Praxis Teil 1

Freedom (an article by Peter Dexheimer )

It all started some time ago

like ... it is familiar to us today . Also the room was not yet created. There was only the
creator gods , who played their own games and enjoyed it. Suddenly one of these mighty
beings had the idea to create a game together . Together to create a game with rules that
should ensure that the game would be exciting and interesting. Many , yes many found
this suggestion intriguing and agreed to the advice of the rules , and after a timeless
eternity , the conditions , the size of the playing field , the time limits and freedoms and
the energies were determined , which in this new game should be used. Now all creator
gods who wanted to be presented to players and created a space in which the intention
was established that all manifestations should be preserved until they are resolved by
their creators or their back . This was the birth of time as we know it today.

Once this space was created, he was filled with energy. An energy that possessed neither
a frequency nor could be , affected by the time or the space for which it formed the base
game . Only the players had the ability to operate according to their own will . This
energy was the basis , the playing field from which everything was created , which
would be created in the following eons.

Initially as anonymous as the creator gods themselves , was this energy in our time
assigned different names , such as "cosmic energy," "life energy" and many others. But
the same was tried by what name to describe this energy was essential only that they
formed the basis , which allowed all players to create all the things that came to mind.
That was their purpose and for that it was created by all players. And so we can continue
with our game up to the present day and far into the future . Now the room was the
intention create the playing field , filled with energy , anchored , that all creations would
remain until they are resolved by their creators again recalled to the Uressenz from
which they came. All players were ready had expressed their intention that they accept
his role , for this game , what they do and what they ultimately wanted to achieve .

If there had been a go-ahead , pop through the whole , still completely uninhabited
universe would be taken without being noticed by anyone. But then " jumped " the
creator gods , burning with thirst , "head on" in the new field in the created universe
began just hinein.Das game!

It was created , manifested , get changed and dissolved. And in this great game began to
become more and more smaller games to shape out . Player teams emerged. More and
more games and being roles within new intentions became established . Newer and
smaller , which required to limit their own creativity more and more . With this self-
imposed restriction of their own love , wisdom and power , loss of consciousness and
awareness was also connected without this wurde.Von initially noticed there it went

That's also why this may be the rules as manifested at the highest level and dissolved again to pass on to the other players to help them to remember and to free themselves from their own trap. Everyone should be able to use the power of the Creator Word to his own benefit . and the Word was with God the Creator . Then it was gone again. despite all the dangers that were associated with it. . wisdom and power. to suppress it .be free for eternity! In summary. ultimately in the imprisonment of the self-created universe for all time . the knowledge is there . Everyone should get the means by which they take their lives and their spiritual development into their own hands and realize their dreams. as well as others . And once again. Times won the one side . this still happens to this day. the rules of the game are known to leave this game to: . very long time . this knowledge was passed on to the power of the word in secret societies . But this knowledge is now to be released to the public . This game continued into the present until the present time . But there were counter-intentions of creator gods .at the beginning of the game and its grandiose intention to have fun in the loss of knowledge . Now here is the introduction to the power of the magic formula : Each tone consists of a vibration on a spiritual level specific force generated which will manifest in the material . Creator and the Word was God ! And just as was done in the beginning by the creative word . So it came to a battle of the gods to the gods ! Battles were fought . for a very .downhill! Other creator gods who kept their consciousness. this knowledge was to create from the highest levels in the concept of magic formula . to . And so there was and compasses. then the other team. as created from the highest levels and can be manifested again and again . the other would rather control . and in the failure to apply their own creativity targeted to dissolve all that . quickly realized where this downward spiral would lead all the newly created games . and have the desire to free all her siblings to see independent and outside this limiting field of play. rather than watch as these regained their creative freedom . This is the intention of all creator gods who have remained in their love . Through all the times . And so once the knowledge was available and the creator gods were able to begin to break free. In the beginning was the Word. and began the descent again. so that no one can be influenced by secret things to his disadvantage . what a bind themselves . lodges and societies that use this knowledge to liberate other beings . in the reversal of the constructive forces that increasingly directed against its own creator .

