1) Who is our Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship?

Jorge Faurie
2) Mention some Foreign Policy issues: international trade, Falklands, narcotics, drugs dealers,
smuggling, immigration, AMIA and Israel Embassy
3) What DAIA stands for? Delegación de Asociaciones Israelitas Argentinas
4) What does ISIS stand for? Islamic State in Iraq and Syria
5) What does ISIL stand for? Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant
6) Is medicinal marijuana legal in Argentina? Yes, it is
7) How many soldiers died in the Falkland War? 649 soldiers of Argentina died in the Falkland
8) What does IED stand for? Improvised Explosive Device
9) What is ISIS new tactic? Use whatever method to kill
10) Why did people protests in Asunción? Because the Senate voted in secret for an amendment
to the constitution so that the president can be reelected.
11) What is the population of Brazil? Its population is 204 million.
12) What is the population of Argentina? More or less 43 million.
13) What does am/pm stand for? Ante-meridian and post-meridian
14) What is the capital of Sweden? It’s Stockholm
15) What does GDP stand for? Gross Domestic Product
16) What is the capital of North Korea? The capital of North Korea is Pyongyang.
17) Name North Korea’s allies: Russia, Bulgaria, Cuba
18) When did North and South Korea separate? In 1948 during the Cold War
19) Who is today North Korea leader? Kim Jong-un
20) How many nuclear test has North Korea carried out? North Korea carried out 5 nuclear test
21) Why is North Korea afraid of US attacking? Because of Trump’s talk.
22) Did the US plant a bomb in Afghanistan? No, it was a Massive Ordnance Air Blast or MOAB.
23) What did Pope Francis say in the first interview? Why? I am a sinner. Because he
acknowledges his own faults
24) What kind of reforms is Pope Francis trying to make? He is trying to clean up the Curia, the
Vatican Bank and repair the damage of child abuse.
25) What did Pope Francis do at the beginning with the Papacy? He changed his car, hat, shoes,
home, etc.
26) Why is Pope Francis a transnational political leader? Because he can influence world politics.
27) Why is Kim Jong-un influential? Because he is developing nuclear weapons, for his execution
of 300 people including his uncle and brother, he disregards international demands.
28) Describe the terrorist attack in Britain: Ariana Grande was giving a concert in the Manchester
Arena; A young boy whose parents are Libian pulled a bomb in the arena, on behalf of ISIL;
Twenty two death and fifty were injured.
29) Describe the situation in Brazil: On May 17th, President Michel Temer was recorded giving his
endorsement for the pay off of ex Deputy Eduardo Cunha, who is imprisoned, for his silence.
Brazilians demonstrated and asked for direct elections; Paulistas want Temer to leave office.
30) How many Catholics are there in the world? There are 1.2 billion
31) How many people are in the world? There are 7.4 billion

3 billion. declaration of faith. 37) How many Argentineans won the Nobel Prize? There are 5: Houssay. he is doing his third period.3 billion 33) How many people died in the Holocaust? 6 to 11 million 34) During the Ramadan. 41) How many countries are there in UN? There are 193 countries 42) Which is the most populated country in the world? China is the most populated country in the world with 1. Milstein. 39) Why is Ebadi not living in Iran? Because she is now in the kill list 40) Is Putin the president of Russia now? Yes. it isn’t. say daily prayers 5 times. Saavedra Lamas and Perez Esquivel 38) Why was Adolfo Perez Esquivel given Nobel Peace Prize? He was imprisoned and torturated for defending Human Rights. Muslims: they fast from sunrise to sunset. Leloir. 45) Is it possible for refugees to settle in US? No.32) What is the population of China? It is 1. swearing. No sex. 35) What are the pillars of Islam? Fast during the Holiday. 36) What did Alfred Nobel do when he read his premature obituary? He donated his fortune for the Nobel Prize foundation. . smoking. 43) What is the population of UK? Its population is 65 million 44) Why did Trump get angry with China? Because China wouldn’t persuade North Korea to stop the nuclear program. do charity. arguments or gossip allowed.