EM PER-EML  ‣ The can be applied to a variety of applications such as: counter boring.

Mold & Die Industry Semi-finishing & Finishing FINEMilling Profile  ‣ Applied with high helix cutting edges to guarantee smooth and stable cutting performance ‣ It demonstrates improved run-out and precision. thanks to the captive pocket method and optimized insert configuration. ‣ The internal coolant system in the cutter body offers excellent chip evacuation and prolongs tool life ‣ Enhanced contact area between insert and holder to deliver extremely strong clamping Ball Insert Corner Radius Insert NFB-FM NFB-SM NFR 15 .

High-precision shape machining achieved from Sharp edge geometry for increased core size and excellent accurate R tolerance 90-degree machining ‣ Long tool life and excellent surface finish chip evacuation achieved by ‣ The RigiMill coating is based on the TT1040(PVD AITiN) Great applying S-Gash coating for high speed machining surface finishing High speed machining TT1040 (UF10N+AlTiN) of steel and hardened steel possible with symmetric guarantees abrasion and heat design(minimized vibration coating technology specifically for resistance by balancing effect) hardened materials Excellent surface finish ‣ Suitable for shouldering operations in mold & die applications High Performance Machining   ‣ The unequal cutting edge spacing with high helix angle ‣ The MULTIMILL can replace 2 end mills (rough + finish) eliminates vibration and lowers cutting forces whilst improving without the need for reducing feed rates. Excellent chatter B dampening ability + = due to unequal spacing of cutting edges For Finishing For Roughing for Top Productivity 16 Total Machining Solutions for the Mold & Die Industry .Solid Carbide Endmill High Speed Machining  ‣ Excellent performance on high-speed milling applications ‣ Submicron carbide grade provides toughness and reliability ‣ AlTiN PVD coating improves tool life and wear resistance ‣ Symmetrical design for HSM applications ‣ Ultra precise and rigid tool geometry  ‣ Suitable for high feed machining due to Low resistance. A Excellent chip A A�B evacuation. material removal rates. smooth cutting. B This drastically reduces machining time.

SOLID Mold & Die Industry High Speed Machining  ‣ Excellent rigidity that improves surface finishes ‣ Adequate length of cutting edge (stub-cut length) ‣ Economical price (minimum stock removal of Endmill body) ‣ The best solution for high speed machining & hardened materials (profiling) Patented design High rigidity Stub-cut length S-gash Smooth cutting  ‣ Improves productivity and reduces cycle time with extremely high feed machining capability ‣ Lowers cutting forces with unique corner geometry ‣ Excellent wear resistance when machining general steel and hardened steel ‣ Improved quality with fine grain carbide created by a press type manufacturing process ‣ High feed machining is possible even when using a long overhang operation due to cutter rigidity 17 .

0mm diameter) RIF RIB 18 Total Machining Solutions for the Mold & Die Industry .0mm diameter) ‣ RIB _ : 2 flute miniature series .square end (0.ball nose (0.Solid Carbide Endmill Rib Machining  For Rib-Processing ‣ RIF _ : 2 flute miniature series .4mm to 3.4mm to 3.

Mold & Die Industry Graphite Machining  ‣ High performance machining on graphite & non-ferrous materials ‣ Excellent wear resistance due to Diamond coating(TT6050) ‣ Improved chip evacuation with specially designed geometry ‣ Excellent surface finish with TaeguTec ultra fine Diamond coating 19 .

chip evacuation is improved. ‣ Smooth Chip Flow: Optimised & polished chip gullet guarantees excellent TCD chip evacuation.Hole Making New Head-Indexable Drill ‣ Quick Change System: The innovative clamping mechanism with special key enables head indexing on the machine with ease. 20 Total Machining Solutions for the Mold & Die Industry . ‣ Flexibility: A series of differently sized head diameters can be coupled with a drill body. ‣ Twisted Coolant Channel: Thanks to the twisted coolant structure.