the development of their own prevent and . Praxis Teil 2 3 Formeltipps monatlich ( täglich wechselnd hier) Y-H-R (sprich Ü-H-R) bewirkt höchste Inspiration und hilft a prerequisite to all wishes and dreams come true eventually . selbst schwierigste Probleme ursächlich zu erkennen und aufzulösen. At the beginning of the cleaning's inner cleansing . but it helps to free these subtle support of all " rubbish " . Therefore.the protection from external forces .'s own inner development . this force can turn against the wicked . The application of the magic formula is easy . if only weitergeformelt consistently . But any energy also includes the requirement to own clarity and awareness with their handling . Hilfreiches zur Energiearbeit . However. Otherwise. Denken Sie bei der Anwendung an das entsprechende Thema oder die emotionale Blockade. since the special formula is very simple . these symptoms will disappear in a few days .Is now known that sound belongs to which force can be selectively chosen which tonal energies for their own development benefits . the work begins in the magic formula with . it can sometimes lead to unpleasant phenomena that arise from the fact that the uninvited spiritual forces do not want to leave voluntarily from their victims. The formula "DC" is excellent for cleaning our thoughts and feelings .

The formula "OO" is used to dissolve all embossed pattern and self-lies. The formula "CK" is intended to give rise to the essence courage and thus dissolve anxiety. The formula "EK" boosts your confidence.Unzählich course. melancholy and depression that affect their own development. but are known as the "Grundformelset" with the already listed here alone is not possible for a given maturity of personality and consciousness development. .Praxis Teil 2 The formula "DS" serves to protect against and for banning mentally and physically attacking creatures that are able to escape the cleansing effect of DC. The formula "JHW" is a very high protection formula that builds to its own nature an energetic field where all negative vibrations and bounce back to their causes. wealth. prosperity and romantic partnership. The formula "SAL" is used as an all-love formula to dissolve negative patterns and literally brings the love in all its aspects in one's life. which it experiences the effect of his malicious intent itself. which we are subject. there are many formulas for all conceivable areas of life. The formula "EF" is used to purify the mental body. which ultimately enables a karmic liberation from constraints and thus lays the foundation for good luck. causing a large inner peace takes place as dispute Aufgeregtsein and nervousness are resolved. which creates an intellectual superiority and his own manifestation power is constantly increasing.

Dee.DC or Dee.Tse .Dee. Consequently. every formula is pronounced 15 minutes .Tse .Tse . at any time . * It is advantageous to pronounce the formula on the exhale is seven and fourteen times .Tse .Tse .Praxis Teil 3 As these formulas are now applied? * Basically.Dee.DC .Dee. and at the beginning of possibly the loud utterance is preferable because it increases concentration . then DC is spoken on every exhale in rhythm sevens 15 minutes . To charge all eight formulas in one day .Tse . in which he is not required mentally formulas .Dee. If you find this to be very much appears .DC . 8 x 15 minutes. it is possible to formulas .DC . may consider that he may.Tse .Dee.Nun the formula is optimally charged and it can begin another . that requires two hours.Dee.Tse .Dee.DC .Dee.Tse . this is done either loudly or silently in thought . * Each formula is as pronounced as it corresponds to the German alphabet: "DC" so " Dee Tse " "DS " as " Ess Dee " " JHW " as " Haa iodine Wee " " CK " as " Tse Kaa " " EF" as " Eee Eff " "FT " and " Eee Kaa " " SAL " as " Ess Ell Aaa " " O -O " and " Ooo Ooo " Suppose DC formula as example.Dee. DC .Dee.Tse . but not longer * Each formula can be immediately geformelt in acute cases . so: DC DC DC DC DC DC DC or Dee.Tse to the fifteen minutes around sind.Tse .Tse and in the next breath all over again.DC .Dee.Tse .

Even in a boring society can be geformelt . . Partial results so spectacular that it seems like a miracle for the uninformed . Good luck and success on your journey ! Praxis Teil 4 3 Formeltipps monatlich ( täglich wechselnd hier) Y-H-R (sprich Ü-H-R) bewirkt höchste Inspiration und hilft dabei. at the breakfast table . The trouble is quite low - However. professions and religions achieved incredible results for yourself and others . representations . global application of magic formula have shown that people of all countries . Yet the application for each is as simple as too powerful. beliefs . without any conditions ! This information is now everyone will be able to test the magic formula . just here just quietly or in thought as well as during a train ride . selbst schwierigste Probleme ursächlich zu erkennen und aufzulösen. and your own experiences .when you are in the bathroom. on the way to and from work . Denken Sie bei der Anwendung an das entsprechende Thema oder die emotionale Blockade. the unexpectedly high wage ! Opinions about thirty years . during a walk in the forest and all the many moments of the day when the mind is not claimed .

