Present Perfect

1. Form
2. Uses
3. Particles
4. Have been vs. Have gone
5. Present perfect vs. Past simple

Uses: present perfect describes past events which are connected to the

1.-Experiences: to talk about an event in the past but without a definite time:

Have you visited any other countries? Yes, I’ve been to Italy and France

2.-Completion: when we describe how many things are completed so far, an exact
time is not mentioned:

I’ve read a hundred pages of this book

3.-Explaining a present situation, an exact time is not mentioned:

What’s the matter? Why are you walking like that? I’ve hurt my foot.

4.-An action/event lasting until the present and still happening. There is a time
expression, describing how long or how often something has happened:

I’ve lived here for ten years.
I’ve had this jacket since last October.
She’s known her best friend for 20 years


Ever, never, yet, already, just, so far, for, since, frequency adverbs

Have you ever eaten Japanese food? No, I’ve never eaten it

Have you finished this book yet? No, I haven’t finished it yet/
Yes, I’ve already finished it.

How any pages have you read so far? I’ve read 56 pages

So far, so good

Anna has just phoned from the airport.

For + a period of time = for three months, for 2 hours, for a moment

When did you go to South America? I went to Venezuela in 1995. 2. I have. Present Simple I’ve lived in Barcelona for ten years I lived in Barcelona for ten years. gone to He’s gone to the bank = he isn’t here. I live in Barcelona Conversations often begin with the present perfect then change to the past simple: 1. since I was 22 He has always loved you.-Have you ever broken your leg? Yes.Since + when the period of time started = since 2009. I have. When did you go there? I went in 2010. He’s at the bank He’s been to the bank = he went to the bank and now’s he’s come back Gone to lunch. When did you break your leg? I broke it last July.-Have you ever been to South America? Yes. 3. .-Have you been to the UK? Yes. Past Simple vs. Back in 30’ Gone with the wind! Present Perfect vs. I have. We have often visited France Have been vs.