Meet Your Counselor, Counseling services

Mrs. Perez provided . . .
Hello! I am so excited to be starting my Students can have an opportunity to meet with
second year as your school counselor at me individually where I may assist them with
Boone Elementary. This is my 17th year in personal and/or academic issues. I also
the field of school counseling and my 22nd provide small group counseling for children in
year of working in the area of education. order to develop coping skills in their daily
I have had such wonderful experiences as lives.
a counselor. Each day I have the have
the honor of working with your children I am also excited to be visiting with
to help and support them in various classrooms on a weekly basis to teach lessons
situations. It is a privilege that I take on various skills, such as, character education,
very seriously and is my passion. conflict resolution, goal setting, self-esteem,
and problem solving. Each lesson follows with
I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Northside I.S.D’s Guidance and Counseling
Psychology and my Post-baccalaureate in Skill Goals. If I can be of any service to you,
Early Childhood and Elementary Education please feel free to contact me at: (210)397-
at the University of Texas at San 1476, or email me at : yvonne.ortiz-
Antonio. In 1998, I received my Master’s
Degree in Counseling at Texas A&M,
Corpus Christi. I am looking forward to a great school year
working with our children and families of
During my my leisure time, I enjoy Boone.
spending time with my family, swimming,
visiting new places, going to the movies,
and visiting with our families.