comes back to the outward appearance . In this volume. to achieve something . the formula is working to develop . To be free of identities. the topics are summarized . we were the creators ! We were there. which would have been able to measure yet to create energy in the situation . Although we experience through our bodies and act with him in the material world but we are not a body! We feel about our bodies and then our mind as emotions . derived from the Urabsichten who became spiritual worlds and ultimately formed into matter. again without help of others . such as telepathy and mental hiking. for that was not the right place in the other works and not yet the right time . Because our divine potential is unlimited and will only be affected if we believe that we are something. no matter the time and in which room . Ascent involves becoming free ! To be free of tools that we need to date . once again . so that we know who we really are . but represent nevertheless a crutch and limit us . Both skills are very tempting for many. and telepathy allows us to communicate directly with those with whom we want to. Also will be discussed in this work more on spiritual abilities . but we are no feelings ! We think we make pictures before . the fourth volume in the series formula magic and also the end of the work experience of the formula from 1964 to today .Praxis Teil 4 Astral and mental Hiking "Energy Work IV . Well . And rightly so. . It also reinforces up the topic " development of consciousness " and offered ways in which these can be accelerated. before there was a space that could be filled with energy . penetrate it with an emotion and act on it . but this remains subject to other works . outside of time and space. something big or small. because mental Hiking allows us insight into areas of direct experience and not second hand . But this is a big misunderstanding. without vibration .Rise " .but we are not mind ! We have desires and intentions that we dress in thoughts that form into images that are imbued with feelings and drive us in the material world .but we have no intentions! We are what was before anything was created ! Before creation .

And yet all the way back the urge in us. He is the force that drives even the most unconscious player . We all have probably already thought about who actually makes sure that the most . than the mental. he pointed out the dangers are even greater when Astral Travel . have the astral and mental bodies . This shows that C. A game that all parties should make great joy. without neglecting this . In addition. I explain to them then one of the unpleasant ways they are often shocked and announced the start so great intention to take mental journeys and really to strive with all your heart is covered anxious. and that all that is. With the help of the magic formula we have all the options to acquire our spiritual abilities and to keep us at the same time against the possible risks .We were the ones who agreed to try and play a game. But now the game will end. A game in which there would be no losers in the end. but without in the slightest to be aware enough about what they were doing made known that they believe communication to knowledge. but they are completely naive with respect to spiritual realities . Astral and mental Hiking In January 1965 Cuno Hellmut Müller wrote for the first time about the mental hiking. is in resonance with the divine essence . explain the difference between the astral and mental wandering . Ahead and forward . without knowing exactly where to go. Come home ! This would "Energy Work IV . But here now Cuno Hellmut Müller: Astral Body Today I want once . In it. in addition to the visible physical body . For still anxious then I recommend " CK " or " KKK " to regain her courage again . Müller knew what he wrote .let's see what was possible . Back in possible worlds from which they moved away too long ago and they can not remember now . And many forget that it is a game . The game has started long time ago.Rise of " do his part . Again and again I get to know people with the best intentions .-H. For although many of spiritual travel dream and wish for this eagerly . we are. on and on. Back to their true home . Many forgot that they are the players that they have created the rules . was created by them . but often lack the knowledge about the variety of experiences that can be made . In all of us is a spark that .unfortunately unpleasant to extremely dangerous . But there is only one way we can go out and there is only one goal . But for that we have the formulas that are great to prepare for these expeditions to the far reaches of the mind and go offer the highest possible protection so that nobody has to be afraid. he also referred to the differences between astral travel and mental journeys. A game in which we wanted to test our creative abilities . some nod " knowing " when attention is drawn to hazards on the mental . The player should return . based on their own experience. and on. Of course. I would like to assume that you know that you . to achieve this is possible.

