The Pleasure Center is not in the material body, but in our Mind 19:0

Centru placerii nu se afla in invelisul material, ci in creier Zeitg
All people speak of different human experiences such as affection, food, sex, and music that give us a "Zeit
pleasurable feeling.A lot of web pages turn around somatic G-Spot . Wha
If you want to know about G- Spot,female ejaculation and the way to control man’s premature este
ejaculation (PE) please see the first article on this subject OSH
Researchers have recently found that these pleasurable experiences stimulate a common pathway in the Anyb
brain called the pleasure center or the Mind G-Spot. This center in the brain is also connected with
endorphin production(bliss state-ananda) and mystic trance experience(remember samadhi ) Pana

SAILESH -Hypnotist suggest Woman has Orgasm

Sailesh and suggested orgasms:

Sailesh and suggested orgasms2:
Hypnotist gets a girl to orgasm just by saying the word "Kapow"

SAILESH-Love That Chair

The chair is your lover

Mesmerismo - Magnetismo – Hipnotismo

Hypnotist Rod Scarth Sex On Stage In Kavos Rod always gives the best sex! without touching of

Madame Hypnose soggioga un uomo

A boy under my control Hypnotized Nikki Kane . She can only take small sips."you have to blow on them to cool them" natio vario Big O DVD: Hypnotic Orgasm Video The segm . by the way.. Zeitg Hypnosis is a powerful tool that can be used for many things.hypnogirls..a woman has a hypnotic cultu orgasm! Zeitg perio Hypnotist at Suny Oswego makes these kids think they are high. Prin transa (hypnosis) pot fi modificate: intensitatea placerii(secretia de endorphine). 2. When I found it for her.. Oh. the touch of another girl is very Free Hypnosis Video http://www. when the star eats a donut the hypnotized girl feels orgasm Hypno-drugged-The hypnosis is real. You will hear me give the commands. In this clip.. but I put up the block anyway. yes. “Before something happens in the external world. I used the power of hypnosis to have her believing that her clit had fallen off and was lost. and will have an O when the water is empty. Drunk on Water Girl hypnotized to become aroused with every sip of water. then tells them a cop is comming to Zeitg question them worl natio "They are getting hotter". she is wearing underwear.anestezia(eliminarea oricarei dureri).trairi. This is another example of the power of hypnosis.php Nikki Kane is a little blonde bombshell that took perfectly to hypnosis and went under deep. she couldn't stop thanking me while she tapped and blew on it and had a completely mind bending orgasm with the help of her magic word! Inainte de a se manifesta in corpul material(ecranul somatic) totul este si in minte in plan informational sau cauzal(ganduri. the drug is not. I put Mogan under and make think that she's been this case. She was so horny and frustrated because she couldn't find her clit. This is another test shoot before the real shoot.Madame Hypnose . it must first happen in the internal world”.emotii). amplasarea si extensia portilor senzoriale The sequence below shows a girl that has been hypnotized with the suggestion 1.Erotic Hypnosis Videos .

it is about a client calling Wendi Friesen to make her girlfriend have an of sh orgasm in a restaurant by touching the back of her hand. "The Zeitg . After this brief part. Some anchors are involuntary. a nat natio histo exha renai Colle socia Elem Package cointains: 1 DVD . A tune may remind you of a certain person. Wendi suggests to anchor feelings of taste of favorite foods... that spot once will be called the magic spot. So the smell of bread may life-c take you back to your childhood. The displ introduction is quite funny .1 Audio CD .1 CD ROM with Ebook .psychic101. hand chart. we have Wendi explaining "TNT us how it will work. For example. best sex experience. "The infor This profe acce Find Why instit The ancie betw Unde How The The Were Anchors are stimuli that call forth states of mind .com/seduction/hypnotic-orgasm-video.html the c I write this review as I watch the disc.”( (Trans4Mind) much Chapter 2 . San Francisco training. touching a We a knuckle of the left hand could be an anchor. feeling of deep love. feeling of daug giving love or something special.Hand Chart – In this chapter Wendi explains. A touch can bring back follo memories and the past states. Introduction. this is quite an appetizer. fantasy or dreamstate about other strong erotic pleasure from an ideal lover. mutu The DVD disc has 4 chapters.1 In Th manual (45 pages) an im http://www.thoughts and emotions. how to anchor feelings on each finger and Willi amplify them to make them converge all in same time in the center of the back of the hand.. On location. the idea of an hypnotic orgasm activated by touching a spot on the hand is to access http: past memories of intense pleasures and to anchor them. we see a sequence of a girl having an orgasm in a "Man restaurant given by her boyfriend caressing the top of the back of her hand. After that. These anchors work automatically and you may not be aware of the I vie triggers.

