Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is an epic fantasy series set in the fictional land of Westeros where a
number of individuals and noble houses vie for control of the "Iron Throne" which rules
over the realm.

Much of the first season focuses on the Stark family, who rule "The North"- one of the
"Seven Kingdoms" of Westeros. The head of the household, Ned Stark, is the best friend
of King Robert Baratheon, who came to power in a coup sixteen years earlier which
unseated the ancient Targaryen dynasty. The season also follows the last two surviving
Targaryens- Daenarys and her brother Viserys, who have been exiled across the sea. The
other plotline follows Tyrion, a son of the wealthy Lannister family who is socialliy
ostracized for being a dwarf.
It's based on the series A Song of Ice and Fire written by George RR Martin and takes its
name from the first book in the series.
So far five books have been published in A Song of Ice and Fire with a planned two more
yet to be published. They are, in order:

1) A Game of Thrones 2) A Clash of Kings 3) A Storm of Swords 4) A Feast for Crows 5)
A Dance With Dragons.

Several sample chapters for the sixth book, The Winds of Winter, have been released

"A Game of Thrones" and "A Clash of Kings" cover the first two seasons of the show
respectively. The third season covers about the first two thirds of "A Storm of Swords",
and the fourth season covers the rest of "A Storm of Swords". Seasons five and six cover
most of A Feast for Crows and Dance with Dragons and even advances beyond them
Each season is still titled "Game Of Thrones". In the opening credits of each episode it
says "Based on A Song Of Ice And Fire".
Most of the cast are British (English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh).

Of the cast that is and was on the show:

American, Danish, German, Dutch, Spanish, Norwegian, Chilean, Canadian, Iraqi,
Icelandic, Russian, Brazilian, Nepalese, Australian, Sudanese, Swedish, New Zealandic.

The books, in order of publication, are

1. A Game of Thrones 2. A Clash of Kings 3. A Storm of Swords 4. A Feast for Crows 5.
A Dance with Dragons
And coming soon.... The Winds of Winter

Most fans who have read the books first will advise people to start at the beginning.
However, some fans who have seen the show first have found the the early books less
exciting because they know all of the plot developments. Whether to start at the
beginning or not is up to each individual. While the show follows the same plot as the
books, there is more detail provided in terms of character and back-story in the books and
they sometimes explain the reasons for some plot developments better.

Game of Thrones Genesis is an official licensed video game. Also TellTale has release a
multiepisode Game which is also officially licensed.

There are a number of noble houses in Game of Thrones, but the ones that the series
focus on the most are:

The Starks rule The North from their seat at Winterfell. Their head is Ned Stark who is
married to Catelyn. They have five children: Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran, and Rickon. Ned
Stark also has an acknowledged bastard son named Jon Snow. Their sigil is the Direwolf.
Their motto is "Winter is Coming" and they have a saying in the North "The North

The Lannisters rule the Westerlands from Casterly Rock. Their head, Tywin Lannister, is
the wealthiest man in Westeros. His children are the twins Cersei and Jaime, and the
dwarf Tyrion. Their sigil is the Lion. Their motto is "Hear Me Roar" and their old saying
is "A Lannister Always Pays His Debts".

The Baratheons rule the Stormlands, and at the start of the series, they are the current
ruling house of Westeros. Robert Baratheon won the throne sixteen years ago in a
rebellion. He is married to Cersei Lannister and they have three children: Joffrey,
Myrcella, and Tommen, who unbeknownst to King Robert, are not his biological
children. Robert also has a bastard son, Gendry, who is his biological son. Robert also has
two younger brothers: Stannis and Renly. Prior to becoming the royal family, the
Baratheons had ruled the Stormlands, from the seat of Storm's End. Their sigil is the Stag.
Also they use the Stag's Heart. Their motto is "Ours is the Fury".

The Targaryens were the original rulers of Westeros and hailed from the Crownlands.
Three hundred years ago, Aegon Targaryen conquered Westeros and established a ruling
dynasty over the Seven Kingdoms. The Targaryens were displaced by Robert Baratheon's
rebellion during which most of the Targaryens died. The only members of the family to
survive were the children, Viserys and Daenerys, who escaped across the sea, and the
elderly Maester Aemon Targaryen who serves as a member of the Night's Watch and
takes no part in the affairs of the realm. Their sigil is the Dragon. Their motto is "Fire and

The Arryns rule the mountainous Vale from the Eyrie. Until the beginning of season one
they had been led by the elderly Lord Jon Arryn, who had acted as a foster father to Ned
Stark and Robert Baratheon. Jon Arryn dies shortly before the series begins, leaving his
wife Lysa to rule until their son Robin comes of age. The mystery of what caused Jon
Arryn's death is one of the main plotlines of the first season. Their sigil is the Falcon over
a Moon. Their motto is "As High as Honor".