but little achieved what really brings us higher. a very different creature from his earthly body possession.important functions of the body are maintained in sleep. and have way there immediately found exactly yes even tiny details ( flowers . There are of course cases of astral walks that occur without knowledge . and we know so many reports of people who came to a them completely strange place for the first time in her life . that we must continue to breathe .has remained a good boy . when in fact . but only a modest . pets . ) almost " expected " and " search " . Each Schocktod is nothing but the sudden rupture of Astralmatrize . Finally. but also in sleep healthy and normal .possibly for very hardworking Formler for long. much less we have in this state have an influence on the functions of the motor and autonomic nervous system with all the associated glandular apparatus that continuously affects our entire metabolism and controls . How to Astral Travel are deliberately concealed from me for the reasons mentioned . Formulas for mental wandering Now I want to provide some formulas that practice . etc. but usually very media people .to their happiness . Thus. room arrangement . even against the will of the person concerned . in utter unconsciousness or anesthesia. Of course there are also many cases where the person concerned feel they are astral wandering . can lead to practical experience and results in mental wandering - within three to six months. Mentally I 've seen enough and achieved what my dear wife and my attorney could report some. The boundaries are blurred in this area such that you can usually make no clear distinctions. But sometimes the astral body is attacked on such walks of lower astral beings and so severely damaged that after returning to the earthly body a clear personality change occurs that is usually referred to by doctors as " schizophrenia " . despite my multiple warnings . furniture . but to try to escape the astral body without adequate preparation by the special formulas like this and even take on the responsibility that I reject in principle ! . a condition that can also occur in alcohol or narcotic intoxication or strong excitation He states spontaneously . however. is not the main purpose of any migration of magical training . The doctor will determine a " paralysis of the heart " or " Gehimschlag " but the clairvoyant astral body will be very sore about why he returned to his old dwelling can not and then what happens to his earthly body. because it has already started an unwanted astral hike or splitting in such cases. because it is out of their own information . I have certainly kept me aware of until today before each hike with the astral body and not warn in vain before. the term "possession " . as in the somnambulist in anesthetized and drug addicts . We do not know our normal waking consciousness in sleep. although quite difficult Besides exercise . the astral body in the ground and only the mental body was traveling . so take his place . Often it also happens that someone of such an astral journey no longer returns because he was kidnapped by negative beings . These statements are intended only to help anyone explain the differences between mental and astral walking. The Kabbalah tasters who believe . Personally. "True Dreams " and the "second face " fall sometimes even under these spontaneous astral walks.

which is the most vivid imagination of certain objects.without physical or financial problems.not only on Earth . mental journeys should not be done simply out of boredom . can also be prepared for a " false start " if he does not immediately reach the conditions for its own intellectual crash through negligence. Who today " tried " this morning and that magic. But back to the mental hiking. We just before the start of an airplane until many preparations must be made so that there is no avoidable mishap or even a crash . An overcoming of time . If you missed this in the Kabbalah . the mental walking a perceive exactly as it is in fact going to just quickly return to return to his starting point . like a student who studied theology and philology another quarter semesters half a semester and is determined by whiz as " promising " candidate thoroughly everywhere . there is no risk that the flap sticking ever get that far . imagine industrious form of learning is possible even within their lifetime . which after our earthly death is usually possible and even then often goes quite slowly and gradually . However. without ever being able to achieve something . as a " stowaway " in any car . people and places. I have this very important basic formulas accurately listed in the order that is needed to ever come to a success in mental wandering . Before we namely " start " with our mental body . can learn . and also contribute significantly to the preparation of formulas . if they muster the patience and endurance and step step exercise their detachment from the mental body Astral body and coarse material . But no pain no gain ! Similarly.Added go wherever it appears desirable to them .to convince . because they lack any resistance. which is necessary to do so. the formulas should be all those placed in the hands that are ready the necessary time . some essential prerequisites for this are necessary. this applies also to such interesting capabilities . in a split second of time and weightless to rush through the room and practically everywhere to become an unnoticed observer and witness important or less important events ."Whoever willfully goes in danger of coming to them! " This saying is then the affected occur at the right time even if it is not already too late. Without the exact formula for weeks and months of preparation." free " ! . It's a wonderful thing . which include hiking in the mental . even once in the realm of the spirit to go with the mental body to Travel and . thanks to the ubiquity of our mind in the mental realm . but to research travel to us personally by the omnipresence of the Spirit in all spheres and worlds . ship or aircraft to take place and everything . patience and perseverance to apply so that they this great opportunity . the mental walking is hopeless and certainly not safe for the mind and soul ! However. This facilitates the imagination . Praxis Teil 5 . matter and space. despite these potential hazards . train .

