522-124 Supporting Students With Disabilities

Target Competency:
Inclusion Article Summary

1. Read three articles on the topic of inclusion. Include in your readings one article that is
written from a non-supportive point of view. Write a one page (typed) summary of these
articles AND include a personal reflection of your educational position on inclusion. You
will need to include the article titles and cite your sources at the bottom of your paper.
Responses will be evaluated using scoring standards shown below along with grammar,
mechanics and format.
2. As you complete this assessment:
o review the scoring guide criteria shown below to ensure that you address each of
the criteria listed.
o reflect upon and include information you have gained from the readings.
3. Submit to instructor.

Scoring Standards
E = Excellent, shows evidence of high order thinking, no revision needed. Criterion is met above
and beyond expectation.
A = Acceptable, criterion met
N = Needs improvement, criterion attempted but not fully met. Errors and/or omissions are
0 = Not attempted.

Scoring Guide Criteria and Ratings
No. Criteria E A N 0
1. Summary includes information from three articles. 5 4 3 0
2. Summary includes all article titles 3 2 1 0
3. Summary includes one article from a non-supportive point of view. 3 2 1 0

4. Summary includes personal reflection. 3 2 1 0
5. Summary includes cited sources 3 2 1 0
6. Learner produces a product of quality (grammar, mechanics, and format). 3 2 1 0

Total Points Earned /20

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