The Greyjoys rule the Iron Islands from Pyke. Theon Greyjoy is a ward of Ned Stark,
being held hostage because his father rebelled against the throne some years before the
start of the series. Season Two introduces his father Balon Greyjoy, current lord of the
Iron Islands, as well as Theon's sister Yara. Their sigil is the Kraken. Their motto is "We
Do Not Sow" and they have an old saying "What is Dead May Never Die".

The Freys rule the Twins in the Riverlands. Walder Frey is an old man and has many
wives, sons, and daughters. The Freys reside mostly in the Twins, and always pick the
winning side when it comes to war and conflict. When armies want to cross their bridge,
there is always a toll to pay, but it's not always in gold. Their sigil is the Bridge with Two
Towers on each side. Their motto is "We Stand Together".

The Mormonts rule Bear Island in the North, currently under the leadership of Maege
Mormont. Her brother, Jeor, is Lord Commander of the Night's Watch at the beginning of
the series. Jeor has a son, Jorah, who is exiled from Westeros and now serves as Daenerys
right hand. Their sigil is the Bear. Their motto is "Here We Stand".

Season Two introduces The Tyrells who rule the agricultural land of The Reach in the
seat of Highgarden. They are led by Mace Tyrell who has two children: his daughter
Margaery, and his younger son Loras, who is a skilled and dashing knight. They have a
bold grandmother, Olenna Tyrell. Their sigil is the Rose. Their motto is "Growing

Season Two introduces The Karstarks who rule Karhold in the North. Rickard Karstark is
the head of the Karstark household. They are descendants of Karlon Stark. Their sigil is
the Sunburst. Their motto is "The Sun of Winter".

Season Three introduces The Tullys who rule the Riverlands at the seat of Riverrun. They
are led by the elderly Hoster Tully whose health has been failing for some time. He has
three children: Catelyn, who is married to Ned Stark, Lysa, who is Jon Arryn's widow,
and Edmure, his heir. Their sigil is the Trout. Their motto is "Family, Duty, Honor".

Season Three introduces The Reeds of Greywater Watch in the Neck. Howland Reed is
the head of House Reed. He has two children, his daughter Meera, and his son Jojen.
They are loyal to the Starks and fought for them during Roberts Rebellion. Their sigil is
the Lion-Lizard. They have no motto.

Season Four introduces The Martells who rule Dorne at the seat of Sunspear, the
southernmost of the Seven Kingdoms. They are led by Prince Doran Martell, who is
introduced in Season Five, and is impaired in his ability to move around. In his stead he
sends his brother, Oberyn Martell (aka the Red Viper) to visit King's Landing with his
paramour, Ellaria Sand. Their sigil is the Sunspear. Their motto is "Unbowed, Unbent,

Season Four introduces The Boltons who rule the Dreadfort, in the North, east of
Winterfell. Roose Bolton, who we saw in Season Two, is the head of the family. He has a
bastard son named Ramsay, who we saw in season three, who has a talent of torturing and
flaying prisoners. The Boltons aligned themselves with the Freys in a coup against the
Starks, also known as the Red Wedding. The Boltons became the rulers of the North
shortly after betraying the Starks. Roose became betrothed to Walda Frey, one of Walder
Frey's daughters. Their sigil is the Flayed Man. Their motto is "Our Blades are Sharp"
and their old saying is "A Naked Man has Few Secrets; a Flayed Man, None".

Season Six introduces The Tarlys who rule Horn Hill in the Reach. Randyll Tarly is the
Tarly patriarch who is also a banner man and seasoned general for the Tyrells. He is
married to Melessa of House Florent. There are 3 children, Samwell, the oldest, who was
sent to the Wall, because of his cowardice and Randyll didn't see him fit to lead Horn
Hill; Dickon, the second son and Heir to Horn Hill; and Talla, his daughter. Their sigil is
the Huntsman with a drawn bow. Their motto is "First in Battle".

White Walkers (Also called 'The Others' in the novels) are an ancient race of beings that
have not been seen for several thousand years by the time the series begins. They have
icy blue eyes, wield swords made of ice, and have the ability to reanimate the dead to
serve as their minions. They have also been known to ride undead steeds.

Grand Maester Pycelle tells Ned Stark that Jon Arryn's final words were "The seed is
strong," which he repeated over and over until his death. Lysa Arryn, Jon's widow also
mentions this, thinking it was referring to their son Robin. Ned discovered what it
actually means through a book of genealogy. In all previous Baratheon-Lannister
pairings, the children took after their Baratheon parent in appearance. Robert, Stannis and
Renly Baratheon all had black hair, and all of Robert's numerous bastards - including
Gendry - have black hair no matter their mothers' coloring. However, Robert's three
children, Joffrey, Tommen, and Myrcella, all have blonde hair. So if Robert's seed/genes
are so strong that his children should favor his appearance, it would heavily imply that his
children aren't actually his.

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