3 Formeltipps monatlich ( täglich wechselnd hier) Y-H-R (sprich Ü-H-R) bewirkt höchste Inspiration und hilft dabei. . selbst schwierigste Probleme ursächlich zu erkennen und aufzulösen. Denken Sie bei der Anwendung an das entsprechende Thema oder die emotionale Blockade.

Now we go with our mental body to the door and then into the other room . we can do the same with another room in the house again . Again. Later we penetrate the thickest walls and rocks . the mental vision and hearing usually comes before the mental feeling. possibly up to mental exhaustion . we only realize that our mental body has actually been there . Now we face very clearly and vividly a particular room before we even know exactly . "DR" and "YOU " - then our mental body begins to dissolve and result in a " private life " . but extremely critical comparisons and observations are always urgently needed in order to check the proper functioning of the mental senses and perceptions ! We must never become the victim of our imagination alone . for example.Praxis Teil 5 Practice of mental wandering So if we have enough geformelt . This applies to the first home of their own and can later be moved outside it . so see our "look-alikes " . as once our gross material body . then gradually longer . first for seconds.especially "CR" . but can not replace the trip itself . the mental " fitness to travel " developed such that the thought is enough already to a certain object . more is the resistance in practice than trying to practice one evening over several hours . smelling and tasting . Now is the time to return to the mental body to the ground and determine by personal inspection whether the mentally perceived changes also apply. we enter the beginning also after normal habit through the door. A mistake at the expense of the health and progress may slow down rather than speed up can . but this must not happen at the same hour. Now we sit comfortably in a chair or lie down on a couch or on a carpet and breathe evenly and deeply calm . So prefer to practice frequently and consistently and gradually achieve improvements . it really does not make sense to put . We suddenly see yourself with our mental eyes . place or people to immediately be "there" . If this is the case. because this imagination is only an " intellectual bridge " to place our mental hikes yes . Similarly. but in the beginning of our mental body must just learn to walk . the use of the senses . Over time . we draw to us as a very quiet hour in a back room in which we are largely protected against any disturbances. If we then compare the other room "Memories " and suddenly find some change . immediately become a perfect and accomplished Mental hikers in hope. an item that was not there or else a different image plaziertes etc. Especially in the beginning . just as a postcard of Salzburg can be a real trip replacement for the city of Mozart ! So while we can not even register small changes in the next room properly. . Under the influence of the previous formulas .

endurance and concentration of such "mental side jobs " missing love .by daily formulas . turn very quickly . comfort themselves with the fact that it is still far better throughout the month to heal a painful inflammation with "EW " in the day -to-day mental realm herumzuwandem and to neglect his real job as a man among men . It is then quite revealing what happens there so all in all secrecy and so many less talented Black Mage would be surprised how fast you can record on as it is a full moon on the ropes . Even in spiritual help for the sick . All mental and sensory abilities must be developed through constant practice and ongoing check until we have gained in absolute safety and can move in the realm of the mind as properly as . it can sometimes be quite good to monitor mental walks through their children and them disclose your small sins or equal to intervene helpfully in real emergencies immediately by Kabbalah . because they and their families anyway usually have no time and desire to provide the most important reports regularly. Normal in our earthly existence Only we can overcome this mental traveling short or almost infinite distances with multiple speed of light .themselves already to the Egyptian pyramids or even the pagodas behind India.has come that he can see through the Mentalmatritze of every human being with "BN" . if necessary. So we see that this extremely revealing mental Hiking in no way belongs to the most important things are to develop in ourselves . it is very good to watch continuously checks the development of their mental state . and more practice for mental wandering . Literature on the magic formula . If someone at least so far . he has already achieved more than if it thereby only the " big trip " was successful. For parents. But also other Kabbalah and Hypnosefrevler are wonderful to watch in this way and . Only for executives and remote healings such skills are very valuable. So much for the first chapter CH Miller about the mental hiking and what can be begun . All . In "Energy Work IV . but without the strong physical ailments that are the " jump through hyperspace " attributed in utopian novels. because you thereby is able to accurate "Remote control" exercise without getting yourself noticed . strengthening the astral and Mentalmatrize in theory and practice .rise" they learn more about the mental models walking . but where the necessary patience .