Rubric for Playing the Recorder (Beginning Level

D/Beginning C/Satisfactory B/Proficient A/Excellent Mark
Holds Ø Consistently holds instrument Ø Hesitates and thinks about Ø Usually uses the left hand Ø Automatically uses the
Instrument incorrectly with right hand on which hand to use on top; on the top. left hand on top.
top. sometimes holds it
Fingering Ø Has difficulty placing fingers to Ø Hesitantly places fingers on Ø Regularly fingers correctly Ø Confidently and correctly
block holes correctly. holes. Has to check finger with the occasional error. fingers the holes.
Tonguing Ø Has difficulty controlling Ø Demonstrates some control Ø Regularly controls Ø Masterful control of
breath and placement of of breathing and sometimes breathing and tonguing breathing and tonguing
tongue on mouthpiece. uses tonguing. techniques. techniques.
Note Ø Begins to recognize musical Ø Can read some notes Ø Reads most notes correctly Ø Can sight read correctly
Recognition symbols; needs a great deal of hesitantly; requires time to with little assistance. and with confidence.
assistance. decipher. Needs some
Rhythm Ø Can follow and play a simple Ø Can follow and play a Ø Can follow and play a Ø Can follow and play
rhythm with some success. simple rhythm with success. complex rhythm with complex rhythm with
some success. success.
Interpretation Ø Monotonic expression with Ø Sometimes expressive with Ø Expression is generally Ø Very expressive; high
little emotional sensitivity. some evidence of emotional appropriate with degree of sensitivity.
sensitivity. developing sensitivity.
Improvisation Ø Has difficulty creating a simple Ø Can, at times, create a Ø Successful creates a Ø Improvises melodies that
melody using set criteria. simple melody using the melody using the criteria follow criteria and plays
criteria. suggested. these with great


Aldele Kot, Paulet Goguen, & Gisele Paquaette, Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board, Laval, adapted by Marlene Hinz, Erica Clark & Sharon Meredith, Regina Public Schools