Mold & Die Industry Drilling & Reaming  ‣ Four cornered economical insert design ‣ The same insert is applicable for both internal and external pockets ‣ Improved machinability with optimally configured cutting edge ‣ Applicable to most materials including low carbon and mild steel ‣ Helix type coolant channels improve chip evacuation and e precision when hole making r mad ‣ Enhanced insert durability with new grade (TT9080) Tailo   ‣ Excellent chip flow ‣ High speed drilling compared to conventional deep hole drills such as HSS drills & Gun drills ‣ Low cutting forces ‣ Smooth chip evacuation with unique flute geometry ‣ Highly rigid drill body ‣ Drilling depth up to 30xD without pecking cycle ‣ High hole accuracy & excellent surface finishes ‣ High quality of holes with low cutting forces & increased rigidity   T-REAM ‣ Brazed and indexable type available ‣ A wide variety of reamers available -D8mm~D250mm(100xD) ‣ Highly productive reaming for high-speed machining ‣ Cost effective solutions with high productivity ‣ Delivers high hole accuracy ‣ Good surface finishes with high tolerance levels (Head Exchangeable Type) (Blade Type) (Solid Type) 21 .

Boring Modular Precision Tooling  ‣ Various and flexible clamping systems ‣ Adjustable length and boring diameter ‣ Ultra-precise adjustment(Ø 0.5mm ~ 800mm) 22 Total Machining Solutions for the Mold & Die Industry .002mm) ‣ Suitable for Roughing (Ø 18mm ~ 800mm) ‣ Suitable for Finishing (Ø 2.

4mm ‣ Internal coolant available 23 .005mm) and powerful gripping ‣ Strong clamping force when compared to ER collet ‣ Various tooling can be used with this slim and accurate collet design for high speed machining ‣ Collet range : Φ1~25..5 at 20.. SRK Integral SRK Integral SRKIN Thermal Heating Unit ‣ For ER…SRK/SRF ‣ Exclusive and compact portable heating device Induction Heating Unit ‣ Easy operation and tool change ‣ Quick heating and cooling time  TSK Slim Collet Chuck ‣ Ensures high accuracy (Run-out 0.SHRINK ER. Mold & Die Industry Tooling System High Precision Chucking System  (Thermal Shrink Chucks) ‣ Excellent for high speed machining ‣ Balanced to G2.000rpm ‣ Short overhang provides anti-vibration and powerful gripping force ‣ Precision run-out and high repeatability ‣ Adaptable for ER and T-Shrink collets ‣ Slim design for mold machining T.

Modular System Economical Modular Head & Shank  ‣ Modular and flexible clamping system ‣ Extensive range of milling heads can be mounted on each shank size ‣ Screw lock and face contact provide a strong rigid milling system ‣ Slim design for mold industry T.FLEXTEC 24 Total Machining Solutions for the Mold & Die Industry .

