Reflection Journal -- TEDTalks

Expectation for reflection journals -- include a thoughtful, thorough answer that can
be understood by any reader - your answer should always include explanations
that show your thinking & provide some evidence to support your answer (CER)

❏ when answering a question leave a line of space between the question & your answer & the next question, have the
indention of your entire answer match that of the question, do not change the font or size, BUT DO change the COLOR

Turning in your Reflection Journal:
❏ This will need to be posted to your weebly on the Technology & Society section that you set-up for the class.

Basic Research:
Research -- looking for definitions, examples, & pictures -- what each of the following terms mean (think
about the context of technology)
❏ Inventions

A unique device, method, or process that may improve on an already existing machine, process, or
method. An example would be the iPhone which improved on the already existing cellphone.

❏ Innovations

A new method, idea or process. It is also the application of the better solution due to a market need,
new requirement, or unarticulated needs. One example would be the wheel which met the need to
transport things easier.
❏ Computational Innovations

Innovations that relate to the way things are process through a device, usually a computer.. An
example would be the cloud, which stores data without taking up “space” on a device.

❏ Society

People living together in a more or less ordered community. Civilization is a society; people live
cooperatively under an understood and agreed set of laws.

❏ Culture

The collective traditions and arts that define a group of people and their intellectual history. The Asian
cultures are defined by several festivals and traditions.

❏ Economy
The wealth of a country based on its resources and goods. For the US, ideas has always been its
primary and most important resource that is used by other countries to produce those goods.

Use your definitions to help you complete the following:

After Watching all of the TEDTalks -- choose ONE to complete the following concept map for:
1. Name of TEDTalk: Massive Scale online collaboration

2. Provide a brief summary of the TEDTalk (40 words or less)

This TEDTalk discusses how recaptcha is used to fuel other projects. Initially, recaptcha was only used as a
security measure against fraud, now recaptcha is used to digitize books and translate the web.

3. Based on the content of the video & some additional research if you feel the need what are the beneficial &
harmful effects to society, culture, & the economy?
❏ In order to place your answers in the boxes please click of the image to bring up the options below
the image
❏ Choose edit
Beneficial: Increased the
speed of our cultural
movement towards more

Harmful: less people going
out to libraries or classes to
learn in a more traditional

Economic Social
Beneficial: increased Beneficial: People can
productivity from what was communicate online if they
wasted time. have question and form
communities to resolve a
Harmful: More digitalized common conflict
products means less of
physical books and Harmful: still means less
traditional learning methods contact in a person’s
that are proven to be better immediate community.
than the new digitalized
method of learning.