Determination of the actual operating current IB
IB ≤ In ≤ R x Iz
R = 1 for circuit breakers
R = 0.75 for gG fuses < 16 A
R = 0.9 for gG fuses ≥ 16 A
Calculation of the operating current of a 230 V circuit supplying forty 2 x 36 W fluorescent tube strip
Theoretical power: 2 x 36 x 40 = 2880 W
i.e. a theoretical current of 230V
= 12.5 A

which should be increased by the factors connected with the cos ϕ and the output.
Generic cos ϕ values are given for various types of receiver (see the “Power analysis and selection
of sources” book). The output values will be given in the manufacturer's data.
If a factor of 1.8 is used for the strip lights, the following operating current is obtained
IB = 12.5 x 1.8 = 22.5 A