M09 will be provided.387Z-47.Corner-R=25.156Y85.564 X-300.567 X10.436Y207.02 M01 X12.Y295.9Y-11.164 support solutions that work in harmony with its cutting tools.557Y-14.371Z-38.797Y-11.57Z-30.613 G91G28Z0.773Z-15.122 G01X10.1Y298.527Z-32.951Z-50.28Y-14.995Z-25.871 Technical Support X14.67Y-11.501 G00X11.091 X10.056 X-506.908Y21.751Y-10.251Y296.979 X8.979Z-25.999 X-508.376Y191.206 M30 X12.131 solutions provided by technology partners.  X14.754 TaeguTec supports its cutting tools and machining solutions G90G43Z50. advice and optimum solutions X14.721 X-346.21 X10.225Y199.082 M59 ‣ Data analysis: Data analysis.925 X-360.449Y-14.681Z-45. X10.057Z-35. X-102.048Y295.935 X-505.439Y-4.285 G01Z-25.085Y216.982Y107.562Y78.229Z-43.439 X-365.358Z-54.164 G01X-505.797 X-507.487Y99.865Z-54.948 ‣ Tooling Support: TaeguTec offers its customers tooling X10.748Z-25.851Y17. X14. X-149.129 X-189.89Y-10.637Y24. X-174.719Y298.026Y71.611 X10.266Y-14.132Y74.207Z-54.605Y297.153Z-35.002 for the mold & die industry with the productive CAM software G00Z50.008Y-10.985 X10.F200 X-181.999Z-54.385 G05P10000 X-132.264Z-25.168Z-44.963 25 .317 X13.719Y298.12Y-8. X11.172 X-17.97Y28.745Z-27.622Y-5.215Z-36. Mold & Die Industry CAM Program Support % O0001 (T=0Dia=50.) G80G49G40G00G17 T0M06 X-13.143 X-508.433Y212.129  CAM .358Y82.955Y183.722Z-28.694 X-307.351 X-370.65 G00Z50.734Y187. ‣ Mold & Die Business Support: Mold & Die and 3D modeling related business support X13.85 % will be offered.036Z-30.768 X-508.281Y-11.384 X-293.703 X14.543Y-13.561Z-25.Offset=0.869Z-52.353Z-53.216Z-46.473Z-52.865Y-4.363Z-50.835Y195.955Z-25. X-315.705Y210.164Z-30.977Z-54.574Y-5.216 X11.26Y-10.327 X7.698Y-13.413Y203.Z-54.205Z-31.719Y298.526 X11.283Y76.807Y103.446Z-37.773Z-19.02Z-27.928 X6.089Y-13.615 M51 X-121.103 ‣ Customer consulting X10. M00 X-108.972Z-31.832Y88.773Z50.761 G00Z-15.909 X10.264 X11.871Z50.Z-30.912 G05P0 X14.497 X11.754Z-48.84Y-12.146 X10. X-166.878 X10.684Y206.227 X14. X-158.657Z-26.773 X-20.08F200 X13.604Y14.91Z-49.84Y-3.709Y-6.Y180.H0 X-24.077Y-10.721 X10.475 Z50.719Y298.557Y-10.647Z-41.032Z-25.979Y-5.595Z-51.177Z-52.Machining Program G90G00G54X11.814Z-54.908 X-354. X11.922Z-53.428Y-14.251Z-26.951Y-10.553 X10.805Z-54.001 X9.01Y218.439Y91.Y69.085F381 X-323.944 S1273M03 X-114. X9. X12.217Y214.025Y95.623Y-14.9Y-11. X15.598Z-48.243Y-4.536Z-25.

alloy steels. mold steels and stainless steels ‣ Sub-micron substrate ‣ Has high wear resistance and an extremely high toughness level ‣ Recommend for dry milling ‣ For medium to fine machining in Mold & Die Cutting speed 80 ~ 160 m/min Substrates ‣ Excellent grade for high feed machining at low depths of cut Application range High Cutting speed (m/min) TT7080 TT9080 Low Hardened steel General Purpose 26 Total Machining Solutions for the Mold & Die Industry .Mold & Die Mold & Die New Grades TT7080 & TT9080 Grades With New PVD Multi Nano Coating Grades. Multi Nano alloy steels and mold steels TiAlN/AlTiN + TiN ‣ TT7080 has high wear and thermal crack resistance with a high mechanical shock resistance ‣ Recommend for dry milling ‣ For medium to high speed machining in the Mold & Die industry (Cutting speed 120 -250 m/min)  TT9080 ‣ New yellow colored PVD coated grade for normal steels. TaeguTec now offers the ultimate in tooling solutions for the Mold and Die industry!!  TT7080 ‣ New yellow coloured PVD coated grade for general steels.

Excellent performance on high speed applications .Tough wear resistance credit to sub-micron substrate .AlTiN Coating ‣ PVD AlTiN coating for end milling hardened steel (ISO P/S.Suitable for Solid Carbide End Mill . Mold & Die Industry TT1040 Grade Grade for High Speed Machining on Hardened Steel and Mold & Die Applications  TT1040 . HRc70) ‣ The high Al content provides a creative solution that delivers high wear and high heat resistance credit to the unique PVD process Application range High Cutting speed (m/min) TT1040 TT9030 Low Hardened steel General Purpose 27 .

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