She does anchor the feelings of the experiences mentioned above in each finger. Wendi hypnotize two girls . When she has all the anchors. it can be activated any time. she makes the feelings converges on the spot in the top of the back of the hand. ZEIT Wha http: OSH OSH 18:3 Invu Invu Sidd Chapter 3 – On Location – This part is amazing to watch. she explains to a room of people. she makes circular motions on the back of the hand and gives suggestions to intensify . At some point. Once the girl in the video get out of trance. just by having circular movement on the hand. You can see one of the girl having the Big O (or probably more than just one hypnotic orgasm based on the way the sequence goes) . Wendi does make an anchor of the feelings to be activated when someone will touch the top of the hand. the group of people in the room have to pair in two. Alien and a mast patie simil fier. intensify them . double the pleasure.j Invu Timb Scien Chapter 4 – San Francisco Seminar – In the San Francisco seminar. how to do it by themselves. she describes her experience has experiencing a real full body orgasm. she uses her induction and deepener. The most interesting thing is that once the hypnotic orgasm is anchored on the hand spot. she will need a guy again. One in the pair keep the . She goes several times through this converging the feelings. this is fascinating because she is in trance eyes closed and you can observe change in her physiology. She does a smooth continuous motion on the finger as an anchor. the cameraman even ask her if after that. double them.

what is difficult is putting ourselves in the state of mind to see them"(Constantin Brancusi) Are "To h Are Levi . It is pure joy that I offer you. most of the participants are able to do it however Wendi is still the one who deliver the hypnotic instructions.eyes open and set the sliding anchors on the Scien Char X-Perience A neverending Dream on:http://www. All instructions to hypnotize your partner are provided with the disc on the form of 1 Audio CD with the script and induction. There is also one more CD with the Ebook ‘hypnotize your lover'.Hey Sexy Lady on:http://www. They are guys and Essence is not difficult to be 18:2 seen. Look at my "Tho sculptures until you see them. Apparently. My conclusion is that you will do fine with this disc if you are able to deliver the script properly which is just a question of patience no rush and may be confidence. Aug For 69 Out- Shaggy .com/v/A0nXZJjRlYE CHIC drug 16:22 | Link permanent | Vizualizare trimiteri (1) | Scrieți în blog despre acest lucru | News and politics As m 5 mai publ The Truth is seen using different eyes/Adevarul poate fi vazut doar folosind alti ochi "Out THE TRUTH IS SEEN USING DIFFERENT EYES cons ADEVARUL E VAZUT FOLOSIND ALTI OCHI Now of re Usin Parti The The and t "The "Thi And "Thi were "The contr But s linke "Bra "Don't look for obscure formulas or mystery in my AFP Thu Cascada .com/v/ytTqmOANYJc How Cascada Truly Madly Deeply New Video on:http://www.A Never Ending Dream on: closest to God have seen them.

a descrie cerul albastru unui orb din nastere nu vom reusi vreodata sa-l facem pe acesta sa inteleaga cu adevarat ceea ce vedem ).to open their eyes.. what is difficult is putting ourselves in the state of mind to make them/Lucrurile nu sunt greu de facut. but everybody can be led to the point ( alterated state of consciouness.insa toti oamenii pot fi condusi la starea de constiinta(alinierea din transa mistica) din care poate fi vazut(atunci cand ochii interiori sunt deschisi)"(Mirahorian) "Things are not difficult to make. "Este inutil sa comunicam verbal Adevarul celor orbi din nastere ( oricat de multe cuvinte am folosi pt."I cannot teach anybody anything.este sa ne punem în starea de a le face"(Constantin Brancusi) .I can only show them the way to see.People are driven to believe in the illusory statement that they can learn smth.while they still remain blind"(Socrates) "Is useless to say the Truth to a born blind(how many words that we use to describe the blue sky can make a blind to really understand what we all see) .. trance alignment ) from where the reality can be seen(when the inner eyes are open)". ce este greu .